Night Moves

Night Moves

Sam let off the clutch and smiled as the big-block growled beneath the hood of the 1941 Buick pulling up to the ticket booth. Painted a dark shade of red, perfectly chromed, with white wall tires. He couldn’t resist revving the motor as the aged Manticore in the booth gave him a grin.

“Nice car,” She told him taking his eight dollars for admission to the Drive-inn. Well worth the price when you got to see two movies for the price of one theater admission. She made two dollars change for the ten he’d given her.

“Are you new around here?” Came the voice of the Manticore as he pocketed his change.

Sam looked to the Manticore. “Uh, no. I’ve lived around here all my life.” He noted she was looking at the bandana tied around his wrist with interest. “What happened to Effie? She’s been working the booth every summer since I was a kid.”

The Manticore blinked in surprise. She looked to be in her late thirties, which for a Mamono meant she was probably nearing seventy. “Oh. Our family bought the Spook Ridge Drive-inn some years ago.” She looked down at the bandana on his arm with a nod. “Are you sure?”

Sam raised a brow. Sure he’d dressed like a fifties greaser, but he always did when he took out the Buick. “Uh…yeah. Allrightthanksbye.” He popped the clutch to get away from her, though he made sure not to spin the tires and fling gravel all over the car behind him.

Sam personally didn’t have anything against Mamono, but he just didn’t often understand them. Maybe she just doesn’t understand the greaser-car sub-culture, he thought to himself. Darkness was falling and the movie would soon be beginning.

Pulling up to space towards the back, which was largely occupied by larger vehicles like his own, he found a suitable place and parked. Shutting his vehicle off and tuning the radio into the proper station—now playing oldies, but would become the film audio when they began.

Sam had made himself a rather large dinner, though it was mostly leftovers and food to be thrown out. But at his diner no food got thrown out: there were more than enough needy people around that he would stay late and prepare food for the less fortunate. Tonight he’d absconded with three bacon cheeseburger, two bags of fries, and two pieces of cherry pie. Way too much for him, but enough he could have a terribly unhealthy breakfast in the morning.

Adjusting the cant of the bench seat, he got more comfortable to sit back for a night of wonderful entertainment.


Annora could scarcely contain her apprehension and excitement as she landed by the ticket booth. She cautiously walked up behind the last vehicle in line, her knees wobbling as she waited her turn.

The F-250 with a bed full of rowdy teenagers pulled away its tires kicking grave, though it spun to each side of her.

She rolled her eyes with disdain. She was a gearhead, opting to spend her time with her father working on vehicles rather than pursuing ‘girly’ pastimes. I’m surprised that 7.3 PowerJOKE can put out that much power, she thought to herself as she moved up to the booth.

Ellie, smiled at her fondly. “Well, hello, Annora. How can I help you?”

Annora blushed. Ellie knew exactly what she wanted. “I need a PREMIUM ticket,” she asked looking down at her shoes bashfully as she held out a twenty.

The Spook Ridge drive-inn had a secret code, so-to-speak, for Mamono. Men who were looking for a Mamono would wear a bandanna tied to their wrist and hang their arms out the window.

Annora wasn’t seeking a seedy encounter, but she was at the age where just regular sustenance wasn’t enough. She’d made up her mind to find someone here seeking and use her tentacle-mouth on him rather than put in the time and effort to find a college-aged young man like herself.

Annora, being a Jabberwock, knew she was a bit overbearing for most men. And the ones that did pant after her weren’t interested in anything more than what she could do for them. Why shouldn’t a seedy encounter in the back row of the local drive-inn provide her with what she needed with far less hassle.

Looking up at the smiling Manticore, Annora saw the aged Mamono lift up her bulbous tail and pluck a rather thick spine from it. “Remember, sweety, the Bandanas only. No need to terrify the normies.”

Annora nodded as she slipped spine into the scrunchie on her wrist. Mamono, thankfully, were immune to human sexual diseases. She was wearing a short plaid skirt and a button up vest over her white dress shirt, and a tie. She figured some pervert would find it arousing and make her job that much easier.

Walking up the road and into the lot, she looked around the back, her enhanced sight letting her see all her choices even in the darkness. Most of them were fairly unattractive, driving junker cars and trucks. Watching her like a hawk as she finally reached the back of the lot.

Chewing her lip, Annora weighed her choices as the movie began. They all just looked so desperate and gross, some of them with a hand already in their laps at the sight of her.

Glancing to her left, Annora snapped her head in that direction, her attention fully riveted to the beautiful 1941 Buick, white wall tires, fully chromed, and the paint almost the same color as her scales. The dual-exhaust tips had the Buick emblem across the mouth that looked like they’d light up. The interior looked to be plush white leather, possibly Elk.

The driver was wearing a white T-shirt, though she could see a leather jacket laid over the passenger seat. He looked to be a tall man, probably around her age. Good looking with his face cleanly shaven and a strong jaw. He looked to have blue-gray eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Annora pouted, pushing her lips out in frustration. The man appeared to be engrossed in actually watching the movie, having coincidentally parked back in her targeted section.

With a fine taste in cars AND good looking Annora might even consider dating such a man.

As Annora turned back to pick the least evil she could, she saw something out of the corner of her eye that caused her to gasp.

41 Buick-guy had laid his left arm up on the windowsill, and standing out on his wrist—like a grease stain on a white shirt—was a red bandanna tied to his left wrist.

Annora found herself merrily skipping towards the object of her desire before she remembered what she was there to do. She then began to slowly approach the rear of the car, slipping the Manticore Spine between her fingers.


Sam was enraptured in the movie, unable to take his eyes away from the screen long enough to dig into the paper sack in the back seat and get himself something to eat.

Jason Statham and Chuck Norris were fighting against Sylvester Stallone and Jean Claude Van-Damme, while Mark Wahlberg and Dolph Lundren tried to snipe each other.

Zoe Salanda and the three-boobed chick from Total Recall were busy tearing each others clothing off in what Hollywood depicted as a chick fight.

Karl Urban was busy beating Tom Cruise’s character to death with a 2×4 in the background.

“Whoa,” Sam said with wide eyes taking in the scene.

“Ouch.” Sam lifted his left hand, feeling as if it had been stung by a mosquito, though he didn’t see the offending insect. He turned and saw a woman standing just outside his window.

“Uh…hi…” Sam managed to say as a warm feeling spread from the back of his hand up to his elbow where it paused momentarily. After that brief pause it shot up his shoulder to his neck and head, making his thinking fuzzy. The warm feeling was now spreading throughout his body.

The girl standing outside his window looked like she was in her early twenties. Mamono. He thought she was a Jabberwock, with red scale coloring her horns and wings almost the same shade as his car. The two tentacles attached to the small of her back seemed to be writhing in excitement. She was probably around Six-feet-one-inch. She had wide shoulders, hips, and legs—something that Sam found absolutely wonderful. Her breasts were on the back-side of D if not into the doubles. She was wearing a blue plaid skirt, a dark button up vest with a white long sleeve shirt beneath it. She had on stockings well up her thighs that were nearly the same shade as her wings, and dark blue tie.

Sam blinked dumbly for a moment, feeling a heat settle in his groin.

The girl had pink hair and golden eyes. Her olive skin looked smooth and without blemish. She was blushing with a coy smile that made her look just…wonderful.

This, of course, was when Sam noticed that her tentacles were inside his car.

Sam looked down in time to see the mouths on the ends of the appendages get his pants tugged open and his erection sprang free.

“Oh, my.” Came the husky—and terribly sexy—voice of the dragon outside his window. It sounded rather pleased with him.

“Uh…It’s cold,” Sam bragged, the part of his brain associated with witty retorts apparently still working. Though he could only watch what was happening dumbly, his brain disconnected from everything but his smart-mouth.

Though as soon as the words left his mouth, the mouth in his crotch enveloped his hard cock.

“F-fuck!” He managed to say as he felt the long slick tongue wrap around him more than half a dozen times before the suction began. It was a feeling so intense that he couldn’t conceivably describe it as the tongue undulated up and down his shaft while the mouth itself sucked him incredibly hard. It was heave—it felt like every nerve ending in his cock was being stimulated at once. It was also hell—he’d never had such intense suction before and it was driving him mad.

Having just worked seven days a week for the past six months, Sam thrust upward and blew into the tentacle-mouth with a pleased growl.

“O-o-oh! Yum!” The girl outside his window said sounding rather pleased. Licking her lips while eyes pretty eyes fluttered in delight.

Sam was perplexed, as he had yet to stop cumming. He groaned and writhed under the intense pleasure, his hands moving down and softly stroking the tentacle.

“Ah! That’s nice.” The girl had moved closed and reached her taloned hand in through the window and begin caressing his face. Then she spoke, as if to herself. “This isn’t as easy as I thought…”

Focusing his thoughts, Sam managed to speak to her. “You…you can get in if you want… Oh, god!” Threw his head back and rolled his eyes as another orgasm racked him, shooting his load deep into the mouth latched on his cock.

“Sssh. I’m fine, sweety. Just lay back and let it out. My, you ARE tasty.” She licked her lips and smacked them audibly.

After many long and agonizingly fantastic moments, Sam’s brain solidified from the mush his orgasms were rendering it. “Can…can you taste that from your…appendage?”

The girl chuckled, the sounding sending shivers up his spine. “Oh, dear. I can feel and taste everything they do as if it was my own mouth. Here.”

Same caught a brief glance of her free tentacle as it slithered up his chest toward his face. He opened his mouth in question and found it full of a long sinuous tongue, the lips of her appendage meeting his own in a fierce kiss.

It was a surreal experience, kissing a tentacle, but it felt wonderful. Like her breath was driving his libido on like a stampede. He found himself returning the kiss in wanton abandonment.

“That’s sooo nice,” Sam heard her say as commentary on his kiss. He noted that her other tentacle-mouth had gone absolutely wild on his cock, causing him to cum once again. Breaking the kiss he gasped for breath as it felt like he was ejaculating his brains out the tip of his cock.


Annora squirmed in delight as the man shot spurt after spurt of burning hot semen into one of her mouths, causing all of them to drool. Her delight was multifaceted, as she’d thoroughly enjoyed the kiss and longed to feel his lips upon hers, to taste his mouth with something other than a tentacle-mouth.

Counting each spurt, she giggled when he finished on number thirty-three—Ellie was an older Manticore, after all, and age equated to potency in their venom. Moreover, she’d just given him a tiny poke with a small pinch. The spine still had more than half of its venom left if she wanted to pursue it further.

And she really WANTED to pursue it further.

But Annora was feeling better than she had in months, the Spirit Energy she’d taken in could sustain her for weeks now, though the thought of bedding this man was a seductive one.

Slipping her tentacle-mouth off his cock and withdrawing them both, she turned to leave.

A hand locked on hers prevented her from doing so.

Annora could feel his skin against her scales, his flesh hot from the orgasms and the venom, sending a shiver of excitement up her spine. She turned expectantly.

The man was flushed, not fully recovered, his pants still open and exposing his semi-hard cock. Though his handsome face was coy and shy, like he just hadn’t been sucked off multiple times in public. “I…I mean…would you mind if…if you don’t care to….” He cleared his throat. “Would you like to sit down in the car and have dinner with me?”

Annora blushed. She was fairly sure the man had asked if she wanted to go further, to have sex with her.

And her body was VERY sure it did. Though the rational part of her mind was yelling at her to go home.

Though her body wasn’t listening to her mind. Which is how she found herself nodding, walking around to the passenger side, and getting into the car that made her pussy wet with a man who made it even wetter.

Sitting carefully on the white leather—it WAS Elk—she looked to the man shyly, waiting for him to make his move.

It happened immediately, his arm moving her way, slithering across the back seat, and just when it was about to touch her shoulder…it dipped into the back seat and came back with a bag that smelled delightfully of beef, bacon, and pie.

Annora blinked in confusion even as her stomach rumbled loud enough to make the man smile at her.

Okay. Annora conceded that had she seen him smile like that earlier she’d have been in the car half an hour ago.

“I’m Sam Dixon, by the way,” The man said handing her a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in wax paper.

“Annora,” she said shyly as she unwrapped the parcel, her mouth watering. She immediately took a bite and was rewarded with a wonderful blend of beef, bacon, and a cheese she didn’t immediately recognize but decided was her new favorite—with hint of pickle, mustard, and caramelized onion.

Annora chewed through her shock—not at the wonderful taste—but at the fact she’d been so concentrated on sating her hunger for energy that she’d been ignoring her physical hunger. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast that morning.

And this was probably the best burger she’d ever eaten.


As Sam caught his breath he divided his attention between munching on the burger and stealing glances at the Jabberwock who’d literally just blown his mind. Well, his brain anyway. The one in his pants.

Swallowing a bite of burger, he dug out the bags of fries and handed one to the girl who smiled at him.

Okay. Wow.

Sam sat with a bacon cheeseburger forgotten in his hands, watching the young woman enjoy her dinner. He’d heard her stomach rumbling. She’d obviously forgotten to eat dinner.

Though he was completely confused as to why she’d come up to his car and molested him—not that he would complain. That was very likely the best sexual experience of his life.

Despite having a luscious body and a healthy appetite, the young woman had a hint of color in her cheeks, which rather heightened her appeal.

“So…Annora. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but…why?” Sam finally asked when he could resist no longer. Even if the question ran the gorgeous creature out of his car, he had to know.

Annora looked at him, a confused expression on her brow. “Why what?”

“The whole…molestication thing? Not that I mind, mind you, but…I’m at a loss.”

Annora chewed her last bite of burger before swallowing daintily. “But…you’re wearing a bandana.” She pointed to his wrist.

Sam looked at his left hand. “Uh…well, I always dress like a fifties greaser when I take out the Buick. It’s just part of the outfit—like Rebel without a Cause. I think it makes me look cool. Do Jabberwocks have some kind of thing with Bandanas like Minotaurs do with the color red?”

Sam wished he could take whatever it was that had put that aghast look on Annora’s face. “You don’t know…”

“Know what?”

“You don’t know…” Annora responded. He was fairly sure she wasn’t speaking to him.

Sam nodded. “We’ve established that, sweetheart.” He reached over and took her hand. “What’s wrong?”

Annora pulled her hand back and covered her face. “Oh. My. Maou.” She lifted her face and began to tell him about the Bandana and what it meant.

Sam blinked for moment as his orgasm-addled brain absorbed the information. “Oh. Okay.”

Annora blinked in surprise. “What?”


“But you didn’t know? That was akin to rape. And you’re all right with it? Just…fine?” Annora asked shaking her head as if it clear it.

“Pretty much,” Sam replied honestly.


Sam sighed. “Listen. You just came over here and gave me three nearly mind-breaking orgasms. I got a kiss and it was weirdly intimate for a tentacle. I’ve had worse dates. I’d ask you out on a date now, but technically we just had dinner and are at the movies. Do you want to go on a date with me?”

Annora’s blush grew, making Sam feel hot under the collar. “Um… yes?”

Sam shrugged and reached into the bag and pulled out a Styrofoam container of pie. “That didn’t sound very certain. I have pie.”

“Yes!” Annora’s eyes were glued to the container.

Sam handed it to her along with a plastic fork, then snaked his arm around her shoulder and pulled until her hip was against his. “But this is how you date at a drive-inn.” He kept his arm around her shoulder. “And there’s another piece of pie in it for you if you snuggle.”


Annora laid her head on Sam’s shoulder with a blushing smile. Pie or not, she was rather enjoying this. She’d never been on a date—and never expected to go on one in such a cool classic car.

Of course, Annora had never expected to suck her date off multiple times before he actually asked her on a date.

Pros and cons.

Annora took a bite of the pie and moaned in delight. She felt Sam shudder next to her and noticed that his lap was still uncovered and that his cock was now completely hard, making her grin. She also happily rubbed her cheek against his shoulder very content. All her favorite foods in one place. Pie and dick.

Though she was a bit surprised she’d liked it as much as she did. She’d come here fully expecting to grudgingly get someone off and be on her way. But she’d thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And she was making plans for that lovely cock for later on.

Looking up at the screen, she scrunched her nose up. “What’s Statham doing?”

Sam laughed. “He looks to be beating Van-Damme to death with a piece of rebar.”

“Oh, yeah!” She said around the last mouthful of her pie.

Sam produced the other container. “There’s a cold Pepsi in the drink holder on the floor.”

Annora continued snuggling, eating pie, and drinking Pepsi as they watched the massive King-of-the-Hill fight among the action stars. Though she quickly became bored: she figured she could take them all at once in a fight. Her pie was now long gone and she had things far better than desserts in mind.

Finally deciding she had calmed down enough, she took a chance when Sam was distracted. She leaned over and pressed her lips to his. In his surprise she was easily able to slip her tongue into her mouth, causing him to moan into her.

Annora cooed in delight against him, when he began to return the kiss. His tongue rolled against her own, making her feel weak, even as his hands slid up her sides until they found her neck, before sliding them up into her hair to cradle the back of her head rather delicately.

And then he knotted his hands in her hair, pulling slightly. Annora melted against him. She knew she was using her Breath, the pink aura in it making his body hot. But she just didn’t care, nor did she have the control to stop using it.


Sam felt her coo and moan against him as he kissed her as thoroughly as he knew how. Though he broke the kiss for a moment to allow her air. He gulped air, his body feeling unusually hot.

Panting, Annora looked into his eyes hungrily. “The movie was boring.”

Sam nodded. “I think is see something far more interesting.” His left hand slid slowly over her back, beneath her wing, to cup her buttocks. He gave it a squeeze causing her to moan and to deepen her blush. “I’m interested in checking it out and I happen to be a very hands-on guy.”

His other hand slid under her to grasp the opposite cheek giving it a rough squeeze.

Annora’s head fell back as she moaned in delight. “Ah!” She rolled her hips towards him, as if she was trying to just get her pussy nearer to him.

Sam leaned forward and began to kiss and gently gnaw on her neck. His two hands full of plump ass moved in opposite directions spreading her.

“OH!” She cried out. Sam felt his fingertips getting wet and knew she was ready to go. His mouth watered and he longed to get a taste of her pussy.

Annora pouted when he released her ass with his left hand to reach beside him and grasp the lever on the side of the bench seat, causing them both to fall back. Him with a smile and her gasping in shock.

The seat fell into line with the rear seat effectively giving them a place to lie down.

Annora squealed in delight. “You’ve got to love the classics. It’s like they made these vehicles with fucking in mind.”

Sam smiled at her and then slowly moved his head down over her clothes, kissing her body as he went. He casually flipped up her skirt and gasped at the sight.

Not only were her thighs and hips everything he’d hoped, but she was wearing ruffly red booty shorts. And more than filling them out quite nicely. He just loved the way they slightly indented the skin at the top her thighs. He leaned forward and gave a gentle peck right over her pussy, the material wet and warm.

“Ooh! Please, suck it!” Annora cried out.

Smiling, Sam hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled. She lifted her hips just enough to allow him to get them pulled down and around her knees, but before he could go any further Annora spread her legs apart. Her incredible strength just causing the panties to rip apart on one side so they they hung from one of her knees.

Sam wasted no time before diving into the gorgeous pussy in front of him. It was swollen and wet, the lips slightly distended. He slid his tongue from her ass to her clit before sucking one of her lips into his mouth and gently pulling it with his teeth.

Annora’s moans changed. “Oh, don’t tease me.” Despite her words she still sounded pleased.

Sam spread her open, which earned him to clawed hands softly holding his head and urging him downward. He gently began to run his tongue down over her clit and downward still, until it found the entrance to her sex where the pressure he was apply caused it to pop in.

“Fuck. Suck my pussy!” Annora begged of him.

Sam smiled as he ran his tongue back up to her clit, reversing his movement. Though this time he snapped his tongue back and lashed it against her clit before starting the entire process over. He was teasing her—the sounds she was making were driving him wild, and he swore he could see a pink haze all around the vehicle when he looked.

“Come on, Sam. Don’t tease me.” She pleaded.

Sam was no stranger to Mamono and knew what would happen when she really got going. He dragged the foreplay out, popping his tongue into her pussy and over her clit, slowly bringing her toward climax. His hands were rubbing at her thighs, making her mewl whenever he found a tender spot.

Finally, as she was just on the precipice of cumming, Sam latched his mouth to her pussy, sliding his tongue in. He began to suck it as hard as he possibly could.

“Oh fuck! T-that’s fucking amazing!” Annora shook and trembled as a new sensation took hold. He was making her squirt. Onto his face

And Sam continued sucking, his hand coming to rest on her pelvis where his thumb could gently rub her clit and keep her riding the orgasm instead of letting it get away from her. A small stream of ejaculate pumping over his face all the while.

Though she slowly rode through the orgasm and looked down at him. The predatory gleam in Annora’s eyes made him a touch uncomfortable—and excited.


Annora licked her lips as her hands grabbed who tufts of Sam’s hair tightly. She rolled her body and yanked him with her so that she was now sitting astride his face. His tongue had felt so wonderful buried in her pussy that she needed more of it. “More.”She began to rub her pussy over his face, her skirt flipped back down to cover his head.

Popping the buttons of her vest and shirt open, she bared herself so that she was only now wearing the ruffly red bra that matched the remnant of her panties on her right leg. She could see the pink mist of her Breath all around the interior of the vehicle and smiled. She was getting a bit elevated on her own power, as she knew Sam must be.

Though her breath had an additional effect she was coming to understand. When she wanted Sam suck her clit, she rolled her hips back slightly and he would instinctively latch onto it. When she wanted him to tongue-fuck her pussy she would lift up slightly and he would slide his—exceptionally long for a human—tongue in and out of her. It was as if they were working together on an instinctive level. She didn’t have to verbalize.

Putting her hands on the top of the back seat she leaned forward and rode his face, allowing him to hungrily slurp at her. Her wanton lust was causing her to moan and groan in delight.

Sam was lapping at her pussy hungrily, like it was his last meal. He’d savor it for a while, then attack it with a renewed vigor when she was close to cumming.

Annora lost count of the orgasms she had on Sam’s face, and eventually found herself staring back over her shoulder towards his cock.

It was still rock-hard, standing straight up from his groin. Pre was leaking from the tip and had coated a generous portion of the head. It made her pussy clench and her mouth water.


Sam saw Annora spin atop his face, and he was briefly puzzled despite his continued oral assault upon her until he felt something hot and wet run from the back of his cock all the way to the tip. He sucked her pussy that much harder as it registered in his sex-addled brain that she was licking his cock.

Lifting his hands to her ass cheeks, Sam spread them apart as she took his cock fully into the silky wet confines of her mouth. The head of his cock was lodged deeply withing her tight throat even as she suctioned her lips around the base of him.

Sam slipped one of his wet fingers around the pucker of his ass as he cried out into her pussy, never ceasing the sucking. But he now had a new desire, to feel his cock in her to the hilt. To cum in her, to make her his own.

It had been years since Sam had been a virgin, or even inexperienced with sex. But he blushed despite himself—not over his desire to fuck her, but instead over his desire to claim her. To make her his own.

The thought of her blushing post-orgasmic face laying on his chest in his bed made Sam cum, despite himself. He blew into her throat, a deluge as he cried out with a mouth full of her pussy.

When she started swallowing, Sam nearly lost his mind. The added sensation of her throat’s swallowing movements pushed him over another edge he didn’t think existed, causing him to cum harder than he had before. He felt her squirt on his chin in response.

When Sam’s vision began to return, he felt Annora grab him by his shoulders and set him up against the back seat, his legs straight out in front of him.

Sam could only admire her beauty. The more beastly aspects of her anatomy provided a unique exotic nature that excited him. Her breasts were trying to spill out of her strapless bra that matched her shredded panties. She straddled him with a blush and he felt something prick him in the thigh.

Immediately heat spread through his leg and into his groin, causing him to groan as he felt his cock harden. The heat rapidly moved around his body, making him shiver—whether in delight or just pure reaction he didn’t know. It just felt too good for his to ponder on it.

The air around them was pink and he could distantly recall something about Jabberwocks and their breath. Though the information was lost to the sight of her breasts spilling free from her bra as she removed it. She had tiny pert nipples, the color a delicious shade of chocolate-brown. The aureoles were somewhat on the large size, nearly the width of a soda can…

Sam felt his breathing quickening as his cock twitched up against Annora’s pussy as he took in the sight of her breasts. Her aureoles were pink. And heart-shaped. He reached out and felt them, making her groan in surprise and pleasure.

They’re fuckin’ real, not pasties, he thought to himself in delight. Now with two handfuls of breast he thrust upward hard, sheathing himself within her.

Annora threw her head back and mewled in delight as she began to slam her hips down and forward before pulling them back and repeating. When he could see her face again he noted she was grinning wildly, her lip pulled between her teeth. “Fuck me hard.” She growled at him.

Between the Manticore venom and the Jabberwock Breath, Sam was a wild beast. Her hips were meeting his thrusts in a lewd slap of flesh that drove them both onward as they cried out. Their orgasms came in time, wildly and frequently.

Annora’s short skirt was pulled up just enough that he could make out her pussy as his cock drove into her. His hands found that her booty was partially covered, making him shudder pleasantly at the thought. It felt like he was having one long orgasm as they fucked. His mouth was constantly switching between her breasts and her mouth.

They both enjoyed kissing thoroughly. Any time their mouths met, Sam would cum again and Annora would squirt all over his lap.

Though eventually their lovemaking slowed and became tender. He wrapped his arms around her and she clasped her hands behind his neck.

Looking into each others eyes they slowly ground their sexes together. Moaning and groaning in a luxuriant slow-fuck. Their kisses slowed and became tender and sweet. They stayed like this without either having an orgasm for more than an hour, each slowly building.

Neither had noticed, but the movies had ended. They were sitting in a mostly empty lot, devoid of anyone but other couples like themselves.

Sam was charmed by her beautiful golden eyes, and he continued to stare in them for as long as they were linked in sex.

Though when neither could stand it any longer, their sex became needy, rough even. But after a few rough thrusts they came into and on one-another. Each crying out their lust with wild abandon.

They fell asleep in each others arms.


Waking up to a clap of thunder Annora noted the patter of rain against the car. She was also lying on her side on a bed made out of white leather car seat. Her breasts were being held in work-calloused human hands from the man spooned to her from behind.

As the previous night came rushing back to her, Annora noted she could only feel contentment and a complete lack of embarrassment. She was rather proud of the lewd encounter she’d initiated and wondered when she could get another just like it.

She could feel the soft cock of her lover nestled firmly between the cheeks of her ass, making her blush. The only bits of clothing she was wearing was her skirt and stockings, though her skirt was pulled up enough as to be useless in conserving any modesty. Her shredded panties were still hanging around her right knee. It felt kind of lewd for her only modesty coming from the hands holding to her breasts and covering her nipples.

Annora felt him take a deep breath and release it on the back of her neck, causing her to shudder and snuggle back into him. This was far more intimate than last night’s lovemaking, making her blush and let out a nervous giggle.

“Good morning, Darlin’.”

Annora melted at those quiet tender words whispered dreamily into her ear. She could feel him respond in kind to her gyrations against his body. His hands running up and down her stomach made her feel somewhat self-conscious—she had a little paunch, or baby fat.

Sam surprised her by growling pleasantly as he pinched it. “Now that is sexy.” It was followed by a gentle kiss of the flaps of her ears.

Annora found herself smiling stupidly, a blush so heating her face that it probably matched her wings and the Buick.

Gasping in surprise at the thunderous downpour all around the car, Annora sat bolt-upright. “Oh, Maou! I didn’t go home last night. Dad’s gonna kill me!” Panic began to set in as she turned toward Sam.

Sam blinked then looked sheepish. “Um…I didn’t exactly ask, but I didn’t just become a pedophile last night, did I?” He looked up and down her body with a slight shudder, and Annora saw his cock twitch over her naked form.

She almost forgot what she was panicking over. Annora smiled at him gently and put a scaled hand against his solid jaw. “Aw, no sweety. I’m twenty-two.” She cocked her head and looked at him. “Probably the same age as you are.”

Sam blinked before laughing. “Uh…sure. I’ll go with that and not an additional eight years.” He winked at her.

Annora felt her jaw fall open and shut it with an audible snap of her fangs. She looked him up and down, from his rather plump derriere, to his muscular chest, and his lean face. She had to admit he took care of himself.

Annora remembered her father. “He’s gonna kill me for flying home in the rain. I’ll have to tell him I slept at Stacy’s.” She began to hunt for her clothes and fly into them.

Sam’s hand grabbed the back of her neck, gently but with surety and confidence. “Tell you what. How about I drive you home after I fix you breakfast. You really shouldn’t fly in this weather—even dragons get owned by lightning.” He laid a calming kiss her on collarbone.

Annora leaned her head against Sam’s with a sigh. She let his calm words talk her into it. “That sounds wonderful.” She was blushing yet again. The thought of having a man make her a meal… Well, she’d make sure she reciprocated those actions—her mind coming up with things to make a veteran pornographer blush.


Annora blinked at the aluminum trailer in surprise. It was her father’s favorite diner—she hadn’t been in since she was a child. It was always closed on Sunday mornings, though Sam opened the door with a key to let her inside. The aluminum trailer was attached to a larger building where the food was stored, and she’d heard had a large apartment.

“Mi-casa es su casa.” Sam told her in the greeting the equated to “make yourself at home.”

Annora was blushing. There was no way her father was going to approve of her new boyfriend—she blushed happily at the thought—especially if they were friends. Not to mention that he owned her father’s favorite diner. “But…”

Sam ushered her in. “Welcome to Sam Dixon’s Halfway-Inn. Or Big Dick’s Halfway-Inn. Stupid nickname from school—everyone called me Dick for Dixon. Now, if you go down the hall you can freshen up and catch a shower while I do the morning’s prep work. Just head past the freezers and you’ll be in my apartment. Towels are in the closet. And make sure to text your Dad. If need be, he can pick you up here.”

Annora blushed as she went down the hall, passing the freezers in silence. She’d argued that she’d have her father pick her up somewhere neutral, rather than having a strange man bring her home. Her legs were shivering in anxiety over that meeting—her father wasn’t stupid. He’d figure it out right away.

Finding the linens and stripping—she’d need to be careful, as her panties were shredded and she was wearing a skirt—Annora found the shower, making her sigh in anticipation. It was a multiple headed body-sprayer with a simulated rainfall overhead. It was all run by a waterproof touchpad to regulate the temperature and water pressure.

Absently, Annora dropped her hand to her sex and felt something warm and wet running from between her lip. A drop of white liquid on the claw of her finger immediately went between her lips, one of her tentacles shooting to her sex.

Annora was barely able to work the shower controls as her tentacle-mouth lapped at her sex hungrily, gulping the multiple loads of Sam’s cum from her pussy. Though it was a bit disconcerting—she was enjoying the vicarious taste of his semen more than the overlong tongue inside her.

Annora knew that as a Jabberwock she’d be inevitably drawn to sex—but she hadn’t counted she’d be so wanton in her desires. Moreover, she wasn’t overly concerned with finding other partners, rather she was smitten with Sam. His eyes, his smile, his easy manner—it all served to make her excited.

And she found herself loving the sparkle in his eyes that her blushes drew out. When he’d asked her on a date, when he’d said she was lovely, when he asked to make her breakfast. She hadn’t blushed half as hard when he’d been fucking her and whispering dirty things into her ear—those were arousing, but the more mundane of things were making her downright giddy.

And the way he drove that car! Annora came on her tentacle’s tongue at the thought. The way he’d lovingly spoken of the big block 455 cubic inch Buick motor he’d used in place of the lesser stock one. His voice confirmed what her ears could pick up from the rumbling growl of the motor. It was a labor of love, having painstakingly restored and built the engine from the ground up.

Though she’d been rather embarrassed the back seat was now soaked with her fluids. Until Sam had said she was welcome to come over and clean it up anytime she wanted—provided she was wearing one of those french-maid uniforms.

Annora came again, thinking of her next rendezvous, forgetting momentarily about her father.


Annora sat in awe of Sam’s culinary skill. He was a showman and a short order cook.

“Now,” Sam said slapping a spatula with his right hand and catching it in his left without looking after it spun over top of his head. “The thing about a night of passionate lovemaking is the morning after. The woman sang it right: there’s got to be a morning after. But your body uses up all kinds of different nutrients during coitus.”

Annora blinked, still too enraptured in watching him slide things around on the griddle. “uh…”

“Now, the perfect platform is mexican—of course. And burrito goes without saying. Now, you’re going to need a double dose of protein, and what better way than a chili with beans. You also need calcium—sure you can make do with a glass of milk, but everybody loves cheese—I like Monteray the best.”

Annora watched in awe as Sam slid a torilla onto the griddle, covering it with a layer of shredded cheese, then chili, then another for cheese.

“But that’s not all. You need some fat in there, as the chili is made with lean beef and then drained of all the good stuff. That’s where the bacon comes in. I mean, bacon. Duh. It’s readily apparent to anyone but tree-hugging liberals that bacon is a food group by itself—not totally good for you, but necessary for life and happiness. You do sacrifice some longevity, but twenty awesome years are better then thirty boring ones, I always say.” The strips of crispy bacon went in, then a lighter layer of cheese.

“But what about starches, you may ask? Well, here we have a bit of a conundrum. You see, potatoes are really too starchy without soaking them after you’ve shredded them. But why soak them in water when you can soak them I jalapeno juice, I say. A little spice is great for the soul and makes a body happy. So you soak the potatoes in pickled jalapeno juice for twenty minutes and you’ve got spicy-freakin’-potatoes.” He covered the tortilla with a thin layer of now crunchy home fries. He used his spatula to lift the edge and squirted a line of sour cream down the middle with the other.

Through something she could only describe as ‘culinary magic’, Sam spun the flat tortilla into the shape of burrito. He rolled it about for a few moment, then sat it on a plat, taking down a sharp knife and slicing it clean in two.

Annora had heard the crunch as the blade passed through it. He’d timed the cooking perfectly to have everything done just a few moments before the tortilla shell got hard and could no longer be rolled. She was absolutely amazed. It was served to her with a little pico de gallo as a garnish.

Annora excitedly took a bite.

The sensation of so many wonderful flavors rolling across her pallet made her rock her hips and moan, even as her eyes rolled back into her head as she chewed happily. She swallowed, sat the burrito down, and yanked Sam into a kiss across the counter with her tentacle. “Let’s elope,” she told him once she’d broken the kiss.

Sam smiled at her then looked over to the door as the bell rang. “Oh, hey Bill. You’re early.”

Annora froze. She blinked a few times and took a deep breath to turn back and look at her father.

Bill McGraw was a silver haired man with a lean frame and a sour disposition for anyone but his wife and daughter. His eyes were snapping from her to Sam over and over. He seemed to be weighing something on his mind.

Annora couldn’t move.

Finally, her father spoke. “Hey, Sam.” He nodded to his daughter as he moved towards his favorite booth in the back. “She could have done worse…” he said to himself. “Least Sam knows automobiles…if you can get past the bat-shit-crazy way he cooks.”

Annora knew that she’d been the only one to hear. Her father often gave his approval this way. She turned and started in on her burrito with gusto when Sam flipped on the radio as he moved to make her father’s breakfast. An old tune she didn’t recognize…

I was a little too tall, could have used a few pounds…

“You’re still a bit thin….so we’ll get you a couple eggs Benedict with some chipotle Hollandaise. A couple biscuits with some homemade Bastard-berry jam for dessert.” Sam was a flurry in the kitchen. “Breakfast burrito comin’ right up, Bill! Spicy traitor eggs and Bastard biscuits too!” Sam winked at her.

Wait…did he figure it out? Annora thought to herself.

Workin’ on mysteries without any clues…The radio chimed on.


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    1. Pinto beans have 2.6g of protein per TBSP. 🙂 Vegetarians tend to eat a lot of beans to replace the loss of meats. It’s not ALL they eat, but we’re both correct. Cheese is kinda double edged–it has enough protein that it almost offsets the the calcium. But the chili is also made with a lean ground beef. But I digress–Sam was just being a showman.

  1. I must say that this story was quite the good read. Just a bit of a shaky start for me, but I was able to immerse myself into it rather quickly.
    All in all- a well rounded encounter.

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