Monster Miracle Handbook 101 (Yeti)

It was another beautiful day, and another shift at your job at the Little Monster Miracle Orphanage. Your next task would be another lesson with the cute little rascals you are taking care of. Since it wasn’t technically a shift you were free to dress casually for this, and you enter the building looking about as normal as a man wearing a dark-navy plaid long-sleeve and black denim jeans with black and white sneakers can be…

Something normal like that.

You felt oddly proud of yourself for not needing the map to figure out where the classrooms were at, and in no time you reach hall and open the nearest door where Katy smiles and greets your presence. She gestures towards a seat in front of her, but you notice they were a bit on the small side.

You decided to stand, and Katy would not argue your decision, instead she began the lesson.

“Now for this next one-” Katy began.

“I think I should take over this time” A second woman’s voice rang from outside the room.

The door bursts open with in a rush of icy wind startling Katy and instigating her deep rooted instinct to remain above room temperature at all times. Before you can consent she rushes towards you, and clings to you, wrapping her tail around your body, and pressing her arms around your head, pulling your head onto her breasts.

From the open door came yet another thing of beauty besides the shivering Katy, a blue skinned princess of the snow gliding across the room with elegance and poise. Height wise she was just half a head shorter than you, her snow-white hair long, and perfectly straight, glistening like crystal. Her eyes were sharp, and a bit on the narrow side, clearly far from her home in the East, and glowing like sapphire jewels. Her skin was a fair creamy blue, and covered in an extravagant white kimono held together with a dark blue obi peppered with lighter blue snowflakes. Lastly she had on straw sandals and thick socks, her outfit alone gave you near culture shock.

You notice she was carrying what you thought was a stuffed white teddy bear, but in fact it was a little girl, and your next lesson. A heavily tanned child with thick white bear paws and hind legs. She wore a navy-blue leotard which you were thankful was thick enough that you can deem it appropriate for outside wear. She had such a warm, and gentle smile to her; inviting you to lower your guard and approach her.

Which was a stark contrast to the smirk the woman had, a sort of all knowing grin someone with a sadistic tendency would have when they always get their way.

“So you were telling the truth, you hired a man to work full-time here? I had to see it to believe it. You were always a risk taker Katy” the woman stated.

“Fubuki! W-what did I say about c-coming inside l-l-like that!” Katy shivered.

You were starting to run out of air…

“Oh dear you hired him less than a week, and already you have him in your vice-grip. Naughty-naughty” Fubuki scolded.

She finally pushes your head out of her bosom allowing you to breathe.

“T-this is part of your job newbie, it’s in your contract…s-somewhere” Katy mumbled.

“Well in any case I brought this little dear with me like you asked, but I feel I might be more suitable to teach him about her kind” Fubuki said.

“Very well…j-just give me five more minutes to heat up” Katy muttered.

“Can I hug mister like that too?” The little Yeti asked.

“Maybe, I bet you would ‘like’ that wouldn’t you?” The Yuki-Onna Fubuki asked you.

There was something about the way she emphasized ‘like’ that rubbed you the wrong way…or was it Katy’s squirming as her tail started to rub you here and there…

“Listen to me Anon” Katy whispered to your ear just out of Fubuki’s earshot. “She’s not as…kind as I am, not necessarily a bad person mind you, in fact I would trust these girls in her care one hundred percent if something were to happen to me…but she has a…fondness for…antics” Katy whispered.

“Hm? Katy~ are you whispering sweet nothings in his ear. I had assumed we were to keep things professional with him” Fubuki teased.

“It is of no concern to you Fubuki, now then…I believe I’ve been warmed enough, thank you very much for your cooperation Anon, I shall leave you in her care” Katy said as her tail was finally unraveling, and allowing you to move your arms again.

Katy turned towards the door, looking back only once with a brief face of worry before she left the room completely leaving you, Fubuki, and the Yeti alone together.

“Now then, let me introduce myself properly first, my name is Fubuki, you can say I’m the co-founder of this Orphanage. So yes I’m your boss too” Fubuki introduced herself.

“R-right, of course ma’am!” You quickly show some respect.

“Please, just call me Fubuki. And you can call this little tyke a Yeti” Fubuki introduced your next lecture.

“Huggles?” The little Yeti asked.

You are ready to learn.

“Yetis are one of the more docile and gentle mamono you can find on the mountains, perhaps even the world; they tend to rival Were-sheep in the cute, and cuddly department. Despite having enormous strength they never use it for anything other than to keep those they love close to them. You can often find these children only on places with consistent cold weather as their high body heat tend to make them vulnerable to warmer seasons and higher risk of heat stroke. When raising a Yeti and worrying about leaving her to school on an especially warm day, it is best to take precautions. For example you can freeze her clothing overnight, or have her hold a frozen bottle of water. Some stores even sell enchanted garments that keep them cool, but they are a little expensive. Well you know what they say, anything for your little girl right?

The Yeti stares at you with curiosity.

“Yetis are omnivores and so they’ll have no trouble eating anything on the food pyramid but they all have their favorites of course. They live on frozen tundras, arctic circles, and snowy mountains alongside yours truly. Also one thing to note is how a Yeti communicates. Words are all well, and good, but they respond more strongly to hugs. Even before they learn to speak Yetis often communicate through skin-ship either from their mother or sisters. Fathers raising their little girls must learn or have some knowledge of a yeti’s hugs and what they mean” Fubuki said.

With that Fubuki placed the little Yeti girl on the desk, sitting upright you stare at her as she begins staring at you with her big, wide adorable eyes. she stretches her arms out and invites you to a hug right away.

“Now, before you start cuddling let’s go over some hug examples. A full body embrace even with a child is a sign telling her you wish to take your relationship further. This of course often leads to marriage and lewd acts. I would recommend letting her hug you first and respond by resting just one arm on her, this is a sign of friendship and good tidings. Think of it as a ‘hello’ if you wish to make a good first impression” Fubuki explained.

Through her instructions you near the Yeti as she clasps her paws around your neck, and you press your hand on her back. She gives a little coo before giggling as you feel her arms squeeze you just a bit.

“Good job! It seems she’s accepted your friendship. Some Yetis however will insist by pressing themselves tighter, using their voluptuous bodies to tempt you to take the plunge. However; most children of her kind will be happy with just making friends” Fubuki said.

“So I’m friends with her now?” You ask as you attempt to pull away only to find her paws latched tightly to your neck.

“Yes, she has accepted you as a friend, now if you’re a parent and you wish to express love but not make it weird the best hug you can do is simply to carry her. Even with two hands on her so long as she acknowledges that she is being carried by her father, she will take it as a sign of family love, and she will be overjoyed” Fubuki said.

“So I shouldn’t carry her just yet?” You ask.

“Hm~ if you do I might just take it as a sign you wish to adopt her, and I will have you raise her as your own right away~” Fubuki warned.

You notice her pulling out some adoption papers from under her long sleeves. This girl is prepared…

“I-I think I’ll wait before I take home any kids here” you nervously reply.

“Hmm~ not a good answer, but certainly not bad either…in any case moving on. As they are docile and gentle it is almost impossible to upset or anger them. But there is one sure fire way to make a Yeti cry or feel insulted, and it’s called ‘the hover hand’” Fubuki revealed.

“I think I heard of that before. Where people being hugged or clung to nervously hang their arms above their partner because they’re either too shy or spooked?” You try to remember.

“Yes that’s right, one must never hover hand a Yeti, when hugged you must hug back as they enjoy the skin contact. By hover handing it, you are basically telling her that you don’t want anything to do with her, let alone touch her. This will upset a Yeti greatly and depending on her age she may cry out heartbroken, or force herself on you to persuade you she is worth hugging tight” Fubuki warned.

“Okay I think I understand, so how do they fare with other children?” You ask.

“Yetis are clingy by nature whether it be a boy or girl, sister or brother. If they had already established a friendship hug she will often cuddle with her friends as much as possible. Of course they also enjoy the occasional playtime, and other assortment of activities, especially when it snows. Yetis with big or little brothers tend to be more clingy to their siblings compared to their friends. It is not uncommon for a Yeti to sneak into their brother’s room and pull at his sheets to become his new blanket/body pillow. A boy may wake up shocked to find himself cuddling with his half-naked sister still snoozing as if nothing was wrong” Fubuki said.

“Any difference in terms of age when they hug a sibling?” You ask.

“Why yes of course! When hugging a younger sibling, they are often more protective, they hug them to their bosoms, and rest their chins on their heads. It’s sort of strange to say, but it feels more like a dominant hug, than a submissive hug. That being said, a younger Yeti with an older brother would be more submissive, often clingy themselves to their siblings like they were surgically attached. To put it simply: Older Yetis hug you to their bodies, younger Yetis hug themselves to your body.

“Are they really that soft and warm that they can’t be told apart from blankets?” You ask skeptical.

“You tell me” Fubuki answered with a mischievous smile.

With a wave of both her arms a torrent of icy wind rushed at you chilling you to the bone. The little Yeti gave a soft gasp and clung to you tighter wrapping her paws and legs around you as she did everything in her power to keep you warm.

And by god it worked.

Even facing the cold wind head on with your face you felt no chill, her soft and warm body kept your body at room temperature perhaps even higher through the Yuki-Onna’s Icy Wind attack. It didn’t even matter that she focused primarily on your chest, your whole body was cozy.

“Friend not cold anymore?” The Little Yeti asked worried.

“U-uh no, I’m not…thanks for that” you reply as you feel you can get use to this hot softness.

“I think that answers your question” Fubuki said shutting off the indoor blizzard.

With the cold wind dying off the Yeti girl relaxes her grip on you and settles herself on your lap hugging your stomach.

“A yeti can find herself to be useful as a rescue patrol girl on harsh terrain. They can endure the harshest blizzards, and rocky mountain terrain like a walk in the park and their sensitive noses can pick whiff of a person in distress just as well as any trained dog. They are also therapeutic and can ease trouble people with their gentle hugs, often used for therapy for those with depression, or elderly folk. There is just something wonderful about being embraced by them, to feel loved and fondled over that it washes away any dark thoughts, if only for a moment. For those who never get visitors in their retirement home or teens feeling rejected by society, their gentle hug makes them feel…happy” Fubuki answered.

“That’s wonderful and all, but how do you get a Yeti off you once she’s hugged you?” You ask.

“Well that part is actually difficult, even a child of her age has the strength of a professional athlete so we’ll have to persuade her” Fubuki said.

After much coaxing and yanking the Yeti had finally released herself off you, though you felt a little bad when you saw how sad this made her feel. You assured her that you’ll come see her for more hugs in the future. Your promise was enough to make her smile again as she waved good-bye and left the room.

“Thanks for the lesson Fubuki, you’ve pretty much nearly convinced me to adopt one of my own someday” you reply.

“Oh~ we’re not done yet, I have one more child I wish to demonstrate with you, now then…I have asked her to come by any moment now!” Fubuki declared.

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  1. Adorable, just one thing I wonder about.

    Brother? Does that mean adopted, or is this version of the verse discarding the ‘mamono only have mamono children” rule?

    1. That’s right adopted, perhaps some families would think having a sister for their only son, or daughter would benefit them, or in a case where a single father with a boy happens to marry a mamono, and either they conceive a child, or the mamono is a single parent too.

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