I felt as if I had become just another mediocre father. My only daughter, Sonia, was about to turn fifteen tomorrow, and for the past few months she has already shown the signs typical teenage behavior. Silent treatment, reclusive movements, and has even become absorbed in her phone than the life in our large three bedroom apartment. Everyday like clockwork, she boards herself up in her room and won’t come out until dinner time or to watch TV with her doll.

Yes, you heard right, a doll. It still puzzles me how it works, but Sonia never got tired of her life-sized doll, Charlotte. They did everything together when Sonia was younger and they still do things now, like showing Charlotte something new on Facebook or talking about cute things she found on the Amazon store, the typical girl things a girl would do. It pains me to feel her growing further away from me, but every parent feels this way at some point, right? 

Six years ago, my wife and I had divorced, leaving us both; I being the only one wanting take our daughter. As father and daughter, we were always together. She would help me set the table at dinner, pick out movies to watch together, or I would play house with her and pretend to be the husband. Such things were now too distant from me, and without Sonia to keep me busy, or a wife to keep me in check, I have resorted to terrifying fantasies.

I had missed a few hours of work every few weeks just to rub a few out, looking and watching any good pornography or smut I could find, doing my best to quell my still persistent libido, despite my age. I had often thought nothing of it each time I perused the teen porn, but soon I realized I was getting off to kids that were my daughters age. Any day now, I could see her walking in on me, shocked and disgusted with my depravity.

And then the dreams began to happen.

Dreams where my innocent daughter was bound and forcibly teased under my hand, scenes that I had stolen away her precious innocence like some deviant. Despite my unwillingness, I was waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and a puddle of my own jizz; upset at myself for getting off to my own daughter! And tonight will probably be no exception, as I slip into my bed covers and place my thoughts on tomorrow, my daughters fifteenth birthday.

At 5 am, I wake up to a piercing headache and another pair of soaked boxers.

Damn it, it happened again!

However, now wasn’t the time for it, I had to get in the shower before Sonia wakes up. Halfway stumbling into the hallway, I scale the side walls and enter the bathroom. Turning on the hot water, I run the shower and discard my boxers to the side of the room, with another grimace of self disgust.

While showering, my mind is still a bit hazy from waking up, my neck and back stiff from lying in one place for so long. Scrubbing my hair with dandruff shampoo, I glance at the shower curtains just in time to see a moving shadow. I throw back the shower curtains, revealing the room to be empty. The sink was untouched, my boxers were still on the ground, and the door was still shut. It couldn’t have been Sonia, she wouldn’t be up this early. I guess it was just me seeing things, I turn around and continue my shower. 

Washing off, I turn the water off and dry down with a bath towel. Pacing over to the vanity, I comb my hair in the mirror and begin putting on some shaving cream. Dipping the razor in hot water, I slowly shaved away at my budding stubble. My thoughts drifted to tonight when Sonia would get my present. After seeing it in the jewelry store, I knew it would fit her perfectly. She doesn’t have much jewelry so when I saw a diamond-studded, rose necklace on my way to work, I knew she had to have it. Scrapping up what little savings I had set aside for us to use on a rainy day, I felt is was a good thing to do. I would be ecstatic to see that look of joy and wow on her face again. Its been a while since I was a cool Dad anyways.

Before I could finish anymore of my thoughts, the razor nicked the last bit of my neck. I wince a bit and pull a piece of toilet paper to clean it off, when I spot a tab of pink from beneath the folds of my boxers. Curiously, I pull it out and up to my eyes.

They were pink panties.

I fling them back on the ground in surprise.  Without a doubt, they had to be Sonia’s. I hesitate. It looked something like what she would wear, but something about it lured me closer. I pick it back up with two fingers. Upon closer inspection, the pink panties looked almost transparent, save for a few braided laces along the perimeter. Small buds of cloth bunched up every few inches, looking like small roses, most definitely something Sonia would wear. But how did she get it? I don’t remember buying her such a thing.

They were wet.

It was too far from the shower to have been hit with water and his boxers had already dried. She couldn’t have been here, she is asleep. As I feel the slippery wetness of the panties, my mouth watered and drums beat down hard in my heart. I couldn’t resist it any longer.

I plunged my nose into the seams of the panties, sniffing and huffing the slick stain. Oh god, the scent of a woman! I shivered as I breathed, fingering the creases of the panties. It had been so long since I had smelled it.

The hell was I doing!

Quickly, I regain my senses and threw the panties once more against the floor. What did I do! Those were my daughters panties! And I got off to them! How could I have done such a thing! I storm off to my room to get dressed for work, I had failed to notice the small trickle trail on mysterious fluids, trailing back into my daughters room…

By the time the clock read 6:30, I knocked on her door and she hadn’t answered. Upon opening, I saw that she was still wrapped in her covers, her green eyes barely looking open and her entire face flushed red. Her dirty-blonde hair circled around her head, almost like her mothers, but with more of my brown tint to it

“Hey there, sweetie. Are you not feelin’ well?”

She bunches up the blanket around her head and nods, “Mhm…”
Charlotte was tucked in next to her, the doll’s pale white face and long platinum-blonde hair draped beside her.

I check her head, and for sure she is quite hot, no thermometer needed. As my hand snakes across her forehead, I’m suddenly reminded of her panties and jolt my hand back. Why! Stop thinking such horrible things!

“Y-yes, you are running a fever, dear.” I sigh, “Looks, like I’m going to be taking off work toda-“

Sonia interrupts me, “No Dad, me and Charlotte will be okay here. I can take care of myself. You need to go to work.” She nudges her doll and smiles.

I’m hesitant to leave her, she is sick after all. “But you need someone to-“

“I’m fine daddy, please go to work.”

I was almost struck by her calling me daddy, something she hadn’t called me in quite a while. Bitterly, I relented, I had to let her be more independent. “Okay, but I will be calling you every hour, okay honey?”

She nods and I lean over to kiss her on her forehead. She giggles as I walk back out the door and into the kitchen. It is probably best if I go too, I am afraid I might have more perverse thoughts about her anyways. Taking my bag and jacket, I call out goodbye to Sonia as I walk out the door and lock it behind me. Hopefully I can still get the chance to give her present to her tonight.

 Sadly, it was not to be. On the way to work, I was disappointed, not only for my perverse actions, but also that today wasn’t the birthday Sonia would’ve wanted. I mean not only was she sick, but she was also all by herself while I was away. And then I walked into work. My accountant job was just enough to afford us our living, I guess Sonia knew that too well. The place was buzzing non-stop, having already become a busy day, and I just got stuck right in the middle of it. By the time lunch rolled around, I managed to make a call to Sonia with bad news.

She sounded a little worse on the phone, “H-hi, daddy…”

Another shiver of happiness went through me when she called me daddy again. “Hi sweetie, are you feeling any better?” 

She made an inaudible noise, that I assume was a cough, “Y-yea, I’m j-just here with Charlotte…we had some of that-ha- new cereal today.”

She sounded cute over the phone, almost like she was little again, “Well, honey…I have some bad news.”

“What is it daddy?”

I leaned my head down on the desk, the office phone still pressed to my ear, “Well, I have to work late tonight, honey. I’m sorry but just a jumbled mess of paper work came up, and I will be late coming home.”

She was silent for a moment. “So…okay. It’s okay Dad. We can do my birthday tomorrow. It’ll be fine.”

She acted cheerful and understanding over the phone, but I knew better. She went back to just calling me Dad.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you just…you just wait. I’ll give you a great birthday, I promise.”

She whimpered out, “Okay…I love you Dad.”

Another tearing at my chest. Those words were a bitter-sweet touch, knowing that I ruined her birthday today. I pause a moment and hold back some welling tears, “I love you too, sweetie.” I sniff and look back up, “Tell Charlotte to keep you company okay? I’ll be home as soon as I can, okay?”

She giggled, “She is keeping me l-lots of company…”

“Okay, sweetie. I have to go, I will see you soon okay?”



With that, I have officially become a hopeless father. I can’t even make her feel special on her birthday. I really hope that the necklace will make up for it.

Oh damn did I fail. I didn’t get off work until 11:00 at night and now I was walking back up the stairs to the apartment.  I drag myself up the stairs and quietly jiggle the doorknob with the key. The door made a few squeaks on the way in, but hopefully I wasn’t too loud. 

Poking my head inside her room, the bed was still. Softly, I heard her faint breathing of sleep and smiled to myself. Sonia was always cute when sleeping. Her purring reminded me of when she would sleep in my arms on some nights, when she would have nightmares. Such times, I doubt would ever come back.

I leave the door just slightly ajar and warily walk back to my room. My legs are killing me; pulling out of my shoes hurt my joints. Having a job standing sucks ass. I manage to weakly kick off my khaki slacks and get out of my button up shirt. Down to my boxers and wife beater shirt, I crawl into my bed and stretch in under the sheets. God, I’m so tired. But more than anything, I am upset about today. I turn over to sleep. I have to do better tomorrow…

I suddenly burst awake from an all encompassing feeling surging throughout my body. As my mind is jostled awake, I am stunned to see a pale faced little girl in front of me, her lengthy long blonde hair capered on both of her sides, and her once black intricate dressing she once wore was now nowhere in sight.

“Ara ara~ I see you’re awake now~”

Despite the blurriness of my eyes, it doesn’t take long for me to realize the terror on top of me. It was Charlotte. Not just the unmovable doll, but now this animate living…thing!

Before I could scream in sudden shock and terror, Charlotte fists her hand into my mouth, blunting up against its back. “Shhhh~ You don’t want to wake the neighbors, big daddy.~”

Her hand was quite fleshy, not anywhere near the plastic it once was. I struggle to move, but I can’t. I look to my arms and legs, all of which are tied to the ends of my head and foot board of the bed. What fresh nightmare is this!

The doll draped her other free hand down my stomach and into my boxers, ” You were always so cute when you slept, how you would toss and turn in those dreams. Don’t you want those to be a reality?~”

How did she know about my dreams? What is happening!? I only manage some well muffled moans and screams as she wraps around my member below, her eyes cocked as if knowing what I had said.

“Oh my, daddy, where have my manners gone. I’ve been feeding you those dreams, daddy. You looked so lonely and depressed, I just couldn’t help but stir the pot.~” She squirms over top of me, the minx eyeing me with a lewd smile.

 My mind raced with thoughts of my current situation, praying to God this was a dream! However, at the same time, I cant help but feel aroused. I can’t pull free of my restraints, the rope is bound fairly tight, her hand also still muffling my mouth. It was then I noticed  that my once flaccid member was no longer so droopy, as it now stood proud out from the fold of my boxers. To say that it didn’t feel good, would be lying.

Seeing that I am now at full mast and ready to sail, she replaces her hand in my mouth with her foot, pushing it down the back where I could taste her smooth child-like toes. She eyes my thing with a wicked grin, her breathe tickled it, “Oh my, look at you daddy, you are very big indeed~”

She strokes it with her two hands, her cold touch feeling unbelievably good. I shiver slightly, as she puts her tongue on the tip of it. But before she made anymore moves, still holding her hands around the base of my phallus, she called out rather loudly, “It’s about time you gave your little girl a present.~”

No sooner had Charlotte spoke, a figure came out slowly from behind the doorway. It was Sonia. Revealing herself to be bound in shibari webbing, she sauntered into the room, her hips swaying along with what seemed like a tail. What surprised me even more, were the translucent appendages protruding from her back, small curled horns on her head, and an unnaturally soft glow from her green eyes. 

Her voice seethed with sweet feminine charm, “Daddy~ You haven’t given me my birthday gift.~”

 I am beyond horrified. My daughter….my sweet sweet Sonia…

She crawls onto the bed like a lioness upon her prey, “So long daddy~ So long have I wanted to do this~”

I struggle to be released. No, I can’t, I can’t do this to my own daughter! Charlotte squeezes my cock and smirks, “I could’ve sworn it got bigger as you walked in Sonia.~”

 Both of them now centered around my throbbing member, Charlotte releases her foot from my mouth. I waste no time in yelling. “Sonia! Stop, please don’t let her control-!” I was cut off by Sonia stuffing something in my mouth, gagged once more. 

“You like it, daddy? Its my panties! The ones you couldn’t help but sniff this morning! I made sure to keep them extra wet for you tonight~”

Indeed it was. My mind rejected the notion, but my mouth quivered and savored the taste, the taste of a woman’s fluids. With that, both girls began stroking and licking my steel-plated shaft. My hips kicked as one of them hit my weak underside of my dick, just above my jewels.

“Oh he likes that one, Sonia.~”

“Yes he does, we’ve seen daddy play with himself a lot haven’t we?~”

“Mhm, I know how much this means to you, Sonia, but, after you’re done, can I have a turn?~” 

“Of course Charlotte! He is your daddy too.~”

God I haven’t felt this good since before Sonia was born!

My whole body throbs and shivers, as the two girls continue to lick and slurp on my manhood. A pair of cold hands gripped and played with my balls, hands I knew had to be Charlotte’s. Suddenly, Sonia is face to face with me, her bright green eyes filled with longing.

“Daddy, I wasn’t sick today. I was getting ready. Ready for you to take me~”

I see the red marks from  the rope had worn against her skin and quiver. Don’t tell me she had been wearing this all day! Even when I came to see her in the bed? On the phone!?

“It was so…” she quivers, “thrilling, daddy. To be on the phone with you, slowly running my fingers through my wet pussy…oh I wish you could see it daddy.~”

Where had she learned to speak in such a lewd manner? Her voice, her eyes, everything! It was all so alluring. I can’t, I shouldn’t! But against all rational thought, I felt my cock puff up higher. It was undeniable: I was getting off on this.

She straddled over me, her mysterious appendages now more like wings. She rubbed against my stomach, grinding her womanhood against my stomach, leaving a silvery trail parallel with my pointing manhood. 

Speaking of which, I suddenly realized it was no longer being touched by Charlotte’s soft little hands. My penis already misses the rubbing touch that plagued it, now bobbing up and down with excitement.

“Sonia, dear. It’s ready~”

At those words, Sonia slid her ass down to the touch of my shaft, her firm buttocks holding it like it was a dog in a bun, slowly grinding it against her soaked pussy. “Daddy~! I know how long you wanted it. How long it’s been since you’ve done it~.” 

Her cheeks clenched around my puffing cock and her fingers rubbed around my nipples, “It was with mommy wasn’t it~? Mom was the only one you ever did it with, and now she’s gone~.”

Rearing up, she placed her hands on my lower stomach and pressed her slit against the tip of my cock, “I want you to forget about it daddy~. Forget about mommy and look only to me~! Look at your daughter and look at her centered above your penis~! Take me daddy~! Take away my virginity and fuck me however you want~!”

 The words coming out of her mouth dripped like liquid lust as her cute, 15 year old slit rubbed and pressed over the top of my member. My body wretched and shivered, now as the only thing on my mind is the thought of me sliding into her. I don’t even realize that my hands have been freed until I move them to her hips and with one swift thrust, I break straight into Sonia’s pussy, hearing the telltale sounds of a tearing hymen from inside her.

I had done it, I deflowered my own daughter. But now, I didn’t care. I wanted her. I want more of her. I wanted to fuck her senseless. Seeing her face twist into a silent, ecstatic scream made me thirst for her even more!

I dig my hands into her ass cheeks and thrust into the warm, slick folds of her pussy, her body riveting in carnal delight. Each thrust bore right into her womb, and her virgin walls clamped down around my cock. With each thrust my daughter howled and moaned with pleasure, pounding through her like electric shocks, and my dick was lightning rod.

I whirled my hands onto her small but capable breasts, grasping them firmly and rolling my thumb over her hard welded nipples. She lets out laborious shouts pure delight, twisting and scooping down onto my hard meat pole, the ropes tugging and itching her skin; causing even more burning pleasure throughout her body.

As I near my breaking point, Charlotte suddenly was above me. Removing my pantie gag, she slung her legs over my head, dropping her own juicy womanhood down onto my mouth. “I’m sorry Sonia, but I can’t take it anymore~”

Not wasting any time, I lick and slurp down her feminine juices and relentlessly eat her welcoming pussy. Charlotte let a small whimper escape her, reflexively arching her back and rubbing down harder on my mouth and nose.

My daughter must’ve gotten extremely jealous when she saw me plying with Charlotte’s pussy. She tightened her hot insides even further, causing me to buck my hips and groan in a mock orgasm. “Ch-Charlotte…wait your turn…~”

 The doll leaned forward and pulled on the ropes, causing Sonia to yelp from sudden tight squeezing. “Now now, we must share remember?~” and then pulls my daughter in for a long kiss, drool dropping down and pooling around on my belly.

Like I was gonna stand for that!

Teetering on the edge of orgasm, I am was not about to be turned into something shared. I gently bit down on Charlotte’s clit, causing her to shrill in sudden pain-mixed pleasure, and grabbing a hold of Sonia’s hips and pulling her forward onto the doll, as my pelvis rockets up and down like a piston on fire. 

Both girls slacken their faces, doing nothing but calling out, “Daddy~!” and “Daddy~!”

Then it hit me, that old feeling of need. That primal lust.  My pelvis in the air, I drill down hard into my daughters pussy, until finally achieving release. I pour rivulets of cum down into her small womb, her tight, soaked walls squeezing every bit from me. The two girls lost their wits and came on the point of my release and pissed themselves over me and my bed. That is not to say I minded that.

Charlotte managed to slump against the headboard and give me time to breathe, my breathe hot and steamy from her pussy juice.

“No no, daddy. You still have lots more presents to give~”

Charlotte looms over me with a grin leans down to kiss my forehead. My breathe is hot and steamy from her pussy juice, and my body seems numb and weak. I look down to Sonia and see that she is still plugged with my cock, smiling with her alluring grin and bright green eyes.

“We want more daddy~ Please, give us all you have~”

Her lunch is packed and her backpack is laying by the door. I have done everything to get her ready for school. No I just need to finish doing her.

Sonia leans against the counter as I fuck her under her school uniform skirt, making loud and wet noises as I plop against her firm white butt with my balls each time I thrust. Moaning and trying to keep a firm grip on the table, she wiggles her cute little ass for me as I unload a sizable amount of cum into her womb once more.

“Ahhh~ Daddy it feels so warm inside.” She shivers and hands me a light silver plug. I lick it a few times and proceed to shove the cold tube up her pussy, blocking out any seepage.

Last night had, by no pun intended, awoken me to realizing what I so desired. I lost my love, my wife, and she abandoned both of us. Over time my daughter developed feelings for me. She wanted me to see her as more than just a daughter. And that was enough to bring Charlotte into being.

She flattened her skirt and collar, “Thank you so much daddy! I’ll make sure to keep it in there all day.”

My daughter was now a succubus, a creature of lust and sex created under the influence of Charlotte, who trained her and teased her at every point she could. That is why my daughter had dejected from me. 

I pat her butt on the way out the door, “I know you will sweetie. You have a good day at school and we will have family night once you get home.”

They had fucked me all night, never stopping once, until each of their bellies were full of my seed and I was spent. Waking up and seeing the two draped around me, gave me time to adjust. To think and see what it is I truly wanted.

Sonia turned around and held out her arms, “Can I have a kiss, daddy?~”

Smiling like a proud father, I hug her waist and kiss her as deep and as my tongue would go. She being no better, curled her tongue around mine and sucked against my lips; making just about as much wet noises as we had been before. Finally after what seemed like a whole minute, she pulled away and blushed hard, “Daddy, I love you…”her hands clutching her new necklace.

Yes, that is what I wanted, to love my daughter. Not some silly necklace or trinket, to love her, anyway she wants to. Anyway I want too. “Daddy loves you too, sweetie.”

As the giddy school girl she is, she departs for her bus and I shut and lock the door behind her. I turn back to the table and am pleased to find quite the meal sprawled out on the counter, in the form Charlotte laying with her delicious pink pussy spread and welcoming.

“Now that we’ve had our little fun, it’s time for me to teach you how to thoroughly pleasure me, and your daughter~”

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