MGEEC Ch.10 Majin Family: Dark Mage

The battle is growing fierce. I can see balls of dark energy barrel towards us and barely manage to dodge them. This mad woman has no idea who she is messing with.

My name is Klaudius, member of the paladins of Cheydina and servant of the Chief God. Under the gaze of her holiness I smite the enemies of mankind and destroy any kind of darkness on this world.

And that is just what I was planning to do when another one of these plagues set up shop near Cheydina. One day, and for no explicable reason our countryside got flooded and creeping vines overtook our fields. Basically, the land around our city turned into an expansive swamp that was swallowing the fertile fields.

At first, we thought it was the witches of Sabbath announcing their arrival but it was in fact something much, much worse. It was a dark mage expanding her influence from her remote tower in a distant forest. We didn’t see her as much of a threat, in fact at first, we didn’t even think she was a dark mage at all but just a wizard practicing her arts away from the eyes of the public.

But now… something had possessed her to claim more land which drove away more and more people to flee to Cheydina.

And that’s where we come in. The paladins of the Chief God. We are a troop of 5 elite soldiers with holy powers granted by our goddess herself.

Consisting of me, Grindal, Hila, Nathaniel and Gregor.

I was the troop leader and the life of my comrades depended on me. I was on the forefront of any battle we got into.

Such was the case today when we attacked the wretched swamp of this monstrous mage. Almost as soon as we arrived in the thicket of the flooded countryside, we get bombarded with massive balls of slimy dark matter. It was as if it was alive and even if it missed us, the expanding puddles almost grabbed onto us like hands that tried to pull us into it. We’ve lost no one so far, but just when we thought we had gone through the worst, we met the head bitch herself.

We hold our ground, approaching her in a V formation and holding up our shields and maces in preparation for her attacks. But we were not prepared for this amount of power.

“Fall back! Fall back!” I yell to my comrades.

“Did you really think you could just barge into my lair and I wouldn’t fight back!? It’s ridiculous how foolish you imbecilic humans are.” The woman raised her staff, the end of it loading up with energy, ready for another blast.

The woman herself stood in front of her tower, dressed in a surprisingly clean black dress with purple linings and frills. The same pattern extended to her wide, pointy witch’s hat out of which long, voluminous purple hair pooled out.

She wore her clothes in a way that was extremely exposing with her dress only barely covering her voluptuous breasts and freely showing her long and curvy, legging-covered legs.

Her staff was crooked and looked like it had liquid dark matter pulsing through it. And for some reason, whenever she attacked us with it, despite her menacing and mocking words, she always had a maniacal smile on her face as if she was enjoying, to see us struggle to keep our position. Like the mad monster that she was.

“Hila, can you create another barrier? We’re going to get pushed back if we lose footing now!”

“I have no more holy water! I’m all out!” She cried out in a panic.

“Gregor?” I turned to the other half of my squad.

“Nothing, sir!”

Just as we try to figure out our next step, a volley of spear-like magic projectiles hammer into our shields.

She didn’t even leave the little island of her tower to wage a siege on us from a distance. Her voice was booming throughout the swamp as if it would carry and echo her words.

“Cute! At some point, you have to make a move as well, you know. You’re not making any progress hiding behind your shields. I’m waiting.” She said as her staff flew out of her hand and hovered behind her so she could sit on it. She did not take us serious at all.

My comrades were panicking, doubting if we could win this fight. I was the only one left with some holy water, the source of our power.

I check the pouches of my armor and find that I have only one vial left. One vial that is barely enough to protect me. But certainly not my comrades.

I glint at the dark mage through the slits of my helmet. There she sat, all smug and haughty. A provoking smirk crossed her face as she noticed that we had been beaten.

I wouldn’t let her take this victory so easily.

I clench the vial of holy water and look over my shoulder. “Head home, men. This is not your battle anymore.”

“But sir!” Nathaniel wanted to rebuke me.

“You can’t possibly take her on your own!” Grindel added.

“But at least I can survive another attack!” I yell at them in frustration. I see the dark mage listen to us intently with a devilish smile and her chin resting on her hand.

“*blows air* Run home… you have lives to return to. If I should fail… you can fight another day.”

The four of them looked at each other and then at me, giving me a deep bow before turning heel and bolting out of this swamp.

“Aren’t you the brave leader?” I hear the woman call out to me, sitting up from her staff.

“I won’t put their lives on the line for a pointless fight with a harlot like you.” I grip my mace tightly, staring daggers at her.

“Pointless, is it? Then why are you trying so hard to take me down? Quite the contradiction. *snickers*”

“You have been a mere nuisance to us. And nuisances need to be eradicated.” I pull out my vial of holy water and pop open the cork before drinking it. I feel a surge of energy jolt through my body and bolster myself. I crack my neck and knuckles garnering the interest of the arrogant mage.

“Hmm… what’s your name, paladin?”

“What do you even care?”

“I want to know the names of my opponents. At least the ones worth remembering.” She twirled her staff into a ready fighting stance.

“Klaudius! Klaudius of Cheydina!” I proclaim proudly and aggressively.

“Klaudius, huh? I’m Maliana. Let’s make this interesting.” She leans on her staff, taunting me. “You win and I leave you, your city and your people alone forever. But if I win… you’re mine. Deal?”

“If it means that you finally shut up and we get to your defeat already.” I roll my eyes slowly walking towards her, my body pulsing with power.

“Show me what you got then, human.” She smiled, loading her staff with dark energy.

My mace glows with golden light and I swing my first strike at her. She dodges it with almost no effort. The spot where she stood before is now broken earth and steaming smoke.

I feel her staff hit me in the chest and along with a blast of magic, I am flung through the air until my body crashes into the muddy ground.

I look up, seeing her approach me with an overconfident smile and her staff loading up again. I try to get up, but the vines held me back. She was coming closer and closer. But just before she could launch another attack, I siphoned my power into my shield, creating a holy barrier around me that cut off any vines connected to me.

I sent a blast of that energy in every direction in a massive pulse and even though she was shielding herself with a magic seal, she was pushed back several feet with her feet getting no hold.

She was clearly surprised by it. I stood up, wiping the dirt off my armor. “You gotta give me more than that.”

After the initial shock, she suddenly flashed me an adoring smile with a hint of… lust behind it? “*sigh* You are so adorable. You thought I was giving it my all yet. I admit you are a strong and… resourceful man. I could just eat you up.” She giggled with a toothy grin.

“Are you mocking me, Maliana? You don’t just brush off a disciple of the Chief God like that!”

“Tsk, serving the Chief God. Please.” She scoffs dismissively, combing a lock out of her face which quickly drops again and covers one of her magenta-colored eyes.

I clutch my fist and dash towards her. She looks unimpressed and doesn’t even act on my upcoming attack. She’s right there. I just have to land this one hit and she’ll be history.

My arm looms over my head.

She snaps her finger.

Excruciating pain surges through my body and my muscles stiffen up. A dark aura surrounds me and I’m no longer able to move. My mace and shield fall into the dirt, sinking and disappearing into the mud. I am forced onto my knees, barely holding myself up.

“Haarrghhh! What’s happening to me!? You bitch! That was your doing, wasn’t it?”

“Quick on the uptake, Klaudius. Haaaa, maybe now we can finally get along a bit better. All that resistance was so annoying.” She says as she seems more interested in cleaning her staff than actually facing me.

“You could’ve done this the whole time! You were just toying with us!”

“Of course I was, darling. It was just too cute to see you guys try so, so hard. Especially you. You brave and stalwart leader, you.” She lifted my chin up with her finger, patronizing me.

I scoff, tearing my head away from her hand. “Just end it already and save me the bragging.”

She held back a giggle with her hand in front of her mouth. “*snickers* Kill you? Why would you think I’d want to do that? What kind of monster do you think I am? No, I just want to play with you. Remember the terms of our fight. Your city lives; I get… you.” She once again reached out to me. This time she took off my helmet, revealing my face to her without me being able to keep her from doing so.

She seems surprised at first. Pleasantly surprised apparently, since a lecherous smile crossed her face. “You’re relatively young to be a paladin, aren’t you? Blonde hair, chiseled face and… *deep inhale* aahhhhh that male musk! Haaa, I knew I chose the right one with you. You have no idea how excited I am, young one.” She embraced my head, sniffing my hair and pressing my face into her bosom. I freeze up, not that I could resist anyways, but the feeling of her massive breasts smothering me did rouse something within me.

I try to restrain myself and snap at her. “Are you done!? Get off me, you hag!” My face is flushed, but I hope desperately that she doesn’t see it. I won’t give her the satisfaction.

“*chuckles* A tsundere paladin! Ahhhhaaahhh! I can’t believe how lucky I am! I will have sooo much fun with you, you have no idea!” She squeals in joy while I dejectedly face the ground.

She was not intent with that reaction though and made me look at her once again. “You just take a little nap and I will see you again when we start transforming you. *smack*” She caresses my cheek, making my face run red with heat before she finally plants her lips on top of mine. My eyes shoot open and I am dazed by the soft suppleness of her mouth. She leans over me, demanding that I accept her kiss and at this rate, I have no choice in the matter.

“Klaudius! Mnnhhh! *suck*” She sucks on my lips, toying with me in my defenseless state. I know I had no choice but to give in but… it’s so sinfully good. Her lips taste of cherries and her mouth knows just how to make my heart race. I shouldn’t… I really shouldn’t, but I started to enjoy it.

I feel her tongue prodding my lips, begging for entrance. I could see her lust-filled eyes stare right into mine inquisitively. I try to hold myself back, but as I feel our lips go more and more wild, I grow weaker and part mine to allow her tongue inside.

From that moment on, Maliana holds onto my face, crouches down and wraps her arms around my neck. I’m overwhelmed with the pleasure of her tongue swirling around mine and I reluctantly reciprocate her movements.

But then… something odd happens. I feel the vibrations of a giggle echo in my mouth as I see a purple glow out of the corner of my eye.

She shoves something into my mouth along with her tongue. Something that feels like a little ball of something.

Still caught up in the act of kissing, I unconsciously swallow it along with her spit and an immediate sleepiness overcomes me. She parts her lips from mine and gently strokes my cheeks. “What? What was…?” My words trail off as I’m still gasping for air. I can’t muster the strength to finish a single sentence.

“I told you to take a little nap before we start, didn’t I? This should help you relax a little easier.” She says sullenly as she licks up the wetness around her lips.

My eyes grow heavy. My already paralyzed limbs become even weaker. I collapse into the dirt, not a muscle moving in my body. Completely knocked out, I have no choice but to drift into a deep slumber. And I am uncertain of when I will wake up again.

5 hours later

“Urgghh… my head… *hisses*” My vision slowly kicks in, my head giving me the worst dizziness I ever felt. A weird taste of cherry and an unfamiliar spice still lingers in my mouth.

I barely gain the strength to lift my head. I’m hanging off something. I feel iron restraints on my wrists, connected to a long chain that was bolted to a cobblestone wall.

My arms hold up most of my weight with my feet barely touching the ground. I try moving. The shackles clatter about, but there is no way that they’ll give.

The next thing I notice is that I have been completely stripped of my armor. My plates, helmet, gauntlets and shin-guards are all gone and I’m left in my simple, white linen undergarments.

“I see you’ve finally come back to the land of the living, Klaudius. Did you have sweet dreams?” I hear a familiar voice call out to me. As the blurriness of my sight slowly fades, I’m greeted with a teasing and mocking smile.

“You… drugged me…” I hardly wring out some words before my voice cracks and refuses to work.

“Aww, I wouldn’t call it that. I just helped you to sleep easier so it wouldn’t be such a big hassle to get you to come here.”

“The… chains?” I asked, rattling my restraints as if to reinforce my question.

“Well… I knew you’d be kind of mad when you woke up, so just to make sure that you don’t lash out too much, I thought this was the best solution. Don’t worry, I’ll release you in due time.” She seems sincerely apologetic as she quickly checks up on me. She turns around just as quickly though and tends to a table of concoctions. From what I can make out, it was an array of vials and filters along with some sort of magic insignia etched into the wooden table.

“Why are you doing this to me? This is no way to treat a Paladin of Cheydina! What have we done to you?” I yell at her, my chains rattling and digging into my wrists.

She doesn’t even turn around to answer me, be it out of embarrassment or arrogance, I can’t tell. “You didn’t do anything to me. That’s not what this is about.”

“Then what is it about? Gold? Power? Land?”

“Nothing materialistic like that.” She says almost inaudibly. She turns back to me, the apologetic look from before completely gone which was replaced by one of anxiousness and anticipation.

“What now? Want to torture me as well?”

I’m taken aback as I see her soft gaze look straight at me. There was something sorrowful in her eyes, like she regrets what she is doing but determined to go through with it.

“Just…just let this happen, Klaudius. Please…” She whispers to me. It sounds so oddly familiar. My hatred for her still burns within me and it’s still enough that I keep my defenses up. And yet… something itches inside me. Something that wants to know what she has planned for me.

I don’t answer her and look away, reluctantly ready to let her do as she pleases.

She smiles painfully as she presses up against me. In surprise at her breasts suddenly flattening on my chest, I turn around to face her. She gives me a hopeful glance with upturned eyes from underneath the rim of her witch’s hat.

Something in there. I can’t tell what it is. But something in her gaze is melting my hatred away. She looks down, her hand sensually pressing against my front along with her voluptuous breasts.

Her fingers cling to my linen and a sultry grin stretches across her face, again showing a completely flipped side of her personality. She brings her mouth to my ear as she bites her lip. “Don’t you ever long to reach for something that your belief keeps you from?”

“I…I have no idea how to answer that. What are you aiming for here?” I glare back at her.

“*sigh* I guess you wouldn’t know.” She sullenly looks down before glancing up at me with determination. “I will show you.”

She presses herself up against me more. I clearly feel her nipples poke me through her clothing even.

Her fingers wander over my chest, lower and lower down my body until she reaches my crotch. With only a thin layer of linen between us, I gasp as she gets a hold of my shaft. Even this little touch was enough to send a few jolts through my body. She had a natural skillfulness with her hands, swerving over my length and clenching down at just the right spots. “This is nothing! Nngghh! Stop this at once!”

Maliana looks at me sternly before pressing her lips against mine while her hand slides over my crotch. “Just keep quiet for once and enjoy this. We don’t know what we miss out on if we close ourselves off to certain pleasures, Klaudius.”

“I just don’t get all of this. Why? Why are you doing this?”

“Shhhh…” she presses her finger on my lips and continues to stroke me with a tight grip throughout her lewd massage. “Too many questions ruin the moment, don’t you think?” She smiles at me with one of her eyes covered by her locks.

Blood pools into my crotch at her words. A hard bulge grows in her hand and her smile widens. “See? Just let go for me. And just feel it.” She turns to me with those sultry lips that formed these words.

As if magnetically, our lips find each other. Sensually, Maliana licks at mine to gain entrance.

I make up excuses in my mind. “I can’t fight this. She will just force it onto me either way.” But in reality… I didn’t want it to end. This sinful craving scratches at my soul and I see no other way to shut it up other than letting her have her way with me.

I buck my hips into her hand which she immediately notices in positive surprise. She crawls up from my crotch and hooks her index finger into my waistband to pull it down. My cock springs forth, right into her palm. Warmth spreads over my shaft at the direct touch and she just starts rubbing the underside.

Precum is leaking onto her hand, but it just makes her slide over it even faster and more intensely. Her eyes are hooded, burning with lust and arousal.

I can’t help but be drawn in and open my mouth further to wrestle with her tongue. My heart beats like a jackhammer at the sinful act that felt so wrong and yet so right at the same time.

“*pant* *shivers* Isn’t this amazing? Don’t you just want to explode in my hand and let it all out? I don’t mind it. I want to feel your cum on my skin!” She moans, her mouth half agape as her hand speeds up.

Her smooth, silky fingers tease the underside of my glans and smear my precum all over my shaft. Her hand moves so rapidly that her motions become blurry out of the corner of my sight. I’m too busy with her slippery tongue exploring the confines of my mouth. I moan relentlessly, craving release more than anything at this point as my vision slowly turns white.

The slick sounds of her squelching hand are sending chills through me. My hips buck to add even more stimulation but no matter how intense, I just can’t get enough of it.

What is this? What is this craving within me? I never had anything like this. Is this the pleasure that the Chief God kept us from? I stifle my doubts and try to steel my resolve but my climax is coming at a rapid pace.

While one of her hands digs into my shirt longingly, Maliana moans into my mouth. She tangles her legs around one of mine and begins grinding on it. I can feel the vague heat of her privates emanate through the layers of thin clothes.

The additional sensation is just too much for me to handle; it was too erotic and so wrong. But it was like the immorality made it even more tantalizing.

“Maliana! *hisses* Stop!” I groan painfully as I struggle.

“Why would I do that, Klaudius? You’re obviously enjoying it. You’re so hard and twitchy. *lick*” She laps at my lips, giggling at my struggle. She’s clearly proud of herself.

Her face is tinged in a lewd blush, complimenting her flashing, toothy smirk.

I hit the end of my limit and throwing my head back, I shoot several strands of thick, stringy cum over her fair hands. She keeps jerking me until every drop stains either her fingers or the ground.

I’m panting while Maliana slowly continues grinding my leg. I should feel exhausted… but instead I feel invigorated. Powerful. It’s like my blood was surging with energy; like I just downed a whole chalice of holy water.

“*gasp* This was… something!”

“Incredible, isn’t it?” Maliana’s hot, excited breath wafts even through my linens as she rests against me. “And that’s what I tried to tell you! When you just let everything go like this… you can gain an immense amount of power. And my child… you can have anything you want.”

I stop for a moment, thinking to myself. “Did… you just call me: my child?”

“Huh?” she looks up at me in confusion and surprise.”

“Nothing. You know what though? You’re right about that part about power. In fact…” My wrists begin to glow in a strong, golden light. An extreme heat gathers around my arms as energy flows through my veins, enough to melt and destroy the shackles holding me.

I rub my chafed wrists as Maliana slowly but surely backs away from me. “Wait, think of what you are doing. No need for brash actions.” Noticing that she lost her upper hand, she steps backwards while I follow her. I corner her against her incantation table and she fumbles around for her staff that’s leaning against it. I effortlessly knock it over, grabbing her wrists and pinning her onto the table. I’m still panting but more in control of my body than I ever was before.

Her eyes look up to me in dejected defeat. “*sigh* Alright, do as you wish then. I failed either wa…”

“Shut up!” I cut her off, making her flinch. I try to speak as calmly as I can. “No more charades. No more avoiding questions. I know you are not who you pretend you are. You’re not some random wizard turned mad. You picked me for a purpose; you wanted me specifically to demonstrate something. I don’t want to hurt you; I want answers.”

Her eyes widen for a second before her gaze turns into a sorrowful, regretful smile. “I apologize, Klaudius. I guess I just never thought that knowing who I was would change anything.”

“Who are you then?”

From underneath her hat, Maliana glances at me with her one, shining magenta eye while the other is alluringly covered by her hair. “I have changed a lot since I worked at the cathedral, haven’t I, my child? It’s no wonder you couldn’t recognize me.”

The cathedral? Wait! “T…Tera? You? You’re the dark mage?!”

“I’m afraid I am. Surprise!” She jokingly wiggles her fingers while her face fills with the heat of embarrassment.

A few months back, a cathedral I frequently visited was tended to by a gentle and quiet priestess called Tera. She overlooked every prayer and every confession made there and made sure that order and etiquette was upheld by the visitors.

As a paladin, me and my comrades were granted private sessions where we could worship the chief god in quiet and peace to grant us strength for the coming battles.

But occasionally, when I came in for my weekly prayer, I saw her still kneeling in front of the altar. She would always be horribly embarrassed, fumbling to quickly get her things and leave. I would assure her that I didn’t mind the company and there we stayed, kneeling next to each other.

At first it was uncomfortable and embarrassing, but soon the usual quiet between us turned into smalltalk, little jokes and later… private conversations. She was like a trusted, attentive ear when my prayers to the Chief God would not gain any response. We reaffirmed our beliefs, telling each other to trust in the will of the gods but doubts kept nagging at us. We both questioned the determined hatred that the Chief God had for monsters yet we always came back to the same conclusion: The Chief God knows what’s best for us. At least I thought we both did… Tera… was doubtful.

And one day… she disappeared. Never to be seen again.

“We’ve searched high and low for you. For months… what…what happened?”

Her eyes search for a point to focus on so she didn’t have to look at me. “I couldn’t stay at the cathedral anymore. The temptation grew too big.”


“I’ve heard so many prayers… so many confessions but no one ever ‘talked’ to me. My life was empty and meaningless. I begged the gods to send me a companion. A man that would see more than just a priestess. And that’s when you started surprising me in my prayers. But the Chief God is a cruel mistress.”

“Because she would never allow us to be together…” I realize as small tears form in the corner of her eyes.

“I set out to gather some ritual herbs, trying to calm my mind but I wouldn’t think of anything else but you. You were such a collected, determined and… strong man. Just being next to you at the cathedral was enough to drive me insane. My mind was filled with such dirty thoughts; things that I wanted to do with you. But a priestess and a paladin… it would’ve been looked down upon.” She explains as I slowly remove my hands from her wrists. She makes no attempt to get away.

“And then, when I went to harvest, I reached this dark and murky swamp. It was disgusting at first, but there was some sort of dark energy lingering about. It seeped into my body, feasting on my lustful desires. It reshaped me and filled me with an indescribable amount of power. A power that I could use to create whatever I wanted. And the only thing I ever wanted… was you.”

I’m stunned into silence as I listen to her story, noticing how she holds on to the sleeves of my shirt with a lusting grip.

“So… you spread out this swamp… just to get me?”

“I knew it had to be something serious that would threaten Cheydina. I never intended to hurt anyone but it still had to seem believable.” Her face slumps a little as she realizes what she’s saying. “I’m…I’m sorry I’m being so selfish, Klaudius. I need you! If I just could… we don’t need to listen to the gods. We can make our own path. We can be together!”

Mali… Tera takes my hand into hers. Her fingers entangle with mine and I’m torn whether to believe her or not. I feel something connecting us. Despite the doubts, I want to be with her any way I can. “But how can we do this?”

“You can become my familiar, Klaudius. We just have to complete the ritual and we can be bound to each other. Please, it’s the only thing… I’ll ask of you. I know you probably hate me, but please… I love you.” She sobs as she grips my hands tightly. I look at our entwined fingers and feel a certain kind of power flow through them. But the energy stops at her fingertips, begging to bridge over into me.

This must be the spell that would make me her familiar. She could’ve just forced it and bound me to her… but she didn’t. She’s waiting for my answer.

I grip her hand back, making her stop crying. Her tear ridden eyes open again and gaze up at me as I smile. I lean down and press my lips onto hers. And with this seal of confirmation, I feel her spell course through me, creating a tightly knit connection between her life and mine.

After the ritual is completed, she untangles her fingers and instead wraps her hands behind my head to pull me into a passionate, messy kiss.

I give in, wrangling her tongue with mine as I begin groping her body. The pent-up lust and repressed frustration of holding back finally breaks and I put everything I have into showing her how much I want her.

She pants as my lips pop off hers and we gasp for air. “I don’t hate you, Tera. I’ve missed you. But what you did was still irresponsible and you did not think it through at all.”

She averts my eyes in shame as she fidgets with her fingers behind my head.

“You know you didn’t have to go overboard like this, right?”

“Heh, maybe not. You’ve got a pretty thick head to get through though.” She chuckles, making me laugh as well.

Suddenly, we fall silent, noticing that my lower half was still exposed and full of energy. We look down between us and Tera shoots me a lewd smile and moves her hands to my collar, untying it. “Maybe we should get to the more… pleasant part after all this talk.”

“You’re right, maybe we should.” I caress her cheek before gently pushing off her crooked hat, unleashing her voluminous and smooth hair.

“I love your new hairstyle.” I whisper as I let my fingers comb through her hair. It falls lazily down back into place as if it naturally tried to sit perfectly.

“*chuckles* You mean to tell me that a close shave wasn’t attractive?” Tera sighs and begins crawling down my body with her gaze. Following her view, was her hand that finally landed on my crotch again.

It seems only fair that I get to equal ground with her and flip up the cloth covering her crotch. The front of her dress was loose anyways and didn’t cover much to begin with. She shivers as I mimic her and cover her crotch with my large hand. My fingers slide over a pair of elegant, silky black panties with purple laces that were stitched into the shapes of hearts.

I feel the residing moisture from before sticking to the tip of my fingers as well as new, warm juices rising up from underneath. Soon a large oval stain forms on the thin fabric which makes panties obsolete, so I slide them down to her knees.

We continue to exchange saliva filled kisses as we moan while gently stroking each other’s privates. I’m hard as I can possibly be and there is no way that a handjob will satisfy me this time.

I push myself onto Tera, crushing her with my weight. She seems as ready as I am, gulping and breathing hotly through her slightly agape, moist lips.

I smirk as an idea grabs hold in my mind. I lift the cloth that covered her crotch up to her mouth so she can bite down on it and keep it up. She obediently accepts, muffling her moans as I prod her shining, almost hairless pussy lips with my cock. I say almost hairless because there was a small tuft of purple pubic hair above her clit. I’m thinking about how much it suits her mature and sultry body as I slowly start to part her crevice.

It was a slow process, making my way into her depths. Constricting, clenching hot walls hinder my process telling me of her apparent virginity. Her big and sultry words were apparently just a cover for her inexperience. And actually… I’m incredibly relieved by that. Because I have not taken a woman yet either.

But although that was the case, it almost feels natural to shove my hips into her. Whether that’s because of the power surge I feel or the connection between us that we sealed.

I push onward, feeling like my member was filling her to the fullest capacity. Our sexes fit together like a puzzle and I knock all the way against her cervix.

Tera’s teeth clench down on the dress and consecutively I feel a different kind of heat around my shaft. It’s like her juices but thicker and stickier. It’s blood.

I look at Tera questioningly and she shakes her head vehemently. “Don’t let it linger! Keep goin’!” She yelps with her muffled voice and I don’t think I could hold out even if she asked me to anyways. But this should be pleasurable for her too.

I help her fight through the pain by leaning down and making her shiver by licking her neck. She grips my shirt desperately, letting me leave hickeys on her collar as I start powerfully thrusting my hips. I swing my hips into her, colliding with her voluptuous ass and send ripples through her entire body.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see her tempting E-cups bouncing in the flow of our movements. This mass of erotic flesh was just too alluring to not touch, so I shove off the very loose top and reveal her round, bouncy tits. I grin as I keep licking her neck but slowly trail down her collarbone, over her chest and I latch straight onto one of her juicy, perky nipples. My mouth sinks into her breast, roughly sucking and licking on her sensitive nub while still paying attention to her unattended other breast, groping it with a strong grip.

Her face shifts into a silent scream at the multiple assaults. She can’t keep her mouth shut anymore and the cloth falls out of her mouth. “*wheezes* Klaudius! Fuck! Since when were you so lewd!? Hnnnghhhaaahhh! I can’t keep going like this if you go on!”

I lick my moist lips as I pop off her tit and smirk up at her. “Take it as payback, Tera. Just ten times worse. Hehe.” An uncharacteristically sadistic laugh escapes my mouth before I go back to assaulting her sensitive spots with even more vigor.

I hammer away, pounding her deep, slick cavern. Her legs shake along with the table she lies on, knocking over different vials and making the standing ones clink from the rumbling.

Her legs wrap around my waist. Noticing that, I let go of her breast. At least with my mouth so it’s free to lean up and kiss her. We hungrily mingle with each other as our crashing hips speed up and grow more intense. I knock on her womb over and over and we moan in tandem. The thrusts knock the air out of our lungs, making us gasp with every collision.

“This is so tight! It’s wringing me so good!”

“Not nnngghhh good enough!” I feel her fingertips dig into my back and another surge of energy flows through me. On top of my strength gaining yet another boost, everything feels more intense than before. It’s like I suddenly became more sensitive and every grind and touch was like a lightning bolt of pleasure shooting through me. I can barely keep my breath steady as I cling to her, panting.

“What was that?! Haahhhh!” My legs almost buckle as I struggle to deliver my hard, deep thrusts. My cock is throbbing violently, being as hard and thick as it can get.

“I’m so close to cumming! NNnnnghhhhhaahhh! And I’m definitely not going to do it alone!” She shoves her tongue into my mouth, effectively shutting me up as waves of pleasure crash into my body.

I wrap my arms around her back and pull her into a tight embrace. I drill my cock deep into her one last time before thick globs of semen spurt from my throbbing tip. I coat her insides in milky white, crying out around her lips, meeting her own pleasure riddled screams.

I buck my hips several times over until my balls empty and I finally feel satisfied. Her twitching love tunnel sucks on my member, drawing out as much as it could gather.

A tangy string of saliva connects our lips as we exhaustedly parted from each other. I press my sweaty forehead against hers, seeing just how much of an exhausted mess we made of the other.

Tera’s hair was disheveled and partly tangled while mine hung into my face with droplets of sweat falling from it.

I wipe it away and start chuckling in disbelief at what just happened. Tera joins in and laughs with her hand covering her mouth maidenly.

“Mission accomplished I suppose. I defeated the evil dark mage and saved a lost priestess. All in one day’s work as well.”

Tera smirks challengingly. “Well, I wouldn’t say defeated. More like ‘came to an agreement’. You know you might get in trouble if the others find out that we… did this.” She worriedly caresses my cheek.

“Probably, if this came to light I’d surely be exiled from the order.”

“You don’t need to go back, Klaudius. You can just stay here.”

“But what about Cheydina? It’s so close by. And I don’t think they will give up on pursuing you, Tera.”

“They’re no match for us. A dark mage and her familiar can’t possibly be defeated by a group of unorganized paladins. And besides, we can change them too. We can change all of Cheydina. Free them from their shackles bestowed upon them by the Chief God! We can make a better world. You and me. Together.”

I think her plan over in my head. The Order would lose all its power in this region. But the question is… what would come in its place? Anarchy? A demon realm? I can’t possibly know.

“Listen…” Tera notices my worry and guides my face to look at her. “… this is for the better. The Chief God has held the reigns over these people long enough. I don’t want any more people to be suffocated like we were.”

She extends another hand and gently runs her thumbs over my cheeks. “Please help me, my familiar.”

With my heart swelling as well as my determination I whisper back to her. “I will, my mistress.”

And with that, we meet in a final kiss, going blind into a future yet unknown.


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