Master and Maid Escapade


The Master’s young son could not get off the bed, nor would he want to. It felt like his spirit is trapped inside a body of a dead person. He moved his hand, and clenched his little fingers, enough proof that he is still alive, yet not enough a motivation to move himself and get out of the bed.

His attention turned to the window. Only the nigh-blinding darkness and howling snowstorm are outside. The longer he looked outside, the heavier his heart becomes. Where their home is has always been like this, having these daylong nights for months, but still, he didn’t know why. It’s just that plain. He didn’t know why he’s like this every winter.

He’s sad, that’s the thing he knows. There’s nothing he can do about it. The feeling of heaviness returned in his body, and his eyes are beginning to water.


He heard someone call him: a girl’s voice familiar to him enough not to suspect a ghost’s doing, but this time of the night made him curious, and a bit surprised. He turned around and saw her standing in the door way. With her floppy dog ears, feathery tail, and bird scale-covered feet, he would be hard-pressed not to recognize his personal Kikimora attendant and best friend.

“Are you okay, Master?” she asked meekly, her voice low. For her, seeing her Master in a sorry state weighs her down. A good maid, she remembered, should make her Master happy, safe, comfortable and contented.

“I’m fine.”

The Kikimora was not convinced by his feeble answer. “May I come in, Master?”

Whether he nodded, or responded verbally or said nothing, the Master knew that he agreed, and the young maid stepped in, closed the door and sat on his bed. The last thing she forgot to ask for permission, but he never mind. It felt like her presence is a warm light to his cold solitude he wanted to be near her as much as possible. Yet he can’t bring himself to hug her; the heaviness is still there. He could only afford a small smile, at least to put up that— there’s something he realized. “Why you’re not sleeping yet?”

“I can’t sleep.”


“You’re very sad for days. Why?”

Sadness…it had been gnawing at his heart till now. His eyes veered again to the window. He doesn’t know why he’s letting the darkness of the night makes him heavyhearted.

That simple gesture was all she needed to see the answer why. “You’re feeling lonely? Because it’s gonna be dark all day?”

A faint nod is his response.

She wanted to answer back, to comfort him, but she could not find the proper words. She shifted in her embrace, laying her head on his chest, and making a contented smile.

“Why are you happy?” he asked curiously.

“Because I have you, I’m serving you as your maid, and now I get to be with you.”

Hearing those words puzzled the young Master. Even more that he held her words dear. A smile almost formed before he stopped it, masking his comfort with doubt. “How can you be happy with just me?”

As if expecting it, she answered, her hazel eyes meeting his azure ones. “Well, Mom always said ‘when you find someone really good, you will be happy even if you only have that person’. I think she’s right.” Before he knew it, their hands are already holding each other.

The feeling of her hand intertwining with his, and the loving embrace of her maid stoked a feeling of joy and gratefulness of being loved, warring his depression. He looked at the window again, finding the same dark world. This time, it didn’t matter. He has his best friend by his side.

And with that joy came the feeling of…something funny. Not funny in literal sense, but he realized his heart is beating faster. Feeling almost all of her for a long time, he liked it. No, he love being with her, embracing her, hoping that this would last forever.

“Thanks, Katya.”

As feeble as it may be that she didn’t hear it, he made up for it by returning an embrace of his own. Now they face each other, and they could see each other’s faces, dimness notwithstanding.

Even that they have been together for a long time, he never got to admire to the fullest how cute she is, till now. Even if she isn’t a mamono, he thought, he would not be able to handle her smile and be sad after that. If there’s one thing he could compare Katya with, it would be a cherub or a fairy. Her floppy dog-like ears and her always lively soft, feathery tail, the parts that remind everyone that she is a Kikimora… he didn’t know why, but he loved to see them, especially her tail when wagging, like it is now, making thumping sounds against his bed.

“I don’t know why you’re happy with me” he admitted sheepishly “But I’m also happy being with you.”

Katya’s ears perked at his last words, and her gleefulness leapt by bounds “Then can I sleep with you tonight, Master?”


He’s sure he had heard every word exactly. She would be sleeping here, beside him? The imaginary alarm bells began to ring.

“Master!” Shaken out of his reverie by the alarmed maid, the Master thought that he had almost blown up right there and then had she not stopped him. “Are you okay?”

It took full five seconds before his brain, still reeling from the imaginary damage, could register his answer “Ah…yeah, I’m ok.”

“You seem scared by my wish to sleep with you, Master.” she apologized.

The way Katya looked apologetic, akin to that of a hurt puppy’s eyes, pricked his heart. Sleeping alone won’t be worth it. “No! No, it’s fine…and I want you here too.”

“Do you feel shy sleeping with me?”

He nodded, and there is a reason to that. His cheeks flushed, his heart skipped a beat, and butterflies seemed to settle on his stomach, all that for gathering courage to give her the reason. “B-because a boy and a girl doesn’t sleep with each other.” It’s all out, he felt relieved, only for a second.

“If you want to, I—”


She was visibly taken aback by his sudden strong answer, and so is he. Thoughts warred inside his mind, making him imagine a bloody war between those who wanted her to be with him and those who don’t.

Sleep with her!

No, it’s too weird! We’re not married!


Only people who love each other can marry each other. And they can sleep together too.

Clarity. He understood why he felt that funny feeling. Is he falling in love with her? And if he does, can he marry her? And sleep with her? Yet the weirdness in feeling to love her as how his father and mother love each other instead of friend jars him. It’s still there and—

He looked at her, his maid and best friend, who had done many things for him: watching out for him, being his playmate, learning to cook for him, cleaning his room free of seemingly irritating but actually dangerous dust, making him happy with many things she could think of. All she did without expecting something in return.

“Please sleep with me if you want to.”

The Kikimora’s tail reached beyond ultrawag options at hearing his permission as she mewled with glee “I wish I could sleep with you from now on.”

Still mildly reluctant, he reminded her “But, you heard what I said about sleeping together, right?”

“I know…”

The Master’s heart almost leapt out of his chest. For him, what she said could only mean the right thing “You want to marry me?”

She nodded affirmatively.

And once again, the funny, embarrassing feeling returned. In his mind, he could envision a scene of him standing before the altar, waiting for her as she walked down, waiting for her as she walked down the aisle, wearing a well-tailored, exquisite wedding dress.

Only when he felt her hand close his mouth he realized he almost lost himself again. A shame… he was grateful that he wasn’t drooling or anything like that. His brain took five full seconds before managing out a word “Why?”

“Because I love you.”

Silence reigned in for a moment, and he needed it. The young Master’s mind struggled to get itself together again after one turmoil after another. Her confession is a bit excessive for him to handle, but here, she had managed to express it. And it had already been proven by her care for him for a very long time. Slowly but surely, it dawned on him that he came to share the same feelings for her too, and now those feelings are crying out to be let out from his mouth.

“I…I love you too…” The funny feeling weakened, replaced by relief of having finally gotten it out. “You care for me even I’m a wimp, and you like it. I’m sorry that I’m ordering you many times.”

She giggled, and not only at his confession. “It’s ok, but you don’t order much often.”


“You’ve just ordered milk five times since we met.” she claimed. Now that she said it, He counted his fingers. He vaguely remembered how many times, but he was sure he only needed one hand to count it.

“What about when I said ‘please’?”

“That counts too…”

He glanced aside feeling cheated “You’re always bringing me milk and I never even thanked you.”

A little alarmed by his possible relapse to depression, she countered “No, you’re eating your veggies and studying hard and going to exercise. I’m happy to have you as my Master.”



A spark of life lit on his spirit. The girl he wanted to marry was happy to have him as a Master and a friend, and he is happy to have her as a servant and a dear companion as well. What they feel for each other, he knew from seeing his father and late mother in the past, transcends those relationships he knows.

“Katya, if I grow up, would you marry me?”

Her ears perked at the question in surprise as she met his eyes, only for a moment. If only they are on an open field, she could have screamed “Yes, Master. I want to marry you.” Nevertheless, her whispered tone didn’t made much of the difference, and her keenness gleaming on her eyes compensated equally, if not more than, for it.

“Then, please don’t call me Master.” She was surprised at this, but he added “Well… you know… the husband and wife…when they get married…they swear to be equal to each other.”

“But you’re my Master.” she tried to insist

“And I feel like I’m not your best friend because I’m your Master.”


“If I can’t be your best friend, I can’t be your husband.”

“Master, it’s ok. If you’re not my Master, we wouldn’t have met. We wouldn’t have been with each other more often.” she answered back. “But if that’s what you insist…Ivan.”

She knew that people who call each other on a first-name basis are very close to each other. Still, for her, he will always be her ‘Master’, everything between them notwithstanding. A Master that she will always serve and shower with love from the bottom of her heart for his sake, he will always be. It is not, however, enough a suitable reason to keep calling him Master, in light of what she knows about relationships with people. And seeing him smile radiantly on hearing her call him by his name, she knows that it signifies the fact that they are more than just a master and a maid, and friends.

The Kikimora’s senses are right; Ivan is relieved that finally they are more than just friends, and only time can delay them from confirming their love for each other. They’ll have to wait, yet there’s something he wants to do.

“I want to give you something.”

“What is it?”

His words were out of his mouth before he realized it, and thus, found himself unable to answer again. He really wanted to give Katya something, now. He scrambled his mind for any possible gifts. Dolls? Already given. Broom? Feather duster? Already given.

He didn’t know what he could give her, unless…

Putting his impromptu gift-giving plan in action, his face moves towards hers. The nagging jittery feeling disturbs him. This will be his first time to do such a thing, and only married people do that.

Katya could all see his nervousness, and his desire to do it, but does not stay away. She wanted to accept it. She almost could not wait for it. His nose finally touched hers and a second after that, it happened. Their first—


Their lips find each other for a second, and he almost jumped out after having done it. “H-how did you like my kiss?”

“It…it…” her cheeks redden as she barely managed to formulate a response “It’s my first.”

“Me too.”

It was comforting, even if embarrassing. They had each other’s first kiss. No one can steal its memory from them, or the fact that they already had done it.

She wanted to feel it…one more time. “Master?”

A simple kiss that he was barely able to give, he felt, is a token show of thanks in comparison to what she had done for him. “Yes?”

“Can we do it again?”

His heart felt like it would burst at her question, but he yearned for it too. His eyes avert her gaze for a moment. “Was it good?”

“Yeah.” Far more than that, it really is, for both of them.

Their lips met again, felt each other’s warmth and softness, till they part…only for them to meet again. Feeling their kiss, relishing their kiss, the shy, funny-like feelings, as well as the earlier melancholy he felt before, are being washed away by their longing for each other, as they savored the passion of their love. Soon enough, their tongues are sparring with each other as they devour each other’s mouths. The young Master, being only human, was soon outmatched by her friend.



Letting her latent monstrous instincts guide her, Katya was soon going all-out, greedily lapping up his saliva in his mouth. For her mamono taste, his saliva isn’t saliva at all, but sweet, sweet nectar, from the Master she serves and the boy she loves. She may have yet to taste all the sweets in the world, but now nothing would beat the taste of her Master’s essence.

For him, it was something strange and yet pleasant. Having little knowledge of what they’re doing, he relied on this current experience to deduce what it is like. It is strangely naughty, and at the same time, nice. Unnerving and comforting. Embarrassing and tantalizing. Before he knew it, his shaking hands had gone inside her maid’s nightgown and fondling her body.

The Kikimora mewled as her Master’s hands feeling all of her skin, her warmth beneath her clothes “M..mmasteer…” She hungered, wanting to return the favor. Her hands desperately searched for that spot that if she touched, would bring pleasure to her Master. Her instincts helped to guide them to where it is. No sooner she has her right hand coming in contact with his crotch.

“Katya!” He rapidly swept her hands away from his crotch “What are—”

“Master…please let me…”


“Please let me feel you good.”

“But you’re touching my…”

She was so blinded by her lust that she forgot that her Master is ignorant of how to make love. That realization struck her like lightning. Her lust wavered. Her excitement died. Guilt overcomes her. “I’m sorry, Master.”


She turned away from him, sitting up on the edge of his bed. Her words carried guilt and disgust of herself “I—I let myself to ravish you. I wanted to love you, just like Mama and Papa loved each other. I—”

“Is this how they show love to each other?”

She nodded. “And this is what married boys and girls do. They make love.”

A long silence hung on the room. Like how he had been feeling before, he could also sense the pensive melancholy she’s been feeling. Only that it stems from her guilt, from letting her desire overcome her. She had wanted to show how she loves him, and he had rejected it.





A part of her vision blurred, and he could see her eyes watering. The guilt is overwhelming that she sees herself a bad, immoral girl, unbecoming of his maid. She had almost forced her Master to her desires, forced him to indulge in something unknown to him. She motioned to leave, and she could have done so, if not that he embraced her before it could happen.

“Katya…I read that if you love a person, you should sacrifice for them.” His embrace is also as warm, and soothing, as hers had given him before.

She couldn’t manage a response as she rubs her eyes and wipes her tears “I…I…”

“I love you. I want to marry you. So…can we do it?”

Her heart jumped at his approval “Really?”

He nodded, adding “Can you teach me what we’re doing while we do it? It’s kind of strange, but I’m interested.”

She wanted to answer, and also wanted to stop her sobs before she does so. Letting her emotion tire itself, her sniffles diminished, her breathing loosened, her need to gasp abated.

The last tear escaped from her right eye. “I’ll be happy to, Master.” She finally answered.

Even if her eyes are red from crying, it did not matter. If anything, what she felt before and hearing his willingness to accept her love amplified the jubilance she was feeling.

He lowered his pajamas, exposing what she yearned for on her sight. The fact that they are both children didn’t faze her. As her mother taught, the most important goal for her is to find the right one she loves. She did not have to do that; she already found him.

The fragrant aroma of his spirit energy tickles her nose, especially in his pole which reeks of that scent. She wanted to put it right then and now inside her, but he isn’t ready for what it is all about, for now. She fought the instinctual urges as she worked through the way.

For his part, the young Master brooded about what they’re doing. It felt so a bit wrong, for showing it to her and strangely, right as well. Shame and modesty is the reason why he is reluctant to show his…calling it weenie now made him almost giggle, and barely able to stifle what already came out.


“…it’s just…it’s funny if I call it weenie…”

“I don’t care…” she answered huskily. Her cheeks are flushed, and her eyes gleam with anticipation. “Can I?”


Her hands wrapped around his manhood and began to caress it. Each touch. Each fondle. All served to stimulate it till he felt his body respond to her work. He felt his pole raise itself, hardening as it does so, reminding him of an attentive soldier responding to a call, ready for war.

She stroked it, again and again, to maintain its rigidity. It twitched and twitched under her touch. “It’s so big and cute…” she cooed, admiring what she most desired part of his body “Master, can I taste it?”

“What?” He asked in surprise. “Are you going to eat it?”

“No, I’ll taste it like a lollipop, but I won’t eat or bite it” she answered.

For seconds, he carefully gave it a deep thought. The image of her licking his pole like a lollipop icks him “That’s where pee comes out, Katya. What if I pee myself?”

She hadn’t seen it coming, but she knew that something else comes out instead of pee if his penis is stimulated enough. “Umm…I think…it’s like…umm…I…”


She opted to risk her incomplete knowledge “…when people do it, something else comes out of the boy, and it’s not pee.”

“What does come out?”

“It’s like milk, and it’s white, but some monsters say that it’s delicious.”

And then something crossed the young Master’s memories “I heard monster girls love to get something. Something out of a boy… Something…is this… this something?”


So many things he didn’t know about his body, he realized. Another fact of human bodies…and by fact, for him, fact is something that can be proven right before someone “But I don’t see mine come out yet.”

“Then can I show it to you, Master? I’ll make you spurt it out.” she assured, her voice reeking of lust. And his speaks of inexperience and doubt. “How?”

“Relax, Master. I’ll show you.”

But there are many things to consider “And what if I pee?”

“You won’t pee. I promise.”

“How can you promise that?”

“I know that pee won’t come out.” she assures confidently.

“Ok, I’ll try not to pee you.” His voice shook a bit, knowing that he’s not very sure about himself, even for once in his life since he stopped using diapers way long ago, he did not the problem of peeing unless he can feel it, and that’s when he goes to the washroom.

“I’ll make sure you’ll love this, Master.” She kissed the tip of his manhood, allaying his fears… and her anxiety as well. As much as she looked forward to this, she had never done it before. She saw many techniques done from secretly watching her mother and his father make love, but it is different when she herself will do it this time. She licked the tip of his cock, his glans, or what she had heard from her mother’s answers to her questions why she’s making love with the Master of the house, running her tip through its slit.


She is sure that he’s trying to suppress his voice, but soon, she’ll get all those adorable moans of pleasure, and orders for her to keep on. A mischievous smile contorted on her lips as she thought of it, a wonderful way to get him all out with his feelings. Her mouth opened for the way, allowing her to engulf the tip of his manhood.

“ehh…please don’t bite it…”

She would tear her own teeth if she accidentally bit her Master, but she might do so if she now spoke there and then. She compensated for it by going in deeper, her tongue now snaking all along his shaft, till her lips had come in contact with his crotch. She could not believe she had done it! She had just all of her Master’s cock filling all her mouth, and the taste of his spirit energy reeking on him is already turning up the heat and animalistic drive for spirit energy on her brain.

To Ivan’s eyes, it seemed unbelievable that she can swallow the entirety of his cock; he can feel the tip of his pole deep inside her mouth, almost entering her throat.

“Katya…can you—ah…”

As if she was suckling on a popsicle, she suckled on him with the same effort. The tickling feeling intensified, as well as the feeling that his cock is hardened as a rock.



His gasps intermingled with the slurping sounds out from her work. It didn’t matter; the taste of his cock and his spirit energy in her mouth drove her further on. The feeling it brought him was well beyond the young Master’s expectations, yet not enough to make him moan or gasp to the crying point yet.


Hearing her name mumbled, she smiled in her mind, happy to serve her Master like this. Her tongue further upped its effort, savoring the taste of his pole and the delicious spirit energy that reeks in it. It gave him ticklish sensations as her tongue worked itself upward, into the tip of his member.

“Katya…it tickles…”

She was in no position to speak, but she wants him to feel all her work, right up to its end. Her tongue had finally reached the glans, and begun to assault it with licks and pokes on its entirety.



Her eyes beamed with delight, knowing her work is not in vain. Her efforts doubled, her tongue begins to ravish the head of his pole. Guided by instinct and memory, she struck his weak point.


Her tongue excitedly played the slit of his cock. Licked it, poked it, circle it; she did all she could imagine on him. Her efforts didn’t go unrewarded. His gasps are getting stronger, and she could hear his moans barely hearable, but not stifled.

Her tail is wagging to the max, the young Master could see. He knew if animals are happy, their tails wag and the same applies to monsters with tails. Unlike just any monster’s tail, however, Katya’s tail has fascinated him, her tail wagging whenever she does her work for him, and now as well. And now, he admits in his thoughts, she is right that he’ll like it as well.

The young Master is now feeling to the full, as of time, the pleasure he should yet to feel in the future. Heat and urge crept from all of his body, down into his crotch, eager to explode right there and then. But for him, it meant alarm and urge of something he knew instead.

“Katya…wait, I’m gonna pee…” he pulled her head away from his crotch.

She had been engrossed with her lascivious service to her Master that she forgot about it. How much she wanted to continue, she had to pause to explain. “No, it’s not pee. Remember?”

“It’s coming out?”

“It’s like…I forgot what it’s called, but if we go on, you’ll see it.”

“But I need to…”

“It’s not pee that’s coming out.” she insisted. This is the first time he had seen her very adamant, and for her, she should. She could already sense the delicious treat that’s boiling up in his crotch, and she’s anxious to have it all out. “If you let me, you’ll see it.”

Interested to see if she is right, he hesitantly let her go on. Again she assaulted the weak points, the entirety of his penis’ head. Again he felt the pleasure build up further, the urge to explode right there. He couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Katya!” he gasped, pulling her head away from his crotch.

Just in time. The urge had finally exploded. His pole had given in and spilled its contents. To his surprise, whereas he expected to come out as pee, a milky white fluid came out, splattering all over her cute face.

Bliss indescribable in words overcame the girl as her Master spewed more of his cum. She didn’t cover her face, letting his pole coat her face with more and more of his cum. Its warmth and fragrance further drove her into a euphoric-like state. Her face showed nothing more than overwhelming joy, her mouth wide open, letting spurts of cum into it.


It was the first time he let it out. The way he had gave in and let it explode felt like he had been relieved of a much heavy burden…no, it felt even better than that, better than anything he felt at the past.

Only then it took him seconds to realize that he had dirtied her face. “Katya!” he instantly regretted what he had done. “Sorry…sorry…” He begged and begged as he hurriedly grabbed on the blanket to wipe her face with it when her hand stopped him.

“No, Master, it’s fine.” Still in euphoric state, she swept her face with her right hand, collecting all of his cum and swallowing it. Further of his cum came in weaker spurts, and she licked it all over again, cleaning it from the milky seed that came out. And yet, even after having virtually drank all of it, she kept on lapping, visibly hungered even more by his taste.

“Master…it’s delicious…” she deliriously cooed.

The image of his Kikimora best friend greedily devour it awed him; it looked like she had tasted the sweetest honey in the world. That honey, the milky, syrupy fluid came from him, and is now making her happy. “Is that…the milky thing?”

She nodded, still licking her fingers clean of that syrup. The same eureka from before struck the Master’s mind. “So this is what monsters love?”

“Mmmhmm…” she nodded “And they say that if a monster tastes this milky stuff out of the boy they love, she’ll see him as her husband…forever.” she added in a dreamy tone.

The implication was not lost to him; it’s a known fact that monsters only stay with one husband for all their lives. And by tasting that milky thing that came out from him, Katya now sees him as a mate. He can feel his cheeks redden, his heart beat a bit faster out of anxiety, and his mind in danger of another emergency again. But he forged on, trying not to mind those thoughts. “I…I’ll love to be your husband.” he went on, smiling earnestly, but he could not feel but help forget something.

“If that’s how you show you love me as your husband, how can I show… I love you as a…a wife?” his voice quavered at uncertainty.

She understood. And she never thought he’ll be this initiative now, but it is what she is hoping for. “I’ll teach you, Master.”

She is also very eager, yet also very nervous. As she lied beside him, holding his hand, she knew this time it will involve her body, and she felt a little ashamed not only for letting her Master work, but also that he will explore hers. But it meant to the excitement she is feeling. Finally, she is going to have her Master ravish her…even if only he’s exploring it for now, it’s a fantasy that she is dying to feel.

As her hand guides his, her other hand veer into her privates. He hesitated; his hand at first had the intention of stopping hers, and hers resisted from doing so. Katya took his hand to her crotch, under her nightgown, through her panties and into the place she wants where his hand be.

A part of his mind told him to take his hand off, that it would be such a filthy thing to go on, especially that he didn’t know what they’re doing. As his decision veered on favoring it, he thought of the things she had done for him, especially now. He had given her gifts and sees her as a friend than a maid, but now he deems them paltry gifts compared to her devotion. And a strange urge in his body is growing; it would be frustrating and maddening if he stopped right there, and if he stopped, that burning emotion might blow, as well as the wanting to please her in return. If he stopped right there now, all of it would go pent-up. The guilt, as well as the urge, would be unbearable. Giving himself a moment, he had chosen his answer.

Ivan explored where his hand lay on, eliciting a moan from Katya. Inside her panties is a slit, which his curious fingers tried to dig in as they feel all of it.


“Katya?” Alarmed that he had somehow hurt her, he stopped. With that followed the loss of what she wanted to feel in her most sacred place. She looked down on him, looking like a forsaken angel who pleads for a sanctuary. “It’s ok. Please do it…”

He complied, and kept on. As he lovingly massaged her slit with all the care he can, he saw that her eyes are closed, deeply concentrating on feeling his work on her body. From time to time, her mouth would barely open and out comes a gasp “Um…nn..mmnnhh…”

His finger felt a slight bulge out just above her slit and he landed a touch on it.


He was caught aback for a moment on her sensitivity of that place, but he quickly recovered. That’s another nugget of valuable information on her weak point.


Now sure where her weak point is, he kept on assaulting it. Circling, poking, fondling. But he didn’t expect her to give in so much on this “Ah…hah…Master…please put it inside me!”

Put it inside… “With what?”

“Y-your fingers…” And that he did.

Ivan’s fingers made their way through her folds, pushing their way inside. Her depths are warm and wet, and are embracing his fingers as they make their way in. She tightened as he got deeper, but still thanks to her wetness it was easy to get almost all the entirety of his index and middle fingers in. “Better?”

She nodded, still taking her time for a moment of relaxation. In this moment, she could only thank his indecisiveness on what to do now, it is so much the first time something enter her. And all that moment she only needs. “Please feel it, Master. Stir it up.” she whimpered.

His fingers explored her depths, feeling all their way along her live insides seeking to embrace and pin them down. He chuckled. “Katya, you don’t want to let go of my fingers…” he pretended to complain, but really he liked the feeling of his fingers being never let go. Katya never answered back, still concentrated on feeling it and her mouth still sighing at the sensations, and her tail, despite being pinned down on its base by her weight, kept wagging. It was enough of a hint.

“Ah…hah…hah…move it more.”

His fingers are already moving faster by the time she begged, making all the movements he could think of inside her. Pushing then pulling out, and repeating it, he discovered all by himself over the time. As he withdrew, her depths tightened, not wanting him to move out, and he fulfilled the favor, going back in, eliciting both excited gasps and relieved sighs from her, and to his curiosity, making her feathers bristle and her body twitch at times.


Her hips are already moving on their own, trying to follow his fingers as they moved outside, wanting to keep them inside her for as long as they want. Deciding against making her desperate for it, he pushed down his fingers as far as they could go, making as many playful tugs and massages as much as he can inside.


A warm stream burst from her insides, through the barrier that is his fingers, through the panties that offered no barricade to the torrent, and streaming outside. His fingers are now coated with something: clear fluid.

“Ah! Is that…”

“I’m sorry Master!”

No, that’s not it. “No, it doesn’t smell like pee. But it smells nice.” The fragrant smell of her fluid convinced him enough to do something with it: taste it. “And it’s sweet too.”

Her eyes evaded his gaze, her head tilted away, embarrassed at what he said about it, and what had just happened “B—but I still wetted your bed.”

She was right. His bed is now wet with her fluids, and not pee. Pee or not, however, it’s been done. She must be punished. “You’re right.” He agreed, his tone serious with her for the first time, and grimly uncharacteristic of him. “You must be punished.”

Punishment? Master would never dole out punishment…until this time. Her heart raced with anxiety. “W-would you tell Mama?”

There’s a better plan that he had thought of. “No. Take your panties off.”

Is this it? Are they finally going to do it? No, he didn’t know about how it’s done yet. That answer dampened her excitement. Nevertheless she complied and took off her panties.

“Open your legs.” He ordered in a stern voice, the one she expects of a Master to use, but never heard from him before. This initiative attitude is a far cry from his usual self.

She could think of many possibilities as her legs spread themselves open, exposing her slit. First time seeing what his fingers gone into, he was marveled by its sight, only for a moment. So that’s why girls have to sit on toilets when they pee, they don’t have those.

He would have investigated more if not for realizing the sweet scent on her body is intensest on her nether regions. Like flowers attracting bees with their nectar, his face got drawn more and more into her slit, savoring her scent.

Nervous, she asked “You’re going to lick it?”

And she got his answer. His tongue curiously prodded her slit, testing his taste of her feminine nectar. The probing feeling, while arousing, puts her at ease. That does not last; his tongue began to be more and more eager.


He dove in, ravishing her pussy with his tongue. As if relishing the tastiest ice cream in the world, he voraciously licked all her entirety; the vulva, the clit, the folds…


All the focus possible was devoted into leaving her pussy dry. No matter how many times he licked it dry, it would always be wet. Her slit keeps releasing more of it, even only marginally.




His tongue invaded inside, trying to get at the source of her honey. He held fast on her trembling legs, steadying them.


A single tear drops from her left eye, both eyes closed, as she focused on sensing deeply how his tongue stir up her insides. The young Master greedily lapped her pussy, feeling all her insides with his tongue. Oh, so much better than her scent!


“Fuooh…” It felt like his thirst is quenched as he drank more and more of her nectar, now mixed with his saliva and perfecting the taste he likes. His efforts doubled, wanting to get more of it. He never stopped. He didn’t care. She didn’t, either. It was a punishment befitting of her: A punishment of being immersed in mindbreaking pleasure for dirtying his bed.


Her hand helped him drive deeper. Her hips as well bucked against his head. Even then, his tongue was then able to reach deeper, if only for a bit.


Something is wrong; much to his frustration, less and less of her nectar is coming out, and thus less of them for him to taste. How would he be able to draw it out? His mind went to search for answers, deducing, concluding. It is true that her delicious fluids will continue to come out as long as she is pleasured very well. If so, then she must be getting used to it. But what about that button thing just above her folds? It worked before, would it work now? He playfully prodded her clit with his tongue and got his answer.

“HMmn…” she whimpered, her weak point again under assault.

His tongue assaulted her clit on gods know how many times, putting her under his mercy. The more her tiny clit bulged out, the more he’s motivated to play with it even more. True to his prediction, her crotch again became wet, providing another flow of her honey he sought, even if albeit weak.



Not knowing that her hips and legs trembling is a sign of her impending release, he went on, thinking he had already gotten all of it. Hearing her whimper from his pleasurable play lit up the mischievous part of him; now he wanted her to feel it until she’s a mess, content and spent.


And he was absolutely surprised by the climactic burst of her nectar he had been coveting, right into his mouth and face. But only for a moment, again he let her thirst reign on him, to match her intense climax and lap again her crotch dry.


None of it should escape. He must have all of it. All of it.

After having lapped her crotch dry, his face surfaced from her crotch, smiling in satisfied glee. “It’s delicious…”

Her face is still in delirious-like state, her tongue lolling out of her panting mouth, her eyes closed. It is an undeniable proof that he had left her spent and almost delirious. “Master…”

He pulled himself onto atop of her, on her level face-to-face. “Katya, you okay?” his voice a bit concerned that he had almost rendered her weak.

For him, it is a show of affection, and for Katya, it meant also that too, and something more. Such show she had always seen her mother and his father does so before they make love; this rekindled the heat in her lower belly. “Master…” Forgetting manners, her hands grabbed his head and pressed him against hers. The young Master was caught off guard, but he managed to fight back…by invading her mouth with his tongue and spar with hers. In the heat of it, her hands made their way into his crotch and start stroking him. The arousing feeling invoked by their kiss and her hands on his crotch soon had his trousers down enough and his manhood rigid again. It is time.

She let her legs give way, paving the way for his member to enter her sacred place—

He held steadfast, not allowing it to sink further “Katya!…it’s gonna go in—”

Her hands took grip of his hips “Master…it’s part of the…of the…”


“I mean…what we did… is like a warm-up. And we’re…we’re…” As much as she wanted to do this with her Master, she didn’t know how to say it. Her body and heart is crying out to sate their need, affecting her thoughts. In spite of that, she resorted to simpler terms “Do you know what a honeymoon is?”

“You mean like the first night of lovers together?”

“They do this actually when they sleep together. And the next night. And the night after that.” Her husky voice, her loving eyes, her flushing cheeks…never he had witnessed her so arousing, and he realized his member is erect and eager, twitching to the point it feels a bit unbearable.

“Every night forever…” She paused to breathe some more before going on “Y-you put your…this…” she laid her hand to his pole “to mine…” her hand moved to her crotch as emphasis. “And we move our waists to and back…until you pour it out again…inside me.”

“…y-you mean…pour it inside you?”

“Yeah…” she pleaded, her voice barely a whisper “Master, please put it in…”

Thoughts warred again inside the young Master’s mind, one imploring him to stop, for they are venturing in acts unknown to him, and the fact that only married people do this. The other pleaded for him to continue, that it will be alright considering he’s doing it with her, and to see her as a wife.

He chose the latter.

His hips descended, slowly. It does not hurt to be careful. His tip has gone inside her.

“…Please deeper…”

He plunged in a bit deeper.

“…Please get it all inside…”

A thought of protesting safety came up in his mind.

She sensed his hesitation “Master, it’s ok. Just…get it all inside…” she begged.

And so he did…slowly…slowly…

Both felt the resistance to further entrance into her insides. Katya, greatly exasperated by her lust, wrapped her legs around his hips, pressing him to her, breaking the barrier and consequently…

“Nngh!” She felt something tear inside, and with that, her Master’s member has now reached the deepest of her insides. But the pain was unforgiving. Tears started to fall from her eyes as she sobbed at the aftermath of losing her chastity. Needless to say, he was alarmed “K-Katya? I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s ok.”

He knew it! He should have protested the idea of safety when he had the chance! He tried to extract himself, but her legs prevented him from doing so. They even tightened more when he tried to.

“Katya, I need to take it out. You’re not fine.”

“No…no…” They should not stop, having come this far, or else, the fire will not be quenched. “Please don’t go. It’s painful, but it’s okay.” she replied, smiling with tears on her eyes.

“But it’s still-”

“It happens when it’s a girl’s first time to do this, but the pain will go soon. Please, just keep it in…”

He had so many concerns, but she knew more of what they’re doing than he does. “Ok, we stay like this for now.”

She sighed contentedly, her arms and legs embracing him to the point nothing except their clothes existed between them.

“Am I heavy?” he asked.

She shook her head at this. “No, it’s ok.” But he didn’t buy it. His member remaining inside of her, he shifted, into a position where she is on top of him instead.

“You’re always a gentleman, Master…”


The pair lay off for what seemed like hours, reminiscing the past. The day they first met when she moved in with her mother. The days when they frolic over the vast estate his family, if one could call a father and a son a complete family, owns. And the day she had witnessed how deadly an asthma attack can be, and how he came close to death, and she knew why his life is not normal than other rich kids of his age.

“You almost died, Master…” her voice weak just remembering that “I didn’t know you have an allergy.”

“It’s ok. At least you were there.” he returned “Ever since you came, they said I’ve become healthier.” And it’s thanks to the foods she personally makes for him. “I love your foods.”

“Ivan…” Her love for him flared up once more, remembering why they are in that position.

“Mmmhmmm…” he moaned, feeling her hips press against his, and her insides press on his member “Katya…you’re moving.”

The Kikimora grinned mischievously “Do you like it, Ivan?”

He nodded. “Yeah, and it feels nice when you move. Can we…can we keep this up?”

She is more than pleased to hear him request for that. Feeling his cock all the way inside, meeting her innermost depths that it seemed like they have combined together, her vaginal flesh sought the same thing, embracing the entirety of his pole.

The Master gasped at the sensation. The experience with her mouth doing it is so much different from inside her slit. That part is livelier, eager and wanted his weenie more. Weenie…

“Teehee…Weenie…it’s… so funny.” he managed out of giggles and sighs.

“I don’t… know why weenie… is funny…”

“Try saying it: My Master’s weenie is inside me.”

“My Master’s…ah… weenie is inside me.” And indeed it drew laughter not only from him, but her too. “You’re right… Your weenie is inside my pussy.”

His eyebrows rose. “Pussy? I don’t know why your thing would be called pussy.”

“Because that’s what they call it.” she explained, gesturing to her crotch.

“I don’t…see why it would be…hh..called pussy…hah…you’re going harder.”

Perhaps brought upon by the sudden energy, she started grinding her hips harder, to further press his rod inside her. She released him from her embrace, raising herself and intertwining his hands with hers. Every part of her body craved for his love, and it all combined to descend on her pussy, the part receiving him. Sucked and milked, throbbed and twitched, if only to have his sperm.

The young Master gasped, again and again, and even more than before. He must somehow fight back!

And we move our waists to and back. Remembering her words, he returned the favor, striking back with a push of his hips, earning a surprised yelp from the Kikimora. “Ah!” It worked. And again. “Ah!” And again. Bolts of pleasure also crept up his spine, now even furthered by their combined thrusts.

The young couple’s movements gradually livened, their thrusts gradually becoming harder and faster, gasps and moans steadier, though not as the pace of a frantic sex-crazed couple. She and the Master must be careful with his body, even if he is healthier than before, and this is their first time together. And what a heaven-like first time it is! Her sex virtually embracing all of his that not an inch of space is between her and him, it felt safe for him that his weak spot is inside her sacred place.

The familiar sweet scent he recognized from her, to wonder, is tickling his nose the more it comes closer to her body. That scent gave him a hint to do something, and his instincts know the answer.

“Hah…ahah…funyaahh…” The Kikimora was so much lost in her conflagrating lust and devotion that she did not notice her Master already raising her nightgown, exposing her petite body. He almost lost himself admiring her body, from her smooth, milky white thighs, to her soft, warm belly, through her puerile, budding, sensitive chest, and into her cherubic face, always an embodiment of the innocent cuteness he loved of her, even if it is now contorted with pleasure.

“Katya…you’re so cute…”


Katya felt her chest assaulted with similar pleasure as her pussy. Her Master is already sucking on one of her nipples with vigor. Her right hand grasped his head. “Master…please taste my body more…” she gasped.

The Master’s tongue lapped both her tiny, stiff nipples, suckling on them a few times, shooting up lightning bolts of pleasure in her chest. Not only her nipples, but the entirety of her chest he didn’t left dry with his saliva, licking up even her sweat. He tried to descend to her belly. No good, thanks to their position. But she came to the rescue; her hands guide his, all the way along her belly, letting him trace along her thighs and legs.




She felt his hand on her tail, specifically on her base. Surprised to hear her yelp at that touch, he circled and poked its base, and then came the inevitably adorable yips from her. The slurpings stopped, and she heard her Master “So this is your weak spot?” Just by his voice, she could easily imagine him smile deviously.

Whether she liked it or not, she has to—

“Kya!” Gently tugged, poked, stroked, all she felt from her tail struck her weakened, causing her hips to stop and tire. Her body almost lost all of her power, weighing down on him. He groaned at the sudden pressure, but he didn’t mind.

He looked up to her hazily, admiring his cute maid, seeing her hair disheveled, her mouth drooling, her body hot, but for him, he had just seen her most beautiful side.

“Katya…” he gasped huskily.

Filled, covered, and reeking of want to feel her more, he thrust his hips into her, his cock reaching her deepest parts again. It gave him the same ticklish feeling, moving into her, but only for a moment. The pleasure subsided as sudden as he moved. In that, he moved back…then thrust again. And back, and again. The more he moved, the more he continuously felt it.

“Hah…ah! Master…you’re…hah…doing it right!” she managed to cry. “More…please mo-mmm!” His lips met hers, eager for another kiss. She similarly returned the favor.

They were so in it that their mating instincts fully took over control. Their hands are everywhere, feeling each other’s bodies, hers stroking his back, his clutching her hips, hers cupping his head and his playing with her tail.

The already-familiar pleasuring stress is gathering up in his crotch, beginning from his balls, spreading to his cock. “Ahah…huumm…hah…” He knew, he’s about to get it out again. “Katya…hah…” No, he had to spite it, go on and don’t mind it. His tongue and hands resumed their work, yet now they are getting sloppier and frenzied.

Such desperation never escaped her senses, and she could feel his member twitch inside her depths “Do it.” She moaned. Her legs coiled around his waist, offering him no escape, and pinning his pole inside. She pressed herself against him, with more force than ever before. His cock was pinned down inside, her hot pussy embracing it with all it can. She wanted to feel it now! “Master, do it!”

Still, that stream of his sweet spirit energy doesn’t come out yet. She pushed herself again.


And another push.


Why won’t Master come?!!!


Thick creamy seed finally erupted, filling her famished womb, and bringing them to experience what heaven will feel like, she with having received the greatest gift a monster girl could have, and him feeling relieved at showing his love.

One spurt is not enough. Her pussy milked for more, and it is to avail; his cock spurted out more; three…four…five… Excess started to squelch out of their conjoining. In response, she pressed him further inside. Furthermore her flesh tightened around his, not letting his essence spill out of her.


The continued spurting of his cum making their way to her womb also sent her to her own climax. She could feel his love and hers mix inside her belly, and smiled dreamily at the thought. She wanted this bliss, if only possible for them, to last forever.

The pair remained together, riding down their highs and catching their breaths. The feeling of her belly finally filled with her husband’s warmth greatly relieved her of her hunger, as well as fulfilling her desires as a woman.


By that time, her breathing had steadied.

Those labored, wheezy gasps are not hers. Her wolf ears stood up in alarm as she looked down on the fatigued Master, his head resting on her chest. A dry cough spell confirmed the worst, enough for her to drain all her ecstasy away. At least, she knows how to deal with this now, but sometimes, it may not work…sometimes, she thought on the bright side.

“Master, look to my eyes.” Her voice is now devoid of lust, yet still full of concern and love. Her hands cupped his head, their tender touch helping to calm him and get him focus on controlling his breathing again.

“Master, breathe slow…steady…through the nose…”

The young Master did not thought she could have the vibe of a stern big sister, yet in spite of being a bit taller than her and acting at times as her Master, sometimes, he loved it when she would take command, whether she persuades him, or stops him doing from a potentially dangerous thing. That thought helped him to focus on regaining control of his breathing, and in no time, he is well again like nothing happened, except for some relieved deep breathes.

Her big sister vibe now gone as well, she returned on being a meek servant and loving friend “I’m sorry we’ve got so naughty, Ivan.”

“No, it’s okay.” he sighed, clearing the rest of discomfort from his chest. “It’s the best thing we did. We felt so good with each other.” he admitted. “Thank you for being with me, for making me happy again.” he embraced her, planting a kiss on her cheek as well.

“…thank you for accepting me, Ivan.”

“As a friend?”

“As a wife too…”

Still content in the aftermath of their deed, the pair carefully lay down the bed, with she on top of him. Their intimateness for each other is still growing strong that they don’t want to separate from each other. “Master, can we sleep with it still inside?”

“Inside…? Y-yes…”

“I don’t want your milky thing to spill out.” she reasoned out “Am I too heavy?”

“No, but it’s warm and nice inside you. It’s worth it.”

She felt his hands move her hips, driving it down gently as to get his entire member inside.

“Good night, Katya…”

“Good night, Master…”

Yet even with such parting statements, Ivan and Katya kept their eyes open for a time being, if only to see each other’s faces as last before sleep have to overtake them. His eyes were the first to close.

Katya lovingly fondled him, wanting to feel all of her Master with all her senses for one more time. Sniffed his face, kissed his lips gently, fondled his body and listened to his stable breathing. It reminded her of a sleeping prince. Her sleeping prince. With all of her prince’s essence all over her senses, she felt secure that from now on they will always be together.

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