Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 1

Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 1

(WARNING: If you can’t handle gore, death, bloodshed, or kickass monster girls in a military fashion this story isn’t a good fit for you.)

The helicopter blades whirred loudly, making the only audio Roman could hear clearly being through his headset.

“So, Operator huh?” The lamia sat across from him said, cupping her hand over her mic.

“Yeah, not my first ‘show up, fuck shit up, no one knows’ rodeo.” He said, scratching his rough beard.

Roman never cared for beards before his time in the army, but something about 8 or so years of ‘You can’t have this’ makes a convincing argument, besides, it brings out his eyes. Roman looked out of the open cabin door to look out at the landscape below. Thick forests, the moonlight light up the treetops and glinted almost like sniper scopes.

“So, Miss, what’s your government doing hiring quiet professionals?” Roman asked.

“Well, we’ve had problems that the public doesn’t need to know exist.” She said, fishing out some documents and handing them to him, “And it’s Takumora.”

He read through them, it seems monster girls, noticeably the more ‘violent’ ones were going missing. And the numbers are growing higher than they can hide.

“This is some pretty shady shit,” Roman said as he handed the documents back to her, “Who would be kidnapping monsters known for being violent? Maybe those groups against the integration are getting fed up with being ignored.”

“Doubtful.” She said as she put the papers back in her folder and straightened her glasses.

He looked her up and down, studying her. She was very cute, for a snake at least. She had the most peculiar pattern to her scales, it almost reminded him of copperhead snakes he used to kill in his childhood back in the states. Her officer’s jacket and skirt weren’t from any Japanese branch he knew of, which made him wonder who exactly he was working for.

“We’ve gotten word of black market traders taking an interest in certain ‘parts’ from a few of the species we’ve been integrating. Seems business is so booming it’s caused the market to explode, and demand skyrocket.” She said, bluntly and emotionless.

“Jesus fucking Christ, they take ’em and chop em up?” Roman was shocked.

“Yes, we’ve found the off-chance escapee, treated them and got enough info to find one of their warehouses. You’ll RV with a strike team, lead them in wiping out all assailants, and if you do the job like your hired to we’ll sending you repeat contracts on further halting this issue.”

Roman mulled over everything she had said, his line of work was hard to find, so a constant employer is too good to pass up.

“Understood, who is the strike team I’ll be working with?” he asked checking his equipment.

[Vector .45 ACP, modified with an M4 rifle stock, suppressed plus an IR laser tracker, with a 4x red dot scope for an optic. Remington 700 .30-06, 4-16×50 scope optic, padded stock. And a Colt 1911 .45 handgun, suppressed with 15 round mag. He chose a black digital pattern for his ACUs, black IBA vest, medium backpack and a ballistic helmet with night vision goggles. Standard gear for a badass.]

“They’re a team on monster girls. This is their first big op, and you’re the first human they’ve worked with.” She handed him dossiers on the girls. FNGs, all of them.

“You’re sending me on an op with 3 rooks?” Roman asked, cut off by the pilot saying we were 5 minutes away from the LZ.

“You’re more than capable, they’ll give you any extra intel you need, radio us once the warehouse is neutralized and we’ll pick you all up.”

Roman gritted his teeth, more than unnerved by her comments as he prepped the last of his gear. After the touchdown, Roman was on his own, it was a one mile hike to the meet-up point, and he was going to be pissed if these rooks weren’t worth their weight.


The woods were alight with animals and insects all making calls and noises. Roman did his best to remain quiet, so as to listen more to the beautiful chorus. In an instant the chorus died, and silence hung in the air. Roman grabbed his rifle and scanned the tree line before sniffing the air, sulfur.


His attention was drawn to the fire red eyes poking through the brush.

“Aww, how’d you know?” She said playfully as she stepped into full view. Her black fur, streaked with ashen grey, matched well with her black multi cam uniform, a hood pulled up to cover her head did little to hide her eyes.

“In my line of work, you learn the smell of hell and death real quick.” He said, adjusting his pack.

“Harsh,” she feigned hurt feelings, “You must be the OP.” She replied as her tail drooped low.

“That I am, where’s the rest of your team?” Roman asked.

She put her left paw on her hip, the other pointing over her shoulder, “Up the hill behind me, I’ll lead you to them.”

The hill was steep, but the hound climbed it with ease. “The names Rose, by the way.” She said, not even bothering to turn her head. He knew that from her dossier, but didn’t let her know that.

“My callsign is Roman.” He replied, almost loosing his grip.

“Not important enough to have a real name?” She asked, almost snickering.

“If we survive the op, I’ll tell you.” Roman called out.

Reaching the top, Roman was greeted by the sight of two other girls, one a Cheshire Cat, the other is what Roman thought was called a Manticore. What he didn’t get was why they sent a Manticore to clear out a base where they shipped parts of Manticores all over? Both were dressed in the same uniform as the hound, black multicam, it looked good on them though. The Manticore stared straight through him

“This the OP?” She asked, just as emotionless as the handler was as she spoke of the butcherings.

The hound nudged Roman’s back playfully, almost as if to say ‘go ahead, she won’t bite.’

“I’m Roman, and you are?”

She looked him up and down, sending chills down his spine.

“I’m Liz by the way!” The Cheshire popped in, teleporting between the two, “And she’s Cait, don’t mind her, she doesn’t try to act rude.”

Cait shot her a cold glaze before returning her glance to Roman. “We don’t need your help, but our CO thought we would, just stay out of the way and we’ll get a long just fine.”

Roman was taken aback by her coldness, “I’m here to do a job Cait, I don’t know what you got against me, but a pissy attitude won’t keep me from doing what I was hired to do.”

That pissed her off, big time, putting a cocky grin on Roman’s face. Almost as if on cue their frequency was joined by the handler, “Play nice Cait, like it or not you’ll have to work together.” That made his grin widen more.

The team sat at base camp for a few hours, discussing what little scouting intel they had to share with Roman; well, that Liz and Rose had to share. Cait was still cold as ever,

“What’s the sitrep on the warehouse ? How many hostile we looking at?” Roman asked, looking at the facility through his R700’s scope.

“No less than 4 patrol members at a time, always on separate sections on the outer wall, as for inside we’re not sure.” Liz said sitting next to him, trying to snuggle up, her royal purple and onyx black hair sticking to his fatigues. “Sorry about Cait, she really just hates humans.”

Roman looked down at her, trying to put space between them where they sat. “Why the hate? You and Rose seem fine around me, if not a tad flirty.” He looked to her, she looked almost depressed

“Her sister was one of the first to go missing, and she’s blamed humans for it ever since.”

“God damn, I had no idea.” He said, looking over his shoulder at Cait, who was sharpening her combat knife as Rose shot him warm, almost loving glances. He admittedly felt like more of an asshole than usual.

“Yeah, well don’t bring it up, it’ll make things worse, And I won’t save you next time.” She said looking him in the eyes. Her eyes were a bright hunters orange, absolutely beautiful.

“I won’t, I promise.” Roman said lowering his guard, she went right back to trying to snuggle. Were all monster girls this cuddly and friendly? Roman thought to himself.


A lone gunman made his rounds around the facility, whistling as he walked. The moon hung high in the sky, blanketing the area in a dim light.


The man raised his gun and turned around, but before he could react the hound had already ripped his throat out and dragged him into the tree line.

“That’s pretty fucking gnarly Rose, I like it.” Roman whispered, looking through the dead mans gear.

“Thanks, you oughta show me how good you are.” She chuckled under her breath, shooting him a fiery wink.

He grabbed a notebook tucked in the dead man’s left breast pocket, thumbing through it. “Jackpot,” he whispered showing Rose what he had found, “This is a manifest of what they’ve been moving through here, looks they’ve been on hold all week, it’s our best chance of disrupting their network.”

Roman raised his Vector as another guard walked along the perimeter. “Eh, dipshit! You’re late to check in!” The man yelled, “so quit pissin’ and report to boss!”

Roman looked over at Rose, who looked ready to pounce as the man started moving in on our location. He had to act quick. Roman rushed him, nailed him in the gut with his Vector’s stock, then proceeded to bring his fist down, nailing him in the back of the neck as he bent over in pain, as a finisher Roman plunged his knife deep into his heart.

“Nice one,” Rose remarked as she helped him move the body into the tree line. “You’ve gotta teach me some moves, Roman. Alone maybe?”

He had heard monster girls we’re overly flirtatious, but seeing it first hand is a different story. His headset crackled into life, cutting off his train of thought.

“Roman, Rose, report in.” It was Cait.

“This is Roman, reading you clear.” He whispered into his mic.

“I’ve got you two overwatch support from the ridge, Liz is going to try infiltrating the building.”

“Copy, do you have eyes on a power supply for the building?” He asked, grabbing what he could off the dead man’s supply.

“Southwest wall, guarded by two men, what are you thinking Roman?” Cait asked.

“Lets see how they fair in the dark, shall we?”

Rose giggled in excitement at the thought of the idea. Slowly but surly Rose and Roman made their way to the generator, guarded by two riflemen, just as Cait had said. Popping out of the tree line Roman put 5 rounds in each man, ending the fight before they knew what hit them. He moved towards the generator, motioning Rose to follow him.

“Reach into my bag and grab me two charges, please.” Roman knelt down as she fumbled with his bags zipper, it was adorable really. After a minute she opened the bag and handed him the charges, which he then placed in two places on the machine. “We’ve got two minutes to get to our position, go go go.” As stealthily as they could run, the two made their way to the front of the building. Roman moved his NV goggles down, flicking on his Vectors IR laser. “Show time.”


The explosives made short work of the power supply, making a firefight in the dark all the more fun, giving them a decisive advantage. Rose and Roman rushed the main entrance, the enemy was confused and blind,  the smell of sulfur and the screams of the men Rose ripped to shreds made most of the personnel just about piss themselves. The goggles helped Roman see as he opened fire on any enemy he saw still standing, Rose almost went feral as she ripped, roared, and tore through about 17 men in a matter of minutes. The firefight lasted for about 25 minutes, Roman kept the main entrance locked down tight, killing anyone who tried to escape through it. The shots coming from the tree line outside confirmed Cait was eliminating anyone who tried to run from other exits.

After the firefight there was still the matter of securing the building. A backup generator kicked in, refilling the building with light. Rose and Roman split up to search the building room by room, and as Roman entered one of the storerooms he was greeted by a AK-47 stock to the face. Roman kicked the man back, knocking the rifle out of his hands. He made a rush for Roman, and tackled him before he could react, he started nailing Roman with punches, keeping him pinned as he did so. The assailant reached for his holster, taking out and aiming his sidearm at Roman’s head. But before he could pull the trigger blood started pouring from his neck, his gun dropping from his hand as he slumped over on his side. Behind him stood the Cheshire, Liz, claws extended and crimson covered. The blood on her face made her eyes sparkle like gems.

“You’re welcome by the way,” She said as she helped him to his feet, “That was the last of them.”

Roman took a few deep breathes, “Thanks Liz, I owe you one.” He turned on his radio, “Cait, this is Roman, building secure, come link up with us.”

“On my way.” She replied.


What they found was horrifying, and Cait almost snapped from what she saw. Parts from all different kinds of monsters, but mostly manticores.

“Oh my god..” she said, sitting against the wall, “This sick, this is sick!”

Liz tried to comfort her as Roman looked around.

“This is what your kind does Roman!” She yelled at him, her tone crumbling to sobs.  

As Roman looked around he heard a muffled scream, raising his gun he looked to Rose, “Follow me and watch my six.”

The two moved through the building, tracking the source of the scream. They ended up at a locked, steel door.

“Its too thick to blow open, I’ll try to pick the lock.” Roman said, kneeling in front of the door’s knob and grabbing his pick set. After a few minutes the lock clicked open, “Bingo.”

Rose looked like she wanted to make a dirty joke, but couldn’t under the circumstances. Roman opened the door, It was the butcher’s shop.  The smell hit Roses nose and she almost vomited on the spot, Roman almost did too. He looked around the room, noticing the caged Manticore in the back corner, she was scrawny and malnourished.

“Oh my god,” He turned on his radio, “Overlord, this is Roman, I need a Medivac at the warehouse, we got a survivor.”

He ran over to the cage, the poor girl was scared half to death, Roman opened it and reached out his hand.

“I’m here to get you out of here. I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

She was hesitant, but after a minute or two took his hand. Roman picked her up and carried her out of the room, and in the hallway waiting was Liz and Cait. Cait froze up and Liz’s jaw dropped.

“C-Casey?” Cait somehow managed to stammer out.

“Caity?” The little girl murmured. Cait ripped the girl out of Roman’s grasp and held her close as she cried.

“God damn, is the building secure Liz?” Roman reloaded his Vector and looked her in the eyes.

“Yeah, what was in that room?” She asked.

“Fucked up shit way beyond my pay grade.” Roman’s headset crackled to life, “medivac five minutes out.”

“Let’s get out of this hellhole.” he said, rushing the others to leave.


When they left the building Agents had converged faster than you could say ‘Cock Rockets in Eye Sockets’. Liz volunteered to stay behind to brief the Agents on what all they found while Rose, Cait, Cait’s sister and Roman evaced on the med chopper. It was to be a 2 hour ride to the secondary RV so Roman settled in to get comfy. Cait and her sister sat on the opposite side of him while a medic checked Casey out, meanwhile Rose chose the seat next to his, but something was off about her.

“Hey Roman.” She said looking up at him, he never noticed during the op but he was atleast a head taller than her, it was damn near cute, but the look in her eyes gave her away, she was scared.

He motioned her to change the channel on her headset so we could talk privately, she did.

“What’s bothering you, pup?” Roman nudged her playfully, futilely trying to get her to crack a smile.

“When we found that butchers room, I broke instantly, I couldn’t handle everything and just shut down. But you didn’t, your kept your shit in check, how?” She almost looked on the verge of tears.

“I’ve seen a lot of fucked up stuff during my deployments, that room comes nowhere close to taking the cake. After all this time I’ve built up an immunity, I guess.” Roman never moved his eyes from hers, her purple irises were beautiful beyond words. This was the girl who he just killed close to seventh men with, who was ripping them to shreds as he mowed them down?

“How long does it take for it not to bother you?” She asked, staring deeply back into his eyes.

“During my first deployment to the Middle East, I always kept a picture of my family in my helmet, when I doubted my life, that picture helped me through. Find something or someone who means a lot to you, and keep them close.” He smiled, putting his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her.

“I think I can do that.” She said almost cuddling up to him.

“It’s Michael, by the way, my name is Michael.” He chuckled as he looked down.

“Got a last name, Michael?”

He laughed before shooting her a sly look. “One mission at a time Rose.”

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4 thoughts on “Mon-Hum Squad: Chapter 1

  1. Awesome story! Love military spec ops story
    Looking forward to the main antagonist suggest whoever is behind this you really focus on the development of your villain
    “the heros are only as good as the villian”

    Military wishlist for this story so far

    °a tail mounted mini gun on the manticore
    Her barbs also have neurotoxin poisin coating or attachment on the barbs

    •ours or an enemy cheshire cat fighting with a karambit knife with cali marital arts
    Also a cheshire cat is gonna be so OP in this lol plant any explosives invisibly, teleporting guy to guy killing them

    °hellhound fighting with incendiary gernades /flamethrower/ AA12 with incendiary rounds
    ,also amedic or at one point she has to carterize a wound close
    can already tell that sulfur smell is going to give away their position at one point in the story

    ● hope to see an m21ebr, the new tavor assault rifle, xm25, javelin, 50 cal of any type, ghillie suits. AC130. Apache longbow, Moab. Emp. Nuke? Main characters main vehicle is the ripsaw EV2.

    Going to laugh so hard if the main antagonist is an tanuki.
    But in retrospect a lillim with an assassin cheshire as her number 2 would be bad A$$.

    Sorry with suggestions ik they can be annoying but this has alot of potential and im excited to see where it goes. The story is awesome!

  2. Handling this story? Dude, one of my favourite heroine from a fan fiction finished her swordfight against an assassin swordmaster by ripping his throat out with her teeth, of course i’m interested in this! Keep going.

  3. “plunged his knife into his heart’- I assume between the 3rd and 4th ribs in his back? Rather hard to do at a moment’s notice. Even so, the death rattle from same can be fairly loud.

    “How long does it take for it not to bother you?”
    Technically, it never stops bothering you. You just don’t let it slow you down. Or so I’ve been told.

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