Princess For a Day: Part 2

“Hey how’s everything going in D.C….?”
“Excellent. Listen I have good news and bad news….”
“No, we haven’t had any unwanted guests.”
Well for starters I want to go on the record and say this: Calvin you son of a bitch, how long were going to hide a Computer Science University graduate from me?

Deep down, the demonic creature had been cringing every time he thought about how much money they could have possibly saved or how much farther ahead of there schedule they might be if Fiona had been working at one of their secret design bureaus since day one. Humans and monsters like Calvin Nelson and himself, respectively, were secretly making a fortune off of combining old magical items with modern technology.

“You really didn’t know? She would be better suited in a lab coat than a maids uniform.”
“Yes, the sooner the better….”

“Oh. The bad news…” This was the part that the Incubus felt awkward about. He really didn’t know how well his business partner was going to take the new development.

“Well,” The Incubus gave a verbal pause. “Calvin, you see, even if she didn’t have that degree, we need to get her to the Alpha site ASAP…”

“Yes that’s right. She changed sometime in the night. I would wager good money that she is a Medusa, never actually seen one before though….” That was when Calvin started berating the Incubus from the other end of the line.

“Yes I should have known better but it didn’t cross my mind. I’ve never actually slept with a human since becoming an Incubus so I never had to worry about monsterization before…” That apparently earned him further scolding.

“I. Was. Starving.” He heard his companion waking from her sleep “Listen, I gotta go. She is waking up. I’ll congratulate her for you on the new job and help her cope with the change…. Alright. See you on the greens.”

With that, the Incubus ended the call. Not giving the action much thought, he let the phone slip from his fingers. Since he was laying on the floor, trapped in the coils of Fiona’s new snake body, it didn’t have more than a few inches to drop before harmlessly hitting the floor one of the towels.

He turned his attention to Fiona. She was staring at him with golden, slit pupil eyes filled with desire. A moment earlier she was sleeping peacefully. The phone call must have awoken her. She pulled him in for deep and passionate kiss. The snakes that now made Fiona’s hair affectionately wrapped around his head, trying to keep him as close as possible. They both reluctantly pulled away to catch their breath. “Good morning, handsome.” She said.

“Morning, Princess.” The Incubus replied. He looked at her for a moment. As much as he didn’t want to leave her embrace, he had business to attend to. He leaned back in and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips before trying to breakaway. “Can you let me go? I gotta get up.” She pouted for a moment before relenting. “Oh, fine. Be that way. But I’ll only let go of you if you make us some breakfast while you are up.”

“With pleasure, milady.” Then without realizing it, she uncoiled her tail from around her prey. The Incubus slithered out from their nest of towels and bath robes in front of the fireplace. She still didn’t notice that she was now a monster. What she did notice was that the gas fireplace felt really good so she scooted even closer to it while he was walking towards the closest bathroom.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see him walking away. A gold bracelet on each hand and a smaller one on his tail. I didn’t notice he had a cute butt until then. Now that I was alone, wrapped up in a few bath robes in front of the lovely stone fireplace, I reflected on what happened last night.

Mr. Nelson called and let me know the Incubus wasn’t an intruder. I remember following him to the master bath and looking him over. He looked to be in his mid twenties. I had decided that he was rather handsome. Well, no. Calling him that is a disservice. He is more like a statue of the Greek god Adonis, carved from marble and somehow given life. I got the idea to take advantage of our privacy and see how far things would go.

He said he hoped everything was to my liking. My Adonis looked like he was ready to run and get me anything if I said it wasn’t. I realized if I didn’t move things along then I would never sum up the nerve to do this. “Not quite.” I told him. “Remove my dress for me.” He raised an eyebrow but otherwise wasn’t started by the command.


“You put this white dress on me now take it off. I won’t repeat myself again.” He was the servant and I was in charge and I made sure that fact showed in my voice. He snapped to without hesitation and proceeded.

“Of course lady Fiona. Right away.” Adonis pulled the silk dress up over my head and set it off to the side. He had me wearing my black lace lingerie. They were my favorite. I loved how they complimented my lovely C-cup breasts and showed off my tight ass. Even then I knew the night would be fun. I told him to take off my underwear and he quickly did so and I stepped into the bath tub that was big enough for three people. He got the water to the perfect temperature. Then the fun part began. I had him lather up a sponge and scrub me. He started with my back and I nearly fell asleep from the rhythmic massaging of the sponge. As soon as he was done with my arms, I grabbed a hold of Adonis and pulled him in with me.

I sat on his lap and told him to continue. He went directly for my chest, massaging one with his soap covered hand and the other with the sponge. I could feel his erection pressing against his pants. It didn’t help that I started teasing him by grinding against his groin but he responded by rubbing my lower lips with his tail. Leaning back, I gave a lustful moan into his ear. “After this we will go downstairs to the big fireplace to dry off.”

He answered by giving me several kisses along my neck. We finished quickly and got him out of his soaked uniform and rinsed off. We both went left the bathroom together completely naked as we headed down stairs for the stone fireplace. He was holding the towels and bath robes but his tail was desperately rubbing against my butt.

I could tell he wanted this as much as I did.

—8 Hours Earlier—
Escaping high level security wasn’t easy without friends in high places. The Incubus was grateful to have business partners such as Mr. and Mrs. Nelson who gave him a place to stay for a few days. As luck would have it, he didn’t have to worry about the actual threat of death any more.

Aside from interrogation behind reinforced glass, he hadn’t had contact with anyone. His captors gave him food everyday but Incubi don’t feed the way humans do, not for nourishment anyways. They had been inadvertently starving their prisoner by keeping him confined to a holding cell. Unable to feel the warmth of a woman’s touch.

Now he was free and the Incubus knew he would feed well tonight. He firmly grabbed a hold of Fiona and went in to kiss her chin. Then slowly, methodically, he moved down her neck and between her beautiful mounds. As if acting with its own will, his tail moved towards her feminine mound and gently rubbed against the soaked lips. Fiona moaned as both her nipples were being pinched between his fingers and his tail went about its own work down bellow. Fiona pushed away from the Incubus to catch her breath. Then she slapped him.

Adonis, as she called him now, wasn’t hurt but rather very bewildered by the action. He looked at her questioningly trying to figure out what he could have possibly done to bring that upon himself. “I’ve gone without for too long so no more damn foreplay. Lay down by the fire. Now.”

He did as she told him to, his erection reaching up as if pleading for attention. Fiona didn’t waste any time settling onto his lap. She guides the head of his penis into her lips. She slowly sank down onto his cock, his fullness stretching her, filling her canal completely. Fiona shudders as their thighs meet. She lay there for a moment, panting into his neck. It had been months since anyone had entered her.

She starts to gently rock against him as her body slowly adjusts to his fullness. Fiona presses her breasts against Adonis’ chest, holding him tight while she rides his erection.
The Incubus’ mouth is against her neck and on every up stroke he nips at her skin, showing his need for her.

His tail, which had been swishing back and forth until now, began prodding against her asshole. She stopped rocking her hips and sucked in a breath of air quickly. It’s not that Fiona had never had anal before, she just forgot about his tail. Adonis also stopped what he was doing and looked up at her.

“It’s been a while for you.” He said knowingly. “I’m just getting your body ready for that later.” He spoke in a gentle whisper but his eyes told her everything she needed to know. His beautiful golden eyes were mesmerizing for her. From them Fiona knew he was full of lust for her but wasn’t in any hurry and had no intention of hurting her.

Fiona nodded and smiled to let him know everything was alright. She started rocking back and forth again as the Incubus’ tail gently pressed against the entrance of her back hole. They soon found a suitable rhythm for both of them and began to pick up their pace.

The tail was only as thick as a person’s finger and the skin at the end that formed the iconic club-shape of a demon tail was very flexible. As the first half inch of tail slowly pushed in, the club was forced to folded around the tail and didn’t cause Fiona any discomfort. With every second time Fiona pushed against her other worldly lover, another half inch of Incubi tail went into her ass.

She could feel the fullness inside her pussy and about an index finger worth of his tail moving in and out of her anus. Both Fiona and Adonis were breathing heavily. The pleasure was incredible and she cursed herself for going so long without sex.

“Adonis…” Her hot breath whispered into his ear. “Don’t hold back. Finish inside me.”

Everything about her was driving him crazy. He smelled her hot and heavy breath, as she moaned into his neck. Her pussy felt great as it squeezed against him and Fiona’s tight ass around his over sensitive tail was sending the Incubus over the edge. He was happy to oblige. He grabbed her hips and held her down. The Incubus grunted and groaned as he pumped the hot seed into her like a horny teenager. Fiona dug her nails into his shoulders as her body was shocked with wave after wave of heightened pleasure from her own orgasm.

For a minute or so, she was huffing and puffing while nuzzling his neck. Fiona felt like she had just ran from Marathon a Athens. Then she looked into his golden eyes and felt a twinge of fear. He looked like a hungry beast. “Get off. Lay on the floor on your hands and knees.” He told her. She shakily crawled off of him and did what he told. His cock was still hard as it finally parted away from her lips.

There on the towels beside the fireplace with the sound of rain and wind outside, she presented herself to the Incubus. She knew what would happen next. His words rang out in her head. His tail was just getting my body ready for this.

He took in the sight of her beautiful ass, swaying back and forth for him. He was going to enjoy this just as she would. Then an unconscious movement from his tail snapped him out of his daydream with a jolt of pleasure. The tip of his tail was his secret weakness because of its sensitivity. With a swift motion, he grabbed the tail and pulled it out of her. Adonis straddled her on his knees. As his cock pressed against her asshole, she made an excited whimper and he began to push.

The head and maybe another inch pressed in and Fiona inhaled sharply. But she gave no hint as to wanting him to stop. Their own juices mixed together on his rock-hard erection plus the work done by his tail made it easier for her to take in his large size. The Incubus made it in as far as the tail had gone and he didn’t go any farther.
“Please don’t stop.” She whispered to him. Adonis continued just a fraction of an inch at a time until all eight inches were inside her. He paused for a moment just to feel her silky smooth skin against his own. But she didn’t want him to stop. “Keep going. Do me as you please.” He was glad to. He slid in and out, but only for an inch or so to make sure he wouldn’t turn her inside out.

After a few minutes of good, steady rhythmic fucking, she was no longer holding herself up. She tried pulling loose towels towards herself to act as a pillow but then she just fell into total surrender. With one last ounce of strength she crossed her arms to prop up her head before they finally went limp. Fiona just lay there looking at the fireplace, submissively accepting his current control over her body and it’s pleasure.

He didn’t want this to end too soon, so he slowed his motions. He pulled all the way out until just the head was still inside, then pushed all the way in. He kept that motion. Out to the head, then all the way in. Almost all the way out. Then all the way in. He wasn’t thrusting into her hard and fast. Instead, his motions were deliberate and relentless.

It was all Fiona could do to try and raise herself up and time the movement of her hips to meet with his thrusts. She was trying to take as much of him as possible, to have him fully within herself. He slapped against her adorable, curvy ass every time he pushed into her. They kept that going for what seemed to them like an hour but soon he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Adonis pushed all the way into her as he sent another splash of cum inside her. The Incubus looked at the closest window he could find just to see her expression in the reflection. He could see her eyes shoot open and she looked like she was somewhere between a state of bliss and curiosity as if she had just experienced the feeling anal sex for the first time as his cock throbbed insider her and spurt after spurt of seed filled the depths of her asshole.

The Incubus’ hunger was sated enough for now. He knew better than to keep going with Fiona. She was only human after all and her body wasn’t designed to endure what most Mamono could handle. Her face changed to one of complete ecstasy before he pressed down against her. It’s not that he was tired and collapsed. He just wanted to be as close to her as possible. Adonis began kissing the back of her neck and they lay like that for a few minutes before he pulled out from Fiona and cuddled up beside her. He nuzzled against her chest, listening as her breathing and heartbeat began to calm down.

“Thank you for saving me.” His whisper was barely audible.

They lay there by the fire in each other’s arms. Fiona muttered something about never having a fuck that good while getting her master’s degree at the University. Curious, Adonis asked what her degree was for.

“I got a master’s in Computer Science. Then I needed a job to pay for it but my diploma hasn’t gotten any use yet. Being a maid was all I could do for now.”

The Incubus thought that was pretty fucked up. She was probably exaggerating about not finding any jobs related to her course of study but he understood why she would want one that made the time and effort spent in a university seem like it was actually worth it. He in return muttered that he might know of a business that needed another expert in technology. They both quickly fell into a pleasant slumber cuddled up among the blankets and bath robes.

And the Incubus never saw her eyes glow green in the night darkness, signaling the beginning of her transformation.

Fiona blushed thinking about their experience last night. Everything she ever heard about Incubi was so wrong but so right. She had no way of knowing for sure but she expected that he hadn’t taken her soul. So that part of the myth was false, but in a good way. The legends about them being great in bed was true so that was also a plus. And even though she could handle everything he did to her, he was always gentle and never tried to put her through pain. She wanted the Incubus. She wanted her Adonis. Then she remembered what he told her yesterday. He was going to be her butler for the day and treat her like a princess.

She felt giddy with anticipation.

‘Adonis’ sat in the bathroom with a lathered wash cloth and began cleaning the end of his tail. There probably wasn’t anything on it but cleaning didn’t hurt. Far from it. It was wonderful stimulation. The attention to his tail must have made his dick jealous because it soon stood tall and proud and begging for attention. He quickly took care of cleaning his dick but didn’t go any further than that. There would be plenty of time for that later. After both extremities of pleasure were rinsed off, he went into the kitchen to prepare food for Fiona and himself.

He didn’t get far before hearing what sounded like the blood curdling scream of a banshee. That had to be Fiona. The Incubus cursed under his breath. She must have finally noticed the result of their lust filled copulation last night. He had hoped to be near her and help ease her into the realization that she had gone through monsterization. Adonis had to get to Fiona fast and comfort her. With the immense strength of her new lower body along with her current state of panic, she was in danger of hurting herself. He would never be able to live with himself if something happened to her.

He ran through the house to where she was. Laying in the corner and sobbing, her new serpentine body and snake hair were quivering in panic. She desperately tried to get away from the snake tail but couldn’t. Getting away from your own legs? That was an un-winnable proposition.

“Stay back!.” She screamed as he approached. Adonis didn’t listen to her. He continued to step closer and closer to her. Not the smartest move now that her lower body strength now surpassed his own upper strength but he was willing to gamble that Fiona wouldn’t hurt him.

He rarely won any gambles but he was willing to do it this time. She yelled at him to stay away. Fiona was long past the stage of being afraid of him. So then, why did she want him to keep his distance? By the way that she desperately tried to crawl away from the lower half of her own body, he knew that she was afraid. Yes, just like last night when she ran from him, she was afraid. But it was worse than last night. Right now her fear was far worse.

Not a fear of him, but of herself. And probably afraid that she might hurt him. He gambled that because she wanted him to stay away to keep safe that her snake hair and lower snake body wouldn’t do anything to him.

Adonis continued moving closer and she pushed herself into the corner, shouting for him to keep back. He stepped over her serpent half and knelt down beside her. He held her as close as possible and kissed her forehead. Despite her panic induced demands for him to stay away. She immediately reached out to meet his embrace.

“Shhh… Nothing to fear.” The words he whispered into her ear were soothing. “This is your body. It doesn’t want to hurt me.” Her tail wrapped around the both of them, gently pressing herself against him and the serpents in her hair licked his face and explored him as far as they could.

All while she cried into his chest and he caressed her head.

They both sat there in the corner as he whispered his words of comfort to her, for almost an hour before she finally calmed down.

“I don‘t understand how this happened to me.” The Incubus remained silent. “You have the most wonderful body. But I turned into… this. With his tail he reached for her chin and raised her head up so her golden snake eyes would meet his gaze.

“You have a wonderful body too. But that hasn‘t changed.” She scoffed at his statement but in a stern voice he reassured her that he was serious.

“I was stupid and didn’t think about what would happen if a human got it on with an Incubus. I should have known better… at least given you a warning that this might happen.” He gave her a quick kiss before continuing. “Our lovemaking caused your metamorphosis. But your beauty only changed, it didn’t go away.”

“Do you really mean that?” She asked, desperately clinging to his words. Desperately hoping he was being honest. Adonis smiled and nodded to her. “As an Incubus, I can see the beauty in all woman, human or otherwise. Any man, past or present, that makes the outlandish claim that you are ugly should get his nose broken.”

He gave her another kiss then whispered into her ear. “…And a new pair of glasses.”

That got a giggle out of her and her mood started to perk up.

“I’m so damn hungry.” She said to which he could only chuckle.

“Then lets go have our belated breakfast.” He held her hands to help Fiona up.

Her hands tightly holding onto his arm for support, they moved through the house. Adonis suddenly stopped and Fiona looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Then she looked where his gaze was directed. They were looking at their reflection through a mirror.

Staring back at them was a man and a woman, both naked. The man was handsome with slightly tan skin and his black hair had a patch on the left that was green. He had the wings and tail typically expected of demons and his eyes were golden. He was in great physical shape.

Adonis whistled out his best cat call. “Who is that beautiful Medusa holding onto that ugly Incubus?” For that Fiona gently elbowed him in the side. But she couldn’t deny what he said. Even though she could no longer show off her cream colored legs and hips because they were now replaced with a snakes body that ended with… what looked like stone. Even though her eyes were that of a snake, and snakes now came out from her silky brown hair and she would now shed the skin on her lower body like a snake, She was still beautiful. The Incubus gave her a light squeeze and was pleasantly surprised when she gave a squeak.

Fiona looked up at him and smiled. “You will prepare our food while I head to my room to get dressed?” She asked as in the most aristocratic sounding voice she could muster.

“Of course, milady Fiona. I’ll have it ready shortly.” With that he went bowed and went away to go about his task. This was going to be a wonderful day, Fiona thought to herself as she headed up the stairs… as tricky as it was for her new ‘legs’ to handle. The Incubus went away and quickly retrieved the spare clothes that Calvin had so kindly prepared for him. Black dress slacks, black dress shoes, and a white button up shirt that was tailored for a man with wings. With that out of the way, he proceeded towards the kitchen.

After a little bit of searching, he found it. “Eureka.” He said to no one in particular. The Incubus found what he was looking for, Ceylon tea leaves. He knew they were here. Calvin and Melissa Nelson always kept it in stock at their estate. He grabbed out a few eggs, a green pepper, ham, mushrooms, cheese, and got to work prepping the omelets. Then he got the water going for the tea on the stove. Once the omelets were just ready to come off the stove, he cut some fresh bread and placed it in the toaster. Everything came together superbly and he began setting the dining table that sat in front of another fire place.

She entered the dining room with her lovely white dress from the previous night. She hadn’t spent much time on her hair and snakes but she did add in two ribbons made into quick bows to divide them like twin ponytails. Adonis moved the chair on her side away from the table all together then stood beside to present the food he had prepared.

“Brunch is served, Lady Fiona.” He said proudly as she looked over the food. Then she looked at him with a raised eyebrow then began shaking her head in a disapproving manner. “Is there a problem, milady?” He asked not sure what was the matter.

She held a finger up and moved it side to side. Something was wrong and he didn’t know what. “Bad butler.” She chided. “I never told you to get dressed.”

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