You are just another average guy in your early twenties. 21 to be exact. Your have no siblings, and your parents died several years ago in a freak accident. You had never been exactly sure what your dad did for work once he got remarried to that Tanuki, but they had left you with a sizable inheritance. Even though you have an abundance of funds, you choose to live fairly modestly. Besides, most of the money is tied up in investments anyway. You still choose to have a job, even though you get a nice, fat check in the mail each month. It’s just part-time, but you have no idea what you’d do with yourself when the possibilities are virtually endless. Having lots of stuff to choose from has always really intimidated you.


            You own a small, two-bedroom house a little outside MGC proper; not quite in the city, but not quite in the suburbs either. Nobody ever really visits you, but something had felt weird about just getting a one-bedroom house. It just would have felt too lonely to you if you only got a house with one bedroom. You enjoy your solitary, comfortable life, even if it is a bit lonely at times.


            You are walking home from work one day. Everything seems just as normal and ordinary as it always is. Work was uneventful, but you’ve been looking forward to getting home and being able to relax. As you pass an alley a few blocks from home, an odd smell tickles your nose and you pause for a moment before chalking it up to some trash-dumper. Ignoring the odd, sweet smell, you move forward again, you are far too lazy to clean up someone else’s trash. However, you don’t even make it two steps before you stop again.

            You definitely just stepped in something wet.

            This is especially odd, it has been sunny and warm all day. The Ryu on the weather channel that plays on repeat all through work had said that there wasn’t supposed to be any precipitation for the next week or so. Now that you’ve fully noticed it, that smell seems a lot stronger. It smells almost like… milk? You look down and see a steady stream of white liquid trickling across the sidewalk and into the gutter.

            ‘What the hell…’


            As foreboding as it is, the smell is alluring and almost calming, in a way. Your curiosity is piqued; you’ve learned to act on feelings like this, as they don’t happen often at all. If you don’t, you’ll never be able to stop thinking about what it could be and why. You know that from experience.


            The alley is thickly overgrown with weeds, but you can see a large, misshapen blob towards the back.

            This better not fuck you over.

            As you take a step forward, your foot makes a weird, wet, squelching noise as it lands in the milk-saturated grass. God damn, it’s like someone has a hose on that sprays milk instead of water. You can sort of hear a low, repetitive murmuring coming from the shadowy blob.

            Are those words? You can’t be sure.


            You cautiously move forward, living in a city of monsters has taught you to be on your guard at all times. The blob slowly becomes clearer as you part the thick weeds. You don’t think you remember the weeds being here actually, but you never really cared enough to notice. Finally, the blob comes into full view and lump forms in your throat as you take in the scene before you. A Holstaur is sprawled out in the grass, moaning something unintelligible; that part isn’t too alarming. What’s alarming are her breasts, holy fucking Hathor they’re huge. Together, they’re about as big as she is. The Holst herself seems larger than most as well, both taller and wider. Two steady, thick streams of milk are flowing from her large, inflamed nipples and you can barely see the shreds of her shirt between her gargantuan teats.

            What the actual fuck happened here?


            The Holst has finally noticed your presence. She turns to you; her black and silver hair is soaked with milk, as is the rest of her body. Her face is so red you’re almost surprised she isn’t bleeding from it and her eyes are glazed and basically lifeless.

            What a wreck.

            You should just leave now. Go back home, make a nice meal, and forget what you’re looking at for the rest of ever.

            That would be nice.

            It’s too bad you just can’t bring yourself to look away though. You can’t help the fact that you gingerly hoist the lethargic Holst-girl up on your back with her immense chest draped over each of your shoulders. It’s not your fault that you drag her back to your house and lay her in the bathroom while you change out of your now milk-drenched clothes. You aren’t responsible for any of that, right? It was just the smell of the milk. The smell of the milk made you do it. The smell of that sweet, creamy, beautiful milk that just wanted to gorge yourself on and take a bath in.

            Wait, what?


            She got you.

            Not intentionally, most likely, but she got you.


            Now wearing fresh clothes, you return the Holst, now sprawled on the floor of your bathroom. Something else you couldn’t easily forget was her soft, pleading mantra. You’d gotten an earful of it when you struggled to get her to your home. Her low, heavy breathing of the words ‘…milk me… …please, milk me… …milk me…’ had been hard to ignore when they were right up against your ear. As the first one to take notice of her plight, you are obligated to help her.

            That’s how these things work, right?


            You’re just helping a sick lady, that’s all. There’s no harm in that.

            You look down at the Holstaur; her size, coupled with her massive breasts nearly fill your small bathroom. Milk is still freely flowing from her teats, you better act fast or she might flood the place. It has already completely covered the grout between the tiles of the floor.


            You do a bit of awkward shifting and lifting, and you find yourself standing next to the bathtub. You don’t have many containers handy, and you doubt that even the whole lot of them could hold even a fraction of what is stored in this girl’s teats. You never use your tub anyway, besides it had just been cleaned. You take a deep breath and plug the drain.

            ‘Here it goes.’


            You gingerly take the Holst’s left breast into your arms and awkwardly pull it towards the tub.

            There’s no going back now.

            You wrap both hands around the flesh near her engorged nipple and squeeze. You jump in surprise as the Holst-girl lets out a long, loud, throaty moan. That was the loudest sound you’ve heard her make by far. A massive jet of warm, smooth milk hits the bottom of the tub and an odd sort of satisfaction hits you. You’re getting somewhere. That satisfaction drives you forward as you squeeze at her teat again. A second jet of milk hits the tub and the Holst lets out another, equally loud moan. With only two squeezes, you can already tell that the size of her breast has gone down.



            Hold on a second.

            You can’t just milk her boobs one at a time, that’s just not right. That’s not how things work.

            You wait for a moment and an idea comes to you. With a great deal of effort, you sit the Holst up on her knees, facing the tub. She is very wobbly, but before she has a chance to fall, you sit cross-legged between her and the tub and let her lean on your back. Damn she’s heavy. You drape her teats over your shoulders again (what an awesome feeling that is) and take hold of each of her nipples. Carefully, you start to milk her again, squeezing one nipple and then the other. Left, right, repeat. Left, right, repeat; jet after creamy jet of milk fills the tub. The only other sound in the room is the deep, thankful, cooing moans of the Holst.


            Eventually, her teats are small enough that the spurts of milk can barely reach the now almost full tub. Her squirts have also decreased in pressure and quantity, and her moans have softened. You switch places with her to have her closer to the tub. Your arms can barely reach her stiff nipples around her wide, squishy torso, but you can manage. After a bit more milking in this position, the tub is full. It still seems like she has more to give though; the size of her breasts has decreased dramatically, but they are still more than three times the size of any you have seen.


            “We’re gonna get up now.” You warn her before slowly helping her to her feet. To your relief, the Holst is now steady and balanced enough to stand on her own. Now that she is standing, you notice that she is at least a head taller than you. Two thick, pointy horns sit on each side of her head, and directly under them are two long, fuzzy-looking cow ears. Holsts have always been one of your favorite monsters. If you HAD to end up married to one, a Holstaur would be pretty damn high on your list. You gently take her hand and lead her away from the tub. Now it’s the sink’s turn. You wrap your arms around the voluptuous Holst once more, and empty the rest of her milk into the sink. It doesn’t take long.



            You’re done.

            At least, you hope you’re done.

            Well, part of you does. It seems almost a shame that you have to pry yourself away from her teats. Even when they were almost as big as you, sinking your hands into the Holst’s beautiful, squishy breasts and fondling her large, erect nipples as you milked her had been just great. If only it didn’t make you so damn tired, you felt like you could milk and molest the Holst’s boobs for the rest of ever. Two tiny trickles of milk are still leaking from her, but you can’t get much more than that out when you squeeze her. You’d heard rumors about special breeds of Holst that lactate almost constantly; maybe this is one of them.


            Maybe you should have waited to change after you milked her, both of you are soaked with milk and sweat. There’s also another odd, wetter spot around the small of your back. You can’t help but wonder what it is, it’s awfully warm too.

            “T-thank you… for milking me…” The Holst’s soft, sweet voice washes over you. Holy shit, hearing her actually speak for the first time made your heart flutter like a butterfly in a tornado.

            “Don’t mention it. I couldn’t just leave you like that.” She nods. Even though she’s been milked, her blush hasn’t faded much.

            “Let’s get you some new clothes, mmm?” You’re sure she’s embarrassed about standing in front of you with her massive breasts hanging out. Her shirt is so shredded that it doesn’t really cover her at all. The Holst nods again.

            “Wait here.” You leave, quickly change, and pick something out for her. It’s only a sweater, but it’s thick and long; it should cover her well.


            You return to the Holst and hand her the pale pink sweater. She blushes a bit more deeply as she opens her mouth to speak.

            “Umm… can I shower first, M-M-Master?”




            It’s not like you were completely opposed to being called that, but damn, that was fucking fast. You decide to ignore it for now though.

            “Yeah, it’s right here, next to the tub.” You pull back the curtain and open the glass door behind it. Now that you think about it, you should probably have showered too, before you changed. Dammit. Three sets of clothes to be washed in only a few hours. It doesn’t matter though, there are much more important things afoot now.

            “Would you mind too much if I joined you? The hot water doesn’t last too long around here.” You mentally congratulate yourself on your sly delivery of that line. You thought it would have been impossible, but the Holst’s blush deepens even further. She merely nods, too embarrassed to meet your eyes or speak.


            The two of you awkwardly stand there for a moment before you turn around and begin to undress. You hear her struggle a bit to remove her tight, denim shorts and ruined shirt. Your jaw almost drops as you turn back around. The nude Holst is truly a sight to behold. Even though you had seen most of her, seeing her like this is… different. Much more satisfying. Her thick, chubby (but toned) legs connect gracefully with her deliciously wide hips. She looks like she is wearing a pair of hairy, fuzzy stockings that end in shiny, black hooves where her feet would be. You only glance at her trimmed, black and white spotted pubic hair for a moment. You don’t want to embarrass her TOO much. Her curvy, smooth belly bulges out infinitesimally; it is somewhat covered by her beautiful, pale arms. You aren’t sure she notices what she is doing, but, with her hands clasped together like that, she is also squeezing her huge, J-cup (or are they K-cup? You aren’t very familiar with that system) breasts between them. Her blushing face is still turned away from you, but you can tell that her eyes keep darting to your middle bits.

            You gulp.

            You are only just beginning to realize it, but you’re probably the luckiest fucking bastard ever.


            “Ready?” With another ‘surreptitious’ glance at you, the Holst nods. You turn the water on and step into the shower. It heats up fairly fast; once it’s at an acceptable temperature you beckon to her, and the Holst takes your hand as she steps into the shower with you. Your shower is more than large enough to accommodate both of you. Multiple showerheads adorn each wall at varying heights and pressures. Showers are one thing you don’t fuck around with.


            Despite the size of the shower, the Holst still stands very close to your side. The hot, steamy water cascades over the two of you; you can already feel yourself relaxing. Still, you are very excited. You eagerly pick up your body wash and squirt a bit into your hand. A sweet, pungent smell wafts up as you rub your hands together, deliciously lewd thoughts racing around in your mind.

            “Ladies first.”


            You’re sure you hear a small squeak escape the Holst’s lips as you slowly begin to massage her shoulders. The soap foams up; thick, white and bubbly as you gently rub your hands up and down the length of her arms. From her arms and shoulders, you move around to her back, giving it the same, tender treatment from her neck all the way down to just above her voluptuous rear. You take extra care around the Holst’s neck, but she makes no complaint or sudden movements as you slowly massage her throat and the back of her vulnerable neck with your slippery, sudsy hands. Her spotted tail sways to and fro, entranced by your ministrations. Coming around her other side, you carefully rub your soapy hands on her soft belly. You can feel her strong, toned abs under her deliciously acceptable layer of tummy fat.

            Holy shit, this is heaven.

            After several moments of massaging her smooth, delicate stomach, you gulp as you move to her chest.


            Even though you were all over them earlier, now you have a chance to actually take notice of her amazing boobs. The Holst moans a bit as your slippery hands move and touch all over her huge breasts. You squeeze at them, knead at them, massage them; you are sure to take the utmost care with her beautiful, precious teats. Through the suds, you can definitely see a faint trickle of milk still oozing from her nipples. Now that they aren’t as swollen, you don’t think they’ll be as sensitive. You realize just how wrong you are as you lovingly roll the stiff flesh of her nipples between your fingers. To your surprise, the Holst lets out a longing, half moan, half moo as you tease her most sensitive areas. You lose track of time as you play with her boobs, by the time you decide to move on, the soap has been completely washed away. You replenish it, and get down on your knees.


            The Holst’s crotch is exactly at your eye level. As you wrap your arms around her hairy thighs, you long to bury yourself in it. Not now though. You aren’t done. You start with her right leg, firmly wrapping your hands around her thigh right next to her crotch. You massage your fingers through her silky soft fur, making the fresh soap in your hands foam up very quickly. The Holst whimpers a bit as you rub the top of her thigh right next to her crotch, but she quiets down a bit as you move lower. Once you have fully lathered her beautiful, fuzzy leg, you move to the other one and do the same.


            The Holst is trembling now as you take a removable showerhead and rinse her legs off with it. You aren’t quite done yet though. Instead of the usual body wash, this time you reach for a smaller bottle. In it is a type of soap that’s magically engineered so that it won’t irritate the more ‘sensitive’ spots on a body. This kind of soap doesn’t foam, however it still does just as good a job at cleaning as the previous one.


            After squirting a bit into your hand, you carefully reach behind the Holst to her butt. You try to swallow the massive lump in your throat as you begin to massage her, lovingly pressing your hands into her soft, ample flesh. You move your hands all over her deliciously firm ass, occasionally taking the base of her tail in your hand and sliding along it to its tip. The Holst moo-moans again as she feels your fingers tease along the part in her cheeks, stopping just before her pussy. You can’t help but do that again; she moans and bleats so beautifully when you do it. As you bring your hands to the front of her crotch, she stamps her hooves a bit on the tile as she rubs her legs together in frustration.

            You grin.

            You always were a bit of a tease. She’s been a good sport though; it’s time to relieve her tension.


            Slowly, agonizingly, you massage your hand through her pubic hair. The Holst-girl moans and backs up to lean against the shower wall. You follow her, lightly teasing her puffy pussy with a single finger. With a hand on either of her thighs, you lovingly part her lips with your thumbs and swallow as you take in her beautiful, pink inner folds. Beads of warm water drip down between them and the Holst shivers. She isn’t the only one being teased; your member stands at full attention between your legs. You’d rather not get any of the soap-lube in your mouth, but your fingers will be just fine. You release her lips and carefully prod at her opening.

            “M-M-Master!” You look up.

            “You ok?” The Holst nods, but her eyes are squeezed shut and her face is contorted with frustration and longing.

            “I have to make sure everywhere is clean, don’t I?” Another, much more fervent nod.

            “Right then!”


            Gently, you slide your shining, slippery index finger inside of her. Her hot inner walls shiver a little and squeeze a bit at the loving intruder. Even having a single finger inside the Holst makes you feel amazing. God damn, if having a single finger in her feels this good, you can hardly imagine what ‘other things’ might feel like in there. You can’t tear your eyes away from her beautiful face as you slowly begin to slide your finger in and out of her.


            Moans, whines and an occasional moo of pleasure escape her lips as you plunge your finger into her repeatedly. You add another soon enough, and yet another soon after that. Her pussy is extremely tight around your three fingers, but she doesn’t seem to be in any pain. On the contrary, her mouth hangs open with pleasure, and her cow ears twitch occasionally, in sync with her lower bits.


            After a few more moments of your gentle, passionate fingering, the Holst orgasms. She moos deeply as her walls clench around your fingers, driving them out rather forcefully. You grin as you stand up and embrace her, burying your head between her massive breasts. Almost sub-consciously, she pulls you closer as her orgasm subsides.

            “T-thank you, Master…” You look up at her, still grinning.

            “You’re quite welcome. My name is Anon by the way. You can call me that if you want, but Master is also fine.”

            “Okay Master.”

            “Do you have a name?”

            “It’s Mei, Master.” The sound of her name sends a chill through you.

            “Well then Mei, are you feeling better now?”

            “Yes Master. Thank you again Master.” You didn’t notice it before, but she speaks very formally.


            “Hey, whatever uh… happened to you, if it was bad or anything, I’m not like that. You don’t have to be scared.” Mei nods and blushes deeply.

            “T-Thank you so much, Master…” She clings to you, shaking a bit. Even though she is much bigger and most definitely stronger than you, you feel an overwhelming need to protect her. As long as you are around, you will do anything in your power to ensure that she never has to experience whatever abuse she had endured again.


            The two of you stand there for a while, locked together in a tight, warm, wet embrace. The hot water is lasting much longer than usual.

            Hah. Lucky again.

            Aside from the running water, the only other thing you can hear is the beating of Mei’s heart against your face. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. It’s extremely hypnotic, and you feel an uncontrollable surge of emotion well up inside of you. The silence is finally broken by her cute, stuttering voice.

            “D-does Master w-want me to clean him to?”

            ‘Oh boy, do I?’

            You can’t say that though.

            “Only if you truly want to. You definitely aren’t obligated to.” You are trying to be as thoughtful and caring as possible, and from the look of it, Mei appreciates it.

            “It’s okay Master. I want to clean you… just like you did for me.”

            “Alright then!” You hand her the body wash. The very tip of her tongue sticks out of her mouth as she takes it and focuses intently on you.


            Mei rubs the body wash between her hands, just as you did. Her teats jiggle around a bit as her arms move. Her large, soft hands caress your arms, lathering you with the slippery soap. You feel goose bumps raise up on your body as the Holst massages you, extremely focused on your care. Your chest, back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs; almost nowhere is spared from her delicate, loving touch. She is blushing deeply; this, coupled with her intense focus is incredibly adorable. Your heart can barely take it. It flutters a bit as Mei rinses you off with the showerhead, accelerating it by wiping the foamy suds away with both of her large, skilled hands. You can tell she is very eager to please. Once she is done, you hold up the second bottle.

            “Ready for this?” She nods wordlessly, her blush never fading.


            Mei wastes no time in rubbing the silky soap-lube on your buttocks. Holy hell, a single one of the Holst’s hands can fully hold one of your cheeks. You flinch a bit at the new feeling of your whole ass being caressed and groped by the beautiful Holst-girl kneeling in front of you. Mei looks up, concerned.

            “Did I hurt you Master?” She looks so scared…

            “No Mei, you’re fine. I was just a little surprised.” You pat her head and fondle hear ear reassuringly. She smiles a bit and returns to her task. You can tell she is fascinated with your butt, you assume the lewdly focused look on her face is similar to the one you wore when you were washing her teats.


            Eventually, she finishes with your butt and directs her attention to your member. It is almost painfully erect; you are beginning to wonder how Mei handled all your teasing. She slowly wraps her loving hands around it, moaning slightly with anticipation.

            ‘I wonder what she’s thinking about…’

            Her grip is very strong, but the soap-lube lets you slide easily in and out of her hands’ embrace. Mei begins to pump at your manhood, quickening her pace rather rapidly.


            In all your years of masturbating, not one time has even come close to this. The way the Holst tenderly, yet forcefully squeezes you is unlike anything you have felt before. She never loosens her grip. Her squeezing tightens when she gets to your head, and she massages your balls gently with her other hand. The way she twists her hands around while she pulls and squeezes is just fantastic. She rolls your balls between her fingers, cupping and even pulling at them lightly. You can even feel her warm, heavy breath on your shaft as she stares at you intently. Words cannot describe how amazing she is making you feel. Jolts and spasms of pleasure wrack through your body as you push your back up against the wall of the shower.


            “Are you ready to cum yet Master?” You manage to nod; you are definitely close. How the fuck does she know how to say exactly the right thing to make your heart do somersaults like that? Mei eagerly positions her wide-open mouth millimeters away from you, closes here eyes and sticks out her tongue.

            That fucking face.

            She’s waiting for it.

            She wants it.

            She needs it.


            One look at her amazingly lewd expression is enough to send you over the edge. You cum, sending rope after rope of creamy seed into the Holst-girl’s mouth, around her lips, and on her face. Mei moans and shivers excitedly, greedily lapping up every last drop of your orgasm. She opens her beautiful, blue eyes and stares up at you, an ecstatic smile and the remains of your cum on her face.

            “Thank you for your cum master! You taste sooo good…” She is amazing. You weakly smile back and pat her head again.

            “I’m the one who should be thanking you, Mei. Thank YOU.” She smiles and hugs you tightly, still kneeling on the floor in front of you. Even so, her head is level with your chest.

            “You’re welcome Master.” Her words are a little muffled, but they still make your heart flutter.


            The water had gone cold a while ago, but you are only noticing it now.

            “Lets get out now, mmm?” Mei nods and you shut off the water. The two of you get dressed in silence, and then you go into the kitchen to make dinner.


            It is now extremely late, and both of you are very tired. Mei refuses to sleep alone in the guest room, but she helps you carry its mattress into yours. (She carried it, you watched.) You know that the Holst will probably end up in your bed before morning, but that’s fine. At some point, you have to figure out what to do with all the milk still filling your tub and your sink. Another thing you have to think about is the two tiny wet spots that had appeared on Mei’s sweater during dinner. You figure she is definitely one of those Holsts that constantly lactate, but you are too tired to do any research now. Now is time for sleep.


— — — — —


            You awake fairly early the next morning. You aren’t really sure why at first; you never get up before 11am if you could help it. But here you are, awake at 7.

            Damn, it’s hot.

            It isn’t quite summer yet, so the great warmth radiating from your back is a little concerning to your still groggy mind. A warm, humid, and slightly sweet-smelling puff of air blows over the back of your neck.


            That’s right, she’s here.

            Sure enough, Mei has made it into your bed. The smell and feel of her breath is bringing you back to reality. She is still snoozing, completely wrapped around you, spooning you from the back. A content smile adorns her face as she cradles you in her strong, loving embrace. You could definitely get used to this, oh yes. You just lay there for what seems like forever, slowly losing yourself in the warm, voluptuous feel of Mei’s cuddling. You almost feel like her delicious, squishy body is going to swallow you up.



            You can’t be sure as your back is turned, but you definitely can’t feel the fuzzy fabric of Mei’s sweater. A lump rises to your throat. You don’t know why she is naked, but the fact of it just makes her cuddling much more satisfying. Now that you’ve noticed it, you can definitely feel the closeness of her massive teats pressed up against your back and shoulders. It’s almost as if your shirt doesn’t have a back; you are sure you can feel her flesh on yours. Her warm, silky, wet flesh… Welp.


            Understanding dawns on you as you realize the source of the wetness on your back. At first, it had been hard to notice the wetness at all; Mei’s warmth had almost completely masked it. However, now that you are aware of it, there is no mistaking it.


            The poor Holst had leaked all over the two of you in her sleep, maybe that was why she’s naked. You dread having to wake her, as she will no doubt be really embarrassed and way too apologetic. You don’t want to deal with that. Still, the wetness is becoming slightly uncomfortable.


            No answer.

            “Mei!” The Holst stirs a bit, but still nothing.

            It’s difficult, but you twist your arm around and shake her gently.

            “Mei, wake up!”

            “Mmmmmmhhmaster?” Her sleepy voice is right next to your ear.

            “Yeah. We should get up now. You uh…” A moment passes.


            You hear a high-pitched squeal and the warmth suddenly vanishes from your back.

            ‘Here we go…’ You sit up and look around; Mei is back on her mattress with her back to you, arms wrapped around her knees. She is actively your gaze.

            “Hey, it’s alright.” You go over and put a hand on her shoulder. She jumps and trembles a bit, but doesn’t pull away. There is a massive milk spot in the second mattress, and you can see Mei’s milk-soaked sweater off to one side.

            “I’m so sorry Master! “I-I-I… r-really! I-I didn’t mean to!” Her voice is full of fear.

            “Hey…” Your reply is tender as you sit next to the nearly sobbing Holst-girl and wrap your arms around her bare waist. Disregarding the milk slowly dripping onto your arms, you whisper gently into Mei’s floppy, fuzzy ears to reassure her.

            “It’s okay… Don’t worry about it… You’re fine, Mei…” Her tense, quick breathing eventually calms as you continue to whisper to her.


            “I’m gonna help you with this. We’ll find a way. Don’t worry.” You run your hands through her silvery gray and black spotted hair, and pat her gently on her head. Emotion swells inside you. You aren’t sure why yet, but every fiber of your being wants to help her.

            “Let me clean up in here, you go wash up.” The Holst nods and gets up, exchanging a quick, nervous glance with you before hurrying to the bathroom. You had done your best to pour all of your good intentions into that glance, but you aren’t sure if it had worked. You doubt it, but whatever. Hordes of thoughts swarm through your head as you clean up, tossing the assorted, milk-sodden clothes into your hamper.


            First, you have to find a way to help Mei’s constant lactation. You also have to worry about what to do with the milk filling your sink and tub; it would be a shame to waste it. Then there is Mei herself, you have no idea where she came from or who had been responsible for her in the past. Whoever they are, they can just stay fucked off for all you care. Still, you are curious as to who they could be. You throw some towels down on the beds to try and soak up some of the milk, but you aren’t hopeful. You can feel yourself getting bogged down and frustrated by the multitude of tasks and unknowns facing you. A quiet grumbling comes from your stomach, but food will have to wait. You can still hear the shower running, Mei probably won’t be back for a bit. You sit down on the side of the bed and pull your laptop off of your nightstand. Time for some research.


            You type ‘constantly lactating Holstaurus’ into the search bar. The first page you look at confirms your suspicions. ‘Holstaurus Maximus.’

            “‘Holstaurus Maximus’ is a fairly new sub-species of Holstaur. Only around 1000 Holstaurus Maximus births have been documented. Born when mothers are exposed to massive amounts of Demon Energy, ‘Holstaurus Maximus’ are much bigger and more fertile than their more common cousins. Most lactate almost constantly, it is recommended to milk them six to ten times each day to avoid adverse reactions.

            Holstaurus Maximus milk is much more potent than that of a normal Holstaur, due to its power and rarity, it is highly sought after by chefs, connoisseurs, athletes, gardeners, and many others.”

            That’s Mei all right.


            Next search up is ‘Holstaurus Maximus milk market.’

            ‘Damn this shit is expensive! $100 for a single bottle?’

            You’re a little ashamed of it, but the thought of entering such a market with your new companion is very tempting. It seems that only two places produce ‘HM-Milk’ as they call it. One is a massive company operating out of downtown MGC, ‘HM Industries.’ They have seven Holstaurus Maximus working for them. The other is a small farm in the suburbs, ‘Happy-Holst Farms.’ They only have two Mega-Holsts employed, but they also have many regular Holsts as well. Mei might have come from either one, or neither of them. Neither of the places’ websites yields any information about missing or retired Holsts.


            You scroll down a bit back on the search page, and another result catches your eye. ‘HM Technologies.’ You click on it, and a video automatically begins to play.

            ‘Fuckers, at least let me decide if I want to watch it or not.’

            Despite your annoyance, you let the video continue.

            “An offshoot of HM Industries, HM Technologies specializes in the pursuit of cutting-edge Holstaurus-related innovations. Our scientists are the top in the business, fully devoted to streamlining and improving the lives of Holstaurus and Holstaurus Maximus alike. (Here, a middle-aged Tanuki in a perfectly tailored business suit appears on the screen) ‘I’m Nikita Turowski, president and CEO of HM Industries. Please, take a moment to learn more about us. Explore our website! Take a look at our online store! And remember, have a fantastic day!” The Tanuki winks, grins slyly, and disappears as the video ends.

            Damn greedy raccoons.


            You had taken a marketing and advertising class in college; you know several tricks of their trade. Despite the obvious intentions of the video, this seems like the only place to go for your needs; your search had only retuned one page of results. You click on the store tab.

            “Hello Master…” You jump and stifle what would have been a very embarrassing sound. Mei is sitting next to you on your bed wrapped in a towel. Her shoulder-length hair is still damp and you can feel the heat of the shower still radiating off of her body. The towel is much too small for her; the Holst’s massive breasts bulge out of the top of it.

            You gulp.

            It looks like the towel will pop off of her any second.

            “Sup.” Your casual, distracted response makes Mei giggle a bit. Blushing ever so slightly, you turn back to your screen.


            “I’m just doing some research. Maybe I can find something to help your ah…” You trail off. Mei nods in understanding, peering over your shoulder. You’re glad you didn’t embarrass her again. You click through various categories; Industrial Milking, At-Home Milking, Milking On-The-Go, Bedroom/Alternative Milking, Supplements, Tanks and Attachments.

            Damn, there’s a lot.

            You choose At-Home Milking and are confronted with even more options. A variety of machines, harnesses, pumps, bottles and tubes are laid out in a grid on the page. You click on the first one. It’s a very simple-looking thing, just two long, clear tubes connected to a pump, which feeds into a bottle.


            The next product is a magically enhanced tank connected to a basin. The basin is designed for ‘hands-on’ milking, and the tank has a 100-gallon capacity despite being no bigger than a half-gallon container.


            All of the products you sift through are very interesting, and the customer reviews are all very high. At least they seem to take their products seriously. Nothing has really stood out though. Lazy scumbag as you are, you don’t really want to milk Mei six to ten times a day, nor do you want to confine her to having to be in the same place for several hours a day, or have to get up in the middle of the night to milk. Eventually though, you come to something that might be viable.


            It’s a dual-purpose milker, one that works for both daytime milking and nighttime milking, whether at home or out and about. It just looks like a leather strap harness connected to a shiny, black bra, with two silicone pads that attach to the nipples. The pads are enchanted with a one-way teleportation spell, but it looks like you have to buy the matching, specialized tank separately. The bra is made of a magically imbued type of latex, one that can be worn at all times without any of the smells or volatile effects of regular latex. The milker also has an optional ‘extra-mode’, whatever that is. It looks very promising to you, but the thick, black leather straps and the erotic, latex bra may be a little off-putting to Mei.

            “What do you think?” You fully expect her to deny it as you turn your laptop towards her, and have almost resigned yourself to having to completely change your sleep and work schedules.


            “I-I like it, Master. We can get it, right?”

            “If you want to, are you sure it’s not too, ah… intense?” Mei shakes her head, grinning.

            “This is nothing master!” You smile, but your heart sinks. If this was nothing then what the fuck has she been through before? You push those thoughts out of your head for now. All that aside, it looks like Mei enjoys at least a little bit of kink.

            “Alright then! It looks like a good place to start, I guess.” You add the milking harness to your cart as you imagine how beautifully lewd the Holst-girl will look wearing it. It’s fairly expensive, but thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

            Now for a tank.


            The tanks range from the 100-gallon one you saw before, and 10,000-gallon ones that are the size of a small car. A line at the top of the page says ‘A fully-grown Mega-Holstaur (Holstaurus Maximus) can produce up to eight gallons of milk per day! Are you prepared?’ It’s a good thing that line is there, you have no idea how much Mei’s daily output will be. You settle on the 1000-gallon tank with a full-city-coverage teleport enchantment. The tank is a little smaller than your tub, so it should fit into your little house without any issues. You are careful to select the correct hookup option that corresponds with the harness, and place the order. You try your best not to let Mei see the total on the checkout screen, especially after you opted for same-day shipping. It is over $20,000 in total, but the Holst’s happiness and freedom are worth much more to you than a small chunk of your inheritance.


            You lean back on your bed after completing your purchase. Mei’s eyes follow you and save for the tiniest hint of a smile, her expression is neutral.

            “So…” you say. “Do you mind if we talk a bit? I mean, I don’t really know much about you.” The Holst’s face darkens, but she remains silent. Hastily, you add,

            “You don’t have to answer anything you don’t want to of course.” Mei nods.

            “I will answer Master’s questions.” You don’t really know how to approach the situation; you’d fully expected her to remain silent. Asking her question after question just seems too prying and formal, like an interview. Intimidating the sensitive Holst is the last thing you want to do. Still, you have to say something.

            Maybe you’re overthinking it.


            “First thing’s first I guess. Why were you in that alley?”


            “From who?”

            “Bad master.” Not unexpected. You are very glad that Mei is responding to your slightly awkward questions; by the look on her face, it’s taking a lot of bravery.

            “Who is ‘Bad master’?” You are doing your best to keep your tone even and friendly; you have always had trouble with that sort of thing. You’ve always been either completely monotone or way too over-expressive.

            “Bad master is Bad master… My old master.” At those last two words, Mei looks at you; her faraway gaze is full of hope and longing. You can’t help but think about the fact that she has grown to trust you so soon.

            “Okay, but where does ‘Bad master’ live? He doesn’t know where you are, right?” Mei thinks for a moment and shakes her head.

            “No, Master. I was in the alley for almost a week… I think. He never found me there.”

            “Well that’s good that he doesn’t know. I assume you don’t want to go back to wherever he is?” She shakes her head fervently. You aren’t sure why this relieves you so much, but you go with it.


            “Do you mind telling me what happened with Bad master? Only if you want to, of course.” Mei nods again.

            “Bad master didn’t need me anymore, so I left.”

            “Go on…” You edge a little closer to Mei as her bottom lip trembles a little.

            “B-bad master was very mean. He would always yell at me for being different from my sisters.”

            “Were you born with Bad master?” Mei shakes her head.

            “Bad master took me away from my old home when Papa couldn’t pay for it.”

           What a scumbag.

            “He always kept me away from my sisters. They weren’t my sisters though. I never had any sisters. They were mean too. Sometimes Bad master would leave me locked up for weeks on a machine so he wouldn’t have to milk me. It was always too small. The last time, I was stuck for much longer. I knew he forgot me there. I was hungry. I was scared. I was so scared Master… soon I just… decided to leave. I didn’t want to die…”


            You gently wrap your arm around Mei’s broad shoulders as she lets out a sob. Your heart is tearing itself apart in your chest. The Holst snuggles up to you as you gently pat her head. It takes a lot of effort to hold yourself up; her strength is almost overwhelming, even when she’s just leaning up against you.

            “It’s okay, Mei… I’m- I’m here to protect you now.” Your voice is strained and your breath is short, but you manage to keep an even tone. Hopefully she won’t lean on your chest for too much longer. The Holst sobs louder and throws her arms around you, pulling you into a tight embrace. You gasp as Mei’s powerful grip drives the breath from your lungs.

            “H-hey… I can’t breathe…” She loosens her grip slightly, only to pull you into her lap and cradle you there. This unexpected action makes you blush; she’s holding you almost as if you were an infant. You are the one who is supposed to be comforting her, right? It’s not like you mind though. Whatever makes her more comfortable.


            Eventually, the Holst’s crying fades. You wait patiently, slowly stroking and fondling her ears to help her calm down.

            “You okay?” you ask. Mei takes a deep breath and nods.

            “I’m glad. I know this was hard for you. Thank you for sharing it with me. It means a lot.” She smiles weakly at your encouragement and squeezes you a little tighter.

            “Master is so nice…”

            “You deserve so much more than that, Mei. I’m gonna make sure you’re okay. You can stay with me as long as you want.”

            “Thank you, Master! Thank you so much!” Now that she’s had a chance to express what she’d been holding in for so long, Mei is much happier.


            Now that you’ve had a chance to hear talk for a while, you are fairly sure she never went to school. The small words she uses coupled with her short, choppy sentences imply that she probably barely even talked before she met you. She may not have been able to express it, but you are fairly sure that the abuse she endured went far beyond the little snippets she shared with you. Under all this though, you can see that she is brave, intelligent, strong, and fairly mentally healthy considering what she went through. She was able to break free of her situation, a feat that not many creatures in abusive relationships could do. You wrap your arms around her waist, burying your head beneath her teats. The two of you sit there for a long time; you cradled gently in her arms, clutching yourself as close to her warm, soft body as you can get. Part of you never wants to end your loving, blissful cuddling; Mei isn’t the only one drawing comfort from it. As much as you try to ignore it, you can feel her milk trails seeping through the bath towel still wrapped around her.

            Still have to deal with that.


            As if on cue, the doorbell rings. You never have visitors of any sort, so the only thing it could be is your packages.

            “Wanna let me go get that? It’s probably our stuff.” Mei nods and the two of you extricate yourselves from each other. You straighten your clothes a bit.

            “I’m probably gonna have them put the tank in here.” Mei nods in understanding and pulls your comforter around herself. Only her head pokes out of the fluffy white blanket, almost like a weird, Holstaurus-snowman. Snow-cow? Whatever. She happily smiles at you.

            “Ready, Master!” Your heart still hasn’t fully recovered from Mei’s story, but that happy, adorable look definitely fucking helps.


            You go to your front door and open it. A towering, red Oni and a much shorter Kikimora greet you, both wearing matching HM Industries uniforms.

            “Ayyy boss, you order a tank?” The Oni bares her pointed teeth at you in a grin and gestures to the tall, cardboard box next to her. The box is also emblazoned with the HM Industries logo.

            “Yeah. You can bring it in here.” You lead them into your bedroom, and direct the Oni to the corner behind the door. “The tank can go there.”

            “Right-o. I’ll have this hooked up in a jiffy, boss.” The Oni busies herself with the tank while the Kikimora approaches you, holding a second, smaller package. Mei is watching the pair like a curious child, still fully wrapped in your comforter. Her head swivels around as she curiously takes in the scene before her.


            “Good afternoon sir, ma’am.” The Kiki bows respectfully to you and to Mei. “Here is the rest of your purchase.” She hands you the box.


            “Would you like me to give you a tutorial? I can hook her up for you.” The Kiki turns to face the Holst. Mei looks very nervous, she is actively avoiding the Kiki’s cold stare.

            “We’re good. Thanks.” The feathered employee frowns at you, but doesn’t pursue the matter.

            How hard could it be?


            “All done here, boss!” The Oni calls out to you from the corner. The shiny, silver tank sits behind her, fully set up.

            Damn, she works fast.

            “The tank enchantment you opted for runs on electricity. Your harness is already attuned to it, all you need to do is turn it on.” The slightly disgruntled Kiki gives you the run-down of your purchases.

            “The harness is guaranteed to work anywhere within MGC, and my boss has included a 100-gallon travel tank as well. This meter here shows the tank’s fullness, and here is a spout for emptying the tank’s contents into bottles.” The Kiki points to the various features.

            “Thanks.” That was nice of them to include those extras; maybe the coons aren’t so greedy after all.

            “We hope you are satisfied with your purchases, please remember HM Industries for all your future milking needs.”

            “Yep. Thanks again.” You politely show the two workers to the door and return to the bedroom, excited for the next step.


— — — — —


            Mei is still exactly where she was when you left her, her eyes slowly move from the tank in the corner, to the box on your bed, to you. An odd look of anticipation adorns her face.


            “Yes, Master!” The Holst eagerly shrugs the comforter off and crawls over to you on all fours. The towel has fallen down around her waist, but she doesn’t seem to notice. Her enormous breasts hang down beneath her, gently swaying to and fro. You gulp as you open the box, discarding the multiple layers of packing paper. The milking harness is inside yet another package, a shrink-wrapped plastic bag. You discard that too.


            Finally free of its layers, you hold the harness up. The wide, leather straps hang down from metal rings and the large, rubbery-looking bra sits somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, you aren’t quite how those work. You turn the harness around in your hands; unable to figure out which way is up on the thing. Mei is digging around through the box and eventually surfaces with a small slip of paper.

            “The directions, Master!”

            Clever girl.

            You pat the Holst on the head as thanks and take the directions from her. A quick look at them makes the harness a lot easier to understand.

            “Alright, could you stand up here for a bit?” Mei nods and stands in front of you and her towel falls to the floor. She is blushing a little, but she doesn’t seem to mind her nudity around you too much any more.

            “Okay, here goes. Step in here.” Mei slowly lifts her right hoof as you bend down and slide the one of the thigh-rings of the harness over it.

            “Good, next leg.” You repeat the process and pull the harness up all the way. Mei flinches a little as the leather crotch strap brushes against her nethers.


            Two wide bands of leather sit loosely around her waist, one right under her bellybutton, and the other just below her teats. Straps, almost like garter belts connect the lower strap to the thigh bands on either of Mei’s sides. The crotch strap bisects the waist straps, connecting to the bra in front and back. The garter belts follow a similar pattern, ending at the armbands. Mei puts her arms through their bands and pulls the bra up to her teats. She holds the latex cups in her hands and stands there, looking puzzled. You only realize it now, but she probably hasn’t had much experience with bras either.

            “Here…” You walk behind the Holst and fasten the bra buckle across her soft, wide back. Mei makes sure to line her nipples up with the two, off-white silicone pads on the inside of the bra. The smooth, slightly sticky surface of the material looks like it’ll form a nice seal around Mei’s teats; the possibility of any leakage seems unlikely. Even though it doesn’t look like it, the latex bra is breathable and suitable for long-term wear, according to the website.

            Almost there.

            The final strap is a collar that connects to the top of the armbands. As you carefully buckle it around the Holst’s neck, a soft glow emanates from the harness. Mei gasps a little as the harness magically tightens around her body and the latex bra expands a little to accommodate her slightly swollen breasts.


            You gulp a little as you stare at the Holst-girl, the tight, leather straps around her arms, legs, and belly make her flesh bulge out ever so slightly. She squirms a little, as she grows accustomed to the soft, yet restrictive leather pressed closely against her body. Her legs shuffle around a bit as she feels the tight crotch strap against her pussy. The shiny, skintight black bra conforms perfectly to her breasts, gently hugging and perfectly covering each one. It looks like she is wearing some sort of odd, leather strap-leotard.

            “H-how does it feel?”

            “G-g-good… Master. I-I like it. It feels nice…”

            She loves to surprise you, doesn’t she?

            “Awesome. Here’s the remote, I’ll let you take care of it.” You hand the small, black remote that came with the harness to her.

            “C-can I use it?”

            “Of course, that’s why I gave it to you. You know your needs better than I do. There’s a lot of stuff on there though, so be careful.” She nods and smiles happily, delighted with her new responsibility.

            “Thank you, Master!”


            Mei wastes no time in pressing the ‘auto’ button on the remote. She sighs softly in surprise as the pads in the bra come to life and slowly start sucking away at her nipples. The Holst bites her lip and closes one eye.

            “You ok?”

            “I-I-I’m fine, Master. I-it tickles…” The lump in your throat is almost unbearable. The Holst sits down on the side of the bed, blushing heavily. You join her, and the two of you sit together as the harness milks at her teats. You can’t tear your eyes away from her latex-covered breasts as they move and jiggle around while the bra milks away at them. Tiny, mechanical sucking sounds come from the milking harness, and you can’t help but feel a slight stirring in your pants. You ignore it though, now is not the time. As time passes, you are sure that the size of her boobs has decreased, but the latex bra has constantly adjusted to her as she is emptied.

            Aaah, technology.


            The harness probably has all sorts of functions that you can’t wait to explore with your Holst; however, your stomach has other plans. It grumbles loudly. You have neglected breakfast for too long; it is well into the afternoon now.

            “You hungry?” Mei nods; you can hear that the suckling of the milking bra has lessened as her flow had decreased. The sound of it is all but gone now.

            “Cool, I don’t have much, but do you like cereal?” Mei looks at you quizzically.

            “What’s that, Master?”

            “Umm… I’m not sure how to explain it. Let me show you, I guess.” You stand up and the Holst follows you to the kitchen. She seems to have gotten used to her harness very fast.


            You open your cabinet and take out your box of Harpy-O’s. As you open the fridge, you mentally facepalm.

            You’re out of milk.

            Just fucking perfect.

            “Don’t think I’m weird or anything, but… uh… cereal goes best with milk.” Mei nods in agreement.

            “I’m out of milk.” She nods again, a bit puzzled this time.

            “Y-you don’t mind if we use yours, do you? I swear I’m not making this up.”

            “It’s ok, Master! I’ve always wanted you to try my milk!”

            “Well okay then.” Smiling, you pour two bowls of the cereal. Mei sits at your table as you set the bowls in front of her.


            “Lets se here…” You pore over the harness’s remote, looking for answers.

            “Here we go.” You push the button labeled ‘manual mode.’ The Holst breathes in sharply as the latex bra retracts itself around her nipples. It stops almost as soon as it started, exposing a ring about an inch and a half in diameter around each nipple.

            “Well that’s cool!” You say as you position yourself behind the Holst.


            “Yes, Master!”

            Damn, she’s really enthusiastic about this.


            You carefully place your hands around Mei’s latex-covered teats and squeeze. Even though she was just milked by the harness, the latex gives you a really good grip. Large, white jets of milk squirt out of her breasts and into the cereal. You lick your lips a little; the sweet, creamy aroma of her milk is very enticing. You can’t wait to try it.


            It isn’t long at all before the bowls are filled. You remove your hands and Mei happily presses the ‘auto’ button again. The latex fully covers her teats once more as you sit in your seat and pull one of the bowls toward you.

            “Wait, you don’t mind drinking your on milk, do you?” Mei shakes her head, a little indignantly.

            “Of course not Master, I’m delicious.”

            ‘Heh. I bet you are…’ You pick up your spoon and dig in. Heaven explodes in your mouth as the delicious, exquisite taste of Mei’s milk flows over your taste buds.




            Before you know it, your cereal is gone and you greedily slurp at the remains of the milk left in the bowl. Mei gives you a smug grin, holding her own, full spoon in midair.

            “I told you I was delicious.”

            “Yep. You did. Ummm… I don’t mean to be greedy, but do you think I could have some more?” Mei pouts a bit.

            “I’m not done…” She is only a few bites into her own cereal. You had no idea you had eaten that fast.

            “Hold on, I’ve got an idea.” A look of shock and surprise crosses the Holst’s face as you crawl under the table.

            “Master, what are you…” She trails off as you pop your head up between her legs.


            “Don’t mind me. Go ahead and eat.” You reach up, twisting your hand around to get the remote from the table. As you pull it down, you push the ‘manual mode’ button and Mei sighs softly as her nipples are exposed again. You stand up on your knees, eyes level with Mei’s massive boobs.

            Oh yes.

            You gently, carefully take her left nipple into your mouth.

            “M-M-Master!” Her voice is a little indignant, but amused at the same time. Her free hand comes up to the back of your head and she strokes your hair as you begin to suck.


            That website was right, you can’t smell the latex at all, even when it is basically touching your nose. You feel the Holst’s nipple stiffen in your mouth as her beautiful milk flows over your tongue. Her milk is much more fragrant and flavorful when you drink it strait from her like this. Soft moans and sighs of pleasure escape Mei’s lips as you lovingly suckle on her nipple, drinking your fill of her delicious milk. After a few moments, you switch to her right breast. She has long since finished eating, but she remains seated, hand still on the back of your head.


            “M-Master is drinking my milk… Master is drinking my milk…” She leans her head back and moans with pleasure, face flushed and tongue out. You continue your sucking, losing yourself as you drink in the creamy, intoxicating liquid. Eventually though, you finally begin to feel full. You surface, mouth slightly open as you come back to reality. Mei giggles and wipes away a trail of milk that had dripped down to your chin with her thumb.

            “M-Master…” She can’t stop smiling.

            “Thanks Mei. You really are delicious.” Even though you’re completely full of milk, you feel an odd hunger stirring inside you. From Mei’s deep, crimson blush, you can tell she is feeling it too.


            “Y-you want to ah… go to the bedroom?” Mei smiles widely (maybe even a bit lewdly) and nods. You are certain she is aware of your intentions. She takes your hand in hers and leads you to the bedroom. It’s not like you never expected this to happen. You had assumed that Mei’s milk would have an effect like this, but it’s hard to think of much besides the Holst’s wide, squishy butt now bouncing in front of you. The leather straps of the harness do an amazing job at supporting and accentuating her already delicious curves; that is for sure. You gasp and struggle a bit in shock as Mei lifts you up and gently drops you on the bed.

            “I-I want Master’s milk too…” Her words are soft and melodic, but full of passion.


            Who were you to deny her after she had been so free with hers?


            You make no effort to resist as Mei undresses you, lifting your shirt over your head and pulling your pants down to your ankles. Why would you? This is going to be so much fun! Mei stands on her knees above you, the hair on her legs brushes against yours, tickling them a little. She holds up the remote, perusing its functions. First, of course is the ‘auto’ button, she shivers a bit as the latex bra closes and begins to suckle at her again. Most of the functions seem very boring to her; ‘gentle milking’, ‘full milking’, ’emergency milking’, ‘timed milking’, ‘extra mode’. That last one catches her interest. She excitedly presses it, then immediately drops the remote on your chest. It doesn’t hurt, but you gasp sharply all the same. Mei lets out a deep moan as the pads suckered to her sensitive nipples start to vibrate.


            ‘So that’s what that does.’

            You had always wondered.

            The strap completely covering Mei’s crotch retracts just enough to show reveal her shining pussy. The part of the strap that runs through the part in her butt cheeks stays where it is; you aren’t aware of this, but a small, vibrating ring has risen up and is now gently massaging Mei’s anus. The effects of her milk as well as the sight before you have made you fully erect. You long to bury yourself in Mei’s drenched pussy, only centimeters above you.


            Watching the Holst eat breakfast while wearing the harness had kept you at least half-erect throughout your meal, and your drink afterwards had only exacerbated your arousal. You still can’t get over how the thick, leather straps hug her body tightly and make her soft, squishy curves stand out so well. Despite being all over them just recently, you long to put your hands on Mei’s massive teats. You ache to massage and squeeze them through the tight, black latex that fully encases them.

            “I’m ready when you are, Mei.” Nodding at your words, the Holst slowly lowers herself onto you. The two of you groan in unison as your hot, stiff member penetrates her juicy folds. She just sits there for a moment, savoring the amazingly full feeling in her warm, dripping pussy. You are now aware of the ring buzzing against Mei’s hole; you can feel it’s faint vibrations against your balls. Those bastards at HM Industries sure know what the fuck they’re doing.


            Mei carefully begins to ride you, raising herself up and then falling back down. You can tell she is being very careful; her incredible strength could easily hurt you. The loving, tender look she has as she stares you right in the eye tell you that she would never dream of bringing any harm to you as long as she lived. Holy hell, that look makes your heart flutter. Pleasure slowly builds as Mei’s thick butt and thighs slap against your pelvis. She drives you into herself faster and faster, moaning and mooing deeply with every bounce. Her large hands reach for yours and bring them up to her breasts. They bounce around a lot as she thrusts down on you, which must be uncomfortable. You don’t mind holding them for her. A sense of relief and extreme comfort washes over you as you lovingly begin to knead at her beautifully squishy, latex-covered flesh. Her gigantic teats seem to swallow your fingers as you massage her; you feel the suckling and the vibrations of the silicone pads sealed around the Holst’s stiff nipples.


            “M-Master… I-… Master… love… I love… Master… I love Master!” Mei’s ragged, passionate confession nearly makes your heart explode. Emotion floods your whole being as you fully realize your own feelings.

            “I… love… you… too… Mei…” You are only able to croak out a single word between the Holst’s loving, passionate thrusts. She moans and her voice cracks with glee as you confess to her. A single, joyful tear rolls down her face as she smiles at you with her mouth slightly open. As if sensing the atmosphere, the vibrators Mei’s harness seem to move faster. She squeals in surprise as the ring around her anus expands and begins to grow. Magical lube oozes out from its tip as the ring grows and slowly penetrates the Holst’s delicate pucker. The anal toy grows to around the size of your penis, sending intense, pleasurable vibrations throughout her whole body. Loud moos and screams of pleasure echo through the room as Mei’s walls clench around you. Her orgasm drops her on all fours; you seize this moment and plant a long, vehement kiss on her soft, full lips. Mei’s large, hot tongue happily slides out to meet yours. They coil and twine around each other as your tastes mix and meld in each other’s mouths.


            You wrap your arms around her neck, pulling her closer, deepening your kiss. Little sighs and grunts escape from between you as the sloppy, wet, and extremely lewd sound of your lips and Mei’s hips fill your ears. Despite her orgasm, Mei is able to keep riding you; the only thought on her mind is receiving the milk of the man she loves.


            She doesn’t have to wait long, the large toy in her butt and the hot girth filling her pussy send her over the edge again soon. Her second orgasm sends you off too and almost burning hot jets of cum erupt inside of Mei. She slams down on you one final time, determined to make your seed fill her as deeply as possible. She lays there on top of you, latex-clad breasts pressed up against your chest, mouth still locked with yours as she continues to kiss you softly.

            “Mei… that was… amazing. You’re so good…” You momentarily break from her kiss to praise her and lovingly pat her head.

            “I love Master! I love you, Master!”

            “Yeah, I love you, Mei.” You hug her tightly. The Holst rolls over, pulling you with her.


            “Y-you’re my Master… I love my Master…” You can tell she isn’t far from sleep; she put in a lot of work just now. You are more than content to lie there, enveloped by your squishy, voluptuous waifu. That’s what she is now, right?


            You wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would she.

            A small twinge of panic hits you, but you are able to extricate the remote from under your side. You push the button for ‘auto’ mode and the harness recedes in some places and expands to cover other places. You wonder a bit about the harness’s augments. It doesn’t dig in to you anywhere, and Mei definitely seems to love wearing it. Maybe it has a comfort spell on it too, if that is even a thing. It probably is, everything is a thing these days. Either way, HM Industries has definitely won your business. You finally start to doze after awhile, tightly, lovingly cuddled up against your Mega-Holst waifu without a care in the world.


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4 thoughts on “Mega-Holst!

  1. I enjoyed this immensely, but it doesn’t really feel complete. Maybe you could address the whole evil corporate bio-engineering/slavery thing in greater depth?

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I may do some updates in the future, but I don’t have any specific plans. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted those companies to be evil or not, or if I wanted Mei to even have been a part of them or not. I sort of left that part up to the reader to interpret for themselves.

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