Log 2 (Contains TF)

Zia, a fellow lich, Speaks of a few promising subjects in the local town nearby. Several unmarried and relatively unknown and otherwise uncared for men live in seclusion. I’ve sent out scouts to obtain some… samples. I expect their arrival in a few days time.

Lina has returned with one captive. A tall man known in the area as a recluse and as a mild eccentric. He is currently in a daze from being drugged when being captured. We’ve placed him into a cell and fitting bindings. Zia and I will begin our test trial shortly.

Zia has prepared a sample of her latest alchemical work that she has been working on. Our subject is now awake and very alert (not to mention upset with his situation). Unfortunately for him, science must make sacrifice.

I begin by casting an eromancy spell to liven up subjects libido, watching the pupils of whomever I cast this spell onto is always so fun.
The primary purpose of the spell isn’t for his spirit energy, but rather to make him more receptive to intimacy.

Lina takes the alchemical vessel and takes a swig of it. She plants a kiss onto subject who resists momentarily before going wide-eyed as Lina suddenly forces the dosage into his mouth and lifts his head up to cause him to swallow. Subject coughs momentarily before begging to panic and question what had just happened to him.
Lina pets his head softly and plants another kiss on subject, after giving some words of encouragement. I will be having Lina keep watch and act as a companion for the duration of the sequence.

Giving sufficient time for the alchemy to take affect, I return to monitor for progress.
Subject is in a confused state. His words are slurred and he is frightened, Lina is trying her best to placate him.
Subjects voice pitch is much higher. His muscle mass is dropping and he complains about “growing pains” everywhere.
Subject has no appetite, sexual or otherwise. This is concerning, and I will discuss the matter with Zia.
Subjects genitals are begging to shrink. If only slightly.

Zia has no noteworthy commentary on the matter.
Subjects voice is now very feminine, his muscle mass seems to have stopped dropping and his overall figure is much more shapely like that of a woman.
Subject is docile at this point but moans weakly about pain and itchiness in his shoulders, lower back, forearms/forelegs and the top of his head. This is not unusual, as upon closer inspection small nubs have begun to form in these locations. His hands and feet are begging to look grotesque as his digits form together and fur begins to grow in.
Subject also has breasts forming. Upon inspection of his genitalia, I find his testes are much smaller than first inspection. I will instruct Lina to ‘hold’ the testes in his body, to allow for faster assimilation.

Subjects normal ears have mostly recede into body, did not notice at first due to hair. Subject has feline ears begging to take shape on top of head.
The nubs growing from subjects back have increased remarkably in size, a tail like appendage is begging to for as well. Zia must see.
Subject continues to complain about pain throughout the body, I will have Lina feed subject, by mouth if necessary. Will add painkillers to food.
Subjects genitals now resemble an enlarged clitoris and vagina. This is a remarkably fast transformation.
Subjects hands and feet are now resemble paws, albeit smaller than expected.

Zia came in to inspect her handiwork. She is very impressed by the process. In the time frame since last logging subject has had an increased rate of transformation.
Subjects pupil color has deepened from blue to a dark ruby red
Subjects hand and foot paws are now fully grown in size, I found this to be incredibly interesting, as the previous rate suggestion it would take dozens of hours.
The nubs on subjects back have grown remarkably in size and now resemble small bat wings, if the paw growth is any indication I can expect them to become full sized in several hours. Although grotesque as they lack any sort of membrane. Subject squirms relentlessly in an attempt to scratch at them.
Subjects tail is also nearly fully grown, tail bulb blooms open and shit and weakly swishes about.
Subject is very restless. Lina has fed subject food and painkillers though not much effect was noted.
Subjects chest is begging to swell and now resembles B cup breasts. Bone structure is much more feminine than when we first started.
I suspect a lilim could perform a similar action on a female in markedly less time. But there are no reports of a lilim changing gender as well as species. This is very exciting.
Subjects ears rotate as he (she?) watches me with hazy eyes.
Subject seems lethargic, I will place a ward in an attempt to give respite from the process. Lina states much like her that the subject has not rested since administration.

Subjects paws are begging to grow fur thickly.
I believe it’s safe to assume subject has changed gender at this point, as the genitals now resemble what is expected.
Subjects wings now have a membrane and they lazily open and close to their full length.
Subject is crying, confused and dazed from the magic and alchemical process wracking her former male body has left her into a state of despair.
Subject effectively resembles an adult manticore at this point. Zia is very pleased with her results, I myself and somewhat in disbelief at the rate of the change.
Subjects breasts continue to increase in size at a slow rate, I expect them to reach D or DD cup within several hours.
Tail spines may take weeks to grow, this is unfortunate as I was rather excited to bring in another subject to document how a male to manticore transformation would handle her instincts in relation to her former self. I suppose the lack of spines wont be too big of a hindrance, but I would have liked to seen the affects of venom.

Subject now has DD cup breasts.
Subject may freely be removed from restraints and has fully developed wings, ears, and paws. All fur has grown in.
Subject is still in a daze from the transformation she is massaging her tail bulb whilst biting her lip and has a furry digit in her tail lightly suckling at it.
I confront subject whose face flushes red when she realizes she’s been caught doing something ‘naughty’ after I tease her about her actions. Getting subject a mate will prove to be a very interesting experience.
I question subjects experience over the past few days and she is remarkably confused and unaware of how she got here, but vaguely remembers her past life. I question her appetite, aside from the obvious intake of fluids she has not eaten since capture. Subject claims she is not hungry. I think subject misunderstood my innuendo. She must be famished for spirit energy from a direct source though.
Subject has however been able to eat meals normally, laced with the proper nutrients of course.

I return to subject and find her much more alert than when I had last left. She is teary eyed and mostly aware of what had happened. She continues to finger her tail with one paw and rubs absent mindedly at her crotch with her other.
She shows no remorse as she did before and complains about feeling empty in her tail.
Luckily for her I have a new playmate she will enjoy. However he is in a daze still and she will have to wait until he is more alert so I may inspect how a male to female/manticore transformation will use her new body to overtake prey.
Subject is unsteady when walking and attempts to use her tail and wings to help her keep balance. It’s quite adorable. Zia agrees.
We’ve decided to move her to more accommodating living quarters. Though her eyes bore into me, trying to figure out my intentions. Typical of a manticore.
I cant wait to bring subject her new playmate, especially after I mentioned she’ll be meeting one.
Questioning her past life makes her mildly confused, possibly a side effect?
Subject is mostly normalized and adjusted to her new body. Her first mate has to wait however, I’ve been considering capturing a local paladin who’s been a nuisance, any murderous sort will do good however. Poetic justice.
It’ll be so fun to use my magic on the two of them as well, and we have so many toys~

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