Mother Knows Best Part 2

“Now remember girls, Becca’s parents are in charge while you’re staying over, okay?” I say to my two daughters, Chloe and Grace, as I pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex of their tatzelwurm friend.
“Yes daddy,” they both chime out almost reluctantly as I shut the car off and unbuckle my seatbelt.
The cold nip of the mid-afternoon air in contrast to the warm interior of my car once again reminded me that winter is almost here. It’s also why Selina suggested having the slumber party now because neither she nor her daughter Rebecca do well in the cold, even though they’re both covered in warm, snow-white fur. They even have several hand-knit sweaters my wife Martha made for them that they could wear, but I suppose it can’t be helped I suppose as I help Grace carry her slumber party equipment up the steps to the third floor, around the corner, and down the hall to where her sister was already waiting. Grace drops her things halfway down the hallway and runs up to the apartment door, and as if on instinct she and Chloe reach out and knock on the door at the same time. A few moments later my daughters’ faces light up before they both get pulled in for what I can only assume to be a hug by two large fluffy paws, and sure enough after dragging Grace’s and Chloe’s sleeping bags and pillows down the rest of the hall, I catch my two daughters wrapped up in the arms and tail of their friend Becca.
“Mom, they’re here!” Becca calls out over her shoulder before letting go of Chloe and Grace.
“Alright dear, I’ll be out in a minute!” Becca’s mother, Selina, responds from somewhere in the apartment. “Oh come on, stupid fu-freakin’ thing!”
“Come on, I need to show you something!” Becca exclaims as she drags my daughters deeper into her home, leaving me to carry everything inside.
With a short grunt, I manage to manhandle everything in through the doorway before dropping it all at my feet just as Rebecca’s mother slithers around the corner. As expected due to the weather, she’s wearing what can only be described as a giant tube sock and a light blue sweater Martha made for her a few years ago. She finishes adjusting the hem of her sweater around her wide hips before looking up and noticing me, the mocha brown skin on her face darkening a bit as she flushes with embarrassment.
“O-oh, hello Matthew,” Selina stutters slightly before regaining her composure. “How is everything with you?” she asks.
“Alright I suppose. Work is about as you’d expect, and Martha’s been busy herself with her job managing the bakery. Kara’s with Lorka and Thomas’ daughters on another playdate, and I’m finally going to have more than an hour or two to relax,” I sigh.
Selina chuckles slightly before inviting me in to the apartment, reaching past me and closing the door afterwards. “Yeah, Becca was like that when she was younger. Always full of energy,” she says, pausing as our daughters laugh rather loudly at something. “Maybe she still is, too. Steven should be home from work in a few hours, but I think I can handle things until then.”
“Alright then, I should get going. Martha’s probably waiting for me,” I say as I adjust my coat.
“Oh, before I forget. When you get back, can you ask Martha to make me another sweater or two? The ones I have now are getting a bit small in certain areas. A-again,” Selina says sheepishly.
“I’ll tell her to make sure to leave extra room then, just in case,” I respond before heading out the door.
“Thanks Matthew. See you in a day or two!” the tatzelwurm calls out as she waves at me before heading back into her apartment.
Some amount of time later I finally pull back into the driveway of my home.  Marth and I of course had long since moved out of the house she raised me in, considering that it just wasn’t big enough anymore for me, my holstaur wife, and our three daughters. Over the years however, Martha, Chloe, Grace, and Karalin have made it as much of a home as any that I’ve had previously. While not as impressive as it would be during the spring and summer, the front garden that my mamono wife enjoys tending to is still as vibrant as it’s always been during the waning days of fall. I sigh to myself, finally getting some respite from the seemingly boundless energy of my three children, and I turn the car off before getting out and walking up the short path from the driveway, past Martha’s prized flower garden, and to the front door before opening it and heading inside.
After putting my things away in our bedroom, I find Martha in the office room of the house, working on what is most likely something for her manager job at the local bakery. My cowgirl spouse hasn’t really changed much since I married her, other than the fact that she’s gotten a little softer around the edges thanks to the fact that she and I have had three children together. Her shoulder length hair is as luscious as ever, the wavy locks of dark hazel brown hair marred only by a few gray strands as they’re parted by Martha’s floppy bovine ears and dull, bone-white horns. Of course after having three kids, her already deliciously wide hips have gotten a little bit curvier, and much to her annoyance and my delight, her ass has gotten a little larger as well. Being a holstaur, Martha’s bust was already incredibly impressive, but after three children her large breasts have grown from a more-than-perfect JJ-cup to absolutely dwarfing even the largest of watermelons, swelling to a jaw-dropping large M-cup. Her hand-knit sweater can all but barely contain the monumental swell of her soft bosom as she works on some paperwork before noticing I’m in the room.
“Hello dear, I’m back,” I say as I lean forward to give Martha a quick kiss, which she returns eagerly.
“Hello sweetie. Everything fine with the girls?” she asks after giving me a soft, loving hug.
“Yeah. Grace and Chloe are at Selina’s, and Karalin should be done with her little playdate tomorrow afternoon.”
“How are they all doing? Selina, Steven, Thomas, and Lorka I mean,” Martha asks as I lazily gaze over the work she’s been doing for the past several hours.
“Fine. Lorka and Thomas seem to be doing well for themselves, considering the how young their twins still are.”
“Yeah,” Martha sighs, pausing for a moment before continuing. “Having a one year old and a newborn was hard enough on me. I can’t imagine having twins like they do!”
“Heh, yeah. Selina and Steve are doing alright as well, although Selina needs a few new sweaters again.”
“Again?” Martha exclaims, looking at me with a slight expression of surprise on her face. “I swear, the amount of sweets that girl has is too much. It always goes straight to her chest. And hips. And rear end.”
“Martha…” I scold, giving my cowgirl wife a disappointed look.
“I know, I know. I’m just a little frazzled is all. There was an issue with some paperwork a few days ago and I’ve been trying to sort it all out.”
“Yes, I know,” I say as I grab her by the arm and pull her up and out of her office chair, “which is why you need to take a break and get some rest. Come on,” I finish as I walk with her to our bedroom.
“See, isn’t this better?” I ask as Martha and I climb into bed together before I pull her in close, hugging her tightly as we cuddle together.
“Very,” she sighs as she rests her head on my shoulder. “I suppose you were right,” she says, “I have been working too hard these last couple of days. Sometimes you just need to step back and take a deep breath every once in a while.”
“Yeah, I know that feeling all too well dear,” I respond, thinking back to all those years ago when Martha and I first discovered our true feelings for each other. “But I’ve always had you to help me get through the tough times in my life, and I appreciate all the love and help you’ve given me over the years,” I finish, gently pulling my voluptuous holstaur wife in for a deep kiss.
“I could say the same thing about you too, sweetie,” Martha replies after we break the kiss. “I love you as well. Even if you still haven’t grown out of that silly hobby of yours that you got when you were a teenager,” Martha giggles, teasing me about my collection of plastic models I’ve amassed over the years.
“Really, you’re going there again?” I ask, feigning annoyance at my spouse’s teasing. “I could say the same thing about those dumb romance novels you like to read or those soap opera dramas you oh so enjoy watching.”
“Dumb? Not as dumb as you are!” Martha laughs before the two of us launch into a tickle fight, grabbing at each other and playfully fighting in hopes of gaining the upper hand.
Laughing heartily, I reach for Martha’s most sensitive areas, tickling her sides and armpits as she does the same to me, grabbing at my torso as we roll around on our bed giggling like children. At some point during our struggle, I end up on top of Martha, her deep chocolate brown eyes looking back up at me as her face reddens ever so slightly as she blushes. Inching forward, I gingerly press my lips against hers, kissing her softly before pulling away.
“I-I love you Martha,” I stutter, suddenly overcome with emotion.
“I love you too sweetie,” my holstaur wife whispers back, reaching up and kissing me passionately.
I eagerly return the gesture, pressing myself against Martha as we lock lips, hugging each other as only a husband and wife can. As we continue to make out with each other, my monstergirl wife starts pawing incessantly at my torso, trying and failing to remove my shirt. Reluctantly I break my kiss with her before removing my shirt, tossing it off to the side as I reach forward and being taking her top off. Martha gasps slightly when the hem of her sweater reaches her massive bust, but I silence her with a loving smooch before helping her pull it over her chest and revealing the gargantuan lacy black bra she’s wearing. Her face now positively beet red, my cowgirl spouse nervously looks up at me as she quietly pants, nearly out of breath from our impromptu tickle fight and brief makeout session.
“Sweetie?” Martha asks nervously, looking up at me.
“Yes Martha?”
“Make love to me,” she breathlessly declares before I lean forward and kiss her hard.
Wrapping my arms around her, I hug my wife as we start kissing each other again, pressing our lips against each other’s over and over again as we both help the other disrobe. Eventually the only remaining garment between Martha and me making love to each other is her lacy, dark panties. With a wordless nod, my holstaurian lover gingerly slides her underwear off her curvaceous hips and drops them into the pile of discarded clothing before looking back up at me expectantly. I smile softly before leaning forward and kissing her again, intertwining her fingers with mine as I slowly push my stiff manhood into her warm love tunnel.
Her inhibitions all but nonexistent now, Martha starts to moan softly as I make love to her, gently rocking my hips back and forth and hilting myself over and over again inside my wife’s fertile body as we share passionate kiss after passionate kiss. Her digitigrade legs wrap around mine, her thick, powerful thighs keeping me from pulling out too far as she grabs the back of my head and lowers it down to one of her monumental breasts, pressing my face into the soft, warm flesh of her jiggling bosom. Getting the message, I wrap my lips around her nipple, gently sucking on it as she starts to moan louder and more often, hugging me against her soft, motherly body. Almost immediately, my mouth is filled with Martha’s sweet, rich milk, and I eagerly start to suck it down, filling my belly with her sugary ambrosia as Martha starts to moan constantly now, gasping out in bliss in time with my deep thrusts into her quivering pussy.
“O-o-oh, yes! Yes, s-sweetie! M-more! P-please, g-give me more! I – hah – I love you! Oh god, I love you!” Martha gasps as I speed up my thrusts slightly, causing the mattress to creak and groan a bit as I make sweet, tender love to my undeniably perfect and jaw-droppingly gorgeous holstaurian wife.
I continue to nurse from my wife’s heavenly bosom, the milk from her breast now flowing freely as I push myself as deep as I can into her wet snatch, utterly filling her up with my throbbing shaft over and over again. Martha starts moaning even harder, completely unable to hold back as I overload her senses, sending her over the edge and making her cum. Her orgasm hits her like a truck, her body going stiff as her pussy spasms around my cock, eagerly trying to milk me as she embraces me almost painfully.
Despite my wife’s death grip on me I manage to continue to make love to her, gently caressing her body as I thrust just a little bit harder while continuing to drink her incredibly rich, sweet milk directly from her bosom. Martha cries out in bliss again, moaning hard as I fill her up again and again with my throbbing manhood, the tip of my shaft brushing up the deepest part of her warm pussy as she slowly comes down from her orgasmic high. Not content with our current position, I grab Martha’s incredibly wide hips and lift them up slightly, allowing me to utterly and completely fill her with my cock, making her gasp out in shock before crying out even harder, urging me to make love to her harder before she suddenly throws her head back into the pillows as I make her orgasm for a second time.
Without warning, Martha pulls me away from her breasts and presses her lips against mine hard, electrifying the sensations of her orgasm and bringing me over the edge with her. Moaning in her mouth, I weakly thrust my twitching shaft into my wife’s pussy before she pulls me in all the way, causing me to bottom out inside her hot confines. She wraps her thick, powerful thighs around my waist, stopping me from moving even if I wanted to as I cum incredibly hard directly into her womb, coating her insides pearly white as we sloppily make out, lost in the throes of passion. What seems like minutes later I finally stop cumming, and I reluctantly break the kiss between the two of us, gasping for air as I look down at her blushing face.
“Holy shit Martha, that was amazing,” I pant. Smiling softly, I lean forward and kiss her deeply, “you were amazing.”
“I could say the same thing about you dear,” Martha chuckles, eagerly returning my kiss. “I love you. So, so much,” she chokes, tears of joy freely flowing down her cheeks.
“I love you too Martha. I have no idea what I’d do without you.”
“Well you certainly wouldn’t be an amazing father and husband, that’s for sure,” Martha says, smiling softly as her eyes sparkle before she reaches forward and hugs me. “I love you.”
“I know, Martha. I know,” I mumble into her chest as we hold each other close. “I love you too.”
I slowly open my eyes, only to find that I can’t actually see anything. I struggle to breathe, eventually succeeding in freeing myself before I notice the position I’m in. My face is currently right in my wife’s chest, her titanic bosom the cause for my near suffocation and temporary blindness. Martha quietly slumbers as I take note of the fact that our legs are tangled up with each other, and in our sleep Martha wrapped her arms around me to hug me while I had wrapped my arms around her to grab her giant, slappable ass. My manhood twitches slightly, growing harder and poking my wife in her pudgy belly as I squeeze her fat butt and pull her closer to me.
“Mm, what is it dear,” Martha mumbles as she drearily blinks away the sleep from last night.
“Good morning,” I say before giving her a quick kiss.
“Good morning to you too sweetie. What time is it?” my wife asks.
“Too early. We still have several hours before one of us has to go get Chloe, Grace, and Karalin. But for now, it’s just you and me,” I say, grinning as I reach forward and kiss my wife incredibly hard.
Martha moans softly into my mouth, eagerly returning my kiss as she presses her curvy body against me as we start to make out with each other. Her breasts press against my chest, her nipples stiffening somewhat as she starts to subconsciously hump me, hungrily pawing at my back as she struggles to climb into my lap. I grab her gigantic ass and lift her up into my lap, not even breaking the kiss between the two of us as she starts to grind her thick, curvaceous, motherly body against my crotch. Reluctantly, I let go of Martha’s ginormous rear end and grab the base of my shaft, aligning it with her wet box before she lowers herself onto my throbbing manhood painfully slowly, gasping out in bliss whenever my cock rubs up against her inner walls in just the right way. With a satisfying moan, Martha’s groin finally meets mine as I bottom out inside her, and we break the kiss between us to look the other in the eye.
“I love you,” Martha whispers.
“I love you too dear,” I whisper back, reaching up and giving my wife a deep, passionate kiss.
Martha moans softly into my mouth as she starts to grind her hips against mine, causing my manhood to rub every inch of her inner walls before she gasps suddenly as I grab her fat ass in both of my hands. Without missing a beat, I lower my face to her immense breasts and latch on, gently nursing from her bountiful chest, making her gasp out again before she lets out a low moan of pleasure. Leaning forward, Martha wraps her arms around me, hugging me tightly as I start to slowly bounce her incredible fertile body in my lap, causing her to moan directly into my ear as we make love yet again.
Our bed starts creaking again as Martha bounces in my lap, but its protests fall on deaf ears as I roughly fondle and grope my wife’s gigantic derriere while nursing from her breast. Wet squelching noises fill the air as she starts to ride me harder, our bodies slapping together rhythmically in time with Martha’s incessant moaning. Squeezing her titanic butt even harder, I pump my hips and meet my wife halfway, rutting against her like a beast in heat as she cries out in bliss, her pussy clamping down on my pistoning cock before she suddenly cries out. Her milk becomes incredibly sweet, gushing from her breast as she experiences yet another mind-blowing orgasm, gasping and moaning in bliss as I pound her quivering love tunnel over and over.
Martha’s entire body shudders in delight as I fuck her through her orgasm, her massive bosom bouncing wildly as I struggle to hold her plump rear end in my hands even as she braces her hands on my shoulders and slams her immensely fertile hips into my crotch again and again. Crude, wet slapping noises fill our bedroom as my wife loses herself to the pleasure of riding me incredibly hard, and all I can do is hold onto her voluptuous body as I too give in to the pleasure. Crying out again, my holstaur wife slams her body down into my lap almost painfully as she orgasms hard, grabbing me and pulling me in for an extremely wet, passionate kiss, causing me to go over the edge and orgasm with her. Martha cries out in joy as I jizz inside her sodden box, moaning out in ecstasy each time my twitching manhood spurts my seed directly into her womb, and she humps me wildly throughout our shared climax.
Thanks to her milk, I cum exceptionally hard for several seconds, utterly filling up her pussy and womb before eventually my seed starts leaking out around my throbbing shaft. Still coming down from our mutual climaxes, Martha and I make out for several seconds afterwards, giving each other dozens upon dozens of passionate smooches, only stopping to take in a breath of air before locking lips once again.
“O-oh wow sweetie, that was incredible,” Martha gasps in between giving me more kisses.
“You mean I was incredible,” I tease, making her blush before I lock lips with her.
“No, of course not!” she replies, giggling slightly before giving me a loving hug. “But yes, you were too dear. I almost forgot what it was like for you to make love to me, u-until last night. It’s just nice for someone, especially the love of your life, to show you how much they care about you.”
I smile softly before pulling my holstaur wife in for a deep, romantic kiss, holding her against me for several seconds before letting her go. “I could say the same about you Martha, especially when I was younger. You were there for me then and you’re here for me now, and I just want to say that I’ll always be by your side, no matter what,” I say, giving her yet another love-filled smooch. “I love you Martha.”
“I-I love you too dear,” Martha whispers, wiping away a stray tear from the corner of her eye before she hugs me tightly.
“M-Martha,” I mumble into her chest several seconds into her hug.
“What is it dear?”
“Can you let go of me, I want to take a shower.”
“O-oh, o-of course. Sorry,” Martha says sheepishly as she untangles herself from me.
Just as I’m about to reach the door to the master bathroom, I turn around to look back at my naked wife still laying on our bed.
“Well,” I ask her, “are you going to join me or not?” I say with a lewd grin, making her blush incredibly hard before an equally lecherous expression crosses her face, and she practically jumps out of the bed before hurriedly walking over to the bathroom.
Hot, relaxing steam starts to fill the bathroom as soon as I turn on the shower, and Martha wastes no time in pressing her shapely body against me, pinning me between her and the shower wall as she kisses me hard, her tongue invading my mouth as we make out again. My wife eagerly paws at my naked body, moaning into my mouth slightly when I reach around and grab her ass and knead the soft, jiggly flesh in my hands. Her immense breasts compress between our bodies, her stiff nipples dragging across my skin as Martha uses her entire body to her advantage in pleasuring both of us. With a quick gasp, she breaks the kiss between us for but a moment, reaching forward again to give me another hefty smooch before lowering herself down to her knees. Her soft, brown eyes sparkle with barely restrained desire as she hungrily looks at my rock-hard cock before she looks up at me. Smiling widely, she gives me a quick wink before leaning forward and taking my entire length into her mouth in one quick motion.
Groaning softly, I reach forward and gently hold the back of my wife’s head with one hand as she starts to slowly bob up and down on my manhood, eagerly sucking on my shaft as she wraps one of her arms around my waist and plays with her pussy with her other hand. Wet slurps and gurgles fill the room as Martha blows me, and she moans slightly around my shaft as I entangle my fingers up in her hair, ensuring that she goes at just the right pace that I want her to. Her self-ministrations increase in tempo slightly as she sucks me off a little harder, shuddering in delight as she moans with a mouth full of cock before she lets out a long, low, muted moo of pleasure as she gets herself off, her body tensing up as a small orgasm runs through her.
I gently pull her head back, leaving only the tip of my cock inside her mouth before pushing her back down onto my manhood, and she gets the message as she starts to suck on and lick my throbbing shaft. The hand in between her legs starts moving again, Martha playing with herself as I start to facefuck her in earnest. My holstaur wife moans like a bitch in heat around my cock, and I groan loudly as she forces my entire length into her mouth and down her throat, pressing her face directly into my crotch as she deepthroats me with practiced ease.
I feel my testicles clench, and I grab the back of Martha’s head with both hands and shove her into my crotch as I erupt, jizzing directly down her throat. My monstergirl wife moans throatily when my seed hits the back of her esophagus, and she eagerly starts to suck on my cock as if her life depended on it, voraciously drinking my cum as it pours into her belly. Several seconds later I pull back, filling up her mouth with my hot, sticky cum before pulling out completely and coating her soft face and massive breasts with the rest of my seed. Martha gasps whenever more of my semen coats her breasts, holding them up with her arm as she jacks me off with her other hand, aiming my manhood so that my seed covers every inch of her gargantuan bosom before being washed away by the hot water from the showerhead. When I finally stop cumming, she scoops up what seed is left on her breasts, bringing her fingers up to her plush lips before sucking on each digit, savoring my salty essence before moving to clean the last little bit of cum still on the tip of my shaft. Martha looks up at me and smiles, audibly swallowing before letting out a content sigh.
“Ah, I almost forgot how great you taste, dear. Mhm, such a rich, powerful flavor from such a virile stud like you,” she says, giving my cock an appreciative squeeze. “But you and I both know we’re not done yet. Oh no, not even close,” she coos before standing up and turning around, bracing her hands against the slick tiled wall. “Well come on now, don’t be shy,” she says, shaking her impossibly wide hips and giant, fat ass at me. “Fuck me,” my horny spouse moans. “Fuck. Me. Hard.”
Still half-hard, my cock stiffens again almost immediately and I take a few steps forward, aligning myself behind my wife’s delightful rear end and grab her by her unbelievably curvy hips before prodding at her dripping slit with my throbbing manhood. Martha inhales sharply before letting out a low groan as I push myself into her hot confines, hilting my cock inside her pussy with a single stroke. I adjust my grip on her voluptuous hips, giving her doughy asscheeks a lust-filled squeeze before pulling out of her snatch agonizingly slowly, leaving only the tip of my shaft inside her love tunnel before I slam myself back in, my crotch meeting her thick ass with a loud, wet slap.
“Oh yes honey! Right there! Fuck me harder! Harder!” Martha shouts as I pound her from behind, her ass jiggling obscenely as I bury myself balls deep into her pussy over and over again.
Grunting hard, I clutch her hips harder as I saw my prick in and out of her needy hole, our bodies smacking against each other as I rut against my wife while she cries out needlessly in bliss. Martha moans out loudly whenever I bottom out inside her, her entire body shifting forward slightly as I hump her wildly, her breasts swaying beneath her with unrestrained obscenity. Her cries of pleasure increase in pitch and tempo before her breath suddenly catches in her throat, and her already quivering pussy clamps down hard on my cock painfully hard as she experiences a mind-blowing orgasm. Unheeded by her body’s attempt to keep me firmly in place, I begin to fuck Martha even harder than before, going absolutely wild as I feel myself coming closer and closer to the point of no return.
“Oh yeah! Yeah! H-harder! Fuck me harder sweetie! Yeah, there! Oh, right there! I-I’m, ah! I-I-I’m cu-ah-ah-ha! Oh god! Oh god! Oh g-god! Matthew! M-Matthew! I-I’m gonn-ah! I’m gonn- cu-u-u-AH! AH! AH! MATTHEW!” Martha screams before I slam back into her one more time.
“MARTHA!” I cry out, burying my cock all the way up to the hilt, causing my quivering testicles to slap against her extraordinarily large rear end as I cum inside her *hard*.
Our bodies now on autopilot, I hump Martha’s ass as I shoot load after massive load of hot seed into her fertile womb, my wife eagerly returning the favor as she presses her curvaceous body back into mine as we gasp and moan together, utterly lost in the throes of passion. What seems like minutes pass as Martha and I continue to orgasm together before we finally come down from our mind-numbing climax.
“M-Martha…,” I gasp, chest heaving with the exertion of just having fucked my wife silly.
“Y-yes sweetie?” she replies.
“I love you.”
“I – hah – I love you too dear,” Martha pants, shuddering slightly as I reach forward and lift her torso back up to give her a loving hug. “Can we, can we stay like this for a little while? Please?” she asks, looking back over her shoulder at me with half-lidded eyes.
“Of course,” I reply, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before gently cupping her massive breasts in my hands, pulling her back into me so that my chest is flush against her back.
Still together, Martha and I simply enjoy each other’s company for a few minutes under the hot water as I slowly go soft inside her, content enough with just being close to the other before she speaks up.
“Hey sweetie, can I ask you something?”
“Of course, anything for my lovely wife,” I tease, squeezing her soft breasts slightly.
“Do you think you could- I mean, do you think we could have another child again?” she asks, gently pulling my hands down to her pudgy belly as she looks over her shoulder at me nervously.
“Another one?” I ask, looking at my wife apprehensively. “I mean, I wouldn’t be averse to having another daughter with you. I can’t say that I wouldn’t enjoy growing our family again.” I say, turning Martha around so that we’re facing each other. “You know what Martha?” I say, looking at her beautiful face. “Let’s do it,” I confess, looking into her now sparkling eyes. “Let’s have another one.”
“Oh sweetie!” Martha cries, lunging forward to hug me tightly.
I return her favor, embracing her tightly as she cries tears of joy, half-sobbing into my chest as we rock back and forth. Sometime later, Martha relents, looking at me with teary eyes before smiling widely, reaching forward to hug me again as I laugh with her.
“Oh Matthew, I love you so, so much,” Martha sniffs, hugging me yet again. “I-I love you.”
“I love you too Martha,” I say, relishing the feeling of her body pressing up against mine.
“Hey sweetie,” Martha coos, tracing a finger up and down my bare chest.
“Yes dear?”
“Do you think we can actually do what we came in here for?” she asks, unable to control herself as she starts giggling before we both burst out in laughter.
“Of course Martha, why don’t you hand me the body wash,” I say, giving her pliable butt a brief squeeze, making her gasp slightly before she giggles like a little girl, reaching for the bottle and handing it to me. I squirt out a generous portion for the both of us, and we start to run our hands over each other’s bodies again, gasping and moaning in tired bliss as we caress each other.
I finally manage to pull back into the driveway, my commute home from work taking at least twice as long as it normally does thanks to the fact that winter came early this year. It started snowing halfway through my work day and the time I left at the end of the day, there was already a few inches of puffy white snow on the ground. Bracing myself for the cold, I quickly open the car door before closing it just as fast, hurriedly walking to the front porch and fumbling with my keys for a moment before unlocking the door and dashing inside.
“Daddy!” my three daughters shout out as they come running around the corner from the hallway leading to their bedrooms, my youngest child leaping into my arms as all three of them hug me in a way only children can hug their father.
“Daddy! It snowed today!” Chloe shouts, happily jumping up and down. “That means no school tomorrow!”
“Daddy! Daddy! Can we make a snowman after dinner? Please?” Grace asks, also shouting as she looks up at me pleadingly.
“Daddy!” Karalin shouts as well, and I simply laugh as I hug all three of them, my three children laughing with me as my wife Martha walks around the corner soon after.
“Took you long enough to get home,” Martha teases, giving me a hug and a kiss.
“Yeah, well, blame it on the weather ryu,” I respond, returning her kiss with a quick smooch of my own.
“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes dear,” Martha says as she picks up our youngest daughter while Chloe and Grace run off back to their rooms.
“You alright Martha? It looks like something’s bothering you,” I say, noticing the apprehension on my holstaur wife’s face.
“L-Later tonight dear,” Martha responds as she carries Karalin off to the living room.
“Alright, but Grace wants to make a snowman after dinner,” I shout down the hall before walking to mine and Martha’s bedroom to put my stuff away.
“Alright Martha, what’s been bothering you the past few hours?” I ask as I snuggle up with my wife in our bed after having tucked in our three daughters in for the night.
“Well, do you remember the conversation we had a few weeks ago?” my holstaur wife asks.
“We had a lot of conversations a few weeks ago dear,” I chuckle, draping my arm over Martha’s shoulders.
“I’m talking about the one we had after you dropped Chloe and Grace off at Selina’s apartment. The one we had the next morning.”
“What about it?”
“Well sweetie,” Martha says, beaming at me with pure, unbridled joy, “You’re going to be a father again.”
“You mean-, that I’m-, th-that you’re-” I stutter, looking at my wife’s face then down at her pudgy belly and back.
“Yes sweetie,” Martha says, now crying tears of joy, “we’re going to have another daughter.” Unable to control myself any longer, I pull Martha in for a tight hug, kissing her deeply before begrudgingly pulling away.
“I know I’ve said this before countless times Martha, but I just want you to know that I love you. With all my heart, I love you so, so much,” I say, nearly choking on my words as I look my undeniably stunning wife in the eye.
“I know sweetie, I know,” Martha replies, leaning forward and kissing me hard. “I love you more than you could know too.”
“Thank you Martha,” I say, hugging her again. “I love you.”
“I love you too,” she giggles before I silence her with a passionate kiss.
“Sweetie! Not when our children are around!” Martha scolds, pushing me away slightly, her expression softening slightly when she notices my dejected face. “But who says we can’t have a little bit of tamer fun, hmm?” my wife coos before climbing into my lap and undoing the buttons on her pajama top.
Smiling softly, I reach up and gently cup her heavy breasts in my hands as she reaches forward and presses her lips against mine, her tongue invading my mouth as we slowly rock back and forth and enjoying the fact that our family is going to get a little bit bigger in several months. Martha moans quietly into my mouth as we make out with each other, her chest heaving with barely restrained lust as she subtly grinds her shapely hips into my lap, gasping slightly and breaking the kiss between us for but a moment when she feels my hands slide down her torso to grab her sizeable rear end.
“Can’t wait for my ass to get even fatter, hmm?” Martha teases before giving me another loving smooch. “Or maybe for my breasts that you oh so love to get nice and soft and full of that delicious milk you just *can’t* get enough of.”
“Okay, now you’re just being unfair,” I chuckle.
“Well it’s true!” Martha taunts.
“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but I love you for more than just your body,” I say, giving my wife a quick peck on the lips. “Despite how absolutely amazing and sexy it is.”
“Oh you tease,” she giggles, kissing me hard.
“So when do you want to break the news to our children?” I ask, looking up at the cowgirl sitting in my lap.
“Assuming they don’t figure it out by themselves beforehand, how about on Christmas?” Martha suggests.
“A new little sister for Christmas, huh? I dunno, I’m not sure they haven’t been naughty this year,” I say, leaning forward so my face is right next to her ear. “Just like you,” I whisper, making Martha blush hard.
“You liked it though,” I tease, making her face turn even redder. “I love you Martha, and I love you too,” I say, placing a hand on Martha’s stomach.
“I love you both too,” my wife whispers, kissing me yet again as we gently caress each other and shower each other in dozens and dozens of soft, yet still passionate kisses.
Martha starts to grind her hips into my pelvis, her soft fuzzy pajama bottoms growing slightly damp as she humps me a little bit harder, and I reach around and hold onto her enormous rear end, gently holding it with both hands as she presses herself against me with an intense need. Panting a bit harder, my mamono wife kisses me incessantly as she grinds her sizeable hips and plush rear end into my pelvis, her pajama bottoms now completely soaked through as she becomes more and more aroused.
“Oh, just forget it!” Martha gasps after she breaks yet another kiss between us. “I need you inside me sweetie,” my wife pants, looking at me hungrily, “I need you inside me. Right. Now.”
Smiling, I reach up and kiss her hard, making her moan in my mouth as I reach up and help her out of her pajama top before leaning forward and latching onto one of her massive breasts with my mouth, gently sucking on her dripping nipple as she hurriedly strips off her pajama bottoms, moaning ever so slightly as I struggle to remove my underwear with her curvaceous body on top of my lap. Almost as soon as my manhood springs free from my boxers, Martha descends on it, fully engulfing my twitching shaft in her fluttering folds, biting her lower lip hard as she tries not to cry out in pleasure. Reaching forward, she wraps her arms around my shoulders, pressing my face deeper into her breast as I nurse from her while gently kneading her fat ass in my hands. My wife slowly bounces in my lap, causing only an inch or two of my cock to become exposed before she bottoms out in my lap again, soft wet squelches filling the room as we slowly make sweet, passionate love to each other.
Martha breathlessly moans quietly into my ear, struggling to keep her lust in check as I give her unbelievably huge rear end a soft squeeze, sucking down even more sweet ambrosia from her bountiful chest as she softly rocks back and forth in my lap. Her hot breath plays across my ear, her barely audible cries of pleasure spurring me to clutch her squishy butt and bounce her ever so slightly harder in my lap, causing her to cry out in bliss as her breath catches in her throat. Martha’s body shudders in delight as she orgasms, her pussy clamping down on my cock, milking it for all its worth before I cum with her, overloading my poor wife’s senses as I fill up her love tunnel with my hot seed. Runnels of my cum leak out around my hilted shaft as Martha and I quiver together, hugging each other as tightly as we can manage, climaxing together as we finally satiate ourselves.
Panting hard, Martha pulls me away from her ginormous chest, looking at me with heavily-lidded eyes. “I love you,” she whispers, bringing me in for a heavy, lust-filled smooch.
“I love you too, Martha,” I whisper, leaning forward to kiss her deeply.
A few tears of joy roll down my wife’s flushed face as we simply hold each other close, rocking back and forth, content enough with simply touching the other person as I roll to the side, our limbs tangled up together as I continue to hug my wife and hold her as close to me as possible.
“Hey Martha,” I whisper, looking at her tired face.
“Yes sweetie?”
“Goodnight,” I whisper, reaching forward to give her a tired but loving kiss. “I love you.”
Smiling softly, Martha kisses me back, holding her lips against mine for several seconds before she reluctantly pulls away. “Goodnight sweetie, I love you too.”
Microscopic tendrils of pleasure float at the edge of my consciousness, my mind barely registering the sensations assaulting me as my body slowly starts to wake up on its own. As my brain wakes up, I start to pick up an almost inaudible wet sucking noise coming from somewhere near my crotch, and when I open my eyes I find my thoroughly naked wife Martha with her face near my groin and her ginormous breasts pressing against my waist as her head bobs up and down on my manhood as she gives me a good morning blowjob. Without warning my testicles tense up, and I subconsciously let out a low groan as I cum into my holstaurian lover’s mouth. Martha’s eyes light up when I explode in her mouth, and she starts to suck me off a little bit harder, drawing out a little bit more of my seed before she pulls off my cock with a wet pop, letting the last few spurts fall across her face and the upper part of her breasts.
“Ah, I was wondering when you were going to wake up,” Martha says after swallowing audibly, idly licking up the few bits of cum left on her face and tits. “Sleep well?”
“Thanks to you, yes,” I say, yawning slightly.
“Good, because it’s time for some breakfast in bed,” Martha declares, struggling to move her pregnant bulk up into my lap.
“What about the girls?” I ask, gently grabbing Martha’s arm.
“Oh they’re fine, I drove them over to Thomas and Lorka’s earlier. Bethany and Samantha are doing fine as well, if you’re wondering,” she adds, gently rubbing her rather gravid belly. “But for now, it’s just you,” she starts as she moves herself into my lap finally, “and me.”
With a smile only my wife can give me when she’s in one of her lustful moods, Martha brings my face up to one of her utterly massive breasts and I immediately latch onto her dripping nipple, savoring the incredibly rich flavor of her milk as it pours across my tongue.
“Mmm, yes, right there. Just drink it all sweetie. I have plenty to give you,” Martha coos, stroking my hair as I nurse from her overabundant bosom like an infant.
My wife moans softly as I drink from her chest, gasping slightly when I give her immense boobs an appreciative squeeze before going back to cooing sweet nothings into my ear. As I nurse from her, one of Martha’s hands slowly makes its way down her front to the space in between her legs, and soft, wet squelches join in my wife’s salacious moaning to fill the bedroom with lewd noises. Her milk starts to take on a richer, more vanilla-y flavor as time passes, and her moans and self-ministrations increase in intensity before she stops suddenly, her body shivering ever so slightly as her milk thickens abruptly, causing her to shove my face into her breast just a little bit more. I groan slightly when I feel her soft fingers brush up against my soft manhood, gently teasing it before wrapping her hand around my shaft and slowly moving it up and down my entire length, coaxing it to full hardness.
“Mmm, oh yes, just drink it all up sweetie,” Martha coos as she breastfeeds me and jacks me off at the same time. “Just drink my milk. Drink it *all* up,” she whispers, giving my junk an appreciative squeeze as my cock twitches in her dainty fingers.
Moaning just a little bit harder, Martha gently presses my face into her warm, velvety titflesh ever so slightly, causing a little bit more of her milk to squirt out across my parched tongue as she pumps her hand up and down my throbbing shaft faster. As if on instinct, I wrap my arms around my wife just as she moves her free hand back down to her own crotch, playing with herself again in addition to jacking me off as I suck and pull on her breast. My wife’s soft coos slowly turn into lustful moans as her milk thickens considerably, her hand creating barely audible wet squelches as she fingers herself while smearing my precum all over my throbbing cock.
“Mmm, ready to pop already dear?” Martha coos, stroking my cock just a little bit faster when she feels it twitching in her hand. “Go ahead. Cum for me sweetie,” she moans, squeezing the base of my manhood just as I begin to climax.
I feel a tightening in my loins before I unconsciously buck my hips into Martha’s still pumping hand, the first bit of my seed hitting her cheek before I start cumming all over her fingers as she brings herself over the edge as well, gasping and moaning as her body shivers in delight.
“Yes. Oh, yes sweetie. Just le-ah! Just let it all ou-oooh!” Martha moans as I jizz all over her hand, squeezing her colossal breast in my hand and sucking on her nipple a bit harder as she spreads my seed up and down my twitching shaft.
After a few more spurts, Martha finally pulls me away from her dripping chest, bringing her cum-stained hand up to her mouth before eagerly slurping up my sticky baby batter, pulling each digit past her lips with a wet pop. My cowgirl wife then climbs off my lap and lowers her face to my groin, cleaning off my cock with gleeful enthusiasm. My softening manhood thickens, growing hard again in my wife’s mouth as she brings her heavy breasts up to rest on my lap, utterly encompassing my shaft in her impossibly deep, warm cleavage. Looking up at me with a cock-filled smile, Martha gives me a lust-filled wink before going down on me, pressing her huge breasts together as she sucks on my cock like it was a piece of candy. She moans appreciatively when I reach forward and intertwine my fingers with her soft, luxurious hair, slurping on my manhood just a little bit harder in return as she starts to play with her breasts, groping and squeezing them as she pumps my cock in and out of her valley-like cleavage.
I let out another low moan as Martha starts to deepthroat me, pressing her face as far down into my crotch as she can, milk dribbling from her nipples as she blows me and titfucks me at the same time. Unable to help herself again, my wife wraps one of her arms around her titanic chest, keeping them pressed together around my cock as her other hand dives back down between her legs and into her wet pussy. She starts to bob her head up and down on my throbbing manhood faster, moaning audibly with a mouth full of cock before I grab her horns and shove her face into her chest, the tip of my cock slipping into her throat as I cum hard, the sensation of my salty jizz hitting the back of her throat sending my wife over the edge again as she lets out a muted cry of pleasure.
Her body tenses up again, shuddering in delight as I keep her face pressed against my groin before she pulls away, swallowing hard before moaning deeply, gasping slightly as my cock twitches in between her fat breasts, covering them and her face in my warm seed. My hot, sticky cum pools in the valley of her cleavage before spilling over the sides of her titanic breasts, and my wife starts to moan voraciously. She grabs her giant chest in her hands, pumping my cock with her warm boobs and encouraging me to cum as hard as I can, and I oblige her as I utterly coat her face and chest with my jizz. Several seconds later, Martha stops playing with her chest, looking up at me as cum drips from her chin and onto her heaving bosom.
“Mhm, you came so much dear,” she coos, sucking on her fingers a bit more and letting out an exaggerated moan as she pops off each one. “Oh sweetie, I just can’t take it anymore,” Martha moans, looking at me imploringly with lustful eyes. “I need you. I need you right fucking now.”
Reaching forward, I gently move Martha by her voluptuous hips, turning her heavily pregnant body around and she immediately gets on her hands and knees, presenting me with an unrestricted view of her unbelievably large ass and motherly hips, the barest hint of moisture on her inner thighs betraying how truly horny she really is. Martha moans throatily when I grab her pregnancy-enhanced fat ass with both hands and align myself with her dark pucker before prodding the entrance to her most sinful depths.
“Oh god, sweetie! Please! Please, fuck my ass! Don’t hold back, just please, f-fuck me! I-I-I need you! I need you so bad!” Martha begs, looking over her shoulder at me before letting out a small cry of pleasure as I push myself in, my balls resting against her immense butt as I hilt my cock inside her ass in a single thrust.
“Oh god yes!” Martha shouts, even as I start to pull out. “Yes! Please, fuck me harder sweetie! Fuck my ass like the dirty slut I am!” she cries just as I thrust myself back into her, my crotch slapping against her giant, pliable butt and causing the skin to ripple obscenely.
Grabbing ahold of her inhumanly wide hips, I start to pound Martha from behind, grunting slightly with the effort as she cries and moans gluttonously, already completely lost to the pleasure of being so utterly filled with my manhood. Her ass ripples crudely, jiggling incredibly hard whenever my crotch slaps against it as I fuck her from behind. Martha cries out as she orgasms, her juices splattering across her thick thighs as I continually pound her fat ass, and the sound of my wife subconsciously degrading herself to such a base level of pleasure drives me absolutely wild, and I let out a low growl as I really start to go to town, hammering myself balls deep in Martha’s titanic rear end again and again and again. Reaching up with one hand, I bring my palm down across one of her jiggling cheeks, giving Martha’s ass a hard swat, leaving a red hand print on her squishy flesh as her entire body jiggles as I fuck her from behind.
“Oh god! Oh god yes! Harder, sweetie! Harder! Fuck my ass harder you fucking stud! Fuck me harder! Fill me with your seed! F-F-F-U-U-U-CK! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDER! FUCK MY ASS HARDER! YEAH! FUCK ME HARDER SWEETIE! YEAH! YEAH! RIGHT THERE! THERE! OH GOD! OH GOD! AH! AH! I-AH! I’M GONN-AH! I’M GONNA CU-AH! I’M GONNA CU-AH-AH-AH! I’M GONNA CUUU-AH! *I’M CU-AAAAH!*” Martha cries out before she shudders violently, even more of her sexual juices splattering her legs and the bed as she cums, bringing me with her.
I instinctively let out a low, feral groan as I explode inside her darkest recesses, coating the inside of her body white with my hot seed as I hump her madly, my balls quivering constantly as they slap against Martha’s fat ass. I clutch at her child-bearing hips desperately, my body doing its best to thoroughly fill the hole my cock is in, and I succeed as I rut against my holstaurian lover’s impossibly curvy body. I pack so much cum into Martha’s ass that it starts leaking out around my still throbbing shaft, and I thrust my cock up to the hilt again and again, fucking her through both of our seemingly endless orgasms before eventually I finally come down and collapse onto the bed, bringing my wife with me.
“I-I love you,” Martha gasps, barely able to breathe after the thorough fucking I just gave her.
“I love you too Martha,” I manage to reply, still hugging my equally tired spouse in my arms.
“How’re you feeling?” I ask my wife as I sit down next to her on our bed.
“I’m doing just fine, thank you,” Martha replies, eagerly accepting my kiss before turning her attention back to our twin daughters. “I swear, they want more every single day. They’re only a month old, and yet they seem to drink more and more each time I feed them”
“They just want more of your love,” I tease, brushing a stray strand of hair out of Samantha’s face as she and her twin sister Bethany nurse from Martha’s bosom.
“I’m still coming to terms with having twins,” Martha confesses, cooing sweet nothings when one of our daughters starts fidgeting slightly.
“I kind of am too, but that’s not going to make me love them, or you, or our other three kids any less.”
“You spoil us too much,” Martha giggles, and she leans over to give me a quick peck on the cheek.
“What can I say, I just can’t help but share how much I love all of you,” I confess, giving my wife a loving smile.
“Oh sweetie…” Martha sighs, and I lean in and give her a deep, romantic kiss.
“I love you Martha,” I say, giving my wife yet another smooch. “I love you.”
“I love you too dear. I love you too.”
“And I love you too, my sweet little daughters,” I coo, gently ruffling Bethany and Samantha’s hair.

“As do I,” Martha says, looking down at the two newest additions to our absolutely wonderful family. “As do I,” she whispers as I snuggle with her and our two twin daughters.

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