[MGP] A Normal Morning

I lean up out my bed look over at my Hellhound wife gently snoring and moving her giant paws around like she is running in her dreams. I smile before getting out the bed and getting dressed in my pajama pants and shirt I was wearing before bed last night. I then walk through the Sanctuary to check on my guests and my Kikimora maids. I work my way down to the kitchen to start my morning pot of coffee.

A howl and the voice of my wife makes it down to my kitchen calling my name. I hurry and retreat back upstairs back to the bedroom to see my wife sitting up against the headboard with her arms crossed tapping her sharp claw on her upper arm looking at me. She is upset that I left her in bed alone, so I crawl back in bed with her. She looks at me with fire and lust in her eyes before pouncing on me holding me to the bed with one of her massive paws while undressing me with the other. At this point there is no reason for me to protest her. She caresses my chest with her claw on her free hand before pulling down my pajama pants. I notice her eye flames are getting larger along with her tail swishing back and forth. Then I feel her warm juices against my crotch which sends me straight into an erection. She doesn’t waste time on foreplay, she just inserts my throbbing length inside her dripping wet hot pussy before slowly moving up and down still holding me down with her one paw. I moan deeply feeling the hot folds of her sweet depths as they move up and down on my cock. She smiles at my moan before moving one of my hands to her large pillow like black-skinned breasts making me squeeze it.

When I go to whisper that “I love her” she cuts me off by placing one of her large claws to my lips silencing me before saying herself “Save it after you fill my womb”. I nod before looking down at her still bouncing up and down on my length and she was getting wetter by the second. Her sweet hole felt extra tight and warm this morning, it hugged and massaged my cock with each stroke bringing me closer to orgasm. I then gently start to thrust under her keeping up with her speed causing her to gasp a bit before she runs her claws down my chest breaking my skin a bit. She then speeds up her pace a bit bouncing faster and harder causing her breasts to bounce more and making the tip of my rock hard pole poke her womb entrance. Feeling that pressure causes precum to stream out of my cock. She notices that and smiles before clawing me a bit harder letting me know she is about to hit her orgasm.

A minute or so goes by before I cannot hold it back anymore, I am panting hard in attempt to hold back from pumping her full of hot thick cum but no matter how hard I try her hot pussy milks me for all I am worth causing me to moan in orgasm spraying hot long white ropes into her dripping wet love hole. As she feels hot jet streams of my love enter her, she lets out a powerful and lustful howl reaching her orgasm which also causes her walls to tighten to force the last drops of cum out of me not letting any go to waste. She then leans down with a passionate kiss before running her claws through my hair. I knew I pleased her and it was alright for me to now say “I love you.”

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