Monster Miracle Handbook (Manticore)

It was another lesson time for you, punching in, and walking along the quiet halls of creamy white walls lit with soft fluorescent lighting, and white tile floor. You take the many twist and turns once again to reach the classroom section.

Perhaps it was the cute orphans, and attractive staff members distracting your eyes, but seeing the hall empty as you reach the classrooms you realize that the indoor décor has been given a shift in tone to match the appearance of a real indoor public school. Light brown tile flooring with several large squares of various colors in random areas, walls and ceiling a creamy white with brighter lighting perhaps to keep the children awake during the early morning classes. Only other things to note were the double doors for the classrooms.

You note that all it was missing was the line of brightly colored lockers and you could have sworn you had stepped into your old school.

Taking the nearest room which you and the staff use to begin your lessons you open the door to find the Orphanage founder; the Echidna, Katy already standing in front of a teacher’s podium. Beside her with her arms crossed was your next mamono to learn about.

“Ah~ Anon has arrive-*ahem*! Class is now in session…*giggle* I think I can see why Meili loves to start her classes this way” Katy giggles as she mentions someone you never heard of before.

“Hey Katy, and how are you today?” You greet your boss, and the young girl staring at you.

“This scrawny wimp is the first boy working here? He looks like a trap!” She taunts you before Katy could reply.

“Oh don’t be too discouraged about that comment Anon, Manticores aren’t known for great first impressions after all” Katy assured you.

The girl in question was no doubt a Manticore. A teenage, rebellious one at that, already you can tell this lesson is going to be tough, but not in the sense of complicated details.

Her hair must have taken at least half a gallon of hair gel to look so upright, wild, spiky, and colored a dark pink which reached all the way down her lower back. Black, pointy, furry ears resembling a cat twitched at sudden noises that peaked her interest, and matching the fur on the rest of her body. Her eyes were sharp, and predatory with glistening dark magenta pupils, and a wicked grin.

The girl was dressed with a roughly used, and torn black shirt of a metal band with a mascot you are all too familiar with. The size of it was clearly too big for her as the neck line was rather loose revealing her left shoulder, and more cleavage than it was intended with the bottom reaching just below her waist where she wore denim short-shorts.

“Eddie huh? Digging the shirt” you compliment.

“Y-yeah whatever, Katy hates it obviously” the Manticore replied sticking her tongue out at the founder.

“I had my fill of the 70’s and 80’s thank you very much! And the less you know of my-I mean me and Fubuki’s time with rock, and roll the better” Katy was obviously hiding some more wilder moments in her life.

Besides the black fur of her large pawed claws, and legs which reached the mid-length of her thighs was the puff of white spiky fur on her neck, ends of her black furred arms, and legs, and even a bit of spiky puff on her ankles. As if she didn’t already stand out from the crowd, a thick, leathery red-orange tail with a spiky bulb tip, and matching bat-wings graced her form.

“Whatever old ha-” the Manticore was about to comment until Katy flashed her with a glare of glowing eyes which certainly brought up past moments of whatever punishment the trouble-maker had endured.

“…J-just whatever!” The Manticore huffed, arms crossed, and turning her nose up and away from the two of you.

The glare, and glow in her eyes were gone the moment she looked at you.

“Well then, now that introductions are out of the way let us begin shall we?” Katy said.

“Sure” you reply.

“I’m getting extra Sabbath Sugar Shnikerdoodles right Katy?” The Manticore revealed her real reason for doing this.

“*Sigh~* here” Katy said tossing a box of Sabbath girl scout cookies from her podium.

“Thank you!” The Manticore replied with a smug grin, tearing through the box with her claws.

“So you may be wondering why we decided to have you learn about a more nefarious mamono as per a safe, friendly, and cuddly one? Well upon you and Fubuki meeting each other for the first time, I thought it best to help you understand that while being kind, gentle, and patient are all wonderful traits in a man, and you are quite the man for being so much of the three-” Katy began.

“Yeah he’s definitely the wuss type-bet he stammers, and blushes a lot when a girl asks him out” the Manticore commented as she swallows her reward.

You fight back a deep sigh.

“Well in any case, obviously those traits won’t be very effective on everyone. Be as much of a gentleman as you want, not all girls here will reciprocate it well, if at all. Heck Fubuki relishes on easy victims for her antics. I brought you here to help show you an alternative manner of handling my little ones while not actively hurting them psychically, or mentally. By today’s lesson or perhaps the next one over, I wish for you to tame our rebellious child here to get her to respect you” Katy explained the challenge.

“FAT CHANCE! Buahahaha~!” She shouted before roaring in laughter.

“Well, off to a great start so far” you respond feeling a little less hopeful about your chances.

“Guess I won’t mention the text Fubuki gave me when I told her my plans for you…uh~ she believes in you in her own way…to put it in a sense” Katy wasn’t very convincing.

“Well nothing in life is easy, neither is care-taking so let’s see where this goes” you try to bring yourself back up.

“Yes! I believe your skills as a care-taker need to be truly tested. Especially when it comes to nurturing mamono, with so much variety it can be very easy to lose oneself in how special everyone can be. You must learn to be dexterous. After all~, being dexterous can be a rather exotic, and arousing trait if you play your cards right Anon” Katy explained before ending her last statement with a soft flirtatious purr.

“Ain’t gonna happen, the guy looks like a one trick pony…about as ugly as one too” the Manticore commented.

Huh…starting to get some High-School vibes all of a sudden.

“Manticores love to live in rough terrain for some reason…maybe they force themselves to do so in order to look more intimidating, but you didn’t hear it from me” Katy said.

“Who’s been saying that!? Crags, and volcanoes are bad-ass! Who doesn’t want to live in places like that!” The Manticore defended herself.

“Well in any case the best you can do when housing a Manticore is to give her a room on the second floor, or re-purpose the attic into a bedroom. They like to perch themselves high up” Katy explained.

“I hear they are carnivores, but can they eat vegetables?” You ask.

“Nope!” The Manticore answered for Katy.

“…Well~ they can eat raw meat, whether it’s chicken, fish, or beef of any sort, but veggies they steer clear from. It’s not like anyone is in a rush to force a Manticore to eat something they don’t like. They also favor spirit energy, hence why she’ll stomach the cookies” Katy said.

“Okay, so what are they usually like as children?” You ask.

“Highly energetic, very rambunctious, extremely predatory, and a tendency to be rebellious, and uncontrollable almost to the point of Hellhound level” Katy said.

“Fun…” you reply dryly.

“Hey, at least I’m not boring” the Manticore replied.

“They also have the curiosity of a cat, and will mess with just about anything shiny, or odd. So if you value your fine china I suggest you keep them in secure cupboards, and off the counters. They also like to sharpen their claws so give them something to scratch at that isn’t the drapes” Katy said.

“A scratching post?” You ask.

“Don’t tell them it’s a scratching post” Katy hinted.

“That pillar you gave me better not be a damn scratching post! I had it for years! All my friends are jealous of it!” The Manticore was growing angry…and red in the face.

“Wait a minute!?…You have friends!?” You sound quite baffled.

“Shut it loser!” The Manticore snapped.

“W-what? No! It’s not, it’s a Greek artifact that just so happens to be made of a lighter…rougher texture to easily carry around” Katy explained with a fake smile.

The Manticore kept her glare, but said nothing more of the matter.

“So in terms of school life, and friends in general…anything positive about that?” You ask.

“Hm~ well in terms of grades it shouldn’t be a problem, they may look wild, and ferocious, but they are all fairly smart. Honestly if they put in the effort they can be honor roll students no problem, Harvard graduates possibly! However they have this issue of always displaying their power, and challenging others for dominance. Be prepared to get a call from the school for a fight, or argument they might have gotten involved in” Katy said.

“*Hmph* like that’s going to happen, only an idiot let’s themselves be caught” the Manticore explained.

“And only someone smart wouldn’t cause trouble like that to begin with” Katy added.

The Manticore flinched at the come-back and stuck her nose up in annoyance.

“These girls are also more…lustful than most mamono, how do they fare with that before, and after puberty?” You ask.

“An excellent question! Before puberty they are reasonably more confused about their lust than anything. Basically it makes them restless, and clingy. Their play-times are usually very physical both to train themselves as hunters, and potentially partners…the latter is more subconsciously acted than anything. When given a thorough tutelage under their parents…you know, explaining the ‘birds and the bees’. Then they can better understand their own actions, and utilize them on targets they are seeking. Usually a boy they tease a lot in school, or perhaps a younger, or older sibling. They usually leave the father alone, especially if the mother is keeping him close. They like to compete, but not against their own mothers” Katy said.

“So after puberty, they are pretty much…her” you point to the Manticore finishing the box of cookies.

“Rude, arrogant, crude mouth, clever, and needy? Well it’s all common symptoms of many people going through puberty…it’s just pushed up a bit in their case” Katy said.

“Hey! If you got a problem with me then let’s hear it!” The Manticore exclaimed.

“Going back to the family, how are they with siblings?” You ask.

“Well~ it all depends, with them they see little brothers and sisters as playthings…almost like toys to mess around with, but overtime they do develop a bond with them. Oftentimes protective of them more so outside of the home when they consider any other female nearing them as a threat. In the case of an older male, they tend to focus a lot of their uh…hormonal feelings on them until they find a suitable partner outside of the family. Often times just as strong if not stronger than their older sibling. A big brother must keep himself in top shape less he fall victim to their never ending slew of adult questions, and games they will possibly be too young to be doing in the first place” Katy explained.

“Just as strong eh?” You muse at the fact.

“Threatened already? I didn’t even have to touch you” the teen replied with a disappointed sigh.

“Okay you’ve been heckling me all day, and I didn’t even say a word to you, is that how you’re gonna be all day?” You feel your patience running thin.

“Hit a nerve? Truth hurts right!? But it’s not like you know what it’s like to struggle!” The Manticore snapped at you.

It’s times like this when one doesn’t have the freedom to speak freely, now more than ever you have to be careful with your words. The girl is good, and Katy’s stern gaze at you makes it clear she’s expecting you to respond.

“Yeah, you’re right…but suffice to say you wouldn’t know the struggles I went through, and we could go all day listening to each other practically compete over who had it worse…frankly though I’d welcome it if it meant I got to know you more” you begin.

“W-well! I ain’t telling, and I ain’t speaking to you no more!” She quickly withdrew to her own teenage angst.

“…Okay, fair enough…not like I can force it out of you. You’re are pretty strong” you begin.

Wait for it~

Yup, that smug grin of confidence…if this is anything like that one time in the men’s shower back in college things are going to get loud and sweaty.

“But probably not as strong as me” you declare.

“…I’m sorry, I don’t speak stupid, you’re gonna have to repeat that” she eyes you with a piercing stare.

“You heard me, I know you’re type. All bark, no bite! Back in my day you had to put real weight on your words. And I mean physical weight…if I’m talking too fast for you” you explain.

“Oh! So you’re gonna try and make me grovel at your manly feet or something? You seriously want me to knock you out?” She starts stomping towards you.

“Relax, we’re not gonna fight, but I do challenge you to a contest, you know-to see who’s stronger than who” you state.

“And why should I fight you?” The Manticore mocked your challenge.

“Like I said we’re not fighting, and I’m not gonna hit you at all in this. I will make it interesting though; loser has to do whatever the winner wants” you explained.

At this Katy raised an eyebrow, but one look into your eyes told her enough, and she remained silent. Katy stood behind the podium ready to intervene should your plan fail.

“Fine! Works for me…I get to do ‘ANYTHING’ I want right?” The Manticore turned to Katy.

“…Well seeing as how Anon is a responsible adult, and ‘should’ know what he’s doing I will do my very best to trust his word and…turn a blind eye, for ten minutes” Katy explained her restrictions.

“Plenty” the Manticore licked her lips.

“That’s no boast either Anon, that is more than enough even for her, are you sure about this?” Katy warned you.

“Well, I haven’t played since college, might have missed a few trips to the gym, but I’m still in pretty good shape…yeah, I got this” you assure her.

“Enough stalling, what are we doing?” She asks.

You go over to the white board, and spot a few markers. Taking the black one you draw a line on the floor roughly five feet away, and behind you.

“It’s simple, you’re gonna have to try and push me to that line in one minute…that’s it!” you declare.

“…Wow, like taking candy from a baby” the Manticore mused.

“If I find out that it was you who was responsible for the ‘disappearance’ of little Nikki’s lollipop I’m cutting your time to five minutes” Katy stated rather sternly.

“N-no! That wasn’t me! I swear!” The Manticore told quite possibly her first honest answer since you met her.

“In any case, I’m ready to go when you are” you proclaimed, already crouched in your stance.

“Hahaha! Y-you look like you’re about ready to receive!” The Manticore started mocking, and laughing.

“Actually I was a defensive linemen, with only a bit of practice as a receiver” you correct her.

“I meant you were ready to receive it in the ass” she explains.

“Classy” you reply dryly.

“I guess I’ll be the one to count it down, are both of you ready?” Katy asked.

“Ready as I’ll ever be” you reply calmly taking your three point stance.

“Try not to cop a feel will ya? I heard a lot about you from Fubuki about your loli kinks” the Manticore said.

“(One of these days, I’m gonna have to do something about that woman)” Both Katy, and Anon thought at once.

“Alright! 3, 2, 1, GO!” Katy shouted.

The Manticore didn’t so much as charge as she lunged at you as she tried to push you to the line. Putting your back into it, you were hoping that what you lacked in strength will be made up for with technique. You explode off the line and meet her paws with your hands.

Both of you grunting loudly as the two of you nearly head-butt each other upon contact. You can feel the heat of her anger rising as she realizes that the contest hasn’t ended right away, her legs scratching at the ground as she attempts to force you to the line. All you can do is implement the many drills, and practices you had during training.

You can almost hear your old coach yelling at you for not defending the line hard enough.

“What’s the matter? Breathing kinda heavy there-getting tired already?” You taunt.

“Shut-up-shut-up!” The Manticore roared.

Despite the confident comment your body was starting to wear, the muscles on your arms, and legs were feeling heavier by the second. You had to keep yourself focused by repeatedly telling yourself you had the easier task of the two. The Manticore had to push you five feet, all you had to do was stand your ground, but you couldn’t deny she was really making you work.

“Come on! My mom can tackle me harder than that!” You challenge.

“Would you just-MOVE ALREADY!” The Manticore was screaming at this point.

Her energy poorly spent where it wasn’t needed, her anger making her increasingly hot, and exhausting her more than she even realizes, but her spirit was strong. She was determined not to lose, but then again so were you.

Seconds felt like hours, your body was giving out, sweat was coursing all over you, and you lost at least a foot as you felt your feet beginning to slide closer to the line.

“Protect the quarterback!” You grunt loudly as you exert more force, pushing your body to it’s absolute limit.

“A~nd time’s up!” Katy shouted.

Both of you collapse side by side on the floor panting heavily.

“*Pant-pant*-why~…why didn’t you just-*pant-pant*-damn-it!” The Manticore grunted.

“Not-*pant*-your fault-*pant*-just had the better technique” you grunted your response.

“Well I think after all that excitement this calls for a little break time, I’ll call someone to deliver us some ice tea or something” Katy said pulling out her phone.

After a quick five minute break with ice-tea in which all three remained silent, Katy had decided to conclude the lesson.

“So! Manticores have a lot of potential to be anything they want, provided they wish to do so. I’ve seen first-hand doctors, business women, and even caretakers who do exemplary work in their craft, and so can you little one” Katy said.

The Manticore simply huffed, and turned her nose away only to focus her attention towards you.

“…What?” You ask.

“Well! What do you want me to do, I’ve been waiting for you to say something about that all this time!” The Manticore replied impatiently.

“Is that why we weren’t talking? I just thought you decided to think about the words you were going to say for once” you reply with a smirk.

“Don’t push it! J-just hurry up and do it already!” The Manticore shut her eyes, turned her head away, and pushed her chest out like a prize.

“What the-? That’s not it, and you should stop listening to what Fubuki says about me too!” You reply.

“Oh…W-well what do you want from me then? I don’t have any money, or anything…” the Manticore mumbled.

“Hm~ how about we start over then? My name’s Anon, what’s yours?” You ask.

The Manticore looked at him with a quizzical stare.

“…Don’t think you’ve won just yet! You didn’t tame me at all! This is gonna be best two out of three, next time we meet I’m gonna win-I’m outta here!” The Manticore stood up, and stomped her way towards the door, only to stop as she opened it.

“…It’s Valerie okay!” She replied before shutting the door behind her.

“Progress!” Katy cheered for you.

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