My Cousin Anubis is Staying Over

Let me begin by saying I’ve got nothing against monster girls.

Really, I don’t.

But I can understand the hate.

The whole “systematically erasing humanity by breeding out humans with monster girls” deal.

So I can understand why the whole family hated my uncle. He ran off with some anubis and got himself hitched, and at the same time, became ostracized by the rest of the family. I still see him sometimes. Always by himself. Christmas mostly, but I think we may have had a family reunion once. I’ve never met the rest of his family. It’s always a tense subject.

Until now.

This summer my uncle’s family had their house burn down; faulty wiring in the attic, my dad said. And though most of the family still pretends he doesn’t exist, he’s still my dad’s brother so now were hosting them until they get a new house.   

My aunt, the anubis, is nice. As nice as any other aunt, I guess. She’s tall like my uncle, and loves to wear turtle necks. She’s pretty talkative actually and I think we get along pretty well. She caught me looking at her paws and asked if I wanted to touch them. I admit, those things are pretty soft, and the ears too as well. I liked to pretend she was a cat, but my mom pulled me aside later and said that it wasn’t polite to do things like that and I shouldn’t talk to her much. 

But that’s not the problem.

The real problem is my older cousin.


Also an anubis.

She’s a lot like her mom. Tall. Long, black as oil hair. Tail and ears to match.

The nicest word I could use to describe her is “a bitch.”

Seriously, I don’t even understand what her problem is.

Even on day one, she’s been nothing but a pain. She never looks up from her phone, her headphones are always in her ears and worse, she acts like I don’t even exist. She’s never said a word; at least not to me. Aunty Anubis says I shouldn’t mind but it’s starting to get pretty annoying. Whenever I tried talking to her, she just ignores me until it gets too uncomfortable for me to stand there any longer and I have to leave. At dinner, she just reaches over me to get things and doesn’t even bother with a “could you pass the salt please and thank you.”

We don’t “bump” into each other in the hallway. She simply dodges me like in that old action movie film with the guy who can bend spoons.

She acts like she owns the place.

Her showers take an hour long, at least, leaving no hot water for me. She has her own special spot on the couch where she spends hours texting on her phone.  And if she’s watching TV, the remote suddenly disappears so I’m stuck watching whatever she wants to watch.

Theres only one time I can get any time for myself.

On the rare occasions where she isn’t hogging the living room, she’s outside. Tanning in the backyard next to the pool.

Which is another thing I don’t understand.

She’s already so dark, I don’t even know why she would need to tan.

But anyway, she’ll lie there on the pool chair, lounging for hours with her sunglasses and yellow string bikini. After a while she’ll flip over and lie on her stomach. And the way the bikini rides up her butt…

Okay, look. I know. I get it. I’m at that age.

 And I know I have the internet and a door that locks. And more importantly…she is my cousin.

But still….

This is a real life girl that we’re talking about, sunbathing in my backyard.

In a bikini.

Like, what else am I supposed to do right? We don’t even know each other, we haven’t said two words to each other, so technically that doesn’t count as family right? 

And the routine is always the same.

She’ll walk out wearing nothing but the yellow string bikini, she’ll put on her headphones and then lie down all slow like, and lay there for what seems like forever before turning over. And each time she flips back over, the bikini rides further and further up her butt. Sometimes she’ll even take a nap like that.

Like…what else am I supposed to do?

And I’ll be the first to admit it. I’ve tried fapping to her. But I couldn’t do it. It just felt weird, even for me. I’ve learned to stay away from my bedroom window. But the damage was already done. Now whenever I see her, I can only see her wearing that yellow string bikini.

The way it hugs her butt, the strings bouncing off her hips when she walks. The outline of her nipples against the sheer fabric that only barely manages to cover her boobs.

Every time she walks past me, every time she sits down, whenever she’s lying back on the couch, that’s all I can see. Thankfully, it’s done nothing to change our relationship.

As if there ever was one.

Well one day, the adults had decided to go shopping, leaving me alone with Lavinia to watch me.


But the funny thing was, I hadn’t seen Lavinia all day. Not in her room, not in the living room, not even in the house. I figured she must have been sun bathing again, and remembering the yellow string bikini, and the fact that she was my cousin, I tried my best to avoid my bedroom window.

I really did.

But I caved and decided to take a quick peek to see if she was out there.

To my surprise, she wasn’t.

At this point, I was a little worried. Was I left alone in the house? Where did Lavinia go? Did she seriously just abandon me and go off to do her own thing?

I had to be sure.

Luckily I spotted her phone on longue chair in the backyard. She’d never leave anywhere without it. I left my room and went into the backyard where the longue chair was. Sure enough, her phone was there, still charged along with something else.

A yellow clump of cloth.

I picked it up, not knowing what it was. It untangeled as I held it up, and to my shock, it was the yellow string bikini.

And that’s when I heard it, a splash in the water behind me.

I turned towards the pool, the water rippling, and a brown and black figure gliding effortlessly beneath the water.

It was Lavinia.

Swimming in the pool.


She rose out of the water on the other side of the swimming pool facing away so she couldn’t see me. At first, I had no idea what to do. She was naked, even through the rippling water I could see that. I probably should have dropped the bikini and run back into the house. I had the opportunity. I should have run. But I didn’t. I was too transfixed. She began to backstroke towards me, her arms rising high in the air as her body leveled out.

And I could see everything.

I could see her tits. Actual bare boobs. Never in my life had I ever seen something so glorious. It was better than the internet. Each time she moved they bounded back and forth. They practically glistened in the water. Further down, I began to register the rest of her body. Her pussy, bare and clear as day. I think my jaw broke at the force of it dropping.

She turned lazily in the water and that’s when she finally noticed me.

Her eyes widened briefly in surprise as she saw me standing there, watching her.

This was the first time we had ever locked eyes on to each other’s.

We must have stared at each other for what seemed like hours.

Her, naked, swimming in the pool.

And me, holding onto her yellow string bikini like a dummy.


And then she turned around and kept on swimming.

Just continued on without a care in the world.

She knew I was there.

She knew that I was watching her.

And she carried on like it was nothing.

I watched her swim, her butt and tail sticking out of the water with every stroke. She dove beneath the water, and every time she kicked her feet and shimmied her hips, her butt jiggled back and forth. The water seemed to just glide off her hair, as if it was just perpetually dry. I saw every inch of her naked body laid bare for me. I don’t even know how long she swam. I wasn’t keeping track of the time. My mind was bent solely on watching her.

But eventually it was over.

She swam over to my side of the pool, and holding onto the edge, she pushed off the bottom and lifted herself up. Wordlessly she strode over to me, water dripping from her naked form as she stood in front of me, watching.

It was then I truly realized how tall she actually was. I was just about eye level to her moundfull breasts. Pool water dribbled down her chest dripped off the end of her nipples; they were a darker shade of color than her skin and were nubile to say the least.

Once again, I was at a loss of words.


I looked up, more surprised than anything else today at what I had just heard.

“Towel,” She demanded again tensely, looking down at me with piercing yellow eyes.

 I don’t even remember going back into the house to find a towel. I just remember running back with one, where she was still waiting, still naked. She had one hand on her hip and looked rather annoyed.

I handed her the towel which she took and began to pat her hair dry.

“You tell anyone about this…” She said, having finished drying off her hair. “…I’ll kill you.”

She then threw the towel over her shoulder turned to strut back into the house. I watched her, her butt taunting me as she disappeared back inside, leaving me standing there holding onto her bikini.

All of this happened a few hours ago.

I haven’t stopped jerking it, and I can’t feel my legs anymore.

Eventually, I’ll have to return her bikini but for now I’m going to hold onto it.

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9 thoughts on “My Cousin Anubis is Staying Over

    1. Yeah, I enjoyed it but I think you’re right. I understand what with the nature of monster girls and everything but sometimes it does get a bit annoying.

  1. This brings back memories of the days of my youth. Almost word for word. Unfortunately, no Anubis.

    Just a edit suggestion.
    Instead of: Luckily I spotted her phone on longue chair in the backyard.
    Try instead: Luckily I spotted her pone on the lounge chair in the backyard.

    Other than that….most enjoyable. It’s relatable. To me at least. A 5* for the memories.

  2. Short and sweet. Could be expanded in all sorts of directions, like the Anubis getting aggressive and using her cousin as a servant or the cousin trying to blackmail her, but perfectly fine as a one shot.

  3. Wow, this was interesting to read the MC could show some backbone but I’m talking about an Anubus here so that point is moot unless she testing him. but still, the Anubus as cousin short story was worth reading more than once.

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