Monster girl hunter ch2: something fishy going on

In a dimly lit seaport town pub we see a man in a hat and trench coat drinking at the bar. When a big drunk muscle looking guy starts causing trouble for a cute waitress.
“OH COME ON CUTIE *HIC* LET ME SHOW YOU A GOOD TIME! I’M THE BEST HUNTER ON THE SEAS AFTER ALL!!!!!!. HAHAHAHAHAHA!” “NO! let go you big gorrilla.” she replied pushing the man off. At this point the man in the coat gets up and walks over to the drunk and pours his drink over the drunks head. In shock and rightly pissed the drunk responds “AHHH! THATS COLD! WHAT THE HELL MAN? YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?” He said as he grabs the man in the coat.
“Yeah you’ve been hollering it non-stop for the past hour. You were so loud no wonder you herd the lady telling you to let her go. Now let me tell you who I am.” now this angered the drunk who went to punch the man in the coat interrupting his introduction.
As the fist was about to connect he ducts out of his coat and hat showing a familiar face, but more grown up. “As I was about to say. The name is BRANDON!” He says as he uppercuts the drunk. knocking him on the table, breaking it. Brandon then jumps on the drunk who was laying on the table and he draws his one handed claymore and stabs it next to the drunk’s head embedding it in the table. “Now then great hunter why not act like a real man for once and apologize to the lady and get out” He says as he leans on his sword.

The drunk swallowing his pride apologizes to the waitress then as soon as Brandon get off of him he runs out swearing to get back at him.
“Thank you. Ummm Brandon? Was it? He was causing some real trouble.” the girl said as she walks up to him. “hmmm? oh no problem really.“ He replies while getting his hat and coat on, placing the  sword in its sheath.
“You’re a pretty good fighter kid” An old man says as he walks up to the two “You know im short on fighters for a trip im going on. You seem preatty good in a fight. You looking for a job youngster” Looking at the old man Brandon replies “Depends on the gig gramps”.
“Well I came from an island just off the coast from here. It has been fallen victem to some monsters from the sea. I manage to escape here to find some younger fighters to come back and drive them away. They already took most of the men on the island and I escaped only due to my old and frail age.”
Knowing where this might end Brandon decided to accept the old mans offer “Ok gramps i’ll help out.” He replies as he hands some money to the girl for his drink and to pay for the table he broke and left the pub.

The next day on boat heading to the island we see a bunch of men and women hunters setting sail to the island.
Hunters from all kinds of shady backgrounds. Hanging on one of the ropes high up on the mast, just looking around Brandon spots a face he hoped he would never see again….the drunk. “Shit” He exlaimed. A whistle goes off to let the hunters know there is gonna be an anouncement
“Attention hunters we will be reaching the island in about an hour so get your things ready. You have been given your instructions so as soon as we dock we must ask you to leave. For the safety of the crew we will be leaving as soon as we can and not be back till months end.” With that Brandon climbs down and heads to where other hunters were to get off the ship and he bumps into one of them.
Who swings around before Brandon could say sorry and grabs him “HEY WATCH IT!!!!” “easy man I didnt mean to” he told him holding his hands up. “HEY THATS THE KID FROM THE PUB!!!!!!!!” The drunk says from across the boat running up to them. “Keep hold of him bro” the drunk tells the guy holding Brandon. “bro?” Brandon replies in shock.
The guy holding him exlaims “Yes bro as in big brother, and I heard you beat up and made a fool of my younger sibling here, and I dont like that” Realizing whats gonna happen next Brandon replies “ohhhhhh I am sooo fucked.”
“Damn right boy” With that man hangs him over the edge of the boat right over the water. “HEY HEY HEY can’t we talk about this or something” says Brandon in a panic. “Nah, besides you would make a perfect bait to keep away the nasty ones while we bleed dry the mermaids” The thug tells him as he lets brandon go into the brink “wait what?” he says before falling and letting out a farily loud scream and splash.

Rushing to the serface in a panic he reaches it and take in a deep breath before letting out a loud yell “HEY WAIT MAN OVERBOARD!!!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!!” But sadly by the time he got to the surface the boat was too far away but he did catch attention from a scylla who decided to swim up to him.
“Great its gonna take me forever to get to shore.” He said then felt something brush up on his leg “What was that?” He jolted in fear thinking it was a shark only to get pulled under the water to see who his new friend was.
Instictivly he pulls out a small mask and places it on his face .The mask gives him a few minutes of air long enough to not flail around and see whats going on. He sees it’s a scylla wrapping her tentacles around him trying to get his clothes off and starting to bind him up. “Whoa! Hey easy girl. Look I know what you want. Say if you get me to land I promise I can give you what you and then some ok.” He tells her as he get an arm free only to gently hold her cheek and look her in the eyes.
With this her face gets more red then her own tentacles, ofcourse at about this time his mask runs out of air so he covers his mouth and starts to motion to her he needs air. “Ok i’ll get you to land fast.” she said and while holding him in her arms face pressed against her breast she jets to the island.

As soon as they hit land he sees the boat is already gone as it turns out they been in sea for over an hour before they got to a shore. On land he removes his mask and tosses it catching his breath. “*gasp* oh man that took longer then I was hoping. I was about to pass out.”
With that he feels the Scylla’s tentacle touching his legs. Slowly moving up and drags him closer to the water where she gets on top of him right where water and land touch. “well I did say i’d give you what you wanted” he said with a small grin and taking his pants off. With that she smiles reaching down rubbing his cock and feels all over him wih her tentacles.
Pressing her breasts up against him he gets hard right away which she feels in her hand and is very empressed. She guides it to her pussy and slowly slides it in. Almost on instict he thrusts in deep inside her and she lets out a loud gasp. He thrusts more and more into her. In her blured state of mind she losens her tentacles only enough for him to get an arm out.
But instead of escaping he uses it to grab hold of on of her breast and slowly rubs it teasing her nipple. Well she seems to have liked this since he started to moan more and move her hips more her insides even acted as if they wanted to milk him more. Brandon went at it like this for some time she even came once already before. He finally felt like he was close. So getting his other arm free he grabed her hips and thrusted faster and deeper into her. her tentacles wraping around him pushing his cock deep inside till he finally released his seed deep into her. Holding eachother tightly they both screamed in pleasure and ecstasy.

After resting for a while in eachothers grasp a loud scream is heard from a beach far away that jerks both of them up. The scylla nervouse backs off starts going toward the sea. “hey come back what was that scream” He asked her
“Hunters they must have caught another mermaid. poor girl.” She said with a sad tone. “What? What do you mean? Hey come back dont leave” He replied but she wouldnt listen and went back into the water and swam away.
Grabing his mask and clothes he starts getting dressed as he heads towards the scream only to come across a horrible sight.
The hunters were draining the mermaids dry of their blood. “Oh my goddess.” Horrified at the sight he sees a cage of some mermaids who the hunters yet to get. He runs over and smashes the locks holding it shut and tells them to flee.
“My my my so you survived the sea eh?” Brandon turns around knowing that voice it was the older brother of the drunk “You bastard why would you do this?” He asks them angry for the lost lives of the mermaids whom the hunters already taken.
“Oh come on. It’s for their blood. Every hunter knows it has the power to extend the life of a human. This is why you were hired” A voice behind the thug stated revealing itself to be the old man from the pub looking somewhat younger “Gramps? but why I mean yeah it has that effect but why this way? It’s not right taking their life just to lengthen your own.“ Brandon said in desgust. “As you know i’m an old man and like many, I fear death. So I hired these hunters to do the deed I was unable to do. This island is a well known spot where humans and mermaids live together so what better place. Hehehe we trap the humans and drain the rest.”
“I see…I can see why you would fear death” Brandon replies
“So you also see why im doing this. If you join us you can extend your own” “NO” Brandon inturrpted “The only reason a man would fear death is if he done wrong in life and I see just how wrong you’ve done. If the people of this land are willing to live together in peace why not just leave it to that. I wont stand for this.” he says as he throws his hat to the ground. Looking at the old man and hunters in anger radiating death and a feeling that hasnt been felt since the times of the previous monster king. “You leave this land now and never come back” This places fear in some of the smarter hunters who back off but some of the younger more idiotic ones just laugh and run at him who then get destroyed on the spot. After taking down the hunters with his hands he walks to the brothers and old man, drawing his sword to place it in his left hand also knocking his hunters badge out of his pocket and on the ground.

The old man sees the small one handed claymore and how it was held then saw the badge on the ground he realizes who the kid is. He steps back in fear “The kid from that village 5 years ago. The one that burned to death he’s here to drag me to hell…. D double the price if you kill that man” With that the old man runs away in fear and the two thugs rush at him. In one swift cut he ends them boths and dashes at the old man running him through. “you have stained your soul with the blood of the innocent. I shall stain my sword with the blood of the damned.” With that he ends the old guy and throws his body away off his sword. then stabs the ground and to clean it off then sheathes it.
“Now I know you older hunters now know not to harm any more of these mermaids I also know as soon as the ship arrives you shall leave and never come back.” they all shake their heads yes in fear. then run further inland.

After spending the whole day digging graves for the mermaids lost a seamonk shows up with his hat in hand. “I see so your the hunter that the mermaids told me about. The one who saved them” she says as she picks up the badge. 
“never thought i’d see one from that clan helping monsters instead of hurting us” “that was another life ma’am. Forgive me for not getting here sooner to help the ones I lost” he tell her with tears in his eyes. “It’s fine young one. You rescued so many today i’m glad they are safe and home now.” She says as she hands hims his hat and badge “So what do you plan on doing now? Will you stay? I notice there is a Scylla who has taken liking to you”
“Thanks for the offer but in a month’s time im leaving. I still got the rest of my life before me. Maybe i’ll come back once I have finished my job” He told her. To which she asked “what job?”
“To make this world a better place for both humans and monsters. As you could tell its not a complete job yet. There are still those who wish to do harm after all” He said as he looks at a shoddy looking grave he made for the human lives he took. She then looks at him both saddened and yet compassioned “I understand”.
With that he heads further inland to the village to free the villagers and bring them sad news. Trying to comfort the ones who have lost their wives and lovers. All the while keeping a close eye on the hunters.

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