Raiju Roommate

>It all began when I went to confront my raiju roommate.
>She’s generally pretty cool, but she’s constantly fucking masturbating, and she keeps blowing the breakers while I have shit to do.
>When I went to talk to her about it, she was fucking at it again.
>Probably wouldn’t even have been a real problem for most people.
>I’m a hinezumi, so I nearly burned the goddamn house down.

>”What the hell, Lei! Can’t it wait? I’m busy!”
>That fucking did it.
>Kick open her door to find her with a porn magazine on her lap, one hand down her pants and the other on a fork jammed into a power outlet.
>A stack of books and the magazine in her lap burst into flame.
>She’s yelling something, but I’m too pissed off to hear now.
>She looks pretty scared when I raise the pimp hand.
>Wait, is she?
>Shit, don’t tase me, sis.
>Fall to the floor and pass out from bullshit raiju sex electricity.

> I wake up the next day feeling kind of bad I lit her room on fire a little.
> Guess I should go apologise, we’re still roommates.
> Leave my room, something hits me on the head.
> Suddenly I don’t feel so hot.
> No, really, that was a full bucket of icewater on my door.
> Look up and see Raina laughing at me.
> Not being on fire is bad enough, but ice? Kill me.
>”But… W-why?”
> “I just wanted to make sure my little Lei didn’t get all grumpy again~”
> My clothes are soaked, my head hurts and she’s treating me like a little girl.
> Drop to my knees and start shivering.
>”R-R-Raina, I just wanted- I… c-came to apologise, but…”
> Cheshires can’t shapeshift, r-right? She looks a lot more smug than she usually does.
>”Aww, poor little Lei~ You look cold, why don’t I give you a nice hug?”
>”H-hang o-“
> A (not entirely unpleasant) shock shoots through my body as she wraps herself around me.
>”Oh, that’s right, water conducts electricity, doesn’t it? Whoooops~”
> I let out a bit of a whine when she gets close enough to be breathing into my ear.
>”You know, you’re pretty cute like this Lei…”
> I’m already so horny I can barely think, but I still try to worm out of her grip.
> “S-ah-stop Raina, I- this is… improper homosexual behaviour
> She starts nibbling my ear, her breathing getting heavier.
>”You said you wanted to apologise, riiiiight? So you’re going to be the replacement for all that wonderful porn you so rudely ruined. RIGHT?”
> I let out an embarassingly high squeak when she shocks me again.
> OhgodohgodohgodIneedtotouchmyselfrightnow
> She starts groping my chest and swings around onto my lap, interlocking our legs.
> This was already excruciating enough, but now I’m half paralysed and I’m getting little jolts as she rubs herself off on my leg.
> “RainAAAH! I-it hurts, can’t you just get… aaah…”
> “Hmmmmm?… Ah, fuck that’s gooooood.”
> I’m so frustrated that my eyes are watering and I’m drooling.
> I don’t care if it’s Raina any more, I just need to get off NOW.
> She’s already soaked through her own pants and I’m pretty sure I have, too.
> “R-Raina! Staaaah-op teasing me and j-just…”
> “What -ah- was that? I don’t think I’m going -oh fffffffffuck- to be doing any favours for girls that light their friends’ shit…on… Ah… O-OH GOD! “
> Oh, fuck everything.
> 1,000 volts of bullshit sex electricity flows through me as she cums.
> “Aaaaaah, that was good. Now then, my cute little mouse, I think I’ll just leave you alone like you wanted me to, now.”
> She gives me the nastiest grin I’ve ever seen.
> I lay on the ground, hornier than I’ve ever been, unable to move and all she does is blow me a little kiss.
> I start crying as she walks away.


> All of today, I thought things were going to be alright.
> We didn’t even talk about… What happened yesterday.
> That’s fine with me, that was…
> Uh, horrible. Yeah.
> We’d invited a bunch of friends over to have a bit of a party, so I figured she wouldn’t get up to much.
> But this fucking lesbian-ass weasel is having me warm things up like a goddamn microwave.
> ‘hey, could you do this popcorn real quick?’ ‘we got some ribs, and it would take a really long time, sooo…’
> AAAGH, those fucking cunts.
> Just have to play it cool, everyone’s here.
> The cinnamon whiskey I’m sipping at probably isn’t helping, actually.
> Ah, fuck it, I’ll just stay away from her.
> Salamanderbro has to leave early, but it’s cool, there’s a couple of dormice I know back from high school to hang out with.

> Haven’t actually seen Raina in a while, she’s hanging out with some girls I’ve never really talked to much.
> Me and the dormice have been watching The Revenant and taking shots for a while.
> I never thought a movie about an edgy zombie who got /u/’d by a grizzly and then took her shirt could be so funny.
> “Heeeey, Leiii~”
> She’s drunk, isn’t she?
> Fuck, I was getting into this, too.
> “Yeah, what’s up, Raina?”
> “C’n you… You’re gonna… This is… heh… Wouldya jus’ warm this up? ‘S a fondue n’…”
> She hands me a bowl full of cheese.
> “Raina… Are you fucking making fun of me?”
> I can see a couple of her friends looking this way and giggling.
> Let me be clear, I don’t hate cheese, it’s okay.
> It’s nothing special though, I’m not like those weirdo mice who walk around wearing cheese pants and blurting out “CHEESE LYFE” at every opportunity.
> “No, Lei, nnnooooo… ‘course not, that’s… Naaaah girl.”
> “Fine, give it here. Feta, though? Shit, this is going to be nasty.”
> She leans in to whisper to me.
> “Y’knoooow, I’d pr’fer to be lickin’ it off you, instead~ Maaaybe ‘s what we c’n do after this~”
> The room is getting noticably brighter from how much I’m flaring up.
> Everyone’s watching me now, fuck.
> “Raina, just keep that goddamn shit to yourself, you hear?”
> Deep breaths, now, I’m not beating up my roommate in front of friends, no matter how smug she is.
> Goddamn she can get to me.
> Something smells-
> Fuck.
> Burnt that fondue.

> “Aaah, c’mon Leeei, I was just teasing… Now I gotta go get s’more…”
> She says she’s going to get one of her friends to drive around with her and see what’s open.
> She grabs a pretty shady-looking dark elf and heads to the door.
> “Ay, Lei, c’n ya toss me my keys?”
> Oh, yes. This is exactly the kind of shit I’ve been waiting for, let’s see how she likes a bit of bully in her life.
> I hold on to them for juuust a moment longer than I need to before I throw them to her.

> Being on fire all the time does have its perks.
> The few people left at the party are laughing at her now.
> Feels good, mon.

> Everyone except those two dormice are gone, so I’m cleaning up the kitchen when they finally get back over an hour later.
>”Hey, Lei, did ev’ryone leave?”
> She pours herself a cup of sake and whispers to her friend for a second.
> “Yeah, you took so long that- Hey, what the fuck?!”
> “Open wiiiiiide little mousy~”
> Goddamn bondage-ass elves and their bullshit, she’s got something holding my mouth open now.
> Look over to see my dozy cunt friends asleep on the couch with their gay-ass little cheese pillows.
> I wish I could pretend that they just drank too much, but they’re dormice.
> “Heeeey, Lei~ I found some nice cheese for you out at the store, wanna try?”
> All I can do at this point is struggle and make unhappy grunts, have to heat up these cuffs a little more…
> No, she wouldn’t.
> She’s got a can of spray cheese and she’s holding it up to her crotch.

> Of all the things I was ready for today,
> It’s all over my face, she shoved it down my bra, my hair is covered in the stuff.
> And that nasty ass shit is in my fucking mouth.
> I can’t even close my mouth, on top of having to keep one eye closed.
> Her friend is fucking masturbating already, and Raina sits in my lap, facing me.
> “Now, now, Lei, it’s just a little joke~ Now, I think I said something about using you as a plate? Why don’t you cool off a bit, first?”
> She pours her drink over my head.

> Side note, here, if you ever discover a fire in your house, don’t try to put it out with alcohol.
> Between already being pissed and being doused with accelerant, things are getting pretty firey in here.
> The handcuffs snap and I pull that stupid fucking ring out of my mouth.
> Yank the phone out of her hand and throw it out the window, pushing her to the floor.
> She squeals when I throw my phone to her.
> Raina’s clothes burst into flame and I sit behind her, exposing her to the camera.
> She looks mortified, but I pull her arms back so she can’t cover herself.
> I reach between her legs and start rubbing her slit.
> Wait, what?
> She’s soaked, and squirming into my hand.
> I press down hard on her clit with my thumb and slide two fingers into her wet hole.
> “Aaaah, Lei, I- Mmmmm, m-more…”
> Slide another finger in and start finger-fucking her as hard as I can, warming up my hand again enough it should be getting her even wetter.
> The dark elf is starting to look pretty worried, she’s shaking.
> “I-I’m sorry Lei, please don’t… It was just- j-just a prank, sis! Don’t hurt-“
> I shoot her my angriest look and she shuts up like a clam.
> “O-ooooh Lei, f-fuuuuuck me… I’ve been-ah-a bad girl! Are you–oh- g-going to spank me?”
> Shit, this isn’t working.
> Pull her onto her back and stand above her, pull my panties off.
> She looks doe-eyed up at me.
> I sit down, rubbing my cunt across her face.
> I’m… already wet? Fuck it.
> “LICK.”
> She gets right to it, running her tongue over my lips before circling my clit.
> This is… wow, Ah… Wow.
> Grab her boobs and start kneading them to distract myself from the pleasure.
> “Tha-aaaaaa-at’s right, you h-homo, I bet you’ve got ple-mmm-plenty of experience with this, d-ah-don’t you?”
> She mumbles something, but the vibrations are just making it feel better for me.
> “AH- Shut… Shut the fffffuck up, I didn’t say you could-oh god- speak you c-cunt!”
> I nearly jump when she sticks her tongue inside of me.
> “R-Rainaaaaah! Cut- ah fuck- STOP!”
> Like FUCK I’m letting her make me cum.
> Get off, then pull her into a scissoring position, pushing her face down to nibble her ear.
> “Fuckin’… bitch, I’ll show you who’s…”
> I start grinding our pussies together, mixing our juice together and biting down harder on her ear.
> “L-ah-Lei, I’m gonna- fuck- g-gonna…”
> To call the shock I got out of Raina cumming “big” would be an understatement.
> I cum hard and my entire body feels tingly.
> D-did I just… with a girl?
> Fall on my back out of exhaustion and notice the elf is not only still filming me after I just had sex with another girl, but she’s fucking schlicking to it.
> I snatch my phone away from her and shove it in the pocket of my dress.
> “A-and maybe you should remember this the next time you try to fuck with me, Raina!”

> I-I just fucked my roommate. A girl.
> I need a fucking shower.


> I woke up to an unpleasant shock.
> Oh fuck no, not this shit again.
> Wait, guess it was just static.
> Sit up and look in my mirror- it looks like I have an afro my hair is so bad.
> Collapse back onto my bed.
> Probably static from rubbing up against that damn weasel so much last night.
> I… last night… oh god.
> Yellow envelops my vision as I bury my face into my pillow.
> Wait, yellow?
> My bed is full of those gay-ass little cheese pillows.
> That cunty little weasel.
> And what’s that on my nightstand?
> There’s a note taped to a can of cheez whiz.
> “Just in case you wanted to finish it ‘Mistress’ mousy. ~Raina <3”
> As I bring my hand up to my face, I notice I’m not wearing familiar pyjamas.
> These goddamn things
> Are fucking cheese print.

> I find Raina on the couch, schlicking like a madwoman to some porn on the TV.
> Wait, what?
> Okay, real talk here, she leaves porn out fucking everywhere, so it’s not hard to figure out what she’s into.
> But this is new.
> First, this is some BDSM shit, and if it doesn’t have to do with hooking up car batteries to metal buttplugs, she’s usually not super into it.
> Second, perhaps more important, there’s absolutely no man in sight.
> Just some jinko facesitting a rabbit tied to the ground.
> Welp.
> I’m still trying to figure out what to make of all this when Raina notices me.
> It’s pretty surprising when she looks flustered, I usually have to tell her to stop masturbating when I’m in the room.
> “A-AH! Lei! I didn’t think you’d be… up so… early. D-Don’t mind this, it’s… it’s uh, weird, hey? I mean, w-where the dick at, am I right? Aha…ha…”
> I blush and look away when I notice she isn’t wearing anything but socks below the waist.
> Gotta stay on-task.
> “Raina, it’s too fucking early to give a shit about what you’re getting off on. But you know what is important?”
> She looks confused, was it not actually her?
> “You, ya fuckin’ homo-ass thunderbitch, fucked with me while I was sleeping. And if there’s one fucking thing a roommate shouldn’t do, it’s THAT FUCKING SHIT RIGHT THERE.”
> She bursts out laughing.
> “C’moooon, Lei, I thought cute little mousies like you loooove cheese~”
> She’s fucking mocking me again.
> She knows goddamn well I don’t give a shit about those fucking retarded little RoUSes and their fucking memesnack.
> “Raina. I just want you to know, before I say or do anything else, that I’m going to FUCKING KILL YOU THIS TIME.”
> There’s about six steps between the two of us.
> She starts desperately digging in the couch for something.
> Five.
> Looks like Raina found what she was looking for.
> Four.
> She points it at me. A spray bottle.
> Three.
> She starts spraying me down, but this little water isn’t going to work that quickly.
> Two.
> She’s panicking now, I feel weaker, but if I just push…
> One.
> She manages to unscrew the lid and dumps the bottle onto me as I grab her.
> M-maybe I can still do this…
> I grab onto the collar of her shirt and slap her across the face as hard as I can manage.

> Nothing. Not a thing.
> Her face didn’t even move, and now she’s grinning.
> I’m not even done turning tail to run before she grabs me.
> “Now, now, Lei, why leave now? Why don’t you stay and play for a while~?”
> My eyes go as wide as saucers when she grabs the back of my neck and pulls my face close to hers.
> I-is she gonna…?
> “Now, I seem to recall you called me something, what was it, now?”
> I try to push myself away to no avail when she starts gently touching my tail.
> “Oh, yeah, you called me a ‘homo,’ didn’t you? You know, that seems a bit weird coming from someone who took a joke too seriously, then held me down v-violated me yesterday…”
> No, that’s… stupid. I don’t like girls. I-I think?
> “A-and I was just watching this gross, um, girl stuff to t-try and understand! Why would anyone actually… um…”
> “NO! N-no! I don’t like girls, Raina! That would be… just… wrong! I just got caught up in the moment, and you were doing it to me before, s-so it’s just what you deserved!”
> I wish my entire body felt as hot as my face right now.
> Looks like Raina’s blushing, too.
> Probably just embarrassed to have to… A-am I a lesb…? No, I-I can’t be.
> Wait- what’s?
> Raina is wrapping my upper body tightly into a blanket, making it hard to move, but at least it makes having wet clothes a little less unpleasant.
> “I-I bet you are too a lezzie! Why don’t we find out? We’re gonna watch this together, a-and if you get wet, you’re the gay one!”
> She sits me down on her lap, facing the TV, holding me by the waist so I can’t run.
> “R-Raina, stop it! Let go, I can’t… No…”
> She rewinds the video all the way to the beginning.
> Oh, god, it’s one of these frigging 2-hour things.

> The video opens, it’s some wererabbit looking scared and walking alone in a park.
> It’s pretty obvious the jinko following her is trying to be seen by the cameras and the rabbit is being oblivious on purpose, but… I’ve never really seen anything like this before.
> Raina hugs me a little tighter when the jinko jumps out and rests her chin on my shoulder.
> I notice her breathing gets a little heavier when the bondage starts, I don’t really know much about it, but it looks pretty complicated.
> Has that dark elf’s taste has been rubbing off on her?
> Her breathing is really tickling my neck now and I squirm uncomfortably.
> I don’t think I’ve ever seen a make-out session this vicious-looking in porn before.
> Raina’s eyes are locked on the screen, but her hands slowly migrate down to my bare thighs and she runs her fingers gently along them.
> I’ve really got to stop wearing cheongsams so often if this is the kind of thing I have to put up with.
> I press my legs together, I can’t tell if this tingling feeling is from some kind of electric charge she has, or just from being touched so delicately.
> “I-it tickles, Raina, sto-“
> She abruptly presses a finger to my lips and tells me to ‘shush.’
> She’s… really getting into this…
> When I start paying attention again, it looks like the action on the TV has gotten pretty hot and heavy, the jinko’s trying to make the bunny cum with a bunch of scary-looking toys.
> Raina is blushing really hard, now.
> She slips her hands between my legs and forces them open, massaging my inner thighs, getting closer and closer to my panties.
> S-should I say something? I don’t… um… That is…
> I squeak a little bit when she starts grinding herself against my tail, she hasn’t had her panties on since I got into the room, and I can feel how wet with need she is.
> “D-didn’t you say that if one of us got-“
> She shoots me a displeased look and completely covers my mouth with her hand this time, holding it there so I can’t get out much more than a low moan.
> “Just… shut up and watch it, Lei. I-it’s not over by a long shot.”
> I squirm. What does she mean? I- well, it’s not like it’s because of the y-yuri stuff, but… well, my panties are getting… unpleasantly damp.
> Shouldn’t whatever she was trying to prove be over?
> She nibbles at my neck, a bit less softly than she could.
> “I said, be quiet. O-or are you looking to end up like her? I bet you’d like that, you little…er… s-subby… slut.”
> I look at the tightly bound and gagged rabbit on screen, writhing in pleasure.
> I shake my head, tears in my eyes, and try to mumble out a ‘no, please…’ from under her hand.
> She presses against my panties with a finger, and I stifle a moan as the fabric slips between my sensitive labia.
> She removes her hand from my mouth and strokes my hair and ears.
> “Good girl, Lei… Now stay that quiet or I’ll… P-punish you.”
> Even when she sounds so unsure, it’s kind of scary, being wrapped up so tightly like this…
> She slides her hand down the front of my panties, her fingers gliding over my clit, then spreading my lips for her fingers to explore.
> She brings her hand up in front of our faces.
> I blush a little, it’s pretty easy to see how wet I am, even just looking at her hand.
> “Well, look at that, Lei… Guess you are a raging lesbian, huh…?”
> I… My head feels so fuzzy, I don’t know any more…
> “I bet you can’t even help… la-um…lapping every cunt you see, so why don’t you clean off these fingers you got so dirty, Lei?”
> “Raina, that’s… dirty… and… “
> She pushes her fingers insistently at my lips, smearing my juice all over my mouth.
> …
> Hesitantly, I open my mouth and carefully clean off every digit.
> It’s not that bad, I guess…
> Raina is panting, now, staring at my face as I finish licking her hand clean.
> I try to turn my head in embarassment, but she grabs my face and brings it inches from hers.
> She licks her lips with a predatory look in her eyes.

> I open my mouth to say something, but can’t speak before she presses her lips to mine and her tongue slides inside.
> I try to move my tongue away, r-really! But she keeps at it, entwining our tongues and pulling our bodies closer.
> I’m getting really embarassed looking right at her face as she does this, so I close my eyes, but all I can think of is how this must look.
> What if… Someone might… get the w-wrong idea…
> My mouth tingles when she finally stops for air, a strand of saliva still connecting our tongues.
> Her blue eyes look glazed, and we’re both panting.
> “Weeell, that didn’t taste too bad, I guess I could see why you’d like it so much, Lei… Now…”
> She pushes me onto my back and crawls on top of me.
> We share an awkward moment as the moaning from the TV reaches a fevered pitch.
> “You, uh, what you made me do yesterday… Y-you’re going to do it now. Ah, you- um – s-slave.”
> I find my nose pressed against her pussy as she wraps her thighs around my head.
> “A-Ah, Hurry up! Your breath t-tickles!”
> Uncertainly extend my tongue and give her clit a tentative lick.
> She tenses up, pressing her legs harder together.
> I-I’m not really sure what to do down here, so I just latch onto her clit and start sucking gently.
> She starts running her hands through my hair, so I guess I’m doing something right.
> After a while going back and forth between her lips and clit, I decide to try her own trick against her, sticking my tongue inside and swirling it around.
> “A-AH! FUCK, DON’T STOP LEI! DON’T YOU DARE STOP! THIS IS…! A first-rate cunt lapping
> She grabs me by the hair and forces me deeper.
> I can hear sparking noises as she cums all over my face.
> Her legs are still shaking when she moves back to sit on my stomach.
> She pulls the blanket off of me and rests her face on my chest.
> I-is she not going to do anything else? I’m so fucking horny now…
> “Raina, I…”
> I grab her thighs and pull her back onto my lap.
> “Lei, wha-what’re you doing?”
> She’s too tired to fight back, so I start grinding my hips against her, trying to get any stimulation.
> We both end up making a high-pitched squeak when our clits rub together.
> “Wait, Lei, I’m still- AH!”
> I grin, cutting her off as I do it again, finding the sweet spot where I can grind our sweet spots together.
> She holds onto me for dear life, burying her face in my chest and moaning desperately.
> “Fuck, ohshitohshitohshitohshit-I’m so fucking close- Raina- shit, c-cu-AAAH!”
> We both spasm as we cum together, collapsing into a heap out of exhaustion.
> She feels… warm.


> It was a dark and stormy night.
> Well, it’s actually like 11 AM, but Jesus is it coming down.
> The kind of day where you can’t really go out and do anything, so you might as well just stay at home and watch movies.
> They make me kind of antsy, I get really bored having to be inside all the time.
> What makes this worse is that Raina’s home doing nothing, too.
> She was outside, (trying to get hit by lightning, probably) but she’s inside warming up now, I guess it got too wet for her taste.
> Christ, I don’t know what to say to her. We haven’t talked in a couple days.
> I-is she mad at me? Does she actually hate me? I got pretty mad at her… Maybe I scared her?
> I… really want to make out up, but I’m kind of scared to hear what she’ll say.
> She… I… think I might-
> Everything suddenly shuts off, leaving us in the dark.
> Shit, the power.
> Both of us get up to check the breaker, but it’s pretty dark and we bump into each other.
> “A-ah, sorry Raina, I just-“
> “No, that’s…”
> “I was just gonna… Since I can put out some light…”
> “Y-yeah, me too… Maybe I could do something…”
> Oh god, this is really awkward.
> I’m probably putting out just enough light for her to see I’m blushing.
> Shit, she’s gonna think I’m weird.

> We get to the breaker panel without much trouble, we live in a smallish apartment.
> Flip the switches, try to give them a little jolt to jumpstart them, but we get nothing.
> Fuuuuck.
> What are we even going to-
> I feel a sharp tug on my shirt, followed by a distinct ripping noise.
> Raina tripped on some boxes we had on the floor, and managed to tear my shirt on her way down.
> I can just barely make out that she’s staring at me.
> Embers fall out of my pockets.
> “Ah, e-er, are you… Raina? D-do you need, um, a hand?”
> “No, it’s okay. Are you all right? I kinda…”
> “Y-you too. WAIT, FUCK! I meant, yeah, it’s… I mean you’ve seen it before, a-and…”
> …
> Oh, god, this is so awkward.
> We go back to the living room (it’s the only room with a window, so at least it isn’t totally dark) and sit in silence a while.
> This is killing me, the rain’s not enough of a distraction to be able to avoid this being super embarassing.
> “Raina, I-“
> “Lei-“
> We started talking at the same time.
> “Sorry, go ahead, Lei.”
> “Ah, that’s… Well, I’ve been wondering this for a while now… But, uh… You’re… probably pretty cold, right? I mean, you’re still probably wet, and…”
> Fuck, that’s not what I wanted to say, I just… shit.
> “Yeah, but… there’s not really anything we can do about it, the blanket’s all wet and the dryer’s out.”
> “I was just thinking… Uh, I could, maybe, if you wanted, h-help you warm up? I’m on fire, so… I mean, n-no homo, ha… ha…”
> “You’d… do that? For me?”
> I beckon her over, sitting her in my lap.
> It’s, uh, the fastest way. I swear.
> Bit tiring, since she’s damp, but it’s worth it.
> I happen to brush against her arm, and holy shit.
> She’s colder than a yuki-onna who just had a liquid nitrogen enema.
> I wrap my arms around her and start focussing everything I’ve got into heating her up.
> “T-thanks, Lei.”
> Maybe today’s not gonna be so bad after all.

> Raina’s probably fine now, but I don’t really want to tell her.
> She smells really nice, and I feel kind of safe when I hold her.
> “Lei, are you…”
> Dammit, this was really comfy.
> “…Are you interested in a movie? My laptop probably still has some power.”
> “YES! Um, I mean, yeah, that sounds good.”
> I figure I may as well light up the room a little while she’s getting her computer, so I dig up a few candles and try to spread them out a little around the couch.
> I sit back down and admire my handiwork.
> It looks like I purposely set everything up to have a romantic atmosphere.
> I’m about to move everything around when Raina comes in.
> PlayitcoolPlayitcoolPlayitcool
> I squeak when she sits back down onto my lap and leans back into me.
> “O-oh, were you done, Lei? I just figured-“
> “Er, no, no. You could come in a little more if you want…”
> She cuddles into me a little more and opens up her laptop.
> She covers my eyes with a hand and furiously taps away.
> All I really saw were a bunch of flowers or something, I wanna say… lilies?
> “S-sorry Lei, that was, um, private. It’s okay now.”
> She has a couple movies, but we end up watching Humantopia first.
> Some movie about a world where everyone is a human.
> Kinda cool storyline, but it seems like a pretty gay place to live.
> We end up finding a pretty comfy position with my arms around her waist and her head on my shoulder so I could see.
> A little more than halfway through, we run out of batteries and get left in the dark.
> Well, at least we have something to talk about now.

> Ooooh, she’s sooo cool and strong.
> Bitch, I’m a fucking black belt in karate, wai and kung fu, hong cha and huaquan.
> It wouldn’t be that bad if she wasn’t making fun of me for not being into the movie.
> Like I fucking care about some dumb human broad and her smug-ass partner.
> “C’mon, Leeei, do you not like humans or something~?”
> “To think my poor little Lei is a racist~ Oh, what’ll I tell our friends?”
> “Did you have some kind of traumatic event involving handcuffs, Lei? Can’t stand the sight of a woman carrying them?”
> Shove her off me and leave the room.
> When I get back, she looks kind of worried.
> “L-Lei, I was just kidding around, are you mad? I didn’t-“
> I give her a big smile.
> “Oh, no, Raina, in fact, since you like this movie so fucking much, why don’t we keep watching it?”
> She looks confused until I pull out a set of jumper cables from behind my back.
> “No, wait! That’ll… L-Lei! Nonononononono-! Ahn~!”
> While she’s talking, I manage to pull off her shirt and bra, catching her nipples with the (thankfully smallish) clips.
> You know, she didn’t sound that upset, just then.

> It took some fiddling, but I manage to make a setup where I can plug the computer into a battery bank that Raina’s hooked up to.
> She looks kind of uncomfortable, but she’s sitting on the couch and taking it.
> I’m pretty proud of this, actually, but nothing’s working, yet.
> “Raaaaaaina~ Time for my little battery to put out~”
> She blushes and rubs her thighs together.
> Jesus christ, she’s adorable.
> I lean down in front of her, taking her breasts in my hands and laying a gentle kiss on them, letting my lips linger for a moment.
> She whines a little, but stays put.
> “You’re such a good girl, Raina, doing so much just so we can watch a movie together~”
> This is actually kinda fun, maybe I should be doing this more often.
> I slide back behind her and begin stroking her hair, running it through my fingers, and twirling it around.
> “You’re so pretty, Raina~ Now, why don’t you get started, hmm?”
> “Me? W-what? I thought you were going to-“
> “What’s the problem Raina? I usually can’t even stop you from doing this on your own~ Should I get you started?”
> I grab her wrist, putting her hand onto her jeans.
> “Why don’t you start thinking about someone sexy? Imagine their hands all over you, massaging you. Every. Little. Bit.”
> She starts running her hands along her thighs and I move my hands out of her way, onto her hips.
> I put on a pretty unconvincing voice, trying to sound more manly.
> “Ah, Raina, you’re so sexy.”
> She can’t supress a giggle.
> “S-pff-Stop that Lei, you sound ridiculous. Just… be yourself, don’t make it weird.”
> Well, remind me not to quit my day job.
> “F-fine, then. Look at yourself, now, you’re so hot. I can’t get enough of those bouncy little tits of yours, cutie~”
> She sighs, closing her eyes and running a hand up to her chest.
> She slides her arm between her boobs, then grabs one a little roughly.
> The cable still attached to her nipple bounces a little, and she moans ever so slightly.
> “You smell so good, Raina, are you wearing something new? It almost smells as good as aaaall the way down here between these lovely legs of yours~”
> Shit, I don’t know if I’m even playing a character any more, this is fucking hot.
> She pulls her pants down around her ankles, exposing a lacy blue thong.
> “You’re such a dirty girl, Raina, I bet you put those on juuust for me~”
> Her breathing is pretty heavy now, and her ears are twitching occasionally.
> “M-maybe I did…”
> Goddammit she’s sexy.
> Just have to concentrate on the mission.
> “I could look at those thighs all day, you know, but I thiiiink I’d like to take a closer look at those cute little panties of yours…”
> She runs her hands down her thighs, then drags her nails back up.
> She slides a finger into each side of her thong, pulling up to make a clear impression of her pussy on the fabric.
> “Mmm, oh, yes, you slutty weasel. Why don’t we get those stuffy things right off…”
> I can hear her gulp audibly before sliding her panties down to join her pants.
> She covers her face with a hand to conceal her blush, but opens her legs for me to see.
> Wow. Even in just the candlelight, I can see she’s absolutely soaked.
> “What a beautiful little pussy you have, Raina… Let’s spread it wiiiide open.”
> She obediently parts her labia and looks back at me.
> “Lei… I… Can I start yet?”
> “Oh, please do, this is just for you to get in the mood, but make sure to tell me -niiice and loud- when you’re going to cum, okay honey~?”
> I’m hardly done speaking before she eagerly starts working on her clit, peeling back its hood and rubbing it between her fingers.
> She moans loudly, throwing her head back onto my shoulder, but quickly turns her head when she locks eyes with me.
> I start massaging her shoulders, trying to distract myself from how much I wanted to follow her lead and start playing with myself.
> I can feel her shudder as she uses her other hand to slide a finger inside of herself.
> Her breathing becomes laboured, interspersed with moans as her finger-fucking gets faster.
> “L-Lei, I think I’m gonna c-c-AAAH-…”
> I quickly pull her hands away from her, leaving her teetering on the edge.
> She looks back at me with hurt eyes.
> “B-ah-Wh-why?”
> “Well, we can’t have you overloading the circuit and then not putting out any more, can we? Chin up, sweetie, looks like we can get this movie you think is sooooo good back on.”
> All she can do is whine in response, so I go ahead and start up the movie again.

> I’ll admit, she’s been taking this like a champ.
> She’s been gently fingering herself for the past hour to keep the power on. She’s probably been to the edge and back countless times.
> That said, the credits are rolling and she’s shaking now.
> “Lei, p-please, oh god, please let me cum. I-I can’t take it any more.”
> “Oooh~? You don’t want to watch any more movies?”
> I guess I might have teased her too much, because she grabs my face and turns to face me.
> “I c-can’t fucking take any more. Please, please, please, n-no more.”
> I take the opportunity, running my hand up the inside of her drenched thigh.
> She jumps at the unexpected touch and we bump noses.
> “R-Raina, before anything… I have to tell you something. It’s… really important.”
> Her eyes are still a bit glazed, but she looks concerned.
> “I- Raina, I know you don’t really date, a-and I dunno how you feel about, well, I mean, we’re doing this now, but… R-Raina, I… For a while… I’ve really liked you. Like, liked liked you.”


> It’s kind of a long story, this and that happened, but she fucking did it this time.
> Raina’s had this shit coming for a looooong fucking time.
> Goddamn dumb broad and her shitty fucking antics EVERY fucking day.
> I’ve got her this time, though.
> I drag the extension cord towards the bathroom.
> “Raaaaaaina, I brought that towel for you~”
> “Okay, door’s unlocked, can you toss it in for me?”
> Oh, yes I can.
> I step inside to find her sitting in the bath.
> Bit of a thing with her, she enjoys a good bath.
> She doesn’t notice I’m not holding a towel until it’s too late.
> The toaster hits the water before she even has a chance to react.
> She pushes it out, but the damage is done.
> I grin, she’s already panting and looks almost paralysed with arousal.
> “Ooooooh? Little weasel can’t handle a little bit of buzz fro-FUCK!”
> She pulls me into the tub with her, I’m immediately soaked.
> “N-now Lei, why would you do that? If you wanted me to rape you, all you had to do was ask~”
> We both grin at the thought.
> I grab my girlfriend by the chin and kiss her.

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