MGEEC Ch.9 Lamia Family: Shirohebi

The rain is pouring like mad lately. Not quite the weather to go out fishing. The waves slam into the bay and waft into my boathouse.

My feet are already wrinkled as I try to pull in the last of my wooden boats that were drifting in the water.

My name is Takeho Zuda, the fisherman of Chiraha bay. For the last few weeks there have been signs of a storm coming, but just like most others I ignored the warnings for the sake of going out fishing for longer to stock up on seafood. The bay is rich with wildlife and a treasure trove of delicious and rare fish, scallops and lobsters.

The boat creaks over the floor, leaving skid marks on the wood. But at least it’s inside now.

“Finally. That was the last one. Damn, things are really ramping up out there.”

The rain was just pouring down relentlessly, blown about by the harsh winds that rallied the crashing waves as well. Thankfully my little boat house is very stable and the waves just gently slid up the ramp of my little dock.

I blow some air and stretch my back, sitting down on a bench next to my fishing rods to watch the storm happening outside.

I put my hands behind my head, rubbing the rain out of my hair. I slouch over and struggle with the decision of whether I should whip out my fishing rod to try some storm fishing from the edge of the dock or if I should head inside and prepare some hot chicken soup.

But this choice was taken from me as my eyes wander outside. While the waves moved the water up and down in a steady rhythm, there was one spot that was wildly splashing about with bubbles rising to the surface in rapid succession.

My eyes shot open in an instant. Someone must have been drowning.

“By the gods!”

My body jerks up and I hastily get up from the bench, almost falling over as I transition into a sprint towards the water.

I throw off my shirt, get rid of my black boots and jump off the edge of the planks. I dove head first into the waves. It was so damn cold, but I had to suck it up. On top of the cold, the water was dark and muddy from the torrents riling up the sand.

It was hard to see but I could barely make out the bubbles rising from the depths. A white, lengthy silhouette came into view as I came closer to the ground.

It was a woman as far as I could make it out. She must’ve been wearing a white dress or something like that because I could see a large body of white on her. She was struggling with something and shaking her body violently. I got in close enough to at least see her face somewhat clearly. She had white hair and almost equally light skin with deep, dark red eyes.

She jerked up when her eyes flicked up at me. We wordlessly exchanged questioning glances, not understanding how each of us got here.

I touched her shoulder, signaling the question if she’s alright. She vehemently shook her head before looking down at her legs and signaling me to do the same.

I could hardly see her lower body with all the sand blowing about but I felt around in the dark and discovered the problem. She got stuck in an old fishing net that was anchored in the ocean floor.

I floated up to her again, seeing her watch me with a worried and scared look. I signal her to calm down and reach into the back pocket of my fishing pants. When I pulled out my gutting knife, the woman inaudibly gasps with bubbles coming out of her mouth.

I again signal her to calm down, patting her shoulder. After her jerking settled down, she gulped and nodded.

I nod back and swim down. I was worried. I didn’t see anything. But I had to do it now. I was running out of air.

Hurriedly, I felt around for the main knot of the net since without it, the rest of the net would just fall apart. But I also knew that it would be the hardest part to cut.

It was getting hard to stay underwater. My vision was slowly blacking out.

Cut through for gods’ sake! Cut through!” repeated in my head over and over.

I had no idea how far I’ve even come, but it felt like the net loosened.

And then… finally… The rope gave way. With the release of tension, my consciousness faded. Just as I could see the woman slip out of her trap. I fought unconsciousness and tried to follow her, but I was getting too weak.

I moved slower and slower until I came to a halt. The cold and the torrents took away my strength and I began sinking.

I never imagined dying like this. I didn’t want to. But at least I saved someone doing it. And with those thoughts, everything turned black.

It was so dark around me. I saw absolutely nothing. I felt like I was drifting until a great relief of pressure came over me.

Suddenly, my vision faded back in. It was so bright that I blinked several times before my eyes adjusted to it. I saw a wooden ceiling and a few bright shining candles.

“Oh my… I’m so glad you’re up.” A gentle and soft female voice spoke to me.

“Wha…? Where am I?”

“In a safe place. Keep calm. You still need to recover.” A faded, blurry head entered my view, shielding me from the blurred glow of the candles.

“Am I in heaven? Are you an angel?”

“*giggles* Quite the opposite. You’re the guardian angel here, silly.” The face comes more into focus and as I recognize red eyes and straight, long, white hair, I notice that it was the woman I’ve freed. Her hair was still slick and dripping with water but yet she was smiling softly as if the storm before never happened.

Her elegant hand caressed my face and I couldn’t help but smile back and feel warm inside. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“Oh it was horrible!” She said genuinely worried and clenching her chest. “You passed out underwater. I had to pull you up and brought you to the closest safe space I could find.”

I look around, seeing familiar furniture. “This is my boathouse.”

“Phew, I was hoping this was your house. If it wasn’t, it would’ve been really hard to explain the break-in.” She sighed in genuine relief.

“You… you didn’t break anything, did you?”

She blinked a few times before answering. “No… of course not. You should get your lock checked though. It may be a bit… loose.”

“*takes breath* Well, at least we’re both okay. But I have one more question though.”

“And what might that be?” She asked with a gentle, innocent smile.

“Why can’t I use my arms?”

“You may not like the answer. I need to ask you to not panic before I answer.”

“Uhh, okay. I won’t.”


“What? Yeah, sure, promise. Why? What’s going on?”

“Weeeellll…” She bit her lips. “What did you think I was when you cut me free down there?”

“I… what?! What do you mean ‘What I thought you were?”

“Mmmmhhhhh, look down for yourself.”

“HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!” A giant snake tail coiled around my body. With how numb my body was, I didn’t feel the slick and wet, white scales tightly pressing onto my skin. It was gigantic and tightly squeezed me from all sides.

“You said you wouldn’t panic! You promised!” The ‘woman’ blushed and hid her mouth behind two locks of her hair.

“I didn’t even know what to expect! Who are you? What are you?”

“Stop screaming at me! You’re scaring me!” She teared up and whimpered as she pushed her face into the pillow next to me.

My mind was so overloaded that I just stammered. I had to collect my thoughts and took a deep breath.

“You’re one to… sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, giant snake monster.”

“*sniff* The way you say it sounds hurtful!” She looked up with one eye before stuffing her face into the pillow again.

“Wait I… *sigh* I just need some time to get used to a giant snake’s tail being wrapped around me.”

“*gasps* Is it really that big?” She jerks up and worriedly touches her tail.

“You’re not! That’s not it! I… I don’t know. It’s not like I have anything to compare it to… Listen, let’s start over. Why am I wrapped up in your tail?”

She wiped her eyes and calmed down. “Well, I wanted to keep you warm. Your body was freezing when I pulled you out of the water. This was the best solution I had.”

“Right… I understand. Okay. Let me just… get a grip on this. *blows air* First of all: Who are you? And what are you?”

The soft smile came back to her face and she clapped her hands together as she explained. “My name is Sevi. And your people call me a Shirohebi.”

“Wait, I’ve heard that before. The godly snakes of water. I thought those were just stories.”

“Oh, we are very much real, my dear. We have been around for a long time.”

“Only to get trapped by a loose fishing net.” I remarked sarcastically to regain some modicum of sanity.

“Don’t rub it in, I’m embarrassed enough.” She sulked for a second before smiling happily. “But at least I met you through this accident. That makes it all worth it. My hero…” She swooned blissfully as she snuggled her face up to mine.

Gotta admit, having her fawn on me like that, made my manhood swell with pride.

“My name is Takeho by the way. Nice to meet you, Sevi. I umm… I feel pretty warm by now so… you can untangle me now.”

She looked a bit disappointed but conceded with a nod. Her coiled tail loosened and I felt a huge relief as she slowly slithered off the bed. Her human half was already standing beside the bed while her snake half wasn’t even done uncoiling.

This was also the first time, I got a full view of her.

She actually would have an incredible body by human standards. Elegant figure, E cup breasts and bodacious, alluring hips. As I saw the first time I met her, her hair was very long and straight with straight bangs and two locks hanging from the side of her face. But there was a little detail I’ve missed. Her ears were long and perky and poked out through her hair.

And this gorgeous body was wrapped in a white, loose robe with light, faded purple features. At least it covered her top body just up to the transition part of where her snake half started. And it ended just around the height of her genitals. Somehow that fact made my heart race.

As her tail unraveled though, I had reason to definitely push those thoughts out quickly.

“Woah! Woah! I’m naked?” I quickly try to adjust my legs, trying to hide my raging boner that I was hoping would be covered.

“Of course you are. Your wet clothes would have just kept you cold.”

I gulp “So that means… you’ve been coiled around my naked body.”

Sevi blushed and covered her cheek with a hand dreamily. “I certainly was. I could feel your skin all over me. It almost felt like we were one being. Haaaahhh…” She sighed. “And you’ve gotten so big from it as well.”

“You’ve…you’ve noticed?”

“I have…” Her gaze was transfixed on me, like she was suppressing an urge inside her. She clutched her chest and gulped as she stood there. “Can I…?” She stopped before asking any further.

“Can you what?”

“Can I help you with that? I can see that you’re struggling.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I can help you. It’s the least I can do. And besides it looks… so tasty.” She was clearly heated but held back until I gave her an answer. “Let me help you… please.” She asked with hazy eyes and desperation.

I looked at her, waging my options. I couldn’t deny that she was turning me on and that I was so tempted. “*gulps* Okay Sevi, help me.”

I reluctantly uncrossed my legs. I wanted to resist but… the thought of what she might do to me made me curiously excited. I sat on the edge of the bed with my cock now fully exposed.

The way she moved her body when she slithered closer reminded me of an actual snake closing in on her prey. Except her face didn’t look like that of an attacking monster but more like that of a concerned wife carefully approaching her expecting husband. And just like her face suggested, she slowly and sheepishly reached out her hands towards my shaft.

It almost felt like a dream. Like this wasn’t even real. The whole atmosphere was so serene and calm like flowing water, yet so warm and inviting that I just went with the flow.

The moment her fingers touched my crotch I just let it happen and watched her as she stroked them up and down my hard member. Her breath was quivering and gasping as she exerted more effort.

“This is mine now… I’m so happy…” She muttered in between breaths. Her white, thin fingers caressed me gently with faint pressure and an unfamiliar, numb heat emanating from them.

“What’s happening, Sevi? What are you doing to me?”

“I’m just making you feel good, Takeho. I want to shower you with all my love and make you mine.” She hissed with a passionate, heated voice. She shoved back her white locks with one hand as she moved her head down to my cock. Her lips closed tightly around the tip. Immediately I was rushed by a flood of stimulations. Hot saliva, the pressure of her cheeks and the movements of her slippery tongue all crashed into me at once.

Her eyes were completely dazed and she was so preoccupied with pleasuring me that her gaze was distant and vacant.

Her entire upper body heaved up and down as she let my cock thrust into her mouth.

I grip the sheets, grinding my teeth at the enormous pleasure. All the questions I had and my reluctance to accept this were blown straight out the window. Instead my mind was just filled with thoughts of Sevi.

I didn’t try to hold back anymore. I just went completely lax. It was as if her sucking me off like this was the most natural thing there was.

I lifted my hand and plopped it on top of her head. She closed her eyes when I petted her and continued to devotedly devour my meat.

“You want me… *sluuuurpp*… I’m so happy! I never want to… *suuuuckk*… let go! MMmmmmhhhh!” She hummed, vibrations jolt through my length.

“How is this so good? Where did you learn this?” I grunt.

“Nowhere. I think *slurp* when you do it for someone you love…mmmmhhh… it comes naturally. Hammnn…” She muttered with a hot and bothered tone.

Someone she loves? We’ve known each other for such a short time. But for some reason… it feels so right. I feel like being with only her for the rest of my life… would be alright by me.

“You want to see more, don’t you? MMMMmmhmhh! Look all you want, Takeho.” She says as she undoes the knot that holds the top of her robes. In an instant, the cloth falls off her shoulders and all of her body down to her belly button was exposed.

Her skin was so light that it almost blinded me to look at it. But since she must’ve been incredibly turned on I saw faint red areas around her cleavage as well. Her breasts were full and round, swaying with the movements of her blowjob.

Her nipples were a light pink, wide and bulging. I could already imagine how incredible it would be to dig into them. So, I went for it.

While Sevi was busy taking in my member all the way to the back of her throat, I decided to repay her by at the same time caressing the side of her head with one hand and groping one of her sizeable tits with the other. She didn’t stop me, quite the contrary. She leaned into my caresses with her eyes blissfully slanting. I push in her nipple with my thumb, toying with it and pinching it teasingly.

Her mouth was stuffed and muffled moans escaped her.

Her bobbing sped up and I felt the saliva swirl around in her mouth. I felt like I was sullying her, dirtying her body and mind. But as a matter of fact, that made it just even more enticing.

I was reaching my limit. Her luscious lips were relentless. My balls ached for release. It’s been so long since I’ve ejaculated so I knew it would be a huge load. And that part worried me a bit.

“Sevi! Nrgghhh! I can’t hold on any more. You can let go now!” I tried to warn her. I tried to let her know, but it actually just made her go wilder.

It was like she was just driven by the thought of making me cum and swallowing everything I had. Her lips locked even tighter around my shaft and her tongue became even more lascivious.

“I’m serious, Sevi! It’s gonna… Hrrrnnnnghghh! I can’t…” I lose grip of her head and her breast at once, clinging instead to the bedsheets. My hips jerk and I release an unimaginable amount of cum in the back of Sevi’s throat. She pushes her head down to lock it in tightly, catching every rope of it in her mouth. I watch her throat work down the load with every gulp. Her face is flushed and devoted to this one purpose.

After several seconds go by, and my sack slowly drains, Sevi pops off with a loud smacking sound. Immediately she gasps for air and with me being equally exhausted, I fall over with her.

I land on top of her, my body and her human half entangled on a bed of her own tail. We both panted in ecstasy and our eyes met. I couldn’t help but gently wipe a wet lock of hair out of her face. I held her like that for a moment, her pointy ear gently caressed between my thumb and index finger.

In this position, I felt the urge and gave in to it. I pulled her face closer and she followed without resistance.

I kiss her, softly. Her lips are soft and delectable and I never want to part again, but for what my body made me do next, I had to. My arousal was at an all-time high and my want for her swelled. I parted with her but my hot breath kept me panting.

With loving eyes, Sevi looked up into mine. Her look told me that she wanted me. “Takeho… will you take me? Make me yours?”

“I don’t think I could resist anymore, even if I tried.”

She smiled and reached up to cup my face. “Will you be mine as well then, Takeho?”

“Nothing I would rather be, Sevi.” I let myself get guided to her full lips again and close them off with a deep, messy kiss.

I sit on top of her, rubbing her light body wherever I can. I reach the remnants of her robe and untie the sash that keeps it hanging around her waist.

The already loose cloth falls off her, giving me an unhindered view of her hips and crotch just above the border to her scales.

I manage to catch a glimpse of it as I keep kissing Sevi. The sight alone made me curious enough to want to touch her there. I trailed down the side of her body, past her breasts and sides. When I reach her hips, I close in to the center of the front of her body.

Sevi yelps a bit as she notices where I’m moving to. My fingers slide over her pelvis before I finally end up at her wet and hot slit. She must’ve been even more turned on by the blowjob before than I thought because she was slick, sticky and dripping with juices.

I shove my hand into her crotch and her eyes shoot open before going back to being slack and hooded.

Her tail begins trembling with every inch that I rub my fingers over her folds. I spread them, caressing the outer ones with my index and ring finger while prodding the inner ones with my middle finger.

My hand gets coated in glistening wetness. I pop off my mouth as I leave hers hanging open and drooling. Silent moans contort her face and I see her slackened tongue stick out.

“You’re quite dirty for a god, Sevi.” I chuckle as I lock eyes with her. “Then again, you’re a god of water, so maybe you’re always this wet.” I whisper teasingly and push my finger into her, scraping at her inner walls.

“This… *gasp*… isn’t enough, Takeho! Please put the real thing in!”

I was taken aback by how much she actually wanted this. I gulp, seeing her reddening body underneath me. I was already rock hard, but looking at her in this lewd state just pushed me over the edge of the arousal I could bear. “Are you sure you want this, Sevi? I mean with me? I’m just a fisherman; I don’t have much to offer you.”

She smiled and leaned up to me. Her hot breaths tickled my ear. “You’re the ONLY one I would be willing to do this with, Takeho. I don’t need a rich man; I just need my knight in shining armor. And you were that for me.” She gripped my cock and guided it to her pussy.

I gently push her hand off and take grip my cock myself instead. I smile gently at her, slowly shaking my head and say “No, I’ll do it. I’ll take you on my own.”

Her face melted into a smile and she held onto my shoulders as I pushed into her. Her body contorted and tensed up as I pried her open. Her cunt was so tight and narrow; it must’ve been her first time. I couldn’t believe it. I was the first to take the virginity of a holy monster.

Sevi clenched her teeth and dug her fingers into the back of my neck.

It took some force, but I finally managed to submerge my cock all the way inside her. I gasp and groan as her insides constrict around me like… well a snake but that seems like something that’s to be expected.

Sevi’s head falls back onto her coiled up tail and her chest chokingly heaves up and down. She must’ve been in quite a bit of pain, so I tried to make her comfortable. I leaned onto her, carefully embracing her and kissing her neck around her collarbone.

She lifted her head up to face me and instead pressed her lips onto mine. She was clearly relieved and relaxed a little afterwards. That’s when I started moving my hips.

Sevi bucked her hips up at me with the rest of her tail trembling restlessly. I hold her human half in my arms and hold her close as I thrust my cock deep into her. With quick and short thrusts, I prod her deeper insides.

There was something there that my cock was knocking against. It couldn’t have been her hymen, in fact it seemed like she didn’t have one to begin with, so it must’ve been her womb. My cock was exactly the right length to fully fit into her cunt and reach all the way back there.

I moan and wince as I pound her from above. My hand moves to the back of her head as we kiss and fuck. Her silky hair glides through my fingers and feels so damn good to touch.

Our bodies are glued together tightly, sticky with sweat. Her breasts flatten against my chest and her hardened nipples scrape across it.

I wouldn’t be able to hold out much more. Sevi was already writhing and gasping underneath me from her first time. Thankfully, her moans were not those of pain, but of pleasure.

“Sevi! I’m going to fill you up! With all of my load! Can you handle it?”

“Yes, Takeho! I want to feel it inside me! Haaaaahhh! Cum with me! Please!”

Her trembling body clung to mine and Sevi pressed her face into my shoulder as we both reached our limits. The serene Shirohebi let out long, exasperated moans that mixed with my strained grunts and breaths.

I held onto her as tight as I could, making sure that our crotches were connected as deeply as possible when I sprayed her insides to the point of overflowing. Her already pale white skin gained yet another layer of whiteness that poured out over it.

Sevi and I slackened, our bodies numbing from our tremendous orgasms. I could still feel her walls quivering pulsing as my cum pushes past them. She was so sensitive that every tiny movement of me made her twitch in response.

Her lips shake and her breath goes ragged. She lies there, underneath me, resting on her tail while I rest on top of her. She was big enough for my weight not to bother her so I let myself go limp and fell onto her in exhaustion. I embraced her human body, sharing my warmth with her as we regained our senses.

I gaze down into her beautiful red eyes, feeling that this creature… no, this woman had become so incredibly precious to me. I felt a bond that connected us both. For once, I didn’t feel like a worthless, poor fisherman. I felt like I meant something to someone, and she saw me as her beloved hero.

When Sevi first laid eyes on me after our former excess, she gave me a smile so warm that it relaxed all the tension I still had left.

“Looks like you’re mine now, Sevi.”

“And you’re mine as well, Takeho.”

“Did it hurt you? I don’t know much about your kind but… it felt like this was your first time.”

Sevi rubbed her stomach, sill feeling my half erect member inside of her. “We don’t have any hymen but you are right. It was my first time. But don’t worry yourself, Takeho. It felt wonderful. I can still feel your little babies squirm around inside me.”

“Are you okay with that? I mean, you could get pregnant, right?” I asked worriedly.

“I could indeed, my dear. You’ve given me so much of it…” Sevi giggled happily, making me forget all of my worries instantly. “But let’s not waste any thought on that yet. I just want to feel your warmth for now.” Sevi sighed as she gently guided me to cuddle with her.



“You love me, right?”

“More than any other man, Takeho.” She said with happily closed eyes.

“Then whatever happens, I will take care of you.”

“Hehe, that’s what I should be saying, you smooth talker.” Sevi yawned tiredly into the back of her hand as she rested her head on my arm to use it as a pillow. “But I suppose that’s your way of saying that you love me too then, am I right?” She muttered happily, half asleep.

“I must’ve drowned back there in the bay. This all feels so surreal.”

“You question things too much, Takeho.” Sevi playfully scolded me as she lifted her head with barely open eyes and pressed her lips to mine. “This feels real, doesn’t it?”

I smiled with a serene happiness that I had never felt before. My heart was fluttering. “It does. It really does.” I give her one last kiss back. Before I even part with her, she is already asleep, snoring softly and snuggling my arm. I lay it around her and start to look at the ceiling. This was my new life now.

I don’t think there is anything better that could’ve come out of that storm. I roll my head over to look at Sevi sleeping. I slowly lose consciousness and my vision fades to black. At last, I fall asleep.

The following day

I wake up at around noon. My arms are behind my head, resting on top of Sevi’s tail still.

As my eyes finally open, I’m confused why she isn’t lying next to me. The bed of her tail seems to be a bit smaller than before while the rest of her body leads around the corner where my little kitchen was.

I hear something sizzling and the smell of freshly grilled fish reaches my nose.

I sit up and jump off Sevi’s tail, petting it gently to let her know that I got off. I chuckle as I hear a little yelp from the kitchen. And shortly thereafter I see her head poking around the corner.

“Oh, you’re awake already. I hope you don’t mind, dear, but I decided to prepare some lunch for us. You must be pretty spent after last night after all. *giggles*” An automatic smile crossed my face when I saw Sevi so chipper and invigorated.

I put on only the most necessary clothes since we’re in private. A simple undershirt and some black shorts.

I enter the kitchen and I’m immediately overwhelmed by the delicious scents of herbs, spices and fish that’s cooking in a pan on the stove.

Sevi stands at the stove, wearing one of my own cooking aprons on top of her robes. I approach her from behind and wrap my arms around her, making her chuckle in delightful surprise.

“I see you’re making seabass there. That meat is pretty hard to get right. Did you put it on low heat?”

“Mhm.” She nodded happily.

“Turn it frequently and make sure it’s not singed?”

“Done and done.” As if to demonstrate, she flipped the fish in the pan with a golden brown covering both sides.

“Well, damn. Seems like you really know your stuff, Sevi. I’m impressed.”

Sevi smiled to herself as she rested her head against mine on her shoulder. “When you’re out in the water and eat fish all the time, just raw gets pretty stale very quickly. It’s the first time I’ve done it with a real stove though. And it’s also the first time I get to cook for someone else.”

I felt so warm inside when I looked at her devotedly trying her best to please me. I gently guide her face towards me and give her a short but sweet kiss.

“Lucky me. It looks amazing!”

Sevi wordlessly pulled out a small plate like she already knew her way around the kitchen and cut out a tasty looking piece of filet.

“I hope it tastes just as good as I hope. Here, you try first, I want to see your reaction.” Sevi handed me the plate and clutched her chest in anticipation.

The seabass was served on top of a little mound of rice and a side of green beans. I pick up some chopsticks and grab a mix of all the ingredients.

“Holy hell! This tastes incredible, Sevi!”

“Really?” She asks with her ears hopefully perking up.

“Yeah, you’ve really got a hand for this!”

“Oh, thank the gods! I was so nervous that you don’t like it that spicy.”

“I love spicy!”

“Me too!” We came closer and closer to each other as we fawned over food and chuckled over how into it we got.

Sevi combed back her hair as she blushed a little. “Anyways, this is just preparation. Wait until you see the Sunday dinner I’ll prepare later!”

I happily chew on my little lunch serving as slowly but surely something creeps up in my mind.

“Di… did you just say Sunday?”

“Yes, Sunday dinner. Why are you asking?”

“Today’s Sunday?!”

“I suppose so?” Sevi looked at me in confusion.

“Oh crap! Today is Sunday market! I have to get going!” I ruffle my hair as the realization hits me and quickly run through the boathouse to get my clothes..

“But why do you need to go there?”

“I have a stall there, Sevi. I need to sell my fish there today. Aww, I’m sorry about lunch.”

Sevi dejectedly walked towards me, looking up at me with worried eyes. “Do you really need to go?”

“Sadly, yeah. If I don’t do it today, my fish will get stale. And nobody wants dry and stale fish, Sevi.” I hold her shoulders to console her.

She hung her head but nodded understandingly. “You’ll be back soon, right?”

“As soon as I possibly can.” I smile and give Sevi a kiss, making her giggle as I hold her cheek. “I’ll see you for dinner, I promise. And after that we have all the time in the world.”

“I can’t wait, Takeho.” She sighed and parted with me as she slithered back into the kitchen while I head out the front door and run along the shoreline with a bag of fish on my back.

It was heavy, but I just managed to reach the city of Chiraha on the other side of the coast. I wheeze in exhaustion as I sort my fish into the display cases of my stall.

The market was still pretty quiet and empty since it hadn’t officially opened yet. Time for me to take a breather. Chihara was one of these beach towns, built with stone and logs. It was close to the water, basically right next to it, with reed covering the shore.

I sit on the stool behind my stall, resting my head on my hand as I look out over the ocean and listen to the seagulls. My stall was right next to the shoreline so I got a great view of the endless sea.

“When I get home, I’m going to have a snake goddess wait for me with dinner… *laughs to himself* what the hell happened here? Oh my god.” I liked where I ended up, but it was still really absurd to remember what happened. “Last night though… I never imagined that I could be that turned on by a snake. Well, a Shirohebi. The way she…” I drifted off in thought, my mind slowly forming the image of Sevi.

My gaze slowly tides over to the reed and the water running through it. Suddenly, I see movements in it. The reed was rustling lightly. I keep watching it, seeing if it was just my imagination or the movement of the water.


“HAAHHHAGGGAHA!” I jumped when suddenly a flat hand slammed onto the counter. “. “By the gods, Haruka, you can’t just do that out of nowhere.” I recover from my shock as I see my childhood friend and ex colleague, Haruka.

She used to learn fishing just like me but later turned to tailoring. She had black, shoulder long hair and wore her own clothing. A green stitched yukata with a frilly, red bow in the front.

“You were zoning out, Takeho! I’ve been standing here for over a minute. *giggles*”

“Haaa, you still could’ve just lightly shaken me. *chuckles and straightens up* What are you doing here?”

“Selling my wares, just like you are. Still the old fishing expert I see. Some of those are pretty rare to find out in these seas.” She said in awe as she pressed her face against the display cases.

I smile proudly “You just need to know where to look. If you had continued to learn with our old teacher, you would know where to find them too.” I nudge her teasingly.

“And stand in your shadow constantly? Nah, I’ll decline, thank you very much. I’m comfortable with using my string to make clothes, not catch fish, Takeho. *chuckles in rebuttal*”

I laugh with her and reminisce about our past “I kind of miss that though. Going out to sea with you and the master. We had a lot of fun.”

Haruka looks over at me and smiles nostalgically. “Yeah, I loved spending time with you too. Uhh you and the master I mean of course.” She blushed for some reason and averted her eyes. “You know, we could go out with the boat some time again. You know… to relive it a bit.”

“You mean with the master? Is he still around?”

“No… not with the master. Just the two of us.” Haruka moved a bit closer to me and gently grabbed my arm.

Suddenly something zipped through the air and hit Haruka’s hand. “Ow! What the hell was that?” Haruka backed away from me, rubbing her hand.

I looked at the floor, seeing a pebble flick over it. “Where did that come from? Oh, Haruka, are you hurt?”

“No, I don’t think so. So what about it? Do you want to… *bump* OW!” Another pebble hit her straight on the forehead.

I turned around to where it came from. But I saw nothing but reeds and bubbling, wafting water. “The hell is going on?” I asked myself before turning to Haruka.

“Just forget I said anything. Maybe we can talk some other time. Market’s about to start.” Haruka said dejectedly as she rubbed her forehead and walked off.

I waved her off in confusion. I turned once again to the shoreline where the pebbles came flying from and in the corner of my eye, I could swear I saw something dive underwater. Soft wind blew about the reeds and everything was quiet. There was no way those pebbles could’ve been thrown by the wind.

Since nothing happened after that, I decided to instead focus on selling my fish to the incoming customers. But throughout the rest of the day, I was constantly going over what happened in my head.

The time flew by and I sold over half of my stock. The sun went down in the distance and the people started dispersing and going home.

I pack up the rest of my fish, ready to go home myself and anticipating dinner with Sevi.

I wander along the shore, feeling like something or someone is following me. About halfway, the feeling of being watched is gone but a weird feeling of dread is still hanging over me.

I shake the feeling off as I finally reach my boathouse, looking forward to seeing Sevi again.

I open the door, not seeing anyone around and it is awfully quiet. “Sevi? I’m home! How was your day?” I call out as I hang up my bag of fish. Yet I get no response.

“Huh… I wonder if that dark and dreadful atmosphere is a bad omen.”

“That depends…” A menacing voice spoke from behind me. The door slammed shut and Sevi appeared behind it. Her eyes were glaring and sharp and a dark aura of light blue flames surrounded her.

“Sevi? W…What’s going on?” I ask worriedly as I back away from her. She slithers towards me menacingly, but her face is so creepily calm that it makes me even more scared than when she looked actually mad.

She inhaled through her nose as if she was holding something in and asked me in an underlying, menacing tone. “Who is she?”

“Wh…Who are you talking about?”

“That woman, dear. The woman from the market.” She asked with a smile. While her upper body was completely still, I saw the end of her tail snake its way towards me. I had nowhere to run.

“How do you know that I met a woman there?”

“I wanted to make sure that you’re getting there safely. So I followed you. I was so impatient for you to come back. And then I saw you with her. So tell me…” Her tail coils around my foot as I’m backed up against a wall. “…what is she to you?”

“She’s just a friend, Sevi. I’ve learned fishing with her.”

“Are you into her? Do you think she’s pretty?” Her lip trembles a little as more of her tail coils around my leg and she comes closer.

“What? N…no? I don’t know. I didn’t really look at her that way.”

“She asked you out on a date, you know? Did you intend to go, dear?” Sevi grabbed my arms as I’m slowly swallowed by her massive tail. She presses up against me, rubbing up against my body with that creepy, calm smile still on her face.

“I don’t know. I think she just wants to meet for old time’s sake. *gulp*” Her tail squeezed me tightly, rendering my legs completely immobile.

“*giggles menacingly* You are so naïve, Takeho. She wants to take you away from me. You don’t need her.” Slowly, Sevi shoved her hands under my shirt and pulled it over my head. Her eyes formed into slits when she saw my naked upper body. My pants were gone almost just as fast as her tail contorted and pulled them down.

“I love you, Takeho. You know that right? And you love me, don’t you? Don’t you?”

“Of course, Sevi. I do!”

“Then why are you even thinking of meeting with her…?” Her voice grows weak and dejected. Her tail clenches me more gently now. I use the opportunity to free my hands and hug her.

She nuzzles my shoulder but her bright flames don’t subside yet. They don’t burn my skin, but now that I hug her, I feel them burning into my soul instead. Sevi smells me before pushing me onto the ground. Her tail swallows me more again, wrapping around my chest and legs but leaving my crotch exposed. For some reason, the situation aroused me and blood pooled into my lower abdomen. My cock was stiff and erect, something within me ignited my lust. I started panting and sweat built up all over my body.

“What’s happening to me? Sevi?” I ask her, but get no response.

Sevi wordlessly opens the sash of her robes and lets them drop to the floor. Her gaze was overflowing with lust and sorrowful desperation. “I have to show you that you don’t need her. I’m all you need. I’ll make it so you never crave another woman beside me.”

“Sevi, you’re starting to sound scary. You’re not yourself!” I try to reason with her.

“Oh, I am myself dear. Please don’t resist. Don’t worry, I’m going to make you love me as much as I love you.” She said with an awfully calm tone of voice and a delirious smile.

Her hands fill with bundled white flames and she runs her fingers across my face. She gently touches my cheeks and leans down to kiss me deeply. I feel the flames burn, but not in the way a normal flame would. It burned within my soul and spurred my sexual arousal to the point of desperation. I longed for her touch. I wanted to feel her all over me.

Her kiss was hotter than anything I’ve ever felt. Our tongues meshed, sloppily exchanging saliva. Her lips were so soft and supple.

I wished I could’ve moved my arms. I would’ve groped her wherever I could get a hold. Her hips, her ass, her tits and even just the feel of her hair would’ve been enough to satisfy me. But I was denied that pleasure. Instead, all I could do was to take her kisses and seeing what she had planned for me.

Parting from our hot kiss, Sevi left me panting and chuckled. “You look so cute. You’ll love me. You’ll see.”

“I already love you, Sevi!”

“Not enough! I want you to love me more! So much that you can’t live without me!” She whined with hot breath. She licks her upper lip as she moves her burning fingers to her crotch. She rubs her clit, leering down at me. Her other hand gropes her breast, digging into her skin. “I remember when you touched me this way. When you took my virginity. The way your hands caressed me. Oh, it’s exhilarating to think about.” She moans under her own touches. My cock strains as I watch her. I can’t avert my eyes and resisting is no use. So, I accept my fate and enjoy the display of her lewdness.

“Do you like my body? Don’t you wish you could ravage me like you did back then?”

“I do! Gods how I would like to take you right now! You’re torturing me!” I grunt in desperate lust.

“Don’t worry, dear. I’ll take care of you today. She will never be able to do what I can do for you.” Her eyes were almost manic, lost in a deep haze. She was dripping with juices caused by her own masturbation.

Her tail propped me up so my hips would buck up for her. She lifted her human body over me and parted the lips of her pussy. “Come in, dear. Let me swallow you…” She sighed lustfully before lowering herself and skewering herself onto my cock.

I moan out loud. I’ve been longing for this feeling. Moist heat overtakes me and her squirmy insides immediately coil around me just like her constricting tail.

I buck my hips in anticipation, making her yelp, happy that I wanted to get going this much. She started humping me with her face flushing red. In a lust filled frenzy, she rocked her hips at incredible speed. I ground her walls all over, leaving me moaning and at her mercy. The stimulation was intense. Every time she slammed down, my cock got swallowed as deep as it could go.

Sevi moaned and panted as she hopped up and down on my crotch. She groped her breast, kneading it lusciously to enhance her pleasure even more. Her figure was still surrounded by the bright fire, spreading over both of us. It did something to us as the pleasure only seemed to spike higher and higher. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of us moaning and our hips clashing together.

“Takeho! Say that you love me! Tell me that you love meeeee!” Sevi cried out with her strained voice.

“I love you! I love you, Sevi! Fuck! Faster, Sevi! I want more!” I was completely lost in my lust for her. Sevi cupped my cheeks as she leaned down for another kiss that stifled our moans.

With her pleasure making her body slacken, I could finally break my arms free. I wrapped them around her and put them on her nice, round ass. I pulled it against me in rapid succession to pound her harder and help her move.

Sevi perked up for a second when she noticed that I had freed myself but she was too lost in pleasure to care.

This sex was amazing, making the time before almost pale in comparison. It feels like her pussy is actively taking the shape of my cock to perfectly suit it. Our tongues wrestle wildly, our hot breaths blowing into each other’s mouths.

I repeatedly moan her name as I passionately grope her ass.

“Takeho! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Sevi trembled, her tail having a hard time still holding me in place.

“Cum with me, Sevi! Cum! Cum with me!” I cried, bucking my hips as hard as I could manage.

Her pussy slammed down several times with her walls sticking tightly to my wet cock.

Our breaths were ragged and we spasmed wildly. And finally, we were glued together, cumming juices into and onto each other. Our mouths were locked, our screams of pleasure muting each other.

A huge load fills Sevi’s cunt. More so than our first time even. It was as if we were now adjusting to each other to give the other the perfect pleasure. There was no way I would be going back from this. No other woman would ever satisfy me like this anymore.

As our convulsions subside, Sevi collapses onto me, her tail loosening like untied ropes.

I catch her in my arms, panting into her ears and embracing her.

“Wha…what happened? It’s all so hazy.” Sevi mumbled as her body still jerked a little in the afterglow. But as soon as she looked up into my eyes, her memory quickly came back to her, seeing as she immediately blushed and averted her eyes. “Ohhhhh…” She whined in embarrassment.

“Yeah, you went pretty wild there.”

“Mmmhhh, it’s all your fault. You just had to make me jealous.” Sevi sulked.

“Well, you didn’t have any reason to BE jealous. And it’s not like I planned this.”

“*whines* I know. Can we please forget that this happened?”

“Don’t think I could do that. It was incredible!” I laughed as I petted her head that rested on my chest.

“But aren’t you mad?”

“No, not really. But I still want to set you straight on something.”

Sevi gulped in fear, but relaxed when I lifted her chin to face me. “You’re the only woman that’ll ever get to drive me this mad. Have a bit more faith in me, okay?”

Sevi smiled in relief as wrapped her arms around my neck to kiss me. We cuddled for quite a while, wanting to feel each other’s warmth during our afterglow.

Her tail coiled around me again, this time gentle and loving like an embrace. It seemed like I lifted her worries. At least for now. Who knows if this will be the last time I see her like that.

Somehow… I’m kind of excited for the next time. But either way, no matter how much I like seeing her in her jealous state, I was sure that I could never actually cheat on her. Neither would I know if I could actually survive that.

Anyways, as for now…

“…how about that dinner, Sevi?”

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7 thoughts on “MGEEC Ch.9 Lamia Family: Shirohebi

  1. Typos:
    > stocking and gasping (?)
    > rocker her hips
    > cusped my cheeks

    Even if Sevi was trapped in a net, could she even drown? She is a water goddess after all.

    Also, I thought lamia were cold-blooded so I don’t know how she would warm him up with body heat.

    The one thing that strikes me as truly unrealistic about these stories is how quickly the characters go from perfect strangers to “let’s spend the rest of our lives together” (this is, of course, the wrong mamono to raise this point with since lamia and especially shirohebi are notoriously yandere like this), even if the mamono are all ready to shack up and poop out some babies you would think the humans would want to slow things down.

    1. Of course she wouldn’t drown, but Takeho didn’t know that and she was still very thankful to be free of that net.
      And even though she’s cold blooded, wrapping him up in her tail would still keep him warmer than nothing I think.

      I’ll work on the typos and from here on out I’ll try to make the transition from human to incubus a bit more believable.
      Thanks for the review man. I appreciate it.

    2. Definitely agree with you, Volcano. In the case for the more rapey mamono out there, the strangers-to-lovers transition works well enough (the Dullahan and Werebat stories, for instance), but a little extra relationship development would make these stories perfect.

  2. > I couldn’t believe it. I was the first to take the virginity of a holy monster.

    Umm, I would hope so, otherwise she wouldn’t be a virgin.

    >“Turn it frequently and make sure it’s not cinched?”

    You wanted “singed” meaning blackened or burnt on the very outside similar to scorched, not “cinched” which means tightly strapped down or tied.

    Other than that, do feel free to ignore Volcano. Write in your own interpretation of the universe. If you want characters to fall in love at first sight, feel free to have YOUR characters do that. You are not getting paid for writing to anyone’s standards here, so feel free to write creatively however you feel the story should go.

    1. Thanks for the pointers. I still think he had a valid point. I do these stories to create a somewhat realistic relationship between the monsters and the humans so I need to put more focus on building that connection. Thanks a lot for checking out the story though, I hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Some small issues already addressed above. For me though, *gulps* and *giggles menacingly* really take me out of the experience. IMO it’s much better to have it more fleshed out, like “I gulped at her touch” or “She giggled menacingly.”

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