My Neighbor’s Girlfriend Cant be this Cute (Part 4)

>some time later
>Kayla and your neighbor had been “on break” for almost a month now
>you were beginning to wonder if they had officially broken up
>a part of you hoped they did
>and although your relationship with her had improved dramatically, the two of you still weren’t an actual couple
>in the few instances where your neighbor and the cat monster girl ran into each other, both pretended the other wasn’t there
>clearly the rift between them wasn’t going to heal anytime soon
>trying to take advantage of such an interpersonal mess just felt wrong
>you felt content to just enjoy her company in the mean time
>eventually the shit storm would pass
>in any case, Kayla has seems to have settled in well into your apartment, along with her antics
>it began when you were busy watching a movie on TV
>out of the corner of your eye, you saw a pair of white cat ears slowly rise from behind the arm rest, until only a certain cat’s golden eyes peered at you
>you tried to ignore her and try to pay attention to the movie, but she continued to stare unblinkingly at you
>you finally let out a long heavy sigh, turning your attention to the cat
>”Hey Anon…” she asked hesitantly
> ”Could you…drive me to the mall?”
>oh boy, here we go
>”Hey! Its for a serious reason.” She said plopping herself down beside you on the couch
>”The mall has some job openings that I’ve been interested in checking out.”
>wait, what?
>”That way, I can stop freeloading off of you and…maybe even help pay some of your bills too.”
>you were stunned
>that was actually responsible for her
>she beamed with pride at your praise
>”Yep! So, can we go to the mall now?” she said with hopeful enthusiasm
>”What? Why not?” she asked in bewilderment
>well, you were just in the middle of watching this movie here
>you could visibly the her eye twitch in annoyance
>”C’mon Anon, they play it on TV all the time, this is important!” she said as she began to nudge you off the couch to try and get you to move
>oh god this was perfect
>would it be worth it?
>you convened an emergency meeting of your inner consciousness
>your descendants haven’t time traveled back in time to stop you yet
>yes…it would be worth it
>you took a deep breath, trying to hide your growing smirk
>Alright, we could go now, there was no need to get all…
>her eyes were already narrowing before you could even finish your sentence
>…butt hurt about it
>the next thing you knew, you were groaning on the floor in pain, clutching your side
>you swore you could see smoke rise from her clenched paw
>she shook her head in disappoint
>”Just get your ass in the car, Anon” she responded dryly
>worth it

>a short car ride later, and now you were eagerly awaiting the results of Kayla’s job interview
>truth be told, you hated going to the mall
>it was even worse when you were left all by yourself with nothing to do
>trying to look busy, you ducked in a nearby trendy clothing store and proceeded to start looking around
>not that you needed anything, but at least it gave the appearance that you were doing something
>It wasn’t long before one of the sales associates approached
>”Hi there, could I help you with anything?” she asked in a light hearted tone
>a young girl probably in her mid-twenties like yourself, with short brunette hair and a smile that could warm the heart of a Somalian warlord
>she was cute, you had to admit
>”We have sale going on in all men’s jackets.”
>a sale you say?
>you did see a rather nice looking leather jacket a few seconds ago
>you quickly find it, only to balk at it excessive price
>even with a sale, that’s will way out of your price range
>noticing your reaction, the store attendant leaned in to look at the price herself
>she seemed to think for a moment before leaning in again to whisper to you
>”I could give you my employee’s discount if you want. I think you’d look good in it.” She said in a low tone
>you gave her a surprising look; it wasn’t that often a store employee went out of their way to help you
>she simply gave you another warm smile to you before turning her attention to someone else
>”Hi there, if you need any help just ask alright?”
>look over to where she was talking to find a certain white cat girl standing there
>Kayla had her arms crossed as she stared daggers at the sales associate
>the three of you stood there as an awkward silence
>finally Kayla spoke
>”Back off, he’s mine.”
>wait what?
>the cat monster girl grabbed you by the wrist and began to lead you out of the store, leaving a bewildered store employee standing there confused
>she continued to storm down the mall, drawing the occasional curious glance from passing shoppers
>you asked her where she was going
>”Home. I’m done here.”

>her interview didn’t even last ten minutes
>did she not get the job?
>you continued asking her, but she instead ignored you and continued to march on
>you finally stopped, your wrist slipping out of her grasp, causing her to whip around back at you
>you could tell she was angry; she had a furious glare in her eyes, but you had a feeling you weren’t the cause
>you asked her what was wrong
>you saw her ears twitch every which before finally sighing
>”They call me in, and I introduce myself and give them my qualifications and stuff. And she keeps giving me this weird look, the interviewer, like she was confused that I was even there.” Kayla explained
>”And she keeps giving me this weird look, so I ask her if there’s something wrong, and do you know what she says to me?”
>no, not really
>”She says ‘I’m sorry, but the job in question requires… ‘a human’ touch”.” Kayla said using her first few digits in air quotes around the word ‘human’
>”I mean, really? What the hell does that even mean? Have monster girls never worked in retail before!?” Kayla half-shouted towards you
>mall shoppers were stopping to look at the spectacle now
>”Can you believe that bitch!? If I didn’t know better I’d say that saggy cow was just jealous my tits weren’t half-way down to my stomach!”
>a nearby mother’s jaw dropped as she placed her hands over her child’s ear and scurried him away
>oh god, not good
>you had to calm her down
>but any attempts you made only fueled her anger even more
>”No! I’m not going to be bullied by some small time racist fat-ass!”
>she was full on yelling now
>oh god, please calm down
>you used your last resort to try and calm her down
>you placed your hand atop her hand and proceed to pet her
>instantly, she froze, her eyes wide in shock as you continued to pet her in the middle of the shopping mall; shoppers stared at the two of you curiously
>her hair was soft against your hand, her fluffy ears brushing your fingers erratically
>you could visibly see the anger start to dissipate from her
>he shoulders drooped until her arms hung loosely at her sides, all the while you continued standing there, petting her
>after a while you asked her if she felt better
>she huffed and crossed her arms
>”…No.” she said pouting
>You asked her if ice cream would make her feel better
>she seemed to ponder the thought for a moment
>”…better be vanilla.”

>the next thing you knew, the two of you were eating ice vanilla ice cream in the mall food court
>you thought it was quite funny to watch the cat monster girl lick the ice cream cone efficiently from all sides with her cat tongue
>she slowly twirled the cone around before nomming the very top and starting the process all over again
>before you were even half way done with yours she was already finished with hers
>you noticed a bit of ice cream left on her chin
>reaching over, you wiped it off with a finger and held it up to her
>with almost no warning, she lunged forward and licked off the leftover ice cream
>she gave a wry smile before using a napkin to wipe off her mouth
>sensing that she was in a lighter mood, you asked her if she felt any better
>she let out a sigh, before looking downcast to the floor
>”A bit.” She said without emotion
>she looked up at you, noticing your gaze, before finally explaining
>”Its tough being a monster girl here, Anon. I don’t have any other friends here like me. Other people kinda expect me to be this crazed rape monster that can’t control my inhibitions.”
>yeah, you could understand that
>you used to be alone yourself; until she moved in with you
>she seemed to smile at those words
>”Thanks Anon…for being my friend.” She smiled at you, brushing her hair back behind her ear
>well that’s good
>looks like she cheered up a bit
>but you could do better than that
>you quickly finished up your own ice cream cone and grabbed her fluffy paw, pulling her out of her chair
>”Hm? Where are we going Anon?” she asked as you led her off
>whelp, if there was anything that could cheer up a teenage girl, it was shopping
>to your chagrin, Kayla laughed at you
>”Like you’d know how the teenage mind works, old man.” She said with a snarky grin
>you ignored her comment and instead began to explore the mall with her, the two of you roaming around and poking your heads into various stores
>Kayla tried to get you to try on some clothes but you felt that your current wardrobe was more than adequate
>time passed and eventually the two of you decided to call it a day
>as you were on your way to the exit you suddenly felt the cat pull you backwards
>”Holy crap! You didn’t tell me you had this here!” she exclaimed energetically, pointing to another store to you left
>The Paladin’s Secret?
>The window items displayed an array of oddly shaped mannequins, posed in a myriad of positions
>There was a long bodied snake like one, while another was a horse, but with the body of a woman
>all were wearing pieces lingerie or other skimpy underwear
>what the hell was this place?
>”It’s a lingerie store for monster girls! You should have told me you had one here!” she yelled back to you as she proceeded to run inside, leaving you standing there

>oh god no
>do you go in after her or wait outside?
>by the laws of man, could you even go inside? Didn’t you have to be a couple or something?
>at most you two were ‘friends with maybe kinda-sorta benefits?’
>resolving yourself, you followed the cat monster girl into uncharted lands
>you were surprised at how pink and classy it was; you could even see your reflection off the black tiled floor
>you eventually found Kayla browsing through a drawer of some sort, pulling out a variety of different panties in different shapes and colors; some simple, some very risqué
>you watched her head tilt to the side as she held up a pair of panties that was only held together by what looked like string
>you secretly willed her to buy it but to your dismay, she simply put it back
>you sidled up beside her and asked her if she really needed new underwear or if she was just messing with you
>”Well I kind of need new underwear. Human ones are okay most of the time, but it’s nice having underwear made for monster girls by monster girls.”
>well that was interesting, you thought
>you supposed that kinda did make sense
>”So which of these do you think would look better on me?” she asked innocently to you
>she held up two pairs of panties in each of her hands
>one had black and white horizontal stripes, while the other was nothing more than the thinnest black lace and with accompanying frills
>for a moment, you did begin to imagine which would look better on her, until you caught her sly, mischievous grin relishing your flustered reaction
>oh ha ha very funny
>ideally nothing would look best on her, you responded
>she smiled a toothy grin as she clutched the panties in her paws
>”You’re such a pervert.” she said as she began to rummage through the drawer for more options
>hey, you weren’t the one holding up panties in your hands
>eventually, you left her to her panty searching as you began to roam around the store, unsure of how to occupy yourself
>everything from bikinis for centuara to stockings for Arachne were being sold here
>actually, Kayla wouldn’t look too bad in stockings, now that you thought about
>no, no this wasn’t helping you out in anyway, especially with a certain appendage slowly growing stiffer in your pants as your imagination began to run wild
>you decided to leave the lewd environment of the store for health reasons and instead wait outside
>shockingly, you saw even a few human girls go inside while you waited
>you didn’t even want to know why
>soon enough, Kayla reemerged from the store holding a small black bag in her hand, seemingly satisfied with her purchase

>after leaving the mall and going home, the two of you opted to just rent a movie and laze about the rest of the day
>as soon as you opened your apartment door, the white haired cat monster girl bolted inside
>”I’m gonna try out my new underwear!” She said disappearing into your former room
>lazy cat
>at least wash them first before wearing them
>meanwhile you proceeded to put in the movie in while waiting for the cat to return
>unfortunately, she seemed to be taking her sweet time as you sat on the couch waiting for her
>throwing courtesy out the window, you started the movie without her
>not long after the title credits had rolled, you heard her scrambling inside your room
>”Damn it, did you start without me!?” she yelled as she flung open the door
>maybe, you said innocently
>she plopped herself down on the opposite end of the couch as the movie began
>”Jerk.” she said, giving you a light punch in the arm before sitting down in the opposite end of the ouch
>the movie was something about a dragon monster girl knight going after her lost love’s murderer or something, you weren’t really paying attention
>instead, you became more enamored with Kayla’s cat like habits
>whenever a mushy love scene came on, her tail swished slowly from side to side as she looked on with interest
>whenever a battle scene started her ears would twitch every so often whenever a loud sound came out of your speakers
>it was more entertaining watching her than watching the movie
>god forbid you buy a laser pointer
>you reached over and gently petted her head, rubbing your hand against her soft hair and fluffy ears
>they instantly twitched at your touch, but Kayla didn’t seem to mind as you gently ruffled her head, as you occasionally caressed her ears between your fingers
>she didn’t seem to mind, as she kept her eyes glued to the movie
>”Hey Anon, do you have a spare blanket?” she asked without looking away
>You unfortunately didn’t have any as they were all in the wash but you did apologize to her if the room was a bit chilly
>She again didn’t say anything, but what she did next took you by surprise
>she began to scoot over to your side of the couch, crawling onto your lap and making you her new seat
>she wiggled herself into your lap a few times to make herself more comfortable, her tail pushed to the side
>unsure of where to put your hands, you simply wrapped them around her
>she was kind enough to lean slightly across you, so that you could watch the movie with her
>nonetheless, you were speechless at what just transpired
>”This works…” she said continuing to pay attention to the movie
>she wasn’t that heavy, but the combination of her body heat and weight upon you really didn’t help a slowly stiffening appendage you had; not to mention a girl was sitting on your dick
>you tried to move her off your lap, but she resisted and wiggled her butt on you even more
>”Nooo! I’m comfortable here!” She said half pouting- half playing with you
>you eventually stopped trying, fearing that she would notice your hardened phallus pressing against her rump
>you suddenly felt her squeeze herself atop you, causing you to flinch; you didn’t fail to noice a wry grin on her face
>oh yeah, she knew
>embarrassed, you decided to try and change the subject by asking her how her new underwear was working out for her
>”Its nice, I like them at least…” she said without looking away from the movie, at which you were completely lost on at this point
>momentary silence descended as you struggled to figure out which to pay attention to; her or the movie
>”You can check them out if you want.” She mumbled to you

>wait what?
>she still had her wry grin as she continued to watch the movie, ignoring your look of disbelief
>well, truth be told you were curious as to which kind she did buy
>was she playing with you again?
>you tested her by slowly moving your hands downwards to her trademark khaki cargo shorts
>she didn’t utter a word of protest as you began to fiddle worth the top button of her pants
>holy crap this was for real
>having undone the button, you proceeded to grasp the copper zipper and pull it down slowly, grasping the pants on either side and gingerly pulling them down
>gingerly, you revealed the black and white stripped panties she had teased you earlier in the day with
>your fingers slowly brushed the black lace trim before gliding over the edge of the cotton fabric itself
>you also noticed that your hardened member made a perfect fit between her butt cheeks
>”I got a matching bra as well…” she mumbled again, still intent upon watching the movie
>oh god this really was happening
>you didn’t need an invitation for this as your hands began to slowly work up her shirt, pulling the fabric up to reveal a black and white stripped bra, a perfect match to her panties
>even through the bra you could tell she was well endowed
>you hesitantly moved your fingers towards the undergarment before finally cupping her breasts in your hands
>she breathed in sharply, her body lurching a bit as you began to squeeze her, all the while Kayla still paid attention to the movie
>you suddenly felt her paws atop of your hands, guiding you to slowly massage her mounds
>you could feel her hips begin sway atop you, her butt grinding against your phallus through the thin fabric of her panties
>although she still continued to pay attention to the movie
>you wanted to get a reaction from her
>slipping out of her grasp, you worked your hands beneath the underwire of her bra, firmly grasping her naked bosom
>she audibly gasped now, surprised at your initiative and the sudden feeling of your hands fondling her
>she reached back and grabbed the back of your head for support, her fingers running through your hair
>the sensation was unbelievable; you began to play with her, lightly kneading the flesh in your hands before squeezing them together
>it seemed to have an effect on the cat monster girl, as she began to writhe atop you and grind her bottom against you even more
>your fingers soon found her perky hardened nipples, and you wasted no time giving them your full attention, caressing them and giving them light pinches
>Kayla gasped at your every touch, her body began to shiver as she arched her back and rolled her head back into the crook of your neck
>her arched back only caused more pressure on your manhood as she grinded against you
>you slid your hands back down to her hips to control her, guiding her hips as you slowly began to rub yourself against her
>she seemed to get the idea, as she began to match your movements, gyrating her hips against yours
>you looked down to see her milky white toned stomach ripple as she rotated her hips; you also saw her new panties were beginning to glisten

>deciding to give her some attention there as well, you slowly slid your hand beneath her panties, her soft skin caressing your fingers as you delved downwards
>she was shaven you noted, and you fingers soon bumped against something extremely sensitive as Kayla spasmed at the sudden touch
>you slowly rubbed your fingers across her, causing her to moan softly as her tail started to twitch erratically
>your fingers sufficiently soaked, you plunged into her, shoving a diget into her wet folds
>she gasped only once, her body wracking with pleasure as you entered her; you could feel her squeezing you every so often
>you pushed another finger into her, eager to explore, your hands slowly moving in and out of her, caressing every bump and fold
>”Mroowww…” Kayla moaned out loud at your touch
>uh oh
>you remembered that sound
>it was a sound you didn’t want escaping your apartment walls
>your free hand reached up and quickly covered her mouth, muffling her moans as you continued to thrust your fingers into her
>you could feel her moaning into your hand, her rough tongue tried to break free, licking your fingers and covering them in saliva
>she had reached up with her paws to try and pull your hand away, but you were having none of that
>you held firm as you continued to thrust your fingers inside of her
>she was squirming now, her legs moving about as you played with her
>her breathing suddenly quickened and you felt her pussy begin to quiver
>soon enough she clamped down hard on your finger as she came, her whole body convulsing as you held on for dear life
>her breathing ragged, she slumped down onto you, exhausted
>you removed both your hands from her, each covered in her bodily fluids, allowing her to finally breath through her mouth as her tongue lolled out as she gasped for breath
>you let the cat monster girl rest on you for a awhile, but she suddenly looked down to her panties
>”Damn it Anon, you made me cum in my new panties.” She said half out of breath and half annoyed
>she reached down and lifted the thin garment up to inspect the mess you helped make before she noticed your still obvious bulge in your pants
>she looked up, a surprised look on her face
>”You didn’t cum yet?”
>you shook your head; you were a bit occupied trying to keep her quiet
>she only nodded once
>”Okay, alright…take it out.” She whispered as she began to slide off you and onto the floor, taking a position between your legs

>wait really? Even after you had just made her cum?
>she began to take of her shirt, pulling it off in one swift motion before working at her bra
>”Well I gotta return the favor don’t I?”
>she unhooked her new bra, pulling it off to reveal her supple full breasts that you were groping not too long ago
>for a girl her size they were surprisingly large; her previous bras must have been hiding her true size, no wonder she wanted new underwear
>she placed her paws on your inner thigh, waiting for you to unsheathe yourself
>you fumbled to unzip your pants, pulling them down to free yourself from the confines of your underwear
>you hardened rod sprung out of your boxers to greet an eager cat monster girl that looked at it with shock
>”Wow…bigger than I expected.” She marveled as she began to inspect it
>she took ahold of you with her soft cat paw, a sensation that was eerily satisfying, like supple leather
>grasping you with two paws, she looked long fully at the pre-cum that had built atop your shaft
>her tongue lolled out again, and in a slowly agonizing motion, dragged it across your tip
>she made sure gather all of your pre-cum on her tongue before she gulped it down
>she then proceeded to, to your amusement and pleasure, to plant kisses at your head, before working down the shaft, occasionally licking it along the way
>you shivered at her every touch, clutching the couch with your fingers as you closed your eyes to enjoy her service
>you suddenly felt a new sensation, one that you couldn’t even begin to describe
>it was only after she licked you again that you realized that she was licking one of your orbs
>by the time you figured it out, she had carefully engulfed one of them, slowly rolling her rough cat tongue swirl around the precious organ
>she started to pump you with her hand, slowly at first before she moved on to your other orb, giving it an equal amount of attention
>you had to grit your teeth as she continued to play with you; this was just too much
>you hopped to god she would just suck you off already
>”Hmm?” she hummed with one of your balls still held in her mouth
>you groaned loudly, gasping for breath as Kayla reemerged from playing with your sack
>”Whats that Anon?” she said with a mischievous grin,
>The movie had long since ended, drowning the room in black as the credits scene began to play, and yet you could still make out her golden eyes filled with lustful arrogance
>cheeky cat; you were too far gone to play games
>she only giggled at your frustrated expression as she finally returned her attention back to your shaft
>she licked once, swirling her rough tongue across your head, before licking it once more
>on the third lick, she finally took you, your cock disappearing into her mouth
>slowly, she took you, her lips dragging ever so slowly down your shaft before finally she reached the base, all the while you could feel her tongue dragging across your length
>she stayed there, swirling her tongue around you and pumping you a few times before coming back up, her lips still wrapped around your head
>you became lost at the warm sensation of her lips working your shaft, her mouth making lewd slurping sounds as she began to bob her head up and down your length
>you tried to contain your own sounds of pleasure, moaning through gritted teeth as she engorged you
>you looked down just for a moment to see her golden yellow eyes staring back at you, gauging your reaction as your cock moved in and out of her

>with cock in mouth, she grinned at you, brushing her hair out of the way before she forcefully went back down to your base, trying to take you all in
>you could feel the silky sensation of the back of her throat, her drool cascading down to your balls as she tried to slurp it back up
>it was too much for you, and with a loud grunt you came hard, your seed erupting into her mouth
>you pumped into her several times, filling her with your spunk
>her lips still wrapped around your rod, she came all the way back up, making sure not to spill a drop a she came off of the tip
>you wondered what she was doing, watching in amazement as her head swayed slightly, her eyes glazing over
>your still hardened shaft twitched as you realized that she was savoring your taste, swishing the hot cum in her mouth
>she closed her eyes, swallowing hard as you watched her throat move with each gulp
>she took a sharp breath of fresh air as she finished swallowing your seed
>”Nyyaahh…” she moaned licking her lips, her eyes still in a daze
>”I forgot how strong virgin spunk was.” She said hiccupping, covering her mouth
>well, you were glad you could be of service to her
>she gave you a sarcastic grin as she struggled to stand up, no doubt her legs being sore from sitting on her knees
>she wobbled as she stood, her breasts swaying slightly before she took a paw to her mouth and breathed into it
>”Oh that’s interesting…my breath smells like you now.” She said in mild fascination
>you still hardened rod twitched again at those words
>her eyes flashed down to the sudden movement between your legs
>she smirked again
>”Did someone like my service?” she asked in a haughty tone
>you looked away, avoiding her piercing golden gaze
>she giggled again, shaking her head as she did so
>”Virgins…” she mumbled
>”Ugh, now I gotta take a shower too.” She said looking down at her still soaked panties
>she looked at you again for a second before turning around, her tail lazily following her as her rounded plump rump greeted you
>she hooked the underwear and slowly with great emphasis, she began to shimmy the piece of clothing down, revealing the pale skin of her firm butt
>her tail arched high in the hair as she wiggled out of the clothing, before she finally stepped out of it, leaving her completely naked before you
>she turned around to toss the warm, wet undergarment at you, landing on your chest; all the while she wore a sly grin
>”Could you wash these for me as well Anon?” she asked innocently
>You would have retorted, or come up with a witty comeback, but you were at a loss of words, mesmerized, as she began to walk towards your/her room, her hips exaggerating every sway
>she walked on her tip-toes, causing her rump to jiggle with every step
>she twirled around once for you before disappearing into your room
>the sound of the door lock clicking brought you back into reality
>there you sat, the movie long over with your pants around your ankles, and her underwear on your chest with her clothes strewn about the room
>was this all an elaborate ruse to get you to wash her underwear?
>worth it

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