Panty Thief Short – Kikimora

[Meanwhile, at the Panty Thief’s Club’s Headquarters]

“We shall raid the Kikimora dormitory!” proclaimed the President. “Eh? Didn’t we raid the Kikimora’s last year?” the Vice President responded.

“Yes, however, we shall succeed this time!” Glasses decided to speak up.

“Last year’s raid caused one of our members to have a Kikimora.” The President began to hesitate.

“Should I also remind you that we have more newbies than we have veterans?” Glasses was beginning to break down the President with his words. I decided to step in.

“Glasses, you should calm down. The President suggested this for a reason, right?”

[What is a Kikimora? A Kikimora is a species in the Beastwoman genome. They are widely known for searching for a man who is worth enough to become their husband, also known as their master. Those who have not found a man who is worth their dedicated are sent to the Kikimora’s dormitory. They generally act like any other Beastwoman would do, but once they have found a man they fancy or worth their dedication, they attempt to move in with the man itself. Their appearance is similar to that of wolf, except that they are usually laid back and their fur is comb. When unclaimed, they wear any sort of clothing, but once they find a master, they usually sport a uniform. Maid Costumes are popular among this species.]

“Tomorrow is a special day. The forecast says that it will be a warm day, the flowers will be blooming at its highest, and the chilly breeze is just enough to cool your skin. Relationships shall be created tomorrow!” Glasses smirked.

“You’re taking advantage of the senses of the Kikimora. This isn’t going to be a simple raid, is it?” The President revealed a large blueprint and laid it on the planning table. It was the blueprint to the Kikimora’s dormitory.

He placed the boot piece from the Monopoly Board Game on the edge of the building, where the lawn is suppose to be.

“Someone shall act as decoy, and let ALL of the Kikimora run towards the decoy. Someone else shall be taking the decoy far away from here.” The President placed Doge counters, which he bought from the school fair, and pushed all of them from the inside of the dormitory, to the boot. He dragged the boot and the Doge Counters off the table.

“Once the dorms are empty, everyone else shall enter the dormitory, and take ALL the panties.” Everyone was in awe from hearing the President’s plan.

“We will be taking ALL the panties!? Imagine the Campus News covering this.” The President pointed to Glasses and the Vice President.

“Glasses, you shall be the decoy. Vice President, you shall use the motorcycle to distract the Kikimoras.” Glasses instantly got demotivated from this raid.

“This raid is stupid.” He said, facing his head to the side, clearly flustered by his position in the raid.

“Our intel suggest that almost all of the Kikimoras shall be in their dormitory at noon. We shall perform the raid at that time. At twelve-o-five, the decoy shall distract the Kikimoras, and from there, we have around two to five minutes to grab all the panties and get out. Any question or concerns?” The President briefed on the other information, and we all left the planning room once we knew what we were going to do.

[The Following Noon, behind the Kikimora’s dormitory]

I hid in a bush behind the Kikimora’s dormitory, my watch indicating that it was several minutes after noon. My heart began pumping as the minute hand was slowly reaching towards the ‘One’ symbol. I had concerns about the raid.

“What would happen if we found someone other than a Kikimora?” I asked the President in the planning room the day before. “If you do, then simply run. This raid is not suppose to have any risks before the expected return time.” I watched as the hand reached the One Symbol.

[At The Road in front of The Kikimora’s Dormitory]

Glasses sat in the passenger addon as the Vice President was manning the motorcycle. They slowed to a stop as they arrived in front of the dormitory of their target. Glasses took out a megaphone. The air around was warm enough that he was only wearing a short-sleeved shirt. There were several of the Kikimora in the lawn conversing with each other.

“The President was right. It is a very nice day outside. I might even go outside of the dorms after this and walk a little.” Glasses said to the Vice President.

“It certainly is. I might even make some tea.”

“Your tea is the best! I can’t wait.”

“We have a job to do. Are you ready?” Glasses nodded and stood up in his seat, facing the dormitory. He set the megaphone on it’s highest setting. The nearby Kikimoras looked at Glasses in curiosity as they heard the megaphone being set.

He took a deep breath before he shouted into the megaphone, his voice echoing through the dormitory as he said the following.

“I require a servant to have full devotion to me, your master!” Silence. The plan had failed. None of the Kikimoras were exiting the dorm. Suddenly, the ground shook as a large wave of Kikimoras break open the main doors and headed straight towards Glasses and the Vice President. The Vice President floored the accelerator, and they ran off as a stampede of Kikimoras followed them. The dormitory was empty, with it’s doors wide open. Not one Kikimora had stayed behind.

I ran up to the nearby open window once the noise of the stampede was gone. It would only create more attention if everyone ran towards the main doors. I made my way inside the dormitory and opened my sack. I opened all the drawers I could find, grabbing all of the undergarments I could find and throw into my sack. So many variations, yet so little time to inspect. The repeated action of grabbing and throwing into my sack had become a process. Open drawer, grab underwear. Get out. Repeat. This went on until I arrived at a drawer which sported a rather lewd lingerie. I spread the black lingerie to it’s full length. I saw that the lingerie boasted the hips and bust of the user.

“Oh my…” My eyes were fixated in the lingerie, imagining how it get amplify the Kikimora’s body through this lingerie. My mind snapped out of its dreamful state, and I realized that I was staring at the fabric for far too long. I threw the lingerie into the sack.


My sack was filled with various undergarments and lingeries.

“I only have one room left to raid. The others have surely left by now.” I said to myself, seeing that I was in a dorm room that was connected to another via a bathroom. I opened the door to the bathroom, looking around to see if there were any undergarments to steal before I made my way towards the other door and entering the other side.

  As I entered, someone else had opened the drawer in the room. The person stopped dead in its track, its face slowly moving towards my direction. It was a Shoggoth.

[What is a Shoggoth? A Shoggoth is a creature that has an amorphous body. In other words, it doesn’t have a clearly defined shape or form. Their ability to morph could be similar to that of doppelgangers, but unperfect. No one knows how exactly they’d come into existence, as many scrolls and books were burned at the turning point of the First Age. Their body can morph not only to a person’s appearance, but to tools as well. They are the ultimate servant as they can create any tools when they require them. They have the natural tendency to look for a man worthy of their servitude, as they yearn for a husband according to an oral tradition they share between families. During the rise of the Modern Age, Kikimoras and Shoggoths had clashed against each other when it comes to serving under a master, and they become natural enemies since. The Shoggoth bodies are usually of a dark coloration such as black or jet, accompanied with purple highlights. There is a rare defect which causes their body to turn albino.]

The Shoggoth had its tentacles on the panties, gripping them tightly. It appeared that she had already raided several rooms before this one. She glanced towards me, then the bustling sack of undergarments I’ve acquired throughout the raid.

“A Panty Thief?!” She looked shocked, as if she didn’t think she’ll interact with a Panty Thief. Then, a thought sparked in her mind as her mouth turned into a smirk.

“Well…well…well, do you need a servant?” Her voice was rather seductive in her question.

I was reminded of what the President said during this situation, and I followed through with it.  I closed the door as hard as I could before I turned the other way and ran as fast as I could. I tighten the knot of the sack as I made my way into the halls and ran towards the lobby. With the main doors wide open in the lobby, I can easily make my way out of here. I could hear the Shoggoth  trailing behind me.

“You won’t escape that easily from me!” she yelled.

“I would like to see you try!” I responded back, making my way into the main lobby. My feet drifted forward as I suddenly stopped, and I felt the Shoggoth’s body collide behind me as she attempted to stop as well. She placed her arms and other tentacles around me, declaring victory on my body.

“He he he. You are giving up when the exit is right in front of…” She stopped talking when we saw the massive group of Kikimoras entering the building.

“Colleague, we found several interesting undergarments on our-” I heard several other female voices behind me. It must be other Shoggoths as well. All the other panty thieves must’ve disappear once they saw the Shoggoth appear.

[Several Minutes Ago]

The Kikimoras almost captured their new master when a speed bump caused them to jump, barely escaping from the stampede of Kikimoras. Feeling defeated, they all walked back to their dormitory. Today was going to be the day they would leave this dormitory which constantly reminded them of being masterless. They entered the lobby and headed towards their room when they suddenly find something unexpected. One of the Kikimoras noticed us, and pointed at us.

“Hey look!” She shouted, and every other Kikimora looked at us. At first, they saw the human male, they were all delighted. They didn’t even noticed the huge sack he was carrying. However, as their gaze looked up towards the small group of Shoggoth behind me with their undergarments, their face went to a rosey color.

“THE SHOGGOTH IS TRYING TO STEAL OUR UNDERGARMENTS AND STEAL OUR ONLY CHANCE AT A MASTER! GET THEM!” One of them shouted. I managed to get my body out of the Shoggoth’s grasps and made my way back into the hall. The group of Shoggoth followed me.

“Panty Thief! Where do you think you’re going!” One of them said.

“I’m running away! Stop following me.” I yelled at them. One of the Kikimoras managed to blocked the hallway window which I’ve entered from. I cursed myself and turned towards stairs, getting access to the second floor.

“Don’t leave us behind!” yelled one of the Shoggoth. I entered through one of the rooms, and they followed me inside. I lock the door behind me, wishing I left behind the Shoggoth as well. Their speed is uncanny. Without wasting a single second, I commanded the Shoggoth as if I were their master.

“Make yourself useful and make a rope using the undergarments!” I pointed to the one that appeared to be the strongest.

“You, help me hold this door back!” Their eyes lit up with a fiery passion, and they all simultaneously said with enthusiasm

“Yes, Master!” The Shoggoth went to work tying the panties and bra they’ve collected, creating a thin, but strong rope.

“GET OUT, HUMAN! WE SHALL DEAL WITH YOU LATER! WE WANT THE SHOGGOTH!” one of the Kikimora yelled through the door.

“Does it look like I have a choice?!” I yell back at them.

“Master! We have procure the handmade rope! Descend down quickly!” They said almost in unison.

“What about you guys? Aren’t you coming with me?” I asked them.

“If we come down, we will only be chased down. We are sacrificing ourselves for you, my master.” She said. He was starting to feel bad for leaving the three Shoggoth behind.

“Wait a minute! I have an idea!” I said.


The group of Kikimora barged through the door, seeing no one in the room. The window was opened, and tied to a desk was a rope made out of panties and other undergarments, which was flowing with the wind outside. It appeared that they had exited through the window via the rope.

“They…they got away~” A Kikimora said. They all were beginning to cry, feeling that they were clam jammed not once, but twice in this lovely and nice day. Suddenly, they all burst out of the room crying, and the room was left empty. The closet door slowly opened, and revealing three Shoggoth and a human male hiding there.

“Nice job, Master! How did you know they will all cry out?” One of them said.

“I didn’t. I just have unfathomable luck. It works sometimes, and it doesn’t other times. We should get going and descend down before they realize it was just a ruze.”

[The Evening after The Raid at The Panty Thief’s Headquarters]

“Anon. I’m not too sure how I feel about this.” The President says, rubbing his chin as if he had a beard to rub on.

“I don’t think it’s a terrible idea. We don’t have to waste money on janitorial staff, and they aren’t too gullible.” I said to the President. We watched as the three Shoggoth were sweeping the lobby and the planning room of the headquarters. Their cleaning ability were masterful, using their own body to morph a broom, which itself can morph into becoming finer or more bolder, depending on what they are cleaning. The other club members look in awe as they saw how cleaner the Headquarters looked.

“We take ALL of their panties, and our base looks cleaner as well?! This day certainly can’t get any better.” Glasses said as they returned from their motorcycle trip. One of the Shoggoth brings a cold can of beer to Glasses.

“It’s time to celebrate, correct? I hope this is adequate to celebrating this Raid.” Glasses’ eyes lit up. He took the can, feeling how cold it was. The Shoggoth brought some cold beers to every club member, including the President.

“Well, this isn’t half bad at all, I guess.” The President said. He was the first to open a cold one for the boys.

“Let’s take this drink and feast, for today was a very successful raid. We might have gain some new…servants within our rank, but let this not deter us from our real objective, to steal panties! Regardless of how powerful or numerous all of the monster girls are, we shall find a way to steal them! For we are the Panty Thief Club!” We all cheered and drank the cold beer, despite how horrible it tasted. The symbolism was what mattered most.

[The Next Day, in Campus News]

“The Panty Thief Club has striked again. This time, it has struck the Kikimora Dormitory by a large scale. Using a man as a decoy, they were able to penetrate deep inside the dormitory, and steal a massive quantity of undergarments. The event shook the Kikimora so much that some of the Kikimora residences are walking through the streets and sitting in the classrooms without any undergarments. Here, we have the Head Representative of The Kikimora Dormitory. Tell us, how do you feel?” The News Woman said before passing the focus to one of the Kikimora. She appeared to be dressed in a French maid outfit. It appeared she was being broadcast from the lawn of the dormitory itself.

“We are absolutely appalled by the stolen undergarments of our fellow colleagues. We have already ordered several large quantities of undergarments to be shipped here by tomorrow, but the impact has already been done. As we stand right now, I have no undergarments to protect me. However, there is something that I must let out from my chest.” She took a deep breath before she lost her composure. She took a hold of the camera.

“The man with the glasses! If you are still looking for a servant, then please look no further than on me! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! SAVE ME FROM THIS LIFE OF BEING MASTER-LESS!!” The live-feed is cut off abruptly.

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