Maera’s Sabbath

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Maera’s Sabbath

1. A recent picture of the Sabbath members…

Many Sabbaths might find it odd that this Sabbath lacks any uniform in particular, but it is necessary due to the nature of the Sabbath. Due to this Sabbath’s politicking nature, any and all “uniforms” are tailored differently member to member, depending on what field of politicking they specilize in. A member who deals with nations that have a monarchy might dress in nobles’ clothing, while someone that deals with zipangu might prefer a kimono. This is so that members can better see eye-to-eye with the nations they interact with, but there is a key feature in all of this Sabbaths outfits that make their style of dress stand out even amongst others in similar outfits. All outfits from suits to togas are designed and made to be as comfortable as possible, which causes the outfits to resemble something closer to pajamas rather than normal clothing. They are also made in a general plush or patchwork style, making them look more like they should be on a doll rather than a person.


Due to the comfortable nature of these clothes, many member wear them whenever they can, be it working, relaxing, or even sleeping. The clothes  seem to have some magical imbuement and give an aura of comfort, calm, and warmthas if they had come right out of the dryer. This can lead to members only  seeming to remove them when they have to shower, wash the clothes themselves, or to make love. Though that doesn’t always mean they will take them off during love-making, as some find  comfortable/and that it enhances their “cuddling”. Members claim to have  fallen asleep during meetings due to their comfort!


Maera stands half a head taller than the average Baphomet, and is the least plush out of the three Plush Sabbath Baphomets. Even with spending most of everyday inside, she’s fairly tan, with soft blue eyes, and hair as white as weresheep wool. Similar to dormouse, she wears a constantly sleepy expression on her face, though always seems to be extremely attentive and focused when working or speaking.

Due to this Sabbath’s multipolitical nature, their buildings are all modeled after courts, legislators, and governing buildings of other regions in order to maximize immersion for training purposes for members specilized in those cultures. Even the food inside is considered to be authentic so members are never left with a fish out of water moment. This has the unfortunate side effect however of causing members  within Maera’s Sabbath to sometimes experience culture shock with one another due to the extreme amounts of immersion.


2. The name of your Sabbath…

Maera’s Sabbath (Common names: Plush Politicking Sabbath, Politics Sabbath, Political Subsect of the Plush Sabbath, Red Tape Pencil Pushers)


3. The symbol of your Sabbath…

A goat skull with glasses surrounded by documents with an olive branch in the background


4. The name of your representative Baphomet…

Maera- The Politicking Plush of Peace

5. Activity details…

Acting as envoys for the Plush Sabbath, including duties involving trade agreements, defense pacts, and overall peace talks. Rumor has it that some envoys are actually spies using the excuse of diplomacy, but thats just a baseless rumor…


6. Typical races…

Typical races include races predisposed to making deals and general word manipulation. This can include devils, genies, and danukis. However, anyone who wishes to study politics is free to join.


7. “To you…”

“…and sign here, and here, and there. Thank you, now with form 38b done the deal is complete and your free to open your business. However this form stipulates that the shop owner must have a partner, so be sure to let your wife know. Oh, you don’t have a wife? Ara ara, we can’t have that, especially since this contract has a clause requiring fufilment~. Don’t worry, if you need, you can just marry me~!”

-A devil finishing a deal with a new locale baker.

8. Sabbath particulars…

Anyone can claim power when holding a sword to someones throat, but it is only through peace with which proper order can be established. As such, this Sabbath focuses particularly on enacting and keeping peace through politics. Members will spend months or years immersing themselves in a countries political climate and culture to better understand, level with, and ultimately dominate when it comes to dealing with foreign countries for the good of the Plush Sabbath. Some members have even gained new territory for the Sabbath by convincing countries to allow themselves to be annexed. The record is Maera with a total of 8 countries and 22 micro states.


Maera’s Sabbath also handles general law making and governing for regions, including adapting old laws for a smoother transition of power for both the Sabbath and citizens of newly controlled regions. They also set up regulatory bodies on a region by region basis, including health inspectors, food inspector, and enviorment inspectors, with that last one also overseeing the conversion of controlled land to plush.

All this is to uphold the Sabbath’s ultimate tenant and goal of “Peace and Comfort”. For members there is no greater career achievement than having an area turned completely to soft comfortable plush with low or no crimeso that citizens no matter where they are can get cozy for a nap. Comfort is especially important as to themthere is no point to peace if the citizens dont feel comfort.


9. A word from Baphomet…

“My name is Maera Narive, speaker for the Plush Sabbaths locale house of representatives, as well as the founder and current acting president of my Sabbath.

I know how cold politics and politicians can feel. How uncaring and foreign they seem to anyone not within the system, and when I was young it wasn’t any less alien inside it either. However upon a chance visit to bombacio, and seeing those rolling hills of green and feeling that comforting warmth in the air, my mind started to change. The politicians there were welcoming, happy to hear the concerns of citizens and foreigners alike. It was then I felt my future in that comfort, and vowed to bring that same comfort to the world. Never again shall I let citizens feel unheard, nor will I let evil sleep and sit within seats of power. Our moto, our mission, is peace, comfort, and happiness for all!”

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