Never Truly Forgotten

I remember back from my childhood, a girl. There’s not a lot I remember about her, though. I vaguely remember her hair color and her name forever escapes me. But, out of all the things I do remember of her, are her eyes. She had amethyst eyes that looked both piercing and loving at the same time. Seems to be the most I remember of her.

The only other detail I can remember is that we played together as children. No further details other than us laughing and having fun. I guess her smile is another thing I remember but I wish I could remember more.

The biggest mistake I’ve ever made with those memories is getting a little drunk and talking about them to a bunch of guys at the pub.

“Hey, remember anything more about your childhood crush?” This question would be asked every time I would walk in followed by a roar of laughter from the regulars there.

I tend to ignore them, but their words have really gotten to me. Why am I now wondering where she could be and what she’s been doing? I’ve try to reason with myself with thoughts that she probably has found a guy and has started a family or something. The biggest problem with these memories is that they have a tendency to distract me. Like now…

I’ve just completed a day of work in town, and was getting ready to head home for the night to cook myself up something to eat. Unfortunately, I got to thinking of the girl again and didn’t notice I was getting surrounded. Suddenly, I noticed a group of brutish looking men have circled around me.

“Seem lost in thought there, pal. Mind sparing a few coins so me and my boys can get a drink in town?” one of the brutish looking men asks. Bald, scars on his face, and an eyepatch. Yup, this guy is a bandit. Not only just a bandit, but the leader of a group of bandits that have been causing trouble lately.

“Sorry, but I don’t have much on me today,” I say, trying to avoid a confrontation and just make it home. However, one the bandits places an arm on my shoulder and turns me back to look at the leader.

“Now come on there, don’t you know a little charity is good for ya?” the leader asks, pulling a knife out. The other bandits follow suit and pull their own knives out.

I close my eyes, bracing for the rough up until there’s a grunt from one of the bandits and a sound like someone dropped a full sack on the ground. I slowly open my eyes to see one of the bandits face-first on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

One by one, the other bandits start falling, too. The only thing I notice before they’re knocked out is a purple blur. The other bandits are trying to figure out what’s going on, but they just keep falling until the only one left standing is the leader.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a woman in purple tights, long black hair tied into a ponytail, and what looked a rope with some sort of blade attached to the end just above a nice looking butt. …Wait, why am I thinking about that?

“Heckle people somewhere else,” the mysterious person says in a very beautiful, feminine voice before knocking out the bandit leader. She turns towards me and I’m completely awestruck.

My eyes darted everywhere admiring this beauty before me. I could already see her hair was put up, but looking at it makes it look like it would be as smooth as silk. Her attire didn’t consist of much, looking like a undersized purple robe that showed not only her nice legs, but also an ample cleavage from her sizable chest. She also wore a mask that covered her mouth, and she had some tattoos on her body.

And her eyes…wait. Those eyes look like…amethyst. Looking at them, I’m suddenly hit with a rush of memories I thought were long forgotten. I remember her. I remember the times we played and laughed together. I remember when she had to leave. I remember her name…

“Ai?” I ask, not really even sure she was the right person. The woman doesn’t say anything but lower her mask to reveal lips that make one want to kiss them. Suddenly, she tackles me to the ground in a tight hug.

“I found you! After all these years I’ve finally found you again!” Ai exclaims, rubbing her face in my chest. I could feel my shirt starting to get wet from the tears she was now starting to shed.


I make it back to my house safely with my guest in tow. The trip was actually interesting seeing Ai suddenly disappear when it looked like someone was about to see her. We both enter the house and take seats in my small living room. Not really a big house since I’m living by myself with only a livable salary.

“Before anything, do you know what I am?” Ai asks. I’m not really sure what she means by this question.

“A…woman?” I answer. She sighs and turns around showing me her back. I then notice that what I thought was a rope started moving on its own. The pieces start putting themselves together at this point.

“Ai, is that a…tail?”

“Yes. I’m not actually human. I’m known as a Mamono, a Kunoichi specifically.” Ai explains, turning back around and taking a seat. “I guess you could say I’m a type of Succubus.”

Mamono. I’ve heard of those. They’re like Monster Girls that hunt men to have sex with. I’ve heard some knights talk about how evil they are and how they want to keep men as slaves and ruin the population of humanity. On the other hand, I’ve heard some men say that they’ve encounter Mamono and it was the best lay of their lives.

“Hehe~” Ai suddenly chuckles, taking me out of my thoughts.

“What’s so funny?” I ask.

“I remember, even as a kid, you would always be lost in thought. I see that hasn’t changed after all these years. It’s kinda cute,” Ai says, actually making me blush. I guess it is an old habit I haven’t broken. Speaking of the past…

“You know, thinking about what you did to those bandits, it’s no wonder you were so good at hide-and-seek.” From there the discussion about the past continued.

We talked about how we would go down to the river and either play in the water or skip rocks across it, which Ai was really good at. She said it was because of her “shuriken” training, whatever that is. We would play in the woods, and Ai would always pop out of nowhere and scare me

While talking, Ai was slowly moving closer to me, sitting across from me on another chair, to sitting right next to me on my couch. I didn’t mind though. In fact, the closer she got, the more comfortable I became.

She got to the point that we were sitting on my couch facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes. She then reaches out and gently touches the side of my face. I involuntarily lean into her like a cat getting scratched on the ear.

“I’ve missed you. Really I have,” Ai says, gently rubbing my face.

“Where have you been? How did you find me?” I ask. Ai gives me a gentle smile.

“We had to move back to my village to start my training proper. As to how I found you, I believe it was fate. Some of my comrades and I were off to do a mission when I happened to run into you and those bandits,” Ai explained.

“Mission?” I ask, still enjoying her gentle touch.

“We’re off to the city to assassinate the lord there,” Ai states which cause me to jump back in surprise. Assassinate? Is she off to kill Lord Stallburn? The guy was about as corrupt and greedy as one can get, but I couldn’t ever see Ai as a killer.

“I’m sorry! A Kunoichi’s assassination just means we’ll just take him away somewhere and given to a Kunoichi looking for a husband. He’ll most likely never be seen again, so you know…” Ai hurriedly explains,


“…That man tends to set up some laws that will hurt other Mamono and their husbands who live around here. We’re going to take him out of the picture and leave his son, someone we have high hopes for, to take his place.”

I’m not really sure I understand all of this politics stuff, but one thing has me concerned…

“So I guess I’ll never see you again?” I ask, starting to feel the most depressed I’ve ever felt in my life.

Ai response is to push me on to my back, her sitting on top of me, and lock her lips with mine. Snaking her tongue into my mouth and exploring every inch of it. Her lips feel so smooth on mine and her saliva actually tastes really good. I can’t help but return the gesture with my own tongue in her mouth.

It wasn’t long before we finally broke the kiss with us both trying to catch our breaths. We just stare into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity. It was thanks to these eyes that kept a small part of her in my memories for so many years.

“Ever since we were kids, I decided that you would be my husband. So I promise that once this mission is complete, I shall take you to my village where we’ll be together forever,” Ai stated, once again rubbing the side of my cheek.

She then grabbed my hand and pulled me up from the couch. She led me to my bedroom and gently pushed me on to the bed. In the most erotic display I have ever seen, Ai removed her skin-tight outfit and placed them in a pile on the floor.

Quickly getting the hint, I scrambled out of my clothes as well. As soon as I was naked, Ai pushed me onto my back on my bed with her on top, lips locked and our tongues exploring once again.


The morning light from my window stirred me from my restful sleep. I don’t want to wake up. I just want to continue to relive last night over and over again in my dreams. But I start to realize something different compared to last night.

Moving on to my side, that’s when I notice someone missing. Did she already leave? No goodbye? I slowly get up and sit on the side of my bed when my eye is caught by a note sitting on the desk next to my bed.


My beloved husband,

There is nothing more I would rather do than to sleep the morning away wrapped in your arms.

But I’m afraid this mission is too important for Mamono to just abandon it. I sincerely hope you understand.

I promise that when this mission is over, I shall take you back to my village and we shall live together forever.


All of my love,



Reading her note filled my heart with reassurance. Though, do I really want to just drop everything here and live with Ai? I mean, I don’t really have that much reason to stay here. I probably would be happier living with her. I’ll have to give it some thought while I wait for her to return.

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. I had heard that Lord Stallburn had mysteriously disappeared and his son had taken over. I knew this meant Ai’s mission was a success. But that was a couple months ago.

Did she forget about me? No, that couldn’t be it. She’s remembered me after all these years. Was she…just using me? No! Ai would never do that. I know I haven’t seen her in years and just met her that one night, but I just know!

I walk home from work. I don’t go to the bar anymore, just in case I accidently talked about Ai and what she is or her mission. Lately, I’ve just been walking around aimlessly until dark before heading back home. I have been keeping a look out for sneaky bandits just in case.

It’s completely dark when I finally get home and open the door to an…empty house? I mean it’s usually empty until I get home, but when I opened my door it was really empty!

All my furniture is gone! Was I robbed while at work? I run throughout the house and I find all the furniture I owned was gone. This couldn’t be a simple robbery and someone had to have seen something.

Before I could even turn around and go out to ask the neighbors, there’s a sudden weight on me and two arms wrapped around my neck.

“Sorry I kept you waiting, my love,” a feminine voice whispered into my ear. From these simple words my heart started to calm down. The panic I felt also started to melt away while being held like this.

I turned around to see the most beautiful, amethyst eyes. “Ai?”

My lips and Ai’s were then locked in a deep kiss. Part of me had so many questions I wanted to ask, but another part of me just wanted this kiss to last forever. Sadly, the kiss did come to an end as we separated with Ai giving me the cutest smile I have ever seen.

“Ai, what happened? I started to think you weren’t coming back,” I said, holding Ai in my arms.

“I’m so sorry. This mission took a little longer than planned and we had to make sure things were going to run fine,” Ai explained. “But we can talk more about it back at my village. My sisters have already picked up your stuff.”

“…How?” I had to ask. How could they carry all of my stuff out without a trace or notice?

“Ninja magic~” Ai answered, giving me a wink and a quick peck on the lips. I don’t really know what that means, but I feel she’s not telling me the whole truth.

Before I could ask anymore, I’m suddenly swept off my feet and being carried by Ai bridal-style. If anyone else saw me right now, I’d probably die of embarrassment.

“Is this r-really necessary?”

“We’ll get back to my village much faster this way. I really want to continue where we left off the first night.” With that Ai carried me at incredible speed right out the door and into the forest

On the way, we met with other Kunoichi in different colored, but still skin-tight, outfits. Though they were wearing masks, I could still tell they were giggling and smiling at the sight of me being carried like this.

After a while, though, I started to not worry about it as I got more-and-more comfortable in Ai’s arms. Sleep was overtaking me and I somehow knew that when I wake up, I’ll be in my new home starting my new life with my wife, Ai.

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  1. Typos:
    > about you childhood
    > in very beautiful
    > played and laugh together
    > which Air was
    > when I happen to
    > to takes his
    > where then locked

    Given how he claims to not be that familiar with mamono, it seems strange that he’d never noticed she had a tail when they were playing as children.

    There’s a very dry, factual feel to the narration here, like a stream-of-consciousness recollection instead of a story.

    1. I knew there was going to be typos. I wanted to proofread this again before posting, but I was in a hurry for something else and just wanted to post this. Thanks for pointing them out and I’ll fix them in a later time.

      Yeah, I probably could have explained that better by saying something like she wrapped it around herself like a belt or hid it under her clothes.

      I…think I see what you’re saying. Can’t promise I won’t accidentally do it again, but I’ll definitely try to keep it in my better.

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