Power Struggle

   Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been fascinated with fables and mythology. I liked Norse, Greek, and Nordic folktales and legends, but the one that I always enjoyed, no matter what,  was Egyptian Mythology. My grandfather told me we are their descendants of ancient kings. How our ancestors ruled the land and how the gold anhks, rings, wesekhs, and other jewelry adorned their persons. would give me his books to read when I was a pre-teen. One book that always stayed with me was the the Osiris Myth. Osiris, a primeval king of Ancient Egypt, and how his throne was usurped and he killed by his own brother, Set. His wife, Isis, tried to revive him and succeeds, and posthumously convinces a son, Horus, and spent the rest of the tale to exacts his revenge on his uncle and resurrect his father. There was also books about Ra, the Sun God, early Pharaohs and the latter, including Cleopatra, and Anubis, the successor to Osiris as Lord of the Underworld.

    I sigh to myself as I break out of my daydreams of days past. I look around to see nothing but yellow sand, rolling hills and sand dunes. The sun pounds down and a somewhat mild breeze picks up sand and blows it in the distance. I wipe the sweat off my brow and say to myself “I hope what I know will help me out here.” I say as look at a notebook I packed with me. I asked Sukiru Ikeda to give me a quick Monster Girl 101 on the monster species of the ruin region of Cairo I’m in. “The Anubis is a beastman of the wolf family. is Stay alert. The Anubis will protect the ruins and protect the remains of their Pharaoh. They have a affliction called “The Mummy’s Curse.” If a female would to be affected by this, they become subordinate to the Anubis for a limited time. As for males, when affected by the Curse, they become mummylike and they have sex with the Anubis until they pass out.”

    As I continue reading, my feet will not stop moving. The words in my notebook become harder to read as I find myself in a building of some sort. It’s sounds and looks abandoned, but torches are lit. I feel as I’m not alone in here, so I try not to make a sounds, as to not disturb what could be lurking in the shadows. I walk slowly to not make a sound. SHHORH. The sounds of wind being cut makes my ears perk up. It is now confirmed I’m not alone. I start to run down this seemingly long corridor for the door. “HOW LONG DID I WALK DOWN HERE?” I say as I remember places like these are to trick robbers. I look behind me to see if anyone or anything is following me. I see nothing but black. I look ahead, thinking I’m safe, until I see this darker skinned woman, with long black hair and pointed wolf ears. She was scantly clad, with cloth covering her breasts, belly dancer pants that revealed her panties, and a curled black tail that wag slightly. “You are a trespasser.” she says calmly, as she raises her golden staff. “I’m sor-” I get cut off, as I get whacked on my head.

    I wake up in what seems like several minutes, in a daze and groggy. “Uhhhhhh…where am I?” I say to myself. I’m not tied up. It seems like I’m in a chamber, on a bed, surrounded by four stone walls covered in hieroglyphics and candles as my only source of light. I get up and walk around a little. I press my hand on the wall to feel the hieroglyphics. I couldn’t read them but I can say I touched read hieroglyphs. I hear footsteps. I try to climb back in the bed and lie there like I’m still unconscious. I close my eyes as I hear her walk in and shut the door behind her. “I know you’re awake.” she says. Knowing that my ruse is broken, I get up. “I have sensitive hearing. That’s how I found out you were in this place. I heard you walking around just a few seconds ago and your breathing patterns.” she says as she walks over to me. I start to tense up as she looks me over. I can help but look down and stare at her cleavage. The candlelight makes her brown sugar like complexion glow. “You! Human!” she barks as she takes her hand, places it under my chin, and forces me to look her in her eyes. “Tell me your name.” she demands. “Z-Z-Zander.” I stutter, wondering what she would do to me. “Zander…” she mumbles. “I like it. You’ll do fine as my husband.” she says with a shy smile

    “Hus-husband?!?!” I say startled. “Yes. Husband.” she says calmly. “You are what I like in a man. Now, come here.” she says as she points near her the edge of the bed. I slowly move towards her. My heart is racing. When I approach her, she raises her paw above her head and bends her tips down to have her claws extended outwards. I wince at the fact that she could kill me with her razor sharp claws. She lowers her claw as if she was gonna mutilate me. I close my eyes and accept my fate. I hear ripping but I feel no pain. I open my eyes to see her stone cold pouting face and look down to see she ripped my shirt off. “I’m not going to hurt you. I want you to please your master. Lie back.” I blink a couple times as I lie on my back.

    I feel her tugging at my pants. She rips them off me to reveal my soft cock. She starts to rub my cock with the pad of her paw. It’s soft. I start to get erect. “Yeah, you like that?” she asks in a somewhat demeaning manor? I try to utter words, but I’ve never felt this way. I grunt and groan. “Answer your master!” she barks at me. “Y-yes ma’am.” I say timidly. She continue to rub, as she looks down at my growing member. She licks her lips, as it grows fully erect. She stands up straight and she starts to rub her foot on my penis. It’s a weird feeling, but it still feels good. She looks down to see a liquid secreting out of my dick. “You better not even think about exploding.” she demands. I shouldn’t be this close to orgasm, but I haven’t gotten used to this feeling. “I’m…I’m…” before I could say anything else, I cum on her feet. She has a somewhat shocked expression as I twitch a little. “Tck, tck, tck.” she says shaking her head. “You disobeyed me. Now, you have to be punished. “

    She gives me a few minutes to recover. “Get on the edge of the bed.” she says as she points. I sit on the edge, as she straddles me. She pushes me on my back as she starts to grind on my dick. This warm liquid makes it moist. It’s feels really good, better than her pad. Her breathing starts to become labor. “This time, DON’T…ORGASM…” she shouts as she picks up the pace. I’m close again. I can’t hold it in for much longer. Then I start to think back to Sukiru’s lesson. “Although highly intelligent, the Anubis can become very vulnerable and easily confused. If you’re ever caught in sex with them, they are demanding, and if you don’t follow the demands, you’ll get punished. But, if you can find someway to trick them, take control and take them behind. They will have a change of face and they’ll show you the other side they have. The nymphomaniac.” On the fly, I think of a way to try and change this around. I fake orgasm. I moan and groan like I finished. “Disobeying me again?” she says, stopping. She gets off of me and turns around. “Zander, you’re disappointing me.” she says. It would be no use to sneak because she’d hear me, so I get up as fast as I can, and try to take her from behind.

    I grab her and fondle her breasts. I rub her nipples through her cloth bra. “Ahh…what..ah-are you doing?” she says. I rip her bra off, exposing her plump boobs and start to knead them. She interchanges her rage to lust, as I start to rub around her clit. She takes her claw, rips her panties. “I need it! I need more than ever! Fuck me! Fuck me right now!” she pants. I press her against the wall and slide it in slowly, letting her feel every inch. She shudders and moans as I start to thrust. “Deeper…DEEPER!” she barks. I comply, not because I don’t want to disobey her, but because, I desire her too. I grab her tail and start to make more slower, long, passionate strokes to switch it up from the the fast paced strokes. “DON’T STOP. DON’T STOP!. YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!.” she screams and moans. I start to speed up more because I’m not too far off from finishing myself. “AHHH! AHHHHHHHH!” is what I hear as liquid forcibly ejects my cock out of her, splashing and building a pool on the floor. I start rub my member, close to cuming. She on her knees in front of me, with her tongue out. She slightly licks the head and opens her mouth, wanting me to cum inside her her mouth. I stroke it faster, and close my eyes until I explode. The stream is erratic at first. It starts to go everywhere on her face. Streams on her forehead and some on her ears and hair.

    I fall back on to her bed, out of breath. I feel her mouth suck the head, like she wanted to get every last drop of semen in me. My eyes roll back in my head, as it’s still sensitive. It’s like I’ll orgasm again. She breaks away and says “I was right about you, Zander. You’ll make a fine husband.” She continues to rub and lick my limp, twitching penis. “Now, to revitalize you with a strict diet that you’re gonna be on and then, we can move to round two. I lie back on her bed and sigh “This…I can get used to…

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7 thoughts on “Power Struggle

  1. …Convinces a Son?
    “Hey. Look. This is a bit shit, but Horus, when you go to the shops, on your way back could you please take revenge on your uncle for me? C’mon… thanks son!”

    I hope he knows he’s talking to himself twice in one paragraph.
    The Anubis’ Stand is a sword, watch out for that.

    He just spaced out his way inside a building? Truly the Indiana Jones of our generation.

    Onomatopoeia? Bleh.
    Heh. Meta.


    Well at least she’s incredibly clear about why she’s assaulting you with a ceremonial item.

    He can follow time unconscious? That /is/ a skill.

    Oh! “Real Hieroglyphics”! Riiiiight. Proof read this. Please. Pleeeeeeeease.

    She should also know that she should start a new paragraph when someone speaks.

    Don’t remind me of Rolling Stones songs midway through a story like this.
    Unless this Anubis’ stand is called “Brown Sugar”. That would be pretty funny.

    “Z-Z-Zander you say? What a strange name!”
    “Z-Z-Zander has a brother you know. It’s true! His name?
    “His father? Don’t you know that much at least!
    “It’s Jay-Z-Z.”
    Thank you! I’m here all night!

    “You are what I like in a man.”
    “Cute, funny, smart, enganging?”
    “No, you say all your thoughts out loud, it’s a lot easier to deal with that way.”
    [alt. joke]
    “You are what I like in a man.”
    “An idiot?”
    “No. You understand that even robots like me need love. Now, come here. Insert your male plug into my female socket.”

    Wait. So… Wait. Wait. So… She says that he’s her type and is now her husband and he immediately thinks she’s going to kill him 30 seconds later? Like… I guess till death do you part, but guy should have a little more faith than that.
    Unless it was a mantis-girl. Then ok, maybe! Only maybe though!

    Razor sharp claws? Is that her Stand, Brown Sugar?
    Kono Anubis Da!

    I’d be pretty fucking soft too if some girl shredded my shirt and ripped my pants off.
    Was it a demeaning manor? Was the manor demeaning? Is he not sure of the manor’s manner? Is he just Australian, and has the verbal tick of ending every sentence with an upwards inflection? So it always makes statements sound like questions? Because Australians are too insecure to make a concrete statement? Like: did this girl learn how to dirty talk from a 70 year old white dude?
    I have so many questions?
    Like, why didn’t you proofread this first?
    He’s never tried to masturbate? Like… Ok. That’s cool? Whatever works for him. Going from “never touching your dick before” to “an Anubis is using her stand (BROWN SUGAR DA) to rub my cock” is a huge leap in experiences.
    At least his dick is stiff, because his spine is lacking.

    “You better not even think about exploding!
    “ALLAHU AHKBAR!” Screamed Z-Z-Zander as he triggered the bomb implanted inside his thorax.
    Later that day ISIL released video of their complete destruction of an ancient Egyptian religious site, to general worldwide condemnation.
    Oh wait, no, we’re still going.

    Wasn’t he on the edge of the bed before? DID HE CUM THAT HARD?!
    Her breathing became labor? She should talk to her Union about that.
    Yeah, think about Sukiru’s advice, it’s gone /so/ well for you thus far.
    “Take them behind”.
    Behind what?
    The arras?
    Though… Polonius was a shit-head, so no loss.
    Also, what is this girl’s name? Does she have one? Can I call her Polonius? It fits.
    This guy hasn’t been great at thinking on his feet so far, but maybe it’ll work out for him this time!

    Ah! Narrative convenience, of course.
    Most women would be /super/ pissed if you rip their bras. Like. Bad. Naughty. /especially/ if she has big tits.
    Also. When shopping with a female friend, and they’re in a lingerie shop and complain they can’t find a cute bra in a size that fits them because their breasts are too large… Don’t respond with: “have you checked the maternity section?”
    Trust me on this.

    Of course she pants, you just destroyed all her lower clothing!

    What? The wall? Did you just throw her half way across the room against a wall, from the bed?!
    …brutal man.


    I just… Need like, a minute…

    Ok. Ok.
    I’m ok now, I’m in my happy place, everything’s ok now…


    Probably sit down in a corner and rock myself to sleep in the foetal position.

    That is the dark place this story has left me.

      1. Read decent books so you know what good writing looks like.
        Proofread your work before you post it.
        Study narrative form properly, as in, the actual architecture and structure of storytelling. This is stuff you should learn in language basic classes.

        Until such time you can actually write a story in a coherent way*, there’s little reason to actually discuss the content of the writing.

        *Technically speaking, your writing is coherent… By being incorrect in consistent ways.

        Basically, you can write in a perfectly serviceable way, you just need to learn how to do it properly.

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