Maid Cafe Prologue

“Welcome home, Masterrrr!” chimed a dozen voices as a customer walked through the front door. The voices trailed off as the hostess took over the greeting. Clover, the rabbitgirl, bounced along in her maid outfit to lead the customer to his seat. She moved at almost a skip, her rabbit ears bobbing cutely, just as she’d been trained. Her voice was bubbly and friendly, giving playful tugs of the customer’s sleeve. In any other circumstance, it would be quite convincing that Clover only wanted to welcome her master home and help him relax after a long day. The bunny maid radiated an air of pure subservience. Perfect. She had been trained well.
Audrey looked over the scene with a sense of pride. Each and every one of her employees gushed with the proper air of a true maid, thanks to Audrey’s guidance. A kikimora from birth, Audrey had been raised on the tenets of being a true maid. Always kind, submissive, subservient. Precise, punctual, and clean.
Audrey looked over the hustle and bustle of the cafe, admiring the fruits of her effort. As the Head Maid, Audrey was above tending to the customers directly. Instead, she ensured that the maids acted proper, and that the customers did not break the rules of her establishment.
The Golden Rule of the Right At Home Cafe was that no one was allowed to touch the maids. Sure, the maids could touch customers. Relaxing shoulder massages were ordered as much as any of the daily meal specials. The Cafe offered many services besides their food and drink. Back and shoulder massages, one on one talks… particularly grumpy looking patrons would be encouraged to play
silly little games like jan-ken-pon or tic-tac-toe. Maids that won would give little cheers, or if they lost
they would congratulate the customer on playing so well. Compliments received by the maids would cause them to blush and giggle, and hide their faces behind menus, napkins, or hands.
Yes, the maids had all been playing their parts nicely. Satisfied with the front, Audrey took her inspection to the back. Her feathery tail whisking lightly behind her as she moved gracefully through the bustle of the Cafe.
Once past the double doors into the kitchen, beyond the sight of the customers, the maids worked diligently and quickly without the flair of subservience. No, behind the doors and out of sight of the customers, they were expected to perform their tasks as fast and precisely as possible. They calculated the meal tickets and coordinated plates and orders with the cooks to ensure their customers did not wait long.
There were only two cooks in the kitchen, though one was only an assistant. The Cafe didn’t need much in the manner of cooks, as the Cafe mainly only served comfort foods. Chicken, onion, or tomato soup. Meatloaf or curry chicken. Even something as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be ordered. Schalla was a very versatile cook, and her work in the kitchen was invaluable to the Right At Home Cafe. Not to mention, Schalla never had too much trouble cooking several things at once. Her mind was easily divided to multiple tasks, and her nature as a kraken allowed her tentacles to reach almost every inch of the kitchen. Schalla stood in the middle of the cooking area, the central nexus of crawling tentacles that prepared dishes between at least six stations.
Jordan, Schalla’s apprentice, was a salamander. She was in charge of the smaller orders, and was so used to working with her master in craft that she seemed to dance effortlessly through the maze of tentacles. The same maze of tentacles that caused the maids to give the kraken a wide berth, but the red-haired salamander weaved through the thick appendages without heed or pause.
“Excellent.” Audrey said to herself. She made her way to the basement and was met with Bethany coming up the stairs from the basement. “Oh, hello, Miss Audrey.” the holstaurus said as she greeted the kikimora with a smile. Audrey smiled in turn.
“Hello, Bethany. Another batch for this morning?” she asked, making note of the tray of bottles in the
cowgirl’s hand. Bethany answered with a nod.
“Yep, Schalla ordered another round for the bubble teas. They’re selling like crazy this morning.”
The girls shared a laugh before Audrey bid Beth a good day. Bethany was not a maid proper, helping out behind the kitchen doors. Holstaurus milk was a commodity, and few establishments were lucky enough to have a holstaurus on the payroll. Bethany didn’t have the maid duties that the others did, her working hours were spent either using the milking machine in the basement to fill up bottles, or hauling the bottles up the stairs. The milking machine had to be in the basement due to Bethany’s milking process causing her to scream out in orgasm as the machine milked her sensitive breasts over and over.
Sometimes Audrey wondered if Bethany even required payment, she seemed to enjoy the process so much. Still, the holstaurus milk more than paid for itself, and Bethany was only ever an asset to the Cafe. Satisfied with her inspection, Audrey moved back toward the main area.
The cooks were working at capacity, the maids were reeling in the customers and the money was flowing well for a working day of the week. Business was running smoothly. Audrey rubbed the feathers on her wrist to smooth them down and her feathered tail swayed gently. Most of her paperwork was done, the kikimora was a firm believer that work should be done as soon as possible. She could reasonably take the rest of the morning off, but it was not in her to remain idle… well, not when she didn’t have a man to take care of.
Finding a husband had proven a bit troublesome, what with her mind being almost solely focused on her work. Sure there were the more predatory monsters that practically hunted down their partners, but Audrey was true to her nature as a kikimora. She did not have it in her to hunt down a mate, but rather kept faith that one day she would find one.
Despite the floundering of her love live, Audrey had thought herself quite accomplished to get the approval of the local government to open up shop in one of the more enterprising districts. She’d gone over her plans in depth with the more skeptical officials, it is where she founded the Golden Rule. Monstergirls could be pure and innocent maids without having to be lewd and predatory, that was her stance. Audrey ran a cafe, not a brothel. She wouldn’t stand for her Maids to act anything less than pure and innocent.
Her Cafe was a shining example that monsters were not just unstoppable rape trains. She’d worked too hard to gain a foothold and grow her business, and wouldn’t tolerate anything threatening that…
A commotion from the front room brought the kikimora’s attention back to the present. Audrey moved swiftly and silently, breezing back through the door. “Is there a problem?” she asked as she drank in the scene.
A man was behind held back by two maids grabbing his arms. His left arm was bound by a blue-furred wolf girl, his right held fast by a succubus. On the table, an imp lay splayed out on the table. “Sheryl, are you all right?” Audrey asked the imp, but was only met with feeble vocalizations. Her feminine scent hung heavily in the air. The kikimora turned to the maids and the held man. “Did he-?”
“No, miss Audrey.” answered the succubus. “He only had time to throw her on the table and kiss her deeply before we pulled him off…” she trailed off and looked at the quivering imp on the table. “…but it looks like that was enough. He must have a strong spirit if she came just from kissing him.”
“I saw his hand go up her skirt…” the wolfgirl growled.
“Well, that certainly would explain it.” Audrey surmised. She narrowed her eyes at the man who pounced on one of her maids. “Release him.” she ordered. “Get Sheryl some warm tea for her nerves.”
“Yes, Miss Audrey.” the two maids answered in unison. They moved to pick up the imp and escorted her to the back room. The kikimora squared off with the man.
She sized him up for a bit. He had the build of a soldier, but he currently wore no uniform. He was muscular, but not hulking. Lithe, but not skinny. His face might have been attractive, if Audrey’s vision was not blinded by rage. She squared off with him as he turned his back on her, picking his jacket from the back of the chair.
“Care to explain yourself?” the kikimora said sterny.
“What’s to explain? I caught a whiff of her and I couldn’t help myself.” the man said plainly.
“Are you unaware of our policy? There is to be no contact allowed with the staff.”
“Yeah, yeah… horse shit rule.” he grumbled.
“I beg your pardon?” Audrey asked as she supressed a deep growl welling in her throat.
“Horse. Shit. Rule.” the man repeated, growing bold as he turned back to Audrey while throwing his jacket over his shoulders. He was poised to leave, but seemed determined to do so with his dignity intact. “Everyone knows you monster bitches love it.”
“Get out of my Cafe.” Audrey growled.
“Yeah, yeah.” the man grumbled again. “She’ll probably come crawling to my room later. Everyone knows you monster whores can’t resist anything with a cock-“
The man was met with straw bristles being slapped across his face at such speeds that any real weapon would have caved his skull inward or left him minus a head. As it were, Audrey lowered her broom with a vengeful satisfaction at the red lines of blood running across his face. “Get. Out.” she said. Her tone was scolding, and serious, but never once did she appear to lose control.
“Why you little-!” is all the man could utter as he reached into his jacket. There was a brief flash of shining gunmetal and a collective gasp was let out from those who saw it. Unfortunately for him, the kikimora moved with a speed and ferocity that he could not hope to match. Her movements were as fluid as they were calculated, she wielded the broom with the precision and grace as if she were a master swordsman locked in a duel. Of course, her skills ended at the termination of the last straw bristle, but real weapons were unbecoming a maid. A broom was a suitable maid’s weapon, and she hadn’t yet met the man willing to admit she kicked his ass with a broom.
Audrey disarmed him easily, cracking the heft of the broom over his wrist, causing him to drop the gun. The man cried in pain as the crack of bone filled the air, but Audrey was relentless. With sweeping attacks that left red lines of welts and blood on any exposed skin, she herded him blow by blow to the door. Her long, feathered tail snaked out, and hooked around the man’s ankle. She gave a hard yank with her tail, pulling his feet out from under him. He tumbled backwards as his legs shot forward, and With a final swing, she landed the bulk of the bristles square on his ass. With a dull crack, Audrey sent the man flying backward out of the Cafe. She moved to where his gun lie on the floor, and with a final, brisk sweep, she sent it sailing out of the door to hit the prone assailant with a satisfying CRACK.
“And stay out!”
The kikimora was met with a modest applause from the rest of the patrons, and chipper little cheers from her maid staff. She had indeed trained them well. Audrey herself gave a little curtsy, managing to blush a little at the clapping.
Audrey’s wolf ears perked as one slow, drawn out clap distinguished itself from the rest. She turned to face the clapping and was met eye to eye with a woman who was the very picture of sensuality. The woman walked into the front door, the downed man outside trying to rise to his feet a distance behind her. Platinum hair contrasted the woman’s red and black gaze of bemused intrigue as she regarded the kikimora. Audrey affixed her with a friendly smile and a cute gesture, “Welcome home, Princess!” Audrey said, joined in chorus by the other maids. Male customers were “Master”, and female customers were “Princess.”
“What can I help you with today?” Audrey asked in follow up. With all eyes on her after that show, Audrey could be a front maid for a customer or two.
“Oh, nothing.” the woman said with a smile. “Just admiring the show… might I ask what happened?” She spoke with a soft tone that belied a hidden strength. Audrey shook her head, playing at a smile, “Oh, just a silly person that didn’t want to abide the rules.” the kikimora said.
“Rules?” the woman said, curiosity seeping into her voice. “What rules?”
“Well, the customers are not allowed to touch the maids.” Audrey answered, her voice lowering an octave to denote the seriousness of her disposition.
The red-eyed woman pulled a frown. “Well that’s just cruel…” she said ominously.
“The rule is there because this is a cafe, not a brothel. Just because we’re monsters, doesn’t mean we’re
whores.” Audrey said assertively, her voice losing its trademark airy quality as she spoke sternly.
“Breaking character a bit, aren’t we?” the red-eyed woman asked, a grin creeping across her face.
Audrey exhaled with an exasperated expression. “I run a legitimate business for the Owner. We’re maids, not fuck slaves…”
“So you’re not the Owner?” the woman asked, her expression becoming curious rather than devious.
“No.” Audrey answered. “I’m the Head Maid. The Owner owns the building and collects the money. He also handles the taxes and pays the workers.”
“I see…” the woman said with another air of intrigue. “Where is he?”
“Where he always is.” Audrey answered, eager to close the conversation. “In his office.”
“I’d like to speak with him.”
“I’m not so sure that’s…” Audrey started to say, then trailed off. She heaved a deep breath and bowed on her exhale. “Of course, Princess.” she answered, ever so eager to be rid of this nosy stranger. Audrey led the woman into the back, up a flight of stairs, and to a door. She rapped gently on the door of the Owner’s office and called in. “Master, a customer would like to speak with you.”
An answer came from the other side. Audrey opened the door, bowed a final time to the strange woman, and turned to leave. She’d send up another maid to escort the woman back to the customer area once their talk was done. She didn’t know what the red-eyed stranger would want with the Owner, but the day had quite enough excitement for one shift.
The rest of the day seemed to breeze by without effort. Audrey was in her element as the Head Maid, and she honestly enjoyed her work. Without more troubling distractions, she helped her business run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. The sun dipped down toward the horizon, and the dinner hour drew to a close. The customers would start dwindling as they headed home for a good nights rest for tomorrow’s toils. She took pride in knowing that a good portion of their customers would sleep easily thanks to their efforts. It was honest work. Simple, but honest. A maid’s work.
Audrey stayed behind to help with the last of the clean up. She bid the cooks, maids, and hostess good night and congratulated them on a job well done. There were no customers left, so they did not bother with over the top extravagance. They shared simple smiles and headed home. Audrey closed the door and locked the front before she made her way toward the back. She would check in with the Owner to see if there was any final business and then head home for the day. To the kikimora’s surprise, she came upon the red-eyed woman closing the door to the Owner’s office.
“Oh.” she said in surprise, “I did not realize anyone was still here. Have you been here the whole time?” Audrey asked.
“Of course.” the woman answered with a wide smile. “And I have some… interesting news~”
“What is that?” Audrey said in a low tone, clutching her broom tight.
“The Owner has seen fit to make me Head Maid… of the Day Shift and the Night Shift.”
“We don’t have a Night Shift.” Audrey asserted.
“Well, we do now. Turns out the Owner was absolutely thrilled about some of my ideas~”
Audrey affixed the woman with a stern expression, her grip on her broom tightening in exasperation. “I temper my sense of decency in expectation, Princess…”
“Oh, no need to be like that.” the lady answered. “The owner was positively throbbing over my suggestions~”
“And my name is Mari… but you can call me Mistress~”
Audrey just affixed Mari with a glare. “So that’s it then. You work some charm magic and all of a sudden you’re in charge? What gives you the right to just waltz in here and take away all I’ve built?”
Mari shook her head, her smile falling, but only the slightest bit. “Please, I’m not trying to take away
anything… I’m just here to have a little fun~”
Audren’t eyes narrowed. “…Don’t think I don’t know what you mean. I know exactly what you mean by ‘fun’! You’re another one who thinks that monsters should all be lust-crazed harlots…” Audrey said, gritting her teeth. “This is a place of purity and innocence. You shouldn’t have come here, whoever you are.”
“I told you, my name is Mari, but you should really be calling me Mistress.” answered Mari. “And you only think that lewdness is bad because of your upbringing. Monsters revel in the obscene and the naughty. I’ve been watching this establishment, and frankly, I find it concerning. These monsters are starved for the touch of a man, and your rules prevent them from seeking enjoyment. That’s why your imp came all over herself the moment a man touched her. I can smell the built up, unrepentant lust in your staff, and excuse me if I find it cruel.”
“This is an establishment of innocence and purity-” Audrey started, but was cut off.
“Then you should have founded a church.”
“We’re here so that people can admire the beauty of monsters without-“
“An art exhibit, then.” Mari interrupted once more. “At least then people could get naked and still be
considered tasteful.”
Audrey growled a deep, canine growl. “Who are you to waltz in and judge me?”
The lights grew dark as the shadows seem to encroach from every direction. A pair of white bat wings erupted from Mari’s waist, and her hair curled back to reveal a pair of bone-white horns. “My name is Mari. I’m a traveler of sorts… though I do believe I told you to call me Mistress.”
Audrey backpedaled a few steps. “A lilim…” she said in awe, “An actual lilim… here in Monster City…”
“Well, yes.” Mari answered, her smile returning in full. “I did say I was a traveler. I wanted to see this city for myself… Imagine my surprise when I see an establishment starving monsters of a man’s taste.”
“I’m not starving them. They’re free to seek men on their off time… There’s just no need to bring that kind of charm into work…” Audrey said, trying to maintain her composure in the all-encompassing presence of one of the daughters of the Demon Lord. “Its not like they’re forbidden…”
“No, but I’m sure you’re aware of how many of your workers are single and lonely. I can smell how repressed their lust is, just as I can smell yours. And yet, your attention-starved maids are forced to act cutesy and cuddly for men the entire time they’re here, but no one is allowed to touch them. Its like forcing a thirsty man to dance in front of a glass of water… and then you don’t even give him the courtesy of a sip…” Mari said, wagging her finger at Audrey in a playful manner. “Cruel.”
“I-If it was so cruel… they wouldn’t work for me.” Audrey asserted. “They could quit and find another job if being here is so torturous.”
“Oh, I’m sure they could. Unfortunately the thing about sexual repression is that it’s a hidden vice. I’m sure they like it here. The Owner pays them well, the work seems fun enough. I’m certain that they make friends with each other. On the surface, it seems to be a good job…” Mari said in a matter-of-fact tone. “It’s just that one little Golden Rule that sours the whole thing. No touching. Not even a little? Well, that’s just not right.” she said with a giggle. “I’m sure they want to be touched~ To be kissed. If your monsters didn’t secretly desire to be bent over the nearest table, then they wouldn’t have all soaked themselves seeing your imp thrown down and molested. Or did that escape your notice?”
Audrey went silent. She’d never thought of it like that. Kikimoras were made to be subservient and pure above all else. Their lewd, monstrous nature was buried deep down, but not every monster race was quite as reserved. Could it really be that miserable working at the Cafe? Audrey hung her head, questions raced through her mind and dug at the foundation of her beliefs. “I just wanted to show the City that monsters were capable of being friendly and pure… that just because we smile at someone doesn’t mean we want to rape them…”
Mari stepped forward and put her arms around Audrey. The lilim hugged the kikimora close, rubbing the smaller maid’s back affectionately. “It’s quite all right. Your intentions were pure, and you can’t help being who you are… It’s okay, and I’m here to help you set everything right.”
Audrey leaned into the lilim, the words comforting the maid as everything else seemed to fall away around them. Nothing was left but Mari’s warm embrace. If they weren’t standing, Audrey might have actually started to doze off from her busy day, so comfortable was the chest of a lilim. After a moment, her facilities returned to her and she tried to pull away.
When she turned her head, she had noticed that it not only seemed that everything else fell away, they were standing in a black void. She looked up to the lilim in confusion, who placed a hand on her lips.
“We’re in a safe place, don’t worry.” Mari said with an air of devious delight. “I’m going to help you realize the true meaning of being a monster~”
“But maids are supposed to be pure… no one wants a soiled maid…” Audrey said, hanging her head.
“But a maid should be able to tend her Master’s every need and desire, right?” Mari countered.
“Oh… well, yes, of course.”
“And what would you do if you can’t satisfy his desires?” Mari teased.
“Well, I would be a… a bad maid, I suppose.” Audrey answered.
“And if your master was sexually repressed, needing release but with no one else to help him ease such immense tension?~” Mari said, painting the picture inside of Audrey’s mind. The kikimora flushed heavily. “I… I’d ease Master’s every pain… a maid who can’t help is a bad maid.” Audrey answered firmly, involuntarily rubbing her thighs together.
“Good, good~ So sit back…. relax…” Mari said as the darkness encroached around them. Black tendrils snaked out to weave between Audrey’s fingers and curl around her scaled ankles. Her instincts told her to move away, but the tendrils held fast. Little waves of pleasure rippled out from where the tendrils grasped her. The appendages poured modicums of Mari’s magic energy through the maid like electricity through a conduit. Audrey could not help but feel herself flush with an intense arousal. She was unfamiliar with the feeling, and tried to resist the urge, but she was soon panting as years of pent up desire surged through her. She longed to be touched, to feel, to taste.
“And be sure to learn a lot~” The lilim’s devious laugh echoed around them.
Audrey recoiled by reflex, but allowed to tendrils to curl up her arms and legs. “All right, Mari… I’ll
The tendrils wrenched and brought Audrey to her hands and knees. “I do believe I’ve already told you what to call me. I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you.”
“W-What?!” Audrey said, alarmed.
“Is that back talk I hear?~” Mari answered smugly.
“N-No, Mistress…” the kikimora corrected herself.
“Good. Now just do as I said, and relax.”
“Y-Yes, Mistress…” the kikimora answered, her bravado all but diminished in the face of such overpowering demonic energy. Every breath tasted of desire, it hung heavily in the air like a thick miasma that threatened to overtake her senses. She felt a trickling down her thighs, and a sense of shame crept over her. She was panting, bent over like a dog in heat. Surely this wasn’t proper of a maid… but the tendrils set to work, sliding under her clothes and unfastening them. Their smooth embrace felt good on her bare skin, and as they pulled off her apron and petticoat. Demonic air tickled her skin as the tendrils set to work on rubbing her body all over.
The tendrils saturated the maid’s body with the lilim’s mana, causing her to squirm with the increased
sensitivity. A tendril coiled along her tail and pulled it gently, running down the length of her feathers.
Audrey heard herself give out a moan as her body reacted involuntarily to the pleasure. Her wolf ears pressed flat and her feathers ruffled as her body tensed under the assault.
“See how good it feels when you don’t repress your true nature?” the lilim’s voice echoed around them. Mari moved and traced her hands all along the kikimora’s body. Audrey moaned out again as the lilim’s mana poured into her petite form from where Mari touched her. For her part, Mari grinned down at the maid writhing under her touch. The void they were in played sinister looking shadows across her face, unbeknownst to Audrey, who was currently clamping her eyes shut as she tried to suppress the needy ache boiling inside of her.
“Yes, Mistress.” the kikimora answered. Audrey might have been the Head Maid, but even the best maid was still subservient. Audrey melted under the lilim’s attentions, her will no match for the desire welling inside of her. She squirmed, eager for the tentacles to explore her more.
“Good girl~” Mari whispered. A tendril eased itself between the kneeling maid to press its length against her lower lips. It did not slip inside of her, merely slid itself right against her entrance and teased her mercilessly. “Haaah…” Audrey panted out, her breath being driven from her as her body begged for more. “I’m… such a bad maid…”
Mari laughed. “Bad? Don’t be silly, now.” she reassured the maid.
“Maids aren’t supposed to be so… hngh… lascivious.” Audrey said. Mari only answered with another laugh.
“Its just all the desire you have pent up inside of you. Let it out, and you can then realize yourself to the
fullest extent~”
The tendril started rocking against her, slithering between her legs and tantalizing her little pleasure
center. Audrey quivered and moaned again, involuntarily grinding her hips against the teasing tentacle that refused to do more than place a rocking pressure on her dripping sex. “Yes, your body knows what it wants. Your body knows the proper way… you just have to learn to let go~” Mari’s voice came again.
“Haaaahn. No… I, can’t…” Audrey said, frantically shaking her head. Her eyes were still clamped tight,
trying to focus out the pleasure of the tendrils that wouldn’t do more than tease her. Her feathery tail
twitched frantically, held fast by the tendril still coiled around it. Mari approached the kikimora. “No? Well, that certainly won’t do…” she said, reaching her hand over Audrey’s back.
“W-Wha-?” Audrey said, alarmed. She her back arched and she looked over her shoulder behind her. She saw Mari’s claws hoving inches from her back. “W-What are you doing!?” she said. She tried to move, but the tendrils around her appendages constricted tight. Audrey couldn’t move, completely at the mercy of Mari and the tendrils still rubbing her most sensitive spots. She tried to strain against it, but it only caused the tentacles to tease her more.
“Teaching you the meaning of pleasure~” Mari answered. She reached out a single claw, and pressed it against Audrey’s back. Audrey turned her head forward, not wanting to watch her own back get savaged by the lilim’s claw. Mari’s claw glowed with an unearthly light, and sank a fraction of a distance into the kikimora’s skin. Audrey winced, but then gave a groan of pleasure as Mari traced the claw down her back.
It left trails of glowing energy in the kikimora’s skin, and Audrey couldn’t help but sense the growing pleasure welling up from deep inside of her. Mari continued to trace the energy lines on her back, and Audrey continued to moan in increasing pleasure. The lilim traced an intricate rune onto the kikimora’s skin, enhancing the flow of demonic energy from Audrey’s very soul, increasing her sensitivity and pleasure more than tenfold.
Audrey had no idea what the lilim was doing, but could not even think to protest against the welling waves of white-hot electricity coursing through her once the rune sigil was complete.
“There, now doesn’t that feel better?~” Mari cooed, standing up to admire her handiwork as it glowed along the kikimora’s bare skin. “Yes… it feels wonderful, Mistress.” Audrey answered, more reflex than thought. “I can’t… it’s hard to think.” The sigil wasn’t very large, for Mari did not want to fry the maid’s nerves, but it was intricate. It would serve her well in awakening the inner monster within Audrey. The magical mark would increase the maid’s sensitivity and pleasure for as long as she bore it.
Mari moved in front of Audrey and placed her hands under the kikimora’s chin. Audrey’s face was contorted into a lewd caricature of her former reserved expression. Her eyes were half-lidded and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. “I want. I want to cum.” she panted. “I want it. I need it.”
Mari smiled at the sex-crazed maid before her. “Even if it makes you a lewd maid?”
Audrey nodded, her ears twitching frantically as she bucked her hips against the rubbing tentacles.
“I’ll be a lewd maid! I don’t care! I just want to cuuummmm!”
The lilim watched the maid desperately try to get herself off, but did not allow the tentacles to bring her
over the edge just yet. “Well, you are being punished. So I want you to beg for it.”
Audrey gasped as another wave of pleasure rippled through her nerves. “B-Beg, Mistress?”
Mari nodded. “Beg me to let you cum. Tell me that you’ll be a naughty maid, and I’ll be nice~”
Audrey had long passed the point of resistance. “Pleeease, Mistress! I will! I’ll be a naughty maid if that’s what Mistress wishes. Hmn! I’ll do all of the depraved things she wants, ahn… Just please… Let me…” The kikimora’s wolf ears pressed flat as she begged for the attention her body craved.
“Please what?” Mari asked, grinning sinisterly.
“Please, Mistress.” Audrey corrected.
“Please, Mistress what?” Mari asked again, her grin turning purely sadistic.
“Good girl~” Mari said again before the teasing tentacle relented. It pressed up against the kikimora’s slick entrance, her twitching tail held out of the way by the tendril coiled around it. Audrey gave a scream as the tentacle slithered its way to her entrance, and started to slowly press itself inside. The sensation was too much, Audrey clamped down on the tentacle as her first orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. The pleasure rune-enhanced feeling caused her mind to go white, and her folds to spasm and clutch at the tentacle in ecstatic waves.
“Ahn!~” she gasped out as the tendril snaked its way through her slick folds, her spasming quim helpless against its affections. Her hips involuntarily bucked against the rubbery intruder and her body rocked with contractions that sent white electricity along her spine. Her audiations continued as the tendril came to rest, filling up the kikimora in a way that she never had before. The black tentacle started to draw out, and Audrey moaned in protest as she felt its thick length drain from her. Luckily, the lilim was merciful, and just as the tendril neared the end of its withdraw, it changed direction to fill her up again.
Audrey continued to moan and shake her hips as the tendril continued to fuck her. She rode out her first
orgasm, but her body craved more. The lilim moved around the kneeling kikimora, dragging her claws along the maid’s recently-marked skin. The tickling sensation only served to heighten Audrey’s pleasure as Mari lightly ran her claws along her sensitive back.
“See how everything else melts away when you giveyourself to your true nature?~” Mari’s voice echoed around them. “This is only a taste… a tiny piece of the pleasures you’ve been denying yourself.”
Mari moved to grab Audrey’s hips as the tentacle continued to fuck her, the maid girl’s cries becoming apparent as the lilim’s scratches only served to paint a contrast to the pleasure that surged through her mind, lost on the feeling of it all.
“Mistress, hahn…” Audrey gasped in between moans, “Will I be a naughty maid if I… hngh…wanted more of this?” she pleaded.
“Not at all~” Mari answered in a satisfied voice. “You’d be a very good maid, if you did~”
Audrey’s answer was lost as it blended into a chorus of pleasure cries as the tentacle picked up its pace,
seeming to swell in the kikimora’s heated depths, stretching her insides as she screamed in a delicious agony. Her body was wracked with white electricity as her mind wend cloudy. Her tail tried to thrash, but was held fast by its own tendril. Her feathers bristled and her ears stood on end. Waves of her orgasm engulfed her, and she cried and twitched without shame or guilt over her lewd display. She came, and she came again. She lost count of how many times the thick tentacle pounded her helpless hole into orgasm.
As Audrey’s last orgasm pattered off, and the maid collapsed to the floor. Her panting breaths came heavily as light returned to the room, the lilim and the maid appearing back into the hallway outside of the Owner’s office. “Now how do you feel?~” Mari asked, grinning widely as the lilim knew the answer.
Audrey sat up, her hand at her head as her mind started to cease its spinning. “That was… amazing.” she said.
“Good.” Mari said with a satisfied nod.
“Now, come.” she continued, “We have much work to do.”
Audrey nodded, sitting up. Her legs side straddled, her modest chest heaving with every pant. “Yes, Mistress.”
she answered. The beast within her had been awoken after so long a silence.

She would be trained well.

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8 thoughts on “Maid Cafe Prologue

  1. I have to say this is a very nice prologue, while it seemed sleepy at the begginning with its tell rather then show approach. But I’m glad I struck around because things really picked up, I loved the tentacle scene it was very well done.

  2. I’m torn- I love the concept of both a non-ecchi mamono maid café, but on the other hand……yuri tentacle rape.

    You can see my dilemma

  3. Loved the start, disliked the ending. Mari could at least flat-out say that it’s going to be a brothel, and not keep the disguise of a maid cafe. Maid cafes are supposed to be places of pure and innocent service, and someplace people go to feel better.

    So many monsters won’t be able to help themselves from taking over and raping a guy if they start off the service submissive as a maid should be. That is not conductive to relaxation and peace. Visiting the cafe at all starts to be a risk, because of the chance that you’ll be forced to be some monsters husband. Attendance will drop both because people are afraid of being raped and claimed by a monster, and because a number of the customers will end up getting snatched up by monsters as husbands. And, being monsters, productivity will promptly drop and they’ll start spontaneously taking days off to have sex with their husbands (which would be a big problem if their few chefs found mates). Further, lewd touching in front of so many other monsters would just result in more of it happening, and the function as a maid cafe would grind to a halt.

    Audrey had a point when she said she wasn’t really holding her employees back; something as small as getting someone’s number to meet up later would bypass the “no touching” rule. All it does is delay sexy-times, not negate them entirely. Frankly any monster business other than a house of ill-repute (or would that be good-repute?) needs something like that during operating hours so as to keep everyone in line so that the business doesn’t go bankrupt.

    There’d also be a big turnover rate in employees, as monsters with husbands would start being repulsed by flirting with other men, as would be on the menu, or who were just taking the job to sift through men until they found a husband and would quit as soon as they got someone.

    If the business had been meant for this from the start, it wouldn’t be a problem. But the switch now would be disastrous to Right At Home as a maid cafe.

    And that behavior towards the Kikimora… a Lilim, of all people, should know that it is not in the nature of Kikimora to indulge in pleasure or seek sex; it’s only in pleasuring their husband at his own desire that they express themselves as monsters. Distorting the fundamental behavior of a monster like that is rather disturbing. But it was a well-written story, and I can’t object to how you handle words in the least.

    Also, Mari stole Audrey’s job. That’s just mean.

    1. This piece was originally supposed to be the prologue for a writer’s collaboration featuring the Maid Cafe. There were going to be characters from other stories there and cameos, while authors were going to be able to choose whether or not to make their pieces lewd or non-lewd, Night Shift or Day Shift respectively.

      And Lilims like Druella, or any demon deemed a demonic radicalist, believe that monsters should be hedonistic sex seekers. Mari is a Lilim that falls into this category (at least according to the character’s creator.) All monsters have the capacity to be radicals. Still, most people prefer their kiki maids to be deredere instead of rape machines, nothing wrong with that.

      Still, I understand where the grievances on the piece come from. My only defense is that it was supposed to lead into something more that never got off the ground, so a lot of pieces are missing.

      1. No, no, it’s fine. I just have to remember the MST3K mantra, right?

        Since you’re talking about it in the past tense, did the Maid Cafe collab never get off the ground?

        1. Alas, it never did. I do believe there was some drama between the participants that I was mercifully absent from, though the consequence of which was that no one else had put forth pieces into the collaboration. As it stands, the idea is more or less scrapped, and this story is all that remains of it.

          1. But it could always be resurrected?

            I’m given to understand that yes there are Monster Girls who wish to live alongside humans in peace. But there are also more radical factions who wish there to be no separation between Monster and Human- One World/One Great Maou Realm.

            Which is definitely a potential source for conflict.

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