Red Oni Gym Partner

God you hate your friend. Sure you really needed to get out more, and he said it was a birthday gift, but you go on 8chan for Ammit’s sake. What the hell are you going to do at the gym: stand around like an idiot or walk on the treadmill for half an hour and then never go back? Sadly you won’t be doing any of that though because your “buddy” said a friend of a friend of a friend (or however long that rabbit-hole goes) would be meeting you there, and supposedly “she” would be helping you. Does he really think a girl can whip your lazy ass into shape? Regardless, you’re not an asshole and you’ll at least humor the guy. Besides, some girls there might be wearing yoga pants.

The next week you arrive at the building, walk in, talk to the Wurm receptionist and redeem your free-gym-membership-for-a-week voucher, and head to the locker room to change into the loose shorts and white t-shirt you brought with you. Back out on the main floor you look around like an idiot; that is until someone slaps you hard on the shoulder.

“You must be [insert protagonist’s friend’s name]’s friend!”

Rubbing your shoulder, you slowly turn around and come face to face with the six-pack of a Red Oni. You motherfucker. You’re going to murder your friend when you see him again.

She’s wearing nothing but frayed jean “shorts” that barely go past her waist, a bunch of cloth straps to hold her sizable bust in place, and a headband that has a hole in the middle for her horn. Her hips are decently wide and although you can’t see it, her well-muscled ass is still well within the “dat” category. Where her headband isn’t covering her forehead, her short snow-white hair is plastered to her red, sweat-glazed face. The rest of her crimson body is already glistening with a fine sheen of sweat, although you presume she isn’t tired in the slightest.

“Oooh, checking someone out are we?” she smiles; perfectly straight, white, angular teeth show from behind her grinning lips.

“N-no. N-not at all.”

“Oh come on, you were CLEARLY staring at my chest.” the Red Oni says, giving her tits a little wiggle as if to emphasize her point. “Don’t worry, I don’t mind when a cute boy looks at me. By the way, my name’s Anna.”


“Come on Anon, let’s get your scrawny ass into shape!”

And with that you’re dragged off to one of the weight machines, and before long your arms are burning hard, your breath is ragged, and your clothes are soaked in your sweat. Finally managing to convince Anna that you can’t take it anymore, she relents and starts working out herself. Of course she wouldn’t let you get off easy, so she has you spot her as she does some more bench presses. Despite the pain in your arms, you can’t help but stare at the monstergirl in front of you rhythmically grunt, lift, hold, sigh, and lower the heavy weights over and over again. Her skin shines in the fluorescent lighting, and each time she raises or drops the bar her arms bulge out as her surprisingly mobile bosom jostles when she lifts the several hundred pounds of metal. Anna’s wet hair is sticking to her head, and occasionally she blows an errant strand out of her face when she benches the weight. With a final heave your Oni gym partner lifts the bar back up and with a loud *clang* rests it back on the metal supports of the bench.

“Woo, that was a workout, huh Anon?” Anna says to you, taking a swig from her gourd as the two of you walk back to the locker rooms to change into normal clothing. You have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not water that’s in there, judging by the smell when she popped the cork.

“Y-yeah, it was.”

Goddamnit why do you have to have an erection now of all places; and in gym shorts no less. Nervous about showering around naked monstergirls, even when there are specific sections for humans and Mamono, you simply tell Anna you’re going to head home.

“See you tomorrow Anon!” she says, slapping you hard on the ass as she starts to unwind the straps covering her breasts.

After sending a very angry text to your friend, you opt to stand in the hot water in your apartment for far longer than you usually do. Cheeky bastard had the balls to remind you that there’s still six days of that voucher left. Normally you’d flake out because of his shit, but Anna’s actually kind of hot, in a weird muscle-girl sort of way. There’s also the fact that she was kind of flirting with you the entire time, so why waste the chance at being able to ogle a half-naked girl who might have an interest in you?

Thankfully Anna was gentle on you the rest of the week, because holy shit were you sore the next morning after the first day. And the day after that, and the day after that, and so on. Still though, you feel like it’s starting to get a little easier.

Strangely though, she texted you late after the sixth session and said that she wanted to give you some personal cardio training at her place. Not wanting to disappoint, you get up early on Sunday and head over. The sun’s just barely over the horizon when you walk up to the second floor and ring the bell to Anna’s apartment.

“Why hello work-out partner!” she says, greeting you in nothing but a slightly different pair of frayed denim “shorts” and mildly looser straps.

“Hey Anna. I’m ready for that cardio session.” you respond, hefting up the duffel bag with your work-out clothes inside.

“You won’t be needing those I think.” Man, that is one lewd grin. “Oh silly me! Where are my manners? Come in!”

Thanking her, you walk past the threshold, only to receive a BIG handful of your ass from the Oni when you walked by. Her flat reeks of alcohol. Does she brew her own stuff, or has she been drinking a lot (for an Oni) lately?

“I don’t really see any treadmill or anything Anna. We going on a run or something?”

You’re not even two breaths past finishing your question before you’re grabbed by the shoulders and roughly shoved to the carpet. Vision swimming after the jarring impact, your eyes slowly refocus only to find the Red Oni you’ve been exercising with tossing aside her denim shorts before she straddles you.

“Ready for your cardio Anon?” she says, pinning you with one arm while the other works to free her chest from the constricting cloth.

“I-I don’t r-really think this counts as cardio, A-Anna.”

“Oh shut up, it counts. Besides, you really thought I wouldn’t notice you staring at my body while at the gym or sneaking glances at my naked tits while I showered off? God, you’re such an idiot.”

Finishing her verbal abuse, Anna strips away the last of the cloth holding her tits aloft, and you’re pleasantly surprised to find out that her bosom is actually quite a bit bigger now that they’re not bound by some leather. They look to be about the size of your head, and like the rest of her skin her breasts are red; the perky nipples on the front are a fair shade deeper than the rest of the skin. The areola don’t quite cover the same area as your palm, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive.

“Besides, you want this, don’t you?” Anna whispers into your ear as you find yourself somehow naked as well.

She starts grinding her wide hips into your groin, making you groan shamefully before you’re silenced by a deep smooch from the Oni that’s about to crush your pelvis. Not even breaking the kiss, Anna lifts her own pelvis up to grab your stiff prick and align it with the slick hole between her legs. Forgoing any shame you may have had before, you moan out into her mouth when you feel the hot confines of the monstergirl’s snatch slide across your shaft, gasping when you feel her hilting herself.

“Ready for your lesson Anon? Because I am.”

Not bothering to wait for an answer, Anna pins both of your shoulders to the ground and raises her hips up before immediately crashing them back down to earth. You gasp out in pleasure and pain, while she gasps out in just pleasure. Lewd squelching and slapping noises fill the Oni’s apartment as she continues to ride you hard. She grins that toothy grin again when she notices your pained expression and looking down at you with lust filled eyes as her hands vacate your torso to tweak one of her nipples

“Feel – hah – feeling tired yet Anon?”

“Y-you wish. M-maybe I think it’s time to show you some h-human techniques.”

“Wha-?” is all Anna manages to say before you manage to shove her off of you and onto her back before you straddle her for once, immediately jackhammering her as soon as you’re inside her again.

Anna’s almost crying out constantly as you continue mashing your pelvis against hers, and she nearly climaxes when you grab onto her jumping tits and brutally maul them with your hands. After several minutes of rough fucking, you can feel yourself approaching the point of no return, and Anna senses this. Wrapping her powerful legs around your waist, she reaches up to pull you in for an incredibly powerful kiss. As soon as your lips meet hers, you lose all control of your body and you start jizzing inside of the monstergirl, relishing the feeling of her walls undulating up and down your cock. This second kiss is short-lived though because as soon as she feels you cumming, Anna cums with you. Her cunt tightens around your member tightly, and ripples form at the base before flowing up to the tip only to start all over again. She breaks the seal around your mouths as her head smacks against the carpet, and her orgasmic screams are loud enough for the people across the street to hear.

Silencing her with a rather gentle smooch, you hug the panting monstergirl lovingly and press your face into her deep cleavage.

“H-holy shit. Who knew humans had such good stamina.”

“Well, I did have a good personal trainer to help me.” With a shit-eating grin, you smile before moving back in to kiss her again.

Maybe you should make a habit of working out now.

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  1. Wow, this was really good! I like stories like this where the girl isn’t afraid to take the lead, it’s a nice balance between true femdom and standard heterosexual relationships. I wish they were more popular.

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