Noxia 7

Aaron didn’t care that his provided room was dingy, dirty, and unkempt. He didn’t care that the oil lantern he had been provided hardly had any fuel left to light the room. He didn’t even care that his lodgings could barely fit the dirty straw mat that served as his bed. All he cared about was that the day was over and he finally had a chance to relax. He collapsed atop the mat, his sore, knotted muscles throbbing with a dull pain.

With most of the ranch hands back, Franklin barely had enough room for the orcs, even with most sleeping together. Many of the couples had gone as far as lodging in the barns until their new quarters were constructed. Still, he found it hard to believe the dingy little closet he found himself in was the best space Franklin could currently provide. The old coot had offered his own room, but even a bastard like Aaron didn’t have the black heart to kick a frail old man out of his bed.

At least the pillow was soft. Stuffed with chicken down feathers, if he was forced to hazard a guess.

Somehow, and it slipped his fried brain at the moment, the old rancher had roped him into spending the entire day in helping rebuild the damage done to the ranch. Even with the thirty-odd something group of orcs  having a change of heart and helping clean up the mess they made, there was still a mountain of work to be done. The restoration process would even continue for weeks after he and Valerie left.

“Valerie…” he mumbled, the grinning hound’s face popping in his mind.

His face scrunched up, miraculously remembering why he agreed to exchanged the promised day of rest to one of back-breaking labor; the hellhound’s insistence on helping the rancher out before they departed. He certainly wouldn’t have lifted a finger for the paltry amount of coin Franklin had offered in addition to their previous payment.

But the hellhound insisted again and again that they provided further aid for the old man. She acted tough and rebellious, but he was quick to realize the monster was a far better person then he had ever been. Or perhaps morals didn’t matter to her; perhaps she really was an emissary from hell, sent to forever dog him for his previously unpunished misdeeds.

He could only pray that it was the former, but he was continually beginning to suspect the latter. He didn’t want to ponder on that grim possibility and was far too exhausted to think at the moment – so he didn’t.

Aaron groaned, his sun-burned skin cracking and peeling as he reached for a bottle of whiskey sitting by the bedside. But his aching fingers grasped at nothing but thin, empty air. Grumbling silent curses, Aaron gently waved his hands about, hoping to find its location by gently tapping his knuckles against the lukewarm glass.

“Looking for this~?”

He craned an eye open, finding a gorgeous hellhound waiting at the foot of the bed, evidently having snuck in while he wasn’t looking. His coveted booze was snugly fitted into one of her paws, and she wasted no time in teasing him by swishing it about in the bottle.

“Give it back…” he weakly demanded, gently flailing his arm in her direction, too pooped to remove himself from the bed.

“Nope~!” she teased, swirling the amber drink inside. After popping the cork across the room with her claw, her cute, sharp nose twitched as it took in the heavy odor of the drink.

“Please…?” Aaron begged, his tone becoming noticeably more careful.

“Not ’till I’ve had my fill~”

Anguished, Aaron watched Valerie slug down nearly half the bottle. With each pulse trailing down her esophagus, he saw the licks of hellfire extending from her eyes blast ever higher. Aaron found himself wondering if the powerful liquor was igniting her inner inferno, or if she was just flaring up as a result of getting tipsy. He couldn’t have been sure. All he knew was that when she popped the bottle from her full lips, those glossy red pupils, framed by the smoldering flames of the underworld, were drinking him in without any other care in the world.

“You had enough?”

“Not nearly…” she teased and took another large slurp. She kept it trapped in her cheeks for a few pounding heartbeats, swirling it around and about with her flat tongue, admiring the taste. Aaron couldn’t imagine that it’d burn her throat and warm her chest the same way it would with a human, however.

The highwayman grumbled, tossed his head back into his pillow, shielding his eyes from the lantern light illuminating the room. Realizing he wouldn’t be getting so much as wet his whistle for a sound sleep, he whined and groaned once again.

But it wasn’t out of frustration that his lips curled downwards. It was that it he found the room was glowing far too bright for comfort… and something told him that the lantern wasn’t the thing applying over a hundred pounds of toasty pressure to his groin.

The fingers around his eyes split, letting him see clearly. With raging red around her eyes and two paws planted on either side of his head, Valerie hovered right above him. Their lips weren’t but a centimeter apart, and he could feel her feverish breath playing across his lips

Before he could protest, question, or even process what she was doing, she smashed their mouths together. Entirely on a knee-jerk reaction, Aaron thrashed around like a trout caught in a net, but the hellhound had him securely pinned. He felt every pulse of the supernatural heat emanating from her body- her face in particular- and the blinding light filled his vision, but didn’t damage his sight. He already began breaking into a fresh sweat, inwardly thanking himself for quenching his thirst at the ranch’s well after work.

Then, he felt her cheeks rub against his own. Her cheeks, still puffed up as she held the liquor in her mouth. Those paws on either side of his head closed in, leaving him helpless as the hound forced her tongue past his clenched jaw.

What shortly followed her spicy, smoky taste was an unstoppable flow of burning whiskey. Aaron’s eyes went wide, the liquid fire searing the back of his throat and spilling into his belly. The next wave of warmth sent rolling from his head to his toes only further added to the sweaty sheen coating his body.

Val pulled away, and Aaron was left coughing and gagging, his blush barely noticeable under his sun-singed cheeks. The hellhound blinked, finally seeming to take notice of his crisped skin.

“Ah… you got a sunburn?”

“Yeah.” Aaron confirmed with a low grumble, “They didn’t have any spare hats, and I couldn’t have worn my cloak or somethin’. I would’ve fuckin’ passed out…”

“Don’t worry, babe! I got this!”

Still keeping her weight on his groin, she leaned to the side, reaching into the traveling pack Aaron had left at the side of the mat. After a few short seconds, she yanked out a glass vial filled with a bubbling red elixir. Their healing potion; the healing potion which he explicitly told her not to use for paltry wounds such as sunburns.

“Val, don’t waste any of that! We need to save it for-”

To his great shock, befuddlement, and anger, she was the one who took a swig.

“Are you fuckin’ kidding, Val!? Why would you just drink that? What if one of us-”

She mashed their lips together once again, wrestling down his tongue with her own and forcing more liquid down his esophagus. He gagged and kicked his legs in protest, but he couldn’t stop his body from absorbing the magical salve. In the blink of an eye, his singed skin peeled away.

“There! That wasn’t so bad~”

“We… we can’t go wasting that stuff, Valerie!”

The hound’s ears folded against her shaggy midnight hair, “C’mon, don’t be mad, babe… I just don’t like to seeing you hurt…”

The highwayman sucked in a deep breath through his nostrils, taking a good look at the hound’s face – particularly at her soft, teary-eyes and small apologetic smile, a stark contrast to the usual unrestrained look of smugness or anger he usually saw her sport. His anger slowly flowed out his body as he let his tightened shoulders go slack. He wasn’t sure if he could entirely place blame for that slippage on the alcohol.

“Alright. Alright, fine, whatever. Just give me some more of that booze.”

She raised the brown bottle to her lips, but he just managed to pull his arm out from under her and snatch it away in the nick of time. He took a defiant swig, as if to show her that he was perfectly capable of chugging it down on his own, and pulled the bottle from his lips with a loud pop.

“Oh… don’t be like that, babe…”

She slowly leaned over, letting her tits slowly flatten against his chest. Aaron’s broiling blood pumped just a bit faster as he felt her soft, squeezable titsnrub against him through his tunic.

“Don’t suppose you just want to cuddle?” Aaron asked hesitantly, his exhausted muscles already screaming at him not to fall for her wiles.

“We do have a nice, comfy bed now~ but I was hoping for something a teensy bit more… blood-pumping. Hehehe…”

He couldn’t stop her. His tense body seized up as she trapped his legs between the back of her thighs and calves, her paws locked on his shoulders. Already, he could feel the slick heat from her folds grinding against him.

His memory was foggy, but his flesh remembered. It throbbed and pleaded, wanting to ram into her and share in that warmth that was rubbing into his skin. The highwayman reached for the bottle of whiskey, but found his cold eyes unable to look away from the hound’s grinning face. His hand was alone in running across the cool floorboards.

“Well… I did tell you to wait till I was hammered…”

The hellhound had the bottle against his lips faster than he could blink. Before he could even fully process it, she had him nursing on the booze like a shivering infant.

“Drink up, babe!”

He swallowed his humiliation, along with the liquid fire. It burned the back of his throat as it went down, and he could feel the warmth in chest flare up. The bottle was pulled from his lips only after he choked them both down.

“That was the last of my whiskey, dammit.” he grumbled, already bitter at the next few nights he’d have to spend stewing in sobriety.

“Don’t sweat it, babe. I’ll buy plenty for both of us once we get to the next town.”

Aaron looked unimpressed, “What are ya gonna trade for it? Your dirty bones, or your bent cork opener?”

“Hey! That cork opener is cool! It totally looks like a three-legged horse!”

“It looks like a damn ink stain.” Aaron said, meaning it looked like nothing but a shapeless blob. But the alcohol was already settling into his system, and his tongue felt too heavy and sluggish to continue trading words.

The all-encompassing toastiness that surrounded Val surged, and she grinned down at him, her fangs presenting something akin to amusement. A few hearty giggles and she lowered herself downward, nuzzling Aaron’s cheek with her own. He gasped, more than few beads of sweat starting to roll down his forehead.

Then, he felt the sharp claw prod at his collarbone. Helpless to stop it, he writhed under the combined assault of her finger gently tickling his collar and her balmy tongue running along his neck.

“Val… stop…” he weakly begged, but made no attempt to push her away. Even if by some miracle from on high all his stamina was restored, he wasn’t sure he’d have the strength to even budge her.

She pulled back a bit, mashing their lips together. Spicy cinnamon, bitter booze, and the taste of the magical yet iron-tinged medicine formed an odd trio of flavors that forced their way past his lips and singed his throat and chest. Not long after her tongue invaded for another round, eagerly stimulating every square inch of his mouth. Aaron’s vision was filled with the intense flames dancing around her eyes. Her half-lidded eyes sparkled with that red-orange light, beginning to show that same lusty haze as they had when he pulled her from the stream.

Just as last time they met, his thoughts abandoned him. A primal hunger overtook his every sense, every fiber of his being wanted nothing more than to mingle with the dark beast atop of him. His hands, calloused and reddened from a hard day of hauling lumber and pulling rope, slipped up and grabbed hold of her thighs. Granted a second wind, he squeezed down with full force.

He felt the hound jump in surprise, yip excitedly into his mouth as she assaulted him with her canid tongue. This only seemed to further add fuel to her unquenchable fire, her outward heat surging. She ground her body further into his, and he could feel the sweltering breeze from her swishing tail against his knees.

Aaron had never felt closer to melting in his life, but his body demanded him to dive further into the inferno. His hands wrapped fully around the small of her back, clasping together and pulling in her in as close as their bodies could come together. Another surge of heat, and his tongue rolled forward and vainly attempted to wrestle Valerie’s down, only to be soundly defeated. The sounds of their grunts and wet smacking lips filled the tiny room.

He realized, somewhere deep, dark and unreachable inside of him, that he was returning the affections to his molester. Then he realized he didn’t give a damn.

Her heat no longer intimidated him. In fact, he craved it more than anything else. All his worries, pains, and fears became ash and crumbled away in the face of her fire. He wanted to embrace that searing flame, covet it, take it into his unworthy hands and make it his own.

It was only when he felt tiny dribbles of blood on his chest did Aaron realize that those odd iron bits Valerie wore to cover her nipples were digging into his skin. He pulled away, gasping for a breath he hadn’t realized he needed until then. The strand of drool connecting them snapped and fell to his chin, and he was left staring up at the hound licking her curled lips, a shamelessly lusty smirk on her face.

“Is something wrong, babe?”

Aaron didn’t answer her with words. His palms slipped under her body and greedily groped at her tits. The very tips of his fingers sunk into her supple flesh, but his palms ground fruitlessly against her rough iron clamps.

He wondered for a brief instant how the metal bits didn’t chaff her sensitive bits – then he disregarded the pointless thought, tossing the pronged things somewhere to the side. The where couldn’t have mattered less at the moment. In the back of his mind, he heard the iron banging against the wooden walls and clattering against the floor, but it didn’t rightly register with him.

Her body’s sweltering temperature spiked higher and higher, her fervor rising with her passion. It grew to such an intensity it threatened to engulf the room in blazing flames. But Aaron’s skin didn’t burn, and no smoke reached his nostrils. He found himself strangely unconcerned with it. He didn’t pay even a bit of mind to the visible heatwave rippled through the humid air. His focus was entirely on the furnace of a woman above him.

Aaron roughly pawed at her chest, stopping only to tweak her stiff nipples. He twisted and rubbed at the little black nubs, enjoying the hellhound’s shivers and cooes. Valerie awarded him with several sweet growls as he pinched her. She bucked her hips faster and faster into him, spurring them both forward.

It all happened within a moment. He felt her shimmy out of her black panties. Then he felt the fuzzy fingers rip open his belt, slipping under the hem of his pants and undergarments. She yanked them down without a second thought, letting his angry dick spring into the steamy air.

“You’ve made me wait way too long already… don’t try and take this from me~” she yipped, sounding nearly delirious, her flames showering a countless rain of sparks through the air.

Her padded paw captured him with an iron-grip. The bandit had just caught the moan rising in his throat before it escaped. The combined assault of her silky ebony fur and soft, squishy pad against his shaft and the sensitive nerves of his glans had him writhing in an instant. Grinning a proud and haughty smile, she began pumping up and down.

Another rumbling moan raced up Aaron’s throat. But he was unable to stop it like the previous one, and the low sound had Valerie chuckling in turn. She used her free paw to grip at his thigh, tickling it with the very tips of her claws. Shifting her weight further, she began pumping faster and faster, making the bandit beneath her squirm and wriggle all the more.

The pads of her paws squished around his cock, forming a soft, hot cushion around his shaft. She jerked up and down without rest, opening her mouth and letting her tongue unfurl from her mouth. After a small puff of steam, a long, thick trail of saliva rolled from her lips, dripping between her fuzzy fingers and smearing Aaron’s member.

Now properly lubricated, Valerie held nothing back. She pumped up and down, all the way from the base to the head, where she took a half second to squeeze down on his sensitive glans, smearing more and more precum against her palm and between the fuzz of her thick fingers. Each individual pump sent a new wave of mind-numbing pleasure racing from head to toe.

Wrestling just a bit of control from his addled mind, Aaron cracked a single eye open. Across the span of his rising chest, he saw her paw turning into a dark blur as she rapidly milked his lubed dick. Hot and slick, she was able to slide her paws over and around his throbbing shaft with ease.

More and more of his precum came flowing out from his cockhead. Unlike the previous experience he had with her paw on his member, she didn’t pull away to mount him. With her heavy breath steaming the space between them, she spurred him on and on.

Aaron felt his balls tighten far too late for a warning. With his calloused fingers nearly puncturing the straw mat beneath them, he threw his hips up and released his load. Three long shots splattered down, staining his groin, hips, and clung to Val’s fuzzy paw, the pearly-white starkly contrasting the black mass of fur.

The hound giggled and throatily hummed, her perfectly shaped and perky breasts jiggling with each excited puff for breath. Aaron’s shaft began to go limp, but excitedly jumped back to attention as he watched the hellhound slowly lift her hand up to her mouth.

A long, slow, agonizing lick cleaned a bit of white from her fur. Letting out a husky growl of delight, she turned it around, lapping the sticky white from between her fingers and off the pads of her paws.

The bandit could only sit on his ass, staring up at the lusty dog girl and sucking in air, having lost his second wind. His legs once again felt like jelly, and every bit of his surging strength felt like it had been teased out alongside his release.

“Got any more for me, babe~?”

“I… gah…”

She didn’t wait for him to stop sputtering for an answer. Like a true predator, she spotted his lapse in focus and defense and pounced. Diving between his spread legs, she took him all the way down her throat in an instant. He barely had time to register the sweltering lips kissing his base before her throat began to pulse around him, throwing him for another loop.

Aaron pounded at the mat, then grasped at the hound’s raven locks. Her technique may have been as uncouth and wild as she herself was, but it had a certain primal efficiency. All the way from the crown to his groin, the hound threw her head back and forth, twisting and slurping at his cock. She refused to gag, refused to slow, and refused to let up for even a single moment.

Molten slobber dribbled from her lips down his clenched balls. Scarlet and auburn flames raced from her eyes, playing along the tight muscles of the bandit’s thighs before fizzling up into embers and dying out. Sloppy and shamelessly noisy slurping filled the small space they occupied, and were only challenged by Aaron’s guttural groans.

Every slick, sizzling inch of her throat seemed to pull him deeper and deeper, practically begging for his seed. Like the rest of her body, her innards were hotter than a smelting furnace, but he found himself unharmed by the rolling waves of heat. Instead, they ignited every nerve ending, making him burn up with need. Her fangs grazed his sensitive skin, but it seemed only to increase the feeling.

With each plunge down, his head brushed past her uvula, occasionally bumping the back of her throat. No matter how many times it happened, she absolutely rejected any attempt to slow. When she pulled back, she’d tease his glans with a few quick licks of her flexible tongue, then rub it along the ridged roof of her mouth before she swallowed it again. Pre poured down her throat, mixing with her spit, spurring her on.

It didn’t take long for the hound’s sloppy blowjob to bring the bandit back over the edge. He clenched his fingers so hard into her mane he feared he’d hurt her for a moment or two.

With quivering hips, he weakly thrust forward, balls smacking against her lips and chin with each long rope he released. Most hit the back of her throat, sliding down straight to her stomach. Other spurts landed on her tongue, filling her mouth with a bitter salty taste. The instant his softening member slipped from between her lips, she eagerly gulped down whatever seed he had left behind. Another few licks, and she had cleaned the loose smudges of cum that were smeared across his groin and shaft. The bandit groaned, totally defeated, two hard and consecutive orgasms shaking his entire world.

“Hehehe~” a haughty giggle reached Aaron’s softly buzzing ears. He watched the hound lick away a bit of white staining her bottom lip, his heart skipping and his cock twitching. For a reason he couldn’t begin to fathom, he felt his beaten body begging for more. His dick rose up tall and proud once more, and the bandit had to forcibly bite down his own tongue to stop himself from crying at the stubborn thing just to stand down and accept defeat.

“Still wanna keep going, huh? Good boy~”

Her paw, with fur still a tad wet and sticky, reached out to stroke him to his full length again. A few low grunts and jumbled curses later, she pulled away, leaving his erection tall and pulsing ever so slightly. A painfully stirring in his testes warned Aaron to calm down, but he found himself a hostage of his own uncontrollable urges. Forced to take backseat in his own body, he could do nothing but watch as Valerie loomed above him.

Fingers with the softness of velvet and the heat of molten slag found their way around his right ankle. Before Aaron’s addled mind could process what the hellhound was planning, she had one of his heels over her shoulder, pinning the opposite leg down with her bottom. With warm fingers snugly trapping that lifted leg, Valerie lifted herself up and aligned her dripping pussy with the engorged head of his cock.

“W-wait! Hold on, what’re you doing!?”

The snickering hound paid his protests no mind. With a single paw leaving his thrashing leg for a moment, she spread her lower lips and speared herself on his cock. A shiver of pleasure ran up the hound’s spine, making her tail stand up against her back.

She dropped down, her tight, molten walls massaging him with gusto. He gasped and grunted, head thrown back into the pillow, trying to hold onto some semblance of control before she wrung another orgasm out of him.

Steam and flames rising and twisting from her burning eyes, Valerie wildly bucked her hips down, dominating him in a position he had never considered and never would have considered himself flexible enough for. She hugged his leg close, tucking her cheek into it, her tongue lolling free and licking at his calf.

Both their hearts were hammering away, but Valerie was riding him simply too fast for either of them to take note of that. Instead, Aaron’s face wrinkled and his lips curled into a concentrated frown. The hound seemed to delight in the agonizing pleasure she was dragging him through.

“Ha… ha… you like it, babe~?” she taunted playfully.

Rocking her hips back and forth, her slick walls rubbed him and tugged along each and every inch of his dick, drawing him deeper and deeper. His raised leg began to ache at the joints, but it was nothing compared to the pleasure he derived. She bounced up and down at a breakneck speed, the floorboards beneath their sleeping mat creaking. Each of her delicious obsidian curves jiggled each time she slammed herself down, her breasts shaking and ass clapping against Aaron’s ballsack.

Val’s entire body shuddered with pleasure, but she remained unflinchingly devoted into driving herself upon him. With twitching ears and beating tail, she totally hilted herself on his member, grinding their hips together.

“D-don’t struggle… just let me take care of you~ my handsome lil’ man~ ah, I can’t get enough~” she panted happily, hugging his leg ever tighter.

Aaron’s icy blue pupils shrunk. He wasn’t sure why, but Val’s disparaging words dug deep into his ears, making his heart rate spike ever further.

This bitch is treating me like a kid… like some helpless little kid while she fucks me like I’m some cheap whore!’

Something inside of him snapped. His dignity as a male, human, a fighter, or whatever else it was, didn’t matter to him. He had lost any semblance of pride long ago, but even he had reached his limit of humiliation.

She was a shockingly sweet and thoughtful girl beneath a wild exterior – but she was still a dog – and all dogs could be tamed.

With a racing pulse and thumping heart, he decided to fight back. He grabbed two handfuls of sleeping mat and raised his head from the soft pillow. She was far too powerful to force off on his own, but the quick wit that he had sharpened over two decades steered his actions.

Propping himself up on his free leg, he grunted and thrusted up with all his might, right as Val fell down on his shaft. Their soaking hips wetly lapped together, and the continuous streams of fire spouting from her eyes suddenly flared up another few notches.

She yipped and whined quite pathetically as his hips fell back to the mat, her ears and tail going flat against her scalp and spine. Her wide-eyes and quivering lip tugged at the bandit’s rotten little heartstrings – she hadn’t been expecting that. It almost made him feel a tad guilty.


Just as she had delivered upon him, Aaron didn’t give her a moment of respite. With her grip on his leg loosened, he tugged it from her firm grasp and tackled her onto her back.

The highwayman ripped off his sweat-stained tunic and pinned her before she could catch her bearings. He trapped her thighs under his knees, her shoulders caught by his hands.

“H-heh! Silly little human! Do you really think you can make me-”

The hound bit her flat tongue as she felt the bandit prod at her cunt. Shifting into a proper position, he ruthlessly thrust his way inside of her.

For a moment, he flashed back to the time she rode him in the middle of the woods, taking her maidenhood. For a brief second, he thought that he had already claimed her. But he hadn’t. No, it was she that had pinned him to the ground, forced herself atop him and rode them both to a mind-shattering orgasm.

It hit him all at once. He had taken the virginity of the daughter of his childhood hero, out in woods – and now he had her pinned, fucking her silly with reckless abandon. Her hot, slick walls were gliding, tugging, and pulling on his cock with his every thrust. Her body was begging for more, even if she wore a poorly veiled grimace over the sheer joy on her face.

He couldn’t stop the wide grin from sliding from ear to ear. Filled with machismo, he sent his hips into overdrive, fucking her with more speed and gusto then he thought he was capable of – especially after half a bottle of whiskey and a full day of helping rebuild a ranch. He ceaselessly plowed into her, driven on by his third wave of surging stamina, her breasts jiggling, a trail of drool trailing out from her clenched fangs and running down her chin.

“You’ll… you’ll never make me… ngh, you’ll never make a bitch out of me!” she grunted between low, throaty moans and huffs. Her assurances of unyielding fortitude didn’t bother Aaron, however. If anything, he saw them as a challenge to surmount.

A few more thrusts, a few more times bucking into her tight pussy, and he settled into an intense rhythm. Her insides seemed to pull, tug, and suckle on his cock every time he slammed into her, but he found the strength to pull away and repeat the process.

Aaron’s cold eyes narrowed. The hound’s breasts spilled over and jiggled about, her shapely curves bouncing as he fucked her; but she grit her fangs and fought on, the corners of her kissable lips starting to curl into a defiant smile. Her weak flames began to stir in rebellion once again.

Unwilling to be defeated, the bandit dashed for a new course of attack. Thinking on his feet, still guided entirely by instinct, he fell atop her, squeezing her tits down with his scarred chest, and claimed her lips as his own.

Her fires surged, a fierce orange glow illuminating their sweat-slicked faces. Taken by surprise, Valerie had little choice but to lay back and accept his assault, unable to stop Aaron from flipping her around. He pulled away, but that wasn’t the end. With the hound still in a stupor, he roughly grasped her hips. Yipping and cooing, she wasn’t able to stop the human from flipping her over and forcing her onto her stomach.

“H-hah! Silly human, you can’t-”

He pounced on her back, cutting her off for a second time. He grabbed hold of her frizzy tail, which was pitifully attempting to fold down and guard her dripping snatch and plump behind. He mercilessly yanked it into the air. Not wasting a single second, the bandit roughly jammed his cock into her cunt, earning another low, huffy yip.

Aaron would’ve described her ass as nigh perfection; plenty of soft, shapely dark ashen-colored flesh over tight muscles. He couldn’t resist using his free hand to slap her jiggly butt, nor prevent his greedy fingers from gripping and squeezing it alongside his every rough thrust.

“I… I… naaahhh~ ” she panted nigh deliriously, her tongue lolling free. She tried to raise herself up to all fours, but only succeeded in propping herself up on her knees. That didn’t stop Aaron. He hardly slowed down before he adjusted to the knees position, laying atop her back as he pounded into her. He planted his face into the back of her neck, huffing the alluring natural scent of burning hickory that perfumed her raven hair.

He had to let go of her tail and behind, but with his newly freed hands ran up her sides, finding her shaking breasts and cupping them. Merciless and unrelenting, he squeezed, pinched, and groped at her tits until she huffed and howled. If it hadn’t been trapped between their sweaty bodies, her tail would’ve been nothing but an ebony blur.

A wet and lewd squelch was the backdrop of the creaking floorboards beneath them. Val bit down on the pillow below to silence her humiliating groans, but they still tickled the bandit’s eardrums, spurring him to fuck her harder and faster, until his hips were sore and his balls began to tighten. His deep huffs made her sensitive ears twitch. He nibbled down on the pointed tip of one, and he heard the pillow rip apart beneath them, destroyed by the hound’s sharp fangs.

“Ah… ah~ c’mon, more, more!” she hollered, yipped, and howled. The human was more than happy to oblige, plowing her fine rump like the horny bitch she was, “G-give me more! Just try and make me beg!”

It all came to end soon enough, with Aaron convulsing over her. He felt his whole body tighten; his balls clench and a shiver race up his back. He could tell he was dangerously close to finishing. Deciding to go out with a bang, he raised himself from the hound’s back, teeth grit and brow furrowed, then threw everything he had down atop her, both collapsing down onto the mat. But his hips never stopped moving, plunging in and out of her cunt at a dizzying pace.

“Aaron! Oh, fuck, fuck! Aaron! Baaaabe!”

He sheathed himself fully inside her on his first shot, as both of them grunted and roared like untamed beasts rutting in the dirt. Valerie collapsed down on her stomach, unable to hold back her sweet groans and pants. The second pulse rushed behind it, pilling and sticking right into her womb. He soldiered on, gradually slowing down with each thrust. He shuddered as he felt like he was emptying his entire being into her; going for nearly half a minute and totally staining her pink cunt with his seed before at last calming down.

He hardly even registered that it was the largest load he had ever spilled; even considering he had just fired off two times shortly beforehand. Aaron just groaned and yanked his cock out from her cunt, sticky white jizz mixed with her own cum racing behind it, staining both the mat and her thighs. The bandit slowly and shakily placed a hand on either side of the hellhound’s shoulders, grunting as he pushed himself up.

He couldn’t help but smirk and admire the hound’s limp form, noting how well his white looked as it ran against her black thighs. Pride, joy, and an overwhelming sense of conquest and accomplishment flooded his chest and swelled his head.

He raised an open palm, using one hand to brush aside the hound’s limp tail and the other to smack her ass. A haughty chuckle snuck out from his wide smile, leaving his fingers squeezing at her round cheek.

“What’s the matter, Val?” he taunted, running his pointer down her crack and leaving it pressing against her tight anus. His penis was already twitching once again. He didn’t know how or why, but his stamina was working overtime, and he’d be ready to take her once again after a small rest. Something about taking a woman’s ass always drove him wild. He could practically feel his libido stirring as he imagined taking her anal virginity, dumping another huge load right into her ass, then listening to her garbled moans and pleased whimpers, totally and completely dominated…

“Had enough?” he boasted, ending the teasing of her back entrance to smack her rump once more.

And to the bandit’s astonishment, dismay, and fear, she didn’t respond. Not with words, at least.

Instead, she rose. Rose like a phoenix from cinders, propping herself up and steadily ascending until she was on all fours. With cum dripping from her cunt and hellfire sparking with a renewed vigor, the hound slowly craned her head around to look at him. Shivering and slowly scooting away, Aaron could only see an unhinged, fanged grin and single flaming eye focus in on him.

“Not nearly.” she spat, pouncing atop him.

She had him back to his pinned position before he knew it. Reaching behind her back, she stroked his reddened dick, her hot pads ensuring blood rushed back down until he returned to full mast.

“W-what? You were-”

“Down for the count?” Val interrupted, her flames burning fiercer and fiercer, “Sorry, babe. I’m a hellhound… not even the gods can put a leash on us, so don’t expect me to go bending over and begging for your cock anytime soon. Although… I wouldn’t hate being being on the bottom now and again. If you can keep up, at least~””


The bandit was left shuddering and helpless as the hound sunk back down onto him. His spirit was broken, but his hard, throbbing erection was still willing and rearing to go another round, his own recovery far exceeding his expectations. Aaron could scarcely believe his newfound endurance. His mind glossed over the possibilities of Val pushing him up and beyond his limits, then hovered over his theory that she some kind of unseen, corruptive aura about her.

Sighing, he decided to sort that nasty business out later. For the moment, he figured he just kneaded and squeezed at her plump behind, figuring he might as well buckle down and enjoy the inevitable ride to sexual depravity. After all, he figured he was already about half-way down. But he wasn’t content with just sitting back and taking it any more.

Shit… I ain’t gonna give up yet!’

As she rode him, he managed to just slip his hands around her waist, gripping two handfuls of her ass. She giggled and smirked as she felt his rough fingertips dig into her flesh.

She was noticeably less amused when he spread her cheeks apart, slipping a finger into the tight pucker of her anus. It was just as burning hot as her pussy, and several times as tight. It gripped down on him with such force he had a passing thought his finger would be dislocated. To Aaron’s great amusement the stimulation had her face light up, flames burst, tail beat, and most importantly, pussy clamp down.

“Oohh~ you sunnva… you’ll pay for that!”

Yeah, I may as well have some fun on my way down…’

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4 thoughts on “Noxia 7

  1. Can’t tell if it’s an absolutely useless sex scene or actual developement of the relation between the two…
    Also, isn’t Aaron brother dying at the time?

    1. Well, I’d like to think it develops them a bit. On their relationship in bed, at least.

      As for the dying brother, its not like he’s going to bite it right away. I mentioned it can take awhile before the victim dies. He still has a few months before he needs the cure.

      1. To me too it develop their relation, you can see that Aaron trust Valerie more and more , but what I mean that this chapter is only dedicated to that.
        The whole chapter is nothing but a sex scene, if you remove this chapter, it feel like it wouldn’t change much in the storyline since nothing interfer with the actual plot.
        Don’t worry, I acknowledge this scene as a developement of the character, but at the same time it feel like a spin-off who’s there just to show some porn.

        But for talking more about the whole serie, it’s a very good serie, as say Rodlin, the fact that there isn’t a harem make the relation between the two main protagonist more genuine, the MGE universe is very well used, there is no incoherence etc…

        My comment was due to the fact I was a bit disapointed to see a whole chapter wich is nothing but a free sex scene popping out of nowhere (even if it’s a very good sex scene).

  2. I don’t know what that guy is talking about, but damn this is good.
    (TextBomb incoming)

    I’ve been following your series since Umbra first started and I literally made a profile just to tell you that this one is way superior. Its tone is much more fitting for the MGE universe I think, and you haven’t brought back any *teleports behind you* like characters yet, which makes this a lot less cringy to read. In the old story it seemed like you had made the enemies so overpowered and the protagonists so weak that nothing short of a full length novel would ever bring them up to the level that they could logically beat their foes. No wonder you burnt out. I was burning out reading it.

    That along with the fact that you haven’t haremized them makes Aaron and Valerie actually seem like a couple, and having best wan not get cucked every chapter is making for a believable relationship. Aaron still questioning Valerie’s motives despite her proactive dating makes it feel like they have room to grow together. Valerie has retained her youthful cute factor, but the scene with Aaron’s brother also showed she one day could develop into a mother, whereas the old story kind of just reduced her to a goofball (mind you there is nothing wrong with that, it just made it seem like she wasnt even a romantic interest towards the end and was just there for comic relief). Not to mention the smut here is A-goddamn-1.

    The quest also seems way more in reach now that you made it so that every human in the story isnt automatically set to attack mode. Coupling with monsters being taboo is still logical, but not having a bunch of paladins set on killing every MG they see running around makes it so that your characters can actually traverse the landscape with out doing mortal combat every half chapter. Smart.

    Finally, the tone switch from DandD levels of darkness have made this story much more enjoyable. I know it has its places, but when every town visited is a grimy underworld bent on killing your characters, every castle is a slave dungeon torturing MG’s, and every villain has godly levels of power, you start wanting something a little better for the protagonists, Aaron being as relatable as he is and Valerie being as endearing as she is.

    I keep trying to think of things that made Umbra better than Noxia, and I really can’t find a single reason. Aaron isn’t a feeble ant going against a boot, Valerie isn’t acting like a cuckqueen anymore, and the villains arent anime tier power levels (Richter was a fellow man just trying to love his wife, way more engaging to read than some multi-colored iris gary stu who you just wanted dead at the end of each chapter.)

    tl;dr gg top story plz keep going

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