Mr. Happy’s great adventure


High school was hell. I really hated it.
Middle school was bad enough, that’s when kids get teased for being different, as a manticore I got endlessly bullied for having such a weird tail. But high school is worse, it’s like nobody cares about anything but boys and being popular any more. All my old friends are wearing make-up now and talking shit about me behind my back. Not to mention that math is, like, really really hard.

So I was feeling unloved and stupid that day coming home when I opened the front door and heard a familiar voice talking to my parents. I got really happy for some reason, I threw my bag under the coat rack and called out to him. “Oh my fallen god, big bro, you’re back!” My father had a son with a human woman before he met my mother, I always thought of him as my big brother. A few years ago he left for college, I guess I had underestimated how empty the house would feel without him and how glad I would be to see him again.

I entered the living room to see my big bro, hardly any different from five years ago. Mom spoke up, “Oh Jackie, isn’t it wonderful? Why don’t you join us in interrogating him about is college life?”

I loved my brother, when we were younger we always used to play together, my tail would be the dragon and his action figure would try to battle it.

“Yeah, I-“

Of course once when I tried to have my dragon eat the thing he got really mad, he stopped playing dolls with me after that. I was so confused, I said I was sorry lots of times but he no longer wanted to have anything to do with me, and especially not with my tail. In the later years that he lived here he really came to despise me I think, even if I tried to only maintain the good memories he still probably wasn’t very fond of me.

I steeled myself, luckily he wasn’t really looking me in the eye with that disgusted look on his face.

“I mean whatever, it’s not like I really care.” I said ambivalently, going into the kitchen for a glass of milk.

I decided to pour me some regular cow milk, we had holstaur stuff for if anyone wanted to hypercharge their libido (my mom is like that, completely casual about sexual matters, I love that about our household) but I probably should be primed and horny while we were having company.

I heard her apologize for me from the living room, “-hopefully, she’ll snap out of it soon!”, she said loudly, making sure I’d hear it. I made an angry growling noise. I didn’t even realize I had that kind of rage within me.

The way back to my room was through the living room, I walked as nonchalantly with my glass of milk as I could manage.

“Jacqueline” my mother said strictly

“Aren’t you going to say hello to your brother? It’s been years since the two of you last spoke!” she obviously wanted us to bond again and was willing to throw her authority as a mother around to get us to.

“Sorry, but I have homework that needs to be done.” That was true enough, normally I’d try to procrastinate doing my maths homework as long as possible but something within me really didn’t want to talk with my brother right now. I looked at him, he was exactly the same as all those years ago when I last saw him. Except smaller somehow, must have been that I had grown.

He had that virgin smell on him, the one that means no monstergirl has claimed him. I found myself being sort of glad that nobody had been able to take away his innocence yet. “It’s nice to see you though, bro.”

He looked at me up and down, almost visibly swallowing while doing so. I felt sexy and fearsome again for the first time in a long time. “N-Nice to see you too Jackie” he stuttered out. Even though I was drinking regular milk the monster instinct in me took over for a second. My senses sharpened and my claws extended. I was forced to look at him from a whole different perspective, like a vulnerable male that had stumbled into my domain. I got a goofy grin on my face for a second and then stormed of, ashamed of myself.

I tried to concentrate on algebra but it was really complicated and my heart wasn’t in it. I kept thinking about my bro, and why he made me lose my composure like that. At a certain point in our childhood he just stopped being nice to me I guess, it was my tail. At a certain point I started grossing him out, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get back the loving big bro I used to have. He’d take one look at my swaying, moist, sexual appendage and he’d get a disgusted, or not disgusted maybe more fearful look on his face. I hated myself for my tail for some time because of him.

When I was really young he had drawn eyes and a moustache on it to make it look like a face and called it Mr. Happy. I was really happy to finally be playing games with my brother again so I really clung to that, I kept referring it it as Mr. Happy and making up a voice for him to talk in. It wasn’t until middle school when the kids really began to mock me for it that I realized he probably came up with it as a way to mock me. I felt really betrayed after that, I started walking around with my tail wrapped around my waste to make it less obvious. Luckily my mom was there to talk me out of being ashamed for my body.

I threw down the pen in frustration, it was a pain trying to write with extended claws anyway. Groaning wildly I ran my paws through my hair and over my ears. I didn’t know what had gotten into me.

I heard a knock on my door, a polite knock from my mom who had already poked her head inside my room. “Can I come in?”

“Go away mom.”

She came in anyway.

“Is there something you want to talk about. About your brother maybe?”

I sighed. “No… It’s just. I don’t know.”

How could I  explain that had started to fantasize about getting back at him when I was barely old enough to understand sex. Thinking about being strong enough to make him beg for mercy sucking with my tail on his face. And when I WAS old enough to understand sex… down there. And now I really was stronger than my him. You don’t discuss things like that with your mother.

She wrapped a wing around me but I brushed her off, I didn’t want to be treated like a kid any more. She was content just laying a paw on my knee. “Your father and I are going to go out for dinner tonight.” She said. “So your brother and you will have to watch the house together… alone.” I looked at her with my mouth falling open. There was no mistaking in the suggestive tone she used. “Maybe you can show him the corners of his old room again.” She winked at me. I hugged my mom tightly and kissed her on the cheek. “thankyouthankyouthankyou!” I said. “We’ll be home late next morning” she continued, patting me on the knee and standing up. “Be sure to lock up alrighty?” Walking out of the room she turned and winked at me again. “If catch my drift” I almost laughed because I really couldn’t be angry. “Of course I got it, I got it the first time mom. Jeez.” She grinned. “Okay, Okay.”

This was monumental, I had to figure out how to prepare. MY stupid jeans and shirt had to go, I dug up these really sexy polyester shorts that were actually to small for me and a fashionable navel-shirt that I had borrowed from a friend. Really what I was going to wear wasn’t really important because I was probably going to take it of at some point. Why my bro was surfing his imageboards in his room I poured myself some holstaur milk and put on some music to but me in the mode. Frank Sinatra is the best, I swayed my hips, I flapped my wings, the inside of my tail was getting moist, the dragon was ready for action.

I slowly opened the door to his room, striking a sultry pose in the door opening and displaying my sexy outfit. His back was towards me, laying on the bed and surfing on his laptop, he didn’t see me. I crept up to him as silently as possible, he still hadn’t realized I was in the room with him. I poised myself over his laying body like a predator ready to strike an unsuspecting prey. Then, suddenly, I grabbed his shoulders with my paws. He struggled for a fraction of a second but immediately felt that he couldn’t fight the overwhelming difference in physical strength. “Hey big bro~ What’cha doing?” I whispered into his ear. He seemed paralysed with fear. “I haven’t seen you in” I licked my lips. “forever.” Slowly I moved my paws down towards his waist. “I’m sorry for not saying hi earlier, but I figured we’d have plenty of time to catch up…” I wrapped my arms completely around his waist, pressing my boobs against his back. He could only whimper slightly, it was the cutest thing. I moved in Mr. Happy between his face and the computer screen. “Of course, I’m not the only one who wants to get reacquainted with you.” I put the appendage right before his eyes so he’d be able to study its intricacies up close. “Mr. Happy says hello~”. He shrieked in fear.

I started unbuckling his belt with my paws. It was a human belt and sort of tricky for me to operate with my monstrous claws but I managed. My brother started crying. “Don’t. Nonono. Stop. STOP!” It was hard to care about his complaints when I had a little guy in my arms and his little guy was so eager to see it through. I wormed Mr. Happy into his pants. “He wants to go on an adventure.” I whispered into his ear. As I started greedily sucking on his penis. The pleasure took hold of him, he couldn’t really form coherent sentences any more, though he still kept faintly whispering complaints and struggling to get out. Humans, it’s almost admirable how they manage to convince themselves they don’t want something everybody else can see they desire.

After some time of quiet moans he finally came. His face turned a bright unwilling red and it was the cutest face I had seen him make in his life. I tasted that cum for the first time and it was electrifying, it felt like salty pennies and pure energy on the inside of my tail. The sensation sapped at my concentration for a moment and he slipped out of my arms. “Get away from me.” He yelled. When I blocked his exit from the room with my wing he stumbled against the wall and collapsed in a corner and started crying.
I walked up to him, tears were running down his cheeks. I brought Mr. Happy up to his face but he just cringed like he was about to get crushed by a giant hammer. I set up a funny voice and mouthed it with my tail. “Why don’t you like me, lad? Did I do something wrong?” He didn’t answer Mr. Happy, so I kneeled down to the shivering hopeless mess on the ground and asked him normally. “Are you afraid of Mr. Happy?” He looked at me with a teary eye. “Are you afraid of me?” Cling closer to the wall he slowly nodded. “Afraid of monstergirls?”
“y-yeah” he managed to bring out through the sobbing.
I tried to imagine myself in his position, all monstergirls were powerful predators, easily able to take down a man. I know that I wouldn’t want to live in a world filled only with violent oni’s. And now his little sister had grown up as a particularly powerful monster, a manticore. And immediately had assaulted him. I wanted to lay a paw on him but her cringed from my contact. This sad little thing on the floor wasn’t the big brother that had protected and teased me, he was so much weaker than me now.
I wrapped my powerful manticore arms around his frail body. He prepared himself for a molestation but I didn’t do anything, I just hugged him really tightly. “You don’t have to be afraid of me. Please don’t be afraid of me.” I said.
I picked him up and carried him to the bed. He gave me a look through his teary eyes. I sat down and put him on my lap. “I’m sorry” he said, avoiding my gaze. I just smiled. “I forgive you.” I clumsily tried to wipe the tears of his face with  my paw, I just ended smearing them all over. We both laughed. He cleared his eyes proper and I swiped away his hair to look at them. He dared to look me in the eyes now and I saw the vulnerable pride in his face. I put his hand against mine, the last time we compared them I was a tiny little kitten and he was the strongest guy in the world to me. Now my paw dwarfed his. His dexterous ape fingers pushed gently against the leathery pads of my paw. Our hands intertwined. “Little bro.” I whispered. “I’d never hurt you, you know that.” He looked at me with surprise on his face. “I love you. I want to protect you” I leaned in with my face, he didn’t back away, so I kissed him on the lips. It was the softest thing my lips ever touched, I restrained myself from going full predator and softly let my tongue slide in. Only then did Mr. Happy creep his way into his pants again, he didn’t struggle this time.
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