MGEEC Ch.8 Imp Family: Devil

I was never interested in the dark arts before. I wasn’t even a full-fledged mage yet even. But when the circle calls you, you better listen well.

My name is Artemis. I am the local town’s wizard. Leading a small apothecary specializing in incantations and conjurations.

“Odds and Ends at a Whim” I called it. It’s not much to look at and the business is just as unexciting.

I live in a small forest town deep in the hinterlands of the Order’s lands. We are far off from any ongoing battles or crusades by the deamon realm so we’re relatively safe from any harm. But with that harmlessness comes boredom. And when you’re an aspiring wizard like me, who wants to become a full mage one day without any chance to prove himself, you’re screwed even harder.

The most I do, is repair broken vases with spells that reverse time, only if it’s something that happened very recently and on one object at a time by the way, and maybe imbuing the weapons of the guards with certain attributes if I’m lucky. And once I’m done with that… boredom sets in.

Most of my time is spent staring at the shop’s unmoving door-chime or smashing my head on the counter next to my almost empty cash register.

To pass the time, I try to think of new formulas for spells. Series’ of words that manipulate my mana and form it into something feasible. It’s something I noticed even when I was younger. Something inside me is just able to connect words I’ve never even heard before myself and create different combinations of spells out of them.

Setting fire to stuff, making furniture float with my outstretched arm and almost killing my neighbor’s dog… I swear it wasn’t intentionally. Thank god, the ghost of our former messenger listened to normal commands and let him off.

Accidental attempts at necromancy aside, I never got a chance to make any use of it.

But then came that fateful day.

It was a normal afternoon, no business as usual, when in the middle of my shop, a portal mirror opens.

A bright purple glow surrounds an image of something that can’t have been from around here. It’s like I was looking into a part of another land.

“Agh! What in the gods’ names?” I fell over, wobbling with my little counter chair. I crawl forth from behind my little countertop and gaze upon the weird portal. It vibrates and pulsates with purple, flaming edges.

I stand myself up and approach it, seeing an array of pillars and blue, shining orbs through it.

A figure, steps into frame. A hooded figure with an embroidered robe and their face hidden in the shadows of said hood. “Ah, are you the one, my fellow arcanists call Artemis?”

I stutter as I try to get a grasp of the situation. “Y..yeah, that’s my name. Who is asking though?”

“SILENCE! You only speak when asked, maggot!”

I raise an eyebrow with crossed arms “But you DID ask! Not the best entry there, fella. You were the one who intruded on my property in the first place.”

“Don’t you…! *sigh* I apologize. I am just… still in disbelief that I have to communicate with someone of such a low class. My name is Kalaydus. I am the Archmage of the circle.”

My eyes lit up, upon hearing those words. “Circle? You mean the arcane circle of mages?” I fell to my knees. “It’s me who has to apologize then. I should have watched my tone!” A beat of sweat crosses my brow as I fear the smiting that could be brought upon me if he just snapped his finger.

“Rise, mage! It’s not custom for sorcerers to bow before each other. Not that I would think that wild men like you would understand etiquette.”

I stand up once again, willfully ignoring his comment. “So then what brings someone like you to a place like mine. I can’t really imagine that you need my magical services.”

“Actually… *sigh* you might not be too far off from it. A seat has opened up in the circle. High mage Lothar has passed away in a battle with a Chimera. At least we assume he has fallen, and if not, he just might as well have joined the ranks of the demons. We held council for a long time after the fact and the strongest, most prominent source of power in the land of the order… is you.”

I jerked up in shock and held my chest. “M…me?! But how is that possible? I am just a simple mage with an apothecary in a secluded community of a forest village! I barely hold any title or rank.”

“Don’t I know it… But whatever the reason, there seems to be an unrecognized power lying within you that neither I or the other high mages have ever felt. Whatever it is, it has to be used for our cause or else it’ll be wasted potential. Even if it comes from a backwater scoundrel like your kind, we have to make use of it. Of course, we still need to see if what we feel within you is feasible. You need to show us that you can use your powers. So, we came up with a test. A rite of passage if you will.”

I bit my tongue as he repeatedly mocked my heritage, but I never imagined this kind of chance. To practice my magic for the fight against demons and the safety of the lands. I’ve felt this lack of challenge within me for a long time. I wanted to be bigger than a backdoor conjurer. And the circle gave me an opportunity to be so much more.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What is this rite of passage then?”

Kalaydus mutters to himself. “Hrngh… these peasants with their nonchalant attitude, I swear. *clears throat* Your challenge will be a test of your skill as an arcanist. By tomorrow, we want you to create a magic spell that excels in whatever kind of area you choose to practice it in. Be it in destruction magic, regeneration magic or whichever area of mana usage you prefer. If it meets our high expectations, the circle will take you in among their ranks along with the spell that you created. It will go into the annals of our order and even someone like you will have something worth mentioning in his life.”

I prop myself up and rub my neck, not knowing how to accomplish this task. “It has to be a spell that has never been created before, I assume?”

“That is indeed correct.” Kalaydus nodded, apparently surprised that I would pick up on that.

“By tomorrow noon it should be done then. I’ll see to it that I won’t disappoint you.”

“You better not, peasant. We will be waiting… but don’t test our patience.” And with those last words, the portal closes, leaving me standing in my mostly empty apothecary.

High on adrenaline, I run towards my entrance door and lock it, flipping the hanging sign in the window to ‘closed’.

I hastily grab my notebook and some potions from the shelves before dashing up the stairs, into my bedroom/ testing ground.

My bedsheets were already slightly cinched from the last time I used this room to practice, but tough situations call for tough measures once again.

“Think, Artemis! Think! This is your one chance at greatness, don’t go and have an empty brain now!” I walk up and down my bedroom, staring at the blank pages of my notebook. It was an enchanted notebook with only 4 pages within it. Everything written down inside can be removed and recalled at will. It was an enchantment of mine, but not an original one by a long shot.

I slam the book down on my desk as I shove tinctures and scrolls to the side. I tap my foot on the floorboards while holding my head in my left hand. With the other, I tap my ink filled feather on the paper.

“*sigh* What angle should I even be aiming at? Enchantments? No… Destruction? Nah, that’d just be too basic. Healing? Could be useful but almost every healing spell has been done before. I have so many formulas in my head, and not a single one that I can use! Goddammit!” I drop my feather in frustration and rub my face as I stare at the ceiling. A few beams of light shine through a few holes in my roof.

“All I wanted was to break out of here. I can’t help people here. I can’t fight evil here. I just need… an idea!” All my life I had spent in this village. I’ve befriended the villagers, I have proven that they need me. But in the grander picture… I’m so insignificant that it hurts.

Mages are supposed to be the guardians of people. The last line of defense when the demon lord tries to spread her corruption. Instead, I am in here, setting bedsheets on fire at best.

“*sigh*…” I reach my hand up towards the light and let the light break in between my fingers. “Hm! It’s funny how much light is like mana. Flowing everywhere around and through us. Conjuring up everything we see with its reflections… If only…” I snapped up in my chair. “Wait! Conjuring! That’s it!”

I snap my fingers and grasp for the feather. My mind is already overflowing with symbols and words flooding my mind. I first draw out a simple conjuring circle. Lines that cross over the area and shapes that symbolize the purpose of the circle.

I wanted to summon something. A creature that would be bound to me. It could be anything. An astral mount, weapons made from mana or… a demon.”

At the last thought, my hand stops. Would it be possible? Controlling a demon with a conjuring circle? If that were the case, I would have found a way to defeat the demon lord’s army. It was risky. How resistant would the demons be to someone looking to control them. And judging by their manipulative nature, how much could they be trusted as summons?

My hand rests until I finally do my first strokes. The outlines of the circle are filled with demonic symbols. Symbols that the demon lord uses herself. It was weird, because I’ve never seen their language in written form. But nonetheless the symbols basically poured from my hand until the sketch was done.

“It will be worth it. Might as well take a shot.” I stood up from my desk and picked up a bag of burning powder. I recreated the circle from my book and set up candles around it.

I look over my creation and gulped. “Yup, definitely not ominous at all.”

I take a deep breath and put aside my powder and book. I raise my hands, trembling as I send a little spark of blue fire from my fingertips to ignite the powder. Shortly after, the circle glows in a fiery blue light.

“Please work…” I whisper to myself as I prepare the conjuration.

Aminus Manaex Daemonium! Setra Samael Kabim!”

My floorboards creak as the fire of the circle blazes up. I can feel the heat radiating from it as I try to keep a steady hand. I have to keep focusing on the circle so the conjuration knows that it’s me who it is bound to. Whatever would come out of this circle would be my summon. There was no going back now.

A blue, magical hole opened in my floor and the silhouette of a blue skinned demon rose up from it. Her arms were folded in front of her chest and her body was… surprisingly small. Almost like that of a little girl. The girl’s hair was bound into gray pigtails, held together by black ribbons in the shape of demonic wings. She was scantily-clad with only scraps of black leather covering her modest breasts and crotch in contrast with her very heavy looking boots that donned skulls at their rim and her arm-length gloves in the same pattern. Black, folded-in wings were on her back and further down was a long, winding tail with a spear-shaped tip.

The girl settled along with the flames and her booted feet touched the ground. As she did, her eyes opened, revealing menacing red eyes with black replacing the spots where the white should be.

“Eh? Where am I? This isn’t the demon realm! And who are you?” Her confused eyes fall on me after flicking all over the room curiously.

“I… I’m your summoner, Artemis. I am the mage who brought you here and I will from now on command you to do my bidding. I bound you to me with this ritual, so don’t try to do anything stupid.” I say to her, her eyes not even wavering for a moment. She stared at me as if she wasn’t shaken by this at all.

“So… in short, you will be my master?” She cocks her head.

“Uhh, yes, that’s another way to say it.”

Her eyes lit up with sparks. “That. Is. AWESOME! I always wanted to have a master! What will I do for you? Corrupt cities? Manipulate chaste women into lusty sluts?…” She blushed, pretending to be embarrassed. “…Take care of you with my body? Tell me! I can’t wait!”

I expected a lot. Can’t say I expected this.

“Umm, *clears throat* Nothing like that, demon. I just need you to stand still for a moment. Your master commands it.”

“Damn, so strict. I like it! What will you do to me? I can see the dirty glint in your eyes.” She smirks, as she giggled with her gloved hand touching her mouth delectably.

I pull up my notebook and pick up a pencil as I begin putting it on the paper.

The demon floats up from the ground, not even using her wings which makes me wonder why she needs them in the first place. She peeps over my book. “What’re you doing?”

I put my palm on her forehead and slowly but surely push her away to stand back in place.

“Aww, let me look!” She demands childishly.

“I told you to stay still! I’m sketching you.”

“Oooohhh! Should I pose for it? Maybe something sexy like…” Suddenly she sinks down to the floor, holding her crotch and breasts as if her hands were the only thing covering it. “…this? Oh master, you’re so perverted. But I will do it if it pleases you.” She pretended to be shy about it and even forced her cheeks to blush.

I gulp and try to ignore her. “Could you just stay still like that? Thank you!” I asked her passive aggressively.

“Whatever you wish, master!” She laughed mischievously with one hand on her hips sassily.

“Now, I need to know what to call you, so tell me who you are. And don’t lie to me!”

She waved me off and looked away disinterestedly. “Ah, you need to stop being so tense. I would never lie to my master. My name is Samael. And I’m a devil. A very prestigious and respected member of the demon army by the by. Seems like that doesn’t matter much now anymore, does it?”

“No, I guess not. Good. At least I’ve got a name for you.”

“You can call me Sammy too. All my friends do that.” She giggled as she once again floated over to me. “Man! You really know how to draw! This looks just like the real me!” She says as she tries to grab the book.

I close it with a clap, snapping her finger in between the pages. “And what makes you think that we’re friends?”

“I dunno, wishful thinking maybe. By the way, friends usually know EACH OTHER by name, not just one way, you know?” She grins.

“*sigh* Name’s Artemis. I’m this village’s local mage.”

“A powerful one?”

“I sure hope to be soon. And seeing as I was able to summon something like you, I might be on the way there already.” I smile to myself proudly until Samael comes up close to my face. “Uhh, what? What do you think you’re doing there?” I ask annoyed. She just doesn’t stop giving me that arrogant smile.

“Can I test it?”

“Test what?”

“How powerful you are, master.” Her face was unusually flushed and I had a feeling that this time it was genuine.

“How would you do tha… mphh *smack*” Suddenly, she leans forward some more. Her lips connect with mine and we kiss with her floating above me. It almost felt patronizing but… why did it feel so nice?

She closes her eyes and I soon follow suit. I don’t know why. I was washed away by a wave of warm pleasure that ran through her lips into my body. It was as if our bodies communicated and explored each other. I could feel the dark power within her and I bet she could feel my power too.

When we parted, Samael stutters. Her face listless and her eyes wavering. “W…whoah…”

“Whoah what?” I ask, not sure how to respond to all this.

“I… I taste so much mana in you.” She spoke in bliss as she touched her lips with two fingers.

I cover my lips in embarrassment. “Isn’t that self-explanatory? I’m a mage after all!”

“No… I mean that even for a mage… you are bursting with it. It was so… tasty…” She seemed like she was in heat, her face flushing and her body twitching even.

“*gulp* So? What does it mean to you?”

“Master, do you have any idea how powerful you are? You could control the world with might like that. It’s so… exciting!”

“I will be powerful eventually. I will join the circle of mages and I will grow stronger and wiser under their supervision!” I blew her off resolutely.

“But master! Don’t you see? You are already more powerful than they’ll ever be. I felt your talent. Other mages can only master one specialization of magic. You… You could master all of them! Please master, let’s make use of this power!” Samael clings to me and grabs my clothes longingly.

“I don’t hunger for that sort of power. I want to be just and righteous! I do this for the people, not to rule.”

“Can’t it be both? You can serve and rule the people at the same time. You could be a just ruler as well. Just thinking of sitting atop our own kingdom with you… haaa it makes me weak in the knees.” As if to prove it, she sunk to the ground, standing on weak legs and leaning onto me.

I blush and turn away, not wanting to give her any more attention. But… I just couldn’t shake this secret wish to give in to her seduction. I hated to admit it, but Samael looked despicably cute when she fawned on me like that, and even her sharp red eyes grew on me. With how tiny she was, I was tempted to hug her and spoil her, but the constant reminder of her being a demon kept me from trusting her even a second.

“So, what stake do you have in this? Where’s the catch?”

“No catch. I just want my master to use all of his potential. To grow as strong as he can. I just LOVE men with power. Maybe…” She licked her lips and smiled devilishly. “…I should show you what a powerful man can get whenever he wants to make you long for it.” Samael’s eyes formed into leering slits and she pushed me backwards until I toppled onto the bed. I was worried to let her run free, but I was too curious to stop her from whatever she was going to do.

I lean on my elbows to look up at her. And then I saw her pulling down the zippers of her boots. With a thump, they land on the floor with Samael being left in her nylon knee-socks.

She floats onto the bed with an impish smile on her face. I see her lick her lips before she lifts up her foot and presses it onto my crotch. I grunt in surprise as she starts grinding and putting pressure onto my bulge.

“Hmm, master, you’re getting awfully hard there. How lewd of you. Hmhmhm!” She giggles teasingly. Her foot glides over my covered crotch until it reaches my waistband. Hooking her toes into it, she drags my pants down my legs until my lower half is completely exposed.

“H…Hey! What are you doing?”

“Shhh! You didn’t complain so far, master. So please just let it happen.” She leered down at me almost hungrily. Her gaze was fixed on my erect cock as it sprang into view. I didn’t want it to happen, but her sudden sultriness made me completely hard. Something about her almost sadistic aura lit a flame in me that I never knew I had.

“Well, well, master. Aren’t I a lucky girl? You’re so big and sturdy. Just like I like my master to be.” Samael bites her lip as her smooth, slippery foot rubs over the underside of my cock. The precum dripping from my tip stained her toes and made gliding even easier than her knee-socks already did. I wasn’t even sure if it was really nylon that was touching me. It felt like it was a part of her, more organic than fabric. All I did know was that it was soft and warm to the touch.

“Man, seeing you down there… getting off on my foot. It’s almost too cute to watch. And the way you look… it’s priceless.” Her breath got more heated and I could even see her cheeks flush red with arousal. Her gloved hands rubbed over her thighs and belly, fondling herself.

“You seem to be getting off yourself quite a bit there. So don’t go making fun of me.” I grit my teeth, stifling my arousal that her foot is giving me. It’s so damn good. I never expected to be so into that.

“Of course I want to get off too, silly! Hmhm! I wasn’t making fun of you. I want to revel in this with you.” Her foot gained pressure and speed as slick squelching sounds emanated from her movements.

The curve of her sole lined up perfectly with the curve of my shaft and the stimulation was paralyzingly intense.

Her hands moved more boldly now. Seeing me squirm underneath her foot seemed to have turned her on more by the second and she started shoving her fingers inside her leather top and panties to finger and fondle herself.

Her still gloved hands tweeze her nipples and delve into her pussy with lustful moans accompanying her motions. “I just… haa really love seeing you in such a desperate state master! I could watch you squirm for hours. Moan for me, please!”

“Samael! Ngghhh! I can’t hold it much longer! Stop it!”

“Not yet! I want your cum on my feet! Get off on them and spray me with your rich mana!”

“My mana? Wha…? GGHHH! OOOOOHHH!” Just as I ask her what she is talking about, Samael crushes her foot down onto my member, giving me the most intense pleasure yet. I have no choice but to let loose and my twitching cock sprays out cum in surprisingly big bursts.

The white cloudy liquid shoots onto my belly and over Samael’s feet and legs. The knee-socks stain with dark black spots topped with strands of my semen.

I plop down onto my bed, exhausted and dumbfounded as to how it came to this.

My thoughts were interrupted quickly when Samael slumped to her knees and plopped down onto me. She was such a lightweight that I barely even felt any pressure when she let herself fall. But still, even with her childlike body, she still sported some pretty nice breasts of around at least C-cup size. Samael lying on top of me felt kinda nice actually and I was so tempted to hug her.

“I knew you’d like that, master. From the moment you summoned me, I knew we’d be a good fit. Hmhmhm! You’ve even got me worked up now.” Samael giggled as she nuzzled my chest and ran her fingers over my chest.

“I never said that I liked it! You just caught me so off guard that I couldn’t stop you!” I protest, frantically trying to hide my enjoyment. I was breaking. I could feel it, but I couldn’t give in and let her know that.

“Oh? So you’re saying it didn’t turn you on then hmm? Underneath all that resistance I know you secretly like me, don’t you? You love it when I service your cock with my feet, right?”

“I refuse to answer that! I wouldn’t be so vile as to get enjoyment from something like that!” I was so close to giving in. My voice cracked when I protested and whenever I looked down at her little body lying on top of mine, I could feel my lust swell again.

“Then don’t answer and just make a demand master. I’m your servant after all. Tell me that you hate me and that you never want me to pleasure you again. Go ahead and say it if I’m so revolting.” Samael smirked with a cocky smile. It frustrated me so much, but it was so despicably cute.

“I…I… mmmhh.” I couldn’t bring a single word to leave my lips and turned away in embarrassment.

But Samael wouldn’t let me. With a finger underneath my chin, she guided my face towards her and whispered sultrily. “Called it.”

Our lips meet with a luscious and passionate kiss. Without even consciously intending to do it, I move my hand to the back of her head to grasp her silky grey hair to rummage through it.

Her blue body intertwined with mine and her already loose and skimpy clothes served no coverage whatsoever anymore. Compelled to follow her example and even things out, I snuck out of my robes, lying on top of them naked intertwined with Samael.

“Samael I…”

“Shhh…” She stops me from speaking as she presses her finger onto my mouth. “Sammy. Call me Sammy, alright? I think we’re past that now.”

“Then why do you still keep calling me master?”

“Because I like to say it. I know I could call you Artemis too but… hmhm… calling you master is so much more exciting, isn’t it?”

Our lips meet again and soon our tongues entwine. We exchange hot spit and explore each other’s bodies. Her fingers slide over my shoulders, chest and cheek as she licks the inside of my mouth while I glide over her narrow hips, her curvy little butt and her modest breasts. Even though her body was so small, I could feel all the features of a mature woman.

I kiss her back, feverously lashing out with my tongue to wrestle with hers. Her moans echo in my mouth and our bodies touch with our skin probing each other for warmth.

My hands focus on her butt now, rubbing both cheeks with an equally tight grip. My fingers slide into the back of her panties, shoving them down to her thighs to completely expose her tempting ass and crotch. I can’t see it from my perspective, but I can feel with my fingers how tight and wet her little pussy is as I reach for it from behind. I rub the lower half of it and Sammy grinds on my fingers to get even more stimulation out of it.


“Yes, master?” Our lips pop apart as I speak up and we gaze into each other’s eyes with delirious, lustful smiles.

“I want you! I want you so bad! Can you feel it? I’m getting so hard just being this close to you. Can we?”

Sammy leans down next to my ear as she whispers huskily. “I’m your property, master. You don’t need to ask. Just take me and ravish me all you like. I want to see your face when you mess me up!” She lifts her butt and I feel my tip prodding her when she sinks down again.

“Sammy…” I moan.

“Artemis!” She finally whimpers as bit after bit, my cock is taken into her crevice. Her folds coil around me and envelop my cock in such a tight and wet vice that I was worried I would even fit her. But nonetheless, all of my shaft dug into her until her ass plopped down and I could feel my member just hitting her limit. It just barely touched the entrance to her uterus.

“See? Mmmmhh! I knew we’d be a good fit. Lord! This is the fucking best!” Sammy was drooling from the side of her mouth as she leaned on me.

I twitch and groan as I feel my cock snugly hugged by her quivering walls. It was so tight that it felt like I filled out every bit of space within her. Sammy’s eyes grow hooded and lusty as she gazes down at me.

With one hand, I rub her thigh slowly and sensually as she gets used to my cock while with the other, I cup her cheek and guide her towards me for another deep, passionate kiss. Her hot saliva mixes with mine and we each swallow what we catch in our mouths.

Meanwhile, she slowly starts moving her hips, at first grinding from side to side before lifting and falling. Her tiny butt ripples as her humping increasingly picks up speed and the friction grows incredibly tense with how tight of a fit we are.

Her wiggling insides welcomed me with glee every time I enter her. It feels almost impossible that I could pry her slit open so far and shove so deep into her, but we were fitting together like perfectly matched puzzle pieces.

I lose sight of my reservations and instead fall victim to her movements, groaning as I hold her hips and help her slam down onto my crotch.

Her breathing becomes ragged and rapid with her eyes slacking and staring ahead listlessly. She seems to be completely focused on matching her humps so I can grind her insides in the spots that feel the best for her.

I can’t just watch her anymore and sit up, having Sammy in my arms and letting her continue to hump me. I kiss her jawline, trailing down to her collarbone until I bend over enough to reach her perky, erect nipples.

“M…Master! You can’t… I’m supposed to be the one servicing you! Ngghhaaaaa!” She yelps as I begin to flick her nipple with my tongue and trace the areola of her breasts. I hold her tight so our bodies become one singular, sweaty mess. I don’t listen to her and keep going with peppering kisses and suckles, leaving red marks in places around her bust.

“*Suck* You said it yourself, didn’t you? *smack* You want to get off too, right?” I reply, trying to keep up my pace while talking.

Sammy blushes and doesn’t respond except for the lustful moans that escape her mouth. I feel her gloved hands reach around my head, pressing me more into her breast as I suck it.

Her pussy twitches and just like me, she seems to have reached her limit. Holding her tight, I want to chime in with her humping and thrust upwards with the springs of my bed serving as recoil.

“Master! MMMHHHHMaster! I can’t…! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Sammy yells loudly as she holds on to my head while her small body grinds on my cock. My tip massages the entrance to her uterus where she seems to be very sensitive.

I take note of that and to bring us both over the edge, I focused on that spot, prodding it with my tip intently.

“Me too, Sammy! I’ll hold you! We’ll nnnnGGGGHHH come together!”

“Yes master! Yes! Cum together! With me! So close!” Her mouth slackens and her eyes grow vacant as she looks at me. This girl is driving me crazy. I want to see her like this forever!

“SAMMY! HHHRRNNGHHAAAAAAAA!” Grabbing her ass tightly, I push her down onto my cock one more time, blowing my load deep inside her. I could almost swear that I saw her belly swelling a little from the copious amounts of fluids that I released.

Sammy cums onto my crotch, covering it in a thin layer of dripping fluids as she clenches down on me. Her entire body feels tense in my arms and she clings to me desperately. Her tiny body is shaking and her wings even twitch at the torrent of her orgasm. I catch her in my arms as I let us fall onto the bed. Sammy rests her head on my chest, panting hotly with her arms still locked around my neck.

“This was the most intense orgasm a human has ever given me. How is this possible?”

I comb her hair and try to calm down my raging heartbeat. “You said it yourself, didn’t you? We’re a good fit.” I chuckle, taking a deep breath as the tenseness leaves my body.

“I guess you’re right, master. Hmhm! I think I’m gonna get addicted if I spend more time with you. Let alone once you grow powerful and mighty. Ohhh, I can’t wait for that day. It makes me giddy just to think about it.” She shivered with excitement and I pet her head at how cute she was.

“I will be more powerful soon. When I show the circle of mages what kind of spell I created here, they will promote me to a circle mage myself or even one day make me an archmage!”

“Is that… a powerful position?” Sammy asks curiously.

“Of course! It’s the highest rank a mage like me can have. I just need to show them that I am worthy to be taken in by showing them the conjuration I used to summon you.”

Sammy didn’t seem thrilled by this but she still gives me a gentle smile. “Hmm, it’s not the way I would do it. But if it means that we’ll get to hold a ton of power, then I’m all for it, master! I’ll follow your rise all the way to the top!” She hugs me and nuzzles my chest. My heartbeat quickly races again at the sheer adoration I have for her right now. I just couldn’t read her. She started off so dominating and sadistic but in the end… she was so sweet!


“Yes?” I ask quietly.

“We’re friends now, aren’t we?”

My heart skips a beat at her question. “Y…yeah. I think we are.”

“I’m glad…” she smiles and hugs me even tighter.

I had to remember to make good on my ambitions. To become an archmage and be the best master to her that I can be. Somehow this personal dream now turned into something I did for someone else’s sake as well.

At some point, I began longing for the high position more than ever before. But I had to also remember that I had a long way to go. The other circle mages still had a lot to teach me. If I want to protect the people of this land, I have to learn to become mightier.

Hopefully that dream will come true tomorrow.

Samael was already sound asleep with her gentle breathing hitting my chest. I didn’t notice before, but it had already gotten dark outside.

I let my head fall into my pillow, my arms still wrapped around Sammy and my cock slowly slipping out of her as it grew limp. But I am too lazy to move and slowly drift off into peaceful sleep.

The next day:

“Are you ready, Sammy?” I ask the next morning. We got dressed and cleaned before meeting in the apothecary to wait for the arrival of the circle.

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Let’s hope this circle actually makes good on its promises. Otherwise, I’m gonna be really, really mad.” Samael crossed her arms in distrust.

“They will, trust me. They’ve been honorable protectors of the human lands for eons. I at least think they’re reliable.” I rub my neck, losing a bit of confidence in my words. They have been very dismissive of me before, but I still hoped that they would keep their promise.

Suddenly I felt a pair of small lips touch my cheek and as I look over, I see Sammy floating next to me with a smile. “I don’t like it when you look so serious. Don’t worry, master. We’ll be alright either way!”

I couldn’t help but smile myself. I wanted to indulge in this moment a bit more but right then, a portal opened with a hooded wizard on the other side beckoning me to go through.

I take a deep breath and step in ahead of Sammy who at first stays behind me.

Entering the portal, I am transported to a large, domed tower in the center of the city of magi. I had heard rumors of this place. It was said to be a well of power that the mages drew their mana from. The dome I stood in was the centerpiece and the seat of the circle of mages. Large columns surrounded the circular platform we were on with a row of marble seats lining each column.

In the center of the in total 7 seats, I saw the largest one with the arch mage sitting in it.

He stands up, walking towards me as the portal guarding wizard bows and moves aside.

With a booming voice, he speaks as he looks down at me. “So… has the peasant done as he was asked to?”

I could feel Samael grip my shirt when he called me peasant, but I tried my best to ignore it. “You can talk to me in the first person, you know? I’ve done what you asked and I’d like to present my findings without any more mockery.”

“You’re not in the position to make demands yet, mage. Show me what you’ve got.” He reaches out his hand, demanding the notebook I held in my hand.

I hand it over to him and let him flip through the few pages that contain the conjuration formula.

“It’s the summoning ritual for a demon, archmage. A devil to be precise.”

He seemed pleasantly surprised as he mumbled to himself. “Conjuring a demon? That would turn this war around massively. Artemis, does this spell really work? Where is your proof that you’re not just scribbling meaningless pictures here?”

“Samael, you can show yourself now.” I spoke over my shoulder.

Sammy reluctantly stepped out behind my back, her red eyes glaring at the arch mage. “I’m Samael, a devil of the demon army. You’re talking to my master Artemis and I demand you give him more respect!” She spits out with a harsh tone but the arch mage doesn’t seem to mind at all.

He leans down and grabs her chin as he examines her. “Well, well, well. You will do just fine.”

Samael shakes off his hand and holds onto my arm.

“You’ve done a great deed for the circle today, Artemis. Congratulations, you’ve earned my respect. You are truly worthy of becoming one of us. Now, we’ll keep the spell book and archive it for now.”

I sigh in relief as I gladly hand over the notebook. “Thank you, Kalaydus. I promise I will protect the lands just as well as you have done.”

“Good. As for your little servant by the way.”


“We’ll be taking her off your care now.” Kalaydus snaps his fingers as two other mages approach me and Sammy from the sides. Both of them grab each of her arms and pull her away from me.

“M…master? Hey let go of me! MASTER!” Samael cries out to me, struggling as the men take her away.

“What the…?! Kalaydus! This was NOT part of our deal! You already have the spell!”

“Hmm?” The arch mage seems a bit confused at my resistance. “How else did you suppose we make use of your spell? Her name is woven into the formula. It says right here: Setra Samael Kabim. This spell is specifically a conjuration for that little devil over there.” He says, glancing over towards Samael in disgust.”

“You can’t just take her from me! I summoned her! I am her master!”

“Then we will just have to break that bond and create a new one. We’ve done it with other conjurations before and I’m sure it will work with her too. Though I imagine it to be quite painful to a demon. Not that that little fact should dissuade us from it.”

“Master! Please! I don’t want to leave you!” Tears stream down Samael’s cheeks as she is forced into magical shackles.

My heart trembles as I see her and I feel my fists clench as mana pools into them.

“Seems like this whore has taken a liking to you. We’ll straighten her out eventually. Now go ahead and take a seat. We’ve been preparing a special throne for you.”

“I don’t want your dirty throne, arch mage! Give me Samael!”

“Watch your tongue, peasant!” He demands, but I was no longer ready to listen.

Aeros Verticala!” I yell as I raise my hand at him. I grip him with my mana and launch the arch mage towards the domed ceiling. My body is pulsing with mana and my veins glow in a bright blue light. The arch mage is pressed against the dome, unable to move as his body sinks into the cracked marble.

“What are you doing, you fool! Let me down this instant!”

“No longer! No longer will I listen to what you tell me! You don’t deserve this power! We were supposed to protect our people from demons attacking us, but you want to enslave them! This makes you nothing but scum!”

“Guards! He’s gone mad! Capture him!”

When I was sure that the arch mage would stay put, being half embedded in the ceiling, I refocused on the other mages heading towards me.

Nuentos Momentum!” I shoot two balls of blue energy towards them, clinging to their legs and spreading like a growing bubble. Soon they couldn’t walk any more as their legs were consumed by the bubble. They struggle to get out of them but only make it worse with their hands sinking into the bubble too and them no longer being able to cast spells.

That left only 5 more of them that could do anything to me. I look over to the other two mages that hold Samael captive.

“Sammy! Come over here!”

The two mages were dumbfounded, not knowing what to do. Sammy used the opportunity to ram her elbow into one of the guys’ stomachs before flying up and pulling the hood of the other over his face.

With my magic, I grabbed her from the distance and pulled her towards me. I catch her in my arms as she falls into them. “Master… you *sniff* you…” She cries tears of happiness and I wipe them away with my palm.

“No time, Sammy.” I release her magical shackles. “We’ll talk once we’ve won.” I say with confidence and Sammy smiles with a nod.

The last remaining mages conjure up all they can with firebolts and icicles shooting in our direction.

“Stay behind me!” I call out to Sammy, holding my arm in front of me as if I was holding a shield. “Imperitas Savectum!” The blue energy in my arm concentrates and pools into a giant forcefield surrounding me and Sammy. All the firebolts and icy spears get stuck on it shortly before they could’ve hit us.

I circle my hand around, melding the fire and ice into a large ball of blue fire and mana.

I look towards the mages who look upon us in absolute fear and terror.

I stand there with a smile. Samael behind me, clinging to me lovingly. I look ahead again. “I’m gonna count to three! You’re either gone by then, or you decide to fight on. I don’t want to hurt any of you, so choose carefully!”

The mages look at each other, standing there frozen in place as the great ball of ice and fire looms over them.


And before I can even count to two, all 5 of them run off and down the tower. This left only the two mages who can’t move and the arch mage sticking to the ceiling. He lost consciousness at this point and just hung there.

I let my arm fall and the great orb collapsed into water and steam, creating a hot puddle of water on the floor. I feel my legs wobble and the energy leave my body. I sink down to my knees and start panting in exhaustion. Beads of sweat run down my forehead.

Then I feel Samael’s hands on my shoulders as she leans onto my back.

I reach up and lay one of my hands over hers. “We did it, Sammy. I think we got them all. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

“*sniffle* MASTER!” Sammy throws her arms around me and I embrace her. Her tears stain my shoulder and I could feel her body tremble. “I was so worried that I’d never see you again! They wanted to separate us! I… I…!”

I cup her cheek and gently press my lips onto hers. She calms down and melts into my arms. I smile as I part from her. “Hey, we’re okay. I don’t like it when you make such a serious face.”

She smiles back and giggles. “So… where do we go from here, master?”

“Well, this place definitely needs a change of management. But if I’m going to be the one taking control… we need more support. You don’t happen to know someone who could help us, do you?”

An impish smile crosses Samael’s lips. “Leave it to me, master. You will rule this place in no time.”

And just like that, the circle of mages was no more. I’ve lost a lot of respect for them and a lot of distrust towards demons.

Samael and I slowly built a new leadership. Taking over the circle’s place in protection of the people. She assured me that demons never want to harm humans, so it was clear what would happen next.

6 months later:

Looking down at my kingdom was a dream come true. Though it was surreal to me even after months had passed. I stand atop the mages’ tower and saw the streets bustling with a mixture of humans and demons.

Contrary to what I believed before, both groups mixed pretty well. All the demons and monsters that came to our town were just looking for husbands and lovers to make their own.

People were overtaken with desires of lust and love that I had to wonder why we fought monsters to begin with.

“Master? Why are you looking so deep in thought?” I heard my wife call out to me from behind me. She floats up to my side and hugs my arm.

“Ah, Sammy, I was just… looking at our land and how… peaceful it is.”

Sammy smiles and rests her head on my shoulder. “It’s awesome, isn’t it? And you’ll be its king. Even the demon lord seems to admire you. I just hope she doesn’t snatch you away from me.”

I chuckle and pull her closer to me. “You don’t want to lose all that power we have, huh?” I comb her hair as I look into her eyes.

“It’s not the power I love, master. It’s the man holding it.” She leans forwards and kisses me.

Standing on the edge of the open tower of course, the citizens look up to us and cheer as they see their king and queen kiss.

In celebration they cheer, moan and scream in pleasure with the streets lined with men, women and monsters falling to their lust.

Me and Samael look down upon our people and laugh at their enthusiasm. Seeing all the sex and fondling going on in the streets, we of course can’t ignore the call to action ourselves.

I open my sash and let my robes drop to reveal my naked, hardened body to my wife and subsequently to the female masses. While the masses of women cheer and fawn, Sammy looks at me with hooded eyes and lust burning within them.

She chuckles impishly and strips her leather bra and latex panties until her blue, dainty body is completely open for everyone to see.

Just like the female audience cheered for me, the male onlookers now burst out in arousal at seeing my wife.

“They seem to be pretty into watching us.” Samael states nonchalantly as her eyes never part from mine.

“Do you care?”

“Not even in the slightest, master. Everyone should see that I’m yours!” She says with flushed cheeks.

I lose my temper and as I wrap her up in my arms, I push her towards one of the nearby columns.

I lift up one of her legs for everyone to see her tiny, blue pussy. We never part our gazes and the crowd goes wild as I line up my thick, pulsing cock. “Ready to give them a good show, Sammy?”

She smirks and wraps her hands around my neck. “Ready when you are, master! Mess me up, good!”

I shove my hips forward and plunge into Sammy’s pussy with my people doing the same as they indulge in sex with their partners down below. It was a new demon realm. A realm of pleasure and love. Men and women in the streets mixed into a mess of flesh and sweat.

Meanwhile I stand up here, my wife slackening from the pleasure as I gouge her insides. I lean over her to catch her lips with mine. Her perky breasts bounce with every thrust and the sight of her shaking body sent jolts of arousal through my body.

“I love you, master! I love you so much! Fuck me harder!” Sammy strains her voice as she tries to let everyone hear it.

“I love you too, Sammy!” I lift up her tiny body and present it to all of my people. Holding her up, I thrust my cock into her from below. Her legs wobble freely in the air as she bites her finger. I bounce her on my cock, her front completely exposed to the public. I want them to see how I make her mine and hammer my shape into her.

“Master…” Sammy whimpers in pleasure as she cranes her neck to face me.

I kiss her deeply with our tongues lashing out at each other. Our moans mix and our sexes embrace each other as tightly as ever.

This was my kingdom. This was my queen. I could be powerful for them and for her. I would be just and righteous after my own dream.

And together with Samael. I will rule for a long time.

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