Mamono Mother’s Day

The sun was rising, filling a once dark room with light. The light revealed a bed with two occupants in it. One was a burly looking man with long, messy black hair and a beard to match. Sleeping next to him was a woman with bluish purple skin and long, green hair. Both were lying in the bed, the woman snuggled up close to the man, resting peacefully.

Once more light had creeped into the room, the woman was stirred from a very comfortable sleep she didn’t want to get up from. Sadly, she knew she had to.

The woman sat up and not only revealed her naked top, but also her serpent bottom-half. The woman was, in fact, an Echidna. These monster girls, or Mamono as they preferred, were known as “the mother of all Monster”, a fact she was proud to show.

The moment she and her husband became a couple, she began work on building up her family. This resulted in her bearing five, beautiful daughters.

After a few stretches and a big yawn, the Echidna grabbed a long piece of cloth, which was essentially her top, and headed towards her master bathroom.

She took one last look at her sleeping husband and couldn’t help but smile. Despite his burly looks, he was the gentlest man she’s ever met. He was still an ex-mercenary, but he has been nothing but caring to her and the children.

The Echidna slithered over to the sleeping man, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and giggled softly all the way to the bathroom.


The Echidna exited her room, having just taken a nice shower. She was a little disappointed her husband didn’t sneak in for a little fun, but she figured it was still pretty early and her husband loved to sleep. She’ll tease him the whole day to get him in the mood later tonight.

Slithering through the hall, the Echidna noticed something quite odd. All of her daughters’ doors where opened and their rooms unoccupied. This early in the morning, her daughters would still be asleep until she started cooking breakfast. She wondered what they could be up to this early.

Upon reaching the stairs, the Echidna heard noises coming from the kitchen, including what sounded like her daughters’ voices. She quietly snuck down the stairs, through the living and dining room, and stopped at the entryway of the kitchen. What she saw left her utterly speechless.

First she saw two of her daughters, a Khepri and a Sahuagin, kneeling and scrubbing the floor. Her Khepri daughter was smiling happily and humming a soft tune, while her Sahuagin daughter remained her usual expressionless self.

At the table, her Minotaur daughter was setting plates and silverware down at each chair. She periodically let out a big yawn, since she tended to sleep in really late and nap most of the day.

At the stove were her oldest daughter, another Echidna, and her youngest daughter who was an Alice. The Alice soon noticed her mother and started struggling and calling out to her in babbling baby fashion. This got everyone else’s attention and they noticed their mother as well.

“Good morning, Mother,” the daughter Echidna said, looking over her shoulder so she didn’t turn around and get her baby sister near the stove. The other girls all said their hellos as well.

“Oh my, what’s going on?” the Echidna asked slithering into the kitchen. She was stopped, however, by her Khepri and Sahuagin daughters.

“Not yet. We’re still cleaning,” the Sahuagin says in her monotone voice.

“You go to the living room and relax. We’ll let you know when breakfast is ready,” the Khepri states looking up to her mother and smiling.

The mother Echidna didn’t really know what to think about this current situation. Was it her birthday and she forgot? Despite this, her daughters working so hard made her feel all nice and warm inside. So, she did as she was told and went to the living room to wait for her daughters to finish up.

It wasn’t long till her husband came down and saw his wife sitting on their couch fit for a Lamia and his children working in the kitchen.

“…Did they do something bad?” asked the man, taking a seat next to his wife and she lightly coiled around him.

“Nope. They were like this when I woke up. Is it my birthday today?”

“It’s not your birthday, dear. But I do wonder if they’re trying to butter you up for something,”

The two just sat on the couch, pondering what their children could be up to. They couldn’t ponder for long since their Khepri daughter came into the living room and announced breakfast was ready. The mother Echidna uncoiled herself from her husband and they both headed toward the dining room hand-in-hand.

Breakfast for the family went about as usual. The father and Minotaur daughter ate their fairly large size portions, the Khepri and Sahuagin ate their meals quietly, and the one big difference was the Echidna daughter was feeding her baby Alice sister instead of her mother doing it. The baby Alice ate her breakfast seemingly upset because of this.

After they were all done eating, the young ladies ushered their parents out of the kitchen and told them to relax. So the older Echidna and her husband returned to the couch where the man was again wrapped in his wife’s coils and they just sat and watched T.V.

The rest of the morning was spent pretty much like this. Mother and father sat on the couch and relaxed while the young ladies not only cleaned up the kitchen, but also started to do other chores around the house. This left the parents very confused but also appreciative of their kids.

While all the children were doing chores, the Echidna daughter was carrying around her baby Alice sister on her back. Since that morning before breakfast, the baby Alice was getting more and more upset since she wasn’t getting attention her mother. It was at that point before noon that she finally had enough and wanted her mama, so she started crying and wailing.

“Shh, it’s okay, little one. Do you need a change?” the younger Echidna asked, taking her baby sister off her back. The baby Alice just kept crying no matter how much her sister rocked her and quietly talked to her. This eventually brought their mother over which caused the Alice to start to calm down.

“D-don’t worry, Mother. I can handle…”

“I don’t know what you and your other sisters are planning, but this little one clearly wants her mother,” the mother Echidna said. Her oldest daughter finally relented and handed her sister over. The moment the mother Echidna took the baby, she not only stopped crying but seemed really happy.

“Want to sit with your father and I on the couch?” her mother asked, carrying the little Alice over back to the couch. The baby Alice now seemed really happy, even giggling while her father held and played with her.

After this, the daughter Echidna rejoined her sisters and they continued doing their respective chores around the house. The Minotaur was being a little slow about it since she would occasionally nod off.

Eventually, the girls got done with most of the chores and even cooked up some lunch. It was a simple lunch of sandwiches, chips, and grapes. All of it, like breakfast, was prepared solely by the four daughters while their parents waited in the living room.

After lunch was eaten and the kitchen was being properly cleaned up, the father decided that his curiosity needed to be satiated. Once the kitchen was fully cleaned, he stopped his daughters from going off and doing more chores and led them all to the living room.

“Alright, it’s nice that you would do all of this for your mother, but I think it’s about time you told us what you all are up to,” the father said. He was pretty gentle around his family, but he still had a presence that called for attention.

The four looked at each other until the Echidna daughter sighed and nodded towards her Khepri sister. Returning her sister’s nod, the Khepri ran off towards their bedrooms upstairs. She quickly returned, holding what looked like folded piece of paper.

The mother Echidna took the folded paper and looked at the font. On it read ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ in bright, alternating colors. Already she could feel the threat of tears coming, but she held them back and opened up the paper.

Dear Mother.

Thank you so much for taking care of us for all these years. We know that sometimes we take your time away from spending more time from Father, so we will try our best to start helping out around the house.

The way you’re able to take care of all of use, even though we’re so different, amazes us. Especially your oldest who hopes she’ll be just as great as mother as you are.

We’ll always be there to help you not only around the house but with any other sister you have planned.

All of our love,

Your daughters.

At the bottom was signed with all of her daughters’ signatures, except for the baby Alice who just left a small handprint.

After reading the card, the tears finally stated to flow freely. The mother Echidna spread her arms and all of her daughters came in and gave her a big hug, smiling and slightly crying from all of them.

“We love you mother,” all the young ladies said, even the little Alice made some babbling noises.

“I love you all, too. Every one of you,” the mother Echidna said.

The mother Echidna always knew she was a happy Mamono, from the moment she married her husband to the moment she gave birth to all of her daughters. This moment reaffirmed her that she’ll always be happy and glad she became a mother.

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