Monster Miracle Handbook 101 (Yuki-Onna)

“I see Katy hasn’t come back. Hope she’s not hibernating early” Fubuki wondered.

“Is that a thing?” You ask.

“Well regardless I’m sure she’ll be back by tomorrow, now I’ve already asked one of our children to show up and she should be here any moment now” Fubuki said.

You heard a light tapping on the door, Fubuki recognizing it right away forced the door open with a twist of icy wind.

Not even remotely acknowledging the flurry of wind and ice that forced the door open, the child remained poised, and straight in practice grace, and class. Her hair was a soft white, straight as can be, but cut short reaching just past her shoulders. Her Yukata was colored a pearly white with silver snowflakes peppering the ensemble. Unlike Fubuki’s own outfit, the child’s outfit was in preparation for warmer seasons as it appeared lighter, and the hem reaching just above her knees. She wore no socks on her straw sandals. Her skin tone was a lighter shade of blue compared to Fubuki.

“Miss Fubuki I have come upon your request, I apologize if I’m tardy” a young girl entered the room bowing to the co-founder.

“This was me many years ago, a Yuki-Onna though as children we are called Yuki-warashi” Fubuki introduced.

“It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance mister” the Yuki-warashi bowed to you in respect.

“U-uh, pleasure’s all mine, and you really don’t have to go out of your way to impress me like that” you assure.

The Yuki-warashi simply tilts her head and stares at you confused by your words.

“Don’t worry about that, Yuki-warashi are naturally well mannered, a form of practice for entertaining guests, especially potential husbands who wander into their homes in their near future. It passes from mother to daughter, I was raised the same way, of course we learn to balance between discipline, and having fun” Fubuki explained. “In this case, I act as the maternal tutor to these girls, and keep them educated in the fine art of hosting, and partnering, as well as a number of assorted fun activities” Fubuki added.

You glance back at the Yuki-warashi and notice she is already preparing a cup of tea.

Where did she get the tea set? You don’t recall anything like that in the room, although you are trying to focus on the teacher after all. Speaking of…

“Not to mean any disrespect but Katy has talked about you before, and I’m honestly surprised with how exceptional you are-oh thank you-” you begin until you notice the Yuki-warashi had placed a cup of tea beside you. “I mean, I guess maybe my assumptions were wrong about you, she’s so delightful” you compliment Fubuki’s tutoring of her Yuki-warashi.

“Well that’s interesting to know, I’ll be sure to confront her about it. I’ll also be sure to use your name too…” Fubuki said.

Suddenly you felt nervous as you may have started something you wish you hadn’t.

“I hope it’s to your liking, would you like sugar with that?” The Yuki-warashi politely asks.

“No thank you” you find yourself being polite in return.

She nods and bows before stepping away, only to slide a desk and seat closer to you.

“Let’s move on before we lose focus. Yuki-warashi are often calm and quiet young girls who devote themselves to their family. Often looking up to their mothers as role models and seeking guidance and tips on romance and pleasing their husbands. They also admire their fathers strength and often secretly other things as well” Fubuki hinted.

At this the Yuki-warashi turned away from you to hide her noticeable blush with her long sleeve.

“Yuki-Warashi are omnivores, just like humans, we can digest just about anything. A healthy diet is a healthy Yuki-warashi…of course we can also take in spirit energy. Though as children it does very little until they reach puberty, which we will go over soon enough” Fubuki said.

You notice the Yuki-warashi was a bit on the bashful side, you would catch her staring at you only for her to quickly turn away, sometimes giggling.

“We can be found on almost any snowy mountain often for multiple reasons. One is the cold which we take comfort in as the heat saps our strength. While we won’t suffer any noticeable heat-stroke we do grow weary and exhausted under natural heat so Summer time are days in which we remain indoors. We can’t even generate a single snowflake on some hotter days. If you absolutely must take your daughter out on days like this, then the best course of action would be something similar to the Yeti solution to keep them cool. Have them wear something light and breezy like a dress, or a yukata. I recommend swimsuits but at the moment I am currently banned from doing so as I pose a huge distraction to drivers…the high heels and the bit of make-up probably didn’t help things” Fubuki explained.

“(I really hope she didn’t do that on purpose)” You think to yourself.

“Mister how have you been this fine morning?” The Yuki-warashi asks you.

“Hm? Just fine, had to skip breakfast though just trying to find something to wear” you tell her of your day.

“Oh! You must be hungry, please allow me to prepare something for you!” The Yuki-warashi immediately set out to sate your mild hunger before you can object.

You watch her leave the classroom, and silence hits the room until your curiosity kicks in.

“…Is she allowed to cook?” You ask.

“As I’ve said the Yukiwarashi learn from their mothers, while I’m not their mother by blood I am still a fully mature Yuki-Onna and the little dears all look up to me. Same for Katy and her Echidnas, she’s currently teaching them the finer points of dungeon building” Fubuki said.

You nod your head, but find yourself growing concerned that Fubuki is the best they got in terms of a teacher. But maybe you just need to get to know her better. I mean so far everything Katy has warned you about seems to be a bit far-fetched at this point.

“Now moving on, Yukiwarashi are also naturally curious and romantic. It is this trait that gives them the courage to leave the safety of their home to explore, and find playmates that can be potential future husbands. When I was a young girl I had this crush on the cutest boy! Brave, mature for his age, but funny and naturally gifted. I was quickly wooed by him and we played often…I don’t want to finish the rest but let’s just say it doesn’t have a happy ending.” Fubuki’s tone shifted a bit. “Still I am happy to see that people are much more understanding these days, and Yuki-warashi can find their husbands with less hassle. Especially if they go to school together which would happen to your little girl so be ready for the talk soon. There’s also very little that could change their minds about their chosen partner; once a Yukiwarashi takes a liking to someone it’s gonna stay that way” Fubuki explains.

“Do they get like this with siblings as well?” You ask.

“On rare occasions when they just so happen to have brothers, it could be possible that they may have a brother complex if they spend a lot of time together. The odds increase if they go to the same school too. They’re already highly respectful of family and thus the odds of them marrying their step-brothers are high unless of course they find someone they feel is better” Fubuki said.

“So obviously they get along with children just fine right?” You ask.

“Oh yes, in fact they are almost no different than regular children save for a gift of ice powers which may garner them popular and unwanted attention. This is why you don’t see Yuki-warashi use their powers in public. They are gentle and docile and wish to remain out of the spotlight and only wish to be seen by their secret crush. That and they can do very little with their powers anyways. The most they can do is become walking air-conditioners and maybe the occasional snowfall, but they’ll be lucky if the snow they generate will actually be sticky” Fubuki said.

At this moment the Yuki-warashi had just entered the room carrying a tray containing a bowl of rice, a plate of steamed vegetables with grilled seasoned salmon, and a cup of soda.

“I-I apologize for taking so long, I needed some help from the kitchen staff and I dropped the first salmon” the Yukiwarashi apologized.

It looked amazing, steam rising to your nostrils, the smells of perfectly prepped seasoning, and well cooked fish caused you to salivate. The little Yuki-warashi continues to stare expectantly at you waiting for her praise. The cute little snowflake was practically on her tippy toes waiting for you to respond.

“This looks delicious, you really shouldn’t have gone out of your way like this, but I’m really thankful regardless” you give your respect.

The Yukiwarsashi beams up at you with shiny eyes and a wide smile.

“Oh~ thank you-thank you so much for teaching me that recipe Miss Fubuki!” The Yuki-warashi squealed.

“Of course, I’m pleased to see you come so far, you’ll be a wonderful wife before you know it” Fubuki said.

She nodded her head, and proceeded to take her seat next to you.

“When a Yuki-warashi reaches puberty her powers, and ability will explode almost at once. a sort of transformation that is gradually happening as the years passes but once it’s complete they’ll find that their powers have expanded immensely. Once it’s complete they become full fledged Yuki-Onna and that’s when they’ll set out to find their playmate and offer or lead them into their homes where they’ll use every lesson they learn to charm the man with well cooked food, interesting personality, honest care and attention and if all is going to plan a night of passionate love-making thus sealing the deal that they are the perfect wife for them” Fubuki said.

“I-I still have many things to learn much to my embarrassment” the Yukiwarashi explained.

“And I’ll be more than happy to guide all of you” Fubuki promised.

“You are too kind lady Fubuki!” The Yukiwarashi loudly thanked.

“So that’s where the spirit energy we talked about before comes from? Does it just finally come to use all at once when they mature?” You ask.

“Correct, but a Yuki-warashi can still benefit from it…though~ where they obtain it should be taken into consideration…” Fubuki said.

“I think I know what you’re trying to say” you reply.

“In conclusion there’s a lot we can become besides just excellent wives. For example we be excellent co-founders for orphanages, we can run any care facility with relative ease, and we can even work alongside Yetis on rescue mission on the more dangerous mountains. That being said if it’s not constantly cold, any outdoor activities should be avoided as I’d like to remind you we grow weak under the sun if exposed too long” Fubuki concluded.

“That was very insightful, thank you very much” you express your gratitude.

With your lesson complete you get up to leave for the day, but you find your arm being pulled by the Yuki-warashi. She looks up at you with a quivering lip, and wide, glistening, begging eyes.

“U-um, please don’t leave. You should stay and have more tea with us, I want to get to know you more” The girl asked.

“I really should be going” you insist.

“B-but it’s dangerous out there, I insist you stay here until things calm down” the Yuki-warashi said.

“What are you talking about? It’s fine over-” you reply but as you open the door your face is smacked by a flurry of strong icy wind coming from inside the hallway.

You quickly shut the door and look out the window and see a raging blizzard had suddenly appeared…in July…

Suddenly Katy’s warning is starting to come into focus…

“Oh dear, she’s right! It’s much too dangerous to drive home under this weather, please rest and wait it out with us. I promise you we’ll keep you entertain so you won’t get bored” Fubuki replied.

“I’m a little inexperienced but if you’ll have me I can do so much more for you in the future” the Yukiwarashi promised as she took several steps closer to you. her cheeks blushing furiously as her eyes gazed longingly at you.

“That’s okay dear I’m here for you, I’ll teach you all the ways to properly ‘entertain’ a handsome man in your home” Fubuki had the same stare as she drew closer to you as well.

“No really, I appreciate the thought, but I couldn’t possibly stay any longer, not after all you’ve done for me-” you begin.

“So you liked my cooking then!? I-I can cook for you whenever you want! Just stay with us, it’ll be fun, I promise!” the Yuki-warashi implores.

You bang on the door hoping to get a response but realize you may be stuck her for a while as Katy may find the blizzard impossible to go through.

Hell, you couldn’t do it. Their eyes staring you as their robes slowly become undone and loose revealing more and more of their gorgeous skin, you seriously hope this doesn’t break any rules as you don’t want to lose your job coming this far.

God damn it, Fubuki…

Did she know you hated Monopoly? She must have because that was all you three did after they fixed their outfits…

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  1. While I edit some last minute run-on sentences and add some little details and tid-bits to this. Feel free to suggest the next mamono you wish to learn how to raise next.

  2. Walking the line to pedophilia a bit closely for my liking, wish the MC would grow some balls and be more assertive if he’s so concerned about his job.

    1. Yeah, just like the main series, this is all continuous, and our protagonist is still a newbie, but I can assure no loli action took place, and our MC will develop over time and experience. Each new entry he becomes wiser and stronger. Soon he’ll be ready to learn about Hell Hounds without any concerns.

  3. So the MC actually had sex with the two?

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    1. Ho! I almost forgot:

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      1. Even if you didn’t write the scen it’s totaly implied.

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