Monster Hunter: Monstergirl World Ch. 5

It wasn’t even halfway through the night when I woke up. The chirping of grasshoppers filled the silence. I uncomfortably shifted from side to side, my back aching from the uncomfortable surface of the roots I’ve been sleeping on.

Only after I got up and stretched, I noticed that something was off. The fact that I could sit up at all should have been enough to make me aware of it. Jaina wasn’t by my side anymore.

I looked around for any trace of her, but the only thing I saw were the remains of the fire that only glowed dimly.

I called out into the darkness. “Jaina? Jaina?!”

“Raraarawawa!” My voice rustled the hidden creatures in the forest and I immediately pressed my hand on my mouth until the ruckus calmed down again and only the crickets chirped again.

I swallowed my breath, getting up as quietly as I could and setting out to find out where she went.

The darkness was suffocating and I could barely see a few feet ahead before my eyes adjusted.

I kept to the ground, feeling through the mud to see if Jaina left any traces and indeed there was a series of clawed footprints heading towards the beach.

Carefully tracing them, I arrived at the glistening, gentle ocean that reflected the beaming moonlight. By night the shoreline made for a beautiful vista, with soft waves rolling over the sand and their sounds mixing with the clacking of helm crabs crawling over the larger rocks.

But on the ridge of one of these rocks sat not one of them, but Jaina with her arms behind her back, leaning on the rock’s surface while gazing at the moon.

The weight that fell off my chest when I saw her was indescribable.

The moment I looked at her illuminated figure I noticed that it was the first time I had seen her from the back and I only now realized that she had a tail growing from her lower back. If you ignored that along with her arms that turned into claws halfway, you could almost think she was just a young woman lounging at the beach.

As my eyes focused on her tail, I inevitably traced its length up to her plump, flattened butt, covered in the wraps I made for her but stretching enough for the outlines of her rear to be perfectly visible. I wanted to pull my eyes away but it was only a little part of her, as I only then realized how great her body is. Her back curves in a smooth hourglass figure. I found myself staring at her for several seconds before I could chase the thoughts away and approached her.

“So much for sleeping through the night so we can get up early, huh?”

She perked up, her claws twitching and digging into the rock before she turned around. “Oh, Kalaydus. You should be sleeping right now.”

“So should you.” I responded as I calmly took a seat next to her as we looked out onto the ocean.

Jaina moved her claw up in front of her face, clenching and releasing it over and over like she was trying to get used to it.

“Weird night, isn’t it?”

She nodded, still focusing on her arm. “I thought I could just brush it off like it’s nothing but it… feels so weird.”

“If it counts for anything, I’m sorry I roped you into this.”

She turned towards me, surprisingly bearing a soft, melancholic smile. “It’s not that bad. It’s a chance to… oh… forget it.” She said as scraped her feet through the crunching sand.

“A chance to get out of here?” I asked carefully.


We sat there in silence as Jaina kept staring at the sand. I looked over at her before turning my gaze up at the night sky. “At least the nights here are pretty, aren’t they?”

A slight smile crossed her face as she turned her eyes upwards. “They sure are.”

We both gazed at the clear skies, taking in the stars as we would only have a few more hours until the sun would come up. The atmosphere was just so calming that… we didn’t care if the hours just melted away.

“Who needs sleep anyways.” I whispered under my breath, but in the quiet of the night, Jaina could understand me clearly.

“Yeah… you’re missing too much of the beauty.”

I found myself looking at her, smiling as I unintentionally started staring at her from the side.

She noticed soon and smirked. “You’re not even looking at the sky anymore.”

I chuckled awkwardly. “I’m aware… sorry, I didn’t want to stare. Pretend it didn’t happen.” I waved her off as I wanted to turn away, but instead she touched my cheek and made me look at her again with her bearing a curious smile.

“Tell me, how do you think I’m doing looks-wise… compared to the females of your kind?” It was impressive how she could gently touch me like that, given that she had scaled claws for hands.

“I… I haven’t really met many girls in my life. But even so, you look… amazing.”

She bit her lip as she started to toy around with my armor. “And what is it exactly that you human males find attractive.”

Upon hearing her question, my eyes unconsciously wandered to her voluptuous breasts. They were straining the plant fiber that kept them covered and almost bursting at the seams as they pressed together.

She followed my gaze and used her claws to lift her breasts from below. “These things? Aren’t they just teats used to nurture children?”

“That’s… one thing they’re good for.”

She cocked her head in confusion. “What else are they… *yelp*” I stopped her sentence as I could no longer hold back from groping her. The temptation was just too big to resist.

My fingers dug into her skin, squeezing her supple flesh. Jaina’s lip hung open and her breath slowly picked up when I started to shove her wraps out of the way. I was entranced, overcome by my lust, and teased her nipples with my fingertips.

“Kalaydus, what are you…” Her face grew red, blushing as my touches unexpectedly caused her pleasure.

“That’s the other thing. Men go crazy when they get to do this! Never imagined I’d get to be one of them.”

“I… haa… I see why! It feels good to have it done to you too! Press down harder!” She hissed, ordering me to tighten my grip even more.

My hand contorted her breast while I pulled her closer to me with my other hand around her hips. We touched heads as we both were focused on her shapeshifting chest.

When we looked up, we could stare into each other’s eyes longingly and our combined breaths were hot as they touched the other’s skin.

“Is that what you do before you mate with your partner?” She whispered huskily.

“One of the things. There is so much more.”

“Like what?” Her curiosity was peaked and she was leaning towards me, asking for more ways that we could make each other feel good.

I lifted her chin a little, making it level with mine. “Open your mouth a little.”

Her lips slowly parted with her uncertain, gasping breath escaping them. I overlapped them with my own and started sucking on them as her eyes fluttered open. As if steadying herself from the new sense of stimulation, I could feel her left claw holding onto the back of my head while she put the other on my right leg.

Our saliva mixed and for the first time I got to realize that she had a forked tongue as it snaked around mine almost instinctively.

I was shocked at first, even though I should have expected it, but I soon found myself embracing it and not caring anymore. I felt the excitement growing in my crotch and just as a noticeable bulge formed underneath the leather, Jaina’s claw that was previously on my leg slid down onto my crotch applying pressure to it as she rubbed it with her palm.

In surprise, I popped off her lips, pulling a string of saliva between us as I gasped for air with hot breath.

She smiled while her chest was heaving. I could even feel her heart beat through my hand that was still kneading the springy breast. “I just assumed this is where your… thing would be. And I thought I should go for it. It does feel good when I grope this as well, doesn’t it?” She circled her tongue around her lips, scooping up our mixed spit and swallowing it.

My dick perked up, twitching as it pushed against her claw. “It definitely did its job.”

“Can I see it? I really want to know what yours looks like.” Her eyes were fixated on the bulge underneath her claw. She gently kept squeezing, stroking my cock and balls.

I nodded, unbuckling my armor. I dropped the entire set of leather at once while I was already at it, shedding myself of my blades, coat and greaves. All that was left were the gauntlets on my hands and lower arms, leaving me exposed to the cool night air.

My stiff cock stood up valiantly, with Jaina breaking from our groping embrace and instead kneeling down to look at it. The bridge of her nose and her cheeks were flushing with red as she returned to stroking my now bare-naked member with her sliding, scaly clawed hand. It was already as hard as it could be and the touch of her cold scales sent shivers of pleasure through me.

Slowly, I could feel her hand close around me, properly starting to jerk it. Her breath tickled my reddening, swelling tip as her claws were surprisingly doing a great job at giving me pleasure. Her scales were unexpectedly smooth and easily glided over my length as the slowly pouring precum started to make them stickier and stickier.

I let out panting breaths as I watched my cock get serviced by her with a curious and aroused look on her face. It was as if she was pondering over something in her head and I would soon find out what it was.

Her lips popped open with her hot spit parting between them before she took the tip of my member into her slippery wet mouth. There were even wafts of steam puffing up from her hot breath hitting the cold air.

“G…Ghaaaahh, Jaina! Fuuuuck…” I hissed as her tongue danced along the ridge of my tip. With her forked tongue, she licked all along the thick veins before she popped off, leaving with a kiss. She inquiringly looked up at me and when she saw what a sweating, panting mess she made of me, she smirked with an almost menacingly innocent smile.

“I knew you would love that.” She chuckled with a smile so sweet and it showed me just how proud she was of figuring it out herself. She swiftly got back to sucking me off, slurping, messy sounds ringing out between her mouth and my cock.

I laid my gloved hand on the back of her head, the enjoyment of her fellatio overtaking my mind completely. I dug my fingers into her messy hair, getting a grip on it to guide her bobbing head.

She cocked and swerved her head in ways that pushed my cock against the inside of her cheeks and her gums. The soft, moisture of her mouth was enough to get me close to the edge of orgasm.

I panted, pushing her head onto my cock as rapidly as I could without hurting her. I could see in her flinching eyes that she felt my cock getting thicker and pulsing harder but she wasn’t sure what to do about it.

“Swallow it!” I moan out, ripping her out of her inner struggle. “If you can… swallow all of it!”

“*suck* Mhmm!” She nodded with my dick still in their mouth. She shut her eyes expecting the load to shoot out any second.

“Right about… there! Nghghaahhhh! Haahhhh…” Her mouth closed about halfway down my shaft as her cheeks slowly puffed out a little. My load was surprisingly plentiful and it took a little while before it was all done.

I thought I had to take care of Jaina and tell her to take it slow when gulping my cum… but just as her cheeks were filling more and more, she just made one strong gulp before I watched a bump traversing down her throat.

I looked on in astonishment as the remaining white spurts of sperm covered her tongue and lips when she opened her emptied mouth.

“It wasn’t… *pant* as hard as I thought.

I was just stunned as I looked at her. “You really swallowed it all. I didn’t think you’d actually do that on your first time.

She smirked up at me but somewhere behind her smile was some disappointment. “What can I say, I’m a glutton for certain things.” She prodded my still erect penis and sighed a little. “Usually you’re supposed to shoot your stuff into me for making babies… but now we wasted it on my mouth. Aren’t you disappointed?”

I almost broke out laughing. “You thought there would only be one load and I’m done?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that usual for males? It’s just supposed to fertilize me and then you move on. *yelp*” She squeaked in surprise as I pulled her up onto my lap. Her eyes widened when she felt my still hard cock sandwiched between her ass cheeks and prodding the underside of her tail.

“Not with human males, Jaina. You won’t get away with just this.” I hooded my eyes and mischievously smiled as I ran my hand through her dirty blonde hair.

Her eyes widened as I pressed my lips against hers and lifted up her hips. Her entire body experienced a little jolt of pleasure when the head of my cock prodded her burning hot pussy. Her reptilian eyes grew foggy and hooded as she leaned into the kiss with her claws crossing behind my back and around my neck. Her entire body rested on me and I had to admit it was pretty heavy, not that I could show how hard it was for me to lift her.

Her dewy eyes met with mine and our shared body heat met its apex when her hips slowly sunk down. My cock parted her folds, slowly embedding itself inside the confines of her hot love tunnel. “Kalaydus…” She muttered quietly, her eyes shining bright in the darkness.

With an audible thud, her crotch connected with mine and with our bodies entangled we started to grind against each other. Jaina’s insides squirmed around me, meeting the impatient twitching of my throbbing cock.

Our tongues met outside of our mouths since we could no longer hold them closed with our pants and moans escaping our lips relentlessly. We just couldn’t stop letting out our voices. Thankfully out here on the beach we were far enough away from the jungle to not rouse up any other monsters and what little sound could be heard from a distance just blended in with the sound of the waves.

I felt Jaina’s claws digging into my back and I probably already had a few red scratchmarks spreading across it. I could ignore the pain since it was outweighed massively by the thrusting of our hips and the pleasure it gave me. Our skin glistened in the moonlight with our sweat reflecting it. The stickiness between us only added to the sensation.

My hands found their way onto her bouncing ass cheeks and I groped them to my heart’s content. Jaina’s face was twisted in joy and pleasure. Most likely no male before ever focused on giving her pleasure and she was drinking in the attention she received.

When my hands rubbed her ass, one of them kept getting whacked by her scaly tail. I was actually curious enough to move that hand onto her tail and I started stroking it to find out if she was sensitive to it.

She was…

When she felt my hand on her tail, sliding over the slick scales, she started humping me faster and crashing into me with even grander speed. The mixture of juices between us was splashed about, spreading even farther than the stain was when we were fucking normally.

Holding her ass in place, I thrusted into her in short but deep grinding, feeling her cervix kiss the very top of my cock.

Jaina threw her head back, crying out towards the moon. “Kalaydus! I’m cumming! I’m fucking cumming! Nhhahahhhaaaa! Holy shit!”

My cock was already close to bursting and I was actually relieved to hear her say that. I didn’t think I could hold back a second longer. “Me too, Jaina! Shit! It’s coming!”

With all of our resistance breaking, we embraced almost painfully tight. Jaina’s tail waved around, frantically waggling as she reached her orgasm. My jaw tightened as I just exploded inside of her. It felt like a dam broke loose from my cock, spraying her insides with all that I had.

Her claws could probably actually leave scars on my back with how tight she clenched them. Only after several moments were we able to relax again. The space between our crotches was bubbling with overflowing cum that dripped onto the rock.

We inhaled heavily when we tried to regain our breath. I couldn’t let go of her, I was too exhausted and she probably felt the same. Her face was buried in my shoulder and even I buried mine in her voluminous hair. It smelled of mud and soil but I still relished the smell since it was hers.

We sat there for quite a while, riding out the aftermath of our climax, before we found us a bit of a more comfortable spot and laid down in the sand with our feet resting just at the edge of the shore where the water could hit them to cool us off.

Jaina was lying by my side, with my arm around her and resting on my chest while we listened to the gentle waves. We still had quite a bit of time until sunrise and no rush to get going.

We got to talking, telling each other about whatever came to our mind. At some point the topic of how she turned came up and I told her as much as I thought I knew.

I dangled the amulet that was attached to my blades over us. “…and I think this is what turned you into a semi-human. I can’t explain why it does that but he told me that it would explain why he gave up hunting monsters. I still can’t put the puzzle pieces together and it frustrates me to no end.”

Jaina looked at it curiously, leaning up towards it and sniffing it. “It reeks of some kind of monster. I can’t put my finger on which one though.”

“Well, I figured as much. Don’t know anything else that would have green scales like this amulet. The question is what’s inside this glass container though.”


“Maybe. Probably. But why?”

Jaina reached up, closing my hand so that I would put it away. “Well, we know what it does. For now, I think that’s enough to know. There are some mysteries that maybe should keep being what they are.”

I smiled at her, tying it to my blade again and tossing it over to my pile of clothes.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. How about you come to the research commission with me?”

“What?” Jaina perked up and looked at me like I was mad.

“They’d do anything to get any information about this new world. And if it would come from a foreign monster with first-hand experience they’d lose their minds.”

“So you’re telling me that they would take in someone they’ve used to hunt down?”

“The commission doesn’t do that for just any random monster. Only for those that cause harm or are a threat to them. Maybe if we convince them that you’re peaceful, we could make a deal with them.”

“Are you serious about that?”

“You want to get out of this forest, right?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then we’ll find a way. If it goes down south, I’ll cover you.”

“Won’t you get in trouble?”

“I have no reputation to lose yet. I’ll find a way to talk myself out of it and after a while it’ll blow over.” I promised her as I laid my hand on top of her claw that was resting on my chest.

Her hand intertwined with mine and she nodded up at me. “I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Heh, no, I never do.” I chuckled as I kissed the top of her head. My eyes widened when I got pieces of dirt on my lips. I wiped my mouth and spat out a small rock. “But if we DO get there, you really need of a shower.”

I was met with a cocky smile and a giggle. “Nah, I never do.”

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