MGEEC Ch.12 Papillon Family: Mothman Pt.1

Things haven’t exactly been normal in Walakai ever since we’ve become more and more exposed to the presence of mamono. It’s been over a year since Mikhail and his… extraordinary wife opened their candy shop in the center of town.

And to be honest… I think ‘not normal’ is the best that this town’s ever been. Business flourished and even the morale of the people has explosively gone up. Walakai used to be a rather bleak and uninteresting little town, with bricked roads and straw topped houses. The weather throughout the year was always the same: not too hot not too cold. Just average. But nowadays… something happened to this little community. The market is buzzing, the streets are filled with people and the people are filled with love for each other. Flower beds bloomed around the town and in general everything seemed a lot more colorful and lively.

Oh, excuse my manners, how rude of me. I haven’t even introduced myself and I’m already rambling. I am Archimedes, the town’s very own weaver. Something that’s become way more appreciated as of late.

It must’ve had something to do with Mikhail, his wife and the strange confections that were exploding in popularity, but love was constantly in the air and new couples formed left and right, giving me plenty of customers. Queen sized blankets to cuddle in, carpets to put in front of the cozy fireplaces and dishrags for the wives who wanted to show their devotion to their husbands by cooking them hearty meals.

Yes, it was a beautiful time for my shop and I felt happier than I had ever felt in my life. It was as if I could nourish the people’s love with my work.

Underlying underneath all of that though, was this twinge in my heart. Something that I couldn’t shake off no matter how hard I tried.

The doorbell chimed as the door swung open. “Archimedes? Are you here?”

I appeared behind a wall of rolls of fabric and moved into the wide-open reception area.

I clapped my hands as I realize who it is. “Mikhail! What a pleasure to see you again. Tell me, what may I do for you on this fine day?”

“Ah, you don’t need to sound so enthusiastic every time I come over here.” He awkwardly rubbed his neck as he laughed along with me.

“For shame! I always get excited when one of my regulars comes and visits me, Mikhail. Don’t start getting weird thoughts about special treatments.” I jokingly scolded him as I leaned on my counter.

“Hehe, I don’t think with Elora around, I’ll get any weird thoughts about you any time soon.” Mikhail leaned against the desk and clapped his hands together. “Right! I came here for something. Actually, I kind of need you to fix something up for me.”

“Shocker!” I chuckled sarcastically. “What’s the matter?”

“Well, remember the table cover you sold me last time?” He asked as his face began to turn slightly red in embarrassment.

“The one for your work space? Yeah, I just sold you that less than a month ago? Was something wrong with it?”

“Oh, oh no! Hehe, no complaints whatsoever but… umm…”

“Come on, out with it.” I drilled him for answers as my curiosity grew.

“Yeah… the one that you sold us it’s kind of… ruined a little bit.”

“Is it torn?”

“No, it’s gotten… pretty sticky.”

I raised an eyebrow “Sticky? What from the candy?”

He awkwardly scratched his cheek as he laughed suspiciously. “Eheh, yeah… candy.”

I cracked a smile and nudged his arm lightly over the counter. “You couldn’t restrain yourself, could you?”

He shrugged and ruffled his hair. “Guilty as charged. I guess there’s just something in the air lately to make me and Elora… well let’s not get into too much detail. Anyways, I need a new cover for my work space at least until the other one is cleaned properly. It could take a while to get all the stains out and hey, it’s always useful to have a spare one around right? So, do you think you could make some time for that?”

“I think I can squeeze it in somewhere, let me check my books.” I pulled up my schedule and immediately found an opening for the size of the order he wanted. I looked over the weeks and weeks of work ahead of me and let out a deep exhale through my nose.

Mikhail leaned in towards me with a concerned look. “Are you feeling alright, my friend?”

I laughed it off and assuaged his fears. “Don’t worry, I’m doing fine. I guess it’s just the weather getting to me.”

Mikhail scowled a little. “Come on, Archimedes. I know when something’s not right with you. Are you overworked? Listen, my table cover can wait…”

I broke him off immediately. “No, no! That’s not it. I love my work, it’s the most relaxing and fulfilling job I’ve ever had but… I’ve just been thinking about how jealous I am of what you and Elora have.”

Mikhail raised an eyebrow. “What? How so?”

“I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but… this job doesn’t really offer much time for anything private. A project can take between 2 weeks and 2 months to complete if I work every waking hour a day at it. Every day I sit at my weaving rack until I get tired. Sometimes I even fall asleep on top of my fabrics.” I rubbed my eyes as I rested my elbows on the reception desk.

Mikhail laid his hand on my shoulder and spoke comfortingly. “Man, if you need a break just take one. Nobody’s going to blame you if you spend some time on yourself.”

I patted his hand, signaling him that he didn’t need to comfort me any further and I got back into a more professional posture. “No, that’s just something that I can’t bring myself to do. Leaving customers unsatisfied and missing my promised deadlines, that would just break my heart. I have my honor as a weaver to uphold.” I proudly and half-jokingly put a hand to my chest and smirked at him before I slumped a little. “Besides, I’m not at the age where I should be fawning over women and chase tail anymore. My life should be devoted to my work.”

Mikhail cut in right as I finished my sentence with a dismissive rebuttal. “What are you talking about? Man, you’re barely in your mid-thirties and you’re looking great! You can live your life from time to time! And that excuse with work? That’s nonsense and you know it. Look at me and Elora, we’re working together every day and we still manage. And trust me, if people like us can support such a lifestyle then you can too, friend.”

His enthusiastic encouragement brought a smile and even a little blush to my face My following sigh was mixed in with a chuckle as I thanked him. “Thank you, friend. It might be a little hard to find the time anywhere soon but… I’ll try to stretch my wings a little when I do.”

Mikhail returned my smile and we reached out to hold each other’s shoulders. “That’s the spirit, Archimedes. You’ll find your luck even if I have to push you into it”

“I’m counting on it, friend.” I spoke reassuringly, smiling in appreciation of his friendship. “Well, anyways, you still know the price and time for your cover, right?”

“200 pieces of Gold, 3 weeks, right?” Mikhail answered as he pulled out his pouch of gold. “Well, I better get going. Elora gets all antsy when I’m gone for too long. Have a great day my friend.”

I pocketed his money and waved him goodbye as he headed outside. “You as well, Mikhail. You as well.”

The door fell shut, knocking against the doorbell one more time before leaving me in the silence. I sighed in relief as I stretched and rolled my shoulders back into place. “Well ahhh, time to get back to work then. Plenty… plenty to be done.” I let out a short sigh, but nonetheless tried to keep up my morale. I got back behind the racks of fabrics and threads and sat down at my workbench. In front of me stood another rack with my most current project. A rather large one as well.

It was a banner commissioned for the Order itself. It was a stark reminder that even though they tolerate the monster presence within their lands more and more, the crusade against the succubi was still going on. I actually didn’t really know if they really knew what was going on here in Walakai. Since Elora settled down here we actually had a LOT more monsters join our community. So far nothing had happened though, maybe we’re moving forward to a more united future. Maybe I should’ve been more optimistic looking at this banner.

The project itself was nearly done, actually there were only a few rows of threads to be added. Namely, the golden rim at the top that spanned around the entire banner. The moment I sat down, I groaned in slight annoyance as I noticed something. “Tsk, the spool’s empty. Damn, do I still have golden yarn left over?”

There was only one place for me to look for a reserve and that was the old storage room. If I didn’t find anything THERE, then I’d have to postpone the project to the next time I visit the market several towns over. Materials like those the Order requested are a rare find and can’t exactly be bought from any ordinary supply store.

With cautious optimism I grabbed my lantern and ignited the small wick within it. While the main part of the store was well lit by the daylight that came in through the windows, the storage section was completely set in the dark with only faint glimmers of light breaking into it. The fabrics had to stay cool so they wouldn’t lose tension and had to be shielded from the sunlight so the colors wouldn’t bleach out.

So, I grabbed my lantern and headed into the separated room, stepping into the dark with my pulsating light source.

As soon as I passed the door, a draft of wind swung it shut behind me and left me in the cool, humid darkness. I could smell the familiar scent of dyes and sheep’s wool; a mix of chemical sharpness and rural musk. Hard to get used to but also very homely once you DO get used to it.

“Let’s see here…” I held my lantern in front of me, covering the leftover scraps of fabrics and bundles of wool in a deep orange glow. I had to be careful not to get too close to them with it since some of them are easily flammable, letting me only see dimly illuminated silhouettes of the racks and shelves I searched.

I slid the hangers from side to side, seeing if I could salvage some golden yarn from any of the abandoned works. “White, torn, stained, too thin… damn, isn’t there…” I cut off my own thought as I saw something at the very back of the storage that glistened as it reflected the light of my lantern.

I went to inspect it and immediately my I let out a heavy sigh of relief. A golden spool of yarn. Only half full but it would be just enough to finish the banner. Though I was relieved to have found it, there is one thing that puzzled me about it. The golden yarn wasn’t reflective it was something that coated it that made it glimmer. I wiped my index finger over it. “Pink powder?”

Suddenly a loud bang behind my back made me shudder and reel back against the shelf. Several spools fell on the floor and rolled across it. A rack had collapsed, its bar was completely broken in half. I kept calm as I walked up to it and found a huge pile of fabric that one after another slid from the broken rack onto the floor.

Seeing by the mass of it, it might actually have been too much for one rack alone to hold but even so, it wouldn’t be that much over the weight limit that it’d break this violently. The bar was snapped like a twig. I put my lantern down at a safe distance from the pile as I sorted through it. They were the same materials that I saw before but… now they were covered in the same pink powder as the golden yarn.

I ruffled through them all, each one more covered in it than the last. It was like a layer of dust on them that completely covered and clung to them. I dug deeper and deeper, tossing aside more and more fabrics until I found the bewildering source of the weird powder. A big, almost human sized lump of pink fur. It was too dark to make out much, but it looked like a compilation of several tufts that were soft to the touch. When I pinched it between my fingers, a weird little cloud of this pink dust puffed out. I coughed “Hirk! NNhhh, what is this stuff? I’ve never even used material like this.” I waved a hand in front of my face to waft away the powder while leaning on the fur with my other hand. My eyes shot open a little as I felt it. Not only was it soft as a cotton cloud but getting a better hold of it, it was also very… springy. I got a full hand of it, bundling it up in my hand. There was something almost fleshy to it, like there was skin under…

“Nyyaaaaa!” A stretched out, feminine moan suddenly rang out in the storage. I froze solid, my hand still in the same position. I probingly squeezed again and only confirmed… that I was grabbing more than just fur.

I looked down and from the pile of fabric emerged a face. The face of a girl. Her cheeks red from blushing and a lewd smile forming on her face. “You’re not supposed to go for that right away, master!” She said as she let out a playfully shy laugh.

At this moment I noticed that I was not sitting on a pile of fur; I was straddling this girl and I was fondling her fur covered, voluptuous breast.

My eyes shot open and I immediately pushed myself away from her and fumbled backwards until I knocked my head against the wall. “Ow!” I flinched as I rustled my hair to distract from the pain.

“Master!” The girl instantly got up and crawled towards me. The closer she came to the light of the lantern, the more I could make out about her. Her eyes were wavering as if she was seriously concerned.

When she was close enough, I could see her entire body as well. She was most definitely a monster, although one that I’ve never seen before. She had large, pink, fluffy wings among other insectoid features like an equally furry insect butt and arms and legs that were covered in fluff and ended in pincer-like hands. Dark red, fanned-out antennae poked out of her light pink, long hair and additional fluff covered her intimate areas like her crotch and her breasts that I had unintentionally groped before.

“M…master? Who are you talking to?” I shook my head to gather my senses. “Wait, that should be question 3 or 4! Who are you and what are you doing in my storage?”

She slumped down and her lowered her antennae in guilt. “Are you mad at me, master?”

“M…mad?” I recognized that I used a very hostile tone and despite the situation I should’ve tried to solve it calmly. “Apologies, this is just… a weird situation. Let me collect myself.” I took a deep breather and rubbed my eyes as I continued in a more casual tone. “Okay, let’s try this again. Who are you?”

She knelt in front of me and I could see that she was holding back her excitement. The shift in her mood was almost instant as she suddenly smiled giddily. “I’m Zephyr, but you can call me Zephi, master.”

I slowly sat up so I wasn’t so slumped anymore and faced her more properly. “Nice to meet you Zephyr, but still… what is a girl like you doing in here? It’s so dark and cold.”

“Exactly!” She cried out and pumped a fist. “This place is perfect! I love the dark! Although I love light too! Like your lantern! I love that too!”

I cocked my head at this weird almost childishly excitable girl and cracked a befuddled smile. “Didn’t think I’d ever hear someone say they love it back here. You sure are a weird one.”

“Weird?” She put a finger to her chin. “What do you mean, master?”

“There you go again. Why are you calling me that? I’m not really the master of anyone.”

Unexpectedly, she started blushing and got a little antsy as she looked at the ground. “Uh… well I haven’t asked you yet but… I live in your house and since its yours that means you’re the master of the house. So, I thought that you’d be my master too! I saw all of your works and they’re soooooo pretty! Some of them even have flowers on them! I love flowers! A master who loves flowers as much as I do can’t be a bad master!”

I was completely taken aback. There was no hint of joking behind her words. She was 100% sincere and unabashedly excited. “That’s umm… a pretty bold request there, Zephyr. I…I’m really still pretty confused by all of this.”

“I knew that it was a weird question, that’s why I hid in here. I saw you sleeping outside on top of your fabric thingies but I never dared to ask you since you were probably tired already.”

“Wait… how long have you been in here?”

“How late is it?”

“Uhh… around 6 o’clock in the evening?”

“Then about 2 months.”

My jaw dropped a little. “2…2months? You’ve been in here for THAT long? How did I never notice you?”

She cutely rubbed the back of her neck and embarrassedly shut her eyes. “Ehehe, like I said, I was REALLY anxious about it. I slept in your racks the whole time where it was nice and tight. I can sleep upside down.”

“Is that why the bar broke?”

“Kinda. That was actually another reason. It held out every other time when I slept on it.”


She shot me a blushing smile. “Well… when I noticed that you were there, I was so excited that my wings started fluttering really really wildly. I guess that I broke it with that. S…sorry about that.” She hung her head apologetically and tapped the tips of her index fingers against each other.

The way she prostrated herself in front of me was almost abominably cute. I gave in to the urge to reach out and pet her head. I didn’t know why it overcame me like that, but her response was so adorable that I forgot about it immediately. Her eyes were blissfully closed and pushed her head against my hand. “It’s not that big a deal. Stuff like that isn’t that expensive. But what now?”

“Hmm… I dunno. It’s your call, master. I wanna stay with you and watch you work. Can I? I want to see you make more flowers!”

I chuckled a little as I continued to pet the top of her head, pushing down her antennae underneath my hands. “I don’t only make flowers you know? I have to make what my customers want too.”

“I don’t mind! It’s all full of pretty colors! Like that one!” She pointed to my side where the spool of golden yarn laid on the floor.

“Oh, right!” I grabbed the spool and looked back up at Zephyr. “Speaking of which, I need to get back to work.”

“So… can I watch? I promise I won’t get in the way!” She pleaded beggingly with eyes that a puppy would be jealous of.

I laughed at her and extended a hand to pull her up. “For today, yeah. It won’t take too long. Hope you won’t get too bored.”

“I won’t!”

I sighed as I suppressed an endeared smile. “Alright then. Let’s… hnng…” Right after taking a first step, my vision grew slightly skewed and wobbly. My legs stiffened up and my mind became a blank slate for a second.

Zephyr came up to my side and squeezed my arm with her hands, worriedly pulling it against her to steady me. “Are you alright, master?”

“Woooo… must’ve gotten up a little too fast there. I’m feeling a little woozy but I’m good. By the way, you really don’t need to call me master. My name is Archimedes.” I explained to her and her eyes lit up like a shooting star.

She gasped “Oh! Can I call you Archie? We could be Zephie and Archie! Wouldn’t that be great, master?”

“Wha… Archie? No! No Archie! It sounds way too silly, Zephyr.”

She puffed her cheeks “It’s not silly, it’s cute! I don’t mind it when you call me Zephie either. You haven’t done that yet either even though I told you to.” She frowned and puffed out her cheeks, scrunching her adorable little mouth.

I rolled my eyes jokingly and let out a fake sigh. “Alright, I’ll think about using it, okay? We barely just met each other, usually you only give nicknames to your close friends.”

Her antennae propped up halfway as she seemingly didn’t understand what I was getting at but she complied nonetheless and gave me a relieved smile. “That’s fine then. As long as you remember it!” She pointed her finger straight at my face with a cutely stern face.

I crossed my fingers in front of me and answered her confidently. “Promise. Come on, I’ve got work to do.”

“Right by your side, master!” She proclaimed proudly as she clung even tighter to my arm. Tight enough for my arm to be submerged within her fluffy cleavage. A sudden rush of excitement shot through my body and I felt like the dizziness I felt before was growing even worse with a pink haze clouding my view. My lips were quivering and blood was rushing down into… “Brrr! M…m…maybe we should walk separately. It’s already stuffed in here after all.” I excused myself as I carefully peeled her fingers off my arm. But instead of giving up on close body contact, she made yet another bold move.

Zephyr shot to my front, her eyes wavering with worry. Standing close to me, she reached up with bot her hands and cupped my cheeks within them. She looked sorrowful and concerned as she carefully caressed my skin while my pulse shot through the roof. “You’re not looking too well master. Maybe you should rest for a little while. I’ll even watch over you and take care of you until you feel better. Oh wait! I think I know what’ll make you feel…”

I gently kept her at an arm’s distance from me, breathing heavily and struggling to stand straight. Weird thoughts started to flood my mind. Thoughts of wanting to… “I d…d…don’t need to rest, trust me. I know myself and I’ve never been sick in my life. All I need is to get out of here, get some fresh air and start working again. Yes, that’s it. Work and fresh air. The sooner the better.” I held my head, trying my best to suppress these sudden urges that I’d never felt for any other woman before. At least not to this extend. This attractive, cute girl was basically clinging to me, but I couldn’t just… could I?

I laughed it off and once again petted her head to assure her that everything was alright. She reluctantly let go of me and we could finally return to the workshop.

When I finally sat down at my weaving rack and set up the spool to finish the banner, Zephyr came up to my side and bundled together some of the fabric waste that I piled on the side so she could sit on it and watch.

She seriously wasn’t lying before. She seemed genuinely interested in my work. Her eyes followed my hands and arms meticulously as row after row of golden yarn was woven in.

“You know, I’ve watched you work before sometimes.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, from a slit in the storage door. You’re always so distracted when you’re doing this that you don’t notice. You really like your work, don’t you?”

I smiled at her over my shoulder. “Yeah, I think I do. It’s hard but… there’s something amazing to it when you’re able to create your own physical art. You have control over every thread and no matter how small, one piece of yarn can alter the image permanently.”

“And you can add as many pretty flowers as you like!” Zephyr added enthusiastically as she almost leapt out of her seat.

“Add as many… hehe, no not quite. You still need to submit to the wishes of the people who order these. If you don’t create it the way they imagined it, they won’t be happy with it.”

Zephyr slumped down a little upon hearing that but kept a sweet little smile throughout. “Aww… alright then. But… do you think you could at least show me how to make these flowers some time? I don’t have anything really, but it would really make me happy if you made one for me. If you don’t mind too much that is. I promised you not to get in the way after all.” Zephyr weakly threw in, barely hiding the disappointment of knowing that I might not make it for her if she can’t pay me for it.

I stopped my work for a second as a smirk crossed my lips. Zephyr curiously watched me with confused eyes as I reached a hand out to her. “Give me one of the square pieces you’re sitting on.”

“Um uh! Sure, master! Here!” She hastily grabbed one with visible excitement and, as if making an offering, presented it to me. I took out a weaving rack that was small enough to work on my lap and strapped a piece of woven fabric into it before taking out a needle and red thread.

Unexpectedly, Zephyr jumped onto my lap and looked back at me over my shoulder. Her soft wings flattened against me and I could feel her fluffy fur smother my legs.

She looked over my shoulder as I was somewhat confused and taken aback. My body was clearly not letting it go unnoticed that a girl like this was shimmying around on top of me. “Alright, I think this way I can hold it the best. You can guide my hands and show me the steps!” She said with a cheery smile.

I froze. My hands were quivering. She was so warm and her enthusiasm caused this endearing feeling within my chest. My mouth went dry as I tried my best to respond normally and with the calmest expression I could muster. “S…Sure, right, the steps.” I subtly took a deep breath and overlaid her hands with mine. I let her hold the weaving rack and tried my best to guide her hands while looking over her shoulder. Her hair tickled my cheek and at several points our bare skin touched. It took every nerve in my brain to not lose my self control. “Well, we’ll have to start somewhere so you have to decide where you want your flower to be. It’s the easiest if we start with the stalk since it’s the thinnest part and we work our way up.”

“The best place…” She repeated in a quiet tone as she hovered her needle over the fabric. “There.” I watched her place it on the furthest part in the lower left corner, jabbing it through to set the starting point.

I questioned her. “Down in the corner? Why are you starting there?”

She softly smiled to herself as she quickly stitched a short stalk with my help. “If I start down here, I have all this open space. That way the flower can really stretch out and it can be in full bloom. I think it would be the prettiest that way.”

I let out a short chuckle as a smirk crossed my lips. “Heh…”

“What? Is that wrong?” She asked cautiously.

I helped her continue the stitch, reaching the rim of her flower which was supposed to take up 3 quarters of the fabric. I helped her develop it just like she wanted. “No, don’t worry, it’s not wrong. I just think that the way you’re seeing it… it’s pretty cute.”

Her hands stopped for a second and her antennae perked up. “C…cute? You think so?”

I shyly responded. “Heh, yeah. Actually there are a lot of things that are cute about you. You’re a cute girl, Zephyr.”

Her cheeks flushed and she sheepishly averted her face to badly hide her happy smile. But even if she would’ve been able to hide her smile, her wildly fluttering wings were a dead giveaway. In the little space they had, they flapped about and little clouds of her pink powder poofed off of her. “M…master… you can’t just say things like this out of nowhere. I… have to be prepared for that.” She whined as she pouted without being actually mad.

My heart melted a little as I saw her so bashful and I once again petted her head to calm her down. Greeted by a irresistibly adorable grin, I told her. “You know… actually I’m fine with you calling me Archie if you want. If you like it, it’s fine by me.”

Her eyes widened. “Really?! I can? What changed your mind?”

“Heh, if only I knew that.” I muttered embarrassedly as I rubbed my neck. “Guess I just think that it might be really cute coming from you.”

She giggled giddily and adoringly pressed her back into me while resting the back of her head on my shoulder and looking up at me. “Will you call me Zephie too then?”

I playfully rolled my eyes and chuckled along with her as I wrapped my arm around her waist. “Well… I wouldn’t go that far yet.”

“Hehe, you’re off the hook for now, Archie.” She nuzzled my chest as she dreamily gazed into my eyes. The pink specs of powder wafted through the air and were slowly enveloping us in a glistening cloud. My mind narrowed and my view was completely focused on her. I inhaled the powder without even noticing it and the same pink haze as before clouded my sight. Suddenly I was overcome with adoring love for Zephyr and the sensation of having her body in my lap grew even more intense.

Almost magnetically, my hand moved to her right cheek and I caressed her blushing pink face with my thumb. A battle waged in my mind as I tried to cling to my sense and reason. Something inside tore at my resistance and was intent on breaking my barriers. With hot breath, I spoke to her. “Zephyr, I have this weird feeling again. I want to… There are things floating around in my mind about you.”

She laid her hand on top of mine and hooded her eyes. “And what do those thoughts tell you to do?”

“I… can’t tell you…” I was struggling to hold myself back but the willingness to just ravage her right now was growing stronger and stronger.

“I know what you’re thinking, Archie.” Zephyr continued with a husky, desperate voice. “Do it… I’m the reason you’re like this anyways.” With her eyes still focused on me I felt her hand slide down my body and onto my crotch.

“What… what are you doing?” I asked with a gasping voice as her fingers snaked around the outlines of my cock and began stroking.

“My powder… I lose it when I’m excited and when other people breathe it in, they get excited too. That’s one reason why I hid in your storage. If there was anyone I got excited with… I wanted to make sure that it was going to be only you.” She smiled with a hint of caution, thinking that maybe I was going to get mad.

But my mind was in a completely different place. I felt nothing but adoration and love for her and I burned with desire for her body. A massive bulge was already pushing against my pants and it was only growing bigger and more eager by the second. I got closer to her face and touched her forehead with mine. “Seems like your plan worked out.” I calmed her anxiousness as both of our flushed faces met in a deep, passionate kiss.

All care was thrown out the window and I wholeheartedly lusted over her. Her caresses grew bolder and she hastily uncovered my crotch to get a full hold of my cock to jerk its girth up and down.

Our tongues wrestled in wild madness, exchanging saliva and heat. Zephyr’s eyes were hooded and I could only assume that my face was equally lewd. My heart was beating madly and I started to sweat from the unbearably combined heat of our bodies. The air within the store became increasingly dense and stuffy. Whether that was because of the powder that consistently increased in density I didn’t know and I didn’t care in the slightest either anymore.

Zephyr’s hand sped up and ensnared the head of my dick to spread my increasing precum over my length. Surprisingly, her pincer like fingers weren’t hurting me at all, instead the smoothly glided over my shaft while putting on pressure in just the right spots to spur my excitement.

Zephyr and I moaned and heaved as we exchanged lascivious kisses. I felt the need to put in my own effort and snaked my arm that was around her waist even further down her body. She gasped as I explored the tuft of fur that covered her crotch and found her moist, quivering slit underneath it.

“Archiiiiieeee…” Zephyr whined as my fingers assaulted her cunt, sliding over her crevasse. We both ferociously started to pleasure each other with our hands as our bodies were closely pushing together. The sweat and heat became so unbearably hot that I was overcome with the desire to shed my clothes. I rushed to shove my shirt over my head so that I could return to pleasuring her with even more zeal as soon as possible.

My pants were already around my knees so getting them out of the way was no hassle at all either. I could now feel the damp heat of her crotch on my thigh as she bucked and ground her hips over it. The pleasure I gave her through my fingers caused her to leak juices exponentially and they were staining the fur around her pussy, making it glisten and sticky.

“Do you like my fingers Zephyr? All this teasing and tempting and now you’re the one being sensitive? You must’ve been holding out a lot.” Of course I was no better, but in the heat of the moment I had no other desire besides teasing her and making her squirm more from my caresses. I wasn’t myself. My desires and urges were forcing me to speak my mind without restraint. Maybe… maybe that WAS my true self. I had been so held up with my work that all of my sexual repression was now unleashed onto her.

Zephyr rode my fingers as I plunged them into her depths and her eyes squeezed shut from the sensation. With a gaping mouth and hazy eyes, she responded with a delirious smile. “You touching me… of course I’m loving it. That’s what I wanted this whole time. You just took sooo long to act on it, Archie.” She giggled playfully as she once again longingly captured my lips.

“Eheh, it was less than an hour, Zephyr.” I smirked back.

“Too long…” Zephyr pouted as she pulled my hand from her face to place it on her fluffy breast instead. After that, she instantly returned to giving attention to my cock while I started to simultaneously grope her pussy and her supple, squeezable breast. On both ends the soft, damp fur slid through my fingers and coated my hands in glistening pink powder which already clouded my mind to the point of savage lust.

I felt her nipple through the fur and began flicking and teasing it while pumping my index and middle finger into her tight, squishy pussy.

I was so close to cumming from her hands and I could tell that Zephyr was not far away from it either. But just as I was about to breach my threshold. “Zephyr! I’m cumming!”

After voicing those words, something seemed to spark within her and she flung her arms around my neck. Within the blink of an eye, she escaped my grasp, turned around and mounted me from the front. She desperately plumped onto my lap with her legs crossed around my lower back and my cock plunging into her pussy without preparation. I effortlessly slid into her, her cavity fitting my cock like a glove and taking me in to the hilt. My eyes shot open at the sudden turn of events and I orgasmed hard and instantaneously. Zephyr cried out in ecstasy, drooling and cumming just as soon as I unleashed my load within her love canal. I spurted out large quantities of cum, clinging to her and pulling her body against me as tight as I could.

I could feel her pincers digging into my back but the pain didn’t even really register, being overwhelmed by the amazing sensation of filling her to the brim with my sperm.

Panting heavily after settling down from her earth shattering orgasm and with sweat all over her body, Zephyr whispered into my ear with a quivering voice. “In there… is better.”

I embraced her unconsciously. After this climax, I regained at least some of my senses. It was like releasing pressure from an overly filled tank that was about to burst. My mind was a bit clearer now and the realization of what had just happened began to sink in. I realized that I possibly just took her virginity or that at the very least the extremely fast insertion might have hurt her. “Zephyr I… I think you might want to get off for now. You might hurt yourself if we…”

Before I could finish my sentence, Zephyr hugged me tighter, pressed her face into my shoulder and insistently mumbled. “No… not off… closer.” She whined. “You said I was cute and you did all this stuff with me, why should I get off now?”

I was taken aback by the saddened tone and inability to understand why I’d want to stop. “It’s… I’m just worried. I…I don’t know if this is your first time or not but… if we do it this fast… I’m just worried about you.” I stumbled through my sentence, with the pesky caution and reluctance battling in my mind.

Upon hearing me say that, Zephyr just chuckled and rubbed her cheek against my neck while dreamily looking away from my face. “Silly Archie. I’m okay. No holding back anymore, okay? I don’t want you to be so cold anymore. I want you to be more warm again. You’re the warmest light I know after all.” She said as she looked up, cupped my cheeks and pecked at my lips. “You want me too, don’t you? It’s nice when it’s this warm.”

I could barely respond as she circled her hips on my lap, pushing my still erect cock deeper into her and my cum out of her. I looked into her eyes after our sweet little kiss broke off. This girl. Why was her simple way of thinking so alluring to me. I touched her cheek as well while she cupped mine. Feeling her like this and having her so close to me somehow felt so right. I’d never felt such an urge to be with someone so badly ever before. I wanted her in my life and I wanted her right now. I looked down in between our crotches and watched as my old cum dripped out of her overflowing pussy.

I raised my head again and a smirk crossed my face as I faced her again. “Seems like there’s some space for more left now. Let’s fill it back up, what do you think?”

She beamed with happiness and entwined the fingers of both her hands with mine. Her face basically melted into a lewd smile and she began grinding. “More is always better, Archie. Fill my belly up all the way, okay?”

“Alright… Zephie.” Just as her eyes widened from hearing me call her that, I caught her lips once again and started thrusting my hips from down below.

Zephyr’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as I knocked against the back end of her love tunnel, grinding her cervix. I was buried to the hilt inside of her, feeling the moist fur that I only touched with my fingers before all over my lap.

Her antennae were twitching with every thrust and needless to say, her wings were, now that they were free to move around, flapping like crazy. All my fabrics were sprinkled with powder but I was far past caring about that. I squeezed her round, soft butt with one hand while I held the back of her head with the other.

The stool of the weaving rack we were fucking on was creaking under our combined weight and our movement. Her squirming walls pleasured me all over my length from my sensitive tip to the very bottom of my shaft.

Our tongues lashed against each other, our lips and cheeks long coated in sloppy saliva. Our bodies, smashed together tightly, created an immense heat from the friction and our sweaty skin stuck and rubbed together.

Her butt crashed into my crotch over and over as my cock retracted from her depths almost to the point of popping out before Zephyr desperately slammed down to fill herself up again. She did everything she could to make me cum, clinging to me as tightly as she could and grinding my cock against every side of her insides.

Her pussy squeezed me from all of said sides as well, signaling me that Zephyr herself was enjoying this at least just as much and, judging by her delusional expression, maybe even more than me.

Then again, I was not one to talk. My teeth ground together as I tried to bear the pleasure. My muscles were burning and almost working on their own will.

I plunged harder and harder into her as our combined excitement grew. More and more of my old cum was pushed out of her to make room for my cock. Our crotches were a wild mess of fluids. And they were just about to get even worse.

With stuttering words, Zephyr called out to me. “A…Archie! Cumming! CUMMING!”

Without responding, I sped up my thrusts for the final sprint and ramped our pleasure up to formerly unimaginable levels. We closed off our mouths with each other’s lips to muffle our screams of pleasure and held on to each other in any way we could.

I crushed her body against mine for one last time before our floodgates broke. Zephyr’s juices squirted onto my crotch just as much as my cum did into her. Our closed eyes twitched from the immense feeling and hollow voices rang out in between our lips.

We parted, with strings of saliva stretching out between our tongues, as we gasped for air. We held out until the very last moment but the need for breath and rest overcame us. We were an entangled mess of sweat and flesh as we embraced each other.

I tumbled backwards from exhaustion, slipping off the weaving rack and onto the floor. Zephyr on top of me, rested on my chest and emanated heat like crazy. But despite her exhaustion, she was smiling from ear to ear and hugged me tightly.

Seeing her cute self nuzzle me, gave me the urge to pet her head and embrace her. Meanwhile, her pussy was overflowing with cum and the excess of it drizzled onto the floor. I had a feeling that she didn’t want me to pull out of her, so, as long as I was hard, I plugged her slit to keep the massive amounts of semen, I shot out, inside of her.

Zephyr looked up at me and with half closed eyes giggled at me. “That was a lot, Archie. Just like I told you to…” She felt around her stomach and I could almost swear that it was a bit bulgier than before. “…all the way to the top. Hehe.”

I chuckled back at her as I held her hand. “Hehe, who knows, maybe I even managed to get you pregnant.”

She gasped with wide eyes. “You think!”

I rubbed her head again, smooshing her antennae underneath my palms while she cutely closed her eyes in happiness. “Heh, maybe. Maybe not. Either way, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves.”

“I want to get ahead. Far ahead! How many? What names are we gonna give them? How about Sapphire? Athena?”

“You’ve been thinking about that before already, haven’t you?” I smirked with a raised eyebrow.

Her antennae embarrassedlly sunk down as she sheepishly tapped her index fingers together and averted her eyes guiltily. “M…maybe a little bit?”

She giggled playfully as I squeezed her body tightly against me and tickled her sides making her, as well as myself laugh out loud before I snuggled up with her and whispered exhaustedly. “We’ll see, Zephie. We’ll see.”

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    One small thing:
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