Panty Thief Short – Alp

Glasses felt pretty glum today. The Panty Thief Club didn’t have any plans to raid any monster girls or dormitory today, and it would appear that they were preparing for the mid-term finals. Glasses, realizing that he should’ve been studying, decided to call in a friend.

An Alp named Felix is one of Glasses’ friends. Felix used to be a regular human male until ‘an accident’ between him and a succubus caused him to turn into an Alp. Although alarming, Glasses accepted Felix for who she was since Alping only affected men who are feminine, right?

Felix was already in the middle of studying when Glasses called in. Being that she was comfortable in her desk studying, she decided that it wouldn’t be harmful to invite his friend over. They were only guy and girl who used to be a guy, right?

“Sure Glasses. You can come over if you like! We can have a small party after we study lots!” Felix said to Glasses over the phone. She hasn’t receive any major dose of spiritual energy, so she still retain some of her manly features, including her deepened voice.

Glasses came to Felix post-haste, bringing his English and History Textbooks with him, since this was the subjects he needed the most in. Luckily, Felix was an expert in English. Glasses did not know that Felix was actually a erotic novelist who is starting to gain popularity through the Arachnid Network, (also known as the Internet).

Several hours after Glasses had settled down in Felix’s dorm, and Felix was done with most of her studying, she decided to go and help out Glasses with his homework and studies. Glasses, despite interacting with a girl, felt like he was interacting with Felix himself. Felix was not interested in Glasses either way, even if his scent was lustful towards Felix.

“Ah! I am getting thirsty. Would you like something while I make us some coffee?” Felix asked Glasses.

“I’ll like to have some donuts! Glazed if you have any.” Glasses responded to Felix. Felix nodded and went her way outside, making coffee and seeing if she could find any sort of Glazed Donuts in the vicinity.

Glasses’ inter-Panty Thief instincts were telling him to steal the Alp’s panties. At first, Glasses resisted, but his gloomy mood and his overall sense of achievement was low, so he decided to take a peek. He stood and opened a drawer from her dress cabinet. Sitting neatly over some male’s underwear is a fresh black pair of panties, waiting to be plucked out.


“Hey Glasses! Glad the Mid-term finals are over. By the way, something strange happened last week!” Felix told to Glasses over the phone.

“What is it?” Glasses asked back, drinking some Hot Chocolate as he prepared for the cold winter ahead.

“I bought a fresh pair of panties from Alice’s Secrets, and now I can’t find them! I was planning on attracting a mate this evening, but I can’t find them.” Felix complained over the phone.

“Ha! Maybe a Panty Thief stole them!” Glasses joked. Felix laughed.

“Good one, bro. It’s a good thing I’m borrowing from a friend. She’s very nice! You should meet her! Her breasts are pretty big, just like you like them.”

“Maybe some day, Felix.”

“Anyway, I got to get going. Preparing myself for the night. Ciao!” Felix said before she hung the phone. Glasses placed the phone down, casually sipping on his hot chocolate before he turned his seat to the Wall of Achievements. Sitting under the Secretary Section sits a frame labeled Alp. In the frame, sits the same black pair of panties which Felix was missing.

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