My Neighbor’s Girlfriend Cant be this Cute (Part 1)

>live in an apartment complex
>its pretty chill, nice commute and you get your own parking space
>new neighbor moves in next door
>you’ve met him a few times and he seems nice
>turns out he’s actually an aspiring chef and dosn’t mind making food for you
>oh really?
>eat like a king whenever he comes over
>one night however, hear the distinct sound of a cat meowing
>what the hell?
>this was a no pet apartment complex
>land lord was a real stickler about the rules too
>the meowing becomes louder and more incessant as time passes
>finally determine that it was coming from neighbor’s place
>rush out and hurriedly knock on his door to warn him
>theres a pause before he opens up the door
>he seems flustered and in a hurry
>you take the time to warn him the risks of having a pet cat here
>he looks at you dumbfounded before he suddenly has a flash of recognition
>”Oh shit! You mean you could hear us? Sorry about that Anon, my girlfriend can be a bit loud.”
>you hear a feminine voice from within call out his voice in anger
>he looks at you sheepishly
>”Sorry Anon, we’ll try and keep it quiet!”
>he shuts the door and you head back to your own apartment
>damn, he must have a kinky girlfriend
>lucky bastard
>the next day while taking out the trash, you noticed something new leaning on the balcony
>or rather someone
>she wore cut-off jeans and a simple black tank top as she stared out into the parking lot
>her white fluffy ears and tail made her look almost spooky
>wait a minute
>your neighbor had a cat monster girl friend?

>she’s still there when you come back
>normally, you’d just ignore her and head back into your apartment
>but to be honest, this was the first time you’ve ever seen a monster girl in real life
>you heard rumors that they’d be cock hungry rape monsters but she seems rather normal to you
>she finally notices you staring at her
>”Oh hi, you must be the neighbor that Jon is always talking about”
>she holds out a furry paw for you
>you shake it, noticing that her paw pad is incredibly soft to the touch
>”My name is Kayla.”
>you introduce yourself as well, remembering your words just in time before creating an awkward pause
>damn, your neighbor really was lucky
>you wonder why you’ve never noticed her before, especially for being a monster girl
>”Ah well, I just enrolled in the university here, and I hear it has a really good Anthropology department.”
>a university student to boot?
>grow slightly more jealous at neighbor
>as in the study of humans?
>she laughs as she rubs the back of her head modestly
>”Yeah well, theres a theory going around that humans and monster girls actually descended from a common ancestor and all. It intrigues me.”
>you continue to hold a rather enjoyable conversation with her, but eventually she takes her leave
>”By the way.” she says suddenly, almost catching you staring at her tail
>”You…didnt hear anything last night did you?”
>her pale skin made her blushing easily apparent
>you quickly shake your head, denying anything
>She breaths a sigh of relief
>”Okay well, have a nice day Anon. It was great meeting you!”
>well that was an interesting development
>you wouldn’t mind talking to her again
>you began to wonder what her tail felt like as you turned the key to your apartment and went inside

>you begin to notice Kayla the cat monster girl stop by the apartments more and more often as time passed on
>she was apparently a freshman and was required to live at the schools dorms, but she practically came to the apartments everyday
>not that you mind
>you always found it a joy to talk to her
>except for those sessions where her meowing did grow a bit too loud in the night
>eventually the landlord did get involved
>your neighbor had to explain what the difference was between a cat and a cat monster girl to him, much to your amusement
>the few times you were invited over for dinner was probably the best nights of your life
>great food and great company
>although at times, you did feel like a third wheel
>one day, Kayla asked you a question that caught you by surprise
>”So am I the first monster girl you’ve seen or what?”
>oh boy; you try to play it off
>but she easily sees right through you
>”I knew it!” she says triumphantly, as if she had just won a game
>you ask her what brought that up
>she looks at you nonchalantly
>”Cause I always see you staring at my ears or tail.” she says bringing her tail forward into her hands and stroking it
>her eyes narrow into a more mischievous expression as she steps forward
>”You wanna touch it?”
>you take a step back in surprise
>”C’mon! Its nice and fluffy. I guarantee you wont find anything softer.”
>she steps forward again, trying to get you to rub her tail
>you protest a bit, but you’re backed into a corner
>eventually, you give in and grasp her tail in your hand and begin to pet is softly
>to your amazement it is incredibly soft; the fur gliding through your fingers as you stroke it
>you wonder how it was attached
>you look up and notice that her face was red again like that day before
>it takes you a moment before you realized what you had asked to her

>she pauses a bit before trying to answer your question
>”Well..its like…a part of my spine you see? If provides balance and spatial awareness and stuff…”
>she says trying to explain herself to you, unsuccessfully
>”As for how its attached its like…attached to me you know.”
>she laughs nervously, apparently becoming more and more self-conscious at your expression
>”It starts at the Sacrel curve in the lower vertebrae and…actually…it’d be easier just to show you.”
>show you?
>she turns around, looking down both ends of the hall to see if there were anyone watching
>your about to protest, but before you could utter a word, she quickly and partially lifts her shirt with one paw
>her other paw works down her shorts a bit, exposing the base of her tail and the top of her butt, much to your own amazement
>the flesh was even paler there
>”See? It turns from skin to fur right there.”
>”I can even move it too.”
>to demonstrate, she quickly moved her tail from side to side, even doing little loops
>to be perfectly honest, you were a bit more distracted by her shaking ass
>”Its got feeling too, great if someone is trying to sneak up on you.” she said with pride
>curious, you grabbed her tail again, and asked if she could feel it
>she nods with pride
>”Yep, tails are great you know. Its a shame humans dont have them.”
>”Although buying clothes can be a bit tricky, especially in this town.”
>it really was amazing that such a thing could move like that
>you continue to run your hand across her tail and all the way to the base
>she lets out slight yelp and hops away, pulling her pants up again
>For a moment you think you had hurt her but she laughs again as she rubs her butt
>”Ha, sorry. We’re a bit sensitive there.” she said with a red face
>her tail writhes behind her, as you both stand there awkwardly

>for the briefest of moments, you consider inviting her back to your apartment
>if she wasn’t doing anything of course
>but the little voice in the back of your head tells you that having your neighbors girlfriend in your room would just be too suspicious
>you wouldnt want to risk the friendships you had just made
>you soon make an excuse about needing to care of something
>Kayla nods
>”Alright then. If you have any other questions about monster girls, dont hesitate to ask.” she said as the two of you entered your respective apartments
>to be honest, the raging hard on had just became to hard to hide anymore
>it was a good thing the two of you were talking just outside your apartments
>why did she have to practically moon you?
>you hoped she didnt notice the bulge in your pants
>you made your way to your computer for some inspiration to alleviate yourself when your heard something you didn’t expect
>faint meows through the walls
>your head shifts towards the source; your neighbors apartment
>strange, he wasn’t supposed to be home for a few more hours
>but nonetheless, you heard unmistakable sound of her incessant meowing through the walls
>no way
>did your encounter with her somehow make her horny too?
>suddenly, an idea popped into your head
>You had your inspiration right here
>you quickly undid your belt as you began to undo your pants
>her meows are fuel for your own perverted imagination as you fap to the sweet sound
>it dosnt take long for you to blow your load
>immediately afterwards, you felt a pang of guilt
>you had just fapped to your neighbors girlfriend
>what the hell did you just do?

>the situation dosn’t get any better
>your mind begins to fill with images of Kayla as the days pass on
>you began to wonder what she’d look like in a bikini, in short skirts, if she was a dom or a sub
>you secretly jumped for joy whenever she stopped by
>but inwardly, you knew this would have to stop
>this was your neighbors girlfriend
>a man who had cooked for you and invited you to his home
>you had tried to distance yourself form her, but it was impossible when she practically lived next door
>on one particular winter day, the heater to the apartment complex had crashed
>luckily for you, this wasnt the first time this had happen
>you pulled out your portable heater and set it up in the middle of the room, and cranked it up to max
>soon enough, your room was at least habitable
>it wasn’t long before you invited your neighbor over as well
>leaving him to freeze in his own room would just be unneighborly
>”You have a working heater? Sweet, we’d love to come over!”
>Dont ment-
>soon enough, you, the neighbor, and Kayla were all surrounded the heater, trying to warm yourselves up
>”You’d think they’d at least the heaters work in the winter.” your neighbor pointed out
>Kayla was having the worst of it as her body shivered every so often, even when cuddling against her boyfriend
>you tried not to look, lest it stir up unnecessary feelings
>offhandedly, you remembered that you could make some hot chocolate
>Kayla’s ears immediately perk up at the sound
>”Hot chocolate?” she said breathlessly as if someone had just offered her favorite food to her
>you get up and head into the other room for the kitchen
>you bring out three mugs and begin to heat up some milk
>then an evil idea hatches into your head
>there wouldn’t be any harm in it right?
>what she didn’t know couldn’t hurt her
>this was an opportunity you couldn’t pass up
>you checked to make sure you were out of sight as you carefully began to undo your belt

>The deed done, you quickly make the hot chocolate making sure to stir the contents up thoroughly
>you knew this was wrong, but after this, you swore to cut off all ties with Kayla
>you just had to get this out of your system first
>you carried the three mugs back in on a tray, making sure to give the extra creamy one to Kayla
>the three of your clanked your glasses together, as you began to down the warm chocolaty liquid
>for a moment, out the corner of your eye, you thought you could see Kayla wince a bit
>but it must have been your imagination as she easily drank the rest of the contents
>you soon felt a huge weight lift up from your shoulders, as if you were finally free of troublesome burden you had to carry
>the three of you spent the rest of the day watching movies and sipping on hot chocolate
>eventually, neighbor had to go to work
>surprisingly for you, he let Kayla stay in your apartment
>”Theres no point on going back to my room, its still freezing.” he said as he left Kayla in your care
>the tension off your shoulders, you found it easy to talk to her again, the two of you happily arguing on which movie series was better
>but as soon as the next movie began she asked you something
>”So what was that extra ingredient you put in my hot chocolate?” she asked nonchalantly again
>oh fuck
>you try to play it off, but again, she could plainly see through you
>”Your’e a horrible lair. And I’m a monster girl, remember? I think I can tell when theres semen in my drink.”
>she placed the mug down with a thud as she looked at you, demanding an answer
>unfortunately, you couldn’t give her one
>you gave in to temptation, and for that you were sorry
>incredulous, she lets out a long sigh, before looking off into the distance

>she suddenly breaks the silence
>”Why the hell was it so sweet?” she asked
>she turned her head towards you again, her face clearly red
>”Like seriously, it was really sweet. Do you eat alot a fruit or something?”
>she asked almost amazed
>dumbfounded, you asked her if she was mad
>her ears flick back and forth as she tries to contemplate and answer
>”Well if its you…I wouldn’t exactly mind.” she said as she began to pick up the mug and swirl the contents around
>”Your my friend, and I appreciate your friendship.” she said quite wistfully, before whipping her head around to you
>”But dont do that again!” she punched you in the shoulder to emphasize her point
>relieved, you couldnt help but smile as your friendship wasnt ruined
>the two of you continued to watch the movie, but your eyes kept flicking back to her mug
>unfortunately she caught you again
>”You really want me to finish this off dont you?” she asked dryly as she held up the mug
>Well, is she really didn’t mind
>she let out a short sigh before rolling her eyes as she put the mug up to her lips and drank the rest of the contents
>you noticed that she drank slowly, as if she was savoring the taste
>the mug emptied, she placed it down and licked her lips clean
>”Ooof. Its strong too.” She said with a hiccup
>you wondered if semen acted like an alcohol agent as her head swayed a bit
>”Wait a minute, I know why.” She said with a slight grin on her face
>”You’re a virgin aren’t you?”
>Oh no
>her grin only grows wider as she realizes she has uncovered your greatest secret and shame
>”I can’t believe it. Your like… ten years older than me.” she said stunned
>Only five, you reminded her
>”You must fap alot then.” she said as she began scan the room
>catching onto her, you proclaim that she wasnt going to find any of your porn
>she turns her head back towards you slowly, a sly grin on her face
>”You dont want to watch it together with me?”

>you stare at her dumbfounded
>why the hell would she want to watch your porn
>together even?
>she suddenly leaps up, taking the blanket with her as she begins to peruse through your book case
>”What? Human porn is interesting. I mean, its only human on human right? So whats the appeal?”
>you tried to refute her, but arguing about what porn you were into was getting a little too embarrassing for you
>but she wouldn’t give up as she began to dive into your drawers and closets
>if she wanted porn, she could have it
>you grabbed her by the shoulders and plopped her down in your computer chair
>grabbing the keyboard, you pulled up a particular website that you’d often frequent
>”Oh wow, theres lots of categories even if its just humans.” she said amazed as she wrapped the blanket around her shoulders
>You pulled up a video and let it run, making sure the speakers were low enough so that it wouldnt leave the room
>Kayla stared in awe as the video played
>”Oh wow…she’s really taking it. And its in high definition too? This actually is not that bad.”
>you’d seen the video loads of times, it was your go to whenever you needed a quick fap
>she continued to stare in awe, her eyes growing wider as she began to bite her bottom lip
>subtly, you could see her hand move beneath the blanket
>you thought she was just readjusting it, but her movement was slow and rhythmic
>the air became heavy as she became more engrossed in the porn
>there wasnt any way, you told yourself astonished
>but sure enough, you heard it, that familiar sound that you always heard every other night through the apartment wall
>it was quieter, and beneath her breath, but you recognized it
>she was fapping in your computer chair, watching your porn
>her shoulders began to shiver as she hunched over more, her ears and tail flicking madly
>you had to do something
>slowly, you brought your hand over to her

>you had brought your hand down close to her chest
>but to your surprise, her head intercepted your hand
>she nuzzled against it, rubbing her ears and hair all over hand
>the sensation of her flicking her ears beneath her fingers was exhilarating
>you traced a finger on the outline of her ear, using your fingernail to just scratch the tip
>you were rewarded immediately as she spammed in the chair, sending shivers from the top of her head to the tip of her tail
>she continues to meow all the while, her eyes fixed to the porno before her
>her ears look tantalizing, delicious even
>would she mind?
>you brought your head lower, until only the furry tufts of hair were just out of reach
>your blew softly on them, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine
>but it comes too much for her
>she immediately jolts back, her head almost hitting your chin as her tail stands straight up
>she spasms for a few more times before collapsing her head on the desk
>he face is clearly flushed, with a dazed look in her eyes with her hands still stuffed in her pants underneath the blanket
>”Uhhm…Anon…” she says rather ashamedly as she raises her head
>”Could I have some paper towels?” she asks with a slight laugh
>you rush to get it and hand it to her, where she takes it with a soaked paw and wiped something away
>”Sorry about your chair.”
>she soon stood up, albeit a bit wobbly
>you could see your leather chair was indeed damp
>”I got a bit caught up.” she said again with an awkward smile
>it seems she finally was back to her senses as she sat back down next to the heater
>”Hey Anon, uhmm…can we pretend that never happened?” she asked hopefully
>although you were afraid to hear it, you were expecting that question
>you nod your head solemnly as you sit next to her
>”Thanks. I think we both got carried away there for bit.” she said with yawn as curled up next to the heater
>you didnt say anything as her tail softly swished against your hand

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