Mother Knows Best

Author’s note: the story below contains elements of incest, even though the two characters aren’t related by blood. You’ve been warned, so don’t come crying to me when you don’t like the lewd bits.


I sigh heavily as I adjust the fraying strap of my backpack on my right shoulder, leaves crunching under my shoes as I turn onto my street and begin the long walk all the way down to the modest ranch house tucked away in the corner, partially hidden by the large oak and pine trees surrounding it. School hadn’t been terribly great, but at least it was Friday. First period was as boring as usual; half of my classmates were barely even awake as the Anubis history teacher went on and on about stuff no one really cared about. Second wasn’t much better, and that Cheshire cat I had the misfortune to sit next to nearly got me detention. Lunch was okay for a little while until my friend Mark got dragged away by his lamia girlfriend to do who knows what somewhere else, and the head delinquent of the school, a dragon girl, decided to “appropriate” the chocolate chip cookie from my lunch. I could at least look forward to spending the rest of the weekend sitting in my room playing some video games while putting off my homework until almost midnight on Sunday, and hopefully my mom won’t ask me to do anything either.

Shifting my coat against the crisp November air, I walk past the aging four-door car sitting in the driveway and up the two steps onto the front porch. Swearing under my breath, I fumble for my house key and nearly drop my phone before muffled hoofsteps come from the other side of the door and my mother opens the door for me.

“Welcome back sweetie!” she says, swooping me up in her arms and smothering me with her massive chest.

Struggling for breath, I try to pry myself away from her vice-like grip and she eventually relents, gently placing me back down on my feet.

“H-hello Martha.” I gasp.

“Come on, I told you it was okay to call me ‘mom’.”

“Hi mom.” I respond.

“See, isn’t that better?” Martha says, smiling gently while reaching forward and pulling me in with her death grip again for a few moments. “Dinner will be ready in a few hours.” she says as she turns around and sashays back into the house, hooves softly clopping on the hardwood floor.

Sighing heavily, I trudge to the back of the house and open the door to my room, gritting my teeth and cursing to no one in particular as the unoiled hinges squeak in my ear. Flopping down into the chair at my desk, I swivel around and take a look at my surroundings as I wait for my computer to boot up. The bed in the corner with the haphazard sheets laying on top of it look more or less the same as when I got up earlier this morning, and the dirty clothing scattered about the room is in the same state as they’ve always been in. The top left corner of the poster near my nightstand seemed to have come unstuck from the wall, and the poster’s falling down again. Everything else in my room is the same as I left it this morning, from the handful of models and figures I’ve collected over the years to the bits of junk everywhere else. The only thing that stands out is the pile of fresh, clean clothes that Martha left for me stacked on the dresser. Exhaling through my nose, I get out of my chair and start putting everything away.

I’ve known the woman pretty much all my life. Sometimes I hesitate to call her “mom” or whatever variation of the word you’d like, because she isn’t my mother. Legally, yes, she’s my guardian and has to deal with all the things that come with taking care of someone who’s under the age of 18 like signing off on papers at the doctor’s office or being the one I bring along on Parent/Teacher conferences. Calling her “mom” is a bit difficult to consider since while she had cared for me for almost eleven years beforehand, she eventually did sit down with me one evening and talk about how she’s not my real mom, I’m adopted, blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong though. I appreciate that Martha’s put up with me for so long, but sometimes having an overbearing 37 year-old single holstaur for a mother, even if she’s not blood-related, can get on my nerves sometimes. Especially when she insists on using silly pet names with me instead of my actual name. My house being the default hangout point for all of my friends so they can ogle Martha can get old too, but I suppose that’s what I get for having a monstergirl known for watermelon-sized tits, an ass you could lose yourself in, and hips wider than the Mississippi River for a stepmother. Martha never seemed to flaunt herself that much though, at least not as much as some succubi try to.

She always wears soft pants that hug her shapely legs in the colder months, and snug khaki or jean shorts that end just above the knee on her digitigrade legs in the summer. Of course no matter how much she tries, she always seems to find pants that show off her large, soft, pear-shaped butt. Hiding the size of her chest would be impossible as well, so Martha simply finds the least revealing shirts, jackets, and sweaters possible to stop people from staring at her soft, creamy breasts as much. Coupled with the fact that she also has to either spend hours just trying on bras to find one that not only fits but is also comfortable and supportive, or shop for them online, clothes shopping with my adoptive mother is a pain in the ass. Thankfully she doesn’t require anything more than some extra shampoo for the black and white mottled fur on her legs and tail in addition to her wavy shoulder-length hair, or the specially-made nail files she needs for her hooves or bovine horns; she’s more or less like any other female when it comes to shopping for makeup or hygiene products.

After another minute or two of pondering life, my computer boots up and I start browsing the internet for a bit before begrudgingly working on the English paper due on Monday. I almost don’t hear Martha open the door to my room as I type away on the keyboard while listening to some music through my headphones.

“Honey,” she calls out from the doorway, “dinner’s ready.”

“Yeah, whatever Martha. I’ll be out in a bit.” I respond, not even bothering to turn around in my chair.

The sound of my music drowns out almost everything, but I think I heard Martha sigh dejectedly before turning away and walking off towards the kitchen. Going back to my paper, I continue to work for a few more minutes when I hear Martha call out during a lull in my music.

“Hurry up dear, your dinner’s getting cold!” she shouts from across the house.

Wiping my face with one hand in exasperation, I save what work I had done and close the program window and get out of my chair; the rest can wait until tomorrow. I eventually shuffle into the kitchen and sit down opposite to Martha at the table. I can’t help but chuckle softly when her heavy chest once again gets in the way, watching her arm accidentally bump into one of her breasts resting on the table and causing the macaroni and cheese to spill onto her dark gray sweater.

“Dammit, not again!” Martha exclaims, huffing to her herself as she scoops the cheesy noodles off her chest. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” I respond, digging in to my own food. Dammit, she was right. My food got a bit cold.

“So how was school today?” she asks, wiping the last bits of food off her sweater before scooping up some more with her spoon.

“Fine.” I state flatly.

“Just ‘fine’? Nothing exciting happen in class?” Martha asks again before grinning slightly. “No girls trying to drag you out behind the gym?”

“If you count dying of boredom in history, nearly getting detention in the class afterwards, and having the best part of your lunch taken from you, then I suppose yes, I got dragged behind the gym.” I say. A look of worry crosses my adoptive holstaur mother’s face as she chews her food before swallowing again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I take it you had a bad day?” she asks.

“Having, actually. In the present tense, not past.” I say as I get up from the table. “I got some work to do. Thanks for dinner.” I call out as I walk back to my room.

“Honey! You barely even ate anything!” Martha shouts.

“Not hungry.” I respond, already collapsing back into my chair and scrolling through the games on my computer.

That wasn’t entirely true, but I didn’t want to have to deal with Martha’s incessant prying into my social life. Why couldn’t she go out herself and find someone else to talk to? The house was quiet and all the lights were off by the time I finally pried myself away from the dull blue glow of my monitor at about 2 a.m. and went to bed.


I slowly open my eyes before immediately closing them again as the late morning sun shines through my bedroom window and directly onto my face. Groaning, I roll over and look at the alarm clock sitting on the small table next to my head, its red LED display proudly telling me that it’s 10:07 in the morning. Flopping back into the mattress, I lay there for a bit before sighing to myself, and I begrudgingly get out of bed. After letting the hot water coming from the showerhead run over my body for a few minutes, I clean myself up and get dressed before shuffling to the kitchen to find myself some breakfast.

As I’m blearily munching on some toast, I hear Martha’s hooves clopping on the tile before watching her walk into the kitchen, hair half done and chest wobbling slightly as she searches through her purse for something. She stops when she sees me, the expression on her face morphing from one that is slightly frantic to mild annoyance.

“Honey, I thought I told you I wanted to leave at ten!” she says.

“I didn’t hear anything. Besides, I got stuff to do today.” I retort.

“Well I do too young man. Now come on, go get ready.”

“Young man?” I ask, putting the bit of toast I was about to eat back down on my plate. “I’m not a kid anymore Martha, I have barely six months before I’m out of high school.” I say, my blood starting to boil again.

“Being a kid or being a high school student has nothing to do with who makes the rules in this house!” Martha responds, raising her voice a little as well.

“Who gives a shit about which person makes the rules? It’s not like you’d stop coddling me or constantly hovering over my shoulder, asking me how my day was or embarrassing me in front of everyone when you treat me like some sort of toddler.”

“Watch your mouth young man!” Martha shouts, pointing her finger at me.

“Or what, you’re going to tell dad when he gets home?” I yell. “Oh yeah, I forgot. He’s dead, and instead of working on a relationship again, you’d rather act like I’m completely incapable of doing anything. Why would you even care about me? We’re not even fucking related!”

I stand there for a minute, fuming as Martha looks at me with her mouth slightly open before tears start to roll down her cheeks. Huffing angrily, I turn around and stomp back towards my room, making sure to slam the door hard enough so that even the neighbors could hear it.


Walls still rattling, I angrily sit down in front of my desk and furiously type away on my keyboard. I don’t load up anything in particular, just something to get my mind off of the argument I just had with my adoptive mother. I glare at my monitor for a while as I try to distract myself with YouTube videos, but that only lasts a few minutes before I swiftly close the browser window and load up a game. That doesn’t work either, and I soon exit out of the client as well before going to my last resort for when I’m bored out of my mind: homework. I open up the English paper I was working on the day before and slowly but surely inch closer to the minimum page requirement.

After a few hours, I notice that I had been typing slower and slower over the course of a few minutes. Happy with the progress I made, I save my work before leaning back in my chair, calm enough to think rationally for once. My mind goes back to Martha’s face as it slowly becomes shocked, then afraid, then deeply hurt as I yell the classic “You’re not my real mom!” line. A knot forms in my gut as I realize what those words truly meant to her. Groaning, I bury my face in my hands. What did I just do to her?

Wiping my face, I sit back up in my chair and pull up an IM tab with one of my friend’s Mamono girlfriends, Kassandra. If any of the people I knew would know what I should do, it would be that kitsune.

anonson65: yo, kassi, i need your help
foxylady: what did you do this time?
anonson65: i fucked up bad
anonson65: you know martha, my mother
foxylady: your adoptive mother
anonson65: yeah whatever
anonson65: well, anyways, i fucked up badly
anonson65: i used *that* line with her a few hours ago
foxylady: you mean the “your not my real mom” shit?
anonson65: yes…
foxylady: holy shit dude, that’s fucking harsh
foxylady: why did you even say it?
anonson65: im not really sure. i was eating breakfast, and then she comes in to the kitchen asking why i wasnt ready to go out with her to do errands
foxylady: she didnt tell you anything about that?
anonson65: not really. she asked why i didnt have my shoes on, blah blah blah
anonson65: i then told her that i had shit to do, and she got all uppity with me and said she did as well
foxylady: so? that doesnt sound nearly as bad as i think it went
anonson65: well she insisted i go, i got more angry, then she did as well, and then i start going off on her about how she always seems to treat me like a kid
foxylady: all parents do that, especially your mother
foxylady: not to mention holstaurs. they’re the ones that always seem to be more “motherly” than others
anonson65: yeah, well pulling the “my dad is dead” and “you’re not my real parent” lines doesnt really help
foxylady: i feel like that isnt everything
anonson65: well i also yelled at her that she didnt care about me because of the whole “you’re not my blood relative” thing
foxylady: holy shit your fucking retarded. it’s fucking obvious that she cares about you dude
foxylady: yeah the coddling may get annoying, but that’s just how monstergirls are with their children
anonson65: i know, it’s just frustrating to always seem like i’m a fucking toddler to her
foxylady: it may not seem like it, but she loves you. a lot.
foxylady: the bond might not be as strong if a monstergirl adopts a kid when they’re older, like say when the kid’s 8 or something, but according to you she adopted you when you were, what, 3?
anonson65: one, actually, if that. martha’s never really talked much about my dad, even less about my mom
foxylady: do you know how they died?
anonson65: i’ve only asked a few times. apparently my mom died shortly after i was born from some medical bullshit related to the pregnancy thing
anonson65: dont know much about my dad, if anything
foxylady: sounds rough
foxylady: you should go apologize to her
anonson65: and say what? i all but spat in her face
foxylady: just do it
anonson65: fuck off shia labeouf
foxylady: :3
foxylady: seriously though, go say you’re sorry, and who gives a shit if she’d be mad at you or not?
foxylady: this shit happens
foxylady: kids will argue with their parents, but it isn’t gonna stop the mom and/or dad from loving them
foxylady: and despite what you may think, martha cares about you deeply like you were one of her own
foxylady: even if mamono cant have human children
foxylady: and i’m pretty sure you love her too, even if you don’t really feel it sometimes
anonson65: i dont know kassi
anonson65: i just need to think for a bit i guess
anonson65: work up the courage or something
foxylady: dont take too long or you’ll never get around to it in time and you’ll end up hating yourself even more
anonson65: maybe…
anonson65: might as well get off now before you bug me 30 seconds later asking me if i went to talk to her
foxylady: 🙂
foxylady: l8r
anonson65: u 2

I watch Kassandra sign off before exhaling heavily, sinking into the chair cushion. How the hell am I supposed to go about apologizing to Martha after blowing up at her like that? Only one way to find out, I suppose. With slightly shaking legs, I get up out of the chair and begin the slow walk across my room to the door, opening it and continuing the slow march towards my adoptive holstaur mother’s room at the other side of the house.


I’ve probably been standing in front of her bedroom door for the past five minutes, trying to work up the nerve to open it. My heart feels like it’s about to burst from my chest like an otherworldly creature from a horror movie, and the blood rushing through my ears is no help in calming my turbulent nerves. Swallowing heavily and sighing equally as powerful, I reach for the knob when I hear the monstergirl on the other side of the door call out.

“Come in dear.”

The hinges quietly squeak as I push the door inwards, and I soon am able to see the inside of Martha’s bedroom and its holstaur occupant sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from the doorway. The room itself looks almost exactly the same as when I last saw it. The bookcase and recliner are still in the same corner, and the dresser on the opposite wall has the same haphazard collection of jewelry and perfume bottles scattered on top. The top drawer is also slightly open, and much to my shame I recognize the strap of the hot pink JJ-cup bra I had the (mis)fortune to spot in the laundry one day. Later that night Martha almost caught me looking at rather revealing images of holstaur models on the internet, but thankfully she, unlike most parents I hear about, had the decency to knock on my bedroom door and wait for an answer before barging in.

The television mounted on the wall opposite the foot of the bed is also still there, and the remote is sitting upturned on the nightstand next to the bed. The bedsheets and the pillows on the bed seem a little strewn about, more so than usual, and I try to distract myself and stall for time one last time by smoothing out the vanilla-colored comforter before sitting down next to Martha. As I sit down I notice that she had moved the picture on the nightstand next to the bed, as if she picked it up at one point to look at the picture more closely. I stare at the wall across from where I’m sitting, trying to figure out how I should start.

“M-Martha?” I finally manage to croak out.

“Yes sweetie?” she responds, looking back at me with slightly puffy, reddened eyes.

“I-…” I begin, words catching in my throat as tears start to roll down my face. “I-I’m sorry.”

Fresh tears start beading up at the corner of her eyes before she smiles weakly, reaching over and pulling me into a tight but comforting hug. Reaching around her shoulders, I wrap my arms around Martha’s torso, causing her to squeeze me more ever so slightly and her monumentally large breasts to squeeze between our bodies a little bit more. After what seems like minutes her grip finally relents, and she pulls back, resting her dainty hands on my shoulders as she looks me in the eye.

“I’m sorry too sweetie.” she says, and I can’t help but move forward and hug her some more.

Pulling away again, Martha gives my hand a slight squeeze before resting in her lap. She looks down at it for a moment before peering into my eyes again.

“How are you feeling?” she asks me.

“Like sh-” I start, barely catching myself before I swear in front of her again before looking down at the ground guiltily.

“It’s okay dear, I won’t get mad.” Martha smiles.

“You’re not mad at me?” I manage to ask.

“Of course not honey. How could I ever be mad at my own son when I love him so much?”

I smile a bit as well before embracing her again for a few moments.

“I-I don’t know. I guess I got frustrated is all.” I say. “I had a shitty day at school on Friday, then on top of that I’d be spending most of the weekend working on homework that I should have done weeks before but blew off to mess around with my friends instead.”

“It’s alright. I should’ve noticed you weren’t in the best of moods and just left you alone for a little while. Maybe get out of the house for a bit so your nagging mother wouldn’t be around to bug you.” Martha responds, putting an arm around my shoulders.

“Maybe I was just upset because I was letting the little things get to me and wasn’t bothering to go talk to the one person who would listen to me without judging me.” I say.

“Thank you sweetie.”

“I just, I don’t know, kept my feelings bottled up and instead of asking you to treat me like an adult, I assumed you would never listen.”

“I know. I’m sorry honey. I should have asked if you wanted me to stop with the pet names, despite how cute they are.” she chuckles, and I smile back before looking at the photo on the nightstand. Martha sees where I’m looking and picks the frame up.

“You look just like him.” she sighs, tracing a finger around the edge of the picture. Looking more closely I notice the picture is of a young looking holstaur and a human standing next to each other in front of a flower garden, smiling and holding hands.

“Is that my dad?” I ask, pointing towards the man in the picture.

“Yes actually. He was about 21 or 22 at the time it was taken, and so was I.”

“Hang on, that’s you standing next to him?” I ask.

“Yep. I met your father about a year after you were born, according to him. Your biological mother died shortly after you were born due to some sort of complication, and he originally called me when I was single about the advertisement I had made about a babysitting service.”

“You were my babysitter?”

“Uh huh. Your father finally got around to going to work again, and needed someone to look after you while he was gone since he couldn’t really work from home. So I’d come by early in the morning before he left for work and left shortly after he came back. I even occasionally stayed a bit later for dinner.”

“That almost sounds like something a guy would do with his girlfriend.” I say.

“This kept up for a few months before I suggested I become a live-in nanny for him. He agreed, and then a few weeks later he actually asked me out on a date!” Martha exclaims, her brown eyes lighting up.

“How bad was the line?” I groan.

“Oh, you should have heard it! He goes, ‘Can I have your number? Oh wait, I already do! Wanna go out with me?’”

“God, that’s horrible!”

“I know, but I couldn’t help it! I just had to go out to dinner with him. After that we became pretty much inseparable.”

“What happened next?” I ask.

Martha’s face darkens somewhat, and her voice takes on a slightly melancholic tone.

“It was some time later. Several months to perhaps a year after he first asked me out. A few days before, we went to this incredibly romantic dinner. Dark mood lighting, candles, soft orchestral music, wine, the works. He proposed to me during dessert. I practically smothered him when I accepted.”

Martha pauses for a second before exhaling heavily.

“It was a few days after that. Either Tuesday or Wednesday, I can’t remember.” Martha says. “I had just put you to bed and was waiting for your father to get home at his usual time of six o’clock so we could eat dinner together, but he was running a little late for some reason. Six turned to seven, then seven to eight. I was watching the news at the time and was about to call your f-father w-when…,” she chokes, tears streaming down her face, “w-when the news showed the report of the accident on the highway. Y-your father…h-he…” she stops before starting to weep, her shoulders shaking incredibly hard.

Reaching over, I pull Martha in and hold her as tightly as I can and she clutches me as heavy sobs wrack her body, pure anguish shaking her to her very core. I hold her for several more minutes until her crying subsides, and she gingerly pushes me away.

“I-I’m sorry dear, I-I just miss him so much.” Martha sniffs.

“It’s okay to cry about someone you love.” I respond.

“Thank you sweetie. I-I just don’t want to lose him again. L-lose you.” she says before crying softly again, and I squeeze her against me some more.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m not going anywhere.” I say, looking into her tired eyes.

“I love you honey.” Martha responds, reaching forward and kissing me on the cheek before hugging me again.

“I love you too mom.” I say. “Do you still want to go do those errands?” I ask after we let go of each other.

“L-let me clean myself up first.” Martha replies before getting up off the bed.

“I’ll wait for you in the living room then.” I say before heading to my room to get ready myself.


Several hours later my arms are all but ready to fall out of their sockets, and my feet feel like complete mush. With an exhaustive sigh I dump the last bag down in Martha’s room and flop onto the bed, too tired to go anywhere else. A few moments later Martha comes out of the attached bathroom wearing her soft, fuzzy pajamas with the button-up top.

“Tired sweetie?” she smiles.

“Very.” I wearily respond.

“Well just relax then and pick something to watch while I put everything away.” Martha says, reaching over to give me a peck on the cheek. “I love you sweetie.”

“Love you too mom.” I say, lazily reaching over to give Martha a quick hug, my position on the bed causing my face to press against her bosom a little bit.

As I kick my shoes off, I can’t help but stare a little at Martha’s swaying hips and flexing backside as she walks out of the room. My situation doesn’t improve in the slightest when I catch her walking past the hall, her colossal breasts jiggling far more than they usually do. My pants suddenly tighten and I swallow heavily when I figure out that she’s not wearing anything underneath her pajama top, and Martha doesn’t help much when she bends over in full view of the bedroom to put something away, her already snug pajama pants getting stretched out even further by the perfect curves of her meaty ass. I quickly look away and focus on the television, trying to bury the thoughts of Martha and I having sex with each other.

I settle on watching some boring cop drama where the main character and his hellhound partner work to keep their love affair with each other a secret while still taking down the various crime groups, one of which is of course a radical church sect filled with nothing but paladins who want nothing more than to kill every single monstergirl that exists. The episodes with that particular group as the main villain always end up as a murder case with a big fight at the end.

Martha returns a few minutes later with a large bowl of fresh, hot, buttery popcorn, a bottle of wine and a wine glass for her, and a glass of water for me. Setting the popcorn between us, she crawls into bed before snuggling up close to me, and I try to hide my growing erection by piling the sheets over my legs.

“Cold?” Martha asks, nestling herself deeper into the bed and making herself more comfortable.

“A little.” I lie, face flushing slightly as I try to hide my embarrassment of getting aroused by my own mother, even if I was adopted.

She simply smiles back at me before scooting slightly closer to me so that our bodies are touching. After several episodes of cliché cop drama, the popcorn had long since disappeared and Martha managed to go through the entire bottle of cheap wine. The alarm clock next to me reads nearly midnight, and feeling rather tired after the long day I had I reach for the remote and shut the television off before setting the remote, the empty bowl of popcorn, and my nearly empty glass of water off to the side.

“Bored, honey?” Martha asks, looking over at me.

Thanks to the amount of wine she’s had, her cheeks are flushed slightly, and she seems to be trying to get a little closer to me.

“Mostly tired.” I respond, yawning slightly. “How was your day today?”

“I had fun. It was nice spending time with you out of the house, rather than being cooped up in our own rooms turning into vegetables.” she says, gently stroking my arm.


“Anything exciting happening at school?” Martha asks.

“Prom’s coming up. Mark and his girlfriend are going together, and so is Kassandra and her boyfriend.”

“What about you honey? Got any girls you’re thinking of asking?” Martha teases.

“Well,” I start, “there is this one girl. A Mamono actually. Real pretty too.”

“Ooh, how pretty is she?” Martha asks, sitting up a bit further and leaning towards me, showing off the small amount of cleavage she has on display.

She’s clearly interested in what I have to say, and I look at her a little apprehensively as she grins at me.

“Well, she has these really nice chocolate brown eyes, and her hair is amazing.”

“Oh really now?” Martha asks again, subtly adjusting her pajama top.

“Yep. Her personality is really sweet too, and I’m pretty sure she’s just waiting for me to ask her.” I say, grinning like an idiot.

Martha and I look at each other for a moment before bursting out in laughter, and we share a loving hug for a few moments.

“Well, I’m sure your friends would be jealous if she was your date.” Martha says. “And if you asked her right now, she probably wouldn’t mind going with you.”

“Thanks mom.” I respond, embracing Martha again.

“You know, dear,” Martha begins, moving closer to me, “she also doesn’t mind if you stare at her either.” she says in a low voice, smiling mischievously as her pajama top falls open slightly, exposing the massive valley of her cleavage.

“Martha, I-” I start before she presses a finger to my lips.

“Shhh, there’s no need to talk or be ashamed. Just let me take care of you.” Martha says huskily.

She pulls her finger away from my lips and right as I’m about to open my mouth to protest, Martha lunges forward and eagerly presses her body against me as she kisses me deeply. Her arms pull me into her even harder, her heaving chest compressing against my torso as her wide tongue hungrily prods my lips before parting them and slipping past. Crawling onto my lap, Martha wastes no time in grinding her incredibly wide hips into my rapidly hardening manhood, rolling and gyrating her pelvis as she forces herself onto me even more. She finally relents for a moment, breaking the seal around our mouths with a nearly silent, wet pop, a small strand of saliva bridging the gap between our lips as both of our chests heave from our heated arousal and breathlessness. I glance down ever so slight and am awarded a front row seat to my adoptive holstaur mother’s mountainous bosom all but falling out of her nightgown. She follows my gaze before blushing heavily and smiling, making my stiff member trapped beneath her heavenly body twitch ever so slightly.

“Someone’s eager, aren’t they?” Martha coos, tracing a finger up and down my chest. “Don’t you worry about a thing, I’ll take reeeaaal good care of you.” she whispers in my ear, causing me to shudder slightly.

She gives my earlobe a slight nibble before pressing her lips against mine again for a few seconds, and strips me out of my shirt only to then slowly slink her body down mine further and further, kissing my bare skin over and over again until she reaches the waistband of my jeans. Her breathing gets slightly heavier as she chews on her lower lip, fumbling with the zipper on my pants before finally undoing it and reaching in to grab my pulsating cock.

“Oh my.” Martha gasps, still clutching my shaft in her hand as she looks up at my apprehensive face. “Oh, don’t worry dear, I’m just surprised is all. It’s just…bigger…than I expected.” she confesses. “Much, much bigger.”

Stroking my cock a few more times, she gives my rock-hard erection an appreciative squeeze before fishing my entire package out of my pants. There’s a hungry glint in her eyes as she stares at my throbbing manhood, chewing on her lower lip again as she struggles to contain herself.

“Mmm, it looks even bigger than I imagined.” Martha says. “So…thick and hard.” she huskily declares, gently caressing my length before reaching down to fondle my balls. “Oooh, so heavy too. All that pent-up seed just waiting to burst.” Martha smiles before crawling forward to passionately kiss me again, holding herself against me for several seconds.

As she pulls away, she looks into my eyes again with a hunger that can only be satisfied by one thing, and we both know what it is.

“Enough talk, though.” Martha finally says, breaking the momentary silence. “I think someone’s eager to get going, aren’t they?” she asks with a malicious grin.

Snaking her way downwards, she grabs my pants by the waistband and slowly pulls my jeans and my boxers down off my legs before unceremoniously tossing them off to the side. Now completely nude, I lay on Martha’s bed as I watch her slowly unbutton the rest of her pajama top. With each button that comes undone, her abundant chest wobbles a bit and when she finally undoes the last button, she smiles widely at me, brown eyes sparkling before her arms slip inside the shirt and she pulls it over her head. The two cherry-like nubs proudly sitting in the center of each massive nipple catch slightly on the hem of her top before gravity wins out, and her pendulous breasts swing freely and unrestrained by any man-made device.

I can’t help but stare slack-jawed at the sheer size of my adoptive mother’s naked chest. Each orb is easily bigger than my head, and thanks to Martha’s unique species each movement she makes sends them jostling. The areola are absolutely massive, about the size of the palm of my hand, and they’re about the same dark shade of brown as her eyes. Strangely enough though, Martha’s chest doesn’t seem to sag in the slightest. Sure, there might be a little bit of a tear-drop shape to them, but that’s just because of how huge her breasts are; the size and weight alone is enough to give them that ever-so delicious shape. Thanks to how she’s sitting on the bed, Martha’s stomach also burgeons out slightly, the pudge on her belly giving her the cutest of muffin tops. She catches me staring, and giggles at my somewhat stunned expression.

“Like what you see? Because I know I do.” Martha says, leaning forward and putting her face right up against my towering manhood.

She gently grasps my quivering member, wrapping her soft fingers around my cock before slowly pumping her hand up and down. Her ministrations cause me to squirm helplessly as my crotch is teased and caressed by her smooth hands and cool breath. Precum starts slowly leaking out of my cock, and Martha’s expert hands soon coat my entire length with it, giving my shaft a healthy sheen and making it incredibly slick in her hands. Thanks to the fluids leaking from my tip, eventually Martha’s ministrations cause soft squelching sounds to sound out in the room as she strokes my manhood, occasionally stopping for a few moments to give it a comforting squeeze or so she can fondle my testes. I can’t help but breathe a little bit faster as my cock twitches in Martha’s grasp, and I let out a quiet whimper when she stops fondling my junk.

“Aww, don’t be sad dear. I was just getting you prepared.” Martha smiles before moving away from me slightly and positioning her wobbling chest above my groin.

Smiling, she lowers her torso onto my pelvis, the incredible size of her bosom utterly encasing my prick in the warm space between her breasts. Martha looks up at me with loving eyes before grabbing each breast in one hand, squeezing my trembling cock in velvety titflesh. Pressing her chest down against my thighs, the head of my cock just barely peaks out from in between her boobs, and Martha smirks before giving it a quick kiss before lifting her hefty tits up my shaft. Each time she presses herself against my pelvis, I get a quick kiss on the tip of my manhood before it disappears right back into her immense cleavage before the entire process starts all over again. Wet slapping noises ring out for a few minutes as Martha continues to pump my cock in between her warm breasts, and my toes start to curl slightly as I clench as much bedsheet as I can between my fingers and gritting my teeth as I try not to cry out.

“Ready to pop already sweetie?” Martha asks, stopping herself before massaging her own chest. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you waste all of that precious seed all over my breasts, as much as I know you want to.” she says with a knowing smile. “I have…other…plans for you, my dear.”

Martha leans forward and kisses the tip of my cock one more time before she opens up her mouth, letting her bovine tongue roll out. She starts lovingly cleaning my shaft of the sweat and precum, curling her tongue completely around my cock and pumping it with her cow-like appendage. Satisfied with her impromptu spit-shine, she gingerly wraps her plump limps around the tip of my manhood, grasping my waist with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. More and more of my cock disappears into Martha’s eager mouth, and she hums in delight when I reach forward to stroke her hair. Looking up at me with lust-filled eyes, my adoptive holstaur mother winks at me before bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, slurping up as much cockmeat in each thrust as she can. Occasionally she rolls my balls in her hand and I encourage her along by pressing my hand down on the back of her head slightly, which earns me an appreciative gurgle as Martha sucks my cock like a starving succubus.

She shifts her grip from my waist and testes to squeeze her perfect chest again, blowing me and fucking me with her tits at the same time. I can’t help but buck my hips in time with her bobbing, and before long I find my hands grasping at her bovine horns, using them as handlebars until I suddenly lose control and explode in her mouth. I press Martha’s face as far into my crotch as I can get it, and I can feel the tip of my cock slip past the back of her throat as she hums throatily, massaging and fondling my balls to coax out as much of my cum as she can. Each spurt of cum causes my dick to twitch in her grasp, and each time she feels me release into her mouth and throat she giggles slightly before she eventually pulls away from my pelvis. My manhood slips out of her mouth with a lewd pop as it shoots a few more thick wads of jizz directly onto her face and tits, and Martha gasps slightly and laughs when a few globs land precariously close to her eyes and nose.

“My my, someone was pent up.” Martha giggles, wiping a bit of my cum off her face before sucking on the finger. “Mmm, such a delicious taste too. I could just eat you up!” she smiles before chuckling slightly. “Let me go wash up and we can have some more fun, hmm?” she asks before getting off of my lap and the bed.

Inhibitions completely gone, Martha’s making no attempt to hide the fact that she’s bending over right in front of me and rocking her hips to and fro, just begging me to try and grab a handful of her plump butt. Unable to resists, I reach forward and try to grope her rear end but her bovine tail wraps around my wrist, stopping my hand mere inches from the jiggly flesh.

“Ah, ah, ah! That comes later honey. Like I said, I’m going to take care of you, and that means you don’t have to do a thing.” Martha says, looking over her shoulder at me.

She smiles again, her tail flexing ever so slightly so my fingers brush across the fuzzy fabric of her pajama bottoms, and she giggles before picking up her discarded clothing and heading to the adjacent bathroom to wash the cum off her face, tits, and out of her mouth.

For a minute or two I can hear Martha washing up, the sound of the faucet going past the half closed door along with Martha gurgling what I presume to be mouthwash. The faucet shuts off and I can hear her rustling around a bit before she steps back into the bedroom. My jaw about hits the floor again when Martha looks at me with her sparkling brown eyes, smiling softly as she cocks her hips to one side slightly and resting one of her hands on her side while the other props her body up against the doorframe.

Martha had changed out of her pajamas entirely in favor of nothing but a dark violet pair of rather frilly panties, baring her shapely legs, pudgy belly, and massive chest for me to ogle. The panties hug her incredibly curvy hips well, the lacy fabric snug against her voluptuous body. The undergarment darkens somewhat at the cleft between her legs, hiding the last bit of modesty she has from me. Still smiling, Martha gently pushes herself away from the doorframe and slowly twirls around, giving me a chance to gawp at her perfectly rounded ass as it jiggles ever so slightly from her erotic tease.

“Like what you see?” Martha asks in a sultry tone.

“I, uh, it looks, uh…” I stutter, completely shocked at this other side of my adoptive mother I’ve never seen before. “It looks good.”

Martha smiles widely again before reaching over to the light switch, dimming the lights and allowing more of the light from the full moon to shine through the bedroom window. She then saunters over to the bed, crawling on all fours once she gets onto the mattress and letting her heavy breasts swing pendulously beneath her. Now that she’s practically in my face, I notice that Martha’s also put on a small amount of eye liner and shadow along with a little bit of soft cherry red lipstick. Not enough so that it looks like her face is caked with makeup, but enough to bring out the natural beauty of her feminine face.

“Thank you sweetie, I really appreciate that.” Martha says, climbing into my lap again to face me, hints of spearmint on her breath confirming my suspicions that she used mouthwash earlier.

“The, uh, the makeup makes you look pretty mom.” I stutter again.

“Aww, you’re too sweet honey.” Martha coos, leaning forward to kiss me.

Her eyes flutter closed as she presses her lips against me more passionately, her tongue snaking its way paste both of our lips to dance with mine as she starts grinding her pelvis into mine, making the bed creak slightly. Grabbing my wrists, Martha moves my hands to her wide hips before letting go, pressing her curvaceous body as hard into me as possible while her hands explore every inch of my bare torso. Occasionally our mouths part, both of us gasping for air before our rapidly rising lust urges us to kiss the other person again. At some point I find myself gently caressing Martha’s hips and thighs, making her moan quietly into my mouth as she makes out with me, and when I reach around to grab a handful of her fat ass, her breath catches in her throat before moaning out loud.

“Ooh, somebody’s finally…found…what…they…want.” Martha whispers, kissing me in between each word. “Go ahead and touch me all you want. I won’t stop you.” she says. “And I don’t think I’d want to try either.” she giggles before locking lips with me again and grinding herself into me even harder.

Still trapped beneath her rocking, gyrating form, my manhood occasionally twitches as Martha and I fondle each other as we try to see who can give the other person more smooches. Occasionally I squeeze her enormous rear end, making her pause as she gasps in delight, and other times she breaks the kiss to nibble on my earlobe or the nape of my neck. I start to win when I pinch or slap her hefty rear end, each time I do making her squeak out like a startled dormouse and her entire body shudder. Several more minutes of kissing, fondling, groping, teasing, and grinding later Martha’s movements become a little more frantic before she shudders violently in my arms, pressing her face into my chest as she cries out softly.

“Are you alright Martha?” I ask, looking at her flushed face.

“Y-yeah, I-I’m fine.” she gasps. “I think I’m done for now though.” she says, giggling when she notices my mood darken. “Oh my, I don’t mean that sweetie. I meant done with this.” she coyly says before lifting her pelvis out of my lap before reaching down to slide her slightly damp panties down her legs.

“A little help?” Martha asks, smiling, and I smile back before reaching up to give her a tender, loving kiss as my hands help her slide the offending garment down past her knees and down to her ankles before she tosses her underwear off to the side with a flick of her hoof.

Peering deep into my eyes, my adoptive holstaur mother smiles as I reach under her and grab my hard cock, pointing it up in the air and aligning it with her wet nethers.

“I love you sweetie.” Martha whispers.

“I love you too Martha.” I whisper back, and we kiss again for a few moments as she slowly lowers herself onto my manhood.

We both gasp when the tip touches Martha’s wet folds, and she sighs in delight as more and more of my towering length slips inside her as I shift my grip to clutch her waist. Soon, her groin meets mine with a quiet squelch, and the monstergirl on top of me groans throatily. Martha grinds her hips in circles, swirling my cock around inside her and smearing my precum all over her inner walls as I start to fondle her expansive rear end a bit more roughly.

“Do you want a taste sweetie?” she asks, cupping one of her breasts in her hand.

I look up at her and she simply nods before thrusting her chest out ever so slightly, and with a shaking hand I reach forward and gently grasp her dripping breast before bringing it to my mouth. Martha immediately moans in ecstasy when my lips meet her wide areola, and she grabs the back of my head with her hand and pushes me into her chest a bit harder, the pressure causing some of her milk to squirt out over my tongue. My eyes go wide as her sweet, almost syrupy milk blasts my tastebuds and I instinctively gulp it down, eager for more.

“Ooh, yes, dear. Just like that. Drink as much as you want.” Martha moans as I start to gently suck on her nipple.

Thanks to my nursing, I’m instantly rewarded with more delicious milk, and I can’t help but suck on her tit a bit harder as I lovingly wrap my arms around her middle. I can feel my eyes slowly close as Martha pushes me against her a little bit more while her free hand hugs me close before she slowly starts to raise her body up on my hard rod. At first, she only lets the first few inches slip out of me, gently rocking herself on my stiff cock as I drink her milk straight from the tap, and her moaning and gasping becomes slightly more intense and high pitched as we go on.

Each time Martha pulls herself off of me, I can feel her inner walls clutch at me as if her body doesn’t want me to leave, and just before she drops her voluptuous body back down those same walls that were clamping down on me now try to suck me back in. Each time our bodies press together, I can hear a quiet yet still audible wet squelch at the same time Martha gasps or moans in my ear. Busying my hands, I reach around her waist to grab ahold of her enormous backside, making her breath catch in her throat before she lets out a content sigh. It starts to get hard for me to keep a hold of Martha’s breast with just my mouth, so I reach up with one hand and grab a handful of jiggling breast, looking up at Martha’s ecstatic face. Smiling back at me, she starts rolling her hips in time with raising her body up on my rock-hard manhood and grabs my shoulders to support herself as she starts to buck her hips against me.

Eager to help out, I grab Martha’s motherly hips again, squeezing them affectionately and thrusting my hips in time with her own, causing me to touch the deepest part of her confines that I can. The flow from her breast slows to a light trickle, and her tit slips out of my mouth with a wet pop to join its twin in jumping wildly as Martha rides me to her heart’s content. Suddenly, I start to feel my cock twitch inside of Martha, a deep warmth in my belly rising up as I start to come dangerously close to the edge, and I struggle to speak as she moans euphorically in my ear.

“M-Martha! I-I’m gonna cum soon!” I gasp, unable to suppress a groan of delight as she shifts her body, allowing the tip of my cock to kiss her cervix.

“Do-oh-ah! Don’t hold back s-sweetie! Le-ah, let it all ou-ooh-ooh-!” Martha gasps as well when I suddenly release my seed inside her.

Instinctively, I reach forward and grab the back of her head, our lips crashing against each other as we writhe in the throes of a shared climax. With each weak, shaking thrust I shoot out more and more pearly white cum into Martha, and her trembling pussy clamps down on my shuddering manhood, eager to try and keep as much of my essence inside it as it can. Somehow, I last far, far longer than when she went down on me, and I continue to fire rope after sticky rope into her. Occasionally, Martha pushes herself onto my pelvis, allowing my cock to push against the entrance to her womb and paint the walls alabaster before I finally feel my quivering balls slow down, nearly empty. Not even a single drop of my jizz leaks out between the seal created by Martha’s still fluttering folds, and her large chest heaves with exertion as she comes down from her orgasmic high.

“S-Sweetie.” Martha gasps. “Th-that was lovely.”

“Th-thank you.” I respond. “I-I felt great.”

“Me too sweetie, me too.” Martha whispers, hugging me close.

We both simply sit there, holding each other and occasionally smooching one another; at times simply pressing our lips to each other’s for a few seconds, other times swapping spit as our tongues dance together. At first I hadn’t noticed it, but as Martha and I continue to fondle and make out, I feel that my cock never actually went soft. I test my theory by flexing my muscles, making my member jump inside Martha, and she gasps out before looking at me with a lewd grin.

“Oh my, someone’s still hard, aren’t they?” she giggles, giving me a quick peck on the lips. “While I’m sure you’re up for it dear, I don’t think his two friends are.” she says, holding up her other breast. “Why don’t we help them out?”

Smiling, I gingerly reach forward and clutch Martha’s full breast, wrapping my lips around her puffy nipple. I flick my tongue across the stiff bud, causing Martha to gasp out before cooing in my ear, holding my head tenderly with one had while her other supports my shoulders. I reach around and hug her too, gently holding her warm breast with my other hand and start to nurse from her overburdened chest. Martha continues to softly murmur nonsense in my ear as I knead her doughy breast, eking out more and more sweet ambrosia with each pull and squeeze. Occasionally I tease her by nibbling on her erect nipple, getting her to moan out before her mind acts for her, and she nudges me against her bosom a bit more. I can feel my eyes close as I lose myself to the rhythmic ebb and flow of Martha’s breastmilk, the sweet nothings fluttering into my ear lulling me into a calming slumber. Eventually after several minutes I feel her gently tug me away from her now empty chest, and she looks down at me expectantly with rosy cheeks and a kind smile.

“Have enough dear?” Martha asks.

“Mhmm.” I respond.

“Good, because I think it’s time for the next course.” she giggles before turning around to face away from me. “Mind helping me sweetie? I don’t want to lose any.” she says, leaning forward slightly.

Grinning to myself as I figure out what Martha intends, I shimmy my legs out from under her and get up on my knees as she lowers herself down so that she’s resting on all fours before we both scoot around in a half circle. Now both facing the headboard, Martha reaches forward to grab a hold of it before looking over her shoulder at me, or more specifically where our bodies are still joined together. She smiles and wiggles her hips, and I respond by giving her plush butt a comforting squeeze, making her squeak a bit before her smile grows wider.

“Well come on honey. What are you waiting for? Give. It. To. Me.” Martha commands.

Grabbing her broodmother-like hips, I ease myself back out of Martha’s dripping sex, her folds still clinging to my stiff rod before I plunge myself back in, an incredibly wet slap ringing out as my hips crash back into her fat ass. Small amounts of her juices squirt out around my thighs, and I simply smirk before gripping her legs even harder, and let go of the last dregs of my inhibitions as I pound my adoptive mother from behind.

“Oh god! Yes sweetie, give it to me! Harder, please! Harder!” Martha gasps out, crying in bliss as I grope her jiggling ass.

A sudden mischievous thought crosses my mind, and I let go of Martha’s swaying body with one hand, raising it up high in the air before bringing it back down onto her gigantic ass. A loud, satisfying crack rings in my ears, and Martha’s pussy instinctively tightens around my pistoning cock. I slap her in the same spot a few more times, the meaty flesh of her hefty bottom growing redder and redder as she begs me to fuck her harder and harder.

“Ah! Ah! Ooh-ooo-oooh! Y-yes! P-please s-sweetie! I-I need more! I want to feel your big, fat cock harder! Ooh-ooh yes! Spank me harder dear! I-I-I’m gonna cu-uu-ah!”

Martha’s pussy suddenly clamps down on my cock with a vice-like grip, and she cries out in pure, unbridled joy as her entire body spasms under the power of her climax. Even more of her slick juices ooze out of her slit as I fuck her harder and harder before I find myself coming close to the edge as well.

“Martha! I’m gonna cum again!” I shout, my groin slapping wetly against her trembling ass.

“Don’t you dare let go!” she responds. “Fill me up with your seed! Make me pregnant!” she demands, and that sends me over the edge as I thrust my cock as far into her pussy as I can, and I unload the biggest batch of cum inside her already filled body.

As soon as the first fat glob splashes against her cervix, Martha bellows out again as her senses are overloaded from a second climax. I grab as much of her fat ass in each hand as I can, and I thrust again and again, unable to control myself as I utterly fill up her womb with my pearly seed. The sheer speed and volume of my orgasm starts to become too much for Martha, and she collapses into the pillows as rivulets of both of our fluids squirt out around my shaft, although it doesn’t help much as I just replace what leaks out with a hot load of fresh cum. Almost an entire minute or so later, I finally feel myself slowing down, and the last dregs of my orgasm slowly dribble out of my softening member as I collapse onto the bed with Martha, pulling her close to me and wrapping my arms around her pudgy midriff.

“H-hey Martha?” I ask.

“Yes sweetie?”

“I’m sorry.” I say.

Martha twists herself around and caresses my cheek as she looks me in the eye for a moment before giving me a tender smooch.

“It’s alright sweetie. I forgive you.” Martha says.

“N-no, not about yelling at you or anything. I’m sorry for not seeing you as your own woman. I love you, and that’s why I’ve acted so irritable.” I confess. “It’s not because I’m just a stupid teenager, at least not entirely. I just…I want you to be more than just family to me.”

“Sweetie…” Martha whispers, tearing up a bit before kissing me. “I-I’m sorry too. I’ve been a terrible mother. I let my emotions get the better of me, and now look at me.” she says, trembling slightly.

I pull Martha closer to me, squeezing her a bit tighter, trying to calm the holstaur cuddling with me down.

“It’s alright Martha, it’s not your fault.” I say, kissing her cheek. “I’ll love no matter what.”

“I love you too sweetie.” she weakly responds, twisting her head slightly so she can kiss me. “Goodnight dear.”

“Goodnight mom.” I respond, giving her my own goodnight smooch, holding my mouth against hers for a few seconds before we both drift off to a peaceful, satisfied sleep.


Something stirs against the outer edges of my consciousness, and I try to fight it off only for it to increase its squirming until my eyes slowly crack open. My chest is flush against Martha’s back, and my arms are draped across her naked torso, subconsciously hugging her body close to mine. As if on instinct, she wiggles her hips around in small circles and I notice that while I had slipped out of her sometime in the middle of the night and allowing our previous tryst to stain the bedsheets, our movements during our slumber had caused my now hardening member to slip into the crack of Martha’s squishy ass. Smiling to myself, I hug her a bit tighter, simply enjoying the warmth of her nude figure. Soon though, Martha starts to stir a little bit more and she eventually lets out a tired but content yawn.

“Good morning mom.” I say, kissing her on the cheek. “Sleep well?”

“Like a baby.” Martha responds, reaching over to give me a tender smooch.

I sigh in her grasp, gently parting my lips as her tongue inches forward, tickling my own, and I satisfy myself by gently cupping both of her breasts in my hands and rolling the soft, heavy flesh in my fingers. At the same time, my cock twitches slightly, and Martha breaks the kiss for a moment and giggles quietly.

“Already sweetie?” Martha teases. “Can’t it wait for a little bit until later?” she asks before pressing her lips against mine passionately for several seconds.

She then breaks the seal around our mouths and shimmies out of my grasp before getting out of bed and walking over to her dresser to pick out some fresh clothes. Teasing me yet again, Martha seductively bends over when looking through one of the bottom drawers, showing me the succulent curves of her rear end and the lips of her pussy. She heads over to the bathroom, purposefully swaying her hips to and fro before she passes through the door, and I soon hear the shower start up before Martha peaks back around the entrance to the bathroom.

“Well sweetie, aren’t you going to join me?” she asks with a sly grin, and her eyes sparkle slightly as they glance down at my bare crotch as I get out of bed before she disappears back behind the doorframe.

Martha had already jumped into the shower and managed to all but fill the room up with steam by the time my feet crossed over to the tile, but that didn’t deter me in the slightest as I stepped into the hot shower with her. Martha’s facing away from me, smoothing back her already soaked hair as rivulets of water run down her back and over the curves of her divine booty. With an animalistic growl, I lunge forward and grab Martha’s shoulders, spinning her around and kissing her as hard as I can, shoving her against the shower wall with a wet thud. Hands still up in the air, Martha’s soft brown eyes widen in shock before she moans in bliss, arms falling down across my shoulders and neck as I hike up one of her digitigrade legs to my waistline, holding it in place by pinning her leg against me as I grab her immense ass in my hand as my other arm supports her shoulders. Moaning like a hellhound in heat, Martha starts to eagerly hump me, my rock-hard shaft grinding against her sensitive folds as our tongues swirl about in each other’s mouths. Martha breaks the slobberfest for a moment, panting heavily as she looks at me with heavily lidded eyes.

“Come on sweetie.” she pants, leaning forward so that she can whisper into my ear. “Fuck me.”

Backing away from her for a moment, I align my stiff cock with her tight folds before plunging in as hard as I can, water and sexual juices squirting out from where our bodies met with a crude slap. Martha inhales sharply before letting out a long, low moan as she tugs me closer to her. Not wasting any time, I lower my head down and latch onto one of her milky breasts and start sucking down fresh milk as I pound away at her snatch, wet slaps and squelches filling the shower in time with Martha’s staccato moaning. Her entire body jiggles slightly with the force of my thrusts, and I struggle to keep her fat tit in my mouth as her chest wobbles about.

“Oh, yes! Maou yes! F-fuck me harder sweetie!” Martha gasps as her pussy spasms around my pistoning cock. “Fill me up again sweetie! I want to feel your seed dripping out of me!” she shouts in between gasps of pleasure before the milk pouring from her breast and into my waiting maw thickens considerably, and her pussy clamps down on my manhood as her body is wracked by another encompassing orgasm.

Her wet love tunnel tries its damndest to wring out a climax from me, but I continue to bury myself up to the hilt over and over again as I ride Martha through her intense orgasm. Wet clobbering and scraping sounds ring out as Martha’s legs start to give out under the pleasure, and I barely manage to catch her before she collapses onto the shower floor. Hefting her trembling body up, I hold her ass in both of my hands, and she weakly wraps her legs around my waist as I pound her even more, setting her off again as my cock batters against the entrance to her womb once again. Even with the bathroom window closed, I’m sure the neighbors could hear Martha screaming out in bliss as my thrusts become harder and faster before she grabs the back of my head, forcing me to let go of her tit with my mouth before fervidly kissing me. Taking charge for once, I force my tongue past her lips and into her mouth, causing her to shudder in delight as I make out with her and batter her insides at the same time. Before long though, I feel my balls churning hard, and I regrettably break the kiss with Martha for a few seconds.

“G-gonna cum soon!” I grunt, pushing my cock into Martha’s pussy faster and faster.

“Come on sweetie! Let’s go together!” Martha shouts before I press my lips against hers and release the massive buildup of cum as far into her inner walls as I can manage.

My balls clench and jump as shot after shot of thick jizz splatters against the walls of Martha’s pussy, the touch of my hot seed sending her over the edge with me as she practically moos in my mouth. Humping wildly, I pump my cock into her pussy over and over again each time I feel my manhood twitch, liberally coating her spasming walls and womb with my alabaster spunk. Thanks to our positions, a good amount of my cum leaks out from around my softening member as Martha and I both come down from our shared climax, and I all but slip out of her and collapse onto the built-in shower seat with her in my lap.

“Oh wow sweetie!” Martha pants, resting her face on my shoulder. “You were, just…wow.”

“Hey mom?” I ask, looking at her soothing brown eyes.

“Yes honey?”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sweetie. I love you.” Martha responds, tenderly kissing me and giving me a comforting hug.

“I love you too Martha.” I say after she breaks the kiss, causing her to smile and lean forward to give me a short peck on the lips.

“Well then, shall we do what we came here for?” Martha asks with a slight smirk, and I help her stand back up before she reaches for the shampoo.

Handing me the bottle, Martha turns around and waits expectantly, her bovine tail swishing back and forth as I squirt a generous amount of shampoo into my hands before reaching up and lathering her hair. She sighs contently as I gently massage the suds into her scalp, running my fingers through her hair like a comb for a minute or two before I decide I’m satisfied with my work and I reach for the detachable shower head and wash the bubbles away. Martha then reaches for the body wash, looking over her shoulder and giving me a wink before handing me the bottle. Smiling back, I squirt some of the body wash into my hands before reaching forward to massage her shoulders, turning her into putty in my hands.

I ease the knots out of her shoulders and neck with my thumbs before reaching around to tickle her belly. Squirming in my grip, Martha tries to suppress a feminine giggle before she loses it and starts laughing, making me laugh along with her. Lower torso thoroughly washed, I get some more body wash in my hands before reaching around to her front again, and I start lathering up her voluminous chest. Martha’s giggling turns into low moaning as I play with her generous breasts, groping and rolling the heavy flesh around in my hands and occasionally pinching her stiff nipples between my thumb and finger. Even after the bubbles wash away under the hot water, I continue to play with her chest for a while until she reaches around to push me away.

“I think they’re clean honey.” Martha says as she turns around, her face slightly flushed. “I think there’s something else that needs cleaning, don’t you think?” she whispers in my ear before kissing me deeply.

Both of our eyes flutter closed, and I slowly reach around and hold Martha close to me, enjoying the feeling of her body pressing up against me as she holds her lips against mine. We rock back and forth, content to just hug each other while our hands gently caress each other’s body. When my hands finally brush across Martha’s spacious ass, she breaks the kiss for a moment to look me in the eye as her hands reach around to make sure mine stay right where they are. I smile back at her and lean in to give her another amorous smooch, kneading the flesh of her rear end in my hands as she drapes her arms over my shoulder, moaning in delight as I play with and massage her squishy butt.


Several minutes of kissing and groping later, the hot water starts to cool and Martha and I step out of the shower, helping one another to dry off and occasionally grabbing a handful of each other’s body or sneaking in a kiss here or there.

“Mmm, that was wonderful dear. We should do that again sometime.” Martha confesses as she tousles her hair up in a towel.

“Not as wonderful as you Martha.” I say, walking over and pressing my lips against hers hard as I reach around and grab a couple of handfuls of her large butt.

Giggling, Martha lets the towel fall to the floor as she wraps her arms around me, sighing into my mouth as we hungrily kiss each other before I reluctantly pull myself away.

“Hey Martha?” I ask.

“Yes sweetie?” she responds, giving me a bit of a show as she bends over to pick her fluffy towel back up.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what sweetie?” Martha responds, cocking her head to the side slightly.

“Doing this.” I say, spreading my arms out. “Having sex with me.”

“Oh.” Martha says, blushing slightly. “Well, I suppose you remind me of your father in a way. It’s just nice to be seen as a woman again.”

I sigh a bit, reluctantly turning my attention to my legs as I dry them off.

“Oh don’t be like that sweetie.” Martha says, walking over to me and shoving my face into her massive bosom. “You’re special in your own way, and I love you for that.” she says, giving me a short kiss. “Besides, you’ve already made cum more times than he has.” Martha whispers in my ear, making my face turn beet red.

Martha giggles loudly before pulling me in for another deep kiss, and we help each other dry the last of the water off of our naked bodies.

“Why don’t you go get dressed sweetie.” Martha says, wrapping a fluffy towel around her torso, hiding both her breasts and nether regions from view. “I’ll finish up in here and then make us some breakfast. How does that sound?”

“Sounds lovely Martha. Bacon and eggs please.” I respond, giving her a peck on the cheek before walking across the house to my room in just a towel.

Not long after I finish pulling my pants up and throwing a shirt over my torso, the smell of bacon wafts through the house and to my room. My stomach growls, considering I hadn’t had anything filling to eat since dinner the previous night, and I eagerly trot over to the kitchen and Martha once again unhinges my jaw with what she’s wearing. Or rather what she isn’t wearing. Her back is turned to me, quietly humming to herself as she cooks up some bacon and eggs in nothing but an apron. Plenty of sideboob is showing as the sheer size of Martha’s chest stretches the front of the apron out further than I thought possible, and almost all of her thick, juicy thighs are exposed as her hips sway back and forth slightly. The rest of her body isn’t much better; the massive curves of her plump ass bulging out as the barest hints of her pussy peak out from underneath.

“Oh, hello there sweetie.” Martha says, smiling softly at me, holding one of those rubber mixing spatulas. “It’s almost ready, why don’t you get some plates down from the cupboard and set the table for me?” she asks, turning around to go back to cooking the eggs.

Walking over, I give her a quick kiss and grab a handful of her jiggly butt before setting the table like she asked. Taking as much time as I dare, I stare at Martha’s naked body as I place a couple of plates, knives, and forks down before sitting down at the table in such a way that I can look at her for a few minutes more before she inevitably finishes cooking and saunters over to serve a plate of scrambled eggs and a few strips of bacon for the both of us. She catches me staring again, and after putting the pan in the sink she adjusts her apron to expose more of her deep cleavage before sitting across from me and digging in to her food. We don’t talk much while eating, and as the minutes go by I struggle to adjust my pants to make my rapidly growing erection more comfortable without Martha noticing me squirm in my chair.

A few minutes later, we both finish eating and Martha bends over the table to take my plate, allowing me to look all the way down her front. She giggles and winks at me when she notices me staring at her chest again before straightening herself out and walking over to put the dishes in the sink. As I busy myself with putting away some of the clean dishes back where they belong, I look over at Martha bending over the kitchen table again, trying to reach the fork I had eaten with. Unable to take it any longer, I all but rip my pants, underwear, and shirt off before walking over to Martha and pressing my crotch right up against her butt.

“S-sweetie!” Martha gasps, dropping the fork back onto the table with a metallic clatter.

Not even bothering to answer, I grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back so I can plant a big fat, wet kiss right on her lips as I grind my cock up against her glistening asscheeks. Almost immediately, Martha starts to moan in my mouth, reaching around to untie her apron before tossing it to the side. Breaking the kiss, I roughly nudge her shoulders forward, and she leans forward while subconsciously spreading her legs apart and lifting her tail up, exposing the glistening lips of her sex. Grabbing her by the hips, I drag my manhood across her wet pussy, coating my length in her slick juices before pulling back and aligning myself with her tight backdoor.

“S-sweetie!” Martha gasps. “B-be gentle!” she says as I start to prod her dark entrance before managing to slip the head of my shaft inside her ass.

She gasps as I slowly slip in inch after inch of my manhood into her ass, and she shudders and lets out a lewd moan when I finally bottom out, resting my groin against the soft padding of her rear. I give Martha a comforting squeeze before slowly pulling my cock back out, and just as the tip of my cock is about to leave her butt, I ease back into her, causing her to moan out throatily. Her ass is incredibly tight, and I struggle to do anything more than soft, slow thrusts in and out of her dark pucker as her tongue starts to loll out of her mouth and drool all over the table.

Throwing caution to the wind, I wait until I’m about to pull out again before I really start to fuck Martha in the ass. Each brutal thrust pushes her forward up against the table, and a loud, crude slap rings out in the small kitchen as my pelvis meets her tremendous backside, lewd ripples rolling across its jiggly flesh with each impact. Grunting with exertion, I grope Martha’s ass, playing with the soft flesh and admiring its elasticity as she moans even louder than when we were in the shower together. A shudder passes through Martha, and a sudden wetness coats my legs as she cums hard, but I hardly pay attention as I rut like an animal in heat, fucking Martha’s ass harder and harder. A few minutes later there’s a sizable pool of milk and drool from Martha mixing together on the table, and she shudders again as she cums for the second time. Thanks to the tightness of her ass though, I’m unable to climax myself, so I instead make due with screwing her from behind even more and bringing out the hidden anal slut deep within her. Her ass and my legs are completely coated with her juices now, and wet slaps sound out as I thrust faster, harder, and deeper into Martha’s backdoor before I finally feel a tightness in my loins. Bellowing out, I let myself go and I cum as hard as I can inside Martha’s ass, generously coating her insides with even more of my white seed. She climaxes again, her body only managing a weak shiver as her knees wobble as I pump more jizz into her ass before I become utterly spent, and I collapse onto her, not bothering to pull out as I slowly grow soft inside her ass.


I glance over at the alarm clock next to Martha’s bed for what seems like the fifth or sixth time. She’s been gone in the kitchen for nearly five minutes, and I was starting to get impatient. Just as I’m about to get out of the bed to see what’s been taking her so long, the doorknob turns and Martha walks back in with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She had already changed into a pair of dark red panties and a criminally thin negligee, and yet I still stare at her visible nipples as she smiles softly at me before climbing under the blankets to cuddle with me.

“You sure I should have some Martha?” I ask as she hands me a half-full glass of wine.

“A little bit never hurt anyone.” she responds, setting the open bottle on the nightstand next to her. “Besides, what kind of romance movie is complete without the two lovebirds watching it sharing a bit of wine together?”

“I dunno. I guess I’m just a little confused is all. So much has changed in the past day. I mean, less than two days ago I wanted nothing to do with you, and now here I am, lying in bed next to that same woman after having had sex with her no less than three times in the past twelve hours, both of us wearing practically nothing while we sip on some wine and watch a movie.” I say, sighing heavily.

“I suppose you’re right, sweetie. I never thought I’d be doing these types of things with you either, and yet I’ve exposed more of myself to you intentionally in a day than you’d accidentally see in an entire year.” Martha responds, looking over at the television.

“Things have moved rather quickly, I admit, but I’m glad you’ve been here with me the whole time.” I say, reaching over to give Martha a gentle smooch.

“Thank you sweetie, I love you too.”

I take a sip of my wine and grimace at the taste before quietly setting the glass off to the side, and I pull Martha a bit closer to me before draping my arm around her shoulders. Sighing contently, she leans into my shoulder and hugs my waist with one arm, nestling herself into the sheets a bit more just as I reach over to dim the lights while the movie starts up.

After the movie is over, I notice that while I had hated the taste, I drank the rest of the wine Martha gave me while she had a few glasses herself. Reaching over, I shut the television off as the credits end before setting the remote back on the nightstand, and I gently tug Martha closer to me. Reaching around, she gives me a comforting hug, softly kissing my lips before returning to her position on the bed next to me, resting her cheek on my shoulder as she hugs my middle. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the wine or something else, but I feel a dull but pleasant warmth deep in my gut, and I swallow softly.

“H-hey mom? Can I ask you something?” I say.

“What is it sweetie?”

“What do you think about all of this? U-us, I mean.” I stutter.

“I don’t know sweetie. It feels amazing, but I don’t know how long it’ll last.” Martha admits.

We sit together in silence for a bit more, cuddling with each other in the dim light. For some strange reason though, I feel my heart beating stronger and stronger as the seconds and minutes tick by.


“Yes sweetie?” Martha says, looking up at me.

“C-can I tell you something?”

“Of course you can, honey. I’m you’re parent, you’re supposed to be able to tell me anything.” Martha says, smiling softly.

I struggle to keep her gaze, and I look away for a moment before sighing heavily.

“Mom, this might seem strange, but I think I’ve fallen in love with you. B-before it was just an ‘I love you’ in a mother/son or parent/child sort of way, b-but I feel like this is different. I-I don’t want to be with anyone else anymore. I want to raise a family with you; have children and watch them grow up a-and have children of their own. I want to live with you forever. N-not as your son, but as your lover. Y-your husband.” I struggle to say.

“S-sweetie, I-” Martha chokes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Martha.” I force myself to say, looking into her sparkling brown eyes. “I love you.”

“Oh sweetie!” Martha sobs before hugging me tightly, crying into my shoulder as we rock back and forth on the bed.

Eventually we pull apart, and I look into Martha’s slightly puffy brown eyes before leaning forward and gently kissing her. Sighing in my mouth, she reaches down to tug at my underwear before managing to slip it off my hips and down my legs before letting it drop onto the floor. As if on instinct, she raises her arms up, allowing me to slip off the thin negligee, kissing her deeply yet again as the hem of the shirt passes by her eyes. She wraps her arms around my neck, sinking onto her back and bringing me with her as I struggle with her panties. She pushes me away, giving me a coy smile as she pulls the dark fabric off her legs before pulling me in for another hefty smooch.

Already intertwining my legs with Martha’s, I struggle to align myself with her slit before I finally slip in, causing us to both gasp out at the sudden sensation. I look up at her for a moment, and she simply nods in understanding before embracing me. Slowly pushing my hips forward, I soon bury myself up to the hilt in Martha’s pussy and I pause for a bit so I can look at her beautiful face again.

“I love you Martha.” I whisper.

“I love you too sweetie.” she responds, reaching up to gently kiss me.

She holds her lips against mine for several moments before breaking the kiss, and she looks at me with troubled eyes.

“S-sweetie?” she asks. “Make love to me.” she whispers longingly.

I smile before leaning down, sharing a passionate, love-filled kiss with her as my hips start to pump my cock in and out of her dark confines. Her hot, steamy breath plays across my face as I break a kiss to suck in much-needed air, only to eagerly press my mouth against hers again and swirling our tongues together in each other’s mouths. Soft, wet squelches fill the room as I make sweet, tender love to Martha, my hands blindly searching for hers before eventually our fingers intertwine and completing the most intimate thing I’ve ever done with her.

Our passion becomes too much, and we’re forced to stop our incessant kissing as we both gasp and moan in bliss, too enthralled in the feeling of being connected in the most intimate of ways to bother continuing.

“Ah, sweetie. Yes! There, r-right there! M-more p-please…” Martha pants as her body and mind start to slowly give in to the pleasure.

Instinctively, I lean down and kiss her wobbling chest, making her shudder before one of her hands moves to the back of my head, gently pressing me further into her soft bosom. Wrapping my lips around her nipple, I start to slowly nurse from Martha’s breast, increasing her pleasure while my member tenderly caresses her quivering walls, sending little sparks of pleasure up to her brain. I can feel her pussy becoming tighter and tighter as she nears the edge, her breath becoming more and more ragged as she loses control.

“S-sweetie, I-I think I’m gonna c-cum!” Martha gasps, nearly ready to take the final step over the proverbial cliff.

“M-me too Martha.” I respond.

Without warning, she reaches up and locks her lips against mine, sending us both over the edge at the exact same time. I weakly thrust, moaning into her mouth as I ejaculate inside her pussy for the fourth time in less than a day. Martha’s unable to hold me against her any longer, and her head falls back into the pillows as she cries tears of joy, moaning out in bliss as I completely fill her up yet again. Mind completely gone to the pleasure, Martha lets out a long, low moo as I shoot a few more times into her pussy before I collapse onto her, using her enormous bosom as a pillow.

I close my weary eyes as the gentle rise and fall of Martha’s warm chest slowly lulls me to sleep, her arms holding me close to her bosom. I smile softly at her comforting hug, and I hug her back as we relax in each other’s arms. I’m about to fall asleep completely when it suddenly hits me.

“Oh shit.” I gasp out loud.

“Mmm, what is it honey?” Martha asks tiredly.

“Martha.” I say, rising my torso up off of Martha so I can look at her face. “I just realized, I might knock you up.”

“Really sweetie, that’s it?” Martha teases.

“No, you don’t understand. I have no idea what the hell I’m going to do if I become a father. I don’t have a job, no parenting skills whatsoever; I don’t want to fuck this up.”

“Sweetie, sweetie, it’s okay. It’s okay.” Martha says, stroking my cheek. “Everything will be fine, don’t worry about it. I’ve always wanted to raise a family with another man, and you’re giving me the chance your father never could.” she confesses, tears beading up in the corner of her eyes.

I smile softly at her and we embrace in yet another loving kiss, holding ourselves together for several seconds before ending it.

“Th-thanks Martha.” I say.

“It’s alright dear. I’m sure you’ll be a great father when it happens, no matter what you think of yourself.”

“Thank you. I’m sure you’ll be a great mother to our daughter as well.” I respond.

“Oh my, someone’s sure of themselves.” Martha giggles before pulling me back in against her pillowy bosom. “Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy you getting me pregnant though sweetie.”

“Me neither. I love you Martha.” I whisper, exhaustion overtaking me as my eyes slowly close.

“I love you too sweetie. I love you too.” she whispers back, hugging me against her chest as we drift off in each other’s arms.


A lot of the trees and flowers are in full bloom, the greens, yellows, reds, blues, and other vibrant colors a striking contrast to the dull grey and lifeless browns from six months ago, and the same time a year before that. Indicator quietly clicking, I gently nudge the wheel and turn onto the street, giving a short wave to one of my neighbors as he tends to the garden while his orc wife watches with their eldest daughter in her arms. I remind myself to return their cookbook on orcish culinary recipes after I found a similar book online that had my favorite recipe, a dish called Kro’mak. Of course I could never get it quite right like a proper orc could, but I try anyway.

Pulling into the driveway of the house at the end of the street, I sigh contently before shutting the car off and stepping out, going around to the back and popping the trunk so I could collect the groceries Martha asked me to get. Once again I fumble in my pocket for the house key, although this time I have the excuse of holding all the groceries in my hands, before I finally manage to unlock the front door. Cool air breezes past me, and I walk into the kitchen and dumb the bags on the table with a heavy thud. Soft clopping noises greet my ears as Martha walks into the kitchen to greet me, struggling to reach around my back to give me a hug.

“Thanks for going shopping for me sweetie.” Martha says, giving me a quick kiss.

“No problem. Now that I’m back, do you want to go get Chloe or should I?” I ask.

“You can this time sweetie.” Martha responds before giving me a peck on the cheek and walking to the living room, swaying her hips back and forth.

I sort the last of the groceries before heading over to my old room, smiling softly in the doorway as I watch my daughter coo at the sight of me from her crib. She burbles slightly as I pick her up, gently bouncing her in my arms as I tickle her nose.

“You ready for your lunch Chloe?” I ask her, carrying her into the living room just as Martha finishes pulling her shirt off over her head, exposing her gargantuan chest.

“Mama!” Chloe says, stretching her small arms out towards Martha.

Martha looks up at me expectantly, and I roll my eyes and hand Chloe over before sitting down next to them. Martha gently brings Chloe up to her breast, and our daughter latches on almost immediately, hungrily sucking down her mother’s breastmilk as Martha rocks her back and forth. Martha sighs contently when I scoot closer and drape my arm over her shoulder, tenderly rubbing the smooth skin of her gravid belly.

“So how are you feeling?” I ask Martha, watching her breastfeed our daughter.

“A bit tired. I swear, she has more and more energy every day!” Martha responds, her breath catching in her throat when Chloe pulls on her breast a little. “Calm down sweetie! Mommy’s tired!”

“Heh, I see what you mean. What about Grace?”

“Same as always I suppose. She kicked again while you were ou-ah!” Martha gasps.

“You alright Martha?” I ask concernedly.

“Y-yeah, she just decided to do it again.”

“Maybe she’s just eager to meet her mommy, daddy, and older sister.” I tease, leaning over to give Martha a loving kiss.

“Well she’s got about four weeks left. I think she can wait.” Martha says. “I don’t think I can though.” she smiles before returning my smooch.

I cuddle with Martha for several more minutes while she feeds Chloe before our daughter finally starts to slow down. Martha gently pulls her away from her breasts, gently patting her back until Chloe lets out a cute little burp, making Martha and I giggle. Taking Chloe back into my arm, I help Martha up off the couch, and she heads to our bedroom while I take Chloe back to my old one for her afternoon nap. There’s still a lot of my old stuff in Chloe’s soon-to-be room, but I’ve been having trouble finding a place for everything. After tucking Chloe in and giving her a kiss on the forehead, I open the closet and shove some junk out of the way, tossing aside some old shirts that were hiding the small, inconspicuous black box I stashed away in the corner a few days ago. Thrusting the box into my pocket, I take a glance at my now napping daughter before quietly closing the door, leaving it just barely cracked open before walking back to mine and Martha’s bedroom.

When I open the door, I notice that Martha’s pregnant belly and digitigrade legs are underneath the sheets, leaving her overproductive breasts out in the open as she looks up from the book she was reading. I chuckle softly to myself when I catch the name of the author on the cover before climbing into the bed to sit next to her.

“Chloe asleep?” Martha asks, marking her place in the book with a bookmark of an anime holstaur.

“Yep. Interesting book?” I tease, making Martha blush before I give her a short kiss. “It’s alright if you want to read those kinds of books. Besides, it might give you ideas for later.”

“Well, if you say so sweetie.” Martha says before pulling the covers off of her body.

I swallow heavily as Martha struggles to climb into my lap, the only thing separating her skin from my clothing being an almost too-small black thong.

“Now then, shall we get started?” Martha coos, tracing a finger up and down my chest before leaning in to passionately kiss me.

I struggle to push her away, and after a few moments I manage, looking back up at her concerned face.

“Martha, there’s something I need to tell you.” I say.

“What is it honey?” she asks, a hint of concern in her voice.

She smiles slightly when she catches me glancing down at the space between her legs before I manage to rip my gaze away.

“Well Martha, I’ve been thinking. It might be a bit difficult to do so thanks to our past relationship, and who knows what will happen when people find out, but I wanted to give you this.” I say, reaching in to my pocket to pull out the small black box. “I’m not entirely sure if we’ll ever actually be able to, but if there’s even the slightest chance, I want it to be you Martha.” I exclaim, opening the box to reveal the plain ring resting on the bed of velvet.

“Sweetie…” Martha gasps, tears streaming down her face. “I-I don’t know what to say…”

“Well I do.” I smile. “When we’re able, will you marry me?”

“Y-yes…” Martha whispers, fresh tears flooding down her cheeks as I slip the ring on her finger.

Leaning forward, Martha wraps her arms around me in a romantic hug, her joyful tears thoroughly soaking my shirt.

“Sweetie?” Martha asks after she backs off slightly.

“Yes Martha?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I respond, pressing my lips against hers. “So, how about it?” I ask Martha with a sly grin, already stripping my shirt off.

Almost immediately, Martha pounces me, her already heightened libido going into overdrive as she practically tears my clothing off of me, lustfully pawing at my torso as her lips crash heavily against mine over and over. Grabbing her by her pregnancy-enhanced fat ass, I lift Martha up as she rips her thong off before she slams her pelvis against mine. Humping madly, Martha grinds her dripping pussy against my rock-hard cock, moaning out incredibly hard as I hungrily grope her butt. Martha’s juices completely coat my groin, and I lift her up before slamming my cock up to the hilt in her ass, making her shout out in pleasure before moaning even more. Grabbing her hips, I hold on for dear life as Martha rides me into the bed with all her might, her massive chest bouncing wildly and occasionally squirting milk when her breasts are jostled particularly hard. Lascivious slaps and moans fill our bedroom as Martha bucks her hips like crazy, gasping each time my balls slap against her quaking ass as we rut like animals in eternal heat.

“Oh god yes! Fuck my ass sweetie! Fuck me harder! Ah! Ah! Yeah! Right there! Yeah! Yeah! Harder!” Martha shouts, her entire body shivering with delight as she batters my pelvis.

“Martha!” I shout out.

“Yes! Cum inside my ass! Cum inside me as hard as you can sweetie! FUCK ME HARDER!” Martha demands before I grunt, shooting an absurd amount of jizz into her backdoor, filling her up enough that my cum starts leaking out around my cock as it saws in and out of her hole.

“YES! YES! FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CUM SWEETIE!” Martha shouts as my cock spurts even more seed from my trembling balls, and I grunt with the exertion as I give her exactly what she wants.

Eventually the torrent of cum from my manhood slows to a trickle, and Martha comes down from her inebriated sexual high, gently falling to the side with my help as she rests her head against the fluffy pillows. I reach around and gently hold her pregnant belly, rubbing it softly as I spoon her, slowly pumping my still hard cock in and out of her ass and causing quiet, wet squelches to fill the bedroom.

“Ah…s-sweetie, p-please.” Martha gasps, taking ahold of my hands with her own. “I’m already full…”

I simply lean forward and nibble on her bovine ear, making it twitch while she squirms in my arms. Kissing the nape of her neck, I thrust my cock into her ass just a little bit harder, enough to cause her to move slightly as her fat ass wiggles with each soft impact. Still humping her, I hug Martha tightly against me and intertwine my legs with hers.

“Mmm, I love you Martha.” I whisper.

“I love you too sweetie.” she responds.

Martha weakly turns her head, giving me a sloppy, tired kiss before her eyes flutter closed, and I too find myself falling asleep with her, my hips still slowly pumping my cock in and out of her ass.

“I love you too…”

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