Manticore milk 2

“Come on, it’s time” Anne insisted as she smacked a horsewhip against the buttocks of the Holstauri.

The girls pouted and resisted getting herded into the cattle truck. Up till yesterday they had been allowed to wear human clothing and walk around the farm freely, but today they were officially of age and needed to be escorted to the milk barn.

Red came out of the building carrying a crate of empty bottles, only to see his girlfriend, the redhead with an hourglass figure in some yellow overalls, struggle keeping the cow people in line. When the monstergirls noticed him they began calling out to him in a chirm of complaints and requests. “Master, master, we don’t want to be a milkcow.” “Master, will you fuck us now master?” Anne was almost overrun by this sudden simultaneous movement.

“Can you get them all in honey?” Red said. She spread her arms and pushed all of the herd at the same time. “I can get them in but they just walk out when I step back.” When she had driven the entire herd into the wagon she looked over her shoulder. “Here, close the door behind me.”

He put down his crate and started to hesitantly close the door. “You coming to the milk barn with us?” Anne gave her sweetest smile. “Yeah, sure, I’d love to see it. The famous manticore too.” Red smiled back. Well a’ight.” He pointed at the Holstauri. “You girls behave.” And closed the door.

It was a bumpy ride, one of those country roads that had seen more tractors than cars. Inside the wagon all animals bumped into each other. The small human a bouncy ball between the powerful monstergirls. Anne hadn’t quite expected to feel so weak and powerless. Bessie smacked squarely against her in a manner that was anything but accidental. Her back got pushed against the wall and the holstaurus pinned her with just here body.

Anne’s face got a little red when she saw Bessie’s chest completely envelop her own. Anne was reasonably busty by human standards, but human standards mean nothing to a holstaurus. Feeling an inferiority complex creep up Anne took note of the body of her boyfriends beast wife. Smoother skin, wider hips, slightly thinner waist, her bust, god her bust. Red would be fucking this almost daily, how could she ever compare?

She realized she had let herself get pushed into a corner without protest, a clear signal on who was in charge in the jungle that was the back of the cattle wagon. She looked up at Bessie’s face and was greeted by a mockingly superior smile, her train of thought must have gone pretty much the same way. 

Anne tried to push her away, only to find herself against a much greater force. Bessie held her in place effortlessly. The entire herd had gone silent, expectingly waiting for Bessie’s next move. “Is everything okay, back there!?” Red shouted over the sound of the motor. “Yeah, everything under control!” Anne lied. She didn’t want him to think badly of her or try to keep her away from the things her worked with on a daily basis. “Okay, I’m proud of you!” He said.

“Why does the masta’ care about you so much sugarcube? What’s so darn special ’bout you? ” Anne had to visibly swallow to gain some composure. “I’m your master too an-” “Ah, no. Forgive me pumpkin but that’s baloney ain’t it? You don’ have no penis. You don’t have anything we need. You just try to boss us around like a petulant child.”

Something about the response struck her. She did feel like a child, an undeveloped next to a full woman berating her. Her voice broke “N-now you listen here-” Bessie shut her up by forcefully grabbing her chin. “Ah think you need to be reminded of the foodchain. Anne’s eyes widened, suddenly the wagon looked like a deathtrap full of vicious animals. She struggled to bring out pleas of mercy though her squashed cheeks “Mwhuh. No pwease don’ huwt me.” Bessie gave a wrang smile. “That’s a beautiful start.”

The holatauri wrestled the horsewhip free from her grasp. With a quick movement she was laid over somebody’s knee, her overall unbuckled and hanging on her knees. The lash began steadily administering painful stripes on her posterior. The human skin being so much more vulnerable than that of a cowgirl the whip inflicted tremendous pain. Anne wanted to scream but Bessie put her fingers in her mouth. “Shush. You don’ want your boyfriend ta find out do ya?” She bit down on the fingers, but her weak human jaw didn’t manage to pierce the skin. Besides, she was right, Anne would be deathly ashamed if Red found out she had let herself get bossed around by Holstauri like this. He would never trust her with anything again.

Red kept the minimum amount of attention required for a traffickless country trail on the road. He was thinking of the manticore. Just last week she had given birth to a litter of pups. It reminded him of the fact that he needed to find a pupil to take over the farm from him one day, somebody in no way related to him or his predecessors to serve as a husband to his beast daughters. He smiled, six manticores, he would need to find a pupil with a good constitution because one manticore was already exhausting to him. The girl was a wild animal captured almost by accident, totally unlike the holstauri girls that were bred to become paralysed with pleasure from even the slightest sexual stimulation.

Still, it had been a good idea keeping the manticore. His farm had become famous for the product. The burning taste had not only made it popular in the area, it had earned it world fame and served as a tourist attraction. The only downside was that a single manticore could only produce so much milk, enough to stock the local shop with cheese but not enough to sign the multinational contracts he had been offered.

Anne kept her pained wailing to a minimum, she felt strong hands painfully massage her red striped ass as she was forced to orally pleasure the so-manieth hostaurus.  The cowgirls insisted on letting everyone use her as a sex toy to show her how low she stood. Luckily it didn’t take much work to overload the girls with so much pleasure they collapsed, so the number of abusers was steadily declining. The taste of their juices had this strange addicting effect, she found herself licking more and more eagerly.

By the time Red opened up the back all holstauri were lying on their backs. Anne was standing next to the door in her yellow overall, fresh as a flower and jumped out immediately. “Wut happened here?” Red asked sniffing out the scent of sex. Anne shrugged. “Hostauri”. He kissed her on the lips “Could you strap them in? I’m going to check on Paws.” She hesitated for a moment. “…sure. Yeah I can do that.” He pinched her ass, she gave a yelp.

Red took the crate of bottles with him and Anne helped the cowgirls up. They seemed eager enough to get to the milking grounds but they didn’t let her herd them. Instead they dragged her along, groping her, slapping her and verbally abusing her. She thanked the gods Red was to far away to hear it. Bessie came up to her from behind and let her hands flow over the sides of her body, she did have an hourglass figure, just not one as extreme as theirs. “Little Annie, our little slut. The little flat-chested baby-girl.” ‘Okay’ Anne thought, ‘You made your point. You think I’m little. I got it the first time.’

Suddenly Bessie let her hands slide in the overall from the top, going under the bra and feeling up her chest. “Hey stop-” Anne started but her aggressor shut her up. “Remember who’s in charge worm-girl” She began massaging her nipples. The shame was unbearable, was she going to do this every time she saw her? In broad daylight. Even worse did the shame get when she realized she was getting turned on.

Paws was overjoyed to see the master again. She looked up from her litter with the broadest smile any living creature had ever conjured up. “Master, master. These are your children!” Gone was the muscle tone she had when she was first captured, her entire body had become slender in a soft way. Her breasts massively swollen to several the times the size of her head. And her tail sat uselessly in the harness, never even trying to strain it. Red picked up on of his daughters and bopped the nose with his fingers. Paws began nudging his crotch with her face, her got the hint and unbuckled his trousers with one hand, flopping out his dick. She began eagerly sucking it.

The girl snapped at his finger with her tail. He frowned. “Maybe we should remove the tail. Paws looked up at him and began begging through a mouthful of cock. “Mwoh, pweash. Mwoth mwah bawby.” “Alright” Red conceded, we’ll just strap it in. Paws got a grin on her face and began purring happily while sucking. She was so grateful of her master for giving her this life and giving her her daughters. When the machine started milking her massive breasts and tripling the pleasure of sucking his semen her eyes rolled back in pure ecstasy.

Anne applied the milking harnesses to the new milking cows, she felt like a servant clothing noblewomen to proud to dress themselves, rather than a farmer strapping in her cattle. The attitude of the girls certainly didn’t help, they looked down on her like she was some incompetent child. When the milking started one suction cup turned out to be misapplied, she fumbled to fix it but the holstaurus grabbed her by the head and pressed her face against her nipple. “suck” She began to obediently suck out the milk from the cowgirl teat, trying as hard as she could to match the speed of the machine, the taste was sweet and incredibly thick.

She could hear the holstauri laugh and mock her for being used as a milking device. She was getting so wet it started soaking her underwear. The milkflow kept coming and coming, filling her up further and further. She tried to wrestle free to breath but the cowgirl kept her firmly in place. She gagged and started coughing, milk flowing from her mouth all over her chin. The holstaurus let go and she fell on the ground, gasping for air. The holstaurus applied the suction cup expertly herself, never breaking eye contact with Anne. She didn’t catch the cowgirl’s name but she was deathly afraid of her. She got on her feet and ran away as fast as she could. “Run along ta your boyfriend, wormgirl!” Bessie yelled. “Tell him to finally come and fuck us!”

“Didn’t you want to see them manticore?” Red asked. “Oh, no that’s alright. I really think it’t time to get back.” Anne said hastily. She had wiped the milk of her chin but there as still a wetness there, he knew better than to ask. “Alright, you can sit next to me this time.” Anne’s painful posterior pulsated. “Eh, I think I’d prefer standing. You know, stretch my legs.” Red raised an eyebrow. “Eh, okay, you know where to step in.”

Standing in the back of the cattle wagon, alone this time, Anne was overcome with shame. What the hell was wrong with her? She didn’t think any farmer’s wife had ever made such a mess of a situation before. She felt the fabric of her overall strain against her painful ass. Which was rather peculiar because the thing was supposed to leave some room everywhere. She would have chalked it up to swelling from the pain but her chest was getting rather tight too, her bra-straps were digging into her back and she as pretty sure she had started to lactate…

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