Lost and Found

Anonymous commission

The woods were no place for a little girl to be in. She was no exception; though would-be dangers could not faze a baphomet, she still was hopelessly lost in an ocean of trees. Silent, desolate, afternoon turning to dusk in the blink of an eye, all darkening around her at a steady pace, and without a sign of her long march amounting to anything.

She could swear she saw the same tree thrice. Was she walking in circles, or was she already starting to see things? Hard to tell anymore. She came to a halt, deep down wondering if more and more walking would do anything to get her out of this mess anymore, and stared high at the sky. Dusk already, getting darker and darker, with the clear possibility that night would fall before she got out of the forest. ‘Possibility’, she lamented, as it looked more like a certainty with each passing minute.

And with a moonless night, she’d be left effectively blind.

Perhaps she’d have been better off not accepting the invitation, after all.

A series of knocks interrupted her slumber on the couch.

“…Nate, the door.” She said, voice muffled with her face still against the pillow.

But nobody answered, and another series of knocks echoed within the house.

“Nate, the door!” She shouted, still with her head buried in the pillow.

But nobody replied, nor did she hear any steps towards the door. At the third series of knocks, she huffed in annoyance and pushed herself up, getting off the couch while rubbing her eyes. Without the knocking ever ending, she made her way to the door. Even as she unlocked it the pounding failed to subside, though as soon as she unlocked the door, the one outside opened it in full force and stormed in.

“Annie!” Greeted in excessive cheer a familiar prancing in.

The fright shook the baphomet to the core, nearly bleaching her skin into a pale white by the shock alone. At the same time she stepped back, lest the door, or the familiar, hit her square in the face.

“Look what I got!” Added the familiar, extending a piece of paper.

Though still somewhat startled, the baphomet regained her composure and took the paper with clear confusion. It turned out to be a pamphlet, and when she opened it, she found a great lively picture of woods surrounding a few cabins.


“Big bro and I are planning to go.” Answered the familiar. “Wanna join?”

“Eeehhhh…” She could only say, a hesitant expression taking over debating whether to accept or decline. Out of courtesy alone she pondered it, wishing more to stay at home and do nothing, but the little voice in her head telling her not to be too rude kept her from saying it out loud.

Footsteps alerted her of another person crossing the door, just to find her step-brother arriving with a grocery bag. ‘So that’s where he went’, she came to realize.

“Claire? What are you doing here?”

“Ah, Nate!” Greeted the familiar. “We’re planning to go on a trip to the woods. Wanna go? It’ll be fun!”

“Sure, why not.” He answered without a second to delay. “Steve’s going too?”

“Sure he is!” She answered, to then turn to Annie. “So, what do you say? Even Nate’s up for it!”

Stress and annoyance built up, peer pressure turning undeniable. Uncomfortably cornered, Annie slowly extended back the pamphlet.

“…Fine.” She said.

Deep down, she knew she’d regret it.

Barely a few stars hanged over the night sky. So few were they, that she could not tell where the sky ended, and the leaves of the trees began. A moonless night rendering everything pitch black, condemning her to be unable to tell where she’d even step on. It mattered little, knowing well that no matter where she stepped, it’d be the same soil of the same forest.

No question now. She was stuck here for good, at least till dawn allowed her to see anything at all. Then again, it’s not like she’d be missing much by not seeing the trees blocking sight in all directions past a fair distance. With a tired sigh, she still refused to even think of sleeping under a tree.

It had not even been half a week, and the thoughts of her bed became unbearably nostalgic.

Past the silence brough by her break from walking, she heard a few noises not too far. She could no longer tell directions, turning towards the noises of dry leaves and grass stepped on, noise which came closer and closer right towards her. She could hardly see a thing, all engulfed in so great of a darkness that she could not differentiate trunk from trunk, though soon enough she saw the mere movement of the dark blur making the noise. A blur tall enough to be a man, with its steps giving away that it was no animal.


“…Annie?” Answered the voice, its steps halting.

The baphomet’s heart skipped a beat, having expected mere silence from a blur she’d have imagined was her imagination, or her mind believing it to be something it was not.

“Annie?” He continued, resuming his march in haste to end in front of her. “Annie, thank God I found you!”

“What are you even doing here?”

“What are you talking about? I’ve been trying to find you for hours after you didn’t come back!”

“…You really think something’s gonna happen to something like me? You could’ve just– Wait, tell me you know the way back!”

“Well, it’s too dark to do anything either way. I didn’t imagine it’d take this long to find you.”

“You fucking idiot! Now you’re stuck here too!”

“Beats leaving you alone in a place like this.”

A silence took over, the baphomet left without words only to stare aimlessly ahead, his words still echoing in her mind. At the same time, Nate sighed in annoyance as his steps could be heard anew in the dead the night, turning in place to stare at the nothingness surrounding them.

“Do you have a plan?” He asked.

“You don’t have any?”

“I do, though I can’t call it a plan. I want to know if you have any ideas first.”

“…No. I don’t.”

“Then we might as well wait till morning. I’m sure you’re as tired as I am.”

“I’m not sleeping against a fucking tree.”

“I know, you’d sooner not sleep at all.” He answered, for his steps to be heard as they stepped away. “Come on.”

Half-curious and half-annoyed, she followed till she heard a certain strange noise from him. Though confused, she could tell very well what he had done; he had sat down against the tree.


“You’re not gonna be sleeping against a tree, now.”

“Are you serious?”

“I’m not gonna be dumb enough to stand about till morning, and I’m not gonna let you do that either. It’ll be hours before we can see anything at all.”

Left silent, she thought it over and over. A strange sensation creeped into her mind; rather than aversion, just slight concern over whether she should do it or not. Not a dilemma brought from pride, but rather, from emotions she could hardly figure out. Something itched in the back of her mind. Yet, finding her resolve, she quietly stepped over and sat down with him, her back gently leaning against his chest. Strangely comfortable in a weird manner, as if the act alone granted her a warmth to forget the cold of the night.

The baphomet sat outside by an outdoor table, hand under her chin while resting her eyes, though a certain noise interrupted her would-be nap. Opening her eyes, she saw the familiar sit down, placing two cans on the table and sliding one towards the baphomet before opening her own.

“So, how’s your day going? So far from home…” She asked, just to receive an irritated stare in silence.

The familiar grinned, suppressing a laugh at the same time the can hissed as it was opened. She then brought it to her mouth and drank almost too audibly for it to not be taunting, irritating the baphomet further and further, till with a rough sigh she took her own can and opened it to drink.

With a sigh in relief, Claire left the can on the table, though kept silent as she regained her composure and the taunting atmosphere eased down.

“It feels like Nate’s a stranger to you.”

The abrupt change in topic left her in surprise. Unknowing how to react, Annie stared blankly at the familiar with the can still by her mouth.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“You know what I mean. Ever since I heard that you’d end up with an adopted sibling back then, I’d have imagined you’d be all over him. Years passed, and it still looks like two strangers just happening to be in the same place most times.”

“You still have hope as high as I had back then? It was just that, an adopted sibling. Just a boy who moved in. What else is there?”

“Just a boy who moved in…” Repeated Claire, still with her smile. “Were you not excited to be able to call him ‘big bro’? You certainly looked excited when you heard he was a bit older than you.”

“I was excited, yes. Was. Then, I realized that it was just that, a title at most. I don’t know what I expected. Whether he had the title or not, he was still the same. Maybe I expected too much, and I’ve yet to snap out of the disappointment… or maybe he’s just a ‘big bro’ by technicality.”

“Maybe it hasn’t clicked yet. It’s no secret that most of the time, two people attracted to each other don’t do anything fancy. They just live with each other as they would on their own, all mundane. You’re certainly living with him in the same manner. Maybe the opportunity for you to fall for him hasn’t yet appeared.”

“If there ever was any chance, it’d have appeared these last few years.”

“Who knows.” She said, sipping from her can again. “You don’t know what you have till you lose it.”

Light taps on her cheek brought her awake. Frowning and mumbling, she rubbed her eyes in an attempt to regain full consciousness, only for the question to eventually pop into her mind. Did she seriously fall asleep? When? How quick?

But before even fully awake, she felt a tug. Nate had stood up and pulled her up, carrying her on his arms to then impatiently move forward.

“Steve?! Claire?!” He shouted.

Annie then saw the lights immediately turning to his general direction.

“Nate?! That you?!”

His steps grew quicker towards the two lights, with the baphomet still surprised and startled over being carried. Soon enough two other sets of steps came to be heard, and with the light illumiating them in full, Nate came to a halt. Though blinding her, the lights soon lowered their aim to the ground, allowing Annie to see the silhouettes of both Claire and Steve.

“Finally we found you.” Said Steve. “…Is she hurt?”

“Eh?” Asked Nate. “No, she ended up falling asleep.”

“Well alright. We need to go back, fast. Camp staff’s gonna be pissed off if they realize we were out in the woods this late.”

“You know the way back, right…?”

“Damn right I do. Let’s go.”

Steve then turned about and departed, leaving Claire behind to wait for them.

“Say, Annie.”

“What?” She asked.

“I think you can walk just fine.”

“Eh? O-oh, yeah, sure…”

Gently he left her on the ground, free to step on the soil on her own. Nate then departed, following the light shining past the pitch black darkness. Before Annie followed, however, she noticed Claire bringing the light to her face, to reveal an exceptionally smug smile; embarrassment took over, knowing well that it came from seeing how Nate carried her in his arms. After a second, the familiar lowered the light and marched with the others, prompting Annie to follow suit lest get left behind.

Nate crossed the door to the cabin with a yawn, the first of the two to arrive. Right afterwards Annie entered the cabin, though almost absent-minded and silent in her entirety; even as she closed the door behind her, little else did she do other than aimlessly stare in perpetual thought.

“You must be starving after all that time.” Said Nate, a hint of tiredness betraying his tone. “Want me to cook something?”

“Eh? N-no, I’m… I’m not hungry.”

“Well, alright. I’ll go sleep, then.”

Nate then made his way to his bedroom, mind beginning to space out over the prospect of sleep this late in the night. Once there, he walked to the small bed and threw himself over it, caring not that the blankets had not yet even been moved out of the way, or that still he had all of his clothes. Too tired to mind it, taking the effort to just take his shoes off before laying face up with his hands behind his head.

Then, thoughts started forming in his head. Should he have left her alone after coming back? After she was lost for that long? Something about it made him feel uncomfortable, returning home to just go to sleep as if nothing had happened. Well, he did offer to cook her something at least. Still, maybe he should’ve checked better if she was hurt or something.

With a quiet snicker, he came to remember what she had said. ‘You really think something’s gonna happen to something like me?’. A wound able to hurt a baphomet would be beyond his ability to help with. Plus, he had already checked enough when he found her. There was nothing left for him to do other than let her rest; being out there like that must’ve been exhausting enough.

Although, as sleepy as he was, he found it difficult to truly fall asleep. Something itched in his mind, thoughts he once paid no mind that resurface in late nights. He had checked her for wounds, even put himself in danger for her for no discernible reason in the big picture, but for what? He wanted to help her, but was it over being her step-brother? That he even got her to lie against him, and even fall asleep that way, only made that voice in his head louder. To feel her warmth against him, to feel her soft breathing in her sleep, to have her so close to him, was it really over wanting to make things easier for her, or an excuse to indulge in something he selfishly wanted under the excuse of aid?

Something was wrong. It had been wrong for a good few years, but only now after being with her in pitch black darkness did it turn undeniable.

Footsteps cut his thoughts short. Opening his eyes, he glanced to where the door was, though pitch black to see who it may be. Who it was he already knew, the distinct sound of hooves against the floor, but still he found a great confusion as to why she was coming; her bed was almost on the opposite end of the cabin, after all, and nothing else of interest was within the hallway leading here.

She arrived to the doorway and paused in place. Though she heard her steps lighter than usual, it didn’t seem like she took too much care in sneaking about. Was she about to ask for something? Was she checking to see if he was asleep? Though he could think of no answer to the myriad questions, before long he heard the steps approach through the door towards him anew. Though he would’ve asked if she needed something, her actions left him in silent confusion, enough for him to keep still and see what she’d do.

She reached the side of his bed and halted in place, though Nate could still not tell whether she believed him asleep or awake. Too curious he was to say a word, though in the silence he could faintly hear her nervous breathing. Then, she took a shaky deep breath, before stepping forward and placing her knee on the bed. Surprising him, she climbed on top of the bed, to then carefully end on top of him, now breathing as nervously as she’d get. There was hardly a doubt now, he could tell she wasn’t planning on him being asleep for too long.

“…N-Nate.” She whispered.

“Annie?” He asked in the same quiet tone.

No response, other than a hasty series of short, intermittent breaths. Little by little they got closer, till he could feel the warm breeze reach his lips. Though he could see nothing in the darkness, it turned undeniable that she was closing in, now knowing for sure her lips were just a hair’s width away from his, though halting in place there and then. Hesitation took over in her, something he could very well gauge if only by how much hesitation also took him over; should he do something? Should he stop her? Should he let her? A flurry of thoughts bombarded his mind, heartbeat skyrocketing and time feeling like it halted altogether, deep down thanking the darkness for hiding what embarrassing expression of nervousness he must’ve sported.

And then, her lips made contact with his. All thoughts scattered away as a burning sensation took hold within. His mind had been left blank, knowing hers to be the same, left in true silence to only hear the soothing sound of her breathing and their movements. A certain lack of experience gave way to both exploring the newfound act, softly pressing and sliding their lips against each other, feeling their breaths in each other’s mouths, all sensations seemingly intensified by the lack of sight, as if their touch turned to be the way they could see each other at all.

He could hardly keep still anymore. His hands itched for touch, for her warmth, almost by pure instinct alone moving to find her waist. Firmly place, they then ceased to move; though he did not pull, nor did he push her away, a silent giveaway of his acceptance to her advance.

It didn’t feel enough. An urge settled in, one he found her having all the same, finding her tongue moving closer to touch his at the same time; shyness and nervousness made her move it back immediately with a pause, but soon enough she returned it. The sensation contrasted immediately, from the light dryness of their lips and a dampness in their breaths, to the slippery surface of their tongues as they felt each other there and then. Though at first he found Annie nervous, she was quick to adapt, playing with his tongue as he did with hers.

He didn’t know what he was doing. Nor did she, if he knew her enough, but it mattered little, as he only followed what his desire dictated. Neither he nor her had ever kissed before, to find what a mess it was as both tried to figure it out with each other, but little did he care about doing it well, only that it felt so addicting with her. Perhaps she thought the same too, if she had not stopped since the very start.

Then, their lips departed. The tingling sensation of a trail of drool lingered on, till it fell on his chin; he didn’t care anymore, mind focused elsewhere to even notice, though that focus soon was disturbed by the cold in his feet. Now with it in mind, he noticed his body too cold for comfort as well. A shiver threatened to appear. From what he felt, however, she didn’t seem to be clothed any better either.

He let go and reached for the blanket’s end, rummaging to find it for a few seconds before pulling it up. Annie followed suit, helping in bringing the blanket over the two just as she pressed herself tighter against him, both seeking the warmth from the other during such a cold night.

Rather than an annoyance, the cold felt like a blessing, placing him in such a situation with her. A push, if nothing else. Still her impatience showed in full force, with Nate feeling her breathing so close to him, nuzzling his cheek in search for his lips; he indulged her, turning to her and beginning the kiss anew under the covers.

However, by being so tightly pressed against each other and with a blanket over them, the discomfort of having their clothes pushing and pulling worsened to an unbearable extent. Without saying a word the two knew in each other the same idea, with Annie starting to undo his jacket, and with him taking off her blouse. One by one, each took the other’s clothes and left them over the blankets, caring too little to even put them where they should be. Tops, bottoms, piece by piece until all they were left in was their underwear. With all done, Annie laid over him while he hugged her close, both finding an ecstatic sensation in the touch of their skin. A sensation not unlike finding something that should’ve always been there, of never wanting to let go.

The warmth in his body had extended to all parts, however, including his crotch. Too distracted he was with his newfound desires, and till then he had not been in a position that’d reveal it, but Annie had abruptly laid on him not just with her chest against his, but also with her crotch over his own. Little time did he have to panic before something else caught his attention; namely, a certain dampness in her nether region, on top her having intentionally placed herself in such manner.

“Annie, are you sure you wanna do this…?”

No words returned, only her erratic breathing. She did nothing for a few second, though soon took his arms and guided them behind her; only one reason would exist for her to do that, and once understanding it, he undid her bra. As he left them over the blankets, she brought her hands to his waist and began pulling down his briefs, an act he responded in kind by pulling down her panties at the same time while she slightly lifted herself up.

A strange feeling took over, just as his erection had been freed. The freedom of no longer being restrained by the cloth, the exposure to the air under the blankets warmed up so quickly already, and the embarrassment of having it out so close to her, and with her fully knowing about it. So too did he have a sense of embarrassment for Annie over her nakedness, barely knowing how to react to something so new to him, but once she lowered herself on him for the warmth which had been partly syphoned out by the blanket’s momentary lift, it all changed to something else. He felt her bare chest pressed to tightly to him, her breasts, her nipples, her midriff, all so warm to the touch, but so too did he feel her nether regions resting over his. The touch of her labia on his member almost drove him crazy, feeling a manner of pain over the lust building up so greatly; what had soaked her panties now lay over him, a sensation that, added to the fact of it being hers, left him barely able to think of anything else. Before he could say a thing, she began sliding to and from at so excruciatingly slow a pace; the dampness making it slippery enough that with such light pressure, it only tugged at his flesh, keeping the foreskin from revealing the glans at each pull.

“Nate…” She whispered, voice wavering almost as if begging. “I… want to…”

Disbelief sank in. There was nothing in him to say no, but he could now hardly believe it would get to this point, when an hour ago he had believed things would’ve gone as they had ever since they first met. Just minutes ago he had been wondering if he had gone too far to let her sleep against him, and now she lay over him naked in her entirety. Was it really happening? Could be just a bizarre dream, with how abrupt a change this was from their daily lives.

Couldn’t be a dream. It was really happening. Taking a deep breath, he cast away his doubts and hesitations, and in silent answer he moved his hand past her leg and guided his shaft towards her. Needless to say, he still was too terribly inexperienced to know where it had to go by blind feeling alone, though without even an attempt, Annie brought her hand to guide the tip against her labia. He knew it to have found its place with her sudden low gasp, one he shared as the tip began pushing against such a tight opening. To pretend it’d fit in there would be insane, and much less did he imagine himself lasting for long.

But he still desperately wanted to go in.

Almost as if moving on his own, he lifted his hips ever so slightly while gently pushing her doing, poking and pressuring against her. It did not budge, still too tight for his glans to enter, though still he winced at the stimulation in the tip alone. At the same time, he heard Annie’s gasp just as she lifted herself up enough to relieve the pressure.

“Annie,” he asked in whisper, “you alright?”

“S-slow… Do it slow…”

“We’ll go at your pace, alright?”

His hands moved from over her butt to her thighs; if she were to go just a bit harder than he could take, at least he’d be able to stop her. Then, she descended anew of her own accord, giving him the same feeling as before as the tip received all the pressure. A pained moan escaped her as she put more and more strength against it, and though Nate kept silent, he knew he’d let out the same kind of embarrassing noise if he didn’t keep his comporuse. The opening began to give in, the glans wedging in; he couldn’t keep himself silent, few grunts of effort in keeping silent escaping him, drowned out by her moans growing louder and high-pitched.

For every bit of flesh pushed in, he felt his mind going numb, barely able to contain himself; if her noises were anything to go by, she fared no better.

In due time, the tip had been swallowed whole, but the stimulation to the entirety of the glans threatened to push him over the edge. In an instant he grabbed onto her thighs and stopped her from going and further, forcing out a frightened yelp out of her.

“Nate, you’re gonna…!” She said, voice wavering the most he had heard in his life.

“I need a second, it’s too much…!”

Despite keeping immobile, the warmth alone almost threw him past the point of no return. The wetness drenching the head, her inability to control her muscles, the twitching of both her walls and his member, it felt like he had already crossed the line. However, though the tingling sensation remained, that nothing happened served enough of a sign that he had not actually crossed it, and with a few more seconds of stillness, the sensation itself began to subside just enough that mere movement would not doom him to an early end.

“Alright.” He sighed in relief. “I think… I think I’m good. Are you fine over there?”

“…Y-yes, I am.”

To stop grasping her thighs so tightly was sign enough for Annie, who acknowledged in silence as she began going lower again. The volts of pleasure struck him again in an instant, flinching yet keeping himself from losing control, and her muffled grunts in pleasure certainly did not help. The knowledge that she was enjoying herself as much as he was only gave way to a burning sensation within him, lust the likes of which surpassed just pure physical stimulus.

Lower and lower she went, hugging him tighter and tighter as he did the same, both holding onto each other as their minds ran number. It had almost turned into a slow rhythm, to slide down ever so slightly, halt, let their bodies recover from so close to the edge, and begin their movements anew. However, their noises turned louder and unrestrained as it progress, till Annie let out a long muffled moan to signal it all done: she had reached the base, pelvis resting on pelvis.

Now, only heavy breathing remained. He felt her twitching, walls contracting, and most likely she felt his barely able to contain himself within her. Too hot within, feeling like he was melting, and the fluids drenching his member certainly didn’t help the sensation.

“Annie, I’m gonna start moving, okay?”

In answer, she braced herself against him, wrapping her arms and hugging in preparation for what was to come. Finding no complaints, Nate brought his hands to her thighs and slowly lifted upwards while sinking hi hips against the mattress. Her grip intensified, coinciding with the sudden tingling sensation on his now too terribly sensitive member, sliding it out and feeling the air against the drenched parts now exposed. Though she did not moan as loud, her shivering breath and grip on him served enough as a sign of what she felt. Again the muscles rubbed against him, this time while sliding out, until only the glans remained within.

“You can… go a little faster…” She whispered, barely able to mutter a word by her own wavering breath.

“Tell me if it’s too much.”

WIth an affirming hum, she nuzzled against his neck, her warm breath tickling his skin with each intermittent puff of air. With a firm grip, he began lowering her again while raising his hips, finding enough resistance to the pleasure to go just fast enough to resist the urge to finish, though still slow in pace. He found no need to halt, nor did he have any resistance from her, burying his shaft in her to the hilt once more. Then, aided by gravity alone pulling his hips down, he slid it outward again.

He still found it hard to believe not only how things had led up to this, but also the sensation he was experiencing for the first time. Though in some cases that he would never wished to brag about he had edged himself for hours on end, that she was enough to almost make him finish just from contact of his tip with her labia seemed ridiculous. Orders of magnitude of difference, perhaps never to make a quick fap appealing ever again if he had this alternative.

Then, again, thrusting in slow and methodically, though the unintentional shaking of his hips at attempting to keep some manner of steadiness made it quite a difficult undertaking. Once his hips connected with her butt, he moved back till his rear found rest against the mattress.

Before he could do it again, however, he felt Annie letting go before propping herself up by her arms, still sitting on him.

“Annie, do you want to take over?” He asked.

Silent as ever, she raised herself till only the tip remained within her, slowly as before with a shiver in both body and voice to be noticed. Breathing heavily, she kept there as she was, leaving him to wonder what it was that she wanted to do.

Only for her to slam down to the base of his member in the blink of an eye, hitting his pelvis in full force. He let out a yelp in surprise and sudden pleasure as did she, immediately grasping her thighs and holding her down; too close for comfort to the point of no return. His mind had gone completely blank in that very instant, all thoughts kicked out as the pleasure turned overwhelming, and by pure luck finding the strength to keep himself from finishing there and then.

“Why?!” He asked. In return, he only received a giggle mixed with the same mind-numbing pleasure that had struck him.

“Nate…” She whispered. “I wanna do this more… Please…?”

Clicking his tongue, he gave it some thought. It was difficult enough to last against that, let alone several more, though he did last against this one after all.


A quiet giggle intermixed with an expectant gasp, to then slowly lift herself up from him. So much fluid had already built up that he could feel it drip over him, threatening a drop to slid down to the mattress, but the time for worrying about that had long since passed. Once with his member almost out in its entirety, he readied himself for another fall; in short notice, she let herself drop over him again, creaking the bed just enough to make the hint of a sound audible. Rather than to get up again, she remained in place with his member swallowed in its entirety, to then grind in place.

Already it turned difficult to control himself, perhaps the same as her if her hastening breathing was anything to go by, but it was still possible nonetheless. Again she slowly raised herself, and once at the top, again she left herself drop with an audible gasp reminiscent of a moan.

Pausing for a second, he heard her hands rummaging about till they found his own. He knew in an instant what it was for, indulging her as he’d indulge himself in holding onto them, entangling his fingers with her, raising them with his elbows against the mattress to support her better as she sat. Then, her motion resumed.

His pelvis will ache tomorrow, he imagined. Little did he care, since all the lust and inhuman strength to keep himself from ejaculating had left his penis aching instead. It seemed like edging, almost. Still, he found himself able to cope with her better as he progressed. She hastened her rhythm, her moans growing stronger and longer, going from more resting sitting on him than not to a proper tempo of lifting and dropping.

It hurt, almost. He wanted to finish, he wanted to go all out, he wanted to go without restraint, and each time she hastened her pace he only ached for thrusts as fast and hard as he could. Only his fear of finishing too early for her kept him in place.

“NaaaAaAaate… I’m gonna… gonna…” She moaned, a gibberish barely intelligible anymore.

Felt like a blessing, if it was what he imagined it was.

“Gonna?” He asked.

“Gonna… AAaaAah~!”

“Wanna finish together?”


Sign enough for him to do as he pleased. He gently let go of her hands and moved his own to her butt, firmly grasping and preparing himself. Then, once in position, he thrusted up with all his might while keeping her waist in place. A great moan escaped her, but he did not stop, moving out and again ramming in as hard as he could with an audible slap to result. That alone threw him past the edge, prompting him to thrust in and out at a furious pace like the piston of an engine, turning her moan to a distortion of pitch coinciding with each blow against her. Her strength faded in an instant, dropping with her chest to remain on top of his, with him feeling her erratic breathing puffing her chest in and out.

Slap. Slap. Slap. It continued for as long as he could, and though he felt himself finishing soon, Annie shocked him by abruptly silencing herself through a deep kiss. Her moan turned muffled, he felt her attempts at sighs in pleasure in his mouth, and could feel her tongue running wild dancing with his.

Then, complete abrupt stillness, just as he made the final thrust. Her muffled gasp gave away the yolt of pleasure overtaking her at the same time as him, with him releasing that thick liquid within her just as her walls twitched around him. Her embrace on him tightened to its greatest extent, as did his grip on her butt pushing it against his pelvis. Then, again he shot, twitching at the same time as her with another wave of dopamine hitting them both, then thrice, on and on till the very last drop had been let out.

Their lips separated, letting out a length gasp in relief as a bridge of drool formed, to then split. Shortly afterwards, Annie dropped exhausted on him, refusing to move anymore as the exhaustion showed in her quiet gasps for air. He fared no better, letting all muscles relax but not before bringing his arms around her in a hug, placing one hand over her head.

The numbness of his mind did not subside. Rather the pleasure this time, though, it was merely the tiredness of the day on top of this curious event; too early he had woken up, and too early had he ‘gone to bed’, knowing Annie to be the same. Although, with her naked and now sweating, and their clothes left God knows where, he wasn’t too comfortable in sending her to her own bedroom.

“Hey, Nate…” She sighed.


“Can we… sleep in the same bed?”

Completely read his mind. That’s another weight off his shoulders, of not having to present the idea to her.

“Yeah.” He answered. “Let’s just… sleep, alright?”

In the ensuing silence, he felt Annie quietly making herself comfortable, nuzzling against him with her legs and arms still around him, soon returning to her stillness.

A little bit of cold threatened to seep into the covers in the messy state it had been left at, prompting him to take the end of the blanket and arrange it over the two.

His eyes felt heavy. Too heavy. A long sleep was in order, and though Annie weighed upon him, he did not find it uncomfortable at all. Rather, it seemed soothing enough to make him sleepy, of feeling her warmth against him and her soft, warm breathing on his neck. Not to mention the detail of his shaft still being inside her, and for a while more it’d be before he’d turn flacid enough to slip on its own. No matter, he’d end up asleep before then in these circumstances.

And with that, he closed his eyes.

Consciousness returned to him, waking up from a surprisingly good sleep. Few times had he woken up naturally, not forcing himself up through an alarm or random noise.

That alone was already cause for concern. He couldn’t bring his hand to rub his eyes before he already found difference to all the other mornings, something lying against him. Looking down, he found Annie sleeping next to him, clinging onto him with each puff of warm air tickling his neck ever so slightly.

‘So that actually happened’, he concluded.

At that moment she had begun waking up, letting out a quiet grunt while letting go of him with one hand to rub her eyes. She opened them, tired eyes soon locking with him for a few seconds in blank stare, before they shot wide open with a gasp escaping her, just as she let go and backed off from him and pulled the blanket to cover her nakedness. For a few more seconds she stared, before turning her her upward, lying on the pillow with a concerned look mixed with disbelief.

“Did we actually do it?” She asked.

He didn’t answer, knowing it to be too obvious for one. An awkward silence reigned, letting the muffled sound of chirping birds be heard through the closed windows.

“We…” She forced out a word, knowing not how to react. “Should get up, no?”

Past the awkwardness of the situation, however, Nate found the warmth of the blanket too tempting to let go just to step out into the cold.

“Five more minutes?” He asked.

Though quiet momentarily, she sighed out loud in tiredness as she closed her eyes. “Make that ten.” She said, giving in to then return to her earlier embrace against him.

By the time they stepped out of the cabin, they could already hear the sizzling sound of a grill along with the distinct smell. Outside already were Steve by the grill and Claire sitting at the table lazying about, though as soon as Claire saw Annie approach, she grew a giant smug smile from ear to ear, already figuring what might’ve happened. Annie refused to make eye contact once spotting her smile, averting her eyes in silent embarrassment and annoyance as she sat down at the same table.

Nate, however, approached the grill in curiosity, spacing out ever so slightly by his own hunger; having fallen asleep again with Annie just to wake up this late without even a breakfast earlier did no good.

“Stayed up later than usual?” Asked Steve.


“It’ll stop being awkward in a couple days, give it time.”


Steve turned his head to the table, with Nate following suit just to see Claire attempting to strike up a conversation, yet Annie only returning either single words or nothing at all. After the sight, Steve returned his eyes to the grill.

“Lil’ madman told me only last night that she was trying to set you two up for good.” He continued. “Got mad thinking she got Annie lost on purpose, but it wasn’t her doing.”

“So you know?”

“Hard to imagine anything else happened with how you two look right now. We’ll see how it goes. So, you hungry?”

“Damn right I am. When’s it gonna be done?”

“Not soon enough.”

“Ah, shit.”

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