Never Buy Antiques

Never Buy Antiques
By: Sukiru Ikeda

A knock at the door suddenly wakes Sukiru up from his sleep. Sukiru got out of bed and walked to the door opening it wearing nothing but his underwear. “Mr.Ikeda this is for you, your uncle left this to you from his estate.” the man said as he wheeled in what appeared to be an coffin. The man had a hard time wheeling it inside, it must have been really heavy. “What on earth is this?” Sukiru asked as he followed the man into his living room where he put it in an empty corner. “It was labeled as an Iron Maiden, a medieval torture device, I guess he was a collector.” the man said looking at it. The Iron Maiden had a lovely woman’s face shaped into the top where the head went, the rest of it was really plain and a faded metallic grey color.


“Might as well open it.” Sukiru said as he reached for the side without the hinges. He pulled and pulled with all his might and it wouldn’t open. “Looks like it is rusted shut, it will make for a cool decoration though.” the messenger said smiling gently. “Yeah it actually would fit perfectly right where it is.” Sukiru replied as he rubbed the top of it a bit. “See you later sir if I have to deliver something else to you.” the Messenger said before leaving. After he left Sukiru looked at the Maiden and said “Well I don’t know why he had you but you will do nicely here.” he said touching it once more but this time noticing it felt warm almost human like a humans temperature. He shook it off and started his day. Weeks went on with having the Maiden in the house, he kept it polished and clean. Sukiru was polishing it and he noticed a liquid oozing from near one of the hinges. “What on earth is this?” Sukiru said as he touched the substance it was sticky and warm but clear.


“Gross.” Sukiru said as he wiped his hand of the slimy substance. A low growl came from the Iron Maiden before it flung open hitting Sukiru in the head knocking him to the ground. Sukiru leaned up dazed to see the inside of the Maiden. There wasn’t nails or any kind of sharp objects inside. It was leaking a thick saliva like liquid, inside there were countless flesh colored rounded nubs, and at the waist there was a dripping wet hole and on the opposite end were red tentacles. “What in the fuck is this, I don’t even want to know, it needs to leave my house.” he said standing up and reaching for his phone. Sukiru started to dial a number of the man who brought this to him but a tentacle from the maiden grabbed his ankle and pulled him to the ground. “N-N-No fuck no you aren’t touching me.” Sukiru said as he tried to pull his leg free from the sticky tentacle that was pulling him closer to the open Maiden. “Stop let me go!” Sukiru screamed as another tentacle reached and grabbed his neck. “Shit no please stop don’t!” Sukiru yelled as loud as possible before a third tentacle wrapped around his waist lifting him to his feet and dragging him back into the Maiden.


Sukiru’s body matched up inside the Maiden, the second his back and head touched the wet flesh wall inside the monster it slammed shut leaving him in pitch blackness. Before Sukiru could yell and struggle tentacles quickly restrained him by gagging him and holding his body in place to where he couldn’t move. The inside of the maiden began to pulsate and secrete even more of the saliva like substance on to him. The slime covered his whole body quickly melting his clothes off leaving him naked with his body touching the slippery, soft nubs. Sukiru now began to panic inside of the Maiden and bit down on the tentacle in his mouth biting it in half. It didn’t do any good another one took it’s place right after he spit the piece of the last tentacle out. The other mouth part that Sukiru saw when it opened up latched on to his cock sucking on him with it’s tongue and small tentacles. The pleasure was like no other it sucked on him with hot lustful intentions swirling it’s mouth on his now throbbing hard cock as the nubs and other tentacle massaged his body sending him over the top into a complete body orgasm. The orgasm was so strong the Iron Maiden even groaned at the load Sukiru had blown into it’s oraface. The Iron Maiden then started to pulsate again leaking another decently large amount of saliva on to his body before he began to getting sucked on once again hours went by Sukiru reaching those violent orgasms over and over with his legs becoming weak and him going in and out of consciousness. The Iron Maiden spit Sukiru’s body out on to the floor covered in his own semen and the slime from the maidens insides. The Iron Maiden sighed and groaned in pleasure before closing up. Sukiru awoke hours later surprisingly still alive, he looked up at the maiden it was now smiling. Sukiru though instead of getting rid of the Iron Maiden he kept it and serviced it as it should be.


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3 thoughts on “Never Buy Antiques

  1. Aside from the dialogue: spacing when a speaker is introduce and the abuse of the F bomb but that’s alright for the story itself intrigued me.
    This story is hot, though I found the man’s change of heart rather disheartening he polished her up, tended to her like a antique model T, and when she reveals her true colors he rejects her so quickly. if it wasn’t for his response I would have found this story perfect. But it is still gold in my eyes unpolished but still just as good. Yes the iron maiden doesn’t get much love its a little out there but thanks to your valiant efforts I grew to love the iron maid and will quickly go down to the Witch village to find me ^^.

    1. Thank you. I did rush this one out sadly I could have done much better who knows I might do another part to it someday. I loved the Iron Maiden and I recently just saw another image of it when it was open so did a short story about it.

    2. As far as he was aware she was just an inanimate object he had been taking good care of. An inanimate object that responded by capturing him and raping him for hours. She can’t talk, so he has no way to know that the typical behavior of iron maidens has them drain their prey to death, so he has no idea what kindness she’s giving him (from her perspective).

      At least he’s still keeping her and still feeding her. That’s frankly more than would be expected in that situation.

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