[MGP] Late Night Shock

Time for something new. To give a brief explanation, so not too many questions get asked at the end; the “[MGP]” tag stands for “Monster Girl Professor” which will mean that this is a short about that character of mine’s life done in the first person. As for the Monster Girl’s used they aren’t any different looking than their MGE entry. So without further a due enjoy.

The Professor cannot seem to catch a break even when he wants to sleep. As a few of you know, five Raiju are staying with me for a couple of days for some relaxation. I am taking this time to learn some more about them. Their electricity that flows in their bodies is actually quite interesting since it is generated by sexual pleasure. Every time during the day that I saw one of the Raiju walking around my home, they had two fingers shoved inside their dripping love hole. I had to ask why they were all doing that. One of them answered me by telling me they generate electricity through sexual pleasure followed by asking me if I wanted to take her into overdrive. I had to giggle and decline her offer, sadly she seemed put out that I didn’t just hop on her.

Anyway last night, I woke up and was dying of thirst for something sweet, so I moved my wife’s paws from around me before stepping out of bed and headed downstairs. The second I stepped into my living room, I noticed the fireplace was still a blaze which was odd since my Kikimora’s put it out before they head to bed. I then walked over to the couch in front of the fireplace to find one of the Raiju laying naked once again with her fingers buried deep inside of her sweet pussy. I backed away slowly as the Raiju leaned up and stared at me with an overjoyed smile over the back of the couch. While staring into the sex crazed eyes of the naked electric weasel, I backed into another that was waiting by the stairs. I turned to see her also smiling sweetly at me. Instantly I knew I wasn’t just going to walk away from these two Raiju. The nude one walked behind me grabbing me and covering my mouth to prevent any kind of yelling for help before whispering in my ear “Don’t worry, we would never hurt you, professor, we just want that cock and tongue inside us”.

I had no choice but to comply, I was pulled to the couch and was laid on my back. I went to protest the two Raiju’s but I was cut off by getting a mouth full of the already nude woman’s dripping wet snatch. “Go on professor charge me up.” she told me as her friend pulled down my sweatpants and underwear.

I then start to lick the Raiju’s warm pussy deeply as she used her electricity she had built up in her body to course through my body causing my hair to stand up on all ends as well giving me a soaring erection. I heard the other Raiju say “We need to keep him quiet while we charge up.” before I felt a tight wet sensation envelopĀ  my rock hard cock. The one who just inserted my length deep inside her moans quietly “God he is going to power us up good”.

The power I felt being generated from their bodies was incredible, the electricity wasn’t remotely painful it caused my body to tremble with pleasure sending waves of pre-cum inside of the Raiju currently riding me like a cowgirl. “This is so hot, put your tongue inside of my cunt right now.” the Raiju riding my mouth ordered. After sending a warm load of cum inside the Raiju, I slipped my tongue inside of the one riding my face. I felt her hot and sweet juices shower into my mouth as she moaned out in orgasm. I then heard the Raiju I just pumped full of my seed say “Good boy professor, keep it coming we are having fun with you, and we are about to have more.” before sending more electricity through my body turning me rock hard once more.

I continued to lick the Raiju’s conductive walls, she took my hands and guided them up to her breasts making me massage her perfect “C” cups. I managed to get a look at both of them in a mirror nearby. I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing, both Raiju began to kiss each other passionately, I guessed that was the fun she mentioned. It obviously made orgasms come and go quickly before they swapped places and continued. After each was pleased and filled with white cream, they allowed me to sit up before each giving me a thank you ten second make out session before heading to bed leaving me a sweaty and electrified mess. Class, it might not seem like a big deal, the inside of the Raiju is something beautiful. The way the work the electricity while having sex with you is incredible, it knows the buttons to push to trigger mind-blowing orgasms, which in turn floods the Raiju with more power causing a mind shattering orgasm of her own. The Professor will never catch a break.

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