Monsterfest 2016: Days 21-31

Day 21: Danuki, Necromancer, Exhibitionist. Threesome, handjobs, zombies.

Day 22: Demon, Cursed, Friends with Love-Benefits. Prostitution, coitus, bargains, gender transformation.

Day 23: Hellhound, Mage, Facesitting. Lesbian kisses, Face-sitting, Possession.

Day 24: Succubus, Medicine Woman, Fellatio. Casual sex, doctor-prostitutes.

Day 25: Werewolf, Shepard, Anal. Facesitting, Lesbian Shenanigans, Rimming.

Day 26: Ryu, College Student, Age Progression+Gender Transformation. Coitus, public sex.

Day 27: Hellhound, Blade-Dancer, Futanari. Futa-on-Male, Pegging, Fellatio.

Day 28: Jorougumo, Little sister, Bondage. Incest tones, Kissing.

Day 29: Apophis, Thief, Drunk Sex.

Day 30: Kitsune-tsuki, Samurai, Breast Growth. Depowering. 

Day 31: Kobold, Momstripper, Petplay/Incest. Fellatio, Hot Moms.

Day 31-2: Cursed Sword, Cursed Swordswoman, Bondage. Fellatio, Objectification.

Day 31-3: Mucus Toad, Princess, Happily Ever After.

Day 21: Danuki, Necromancer, Exhibitionist. Threesome, handjobs, zombies.

“Come one, come all! Tragic accidents? Plague? Cemeteries overflowing with the lazy dead? Not anymore! With the fabulous power of the far off Zhonghua, the most intimate of losses can now be gain! Zombies will work tirelessly with the strength that only the dead possess, in exchange for only a small amount of energy each day! Discover the potential that your pretty bride, died in childbirth, could have had! I have a special today on mummies! Seances with dead family members, or just that girl you wanted to screw when you were a boy! Death makes everyone a bit prettier!”

My cart sat before the village cemetery. Perhaps a hundred markers, the history of the hamlet written in memorials. Plagues, murder victims, and more than a few who had simply died because that’s what humans do. The small crowd of villagers gave me wary, unpleasant looks. They were folks of the Black Forest, angry, suspicious, and put-upon. I’d run afoul of villagers just like this many times in the past. Of course, that was before I’d learned about the secret power that was now mine. Now, they were simply customers waiting to happen. I gave them a broad, toothy smile, tugging my cape to the side to reveal my corseted midsection. A flash of tit turned many of the men’s expressions from cold suspicion into curiosity. One of them, however, was clearly still put off. An older white-haired man, he growled at me.

“You’re a fucking necromancer. Why the hell would we want you raising our dead from their peaceful slumber for your dark designs?!” Angry shouts and murmurs joined him.

“Ah! You are wrong there, my friends. I am not a necromancer anymore. I was once, it’s true! I was in that most foul of trades. I snuck in like a thief in the night, stealing corpses and raising them to do my bidding. I thought I had good reasons, but friends, I was fooling myself. Just like you’re fooling yourselves if you think I can’t help you now!” I grinned. “I realized something. Everyone must contribute to society, in the way they best can! That includes the dead! Just because you’ve passed on doesn’t mean that you get to slack off! The dead are people too, and if they want to be given fancy grave goods and veneration by the living, they ought to earn it!” I knocked my cane against the cart twice. The door swung open, and a zombie slowly shuffled out. “Watch, my friends, as this corpse clears the rockiest pasture in mere hours!”

The zombie was one of the first I’d acquired, a farmer’s daughter who had died in a milking accident. Her family had agreed to send her with me, and I kept her fed with the spiritual energy offered so-willingly by men at the villages I visited. The entire crowd followed, nervous but curious, as she took a plow through the field of rocky ground beside the cemetery. Rocks the size of her head were yanked out of the earth by the steel, and casually tossed aside. By the end of the demonstration, the villagers were lining up with food, trinkets, tools, and everything else I would need. I charged dearly for my services, but they were worth it.

By the end of the day, I had raised half a dozen corpses. Most were simple zombies, dull, unimaginative, but that would change with time and attention. Part of what I loved about this work was the way it brought people together. A zombie rose basically senseless, little more than a walking corpse. But as it was fed and used to do work, people treated them like they were people, and they came back to their senses. Before you knew it, that piece of farm equipment was a real person. Still a tireless worker, still dedicated and loyal, but with all the personality that they used to have. And perhaps with a greater hunger for the men they met.

I looked up as one of the younger men approached. Maybe even a boy, though walking with more purpose than boys usually did. It was still a couple of hours until sunset, the sun hanging low in the horizon, casting golden light over the scene. My assistant silently gathered up the reagents I used for my work. In point of fact, I actually didn’t need any of the pageantry or show, but people liked necromancy more when they saw it made sparkles and colored smoke, and good will was worth its weight in gold when you didn’t want to have to deal with a horde of angry villagers every night before sleep.

“I’m afraid that my night business doesn’t open for a few more hours, young man. But I assure you, there’s no partner for your first time like a zombie. Attentive, tender, they really beat any living woman, hands down.” I winked at the boy, and took some satisfaction in his blush.

“Don’t want to screw one of the dead, ma’am. With all respect. ‘m here because my parents say I need a trade.”

“Do you, now?” I rubbed my chin. That was much more interesting than just another john looking for a good lay who would moan and take it. “Well, I can teach you my ways, boy. Of course, not for free. No, there’ll be a heavy debt, and trust me, if you try to cheat me out of it, it’ll end poorly. But necromancy’s not so difficult to learn. No, I think what you really need is my real secret. A power darker, more artful, than any that necromancy could provide.” I took out my pipe, and took great satisfaction in slowly packing it with the thick tarry plant matter, letting the young man grow more tense by the second as he waited for me to explain. Finally, he couldn’t stand the suspense.

“What is this power?”

I took a slow puff on the pipe, cheeks hollowing, tar flaring red as it caught. I blew out a cloud of smoke, and smiled. “Marketing.”

He gave me a truly perplexed look. I winked. “I imagine you have necromancers around here. Corpse-stealers, life-takers. Awful bastards, by and large. Do you know what the difference is between me, and them?”

“You… Well, you said you’re doing it to help people.”

“Pfah. If I was doing it just to help people, I wouldn’t be charging them such dear prices. No, the difference is that I don’t act like a necromancer. Furtive, nervous, overly educated. I act like a carnival huckster. I offer people the dream of a life without work. And I offer them an easier way to get the fields plowed. I give people what they think they want, and I make them think they want what I have to offer. It’s with these artful little touches that you can sway a people to give you a chance, and once they’ve had a taste, they’re awfully glad to have another.”

The young man frowned. “But… The stuff you do helps people. I mean, there are six new workers in the village, who don’t eat, who’ll work to help everyone else. We’ll probably make it through the winter because of them. That’s a real help to everyone. How can you say you’re no different from necromancers?”

I tsked, shaking my head. “The best way to bilk someone is to do good by them. Offer people something helpful, and they’ll believe you’re a good person. You don’t have to cheat someone to become rich. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the worst ways to make money. No, it’s when you’re reliable, and steady, that you’re going to strike it rich. But think about it, boy. What am I doing that’s any different from every other necromancer? Enslaving the bodies of the dead, setting them to tireless work, giving them the inclination to strive and fight when they should be lying in peace.” I tapped the bowl of the pipe against my knee. “That’s why necromancy is immoral. Not because people use it to do harm, but because it is, by the scriptures, evil itself.”

“Do the dead you’ve raised suffer?” he asked, suddenly looking concerned. I chuckled.

“Well, the vast majority of them seem awfully happy to be back here. I can’t raise the ones who ain’t interested in coming back. And so many of them ARE interested. What’s that tell you, huh?”

“That you’re doing something good for people, and being paid for the privilege.” He bowed his head. “I want to work with you.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. “Kid, I don’t think it’s going to work out. If you’re not in this for the money, I don’t know that I can trust you.”

He looked down at the ground. “Is it because you’re a monster?”

I choked on my tobacco, coughing out great clouds of smoke, and thumped my chest several times, giving him a teary-eyed glare. “How the fuck- I mean, what the hell would make you accuse someone of that?!”

“Well, you’re raising the dead and trying to get them integrated into human towns. That sounds pretty monster-y. You run a brothel at night.” He also pointed down at my hips. “And you’ve got a tail.”

I frowned down. “Damn, shows me to get too honest.” I sighed, the striped tail slowly swaying around in front of me. A pair of rounded ears rose from my head. “Well, you caught me, kid. I am, in fact, a Danuki.” He tilted his head in confusion. “You don’t know what that is?” He shook his head, and a smile spread across my lips. “Well, good luck, for one thing. Great financial luck.” I blew out another cloud of smoke in a sigh. “Let me level with you, young man. I need sex like other people need food. If you work for me, you’re going to have to screw me every night. Long, and hard.” I tugged at my robe, exposing a bit more of my corseted torso, my thighs slightly spread. “And as I mentioned, there’ll be a hell of a debt you take on. You’ll be paying it back for years. But, if you do a good job, well, there’s no limit to the money you can make.” I paused for a moment, and considered. “And the good you can do.”

He stood straight. “I’m willing to do whatever it ta-AH!” His voice rose into a squawk, as my assistant pressed her cold, soft body into his back. The zombie began to gently nibble on his throat, her lips pressed against him, delicate and soft as her hands sank down into his pants. I giggled softly.

“Oh, speaking of which, I’m not much for doing the work myself, so I tend to prefer my zombies taking on the duty.” I winked at him, as the zombie fished his erection out of his pants. I wiggled out of the tight trousers I wore under my robe, even as his manhood stiffened in the zombie’s cool blue hands, his expression delightfully shocked and embarrassed. I watched as his dick twitched, a bit of precum lubricating the zombie’s fingers. I leaned closer, smiling. “It’s so convenient, isn’t it? Having everything done for you.” My lips were only a few inches away from his cock, my breath slowly running over his bare skin, almost taking it into my mouth, but never quite getting there. Watching him get more frantic as I teased him.

“I, ah… Mm.” He flushed, his eyes lidding as he leaned back against my assistant, his prick twitching. I let my fingers dip between my legs, slowly masturbating, giving the boy a good show as I tilted back, my thighs spread. The way his breath grew ragged and quick was more than a little bit satisfying. And before too long had passed, he came. Thick, sticky ropes of seed splattered out, landing on my cheeks. I closed my eyes, and luxuriated in the feeling of it, his spunk loaded with enough spiritual energy to keep me fed for days. I slowly licked it off, my ears flicking with amusement as I opened my eyes.

“Not bad.” I drew a thick sheath of paper out of my cloak. “Sign this, and you’ll be my assistant.” I watched with amusement as my assistant took the sheath of paper, and carefully signed it with the tip of the boy’s shaft, dragging it across the smooth paper, leaving a trail of sticky seed roughly approximating his name. “Now, I’m going to need your help to get the girls ready for tonight. I imagine we’ll have quite a few pent up men looking for some release.” I took a cloak from the cart, and grinned as I threw it into his hands. “Your job is to make sure the girls are ready, and get them all warmed up. You’re going to be learning a lot about female zombie anatomy.”

Day 22: Demon, Cursed, Friends with Love-Benefits. Prostitution, coitus, bargains, gender transformation.

In this world, there is nothing so rare, and nothing so base, that it does not have a price. Born in the far white wastes of the utmost north, that lesson had been ground into me from birth. I had lived among people who knew that every resource was precious, and that nothing was more valuable than one’s own survival. In such a place, there was no room for sentiment or waste.

When my father was murdered by the chief of the Clan of Tusked Fish, I did not weep for him. I demanded a wergild, and when the chief did not pay, I slew three of his finest warriors with my father’s axe. Instead of allowing it to escalate into a blood feud, I demanded the wergild again, with a penalty for my time wasted. This time, he paid. When my uncle tried to take my father’s throne that was to be mine, I did not kill him. I challenged him in a duel, and wrestled him to the ground, humiliating him in front of the tribe, and sold him as a slave. When my clan turned on me and exiled me, I did not pace about like a caged bear and scream for revenge. I visited the Bone-Witches of the Floe Country, and traded my right arm to them. The new arm was twice as strong, twice as sure, and its tendency to blister and pinken in direct sunlight was a small price to pay. With it, I traveled south, and began to work at survival.

“Four gold sovereigns for a fish?” Veers asked, incredulous. The Paladin’s dark hair was cropped close, tanned face showing a mixture of outrage and amusement. “That’s highway robbery.”

“No. I’ve committed highway robbery. There’s more threats and less fish.” I found Veers aggravating. The man was a Paladin of one of the Middle-earth nations. He came from a land of plenty. Food simply grew on trees where he was born, and game fell over, eating itself to death till you could simply run it to a heart attack. There was plentiful shelter, and warm summer nights. Even the winters were mild there. Women fell over themselves to lie with him, and the towns of the Rhombus Sea were always pleased by the chance to see one of the legendary Paladins. In his shining plate, he shone like a beacon of hope and free assistance. And even his power was a gift, granted by his god because of his potential, rather than anything he’d done. The man had many debts. This was why I had absolutely no interest in giving him any more free rides.

“Two gold sovereigns,” he said, a grin on his face. On the other hand, living that life of plenty had given him a kind attitude. He shared his food freely, on those rare occasions when I actually accepted such an offer, and gave his friendship just as carelessly. He was a good, kind man, in his own way. That it was a foolish way to live which would end in his death did not mean all that much to me. Every way to live ended in death sooner or later.

“Three. My final offer. I worked hard to catch this fish, and I’ll not let it go just because you asked nicely.” He grumbled, but handed over the coins. Veers was reliable in certain ways, which was why I was willing to cut him a break. As he began eating the fish, I set my whetstone to the blade of my great axe. A crescent chipped of black obsidian, it did not technically need the honing, thanks to the bargain I had made with its previous owner, offering the blade in exchange for my sense of propriety. My sense of propriety had fetched a high price, never having been used. The axe was carved with the runes of my patron, The One Who Streetwalks.

“Should be fine once we find that dragon. Shame, though, killing a young dragon. If we’d found it a few years earlier, perhaps we could have offered it an option besides raiding villages, hmm?”

“Be glad that we didn’t. If we’d found it a few years earlier, you wouldn’t be making any money with which to pay for your fish.” I grinned toothily at him.

The massive tail struck my ribs like a whip made from a tree trunk. The troll bones I had been given cracked and snapped as I flew through the air, hurled a good thirty feet. I landed hard, rolled, and spent a while very conscious of the white hot agony in my chest. The dragon was larger than we’d been told. No doubt the villagers had hoped to get lucky. After all, it was not their own lives they had been gambling with. If I survived this, I intended to see that they pay the appropriate price for this little surprise.

Even now, Veers stood face to face with the gray-scaled dragon, his great steel sword whipping in wide arcs. Sweat shone on his forehead as he fought to keep claws and tail at bay, but I could see it was only a matter of time before the beast overcame his defenses and tore him in two. The bones were knitting themselves back together within my chest, but not nearly fast enough. I watched with frustration as they withdrew from my torn skin, shifting and crackling unpleasantly. I only needed to be able to stand again, and I could die on my feet like a man. With that thought, time seemed to slow, and everything around me went gray.

“Well, it looks like it’s a buyer’s market.” I turned my head. The One Who Streetwalks sat on a stump, watching with amusement. The only spot of color in a gray world, her skin was bright red. A pair of curled ram’s horns grew from her skull, and a whip-thin tail coiled and swayed behind her as she watched me, her skin bare. A powermonger in the most literal sense. I sighed softly. She had been my most frequent dealer, ever since I’d met her among the Bone-Witches.

“Hello, Demon.”

“How is it, barbarian, that no matter how much power I grant you, it is never enough? Each time you sell more, and each time you manage to throw yourself into a situation so dangerous that you have no choice but to sell yourself again. I mean, I am good at what I do, but you seem almost eager to sell off what makes you, you.” She tilted her head, leaning forward to stare at me. “I wonder, how can you value yourself so little?”

“Enough, demon,” I growled. “Are you here to take something more of my humanity, or to proselytize?”

“I don’t think your humanity would do the job. You’ve hardly got much of that left after all the power you’ve bought. Your soul is hardly worth a thing. And your life would be a wasting asset.”

“For gods sakes, time is stopped and you’re still wasting it. Tell me what you want.”

Her perfect white teeth shone like ice under the full moon. “Your manhood. Your masculinity. Your macho pride. That is my price. I will take what you are, make you a woman. And… Oh, yes, for a little extra fun. You love to mock me as a whore. I think you should have a chance to experience the pleasures of whoring. I think you’ll have the body that men desire, and the mind that will do anything for coin. How does that sound?” She leered down at me, teeth shining. “Have I finally found a price you won’t pay?”

My eyes slid to Veers. He stood frozen in time, sword raised, between the dragon and I. His armor was rent across one arm, revealing his bare skin as the dragon’s jaws moved in. The tableau was still, for now. It would begin moving again the moment I agreed or rejected. I shrugged my shoulders. “Sounds like a fair deal to me.”

She let out an exasperated sigh, and snapped her fingers. I felt the fire sweep over me. It was the kind of heat that felt cold at first, as though I’d plunged my fingers into a boiling cauldron, but across my entire body. After several seconds of twisting and writhing change, I lay heaving and gasping on the ground. My furs had been consumed by the fire. But my axe lay close at hand. And color had returned to it.

I stood and drew up the axe in a single smooth movement. Pale blue fingers wrapped around the haft, but I did not allow myself to be distracted by the oddity of my skin color. I crouched, and sprang like a cat, leaping through the air. My axe became a pale crescent of white and black, intersecting the dragon’s throat as I flew by.

There are warriors capable of drawing and slicing so smoothly that they could take several steps before their opponent even began to bleed. I had never been one of them. The dragon’s head flopped to the side, still connected by a thick ribbon of sinew and skin. Vast quantities of blood fountained forth, shining and bright, splattering across my bare body. I landed hard on the balls of my feet, and stood up straight, feeling out the new body.

Tall as I’d been before, but my shoulders were narrower, my hips quite a bit wider. They hadn’t quite inverted, but it was certainly close. My lips felt beestung, plush and soft, and my balance was different. I seemed to walk comfortably enough, but my hips had a natural sway as I moved now, and certain parts of my body bounced quite appealingly. Rich red blood stained my dark blue skin, a study in contrasts as I frowned down at myself.

“Oh, god, Anders.” Veers had a frown on his face, and he approached me carefully, a hand up. “Do you remember me? Is that still you in there?”

I cuffed him across the cheek, but gently. I might have lost my masculinity, but I’d certainly not given up any physical strength. “You don’t think I’m THAT foolish, do you?”

“Well…” He looked me up and down. The expression on his face wasn’t one he’d used before. It sent a prickling heat down my spine, my toes curling and my heart racing to feel his eyes on me. It appeared this new body had some strange reactions to his attentions. “You’re alright then? You look-” He paused a moment, studying me from head to toe. “Rather fetching, actually. I’d offer you a roll in the hay, but I don’t know if I could afford the price.”

“No charge.”

We both stared dumbly at one another for a moment. I had already felt my body moving, responding to the offer for money. To sell myself cheap to him, as my body desired. It wanted to whore itself out, and I couldn’t stop it. But I could subvert it. “Who on earth are you, and what have you done to my friend?” He frowned. “Uh. Did you have… feelings for me?”

“No!” I said, far too quickly. I knew how southerners could get about that kind of thing. “No, no. It’s just…” I groped for a good lie. “My body needs to consume seed. The spirit energy of a man.” That was a good argument. It was complete bullshit, of course, but it would serve as an excuse. “Besides, I always hear the way those whores moan when you have your way with them. Maybe I’m a little bit curious-” I was silenced as he ran a sleeve across my lips, brushing the sour dragon’s blood from my face. Then, he kissed me.

I had always considered Veers’ method of seduction embarrassingly feminine. It was gentle, when a man should be overwhelming and fearsome. I was now learning that it was overwhelming in a way all its own. The gentle kiss let my mind wander free, breath rushing out as his fingertips trailed down my spine, exploring the curve of my ass. When the kiss broke, I was gasping and panting for breath, my skin afire. His fingers dipped between my legs, giving me no time to regain my bearing and breath, and soon I had one thigh lifted into the air on his elbow. Soft, feminine moans emerged from my throat as he fingered me tenderly, probing my changed body.

The sensation of giving myself away, of charging nothing at all to use me, was thrilling. It was a kind of absolute ownership. I wasn’t giving myself to him because I had no choice. I was giving myself to him because that was the choice. The very idea of it made me shiver as his manhood prodded against the soft lips, sliding inside of my warm body. The smooth thrusts kept me on my tiptoes, his arms wrapped tightly around me, pressing rough kisses against my throat and collarbone as he kept the movements constant. My back arched, toes curled, and I let out a high moan of pleasure as he fucked me to the first of what promised to be quite a few climaxes. I twitched in his arms, going limp, legs dangling as he held me up.

The love-making went on for over an hour, the adrenaline and rush of a near-death experience fueling both of us. By the end of it, I lay in a tangled heap on the ground, brushing the sweat from my eyes. He lay beside me, one arm under my head, cradling my head under his bicep. “If you want to do that again, just grab me,” I murmured, leaning over to press my face into his shoulder, blue fingers sliding around him, soft breasts mashed out against his chest.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to pay?”

“God, yes,” I murmured, my eyes closed. There was a price for everything. But it felt better to give it away.

Day 23: Hellhound, Mage, Facesitting. Lesbian kisses, Face-sitting, Possession.

“You need to ‘recharge’? I thought you were a mage. I thought your whole fragging deal was that you drew power from the entire world around you. What the slot, is the fast-paced life of high-violence corporate espionage getting a little too much for princess? Need a little vacation in Cabo? What a shame that Aztechfraggingnology happens to own the entire peninsula!”

“Jesus, Harding, did losing your asshole scar you so badly that you decided to become one to honor it?” Barry frowned down at the Rigger in his wheelchair, an annoyed expression on his face. The ork sneered back, an expression which had to be seen to be believed. Tusks made the humble sneer far more impressive. I stepped forward, putting a hand on Barry’s shoulder, and he crossed his arms, a frown on the big human’s face.

“It’s not like that. It’s just… There’ve been a lot of high-profile jobs we’ve done lately. We need to lay low for a bit. Keep out of sight. I figure, I might as well do both, you know? Drop into the metaplanes for a bit, relax, and get some training done. Make myself a bit… stronger.” I looked down at the ground. “I could rig up a little messenger spell, something that will let you get in touch with me if you need any help, I shouldn’t be far away.”

“Yeah? I’ve read a bit about some of the things mages can get up to in the metaplanes. What if some nasty fraggin’ spirit decides to rape your eyeballs out, or an assassin shade gets sent after you, huh? We’re not going to be there to bail your flighty hoop outta danger, and slot knows if you can manage anything on your own!”

I sighed. “It’s not going to be that dangerous. First sign of danger, I’ll be right back here. Easy. Okay? I promise, I won’t get into trouble.” Hard let out a growl of annoyance, and waved a hand as the wheelchair twirled back around to his hardware bench. He began to work obnoxiously loudly on one of his drones, as Barry took my shoulder and walked me into the other room.

“You sure about this? It does sound a little dangerous. We’ve pissed off some big people, and if they find you where we can’t help…”

“I know I look weak, but I am an ordained member of the Hermetic Brotherhood, you know.” I frowned up at him. It was an annoyingly great distance to frown; He was damn tall, and I was damn short. I’d been mistaken for a lithe dwarf on more than one occasion. “You all think I’m so weak that I can’t take care of myself, it’s-“

“Hey, come on. You did once burst into tears when your ice cream fell on the ground.”

“I’d been having a long day! We’d been getting shot at! Come on, I can handle myself just fine! I’m not your kid sister or some shit!”

He held up his hands apologetically. “Hey, jeez, Allie, I’m sorry.” He pet my head, and I frowned up at his nostrils again. “I’ll keep an eye on things here. You go play around in the metaplanes, okay?” He grinned, and took a seat as we entered my room. I sat down on the mat, and set down the incense.

It was difficult to concentrate. I had a thing for Barry. Specifically, I wanted to have him screw my brains out. He was charming, handsome, a good face, and I’d once seen him pull an assassin’s cyber-arm off and beat him to death with it. I wasn’t ashamed to admit that it was one of the more arousing things a man had ever done for me. But I was also tiny and cute rather than vivacious and sexy, and so no amount of life-and-death situations could make it any easier to get him to think of me sexually, rather than as the little sister he would never pork.

I took a deep breath, and the scent of sandalwood calmed my nerves, and soothed my badly neglected libido. The metaplanes were just another state of mind, one that could be shared by people across great distances. Reaching them was as simple as putting oneself in the right state of mind. That meant it was goddamned difficult, and took both years of training and several props. But I was good at what I did.

I opened my eyes, and frowned. A primeval forest surrounded me. Trees pierced the sky, disappearing into a canopy that was more a haze than distinct leaves, so far above me that I could barely see it. There was no direct sunlight, merely diffused soft light that seemed to smear colors and create shadowy areas without rhyme or reason. The scent of mold and musk filled the air, bitter and sharp scents mixing together strongly. I spun around, and could not see my silver cord, the line leading me back to my body.

This was wrong. I had not intended to come here, and I had not ventured far enough for my cord to become so diffuse. This was a trap. I spun as twigs snapped and crackled, and watched a deer dart through the forest, leaping and running.

I’d grown up in Chicago. The only plants I’d ever seen had been caged in parks and planters. The only animals on leashes or behind bars. This place scared the absolute shit out of me, which was probably the point. But unfortunately for the thing sneaking up behind me, I still was a goddamn street mage, and it caught a fistful of lightning in the jaw, sending it launching into the nearest tree.

The creature’s jerking, spasmodic movements seemed random, but it caught the tree under its claws, and stalked forward. I swept a hand forward again, wind trying to send the creature headfirst into another tree, but it used the gust to steer itself in mid-air. This time, it lunged off the tree, and before I could catch it, it had me pinned to the ground, sitting on my back. “That fucking HURT, you little bitch.” I struggled, and fingers tightened in my hair. “So, I’m not going to kill you. Roll over.”

I paused, as the weight lightened. I slowly rolled onto my back, and stared up into red eyes.

The spirit was… Well, attractive, among other things. She had to be at least six feet tall, amazonian in her build. I’d seen less muscular trolls. Her skin was black like obsidian, and her hair hung around her head in a savage mane. Her breasts were heavy, and full, capped with ash-gray nipples. She was nude, and smelled strongly. The scent wasn’t unpleasant, though. “I am Rage. I was sent to hunt and kill you.” She ran a finger across my cheek, her nail sharp as she teased my skin, not quite putting enough pressure into it to hurt. “How does that make you feel?”

“Like I want to frag you, and then whoever sent you,” I growled. The anger was not entirely unfamiliar. I had once theorized that the same amount of rage is given to everyone, but in the particularly short or small, it is under greater pressure, and explodes more violently. I was quite small.

“Ooooh. Well, fucking me up is going to be tricky.” She leaned closer, and grinned. “So how about a deal, hmmm? We work together. I’ll help make you… stronger. Angrier. More willing to take what you want. You’re much more interesting than the person who sent me after you, and so much more spirit. Fucking things up sounds like fun, doesn’t it?” Her eyes twinkled. “Oooh. And there’s a man, isn’t there? A guy you want to have beneath you. I can help with that, too.” Her teeth shone white. “All you have to do is let me in.”

“Let you in howmmmph!”

As I opened my mouth, her face dipped down, and she kissed me. I was not particularly attracted to other women, but she really knew how to kiss. The feel of her warm, sweet tongue in my mouth, invading me, left me shuddering. The peculiar heat of her body wasn’t helping matters any, either. Her tail wagged back and forth as she kissed at me, tongue slurping at mine, a kiss more like a dog’s than a humans. The heat grew more intense as one of her thighs pressed between my legs, beginning to rub against my groin through the fabric of my clothes. I felt my head grow light, spinning dizzily as I arched my back.

I opened my eyes, slumped sideways on the mat. A line of drool ran from my cheek down onto the ground, sticky and cold. That was attractive. Barry sat on the chair, reading over a book. He hadn’t noticed I was awake yet.

“Oooh. That’s the one, is he?” A voice asked in my head. I jerked slightly, head turning wildly. “Hey, hey, it’s me. Your brand new personal hellhound totem.” My eyes widened. I wasn’t a shaman. I was a damn mage! I didn’t get commanded by spirits, I commanded them! “Yeah, yeah, I know, trust me, I’m not going to make you do anything, I’m just going to offer you some advice. I’ve never met a man yet who didn’t want a woman to sit on his face and ride it like a pony. There’s a handy little spell I know that should make him nice and pliable.”

I raised my hand, fingers moving. The lines of white reached out, and Barry stiffened. His eyes widened, as I dragged him out of the chair. I could feel a tingling spreading through my hair. My fingers, I realized, were the same black as the hellhound’s. Ears twitched on the top of my head. That was concerning, but it was something to worry about another time. “Allie- What the frag happened-“

“Shhhh.” I grinned toothily. “Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you all day long, Barry? Every time I see you working out, every time we’re alone in a room together, I really want to just fragging jump your bones.” I ran a hand down between my legs. My thighs were damp, a wet spot growing on the jeans, the smell of female arousal filling the air. I gently pushed him down onto the ground, on his back, and straddled his chest. “Can you smell that? Frag, I really need to get off, you teasing bastard. And you’re going to help me.” He opened his mouth to respond, and I pressed my denim-clad groin against his mouth. His eyes widened, and then acquired a slightly glassy look.

I wiggled my pants down, shifting. The spell kept him pinned, paralyzed from the neck down, as I pulled my pants off, then panties, exposing the perfectly dark skin. A lifetime of overly optimistic shaving meant I was smooth as silk down there. Slowly, I tilted forward, settling my thighs splayed around his shoulders, my crotch pressing directly against his mouth. I sat up, placing a bit more pressure against his mouth, grinning down at him as my tail began to wag eagerly. And he began to lick.

The sensation of having his tongue play across the lips, teasing and stroking me, was blissful. I tangled my sharp-nailed hands in his hair, shifting his head and guiding his licks. The sensation of having power, of controlling the pace of sex, was narcotic. I let slow, heavy moans rise out of my throat as I leaned further forward, until I was crouched over his face, pulling his nose against my belly button, rubbing ferociously against him. The sound of slurping and ragged breathing from between my thighs felt almost as good as his tongue did.

The spell wore off at some point. The only change was that he settled his hands on my hips, and became a bit more enthusiastic. The hellhound giggled in my head, enjoying the show as I kept riding, my hips slowly rolling towards an orgasm. I came, making a sticky mess out of his lips and face, and stood up, cleaning my crotch with the use of his shirt. I let my eyes roll down to his cock, and grinned lazily. “Gosh, I suppose I should return the favor, huh?” The eager expression on his face made me giggle. “But not yet.” His face fell just as quickly. “Oh, don’t worry! I want to get you off. And I’m looking forward to doing it soon. But first, there’s some interfering corporate mage who needs to get her cocky face stepped on.” I grinned, and licked my lips. “And after a little violence, I think I’m going to be in the mood to ride you like a mechanical bull. Let’s go get Harding and kick some whey-faced hoop.”

Day 24: Succubus, Medicine Woman, Fellatio. Casual sex, doctor-prostitutes.

I frowned, studying the burn on the man’s foot. “Dear me. You say you stepped into some coals?” He nodded. “Well, I can see that the demons have taken root. That’s what’s causing the unpleasant smell and the green discoloration.” His eyes widened. We had different ideas of demons, but they were tiny things that brought decay and sickness, so I was willing to speak the language he knew. “You’re lucky I’m here. Much longer, and the foot would be lost. We’ll need to do three things. First, I’ll rub a poultice on this. I’ll give you a few, you’ll need to change them once every three days. Second, I’ve soaked bandages in a solution of holy fluids.” Alcohol, mostly, but sacramental wine was holy, so I figured this would be much more holy. “And finally, I need to give you a blowjob.”

He looked quite enthusiastic at this. His wife frowned. “A blowjob? Surely that can’t help his foot.” She was not the most attractive of women. Honestly, he was not the most attractive of men, but I cared for all men in my medical works. I gave the woman a condescending smile.

“I am sure that you know a great deal about medicine. Would you like to make the poultices that will save your husband’s life as well?” She glowered, but did not press the issue.. I let the smile spread further. “The act of sexual intimacy aids the body in many ways. It grants energy to the man, giving him the strength to fight off demons. It lessens pain. It makes him aware of his own body, and quickens the pace of the blood to heal him. And of course, I have certain blessings that make me particularly effective in healing a man through intimacy. I wouldn’t suggest that his harm is because you have shown him insufficient attention, but…”

“It IS doctor’s orders, dear,” said the man, smiling cheerfully. A young woman offering no-strings-attached oral sex often won men’s hearts. I slowly assembled the poultice, the moss and oils that would help heal the burned skin and promote regrowth while killing infections. The bandages went over his foot next.

“Now, sir, if you don’t mind pulling down your pants?” I looked over my shoulder at the woman. “If you wish, you can stay here to make sure that I am not doing anything untoward or unsavory. I would hate for you to think that I am not taking my duty as a medicine woman seriously. Perhaps you will even have some advice on the proper methods?” Under my bright smile, the woman turned on her heel and walked sharply away.

I would pay for the comments. There were many women in the towns where I visited who whispered that I was little more than a whore. One more now, I supposed. And while the men were always grateful for the healing, I felt the frost that formed after I left. Each year, I seemed to be a little bit less welcome. But nobody who was injured ever turned me aside.

I undid his pants, and began to gently lap at his manhood. His shaft twitched between my lips, thick and firm as I licked the salt from his skin. My lips slowly bobbed up and down as I focused on the warm taste of his body, letting myself relax. My reputation was a problem to be confronted another time. For now, I could simply go along with my healing. All of the things I had said were technically true, but the truth was that I enjoyed my work. I enjoyed feeling his pace quicken between my lips. I enjoyed his hands on the back of my head. And I enjoyed swallowing his seed as he came down my throat.

I stood, wiping my mouth politely, and bowed my head. “Replace the dressings every day, and the poultice every other day. I will be back around here in approximately a month. My payment is five pounds of flour, and eight silver pieces.” I left the house a few minutes later, carrying the modest supplies along with me. I began to search for a place to spend the night, and settled finally on one of the small homesteads held by a young man without a wife. They always tended to be appreciative of a little extra medical attention.

“Mistress!” The messenger burst in during a routine checkup. I frowned, lifting my head, my hips still swaying back and forth. “Plague, three valleys north of here! A small village called When-cap! The village elders sent me.” His chest was rising and falling, panting and gasping. “They need you, immediately! Half our village is ill, with strange white pustules-“

I stood up, a wet sucking noise filling the air. “I will help them.” And then I was off, skirt danging from one hand.

It often happens that I am called upon to race. Diseases can go from distraction to plague in a shockingly short time. If I could arrive quickly enough, I could direct others, provided they paid attention to my instructions. And when plague arrived, nobody ignored the doctor.

I pounded through the night on my hard-calloused feet, racing through the paths and trails, and off of them. This part of the land had the occasional wild animal, but few wolves remained to prey upon people, and I was not particularly fearful of bandits. Even those who lived out society needed medicine women. That was why it was such a surprise when I tripped over a stiff length of cable, hitting the ground, tearing my dress and derailing my thoughts. I pulled myself to my feet, only to find a wire around my throat. A woman stood over me, her eyes dark, wearing the habit of the Inquisition. “Jezebel.”

“My name is Naomi,” I said, my words choked. The wire tightened a bit.

“You have made quite a name for yourself. Traveling from village to village, curing the ill and the wounded.. You are quite a skilled healer. Suspiciously so, in fact. Especially considering your particular choice of magic.” She was white-haired under that habit, though she did not seem particularly old. She stared down at me with a combination of eagerness, and revulsion. “I wonder how many you have corrupted, hmmm? How many men you have lain with, turning them into tools for your wanton behavior. I would be worried to know. I imagine I shall have a great deal of inquisiting to perform over the next few months.” She took out a silver blade. “You are either a demon, or on your way to becoming one. This will force the issue. If you are a demon, it will reveal your true self. If you are not… Well.” She smirked. “The inquisition does not slay humans. Only demons. And you will not survive this night. So you see how this works?”

I would have called her a worthless cunt, but the wire around my throat was interfering with my insults. Then she jammed the silver knife into my chest.

Burning warmth radiated out from me. The sudden heat as something bled out that was not blood. My back arched, my crotch growing soaked, as the transformation wracked my body. Horns thrust through my hair, ears lengthened and twitched, and wings tickled as they flapped uselessly behind me. I had always kept clear of the Inquisition. That was why I lived out here on the edge of civilization, where medicine was more important than faith. Or so I had thought. I knew who had done this. Women. Jealous of what I had done. Husbands, shamed into it. I would have my revenge, I would have their men, I would consume-

I gasped for air, yanking the wire away from my throat and ducking below the steel sword, striking the woman in the knee. She squawked in pain, tumbling down to her ass. I stood up, and stared down at her. I could make her suffer. I could make her mine. Ravish her, turn her, make her a pitiful succubus like she had done to me. I had been a healer, I had been someone who made people better. I’d just been turned into a monster who fed on men, who took their energy for myself. My fist tightened around the wire.

But I had people to save.

I turned, and ran. My legs felt stronger. My breath came quicker and easier, even with my breasts softer, fuller. Even with my demonic body. I sprinted across the fields, through the dark woods, the moon moving over me. I followed the stars north, towards the village of When-Camp. The grass beneath my feet was frosted, but I did not seem to mind. I raced forward, and smelled something.

It was the scent of men. I knew the smell well, I’d spent enough time around it. This was so much stronger, though, and so much sweeter. The rich scent of men, sweaty, unwashed, and in need of satisfaction. Both sets of lips watered. I stared through the darkness, and saw the bandits seated in a circle around a fire. Dangerous men. Men in need. My succubus body needed them, too. It needed to taste them. To sate its terrible hunger with them. My whole body shook as I stopped momentarily on the edge of the light.

But I had people to save.

I kept running. I arrived at the edge of the village, and paused. There were a handful of people outside of buildings, expressions of pain and hopelessness on their face. More people than undiseased households could hold. They were frightened. They were ready to lash out.

I was a monster. Horns grew from my skull, black and gnarled. Wings grew from my back. I was naked, soft hair coloring my arms and legs, pink and sweet. I let out a hard breath, and stared into the village. They might reject me. They might hate me. They might refuse to let me help them.

But I had people to save.

I stepped forward into the light, my back straight. “You!” I pointed towards one of the men, my head raised high. “Gather water, and begin a fire!” I pointed towards another. “You, give me the symptoms of the plague-stricken!”

“What the fuck? What kind of monster-” started one, and I turned on him, my eyes flashing.

“I am the doctor, and I need your help to save these lives! Now jump to it!”

This seemed to shock them into action. People ran up to me, grabbing my hands, thanking me. Desperation obvious in their eyes. They needed someone to give them direction. I began to give orders.

The disease was the weeping sickness. One of the diseases of compassion. Terribly contagious, terribly deadly. No wonder it had spread so quickly. But I had heard stories about succubi. That their bodies destroyed normal disease, that they were immune to such things. The frailties of humans were not the frailties of demons. And so, I went into each room, cared for each individual. Three days of applying poultices, of exposing myself to sickness, of steaming myself clean with the help of a cauldron of boiling water. Three days of making people well. Three days of no sleeping, of doing nothing but working for them. At the end of it, I slouched out of the village. I walked for the better part of a mile, and slumped down into a clearing. I was starving. I was tired. And I wasn’t human anymore. So I slept like a beast.

I was awoken by the smell of a man approaching. I opened my eyes, and jerked back. A man stood over me, an arm reached out. It took me a moment to realize he wasn’t holding a weapon in his hands, and that he wasn’t threatening me. I let out a harsh sigh, frowning. “What? I am going as soon as I have rested.”

“People are okay again. The village is safe. I…” He frowned. “You’re a doctor, even if you’re a succubus.” I nodded. “Don’t you at least want to be paid? We owe you our lives.”

I stared at him for a few seconds. Then I sighed, rolled onto my hand and knees, and and spread my legs. “I can think of a way for you to pay me.”

Day 25: Werewolf, Shepard, Anal. Facesitting, Lesbian Shenanigans, Rimming.

“Baaah,” said the sheep.

“No, it’s true. I swear it.”

“It’s nonsense,” said the sheep, her arms crossed. She was a weresheep, which made her philosophical objection only slightly less nonsensical. “I just don’t believe that wolves and dogs are related. They’re much too different from one another. Imagine a perfectly nice dog coming in and trying to molest me.” She winced slightly as I rubbed the ointment into her bottom. One of the damn werewolves had gotten into the paddock last night, and had raised unholy hell. Smacking and molesting the poor sheep, pulling their hair, teasing them cruelly. It wasn’t necessarily the wolves fault they had a high libido and a sadistic streak, but the girls were never good for milking the day after a wolf attack.

Dolly lay across my lap, sighing softly as I continued to rub the ointment into her sore bottom. “And she had a dildo! She threatened to stick it up my ass! Now you show me the dog that would do that!” She huffed, nuzzling her face into my thigh. “She didn’t even give any kisses or anything, she just kept biting my ear and my neck and telling me that I was lucky she wasn’t eating me all up!” I lifted one of the sheep girl’s soft ears, and saw the little red marks where she’d been given innumerable hickeys.

“Well, I suppose you’re just so delicious.” I smiled, softly stroking the sheep girl’s hair. “It’s okay, I’m gonna finish salving you up, and tonight we’ll keep a sharp lookout for that nasty ol’ bitch, and if she tries anything on you, she’s going to get a shotgun full of rocksalt to her rear. See how she likes that kind of S&M!”

I’d started working with the sheep nearly a year ago. I liked working with Farmer Gregor. He took in monsters like these, and took good care of them, making sure they got fed well, and lived somewhere safe for them. Being eaten alive was not as big a fear for weresheep and holstauri, but the poor things tended to attract the more sadistic attentions of other monster girls, which meant lots of sore bottoms and overly nibbled ears. That was reason enough for them to seek out a farm where they would be safe from the sexual predators of the world. Unfortunately, this particular farm had a problematic werewolf stalking it. Farmor Gregor was going to be pissed. And speak of the devil.

“Damn it, Mary, we gotta do something about that no good werewolf!”

He wasn’t exactly young, although he had the kind of vitality farmers show from lots of time in the sun doing heavy lifting. His hair had a few touches of gray at the corners. Nonetheless, I had a crush on Farmer Gregor. I stood up straight, dumping Dolly onto the floor as I snapped off a salute. “Yessir! I’ve got a plan, sir. Gonna put on one of the cotton jammies we’ve got, pose as a sheep, wait for her to get close, and then I’m going to give her a rock salt enema, sir!”

Farmer Gregor raised an eyebrow at me. “That’s one hell of a graphic image you have put into my head, Mary, but sounds good to me. I’ll be behind the fence, just yelp if you need help.” I grinned with pride, even as Dolly stood up and dusted herself off.

That evening, I stood in the pasture, doing a little pace. I walked from one end of the fences to the other, watching the forest nervously. This idea had seemed like a clever one in the light of day, but now I was marching, in a pair of loose jeans and no top, cotton wrapped around my chest and my hips, waiting to get attacked by a werewolf. The bright full moon hung over the pasture, staring down at me. It was giving me performance anxiety. The shotgun was stuck down one of my pants legs, making my gait somewhat stiff and awkward. I tried to play it off as a limp.

A pair of clawed hands grabbed my tits from behind, and a warm breath tickled the back of my throat. “Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

The werewolf’s voice was low, and sultry. Her breasts pressed into my back rather intimately as I stiffened. The press of her skin against my clothes made it pointedly impossible for me to pull the shotgun out, which left me totally helpless. She yanked at the cotton fluff covering my breasts, exposing them. She chuckled, and nuzzled into my ear. “So, you’re the new girl my worthless husband has been using to keep that little lamby flock of his in good order, hmm? A sheepdog.” She nuzzled my ear.

“Wait a second- You’re Farmer Gregor’s wife? I didn’t know he even had a wife!”

“Of course. Well, I got bored with him and started playing with his herd, and he didn’t take that very well, so he kicked me out. I decided to keep playing with them.” Her hand dipped between my legs, and grabbed me firmly, palm pressing up against my crotch. At the same time, one of her fingers played over my lips, slowly slipping into my mouth. “What can I say? I have my tastes, and they need to be satisfied. So, all the little lambs are in their barn, safe and sound, except for you. That means you’re going to get all eaten up by the big bad wolf, darling.” I felt her hook her hands into my pants, and yank them down, exposing the curve of my ass. A firm hand came down and smacked my ass hard enough to make me squeal, leaving me tingling and numb back there.

“So, what, you’re gonna molest innocent girls to get back at your husband?” I asked, trying to pack as much wry sarcasm into the words as I could as the werewolf yanked out the shotgun and threw it to the side. Her lips found my neck again, and it felt surprisingly good as she planted little love bites up and down my nape.

“Well, that was the plan at first, but honestly, nowadays, I’m mostly in it for the cute girls.” She shifted, pushing my hips forward, clawed hands resting on my cheek. “Oooh! Clean and pert back here! Someone’s clearly dressing their anus to impress.”

“That- Hey!” I squawked, as something wet and warm ran across the little ring, my eyes widening. Slurping noises filled the air as she began licking back there, my back arching at the sensation. “F-fuck! Stop that!”

“Mmm! So clean I could eat my dinner off of it!” she said, her voice terribly, mockingly amused as she began to roll her tongue around the little ring of flesh. I gasped and shivered, twisting beneath the werewolf as she kept licking. Then, she pressed her mouth firmly between my cheeks, and jammed her tongue several inches into me. I let out a little shriek of surprise as she spread me out, my ass twitching and clenching as the tongue worked its way deep inside, my eyes rolling up as I let out a little whine of pleasure.

“Mmm! Yum. You’re just delicious back here, you know that? I could spend all night licking, but that might wake up my damn bastard husband. So instead…” I squawked, as she delivered a firm bite to the curve of one of the cheeks, my ass tingling as she did. “I think I’ll leave him a little trouble, instead!”

She giggled, and swatted my ass again. Then she was up and off like a shot, as I was left writhing and twisting. The bite of a werewolf was infectious in its own way, and I could feel the tingling heat spreading out through me. Fur bristled and itched as it grew, my spine twisting as my tailbone slowly grew out, covered in fluffy fur. My teeth shifted in my mouth, growing sharper, more lupine, as I clawed at the ground. But all of that was secondary compared to the sensation growing beneath my tail.

Cleaning aside, I’d never been all that focused on anal. It was taboo. It was strange. It was… enthralling. I could feel the tingling heat there, an itch that wouldn’t calm, a need that was making my head burn. I wanted it, badly. She’d teased me, she’d gotten me worked up, but without satisfaction. I needed to find that satisfaction. My eyes turned slowly towards the barn. Lupine ears pricked. My tail began to wag, as I anticipated. Excitement flooded me. Just a short distance away, the answer to all my problems awaited.

I crept into the barn, and heard the girls begin to make soft noises of uncertainty. The smell of the shepherd, and the smell of the wolf, an unfamiliar mix that was making them nervous. I studied the barn, and began creeping towards Dolly’s pen. I saw her sitting up, her eyes widening as I approached. “M-mary?” she asked, her voice full of tension as I tapped my fingers on the metal bars. Then I jumped over it, and onto her. I bore her down to the ground gently, climbing on top of her, grinning.

“Don’t worry, Dolly. I’m not going to bite you or anything. In fact, I intend to do the opposite!” I gave her a bright grin, and then shifted my hips, straddling her face, and pressing her face against my ass.

That’s when the shotgun went off, and about five tablespoons of rocksalt hit me in the back. It was less painful, more shocking and abrasive, but it was enough to get me bouncing up and off of Dolly’s face, squealing as I rubbed my back. It hadn’t broken the skin, but it certainly stung. As I turned to shout at whoever had just shot me, a collar went around my neck, spiked and leather, and I was dragged forward. I caught a quick glance of Farmer Gregor tying the leash to the bottommost rail, and then I was bound.

“Please!” I said, and my voice was a plaintive whine! “She bit my ass, and I need to get something jammed up there!” Pitiful, deeply plaintive whines filled the air as I tugged feebly at the leash, giving both of them the most pitiful looks I could, whining like a whipped dog. “Come on, farmer Gregor!” I shook my hips. “Fuck me in the ass!”

The man took a slow, deep breath, and let it out as a groan that spoke of despair the likes of which I’d never seen. “My fucking ex-wife. How does she always manage to make my life more complicated?”

“Rough! Make it rough!”

Dolly was staring at me with a combination of mortification and amusement, as Gregor grabbed my hips. My tail wagged wildly, swatting him in the face until he tugged it out of the way, unzipping his pants. “Sir… You’re not really going to do this, are you?” Dolly asked, frowning at Gregor.

“What, you want me to leave her unsatisfied so she tries to queen you again the moment she wriggles free of these cuffs?” He sighed as I thrust my hips back against him, trying to hump him in reverse. It didn’t accomplish much, but it certainly felt good. “Besides, it’s the only way to deal with a fresh-changed werewolf.”

“Baaa,” said the sheep, but she didn’t interfere as Farmer Gregor penetrated me. I let out a soft moan, my back arching, tail wagging jerkily. The sensation of having my spit-slicked ass spread out by the thick, intruding rod seemed to scratch at that mad itch. my ears fell, my tail did the same, my body relaxing against the hard metal as I wiggled and repositioned myself, spreading my legs a bit wider. For his part, Farmer Gregor seemed to be enjoying the penetration well enough, groaning as he rode me doggy-style.

I grabbed the bars harder, panting and gasping as he rode me, my eyes closed tightly as he thrust in and out, my ass trying to do the same with little success as it gripped around his shaft. My toes curled as he began to gently yank my tail, pushing me further forward. When he came, it was a profound relief, and I came with him, my hips shaking.

“Well… I guess we’ve got a new sheepdog, huh?” said Dolly, smiling cheerily.

I just woofed.

Day 26: Ryu, College Student, Age Progression+Gender Transformation. Coitus, public sex.

I groaned as consciousness returned. My head was aching terribly. I hadn’t been drinking that much last night, as far as I could remember. Certainly not enough to justify the sensation that an ice pick was being taken to my temples. I reached up to rub, and ran into something that shouldn’t be there.


Slender, deerlike, they rose in forks and prongs from my head, forming a delicate halo that met like the branches of two interlaced trees above the crown of my head. My further explorations were cut off when a bell rang.

That was not an entirely accurate description. ‘A bell rang’ makes you think of some little silvery dinner bell tinkling pleasantly. This was more like… Imagine that nuclear weapons, instead of releasing heat and radiation, simply made noise. The total conversion of matter into sound. Imagine, then, that one went off in your left eardrum. That’s what this bell was like. I bolted upright, and fell down on my tits, which were as new and alien an addition as the horns. I no longer had legs, and I no longer had a penis. Of the two, I wasn’t sure which loss I feel more keenly.

“GREAT PRIESTESS DRAGON!” shrieked a voice nearby, at approximately 150 decibels. I jerked up again, my tail coiling and wriggling beneath me, trying to push myself up. Surprisingly strong abdominal muscles sprang into motion, holding me into position as I peered around. I was dressed in a loose robe, white and red, which hung across my shoulders and exposed more of my new cleavage than I would ever be comfortable with. The strange thing, however, was that I recognized all of this.

Growing up in California had a few consequences. One of them was the immigrant population. The Dragon of the Water’s shrine was a part of the campus, and I’d actually dropped by it a few times to see the rituals that kept the campus and its surrounding areas green and well-watered. She was one of the legendary spirits of Japan, and as such, was on loan thanks to an agreement with that nation’s gods and religions. I frowned up at the priest. I opened my mouth to tell him that I wasn’t the dragon, but…

Well, for one thing, I very clearly was. I just closed my mouth, and composed myself. Something strange had happened. I was in the body of a fertility goddess slash dragon, my great tail coiled behind me, trying to figure out how to not look to strange. If I admitted what happened, he might-

A large platter of cold cuts was set down in front of me. The priest slammed his fist into his open palm, and bowed his head. “GREAT PRIESTESS DRAGON! YOUR BREAKFAST! WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLESSING!”

I nodded, wincing at the volume of his devotions, and grabbed the tray. “Thank you. Really. This is just great.” I tried to give him a smile, and felt my skull ache slightly as I did.

I curled up in my spot, and frowned around me. The shrine was reasonably large. Perhaps thirty by thirty feet, I stood in the center, near a large bronze pillar that reached from the lacquered wooden floor all the way to the peaked ceiling. Some snake-like equivalent of a bed, I decided. A small fence, more symbolic than anything, surrounded the center of the room. Half a dozen tourists were watching with cameras from behind the fence as I lifted the tray. I coughed, but tried not to look suspicious as I began to eat. The flash of cameras made my headache a little worse, but I tried to take it with good grace.

“Are you ready for the first event of the day, great priestess dragon?” the priest asked, his voice a bit more bearable now that I’d eaten.

“Huh? Uh, sure, I…” I frowned as the tourists stepped over the fence. “What’s, uh, the first event- oh.”

The tourists began to rub and stroke my scales. Some of them reached up to stroke my antlers gently. A couple of children and teenagers in the audience looked nervous as they stood a few feet away. I smiled. “It’s okay, if you want to touch. I’m not going to bite.” Something in my heart felt a bit warm as they approached, and began to run their hands down the ridge of scarlet fur on my spine. My tail twitched slightly, and I closed my eyes. At the very least I knew that while I was dealing with this, it wasn’t too unpleasant.

After several minutes of this, the priest shooed the tourists out, smiling. “I’m glad to see you’re finally warming to the ritual. I’d been concerned, you’ve been so moody about it lately. Do you think you’ll be up for the rain-making ritual tonight?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, uh, I sure.” I coughed, hoping I’d fix this first. I didn’t have the first idea how to make rain. “Do you mind if I, uh, go out for a bit? Just, you know… walk around?” I cursed myself. I slithered now, didn’t I?

He frowned, rubbing his chin, but then nodded. “I suppose that’s fine. Just be back in time for the mid-day prayer!” He gave me a cheerful grin, and I slithered out into the streets of the college.

Monster girls were not a rare sight nowadays. A full-fledged dragon priestess, however, was. I kept catching people staring. Most of them were staring at my tits, which was a strange experience, but not entirely unpleasant. I was deeply grateful for the warm California autumn as I slithered down the sidewalk, which kept my stomach from being directly pressed against snow and ice. I’m not sure how I would’ve handled that. I caught sight of myself in a store window, and froze.

This is not to say I saw my reflection. I saw myself, inside a coffee shop, enjoying a nice cup of something steaming and brown. I stared until I caught my body’s eye. My body winked back at me, and stood up, walking to the door.

“Ah, young man.”

It was, broadly speaking, my voice. The intonations were different. It was softer, breathier, more feminine. More… Well, definitely more appealing. I swallowed. “You- You’re the dragon, aren’t you? How did this happen?”

“How?” She stared at me for a moment, and then laughed, the sound high and feminine for my voice, a curious juxtaposition that made me feel slightly unbalanced. I swallowed hard, and stared her in the eye. She stared back, showing absolutely no sign of being abashed. “I switched my mind with yours. You were drunk, unfocused, it was easy. I chose you because, well, you felt just right for it. Something inside you. You don’t want to become a girl, do you?”


“You sure? Because you certainly gave in very easily. And I’ve already heard from the tourists that you were much more approachable than I usually am. Sorry about the headache, just the pains of finding yourself in a new body with new instincts. Honestly, I want to enjoy life as something other than a shrine maiden, a pampered pet who barely gets to leave, let alone is given the opportunity to travel the country. I mailed a letter to the priest and your parents letting them know what’s happened; I’ll be long gone by the time it arrives.” She winked at me, and turned on her heel. I thought of hitting her, of grabbing her, but that was a little self-destructive for my tastes.

“I- You have responsibilities, don’t you?!”

“Why do you think I want to leave so badly?”

“Then… at least tell me how to do them! I have no idea how to be a dragon priestess, what if I get something wrong?” I swallowed hard. “Tell me how to do the rituals, and I’ll let you use my body for now, okay?”

“Bargaining?” She turned, a hand on her chin, a feminine cant to my body’s hips. “Well, I suppose I can do that much. Just because I have no interest in the job doesn’t mean I have to make it any more difficult for you. Well, it’s simple enough. Rain-making is easy, practically instinctive, for our kind. Just close your eyes, and imagine the sound of rain against the roof. The tricky part of the ritual is regaining energy after you do it. I recommend having a friend around, male, who you trust and care about. You’ll need their help to support you.” I nodded, frowning. If I was weak, I might not be able to do much for myself. “Good luck!”

She turned, and was gone in seconds, and I knew there was no way I’d catch up with her without making a scene. And I had things to consider.

Half an hour later, I rapped at the dorm room door with my knuckles. It swung open, and my best friend peered out at me. “Whoa. Uh, sorry, but I donated at the office.”

“What?” I frowned. “Andrew, it’s me!”

He peered at me. “Did we sleep together last weekend?”

“What?! Wait, you’re into this kind of thing?” I frowned at him. “Weirdo.”

“Oh, man, I’d know that judgmental tone of voice anywhere. How the fuck did you manage to end up inside a dragon priestess, man? I thought you were into that whole ‘it’s immoral for a man and a monster girl to lie together’ thing, and this seems pretty intimate.”

“My body got hijacked by her. Which I think really just proves my point.” I frowned at him. “Now, I need to get through this ritual, and I need your help, okay?”

“Yeah, man, sure. Sure.”

As we walked back to the shrine, I was aware of several things. First, this body had a much stronger sense of smell. Andrew smelled of sweat, and arousal, and a half dozen other things. I could smell him from several feet away on a cool day with the wind blowing, outside. Second, the smells were pleasant. I was aware of what they were, they were familiar, but where they would’ve turned switches that said ‘Disgust’ and ‘gross’ before, now they made me feel… strange. The closest I could think of was arousal, but in a female body, it was all so much different. No matter, though. I wasn’t about to sleep with a guy, even if I got stuck in this body. I’d tell the priest, and we’d figure out how to force the dragon to switch back with me.

I did, however, take his hand gently in mine, feeling significantly warmed by the intimate contact.

“Hey, man, you ever been to one of the rituals before?”

“No. It all sounded kind of silly to me. Why, is it weird?”

“I dunno about weird. Probably going to be interesting, though.” Andrew gave me a lopsided grin as the two of us approached the shrine. The priest waved us in, and I found myself in the center of the crowd.

I swallowed, and bowed, before moving to loop myself around the pillar. I closed my eyes, and concentrated. The sound of rain, the soft drops against the roof, the patter…

The experience was surprisingly pleasant. Rather like a long run, but without the pain and discomfort. I was left sore, tired, and coursing with endorphins. It still came as something a surprise when I grabbed Andrew by the shoulders and kissed him. For both of us, I imagine, although he seemed to adapt much faster than I did, his hands on my hips. I was vaguely aware of the people in the room, but only as a momentary distraction while I yanked off my top, exposing my breasts and the taut curves of my stomach to everyone as my body wound and wrapped around Andrew.

I wasn’t used to snake sex. I’d had sex maybe once or twice, one night stands with human women, or monster girls who could convincingly fake it. I’d certainly never done this before. My body seemed happy to take care of the process, however. It moved easily, winding around him, restricting his movement, pinning his arms to his sides. Abstractly, I was sure I wasn’t gay. But I had tits and a pussy right now, which meant that neither was having sex with him. I probably would’ve found that less convincing if I wasn’t so desperately empty, and so terribly in need of being filled.

The alien sensation of penetration flooded my body with more brain-twisting endorphins, leaving me moaning and cooing as I felt his shaft pierce me, filling me up to the brim. My tail wiggled and shook as I began to ride against him, pressing my body against his, moaning with pleasure as I arched and writhed, my body moving. I was vaguely aware of his orgasm, followed shortly by my own, but I kept going. Each orgasm seemed to give me a modicum more energy.

It was easy to fall into it. To forget why I was doing this, and drift in the strange sensation of making love as a snake. In fact, I only stopped when he came and nothing came out. He was panting and gasping, sweating, as I lifted my body slightly, frowning. “What time is it?”

“T-Thursday,” he whispered. The priest handed him a bottle of water, and he drank it greedily, adam’s apple bobbing with each swallow. After a long few seconds, he looked down at the coils of my body, still embracing him, and grinned. “So, want to do that again?” I stared around, slightly shocked. The crowd must have left at some point during the sex.

I thought of my body, out there, somewhere, being used for who-knows-what. I thought of the pleasure of giving of myself to bring the rain, and the pleasure of fucking like a wild animal to regain the energy. I flushed, and shrugged. “Y-Yeah. Sure. I mean, if I have to.”

He smirked at me, and my heart fluttered just a little. I was just doing this because I needed to. That was all. I wasn’t doing it because it felt good.

But as I slithered around him again, slower this time, there was no denying that it also felt good.

Day 27: Hellhound, Blade-Dancer, Futanari. Futa-on-Male, Pegging, Fellatio.

“Lord Hullworth?” I asked, my voice smooth, polite. The ball around us continued to spin on, the band playing a stately waltz as dancers whirled around us. The young man turned towards me, and smiled. In a single glance, he judged me, studied me, dismissed me as a threat, and clearly decided that I was worth bedding. His smile was broad and lecherous, and he approached me, an arm moving to go around my shoulder. He was intercepted with a glove brought across the cheek. “I challenge you to a duel. I demand satisfaction.”

He turned his head back towards me, his cheek flushed with an angry red mark. He was still smiling, but it was not a very nice smile anymore. “I see.” He ran a hand across his cheek, dispassionately studied a streak of blood from his lip, and cracked his neck. “I think I can accept. I do not know what wrong I’ve done you, but I am more than happy to challenge you.” His blade leapt from its scabbard with barely a touch, and he lifted his hand smoothly to level it at me. “I hope you’ve brought a sword with you, young woman. And I hope that you have more in your arsenal than mere surprises and insults with which to beat me. What shall we wager on this?” He grinned toothily. “Humiliation, perhaps?”

“You had your way with a woman in public. Disgraced her, took her status and made her a pariah. That is why I’m challenging you.”

“Really? Revenge for a slight against your kind, or a wish to follow in her footsteps?”

“Oh, let’s say somewhere between those two, shall we?” I smiled, and drew my own blade. We both carried rapiers, conch-shell guards covering the hand, slim and springy steel blades on display. There was no corking of the tip. If he decided to kill me, or vice versa, it would be stopped only by opposing skill. But he was cocky, overconfident. That, plus the surprises I had planned, would have to be enough.

In truth, it was not his cruelty that attracted me to him. It was his arrogance, his skill. Lord Hullworth was right to be overconfident. He was one of the greatest duelists in the history of the kingdom, and he had earned it through relentless training and skill. He had long since earned the right to be a bastard. But the accumulation of power and credit is always sure to attract those who wish to challenge it, and I trusted in my skill and my surprises. “Do you wish to fight here, or in private?” he asked.

“Here. Best of three marks?” I suggested, smiling as I tested the springiness of the blade. He nodded, and drew a handkerchief. He tossed it into the air, and we both stood at attention as it fell slowly to the ground.

There was a blur of motion. I was fast, and well-trained. He was faster. The blade lunged through my guard, and struck against my chest, cutting a line through the fabric of my tight vest, exposing a bit of skin. The slightest drop of blood beaded at the tip of the blade. He held the sword in the air, and smiled. “That’s one to me.”

“It is indeed.” My thoughts raced. He was even faster than I’d expected. “You aren’t toying with me at all, Lord Hullworth. Are you threatened?”

“Just the opposite. Everyone knows that women cannot duel. They are born without a blade, and any attempt to master one is simply a sad attempt at imitating their betters. Your possession of a sword is an insult. Your attempt to use it is a crime. Your challenge of me? That is a heresy. Trust me when I say that a quick, sharp lesson is the kindest thing I could do for you. A reminder that no matter how hard you train, you are absolutely no match for me.”

“Why, Lord Hullworth, are you saying that the only way to wield a blade is to waggle it around each morning when you piss?” I smiled. “Come now, let us not dally, don’t you have a humiliation to dispense with?”

He smirked, and lifted the handkerchief, tossing it into the air once more. We both settled back into our stances.

This time, I was prepared for his change of tactics. Instead of lunging, he lashed in, aiming a strike for my hand. I managed to catch it on the guard, and responded in kind, our swords flicking through the air. I was breathing hard, he was barely exerting himself, and it was still all I could do to keep up with him. I went for a wild, desperate lunge, and got lucky. The tip of my blade brushed over his shoulder, just marking the skin. He stepped back, an eyebrow raised. “Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. Even if I thought women could duel, you would certainly convince me otherwise.”

“I still hit you.”

“Yes, I’m sure that would matter a great deal if I had decided to skewer you instead.” He narrowed his eyes at me. “You’re not bad. But you’re not on my level, girl. Do you want to go through with this? I will be kind if you forfeit the match. If you continue, I will be utterly merciless.”

“Well, then let us not dilly-dally.” I picked up the handkerchief, and lifted it into the air, before letting it drop.

The moment the handkerchief dropped, he was on me, merciless, landing quick and agile blows. I stopped each one, barely, but dodged more than I should have. His movements were terribly swift, and very hard to predict. I brought my blade up to intercept him, and found him already insinuating himself around my guard. I took several stumbling steps back, and he followed with me, sword slashing and dicing at the air. His blade came out in a perfect swift movement, and hooked around the guard, throwing the blade over him, above his shoulder, without drawing a drop of my blood.

“Yield?” he asked.

“Not quite yet.”

I rolled forward as he slashed, feeling the blade brush my hair aside. I came to my feet, and grabbed up the sword, feeling my glamour break. The thin skein of illusion that made me look like a human. I turned, and saw his shocked look. I darted forward, and brought my blade across his chest in a single movement, drawing a thin red line across his chest. My fur rustled slowly, my canine ears perched above my head. My skin was perfectly black, my eyes flashing with fire, all the things I’d needed to distract him. I’d wanted to save this for after I beat him, but sometimes you just had to tturn a stumble into a lunge.

“Monster,” he hissed, his eyes narrowing as he raised the blade.

“Hey. You promised a duel. The Code Duello is quite specific about many things, but it doesn’t mention species.” I grinned. “A duel to humiliation, right?”

“Hm. I am sure my cock would wilt before I ever sheathed it in a beast like you.” He gave me a cold sneer, returning the rapier to its sheath.

“Oh, that’s fine. I wasn’t looking to be penetrated.” I reached down into the hem of my trousers, and tugged them down. Several shocked gasps filled the air as my erection popped out. “I don’t know about you, but there’s something about a fight, isn’t there? Gets the blood running, the juices flowing… You really gave me a good fight there! I probably couldn’t have won a fair fight. But surprises aren’t really against the Code Duello either, are they?” I grinned, and then leapt at him. There were squawks of surprise, but in the absence of further violence, the nobles seemed more content to watch in shocked fascination than to object.

“You cannot possibly think-” he began, before I forced him to his knees and shoved my cock against his face. He made a sound of disgust, and nearly bit it, but seemed to think better of it as my fingers tightened in his hair. He opened his mouth reluctantly, and I shoved my cock into his mouth, letting out a sound of pleasure as his warm tongue and lips pressed against the length of the shaft.

“Oooh. God.” I tangled both big, strong paws in his hair, bending forward over his head as I bean to thrust my hips back and forth, casually pressing it against the back of his throat. “There’s nothing like having a man suck my dick, you know? Especially such an arrogant man. Mmmmf. All that work keeping your blade maintained must really be paying off, huh?” I grinned down at him as he gave me a hateful look. “Oh, come on, is this really any worse than what you did to that girl? Not that I disapprove of what you did, just, you have to be willing to give and receive in this world.”

With that, I yanked out of his mouth, and shifted him up and onto his feet. With his greater height, it was easy to yank down his trousers, and lift one of his legs by the knee. I shifted, pressing my spit-slicked cock-head against his ass, grinning as I began to push forward. He made several shocked gasping noises, and a round of giggles filled the air from some of the women dancing in the crowd. “You… bitch,” he hissed, through clenched teeth, biting his lip so hard I thought it might draw blood.

I kissed him on the lips, and he squawked as he tried to pull away, a movement that only wound up with another inch of my cock buried inside of that tight, clinging entrance. “Now, now, you’re just going to hurt yourself if you tense up. Take a deep breath, let it out, and relax.” He tried to keep clenching, but after several seconds, he did as I ask. Gasping for breath, his movements began to calm, and I giggled. “Look at that, you’re getting a hard-on from getting fucked in the ass!”

This seemed to take away all of his composure as he squealed, pulling away once more. I just held him tighter, crushing his cock against my stomach pleasantly, my warm skin sandwiching it against him, my own shaft buried even deeper inside of his ass. I thrust a few times, watching as he squirmed and gasped, strange expressions running across his face, his trousers and underpants hanging from one ankle now as he tried to pull away, showing no success. “You… You’re not… going to.. make me…” He began, but never quite made it past that. His orgasm interrupted, as did mine.

He went rather boneless as I set him down, kissing him gently on the neck, his trousers still around his ankles. A thick line of seed was slowly rolling down his leg, matching the sticky white mark on my stomach. “Mmmm, you were just divine, darling.” I gave him another hard, forceful kiss on the lips. This time, he wasn’t able to do much more than simply accept it, rocking back on his heels as I gently crushed my lips to his, leaving his head spinning. “If you ever want me to ride you again, and believe me, you will, all you have to do is ask.” I gave him a firm squeeze of the rear, grinning. “I wouldn’t trust any other man to maintain my blade.” He gave me a mutinous glare, that I entirely ignored as I turned my back on him.

There were some who enjoyed conquering easy prey. That wasn’t a Hellhound’s tastes, though. It was all about proving that you were the best, and that no man could beat you. Sometimes that meant cheating your ass off to stay on top. I turned at the door, and caught him looking at me, his pants on, one hand over his crotch. I blew him a kiss, and his face went bright red as he turned, clearly trying to pretend that what had just happened never happened. But there would be no forgetting it for him.

And once I’d had him once, I knew he’d come back for more.

Day 28: Jorougumo, Little sister, Bondage. Incest tones, Kissing.

“I don’t like her.”

“Well, isn’t that new and exciting.”

“Man, you know why. She’s up at all hours, always playing that goddamn guitar of hers-“

“It’s a biwa, man, be a bit more tolerant of other cultures.”

“I don’t care what it is, it’s driving me nuts. And you know that Molly looks up to her, which scares the absolute crap out of me. I mean, she’s the clsoest thing to a mom Molly has. And she’s a whore. You remember that, right? She had sex with men for money for years. I don’t think its appropriate, let alone safe, for Molly to be looking up to someone like that.”

“I can’t fucking believe you. First, for bringing that up again. Second, for making Molly a part of this. Molly is not going to start selling her body on the street just because she knows a decent person who does that. If you could maybe trust her with her own life, you’d see that for once! Besides, she’s fucking nineteen, she’s able to hear about this shit without it warping her-“

I took a few steps away from the kitchen door, frowning. It wasn’t the first time my brothers had fought. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time, either. They’d been fighting for the past twelve years, since mom and dad had died. About schools, about jobs, about all sorts of things. And more than anything else, they fought about me. I wasn’t the same frail waif that I’d been, but from the way they constantly freaked out about everything, you’d think I was still a kid. I took another step back, and ran into Juri. “They’re fighting again?” she asked, her voice soft.

“Yeah.” I sighed as I looked up at her. It’s true, she wasn’t dressed appropriately. Her dress hung slightly open, exposing just the curve of her breasts. I wasn’t into girls, but I still thought she was attractive, appealing. She was Japanese, tall and with raven black hair that hung down to her waist, a stark contrast to my broad-shouldered, squat, red-haired brother. John had met her at work during a bust, and they’d begun dating. She’d moved in. And frankly, I liked her. I liked that she didn’t dress appropriately, that she didn’t take any shit, and that she had so much guts about everything. She’d taught me what it meant to tantalize someone, refusing to give them something to make them want it. Learning how to turn things into assets. It was the kind of lesson I badly wanted to know. “Mark’s such a jerk. Just because he doesn’t have anyone in his life, no one can.”

“Well, he is right.” She winked at me, a soft smile on her pink lips. “I am a very, very bad influence.”

“You’re not!” I said, just a little too loud. I looked at the kitchen door, but there was no sign Mark and John had heard me. I took a few steps away from the door, walking towards the stairs. “He’s just… I asked him once, why he didn’t date anyone. He told me that he didn’t want to hurt me. Like he’s scared I’m still that fragile little girl who had to sleep in his bedroom till she was fourteen. Why can’t he just find some girlfriend so he’s less worked up?”

“Well. If he’s anything like John, he may have some rather specific tastes.” She paused a moment, looking over at me. “Are you certain that you’d be comfortable having your brother find another woman? Even if it meant he spent less time with you?”

I crossed my arms and stared down at the floor. “It’s not like I need him all the time. I have my own friends. I’d be fine.” I didn’t have much conviction in the words. I knew Juri saw how much time I spent around Mark. How much I craved his approval. He’d been the one who’d taken me in after mom and dad had died. I’d not seen him for the first seven years of my life, but he’d been there when I really needed him. I knew John fought with him about that, but-

“You know, maybe you just need a different way of thinking about him.” Juri grinned, a mischievous light in her eyes. “Have you been practicing that trick I showed you?”

I blushed, and nodded. It had seemed sketchy, at first, Juri asking me to meet her in her room, to learn a special secret. I’d been a little alarmed. Then I’d found out what she meant, and I’d been all the gladder. “Why don’t you show Mark?”

“What? But that’s… Are you allowed to do that?” I asked, my eyes wide.

“To certain men. Special men. I think that John is the right one for you.” She chuckled softly. “If not, well, better you find that out sooner than later. I would suggest you go into his closet, and change. Wait for him to return to his room, and show him. I think he will be quite interested when he learns what I’ve taught you.”

I nodded quickly. The fight sounded like it was winding down. I quickly ran up the stairs, and into John’s room, closing the door behind me.

The scent of stale laundry and masculine body odor was strong in the closet, a familiar smell from living with two older brothers. I closed my eyes, and concentrated. I imagined the image of a spider, its legs swaying in the breeze as it hung from silk. I’d found spiders scary for a long time, but Juri had explained what they really were. They were creatures, like any other, mostly with no interest in harming humans. She’d apparently been a spider, once, and had decided that hurting humans wasn’t at all interesting to her. She’d chosen instead to help them, protecting them from vermin and pests that might otherwise harm them. And she thought that I might be suitable for doing the same.

With each breath, I felt the pressure. My body changing, my clothes absorbed into the chitinous lower body, the great secondary abdomen and secondary thorax emerging from my hips. Long, dark legs, striped with yellow, slowly grew out. I took a deep breath, and could taste my brother’s scent. It was strange, but in this form, the scent was quite appealing.

It’s not as though I was attracted to my older brother. Not in that way. That was wrong, and I certainly hadn’t persisted in joining him in his bed far past the age where it was appropriate because of curiosity. I certainly hadn’t been fantasizing about him for the last few years, having strange dreams that left me shaking and soaked when I woke up. This was just a way to show him that I wasn’t some harmless child, that I wasn’t simply a little girl. I opened my many eyes as the door opened and closed.

Through the slats in the closet door, I could see him. Standing in the center of his room, a frown on his face, Mark smelled even better. I could smell the anger, the frustration on his skin. The senses of the spider were fine-tuned to catch pheromones, and he was pumping them out. Anger, frustration, hostility, and… lust. That one was easy to sense. The need for someone. The scent of arousal mixed with denial, making his body stand out in my senses like a flare.

It reminded me of all the dreams I’d had of him. All the times I’d confessed my feelings in the night, and not been rejected. Fantasies about it. Silly daydreams. I thought of what Juri had told me about regrets, and threw open the doors. I regretted it almost instantly, but let those feelings drop off to the side. He turned, and stared at me. Before he could open his mouth, I darted forward, silk woven between my fingers. Eight legs rushed me towards him, and I bulled him over, pinning him down. A loop of silk went through his mouth, gagging him with the sticky thread, though leaving plenty of room to breathe. Another loop around his wrists, binding him on his back, connected to his ankles, leaving him spread out across his bed.

“Big brother… I need to tell you something.” I took a deep breath, my body atop his. I could feel his knees pressed lightly against my secondary abdomen, my legs wrapped tightly around him. “I… I love you.” I sniffled softly, and began rubbing my eyes. “I know it’s weird, and wrong, and it’s not something I should feel, but, I really love you, and I really am scared that when you find someone you like being with… You’re going to leave me, forever, and I’ll have to give up on ever getting a chance to let you know how I feel. And I know that’s selfish! And I can’t have you to myself! And I know I’m a bad person for even telling you that this is the way I feel! But…” Fat, messy tears began to roll down my face, red hair in disarray as I started making soft, rather pathetic sniffling sounds. The sheer emotional torque pulled my mind out of the mating frenzy of the spider, and I began to undo the silk ties, humiliation and self-loathing twisting in my gut like a parasite.

I stood up off of him, and began to step away, only to feel his hand wrap around mine. “Molly… I love you.”

“Yeah,” I said, bitter and frowning. “Like a little sister. Like a little girl who can’t take care of herself. Right? That’s all I am to you.” There was a pause as I clsoed my eyes, waiting for him to admit it, or maybe just refuse to say anything.


He pulled me back, and his lips pressed against mine. My heart began to pound as he kissed me, his arms around my shoulders. My legs clacked andr ubbed together nervously, producing clicks and chirps as I squirmed, overwhelmed by the sensation of his body heat. He began to press kiss after kiss into my neck, my shoulders, my cheeks, his hands sliding down my sides. “I don’t want anyone else to have you,” he said, his voice soft, as though admitting something he was ashamed of. I just felt my cheeks go red. “I want you all to myself.”

I flushed, and let him gently remove my clothes. As he did so, I returned the favor, flushing as I saw his erection. “I’m… I’m a bad little sister,” I murmured softly. “Getting so greedy. Wanting to do anything to keep you to myself. I must have really been a nuisance, always asking to sleep in your bed.” I looked down at my own modest chest, feeling a little spasm of inadequacy tingle in the pit of my stomach. My big brother just put his arms around me, and pulled me close, softly stroking my hair as I buried my face in his chest.

“Well, it’s true that I went for a few years there where I could barely ever masturbate. That was no picnic.” He grinned down at me, and I barked out a laugh,somewhere between shocked and embarrassed at his candor. “Did Juri teach you how to do… this?” he asked, frowning.

“Yeah.” I looked down at my hands. “I thought you’d see I was learning useful things rom her. So you wouldn’t be as mad. Please don’t kick her out. She’s really not that bad.”

My brother let out a long-suffering sigh, and shook his head. But he stroked my ears. “I suppose that if she makes you happy, it’s better to have her around than not.” He frowned. “But have her ask me before she teaches you any more tricks.”

“I AM an adult, you know,” I said, pouting up at him in direct defiance of what I’d just said.

He just gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Then he squeezed my ass, and pulled me a bit closer, a grin on his face. I squirmed in his arms, but it felt amazing. I pinched myself quickly, and he frowned. “What?”

“Just… making sure of something,” I said, giving a bright smile, and pushing up against him.

Day 29: Apophis, Thief, Drunk Sex.

The Mask of Chaos. Nobody knows where it came from. Certainly, it is reminiscent of some of the earliest Egyptian descriptions of Apep, carved to resemble the head of a great snake. However, carbon dating is uncertain. It appears throughout history, time and again. The collapse of Charlemagne’s empire, the rise of the Timurid dynasty, the Spanish Flu. The last time it appeared was shortly before the Spanish Civil War, in the hands of Francisco Franco. Where the mask went, chaos went with it. Eventually, the forces of order came together, and hid it once more. But the mask wanted to be found.

For years, I had been fascinated by the Mask of Chaos. I’d never believed that it was anything more than a historical curiosity. Like the Shroud of Turin, like Excalibur, like the Holy Grail, it was an object that had survived so long by happenstance that it seemed greater than it really was. None of that made it less fascinating, less important, but I didn’t believe that it was magical. Of course, that was before the plague in New York City, and the cult. The cult which mirrored ancient Babylonian myths, unknown to all but a handful of the most obsessive historians. I began to research, and discovered more examples of the strange phenomena. Once I’d opened myself to the idea, it surrounded me. The world made so much more sense when we allowed for the possibility of the supernatural.

I lifted the lantern higher above my head, peering around the caverns. My research had shown the mask had left Franco’s possession, carried into France, and later taken to the colonial holdings in Vietnam where it had disappeared from the records. I had spoken extensively with locals, tracking down old legends and rumors. Stories of attacks, of plagues, happening just a bit too frequently in a certain area. I’d struck gold with an old man who told me of a near-death experience, where he’d fallen through the jungle floor and nearly died in an underground cave system.

I peered at the map, and looked up. There. A single gap in the roof made room for a shaft of light perhaps fifty feet across, illuminating a peak in the vast cavern. Anemic trees grew together, pushed and twisted into an incestuous bundle by the desperate competition for light. Beneath them were the clean geometric lines of artificial construction. Human… Possibly.

The next hour was spent mounting the peak slowly and carefully, pushing my way through the trees, hacking with the blade of the machete where the wood had ossified into something like shale under the weight of ages. Finally, I broke through into the chamber. It was small, no more than ten feet by ten feet. I shuddered at the carvings on the walls, the slithering movements as they seemed to shift. It would have made sense, if I’d had a torch, something that flickered and danced. But the lantern put out perfectly steady light. The shadows should have been still. Just another thing that became so much more understandable when one understood the supernatural.

The mask itself was a simple thing. It was made of obsidian, and hewn into a rough snake’s face. I took out the lead case, and the tongs. This was a powerful, dangerous thing. It had ruined empires, destroyed civilizations. Carrying the case and tongs had been a great strain on my back for the last three hours, but I wasn’t about to allow something like this to get its hooks into me. I’d spent years fighting alcoholism, fighting my own urges to be lazy, to give up. It had been a constant struggle to get into the boy’s club of archaeoanthropology, and I wasn’t going to sacrifice it all now.

Which made it terribly unfair when the obsidian mask leapt from its resting place, and adhered to my face, turning the entire world black.

The voice that spoke in my ear was rich, feminine, full of laughter. “Ah. After so long, another one comes to find me. You have come far, haven’t you? From halfway across the world. I could feel your desire, your obsession, like a thread I could pluck.” Every sibilant phoneme extended strangely, seeming to continue on even as she spoke, as though two voices spoke together in perfect harmony save for those hisses. “So many who wanted my power. Who wanted it enough to risk anything. I know you took precautions, but when you started down this road you let me in. Now, there’s just the consequences of your desires.”

My heart thumped. This was the thing I’d been afraid of. The gingerbread house at the end of the road, where I learned that everything I’d done was going to cost lives. Where I learned that I was no different from the cultists who’d tried to bring Nergal into the world. I cursed myself for a fool, and tried to focus on the meditation. The black mask was confining, claustrophobic. I could barely draw breath in through the edges of the mask, and my gasps echoed and reverberated, ragged and deafening.

“What is this? What lurks in that heart, so dark you would be ashamed even for Chaos itself to see it? Show me your little secret, human. Is it hatred? Hunger? What is it inside of you that you chain up?”

I held my breath. I tried to remember the lessons I’d read. Concentrate on an image of calm, of bastions of strength. Visualize the locks and the chains, and then visualize keys and boltcutters failing against them. Give yourself strength, and give yourself confidence in that strength, and-

There was the soft click of a key in a lock, and it all came undone. Apep stared into the center of my being, and I wilted, feeling my grasp over the world slip away as she did. My darkest desires and secrets, all revealed to a creature which thrived on chaos and destruction. Apep spoke, her voice soft.

“Oh, *motherfucker.*”

I woke up hard. Someone yanked up the curtains, and my alcohol-sensitized eyes contracted slowly and unsteadily, allowing the bright lights of the dawning day to hammer into my brain like a railroad spike. I yanked the pillow over my face.

“Apep. What in the hell do you think you’re doing in my city?” asked a woman. Her voice was warm, rich. I pulled the pillow away from my face a bit, and frowned up at the two intruders, silhouetted by the bright light.

“‘re you robbers? Do you know who I am?” I asked blearily. The words were slurred. I was still pretty drunk from last night. Then i considered what she’d just said. “Wait. Uh. How d’you know who I am?”

“Apep, how long have we known each other? And you’re trying to pretend you don’t know? I tasted you the moment you arrived at La Guardia.” The woman standing above me was dark-skinned, and the kind of beautiful that made people angry, either because they couldn’t be her, or because they couldn’t have her. Standing by the woman’s side was a young man, with dark hair, and a wary expression on his face. He was holding a small book in one hand, and a blunt spear in the other. He was rather cute. I gave him a warm smile, and then noticed that the woman had cat ears.

“Did I invite you two back here last night?” I asked, rubbing at my eyes. “Sorry, I think I blacked out a bit last night. Uh… Apep…” I frowned. Apep hadn’t said a word to me so far. Usually, she woke me up every morning telling me to turn her powers to destruction, to corrupt. I usually responded with a drink, which shut her up. “Apep? Are you there?” I could feel something, almost a sort of reluctance, then-

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, just play dumb, or they’ll kill you,” hissed Apep in my ear. I blanched a bit.

“What? Why are they going to kill me?”

“Because you’re the embodiment of chaos, and you’re in my damn city,” said the woman, frowning down at me. “Wait a second.”

“No,” hissed Apep.

“Apep doesn’t have control of you, does she?” The cat-eared woman asked, a grin spreading across her face. She was dressed in ancient Egyptian garb, a golden necklace around her throat. Medallions and pendants and bangles. My alcohol-soaked brain kicked into gear, noticing the familiar aspects. It looked just like the outfit that had been stolen from the Museum of Natural History a few months back.

“Bastet-Sekhmet?” I asked, awe and a little fear in my voice. “Wait, you weren’t the traditional enemy of Apep.” I frowned, and looked at the young man. He did look strangely familiar. “Ah… Wait, aren’t you Horace Creed? I think I saw you on the news.” I rubbed at my eyes sleepily. “What’s all this about?”

“Oh, Apep, I can’t believe it. How did you manage to screw this up, huh?” The cat-eared woman was snickering and snorting, beginning to laugh. The young man looked a bit embarrassed.

“Yeah, I… Betty, I thought you said this was an emergency. That something terrible had happened, that darkness was flowing forth, you made me sneak into the museum and get your things! I had to bribe a security guard.” He looked remarkably annoyed with her for someone who seemed to realize he was standing next to an Egyptian goddess. I could feel Apep hissing in annoyance in my head.

“Apep fucked up!” Bastet crowed. “She’s a chaos spirit! She reflects the darkest parts of people’s inner demons, becomes an embodiment of that! Oh my god, how did this even happen?”

“I did not choose it!” Apep’s voice came out of my mouth, a sensation that was somewhat akin to vomiting, and made me feel nearly as queasy. “I grew impatient, but give me a few short years, and I shall corrupt her! Her hedonism shall be tempered by ennui, and I will-” The young man took out a small bottle, and handed it to me. I took a sip, and the voice was cut off mid-rant. My throat felt a lot better.

“Uh, thanks,” I said, standing up. I realized I wasn’t wearing clothes after a couple of seconds when I saw the flush on Horace’s face, and grabbed it. “Oh, man. I read that book about you, Mister Creed, I didn’t know how much of it was true, but.” My eyes flickered over to Bastet. “Oh. Uh, fuck. You’re… probably going to kill me, aren’t you?”

“I mean, that would be the merciful thing to do,” said Bastet. Her face was very serious, her mouth drawn into a line.

“Betty,” Horace murmured, giving her a frown.

“Oh, come on, Horace, this is a pretty cruel fate to suffer. I mean, Apep’s going to spend how many years with this woman? A chaos spirit, locked inside the body of someone who’s content with drinking a lot and fucking around? It would be mercy for me to kill the woman, if you think about this from poor Apep’s point of view.” Betty’s cold expression cracked into a smile. “But I’m not in a particularly merciful mood. No, we’re not here to kill you, human. Not unless you’d want that.”

“Well… I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

Horace grinned. “Good. Well, you being in control makes this a lot easier. We’re going to bind Apep.”

I opened and closed my mouth. “Is it that easy?”

“No, not at all. It’s kind of a real pain in the ass. You wouldn’t believe what I had to do for the materials for this.” He frowned. “Luckily, I’ve got a family connection. Just sit down. This is going to take a little bit, but once I’m done, Apep will be sealed. She won’t be able to manipulate you, or make you grow more decadent. I mean, you’re still going to have to be responsible, because you could still do some pretty awful things, but it’ll be your choice, rather than hers, if you know what I mean?” He gave me an apologetic smile. “You can’t really use her power, either, without breaking the seal. Maybe a little bit of it? But it’d be dangerous.”

“Mm. That’s fine,” I said, yawning sleepily, sitting up. He was warm, and not just in the temperature sense, though there was that, too. He seemed to radiate a kind of heat that reached right into the spirit, soothing away the headache and the frustration from Apep. I leaned my head against him, and then caught the look Bastet was giving me. I sat up straight again.

A few passes with the spear, the blunt tip drawn under my throat and across my cheeks, and a few dashes of whatever was in the bottle, and he seemed satisfied. “You should be fine now. If Apep seems to be bothering you…” He took out a card, and handed it to me. “Here’s my phone number. We’re a bit busy at the moment with cleanup, but if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call.” He stepped to the doorway, opening it.

“And don’t prey on any humans in my town!” said Bastet. This finally seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, as the young man I’d brought home last night looked up, peering blearily at the two of us, finally roused from his sleep. Bastet stared for a couple of seconds, and then threw her head back, crowing with laughter as Apep coiled and hissed angrily in the back of my head. The two of them walked out, Bastet still laughing.

“Who were they?” he asked, sleepily, as the door shut.

“Just… friends,” I said, and smiled, looking down at the card. “Mmm. Buy me some breakfast?” He nodded, and stood up, grabbing his clothes. I waited for him to walk out the door, and spoke to Apep. “So, those two… They sealed you.”

“Yes,” Apep said, a tone of bitter annoyance in her voice. “It is hardly the first time. You will break the seal and become my tool, or die and free me. It is not the first time I have been sealed. That is the nature of the stone mask, after all.” She sighed. “But that woman seeing me at a disadvantage is an embarrassment that I will never live down.”

“Horace was kind of cute. Maybe I should meet him again some time.”

“He is a member of the Order of Set, it seems. I expressly forbid you to speak with one of my ancient enemies.”

I let the smile spread across my lips, and continued as though she hadn’t said a thing. “Yeah. That sounds like it’d be a lot of fun.”

Day 30: Kitsune-tsuki, Samurai, Breast Growth. Depowering. 

I stood at the crossroads, staring into the darkness. In the cold night air, I could feel the crackle of tension. The lust for blood. The scent, iron and ozone, of a storm waiting to rampage down upon me. I slowly tapped my fingers on the hilt of the blade. The katana was not cursed. In fact, it was freshly made, the finest work of a young swordsmith who had offered it to me as a gift for services rendered. I knew good craftsmanship when I saw it, and had accepted his generous offer. Now, there was only the matter of baptizing the blade. That was why I waited on the crossroads.

Footsteps filled the air. A young man, judging from the tempo and the sound. I let one hand rest on the hilt of the blade, and the other on the folds of my kimono. I pulled it open just a touch, letting the cool night air soothe my temper somewhat. I shouldn’t do this. I knew it was a crime, a violation. I knew what the price would be if anyone ever found out. And yet the spirit compelled me. I had no more choice in the matter than I did in breathing. I could hold my breath, but sooner or later…

“Ah, ma’am!” The young man bowed his head as he saw me. “You gave me something of a fright! You…” He stopped mid-sentence, mouth hanging open as he stared. Specifically, he stared at my breasts.

It was not a surprise. There were terribly few men who did not stare at my breasts. The curse had seen to that. My kimono could barely contain them, the soft flesh put on display, and covering them left me wound out and irritable. The fox had done her work well in seeing to my curse. I hated the way men looked at them, hated the way it turned me from a person into an object of desire. I hated the way it inflamed their lusts, made them desire me, fed lecherous touches and gazes. I spun, and struck him with the sword, the blade passing through him in a single clean sweep, and he fell to the ground.

Not dead. No, the breasts weren’t the only curse. But while I hated being lusted after, while I hated being used, while I hated being considered a helpless object, I fucking loved fucking. With the cursed strike sapping his strength, the only vigor left in the man was in his cock. He stared up at me, terrified, as the moonlight filtered slowly down through the trees. His eyes widened as it caught the outlines of the tail and ears. The energy of the kitsune-tsuki that was warping me, twisting me, cursing me. Ears and tails of moonlight drifted around my body, highlighting the more sensual parts of my curves. I ripped my kimono open, exposing the curves of my breasts. “You will survive this night, peasant. But not unscathed.”

I dropped my hips down on him like a guillotine, driving him balls-deep inside of me in a single movement. He couldn’t help but moan, his back arched as I tightened around him, clenching mercilessly. He plead for leniency, tried to apologize. I ignored him, thrusting my hips down. My soft chest bounced, each breast nearly watermelon-sized. I could feel them growing still further, the tingle as his energy was consumed and made a part of me. Every man I bested in battle fed me more of his power, making me stronger, faster, more dangerous. It was just an annoying consequence of the Kitsune-tsuki’s nature that it also made me more desirable, more feminine, easier to objectify. That was a problem, but one that I could manage.

The man twitched beneath me, a gasp wrenched from his lips as my hips dropped again, clenching the base of his cock. He came helplessly, feeding more of his chi into me, giving me more of his strength. He would spend the next few months weak and somewhat more prone to sickness, and would never be as strong. He was not a true swordsman, so I would gain little true strength from the encounter. But at least for the moment, the beast was sated. I stood up, pussy aching and unsatisfied from the brief encounter, and stalked darkly away. I had a duel to get to.

The Island of Funajima was where the duel was scheduled. I sat, waited, and grew wroth. I had challenged my foe to a duel here in order to sate myself on him. They said that he was undefeated, and undefeatable. I would prove him wrong, if he ever showed enough honor and politeness to arrive. Bored, I sat with my kimono slightly open, a hand between my legs, masturbating slowly. It satisfied the kitsune-tsuki, kept my bloodlust sharp and avoided boredom. That it was undignified hardly mattered to me. I was beyond dignity at this point. At least, I had thought so. And yet my blood still boiled when my opponent walked up the path from the beach.

He was unshaven, his eyes rimmed with bags and red. His kimono was rather poorly arranged, and he yawned voluminously as he approached, not even bothering to cover his mouth as he did so. “So, you have finally arrived,” I said, fingers dripping as I clutched my sword. “It is long past time- What in the hell is that?”

He looked down, and lifted the implement. “‘Ts my sword.”

“It’s a bokken.” I frowned. It was unvarnished wood, and rather poorly done. “Did you just make that?”

“Yeah. Forgot my sword, and decided you’d probably complain more if I went back to get it. Carved this’un.” He yawned again. “We going to do this, or not?”

I stood up, my eyes narrowed. “Wastrel.” He shrugged nonchalantly, as I set my sword at my side. He held the short bokken at his side, looking around the clearing. “A duel to the death, then?”

“Sure, if you want.”

“On the count of three.”


“One. Twothree!”

I lunged forward, slashing sharply with the blade at his throat. His bokken came up from beneath, deflecting the blow with a contemptuous ease. I was stronger than him by a wide margin, but he’d landed the strike near the tip of the blade, deflecting it just enough. I continued to charge in, and received a strike to the ribs. I looked down, and saw his clenched fist buried in my side. “Christ, you’ve got big tits. How do you fight with them?” he asked, an eyebrow raised. My response was a roar, and an open-handed slash. He stepped back easily, and I kept going, lunging forward with the blade.

“Now, I’ve got to say, you’re kind of a disappointment. I heard you were this blood-crazed demon maniac, I thought this’d be an interesting challenge, but you’re really just kind of a fat-titted cow, aren’t you?” He paused for a moment as I vigorously attempted to decapitate him with little success. “So, how is it that you wind up getting this fearsome reputation? I mean, is it just because you’re going around raping people? Did the other swordsmen not take you seriously because you’re a woman?” His eyes flickered down for a moment to my breasts.

“HAH!” I lunged forward, and stabbed for his rib cage while he was distracted. The bokken swept my blade aside, and he moved with my momentum, grabbing me around the shoulders. He bent me backwards, nearly forcing me off my feet, forcing me to arch my back to avoid being thrown to the ground. Then, his wooden blade came down, flat-side-on, against my tits, slapping them loudly through the kimono, and provoking a shriek from my lips. He released me, and overbalanced, I fell to the ground. I was up again in a second, but he was nearly a dozen paces away by then, his wooden mockery of a weapon raised. “You don’t wish to take me seriously as a fighter? Fine! Then you can die!”

“Oh, I take you very seriously. It’s why you’re getting your ass kicked.” I roared, and lunged forward, channeling the kitsune’s superhuman speed. I flew forward at a terrible speed, sword raised to cut him down.

His bokken twirled through the air, and caught me with the tip of the blade, right in the center of the forehead. My legs continued to move forward as my head tipped backwards, resulting in a motion that left me lying on my back in the sand, dazed. The weight of the world seemed to come crashing down on me, so painfully heavy that I could barely breathe. It took me several long seconds to realize I was feeling the weight of my own chest.

I could still feel the Kitsune-tsuki spirit inside of me, still coiling and in-heat, but the strength, the speed, they seemed to be gone. I was weak as a fox kit, at the mercy of the man. He stood over me, looming, his face in shadow. He bent forward, and I cringed, prepared for anything.

I opened my eyes as he straightened up, holding the sword. “You finished?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

“You’re not going to kill me? Or…” I paused, swallowing hard, looking down at my own body.

“No. Jeez, woman. You’ve got problems.” He slipped the bokken over one shoulder, and turned around. I struggled up, forcing myself to my feet. It was a surprisingly difficult endeavor, the full weight of my chest making itself known now.

“Hey! Don’t just walk away from meYAH!” My ferocious pointing overbalanced me, sending me down onto my stomach. I landed heavily on my tits, and tears burst forth, uncalled for, unwanted, streaming down my cheeks, matting my eyelashes and making me whimper at the pain. My whole body ached from the hard landing, my nipples protesting the rough treatment. I sobbed a bit, and couldn’t help the flow of tears as my body seemed to succumb to weakness all at once, completely helpless. I was trapped on this island, I’d made enemies, and now I’d lost, and all of my power had gone with it. The Kitsune seemed to laugh inside of me, mocking me for this. I realized, my skull throbbing, that this had been its plan all along. The power given to me to push me into greater and greater challenges, until I pushed too far, and became the prey instead. Raising me up so it could let me fall. Death would be the least of my problems.

My opponent sighed, and I felt an arm go around my waist. He lifted me with surprising ease, as though I had become lighter as well as weaker. “P-Put me down!” I squawked, glaring at him.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I don’t go easy on people in fights, but I can’t stand seeing someone helpless and weak crying. I’ll give you a ride back to the mainland, alright?” He frowned. “You’re kind of a wimp for a possessed berserker, you know.”

The tears dried up as he kept carrying me, under one arm, like a child. I hung from his arm, and sniffled. But the kitsune-tsuki seemed pleased at the state of affairs. Maybe it wanted to see me mate with the man. To give up the last of my dignity. But she demanded victory, didn’t she.

Even as he set me down in the boat, I had thought of a plan. There was more than one way to defeat a man. He had bested me as a kensei, but that was not the only method for making things right. I would allow him to grow used to the idea of me being harmless. Even helpful. Make my way into his heart. I would let him believe he was conquering me. It would sicken me to use my femininity as a weapon like that, to pretend to be the object that so many believed I was, but I would have my revenge.

And that’s why I let him scratch behind my ears as the two of us rowed back to the mainland, the kitsune-tsuki giggling inside of me as we did.

Day 31: Kobold, Momstripper, Petplay/Incest. Fellatio, Hot Moms.

“Do you have everything you need for the night, honey? I should have the whole weekend to myself, we can catch some movies, go out for a bite of dinner, anything you like.” My mother smiled sweetly up at me, clasping her hands together. “Just forgive me for not being able to get out of work tonight, okay? I know we wanted to spend the whole weekend together, but two of the girls caught the flu, and mommy has to be there.”

“It’s alright, mom,” I said, rolling my eyes. Her smile spread wider. The first Thanksgiving back from college, and I was already being reminded of my mom’s… idiosyncrasies. I tried not to stare at her. Dressed in her long coat for the cold November evening, her curves still stood out prominently. Rich red hair hung down her shoulders, reaching nearly all the way to her hips, outlining her hourglass body. The same genetics that had given her that soft, youthful face also meant that she was still teenage-perky well into her 30s. “You know you don’t have to work there, right? I’m making enough now that you could take up hobbies, or just stay home, or…” I let the words hang in the air as she fixed me with a fierce glare.

“I won’t hear of it, sweetie! I’m not going to just live off my children like some layabout! I know you worry about your mom, but trust me, I’m perfectly safe at work! Now, come on, give your mommy a kiss.” She smiled, standing up on her tiptoes. I gently kissed her on the forehead, and she smiled at me. Those bright green eyes glimmering warmly. “I promise. The whole weekend together, just the two of us, okay?” She took a step back, turning towards the door, and then turned back at me, eyes glittering with mischievous. “Oh, how do I look?”

She yanked the jacket open wide, exposing herself. I got a flash of perfectly shaped hips, a navel taut and firm, and a great deal of very smooth skin before I covered my face. “Mom! Jeez!”

She laughed, closing the jacket, grinning at me. “Awwww, come on, it’s good to know I can still make my son blush, you know? It makes me feel young!” She giggled softly, and then a little trace of concern crossed her brow, wrinkling it. “I… It’s alright for me to tease you like this, isn’t it? I mean, I just want to embarrass you a little, I don’t want you to feel like…” She was quiet for a few seconds. “I didn’t screw you up, did I?” she asked, looking up into my eyes, her own green eyes wide and nervous, her expression braced for a blow. I wrapped my arms around her, and squeezed her, trying not to think too much about the soft, plump pressure her breasts were placing against my lower stomach.

“Mom, I’m doing great. You did a good job. Okay? I just worry about you. I want to take care of you, because you did a great job taking care of me.” I didn’t mention the things I thought about her, or the difficulty of finding a girlfriend when your mom had ruined your estimation of women entirely. I hadn’t been enthusiastic about her when I’d first met her, after my birth mother had run off on my dad and left me. She was strange, and I knew even then what she was up to. Having a mom who was only about ten years older than me had been horrifically embarrassing, at first. But after dad had died… “I love you.” I squeezed her a bit tighter, and let her go. She sniffed, and rubbed at her eyes, smiling up at me.

“All right, c’mon, don’t make me spoil my makeup. I’ll try to arrive home a bit early, so we can have dinner together, okay?” She planted a kiss on my cheek, leaving a soft pink mark there from her lipstick. I flushed, but I didn’t rub it away as she walked out the door, leaving me to sit in the living room by myself.

I opened the backpack. The leather collar sat within. My heart pounded at the forbidden allure. The idea of putting it around my mother’s neck, of binding her with it. The man who I’d bought it from said it had the power to collar women, to make them obedient. I could use it to convince my mom not to strip anymore. To protect her, of course. It wasn’t my desire to keep her all to myself that was driving me. It wasn’t the disgraceful wish I had in the pit of my stomach to make sure she didn’t show herself to anyone me. It was nothing so disgusting, nothing so base. It was just that I wanted to make sure my mom was safe.

I sighed, and lay down on the couch to nap.

When I woke, the first thing I noticed was that there was something warm pressed against my side. Comfortable. I shifted, a hand moving around the thing. A soft moan filled the air as my fingers touched something soft and pillowy. A very familiar moan. Something fluffy began to brush back and forth against my crotch through my pants.

I opened my eyes. I was lying on the couch, still. My mother was lying next to me. She was mostly naked, her clothes scattered in a heap on the floor. She faced away from me, her hips pressing in against my crotch. A soft, fluffy tail wagged back and forth quickly, and my erection was growing more pronounced by the second. I opened my mouth in shock, trying to figure out what in the hell was going on. That’s when I spotted the collar, placed gently around her throat, and it all fell into place. She turned her head towards me, eyes sleepy, and yawned. A pair of dog-like ears rose up through her hair, perked and twitching. “Oh, sweetie. I found you were asleep when I got home, and I just fell clean asleep next to you. Work was a bear!” She turned, and suddenly her soft breasts were pressing into my chest as she nuzzled at my throat. “Oh, did you get a new cologne?” She sniffed at my throat several times, making me stiffen in more ways than one. “You smell good.”

“Mom, uh-“

“Oh! I found your present.” She released me, standing up, grinning, her chin lifted to show off the collar. “Don’t I look great in this, honey? Totally cute, right?” She grinned, her tail wagging hard enough that her breasts were jiggling from side to side. My eyes dipped down, and leapt back up. She was definitely completely naked, and didn’t seem to notice the fact that she had a tail, or ears. “So! Do you want to get some food? Or maybe a hot shower?” She sniffed me, grinning. “Yeah, it smells like you could use a shower… Though you do smell kind of good.” Her face pressed into my armpit as she started sniffing loudly, and I sat up quickly, trying to put a little distance between us.

“I- I think I’ll get a shower, I’ll pay for takeout if you want.” I stood up quickly, and retreated towards the bathroom. “Maybe Chinese?”

“Mmm… No, I don’t really feel in the mood for Chinese… I’ll order from that nice Mexican place, okay?” She gave me a smile, but looked slightly hurt as I withdrew to the bathroom.

Under the cold water, I tried to concentrate. Something had happened to my mother. Something that had turned her into a dog-girl. There was no question that it was the collar, but the collar was only supposed to make her more pliable, make her listen to commands. It wasn’t-


The door opened, my mother standing there, still naked, looking concerned. She was slowly running her fingers through her hair. “Are you okay? You just seemed kind of angry, and I’m worried that I shouldn’t have picked up the collar, or…” She looked at me, those bright green eyes full of concern, and my dick began to stiffen again despite the cold water running down my back. She sniffed at the air, and her eyes became lidded, her voice growing softer. “Mmm… Something smells awfully good… What is that?”

Before I could stop her, she stepped into the shower with me, her body pressing up against mine. Her soft, full eyes stared up at me, her tail hanging down between her legs, her ears flopped down as she sniffled. “Mom, I…”

“Did I do something wrong? Do you not love me anymore?” she asked, her warm body pressing up against me. I tried very hard not to grab her, to give her the wrong impression. I looked up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath and trying to regain my focus. That’s when I felt the tongue wrapping around my dick. I looked down, and saw her face, turned up towards me, her cheek bulging, her nose nearly pressing against my stomach. Her tail wagged as she sucked ferociously at my cock, her head bobbing up and down. Her tongue and lips worked busily, slurping and swishing my cock in slow circles inside of her mouth, making me arch my back as she began to bob her head back and forth.

“Mom… You’re not… supposed to do this kind of… Ah!” I twitched, nearly losing my load in her mouth instantly, as her tongue stroked across the tip. She lifted her head, gulping several times, and opened her mouth, panting a bit, her tongue brushing across the tip of my cock.

“I’m going to show you that you can’t be angry at me, sweetie. I don’t care what I have to do, if I have to ride you, or let you suck on my breasts, I’ll show you that you’re still going to love your mommy, and-” Her ears perked up and she turned her head towards the doorway. The doorbell rang. “Oh! Food’s here!” She jumped out of the shower, shaking off the excess water as I was left staggered on my feet, barely able to stay standing, my head feeling as though someone had packed it full of gauze. I pinched myself a few times, very hard, to make sure that I wasn’t sleeping. “Honeeey! Dinner’s served!”

I walked down the stairs, dressed once more, and into the kitchen, where mom bustled, still naked. “So, I’m thinking that we can stay in and catch some movies tonight, snuggle up some, have a good time… If you want, we can snuggle together tonight, and sleep in the same bed.” She gave me a grin. “Remember when we used to do that when you had nightmares? You’d come in and snuggle up, when you were still so little and cute…” Her eyes ran up and down my body, and I flushed, hiding behind a tortilla as I ate. “Or we could go out and see some of your old friends. it’d be nice to say hello to everyone.”

I thought of my mother, naked, still puppy-ish, greeting my friends. All of the friends who’d always joked about wanting to see her naked, and about jerking off to seeing her. My face went beet red. “Uh, how about we stay in instead?” I said, and she giggled. She got out of her chair, and sat down next to me, slowly leaning her head into my shoulder, nuzzling and kissing at it gently. Her warm, soft breath tickled down my throat, as she settled a hand in my lap, wrapped around my cock, and began to stroke me.

“That sounds lovely, son. I can’t wait to spend the day with you. I’ve missed you so badly since you went off to college. It’s hard being on my own, you know? Without you or your father to keep me company…” Her voice dropped, becoming husky, as her lips nearly caressed my ear. “I’ve been so lonely.”

I had the weekend to deal with this. To try to fix it. If I even could.

I swallowed hard, as her hand slipped into my pants and began to stroke me directly.

Day 31-2: Cursed Sword, Cursed Swordswoman, Bondage. Fellatio, Objectification.


“No!” I growled, through gritted teeth. “I don’t want to hear about how you think this is a bad idea. It’s my choice to make.”

“Well, perhaps,” said Arcix. “But we all know why you’re making this decision.”

James sat on the stone altar, frowning. His helmet dangled from one hand, as Arcix slowly revolved around him. The spirit of the ancient armor gave me a pitying smile. “Fuck off, ghost,” I said, as I continued to draw the lines of ink across my bare skin.

“You’re a good sword-fighter. You help, more than you know. You don’t need to do this.” James couldn’t meet my eyes.

The two of us had been together my entire life. When we’d grown up, we’d played Adventurer and Prince. When I’d trained with the sword till my fingers bled, he’d bandaged them and made me feel better. When I’d joined the Order, he’d come with me. But when he found that armor… I looked up at the statue of the Goddess, standing over the Altar. I’d prayed for an answer, some way to be useful again. In a world full of monsters and gods, a strong sword arm wasn’t enough. The stained glass of the Goddess placing her trust in the Hero shone from behind, casting multicolored light over the floor of the cathedral. I whispered a soft prayer to the Goddess as I added another dab of the paint.

“I’m not going to be weak,” I growled. “I’m not going to lose.”

“I can’t believe you’d go this far just to feel strong. You know- What if something goes wrong? What if I can’t bind you? What if you stop being… you?”

“Oh, god, James, please tell me you’re not falling for this bullshit.” I turned towards Arcix, eyes narrowed, even as James gave her a censorious look. “She’s not doing this ‘to be strong’. She’s not doing it to be ‘a great fighter’. She’s doing it because she wants you. She’s been making bedroom eyes at you for as long as I’ve known the two of you.” The ghost drew a finger across James’ cheek, her pale form glittering in the light. “She is transparently jealous of the way you feel about me. She wants to prove herself in order to win your heart. Frankly, it’s a rather pathetic showing for a human.” She glared at me. “You’re a human, with choice, will. If you follow through on this ritual, let’s be blunt, you’re just going to turn yourself into an object. Existing for the sake of others. I doubt you’d find it a very happy existence.”

“I’m not that pathetic,” I said, as I drew the tip of the demon silver blade across one of the tattoos. It didn’t draw blood, but it still cut. I took a deep breath as I lifted it into the air. “I am not doing this because I want to fuck anyone. I’m not an object, Arcix, and I’m not doing this just to get laid. Not everyone has the same motivations that monsters do.”

“Please, Harriet-” James started. I spun the blade in mid air, and rammed it through my own stomach, closing my eyes tightly as I did so.

Both the blade and the ink had been purchased from a saleswoman we’d met, who had seemed very confident she was getting the best of the deal until I’d revealed my true intentions. Demon silver and Kraken ink. The ritual itself was an ancient one, made in the days of the last Demon Lord, a barter for power that inevitably took more than it gave, trading a life for the power to take more lives. I had my suspicions about how it might work with the demon silver.

I watched, half fascinated, half nauseated, as lines of tarnished, blackened silver spread out across my bare stomach. Angry red marks followed the lines of silver, rising from them like welts. I took a deep breath, and felt an ache in my heart. A desperate, lonely, suffering pain, something that burned and writhed inside of my heart, bringing me to the verge of tears as I clawed at the ground, writhing and aching. I let out a scream, and it reverberated off of the walls as the emotions tore at me.

“Why the hell did you choose her, James?!”

Both James and Arcix stared at me, and it took me a moment to realize I’d been the one to speak. Even as I did, more words came forward. “I’ve been with you since the start! I’ve been by your side all of this time, loyal, facing danger alongside you! I loved you right from the start, but you chose her, instead!” I sniffled. “I can hear the way you two speak at night, I can see the way you look at her, the way you touch her! She’s not even a human, but you treat her like she’s a person, you take care of her, you polish her, you maintain her…” I stood up unsteadily, drawing the sword. Angry red lines drew out across its surface, spreading out into blood red pools of light as I lifted the sword. “I won’t just let her win. You’re mine! You’re my friend, you’re the one I love, you’re my wielder!”

I lunged at him in the deafening silence that filled the room at that comment. Arcix’s armor released James, leaping off of him, and locking onto me. Plates of demon-forged steel wrapped tightly around my arms and legs, forcing me to stand up rigidly. I strained, and the sound of metal grinding filled the air as I took another step forward. “James, darling, I’m extremely strong, but your crazy bitch friend is just slightly more extremely strong.” Her voice was nervous. That was good. I was going to take him from her. I was going to have James, and nothing she could do would stop me. “You know how Harriet is prone to extreme emotion at the best of times? That was with the normal human ability to restrain her emotions, which she just cursed out of her.”

James stood quickly, the silk cords in his hands. He grabbed one of my wrists. With Arcix and him working together, he pulled my arm behind my back, and then the other. Arcix hummed with the effort of holding me in place while I tried to grab him. He was so close I could smell him, the warm scent of sweat and fear filling my head. I would have him, I would- “I really wish you hadn’t done this, Harriet,” he said, giving me a sharp look.

My face fell. I sniffed a couple of times, then burst into tears, sobbing through the mouthpiece of the helmet. “I just did it because I wanted you to touch me, the way you touch her!”

“If you wanted me to fuck you,” he said, rather tartly, “You didn’t have to turn yourself into a cursed berserker in order to do that!” He bent my other arm back, tying it together. It was strange. The armor grated on me, holding me stiffly in place, begging me to overpower it, to show it how strong I was. But as James placed the silk cords on my knees, binding them together under the armor, it was rather satisfying. The sword instincts, maybe. It made it easier to think, cleared my head, allowed me to relax as I was bound in place. ‘Sheathed’.

“You aren’t going to seriously reward her for this behavior, are you?” asked Arcix, stunned. “That’s the worst thing you could do! Swords are assholes, and that girl has been a sword for as long as I’ve known her! The best thing to do would be to tie her up until she’s willing to submit, and then-” James shot her a look, and she pouted. “But you’re my human! I don’t want to share you with a sword!”

“Yes, well, maybe if you’d been more conciliatory with her, none of this would be happening.” He softly stroked the helmet, and Arcix made a little soft noise of feline pleasure in the back of her throat. I frowned as he sat next to me.

“Hey! Polish me, too!”

“Harriet, are you under control? You’re not going to try to snap your bonds if I have Arcix let go of you?”

“Not if you polish me, wielder.” I smiled sweetly at him.

“Having you act like this is very disconcerting, you know.” He snapped his finger, and Arcix released me, the armor leaping into a standing position over me. I wiggled immediately over, placing my head on his lap, and started nuzzling at his stomach. His fingers found my hair, and began to caress me gently, scratching behind my ears. He was rough, which felt wonderful, his fingertips kneading my scalp, polishing me. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever seen you admit to feeling anything, and you’re actually smiling.”

“Swords are honest,” I said, smiling up at him as I rolled onto my back. My body was still naked from the ritual, though it was not quite a human body, now. My dark hair spread out across his lap. It was true, I was not feeling like myself. Or, rather more accurately, I felt exactly like myself whether I liked it or not. All of my inhibitions, lost. It was a humiliating, shameful experience. I also didn’t care one bit, because the boy I’d liked since I’d known I could like boys was stroking my hair and holding me close.

“You know, I’m starting to really wonder whether Arcix is right, and I’m rewarding you for bad behavior.”

“Can I suck on your dick?”

This seemed to catch him by surprise. “I- What?”

“I’m hungry. I’m a newly made monster, and I haven’t gotten fucked. Please?”

“I think,” Arcix said, earning an annoyed look from me, “that would fall firmly into the category of rewarding her for bad behavior, owner.”

“Starving someone isn’t really a great method of discipline, Arcix.”

“Oh, please! I bet she’s faking being hungry!” A loud growl filled the air, my stomach rumbling noisily. I gave an innocent smile as the suit of armor frowned bitterly. “This is a terrible precedent to set.”

I gave her a smug little grin as I rolled onto my stomach, beginning to nuzzle at James’ groin. He shifted his pants out of the way, and my lips fastened around the tip of his cock. He was already rock hard, no doubt from handling me and tying me down. That seemed like a good omen. I let the tip of my tongue swirl around the head of his cock, slurping and sucking noisily, taking a particular delight in the angry expression on Arcix’s face. It wasn’t as though I’d had any experience with this before, but either the transformation into a monster came with a certain instinctive knowledge, or James was not particularly choosy, because he was enjoying himself a great deal. After several long minutes, he shifted me up onto his lap, seating me with my bound legs facing outwards, my thighs slightly spread.

The feeling of his hands roaming over my body left me tingling and groaning, back arched against him as he polished me. Rough hands squeezing hard enough that it would hurt, if I were normal. The rough treatment only made more more excited, my hips swaying back and forth needily as I looked up at him, grinning. I deliberately ignored Arcix, but I took delight in the little growls and annoyed sounds she made as I kept moving my hips. Just for a little while, James only had eyes for me, and that was the real reason I had done all of this, if I was honest with myself.

When he’d finished, I lay on the ground in my silk bonds, sighing happily as I dripped. The anger and frustration that tended to be my constant companions were gone. I was relaxed, calm, and sated. Arcix frowned. “J-James… I’m hungry, too.”

“Arcix, you ate this morning. Don’t be greedy.” He gave her another frown, and stood up. “I’d better go find something to eat myself.” He stood up, even as Arcix kept frowning at me. When he was out of earshot, she leaned forward.

“I don’t like you.”

“That’s fine,” I said, smiling sweetly. “Because he does.”

Day 31-3: Mucus Toad, Princess, Happily Ever After.

I smiled upon the crowd, as the gossamer curtains fell apart. Gasps filled the air, the sound of rapture, followed shortly by cheers. My people cheered and clapped, as my father smiled proudly down upon me. The day of my debut before the people of the crowd. I stood in the finest silk gown, face powdered and rouged, though I hardly needed it. I waved a hand graciously, provoking another great roar of cheers and jubilation from my people. Eighteen years old, and there was nothing that could spoil this day. Though my mother could not be there to see it, I knew she would be proud of me. Soon, no doubt, I would be married, and our kingdom’s line preserved for another generation.

“You!” shrieked a figure. All in black, she stalked through the crowd, parting it with her presence alone. The Witch of the Swamp, the darkest figure in the nation. Two guards stepped in front of her, only to back away, gasping for air. She pointed a single gnarled hand at me as she reached the front of the crowd. “What is the matter, child?! Did you not expect to see me today?! No wonder that you did not, to refuse to invite me to your party. Did you not wish to see the gift that I would give?” Her cackling, crackling voice filled the air with a raucous laugh. “Your guards were quite rude! I fear I had to inconvenience them when they did not allow me in!”

“I… what? We did invite you, mademoiselle Witch!” I said, frowning. “You did not RSVP, so we presumed you would not visit!”

There was an extremely awkward silence. It stretched out for what felt like several minutes, before she growled. “Nonetheless! I have been slighted!”

“How?!” I asked, frowning, hands on my hips.

“I had no suitable partner to invite! And so, I think that I shall… oh, yes. Yes, I shall ensure you don’t experience the same fate! My gift, princess! Ensuring that you find a husband who will make a suitable partner. After all, it is the curse of the beautiful, isn’t it, that those looks fade, and what was once a strong love is dissolved over time? Well, you won’t have to worry about that anymore.” She cackled, and threw her hands forward. Jagged arcs or green lightning filled the air, lashing at me like whips, and my back arched. A scream bubbled up out of my throat, and found itself intercepted by my tongue.

My tongue was swollen, bulbous, throbbing. I could feel it pressing against the back of my teeth, spilling out of my mouth. Long, hideous, twitching in the cold air as I drooled onto the ground. Blobs of saliva fell from my mouth, thick and sticky as cream, my lips feeling strangely numbed as I grabbed at them. My fingers were slick to the touch, and a bright green color. One of the women in the crowd raised her hands to her face, and a deathly silence filled the castle’s courtyard. The only sound was the witch cackling as she walked back towards the gate, filling the air. Then the screaming began, and I fled.

“I must ask several things of you, monsieur.”

“Of course.”

“First, when you meet the lady princess, you must not scream, or startle. She is unfortunately… moist, which limits her choice of clothing. Her tongue makes her voice somewhat… muffled, at times. Try to listen carefully, asking her to repeat herself is extraordinarily rude. Please do not become alarmed if she moves suddenly, it is an unfortunate part of the transformation, and she is unlikely to hurt you. Try to ignore the smell.”

Each warning made my stomach sink lower. Each one chipped away at the fragile tatters of my ego, my pride. I sat in the yards of delicate white lace, draped like one of the ancient mummies of the far south, or like a burn victim being made comfortable while they wait to die. I did my best not to drool into my tea as I sipped it, and readjusted the lace to cover my hand a little bit more thoroughly. The door opened, and the chamberlain entered the room, followed by a young man. No prince, certainly. We had tried to find a prince who would marry me. All had fled, or refused to see me in the first place. Now, my father hoped only that a suitable husband could be found who could bear me. “Monsieur,” I said, bowing my head.

“Madam.” The knight gave a deep bow, and sat across from me. He was actually quite attractive. Dark hair, charming. He was a good looking young man. The very thought of that made me want to cry.

“Monsieur knight. You honor me with your presence. You have an interest in marrying me?” My voice was rough. I didn’t talk much. It had been a long time since I’d worn makeup. I sounded rather as if- Well, the jokes make themselves, don’t they? I spoke in a croak. I sounded as if I had a frog in my throat. The knight held out his hand, and took my fingers in his. I withdrew slightly, but his grip was firm as he bent his head and pressed his lips to the back of my hand. A little trail of slime was left on his hand, which made me feel extraordinary guilty.

But the touch… I hadn’t touched another human being directly since I’d been cursed. The feel of his skin against me was blessedly warm, a delicious little frisson of heat and comfort. I gently wrapped my fingers around his hand, and enjoyed the feel of his heartbeat against mine. He met my eyes under the heavy veil, and nodded. “I must confess, I was mostly in it for the money when I heard about it, but now I’m honestly rather curious. I’ve seen a lot of strange things, been tempted by a lot of strange things, and I can’t say I was ever much for the standard nobility. So.” He gave me a toothy grin. “Let’s see how bad it is, eh?”

“Monsieur!” said the chamberlain, frowning at him- But I held up a hand. “My lady?”

“He is blunt. That is better. At least I would expect Monsieur knight to tell me if he finds my appearance too hideous to bear.” I took a slow breath, and the chamberlain stepped away, leaving the room. The knight watched me firmly, his eyes on my face. I lifted the veil, slowly, gently, feeling it drip slightly as I did so. I held my breath, heart pounding, eyes closed.

“So… That’s it?” he asked.

“I…” I frowned, and opened my eyes. “Monsieur, you need not be kind, I-“

“No, I mean, I can see how it’s odd, but your bone structure’s still the same. Skin color’s a bit different, but you’re frankly pretty gorgeous.” He frowned. “The way I heard people talk, I was expecting some hideous disfigurements or something.” He reached out, and ran a hand along my cheek. “I mean, as far as monsters go, you’re clearly one of the more attractive ones I’ve ever met. And that includes the nymphs.”

“Your words are kind, monsieur. But that is not the only problem. You can see…” I flushed, opening my mouth, my tongue exposed. He reached in, and caught it between two fingers, taking me entirely by surprise. He gently tugged it out, pulling my tongue with it. His other hand slid into the drapes of linen, and began to squeeze and stroke my sides, running across the slippery skin. “Monthieur knight!” I said, shocked, and feeling just a little bit embarrassed. Not least because this felt… good. He gently tugged on my tongue, extracting it a little further, and traced his own tongue across it. My face flushed horribly.

“Rather sweet, in fact. I can’t say your body disturbs me.” He released my tongue, and it snapped back into my mouth. He gave me a long, slow look. “What else is there?”

“I…” I lowered my head. This was the worst, most shameful quality of the transformation. The part I’d most hoped to hide, the thing I had wanted to keep from everyone. I knew what a wife should be, and the proper ways for a lady to behave. The curse had taken them away from me. “I am not chaste,” I said, my voice soft and broken.

“So you… want sex?”

“Terribly, monsieur Knight. My body aches for it. I wish every night and day that I could feel the touch of a man, to be thrown to the ground and ravished. I fear I would be a most troublesome wife.”

“I’ll marry you.”


“Look, I was pretty sure this whole thing was some kind of scam, or some cursed kingdom deal. But no, yeah, I’m completely into this. You’re my type.” He yanked the linen aside, exposing me. I blushed ferociously, and he gave me a bright, toothy grin. “I am absolutely willing to marry you.”

“I… Monsieur, I appreciate the offer, but… I…” I swallowed. “Are you sure you want me? Like… this?”

He stepped forward, and tugged me to my feet. His lips met mine, and the kiss lingered on for several seconds, leaving my head spinning. My tongue was left hanging out of my mouth for a few seconds before I could gather my senses enough to suck it back in, flushing. “You just have to promise me one thing.”

“Yes?” I squeaked, eyes wide.

“This isn’t one of those curses that goes away because of true love or anything like that, is it?”

I looked down, feeling a little twist of pain. “I’m afraid not, monsieur knight.”

“Fucking awesome.”

“Come on.”

“Husband, please…”

“We hardly go out. I want to get some fresh air. I want to show you off.”

I looked down at my lap, flushing, aware of the slight bulge to my stomach. “W-What is there to show off?”

“You realize you’re just fishing for compliments, don’t you?” I blushed, because he was right. I still did not have the confidence I used to, but I couldn’t claim a fear of being hated. Perhaps it was some function of my husband’s love for me. Perhaps it was simply perceptions of the public. I didn’t think I looked any different, I still found myself a loathsome frog of a woman, but the more my husband took me out among the public, the more his view of me seemed to spread. He took my hands, fingers interlacing, gently pressing against the membranes that linked my fingers. I covered my face with one hand, more to hid my flush than my features.

“We cannot all be as great a fan of my appearance as you, husband. It would be unseemly of me, for one thing.” I let out a soft sigh as he bent forward, planting kisses into my throat. He tugged me upward, onto my feet, and kissed me ferociously, his arms around me, wrapping me up in his warm embrace. It was impossible to remain cold as he did so, and a little croak emerged from my throat, completely unbidden. This only seemed to encourage him more, his hands drifting all over my body.

Before long, he had me dressed in the waterproof robes he’d bought for me. They did not become sodden with the slick fluids that dripped down my body, staying smooth and shining at all times, gaining a lovely sheen when they became wet. Another way he’d reached out to me. As I stood up, I felt a little twitch of heat in the pit of my stomach. That hunger. That eager desire, that told me I was soon going to have a little episode. “H-Husband?” I tugged at his sleeve, flushing. “Now might not be the best time to go outside. I feel… Slightly unbalanced.”

“Oh dear.” The smile spread across his face. “You worried that something embarrassing might happen, hmm?” I nodded quickly. “Well, a good walk will take care of that.” He hefted me up over his shoulder, and I squealed as he carried me to the door. But I didn’t fight him. In my heart, I was even glad that he was dragging me out, that he would put me in a position where I might be overcome with lust in public, where I would rut with him wildly where everyone could see it. That seemed like an act of love that was more affirming than any sweet words could be.

And I was so grateful for a happy ending.


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