The trains had long ago stopped. The streets had long been deserted. 

I locked the door behind me, and double checked everything. Yeah, I had turned off the lights, yeah, the door was locked, yeah, I had everything I brought with me. I stared at the black sky as I cracked my back and picked out the constellations who’s names I could never learn. I’ve been walking home at all hours of the goddamn night, with nothing but the golden pools of the streetlights to guide me home. Nothing to show for it but bags beneath my eyes and a sign in sheet’s worth of late nights. Work’s work though. Everything’s gotta eat. 

I counted the lights as I trod home, one oasis to another, a caravan in the desert. Just as desolate here. The dark made everything lose it’s form, lose it’s scale, lose it’s familiarity. Streets echoed down into an infinite point. Buildings arched overhead. Signs buzzed out their light, little sparks melting into the cold glow of office building security lights.  

I followed the road up the twisting hills, following my usual path down the suburban backstreets, where nothing stirred. No dogs barked, no cats shivered through the dark. I was carried along with the dreams of the silent sleepers.  

Except it wasn’t the usual desolation that followed me around the streets. Some lizard part of my brain, buried deep in my bone and flesh and DNA, stuttered out an urgent warning. 

My hair stands on end. I shiver. I sweat.

I’m being watched.


I tried to calm my nerves, even as a chill wind whistled through the alleys, to act clueless. This wasn’t my first time in the rodeo.

Pure danger washed further up my spine, vertebrae after vertebrae, second after eternal second.

Ahead of me the next streetlight flickers-

-and dies. 

I risk a glance behind me and catch a blur out the corner of my eye, melting into the abyss of the street. I looked off the edge of a continental shelf: every streetlight behind me had been extinguished. 

I took stock of the situation in the benevolent glow of the light I had found sanctuary beneath, then that too, began to flicker. I had a pretty strong inkling that I knew what type of monster was hunting me down in the dark. 

Down the street the next light in the row had begun to flicker on and off, a false-promise of safety, an SOS tattoo in the dark, teasing me with how obvious the trap was. The only other option was a dark alley between the houses. 

I had to walk onward. 

A giggle echoed out, or was it the wind?

The flickering streetlight approached. 

Nothing. I breathed out beneath the flickering light, and chanced another glance behind me. 

An explosion of noise smashed through the darkness, crashing out of the alley to the right. Every fiber of my being screaming in opposition, I swiveled to the left and transfixed a pair of golden eyes.

Outwitted, shocked, and apparently on the verge of a breakdown, I took a step towards the girl. Even as my eyes adjusted to the darkness she hid in, I struggled to make out the girl’s features. Cloaked in black, she seemed to drip shadow from the mantle wrapped about her thin shoulders, death white flesh flashed from the depths of the darkness. 

Jags, crags, teeth. Teeth. Her mouth almost seemed too big for her head, the grin split her face ear to ear even as it wavered in the gloom. 

Those eyes that flashed through her greying hair were the colours of burning embers in the amongst the cinders, so used to stalking their prey now opened in fright, like a sleepwalker from a nightmare. The pupils like black-holes, no light escaping their pull. Infinite. Crushing and shredding everything they encounter.

I took another cautious step towards the shaking girl, vicious claws rattled, a perky breast shivering past it’s black cover, emaciated rib cage flashing. The girl has issues, but I never got the chance to find out what they were.

The streetlight above us exploded in a supernovae flash, the instant the darkness had sucked back in, the girl was gone.

At least, I had hoped that she had disappeared. Instead I felt tracked, stalked, those burning eyes and abyssal pupils boring into my back, the heavy panting of my hunter. I couldn’t ever find the source of the breathing as I cautiously worked my way back home, never seeing more than a dark smear and the emptiness of a place in time and space instantly vacated. Every shadow seemed filled with unknowable monsters and various evils. 

Finally my home was in reach.

The bolt shot home, the comforting crack of the front door’s lock disturbing the shadows, chill, of the dark entryway.  There was no point in going back the way I came, I’d just be raped immediately. Or worse. A shiver slashed it’s way up my spine. My only hope was to catch the girl before she catches me: a staring contest with my loins as the prize. 

A pair of eyes bored into my back from the shadows that coated my house, laughter rustled through the rooms, following me as I tried to make my way to the well lit kitchen. 

It was such an obvious trap, just like the last. The girl was still confident, even more arrogant for getting caught once. I figured though, If I had managed to catch her once, I could catch the Grue-girl twice. At least, I assumed she was a Grue. Regardless, if I was quick I could hopefully get away without a hard raping. 

It was time to make a break for the light, waiting for that coming diversion. 

I breathe in-

-and dash. 

The kitchen tiles smash up to meet my face.

I tried to flail, blood surging from my nose, screaming. My ankle caught in a rigor-mortis grip.

I try to claw my way to light and safety, fingertips burning on the cold linoleum, until a hand strays through the blood pooling on the tiles. Bloody smears streak across the floor, my fingers slick, they won’t be able to find purchase on the tiles.

I can’t find purchase.

I can’t fi-

I’m contorted onto my side as the Grue drags me back to the dark, until that kitchen light lies a tantalising finger’s width away.

The bony claw disappears from my ankle.

I’m slammed onto my back. I couldn’t even think of scrabbling for safety. Misshapen hands loom out of the gloom, slam down on my waist, and shred their way down my legs, pants tattered. I can’t see a thing below my chest.

A tongue so long to be wrong wraps itself around my limp member, cold and clammy as the grave. 

In a single motion she slams my hips up, rapidly hardening erection forcing it’s way down her gullet. Even as her nose is buried in my pubes a deranged laugh echoes out from her chest, her throat massaging me. Just as swiftly she shoves me away, those terrifying teeth tickling down my length.

I sail through the air, landing heavily on my side. Grue-girl slobber on my cock quickly catching the chill air of the room, that dangerous mouth gone. 

I roll on to my back, trying to butt-shuffle toward the kitchen at speed, mind in pure animal mode. 

In seconds I’m nearly there.

The Grue’s gloating laughter fills the room, the shadows growing deeper, the opposite walls ceasing to exist in the dark.

“Where do you think you’re going little prey? …You still haven’t satisfied me at all.”

With my chest now in the blinding glare of the kitchen lights, it’s sterile glow more comforting than any mother’s embrace, the Grue materialises above my hips. I’m pinned. She leans back, further away from the shocking light, those death-grip hands crushing into my thighs. Now even my legs were restricted. I couldn’t even lift my hips freely, to my future misery.

“Uh-huh, I caught you. I caught you and now you’re mine. You gave me a shock before… No one else has ever… done that. I just had to make you MINE.”

That deranged giggle shatters through my skull once again. Her head thrown back, the black hood falls from her head, messy hair escaping. She shakes her head, ruffling her hair out, starting black it faded through grey down to white at the tips, it seemed to eat up, suck in, light as it lightened. The sable cloak splits and drips away, barely clinging to her slight shoulders. 

She leers down, those crazed eyes, too old for her young face, meeting mine once again, this time I’me the one transfixed. Those eyes burned out of their sockets, those pupils drank me in, dark bags standing out on her pallid white skin. 

I could only arch my neck to try and watch that strip of driven-white snow, with the rapidly pinking vulva, slowly lower down to my rod. I became nothing but a tool for the Grue to grind her glistening pussy on. 

That hungry leer soon changes, losing none of it’s intensity, rather, lust takes over from pride. Those eyes reflected my soul back at me. Those heavy dark lids closed upon it. When she opened them again those eyes only existed for me. 

She continued to grind on me at her own pace, her wet pussy, soft thighs, the small tuft of white pubic hair that crowned her pussy matting wet, all slipping down my length. Even as I shiver under her embrace, she shifted with perfect timing, never letting me enter her, simply riding my thrusts, smile widening.

I wouldn’t be getting anything until she felt like it.

The Grue’s face rapidly changed, that predatory gleam fading away to a look of pure ecstasy, monster to horny teen in seconds. I couldn’t stop the laugh that gasped out. 

She grinds down hard and stops, shivering, wide eyed as she realised what kind of expression she had slipped into. Genuine embarrassment is immediately wiped away with a sneer, those vicious hands cracking hard into my thighs before… disappearing. 

Only for the girl to reappear a solid foot above me, falling from the shadows on the ceiling. 

She made sure to slam her shapely arse into my abdomen. 

Even as I desperately tried to regain my breath, gasping for air, the Grue laughed, guiding my dick into her wet pussy. Seems she wants to rape me in the reverse cowgirl, she mustn’t have wanted me to see the faces she made.

Even in this position though, I could see her lithe frame shiver; her messy hair cascading over a bony shoulder, showing her powder white nape, her cloak slipping further and further off.  If she could blush she would: a moan was stifled, blood welling at a bitten lip, she slid my cock into her pussy with a single slow slide. 

I may not’ve been able to see the expressions that cracked the Grue’s facade, but I could steal brief glimpses of that long tongue lolling out of her gruesome mouth.

I quickly neared my climax in the Grue’s crushing tight confines.

It was hard to hold off, not when your vision was basically just a perfect arse bobbing up and down on you. My hands free, I sunk them into the soft flesh of her arse cheeks. She stopped mid-stroke and hissed, tilting her head back to me at a nigh-impossible angle, baring her fangs. Boldly, I continue ministering to her soft skin, coming to a conclusion to an internal battle, the Grue relaxes into my grip, sliding down my rod, resuming her rape.  

I hit my limit, filling the shadowy girl’s deepest, darkest recesses with whiteness, immediately pushing the girl up to her own peak. Its all I could do to match her strokes as she shivers through her orgasm, slamming her hips violently down, my cockhead kissing her cervix even as I still shoot cum. The Grue wringing me dry through a toe-curling, back-arching finish, her pussy clamping down in time to my spurts. 

She sighed happily: more solid, corporeal, visceral than ever, raising herself off of my member, rubbing that out-sized hand through her folds, covering it in my cum and her own juices. Fascinated, the Grue plays with it, before licking her fingers clean. 

With that she slid back out of existence, disappearing into the shadows. 

I cried out again, the panic a different key than before. 

“Was that it? Are you satisfied?!” 

The simple answer echoed. 


The bright lights of the kitchen rush away into the distance, the safety of their bright lights forever out of reach.Those paws around my legs dragged me into the dark. 

You were raped by a Grue!

The trains had long ago finished for the day. The pedestrians had long since returned to their beds. 

But now I actually asked for the night shifts. 

I locked the door behind me, double-checking everything was in order. Doors locked, check; lights off, check; all the stuff I brought with me, che-not check. I had put the small backpack down at my feet when I fumbled for my keys in the dark. The space by my feet it had once occupied was definitely devoid of backpacks.  

Instead the bag appeared floating in mid-air a little further down the street. 

Well the shop was secure, so I was free to chase after my floating possessions. Not that it was much of a chase, as soon as I started plodding towards them they started bobbing in my direction. At speed. 

The backpack slammed into me with the force of a lithe girl spinning around my neck and latching on to my arm; the Grue let her hood fall off her head, her messy hair appearing out of the dark. 

“I’ve got your bag… Let’s go.” 

The walk home was a lot darker these days: no streetlights lit my path, signs buzzed and cracked into silence; the still, cold glow of the office buildings fading into secure black; in their beds the sleepers dreams turned darker. 

But for me, I was forever at home in the dark, I could never lose my way in the abyss that surrounded me. 

I opened the door of our house, the shadows rushing out like water around my legs. I stepped off the continental shelf and let myself fall into the dark again. The lock clacked home. 

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