On Nights Like This

Stopping just short of the road crossing, David waited for the pedestrian light to change, despite there being no cars on the road. Hands clenched in his pockets and hot air turning into steam as he breathed, the man trudged forward across the street as the light changed, hurrying his step to be out of the winter air as quickly as possible.

Stealing a quick look at the watch on his wrist out of habit, the hands showed that it was a mere hour and fifty-two minutes until the arrival of the New Year. Celebrations and gatherings were well underway across not only the city, but the entire world, a fact that had not been forgotten by David.

He had been at one, and that’s where he was heading home from now. Dragged along by an acquaintance who found out he didn’t have plans for the night, David had found himself standing awkwardly near the wall of an all-too crowded room, warm beer in hand and a feeling of disconnection in his mind for close to an hour.

The pounding music and drone of the crowded house had created a nagging headache in his brain, and after the person who had brought him there disappeared, David took the opportunity to slink away unnoticed.

The December air was frigid, David thankful to have had the thoughtfulness to bring both his coat and a warm scarf, both of which were doing their best to protect him on his journey home. It had snowed the day before, but the sidewalks had already been mostly cleared, the man only having to step through small drifts of snow on occasion. He didn’t mind it, though. The snow was nice, and the quiet and isolation it brought on was only a bonus.

Pulling his coat tighter and pushing his scarf a little higher on the bridge of his nose, he continued his double-speed walk back towards home, retracing the route that he had taken here by car about an hour before.

With the turn of the year looming just a few hours away now, David couldn’t help but reflect back on the past while. A college diploma, new job , new city, new house, and new roommates all in the span of a short few months had really brought him into unfamiliar and uncertain territory. Despite the rather impressive achievement of a job right out of post-secondary, there was not much beyond that for him to smile about as he thought. New friendships were never forged, not even with his roommates or coworkers, both groups already having established circles that he had failed to break into, and so David felt more alone than he ever had, uncertain of the months ahead.

Following the sidewalk right as it split, the straight path continuing past the snow-covered homes and right path leading into a similarly snow-covered park, he chuckled. ‘New Year’s resolution:’ he thought to himself, smiling beneath his scarf. ‘Find a friend.’

The park wasn’t as well cleared of snow as the sidewalks had been, his boots sinking slightly into it as he continued to walk, unperturbed by the change. Only a few blocks beyond here until he would reach a bus terminal, and after that it would be a shorter, warmer ride home.

The path wound around a mix of dead trees and small clearings, illuminated by the occasional lamppost standing alongside. Empty benches, too, dotted the area, unsurprisingly void and covered with snow. With the solitude that the park offered, David felt far more relaxed than he had a little while before, checking his watch to see that it was now eight minutes closer to midnight.

Shoving his hand back into its rightful pocket, David’s eyes focused on a figure a little ways off in the distance, sitting alone on one of the benches dotting the walkway. It was too dark and too far for him to make out the exact features of who was seated there, but the fact that there was a person sitting alone in the cold unnerved him.

Continuing to walk closer, the light from the lamppost beyond them provided just enough light for the person’s details to become visible to David. They were clad in not much more than an ill-fitting sweater and pants, something else wrapping around their lower torso. Whatever it was, David knew that it probably wasn’t enough to ward off the cold.

Closer still, and the sight of the face a beautiful young woman, framed by jet-black hair, caused David’s pace to slow. He hadn’t a clue what someone like her would be doing alone in the snow on a night like this, much less without the right clothing on. Concern gripping his emotions, David resumed his hurried pace, this time towards the woman on the bench.

He recalled the New Year’s resolution he had thought up a few minutes before. Even if there was no friendship to be found, ending the year on a good deed would suffice as well.

Fighting against his better judgement, David crossed to the other side of the path as he fished his valuables from his jacket, putting them into his pant pockets. His coat was off in a flash, the woman’s eyes jumping towards him as he stopped a little short of her, holding out his jacket. “You seem cold.” He said, offering it to her, David finally close enough to tell just what it was that was wrapped around her torso.

A pair of deep red bat-like wings were doing their best to fight off the cold and keep the woman warm, a pair of similarly coloured horns emerging from beneath the woman’s black hair, curving towards the sky. With a surprised look on her face, the woman, the Succubus, slunk back slightly, wings clinging even tighter.

Sighing at her reaction and internally chastising himself for creating such an uncomfortable situation, David spoke again to try and salvage it. “At least take my scarf. You should be wearing more than that if you’ll be sitting out here.”

The red-eyed succubus eyed him suspiciously as he held out the long scarf, reaching forward with a shy smile to grab not only it, but the coat as well, from David’s grasp, throwing them both on in a hurry. “Thank-you…” She whispered with a small smile, David replying with a nod as he turned to continue away, realizing how silly it was to expect anything beyond a simple expression of thanks.

But a strong, rather cold grip on his hand stopped him before he could get too far, a pale hand latched onto his own. With a small tug, the Succubus pulled David back towards the park bench, having him sit down after she cleared his spot of some snow.

At first the two only shared a few sniffles as their noses ran from the cold, the man and the Succubus sitting somewhat awkwardly together, David beginning to feel the bite of the frigid air. He smiled slightly, catching the eye of the monster beside him, bringing a smile to her lips as well. Her eyes were faintly puffy and raw, signalling a slightly sadder situation than David had anticipated.

“Are you… Okay?” He asked, a light reluctance in his words. Her hand was still tightly clasped around his, keeping David rooted to the spot.

She sighed, a small giggle escaping with. “I guess… Just…” The Succubus sighed again and trailed off, using the moment to adjust her newfound scarf. “It’s just tough sometimes.”

“I bet. Being out in the cold without a coat can be pretty hard.”

Another giggle, the Succubus’ mood brightening. “Not really what I was getting at, but I guess you’re right.” She eyed him a bit more warmly than before, settling down a little. “I guess I should introduce myself then. I’m Elinvynia, and I’m spending New Year’s Eve crying alone on a park bench.” The two of them laughed together at the self-depreciation, David speaking up after.

“And I’m David,” he said with a nod. “And I’m also spending New Year’s Eve alone, since I have no friends.” Their laughs grew louder at the one-upmanship, her hand squeezing tighter as she hid her mouth with the other.

“I guess were in sort of the same situation then.” Elinvynia mused, a few giggles still racking her body.

“It seems we are, Elin… Elinv… El-“

“Just ‘Ellie’, please. I know it’s a bit difficult.” The Succubus assured him, playing with the end of the scarf again. “My Mom’s always been a bit traditional, so my name shows that.”

‘Ellie’ seemed to deflate as she spoke of her mother, sinking slightly into the too-large coat. David stayed silent, his mind wandering slightly to just how damn cold it was without his coat, legs shaking and free hand buried into a warmer nook.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Here, let me… Um…” Ellie sat up and turned towards David, partially undoing the scarf around her neck after realizing his plight. In a few quick movements, the beige length of cloth was wrapped around David’s own neck with enough left over to let him bury his hands into it, and still cover Ellie.

“Thank you.” He said, the two of them now sitting a little closer than before, shoulders brushing. The Succubus’ reputation preceded her, as David was fully aware of what she was and what she could do.

And yet despite this, he still felt strangely calm, unafraid for his well-being. Ellie had an aura of calm and borderline timidness around her, something that was rather unbecoming of her species. Her features were of the classic Succubus though, dangerously alluring and beautiful, the beating of David’s heart at more than just an elevated level.

“So,” David spoke up, now slightly warmer than before. “What exactly does have you sitting here?” He felt as if it was okay for him to push a little, since the Succubus had already made him stay, making hints to how she was feeling.

Another sigh escaped her lips, it seeming to be something she did often. “Well,” Ellie held a slight pause after her first word, red eyes focused off in the distance. “The fact of the matter is that I’m a failure.”

David’s eyebrow quirked, the revelation being more serious than he anticipated. “I’m twenty-six, and I still don’t have a man. Never have. Every single one of my friends is married, and I don’t even have the guts to talk to one!” She continued, chest heaving slightly as her breath caught, suppressing a sob. “I’m a Succubus! A SUCCUBUS! And I can’t even do what my species is supposed to and have a man…”

Ellie trailed off, the atmosphere having taken a sudden turn downward as she tried to stay composed. “My mom and dad were childhood friends, and it’s just so hard to realize that I’m such a let-down to them…”

Another trailing off let open a space for David to speak up, trying his best to salvage the situation. “Well, some people take longer than others to do things. I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed about, I’m sure you’ll find someone.”

“But it is something to be ashamed about!” Ellie almost yelled, her voice ringing through the still night. “I’m a Succubus! I’m supposed to… have… a man…”

As she spoke, the black-haired Succubus’s gaze focused directly on David, the scarf that connected them beginning to gather a light amount of snow that had begun to fall from the sky. The look in Elinvynia’s eyes had changed from the sadness of before into something more longing, a hint or realization amidst it.

“Ellie.” David had realized what was happening, his act of good faith having landed in him a spot of trouble.

Elinvynia’s hand grabbed hold of the scarf, jerking David’s head forward slightly, enough for him to truly get a good look at the Succubus. Her eyes were both glazed over and focused at the same time, as if she was staring at, and through him. Pale lips slightly parted, the gentle curves of her face commanded a seductive, dangerous aura, one that made David’s heart pick up speed as the two sat mere inches away.

“David, please.” She pleaded in a whisper, her face dangerously close to his. “I know you’re lonely too. I don’t think either of us wants to spend the night alone.”

His voice faltered as he attempted to speak, the Succubus bringing a hand to his cheek, a thumb over his lips to keep him quiet.

“I’ve put this sort of thing off for far too long…”

Their lips met in a mix of passion and reluctance, the Succubus forcing herself on the man to steal an embrace. David felt no urge to fight or pull away, the kiss sending a surge of warmth and longing through his veins. It wasn’t unwelcome, the kiss, and after a few moments David himself didn’t want to pull away, Elinvynia being the one to do so.

The two sat on the bench together in the falling snow, cheeks hot and both of them struggling to catch their breaths. “My… First…” Elinvynia murmured to herself, the last word lost in the night as she touched her lips in disbelief, a smile beginning to grow.

A swath of emotions began to swell up within David, still taken aback slightly by the sudden kiss. The feeling of her soft, warm lips against his, her palm delicately cradling his cheek; all of it spurred a feeling of want, of lust within him, the Succubus’ beauty capturing his heart.


The woman’s eyes darted towards his, her face still partially covered by her hand. “Yes?”

“How far is it to your place from here?”

If a picture of the term ‘flustered’ was ever needed, Elinvynia’s expression at that moment would work perfectly.

The room was bright, and when David opened his eyes, he had to squeeze them shut again immediately, using a forearm to help him as well.

After a few moments of letting his eyes adjust to the light, he was able to gather his senses and look around the room, taking in the unfamiliar sight. The curtains covering the window were ajar, and the rest of the room was as equally as messy. The bed cover was halfway on the floor, items on the nearby dressers were pushed around and knocked over, and there was even a small collection of pillows resting haphazardly in the middle of the room, a blanket strewn away nearby.

Finding the strength to sit up, David rubbed his eyes and yawned, taking the moment to right the nearby clock and take a look at the time.

9:23am on the first day of the year.

Waking up in a stranger’s bed was a hell of way to start it off.

Standing up, he spied a trail of clothes leading from the foot of the bed towards the door of the room, his briefs and shirt being hastily donned as he tried to piece together what had happened.

It was obvious what had happened, it’s not like he was hungover to the point of amnesia, and his whole body, especially his lower regions, were rather sore. Elinvynia had dragged him back to her home rather quickly after he had made his proposition on the park bench, leading David into a blurry night of lovemaking.

The clothing trail continued to lead down the hallway, David finding his pants and sweater, along with first a pair of red lace panties and bra, then later, just before the staircase, a woman’s sweater and pants. He also found his scarf leading all the way down the staircase, coming to rest just short of the bottom landing, his coat, the one he had lent Ellie, crumpled on the floor.

Now partially dressed, David focused on the sound of sizzling and scraping emanating from what he assumed was the kitchen, daring to venture towards it.

A long, black spadetail flicked through the air, Elinvynia’s back turned towards him as she cooked on the stovetop. Clad in nothing but an apron, the Succubus’ alluring curves grabbed his attention in an instant, Elinvynia looking over her shoulder towards him.

“David!” She exclaimed, dropping her tools and spinning around on her heel, her wings shooting out in excitement, the apron (which read ‘Fuck the Cook’ across its front) barely able to contain Elinvynia’s large breasts as she sauntered up to him. David was greeted by an impassioned kiss, the Succubus pressing him against the doorframe and rooting him in place by wrapping her tail around one of his legs.

“You woke up just in time, honey.” She drawled after pulling away, walking back towards the stove with a bit more of a spring in her step. David had to take a moment to steady himself after that, and when he looked back towards her, he couldn’t help but smile.

He followed her steps, pressing into her back and resting his chin on the crook of her neck. “Bacon and eggs?”

“And toast!” Elinvynia added, tail coiling around his leg again. “I thought we would need the food after last night…” He chuckled at her comment, kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her hips, the Succubus still working away on the food.

“Ah, it was so wonderful…” She mused, taking a moment to press her hips back into his, smiling at his reaction to her teasing. “We did it everywhere; on my bed, on the dresser, the desk, the floor… Even on the balcony as the fireworks went off…”

The memories came flooding back in full as Elinvynia recounted them for David, a smile growing on his lips. “That was quite the ‘midnight kiss’, wasn’t it?” He asked, returning the teasing by pressing back into her.

“You gave me much more than a kiss, David.” Elinvynia teased, dropping the spatula in her hand to sneak down in between the two of them, tugging at his waistband. “But,” her tone turned into a faux-seriousness, the Succubus’ wings adjusting to let David press against her even more. “I think a sort of ‘appetizer’ is in order for our breakfast…”

Just as the couple were about to indulge in one another, the shrill ringing of a nearby phone interrupted them, the Succubus flailing comically as she reached over to grab it, answering with a panicked “Hello?”

David sighed at the interruption, his head falling to rest in Elinvynia’s silky hair, the Succubus, beginning to chatter on the phone.

“N-No! You’re not interrupting anything, mom!”

A devilish smile grew on David’s lips, his fingers beginning to trace circles beneath Elinvynia’s apron, a plan hatching in his mind.

“Ah w-well the night was okay.” Elinvynia continued to talk, David’s hands trailing lower and lower. “Ah, w-well, you see…”

Her free hand latched onto one of his, stopping David just short of his goal. Surprisngly though, the glance she gave him wasn’t a stern one, the Succubus instead shooting him a suggestive look. Her hand guided his down, until he had finally reached his destination.

“I-I did end up… Meeting somebody.”

A shrill screaming from the phone caused Elinvynia to flinch away, her wings fluttering slightly in annoyance. “M-Mom, please!”

Elinvynia continued to plead with her mother for the next few moments, David continuing his teasing beneath her apron, a blush rising on her cheeks. “Yes, Mom. Well, n-no, but-“

“O-Okay, see y-you then.”

Elinvynia hung up the phone, setting it down before grabbing David’s hand, pushing it away from her. “W-We need to hurry up and eat, my Mom is coming over.”


“Buuuuuut~” Elinvynia continued, her tone switching over into that of a tease. “If we eat quickly, that means we can enjoy a nice shower together…”

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