Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 16

Quiet. It was getting quiet in Astera. Though we barely had a glimpse to the outside through the slits in the top corners of the room, we could tell that it was getting less lively in the camp.

But in all this silence, our room was filled with louder and louder sounds. Sounds of pleasure and arousal. After resolving the meandering tension that permeated within our team, now we were ready to lower our defenses and give ourselves to each other.

When I initially had the idea to involve Anja in the same intimate relationship I had with Jaina, I was worried about the possible repercussions.

To my surprise though, there was very little resistance from Jaina when I brought it up with her. I even prepared myself to be hit or her freaking out on me and it would’ve been fully deserved for bringing up such a ludicrous idea. But instead, she was all in the second I mentioned it.

Be it due to her easy-going nature, monsters being polygamous or even her just wanting to see Anja being vulnerable and lewd, it led to one hell of a night that neither of us would soon forget.

With me sitting behind Anja and fondling her voluptuous, full breasts on top of her hide shirt and peppering kisses all over her sensitive neck, I got Anja to slowly let loose and caused more and more gasps escape her lips.

The red spots I left on her skin made her feel it even more whenever I touched her. Combined with my hands squeezing and massaging her breasts that didn’t even fully fit into the palms of my hands.

But even from the front, she wasn’t spared. In a double assault of sensations, Jaina’s claw moved underneath Anja’s skirt and attacked her unprotected, uncovered pussy. While her mouth was busy kissing and licking her ear with her big tongue, Jaina poked and pinched Anja’s swollen clit. It pulsated with anticipation and every touch made Anja buck her hips in response.

I stopped my kisses, admiring how devotedly Jaina was pleasuring her. A pleasant, warm smile crossed my lips and even a small content chuckle escaped me.

Jaina reacted soon, smiling up at me as she let off on her fondling. Anja finally had a chance to catch her breath as both of them curiously looked up at me. While I still kept kneading Anja’s breasts, it was more calm and comforting now.

“What’cha smiling for, Kalaydus?” Jaina cheekily asked, giving one last teasing poke to Anja’s clit to see her twitching one more time.

Anja herself turned to me as well, a slight sweat building up on her forehead already. She seemed a little frustratingly disappointed that our touches dimmed down a bit and worriedly looked over her shoulder. “Are you… nhhh… messing with me again?”

I chuckled once more “Heh, no, that’s not it. Do you think I would after going this far?”

She immediately blushed and turned away, subtly puffing her cheeks and muttering under her breath. “Well… you aren’t touching me as excitedly anymore.”

I reached around, gently grabbing her chin and turning it around to face me again.

Her eyes widened as I gave her a tender smile and placed a kiss on her lips before an expected gasp could pass through them. I wanted to proof to her that this time I was serious. That this time, I was not just teasing.

I loved this girl just as much as I loved Anja. Both very different in nature but both of them now being a huge part of my life and future. If I wanted to be a leader to these two, I had to share my love equally between them and give them each as much personal attention and care as I could.

Anja and I only kissed with closed mouths but it was enough to convey what I meant to get across to her. Her lips and mine shared a similar deep warmth and maybe because we both were part fire wyverns, there was an incomparable heat to our kiss as if literal embers permeated between our mouths.

When we finally parted, Anja was in a daze and my fingers slowly slid off her chin. “I’m not messing around this time, Anja. Actually, I’ve been thinking about us and got a bit distracted by my thoughts.”

Both of them perked up, Anja still trying to recover from the warmth that was clouding her confused mind and Jaina enjoying to watch Anja being so lost and eager to hear what I was about to say.

I rubbed my neck abashedly and sheepishly smiled at the two expectant girls. “I heh… I guess I just never expected things to work out this well. You two actually seem to have made up now and I feel like… maybe we three can finally get something off the ground here. I suppose what I want to say is… I’m happy that we can be a team. And I promise you, I’m going to take care of both of you. I need to be better at a lot of things and with you two, I finally have a good reason to be.”

Jaina and Anja both smiled at me, one more reserved than the other but equally genuine. Jaina leaned over, not able to resist the urge to latch onto my lips. While Anja stared on in slight jealousy, Jaina nuzzled up against my face and blissfully wrapped her arms around my neck. Her eyes met mine and our foreheads touched, pecking at each other’s mouths repeatedly.

After a moment of a kind of warm, somber silence, Jaina was the first to speak up. “You know… maybe you should’ve saved that speech for later.”

I cocked my head in confusion as Jaina reluctantly let go of me. “What? Why?”

Anja gasped for a second as Jaina reached around her and slowly replaced me in my position behind her. Jaina made a show of slowly but surely getting a hold of Anja’s thighs and spreading her legs wide open. Now placed in front of her, I was greeted by Anja’s agape pussy flashing from underneath her barely covering skirt.

“Anja isn’t officially a member yet.” Jaina smirked, presenting Anja to me like a treasured prize. “We need to complete the team first. Then we can talk all we need to. You don’t want to leave Anja hanging, do you?”

I gulped, unprepared for the actual moment of action. When my eyes met Anja’s, a reserved, blushing smile crossed her lips, with her trying to hide it in embarrassment and thinking I wouldn’t notice it. When she finally turned to face me again, bringing up the courage to meet my gaze, I was already leaning over her. It wasn’t hard to strip off my armor once I got used to it, so it didn’t take long for me to strip down to my bare skin. Anja scanned my body the whole time, trying to hide her excitement as she laid eyes on my naked body for the first time.

It was fair enough. So far it’s only been me who had seen her naked but now we were finally even and could lay down all of our inhibitions. We knew exactly what we were working with.

As I loomed over her, Anja’s heart was visibly pounding and small embers once again poured out from the edges of her mouth. A small smirk from me was enough to skyrocket her excitement and I smoothly stroked the underside of her chin. “Hey, Anja. What do you say? Do you think you’re ready?”

She stuttered, her legs twitching in anticipation and her pussy leaking profusely. There was nothing she could hide from me anymore. “I…if you’ll have me I’d allow you to… do whatever you want. If you want me that badly, m…master.”

I leaned in towards her and whispered. “I do.” My hand gently moved from her chin to her cheek, cupping it in my palm and having her ear in between my fingers. “Does that make you happy, Anja? How about you? Do you want me?”

I could feel the heat of the blood rushing to her face through my hand and her eyes were quivering as she gulped and played hard to get. She cutely squeaked in repressed tension. A side of her that I never expected to see. She realized this just as quickly as I did and cleared her throat. “I…I wouldn’t… not be happy to have s… se…”

I inched even closer, agonizingly close to her lips. “Come on, say it.”

I could see her lips trembling, urging to kiss me again. And finally she let go of her restraints. “…have sex with you, master.” Her arms wrapped around my neck as she passionately yet reservedly stared into my eyes. “I want to have sex with you too, master.”

My heart skipped a beat when I finally heard her say it. “Hey, Anja…”

“Yeah?” She muttered, unsure of what I was going to say next.

I combed through her hair, responding in an equally hushed tone. “Welcome to the team…” And as I let my other hand guide my erect, impatient cock towards her welcoming folds… “…properly this time.” …I submerged it within her, pushing through the tight corridors of her flesh.

The resistance was strong at first, probably in reaction to the foreign intrusion, but once my head entered, the rest of my length continually went deeper and deeper. I felt the heat of her walls clamp down on me. Her face was contorted in a mixture of wanting to push forward and the pain of me spreading her open. Hissing sparks erupted from her gasping mouth but I quickly kept them from lashing out, locking her lips with mine.

I made sure to be gentle and carefully inched ahead. Her pussy was incredibly wet inside, but even with that, the tension still made it hard to make progress. Every crease and fold stuck to me like a suction cup and kissed the entire length of my cock.

With every inch, Anja arched her back more and more. Thankfully Jaina was there to support her, doing her best to massage and grope Anja so she would be relaxed and distracted. With her arms firmly wrapped around her, she slipped off the top of Anja’s shirt, uncovering her ample tits. Exctept for a small frame around her belly, nothing was left covered anymore.

Anja could hardly put up resistance when Jaina firmly clutched her breasts and roughly started assaulting them. Her claws dug into her juicy flesh, contorting them into all sorts of shapes. With Anja lusciously moaning into her ear, Jaina got visibly excited from watching me penetrate her and getting to grope Anja’s massive orbs. You could even see a hint of jealousy as she violently toyed with them to the point where the flesh was bulging out between her claws. “You’re so lucky, Anja. I still remember my first time with Kalaydus. Savor it. It’s only going to get better from here!” Jaina almost whined her last words. As an outlet for her own arousal, she started licking the inside of Anja’s ears.

“Nnnhhh! Smack! Slurp! MMNNHHHH!” Anja was bursting at the seams. Her face was beet red in a mix of embarrassment and ecstasy. Her eyes hooded and focused when they met mine and as if a floodgate had been broken, she bucked her hips upwards to force the rest of my cock into her. Once I felt myself knock against the back of her love canal, my teeth clenched and my muscles tensed. I was not prepared for how quick it went. Suddenly, my entire length plunged into her, squeezed tightly from every side by her moist, fleshy walls.

Anja’s eyes rolled back into her skull and her entire body spasmed from the heavy orgasm that hit her. I think even she wasn’t prepared for the amount of pleasure she would feel.

I gently held her, worried that she was going to pass out, but once again, she proved to me that her willpower was strong enough on its own. It took her just a moment to recompose herself with only slight twitches and labored breath. Her distant eyes almost looked through me as she stared at me with wanton lust. “This… more… I want more of this, master. Love me. Make a mess of my body. Please!” Her eyes were begging, almost desperate. She wanted to feel more.

My body trembled. It took every muscle of my body to not blow my load. I took a hold of her luscious thighs and started to thrust. As soon as I started to fuck her, her body contorted in irregular movements, causing Jaina to let go of her and let her lie down on the soft carpet of sleeping bags.

On the floor, I continued to rock her body, crashing into her hips repeatedly while grinding the underside of her pussy’s walls with my dick. From this angle, I managed to prod, scrape and knock against her insides as I crushed her body underneath me. Her strong tail swayed restlessly from side to side, twitching every time I plunged into her.

Her arms fall off from around my neck and instead her claws dig into the furry floor. Instead, her legs took over the job of holding onto me. Her clawed feet crossed behind my back and locked tight enough to keep me in place but not tight enough to keep me from thrusting.

With one arm next to her hip and the other over her head, she bit her lip, her breath quickening more and more. “F…hhhhaaa… FUCK! Master! Mmmmmaaassteerr!” The last word came out as an elongated moan, reverberating in the room due to its bass.

Her hair stuck to her head, literally glistening with sweat. From her position I must not have looked any better. My black hair that usually went straight backwards suddenly hung from the side of my face and droplets of sweat hung off of it. I tried to reach out and wipe it out of her face… but suddenly… there was another hand doing it before I could. Jaina’s claw to be exact.

Just as surprised as me, Anja looked up. Unaware to us, Jaina had been completely stripping down, leaving her full, amazing body uncovered. Her breath was excited and a delirious smile crossed her lips.

“Jaina? W…what are you doing?” Anja asked, most likely seeing Jaina upside down and kneeling over her. A deep blush came to her face once she turned her eyes upwards a bit more and saw Jaina’s smooth, dripping wet pussy above her.

Jaina dragged her canine tooth over her lips. “This is a ‘team’ exercise, remember? You two seem to hog a lot of the limelight for yourselves, and to be honest…” She stopped, spreading the lips of her cunt, revealing the fleshy yellowy green insides. “…I’m getting kind of jealous. You wouldn’t mind sharing the fun, would you Anja?”

Anja was speechless. With everything that was going on, her mind was overloaded.

Jaina closed her eyes and smiled brightly, almost pretend innocently. “Glad you understand.”

With her thick thighs closing around Anja’s face, Jaina sat down on her head, suggestively pushing her pussy against Anja’s lips. Temptingly, she swayed her butt from side to side and squeezed one of her cheeks for show. “Please, don’t leave me hanging, Anja. I deserve some too, right? You’re already keeping his cock all to yourself today. The least I want… is your tongue.” Jaina whined a little, pouting and eagerly awaiting to be serviced. She was longing for pleasure and it showed.

Anja stared for a while, having the dripping honeypot right in front of her and feeling the heat waft down. She was shy, hesitating to stretch her tongue out.

It was probably a bit mean, but I pushed my hips forward, grinding her cervix. Unprepared for me moving again, Anja’s tongue almost reflexively stretched out of her mouth for a gasp.

In the very second she did, Jaina took the opportunity and started grinding on her slippery, wet muscle. I stopped in my tracks as I watched Jaina bite her lips and enjoy the ride. Though she was hesitant at first, soon I could tell that Anja was getting into it herself. Slurping and sucking sounds emanated from her moistening lips. Even her claws which were formerly gripping the floor now held on to Jaina’s legs to get a better hold of them.

Visibly enjoying it, Jaina reacted by clamping her legs even tighter around Anja’s head. Jaina hissed several times, gasping and choking on her breath as she looked up with hooded eyes and faced me with a loving smirk. “Hehe, I suppose she won’t be able to hear us for a bit now.”

I chuckled along with her as I reached out to cup her cheek and gently touch the edge of her lips with my thumb. “You’re being pretty aggressive, Jaina. Kind of bullying her a bit there, aren’t you?”

Jaina shyly blushed a little but laughed soon after, interspersed with a few hisses as Anja works her tongue. “Maybe a little. But she got to have a moment with you and she even gets to have sex with you today. Look, I gave up on having my turn today, but I still wanted to have some time with you too. Can’t I be a little selfish from time to time?”

With gentle guidance I led her towards my lips as our smiles spread into a gaping mess of tongues and saliva. A deep kiss with her, still feeling just as amazing as our first one. We got lost in a trance as we fully submitted ourselves to each other. As I parted, I began thrusting into Anja again, which consequently led to her licking Jaina more wildly than before. It was like a chain reaction starting with me and ending at Jaina who loudly moaned from the sudden increase in roughness.

I smirked at her. “I think it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. I promise I’ll take care of you both. I love you, you know?”

Jaina smiled widely, rubbing her face against my hand. “I know.” She chuckled as she wiggled from left to right, looking down at Anja, devotedly lost in eating out Jaina. “I’ll just…nghh… speak for both of us. I love ghh…you too.”

I could tell Anja heard what we were talking about. Her pussy tightened and had built up a significant amount of juices. I called out to her as I grabbed her hips. “What do you think, Anja? Ready for the finale?”

While I didn’t get an audible response, her legs tightened around my back and she pulled me in deeply. Her eyes closed and she fully committed herself to thrusting her sharp tongue into Jaina. Her face was a mess, but she couldn’t care less at this point.

“I guess that means yes.”

From that moment on, we all moved as one. Jaina leaned on her arms, bucking her hips while Anja’s tongue explored the inside of her honey pot. Anja held on to me and Jaina at the same time, sweating all over and drowning in pleasure. And lastly there was me, watching these two girls driven wild as I barely held back my cum. The sight, the smell and the sounds pushed me closer and closer to the edge.

It was like everything went silent, only seeing what was right in front of me. Anja’s pussy tightened and squirmed around my cock. I knew she was close and so was I.

I hunched over, steadying myself as I grunted loudly.

Just like before, a chain reaction followed. I came hard, moaning and splattering my cum over her insides. In return, Anja was screaming through her orgasm, popping her wet mouth off of Jaina. Together, both girls exploded into ecstasy. Jaina arched her back, squirting juices all over Anja’s breasts and face while Jaina’s juices splashed onto and around my crotch.

Our cries melted together in a huge mixture of pleasure and we each released everything we had. Our bodies heavy, our minds fried and exhaustion slowly kicking in. A mess of liquids formed around us and after several twitches, we finally relaxed.

I was the first to grow limp in the body, exhausted and pulling my cock out of Anja. It was like a plug being pulled, releasing the excess cum from within.

I tumbled over, falling down next to Anja and rolling onto my back as I wiped the sticky sweat from my forehead.

Following right after me was Jaina, smiling dumbly and rolling right over me. With Anja already laid down, she was the only one who didn’t have to move. She was still recovering, breathing heavily with her chest heaving up and down.

The cool of the night slowly settled in, gradually outweighing the heat of our bodies.

Lying there, next to each other, we still couldn’t believe what we had done. Starting with me, we all started to laugh at ourselves. “Heh, well, that’s that. Initiation complete.” I playfully raised my finger like I made a declaration before my arm limply plopped down next to me.

Anja, through her labored breath and sweat, turned her head and smiled knowingly. “That’s not actually a rite of passage, is it?”

Jaina rolled over, blissfully closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around me to cuddle up. “Don’t question it, Anja. Just go with it.” She sighed pleasantly, resting her head on my shoulder.

I expectantly look over at Anja, a warm smile crossing my face. I welcomingly pat the free spot next to me and cock my head to tell her she can come closer.

She acted like she didn’t want it and playfully rolled her eyes. I could still see the little smirk that followed it and sure enough, she nuzzled up to me and hummed happily. Her hand on my chest, she softly laid her head on my other shoulder. Her entire body presses up against my side and it didn’t take long for her to be so comfortable that she fell asleep on the spot.

When I turned my head once again, Jaina was already snoozing too.

I lifted both of my hands to run them through their hair. Blonde, dirty and coarse hair on one side. Black, smooth and wavy on the other.

It was an almost familiar feeling. Two sweet girls as different as night and day finally seeing eye to eye and sharing this vulnerable moment.

“We’ll be the best team in all of Astera. I’ll make sure of it. Sweet dreams, girls. Sweet dreams.” I said to myself, placing a kiss onto their heads.

And shortly afterwards, everything went black. The tiredness finally caught up with me.

It was fair to say, I was excited to see what tomorrow would bring.

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