Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 7)

You felt you had a real breakthrough with Chloe despite the short time with her as she is beginning to fully accept herself as the ghost she is, and starting her…afterlife anew.

You only wish she had a better understanding of being a ghost herself.

“OoOoOoOo~! WoOoOoOoO~” Chloe was moaning a ghostly wail.

She hovered in the air, slowly moving forward with her hands clenched into tiny fists, and just below her chin. Her tail swishing side to side as she tried to be the best little ghost she could be.

“Uh~ Chloe, what are you doing?” You ask.

“I’m trying~ to be a better ghost~! OoOoOoOo~” Chloe wailed giving herself a fake echo tone.

“…I don’t think that’s really how you go about doing it though” you point out.

“Ooo~” Chloe sounded disappointing.

That last wail seemed a little deflated.

“Well…I’m going to work, but if you want to you can come with me so you can visit some friends in the Orphanage. I don’t want to leave you all alone you know” you offer.

Chloe shuffled a bit, and looked down to her shoulder feeling a little shy.

“Well~ I didn’t make a lot of friends there…I was still a little new to everything, and my mom and dad kept telling me monsters were bad people. I didn’t start talking to them until much later after Katy started helping me out” Chloe confessed.

“This could be a chance to make some new friends now, at least until we get you set for school” you explain.

“There is this other ghost girl who was with me when Katy was getting me settled, she was teaching me how to be a better ghost c-cause she’s done it longer” Chloe was feeling a bit bashful.

“Great! There you go, you’ll go do that and when I’m done with my shift we’ll leave together” You give her the game plan.

“Okay! Guess I’ll cozy up inside you until we get there” Chloe declared zipping inside you before you can say anything.

“Oh~ man I’m never gonna get use to that” you groan as the instant chill of her body causes you to tremble.

With that you drive toward your destination for another morning shift. You enter the building where Chloe immediately leaves your body and gives you a wave goodbye.

“Let me know if you do anything with any of the girls around here. I want to know all~ about it” Chloe giggled.

“Just go and see your friends” you wave her off smiling back at her.

Chloe continued to laugh before zooming through the walls . Almost immediately afterward you spot Katy waiting outside her office. She glances at you and swipes her hand as if beckoning for another personal favor.

“Looks like you two are getting along just fine! You know we don’t really have a bring your daughter to work day…but~ I’ll let it slide if you help me out again” Katy said.

“Hey Katy, what’s wrong? Do we have another runaway” You ask.

“Oh it’s nothing of the sort, it’s just that I overslept a bit so I’m a little behind on my usual duties. Since we’ll be opening soon I have to stay nearby in case of possible parents wishing to adopt” Katy began. “Then I remember I hired a nice, handsome, well endowed man just recently~” Katy said purring her words about you especially lustrously.

“What do you want me to do, and how dangerous is it?” You ask realizing the tone she gives when she wants you to do something especially risky.

“Don’t act all knowing like that, y-you’re not that special to me!” Katy suddenly turned away from you.

“…So~ I should have worn a chastity belt?” You joke.

“Oh it’s nothing that troubling” Katy said turning around to face you again. “And I wouldn’t invest any money on those. It has very little effect on us, and the ones that do~ cost more than your house. No I simply want a head count on the little ones being cared by one of our main staff who watches over…certain kind of cutie pies” Katy explained.

“Main staff? Will I get to see your sister then?” You ask hoping to get some answers.

“My sister? How did you know about her without me telling you? Never mind, no it’s not her. She has guard duty late at night, plus she’s always out of town. Today is no excpetion so you won’t be seeing her anyways. This job calls for a little bit of risk, as you’ll be traveling to our basement levels to do a head count of some of our more…dark and well~ I wouldn’t say ferocious…but rather untamed children. Just to give you a little taste of what’s to come as you become more adjusted to your new work environment” Katy said.

It seems as if working here for a week meant she deemed you ready to take the next step. Katy seeing your sudden shift in expression was quick to explain herself.

“Oh don’t act so scared, it’s just this one time. Normally I would do it but I’m busy enough as it is, and besides one of our staff will be there to protect you. She’s…a bit on the dark side as well, but not at all bad. All I ask is to just be patient with her. She has even less experience with boys than Betsy. Not to mention no experience with people in general, but she excels in caring for the more wild little ones. She’s not only invaluable to us, but she’s also a dear friend” Katy said.

“Guess I should be friends with her too then” you reply.

“You should, you’ll be helping each other out in the long run. I’ll let you know when she’s ready for you. In the meantime why don’t you take this time to patrol the area a bit. I’d say in about an hour or so you can take the elevator to the level one basement” Katy gave your orders.

“Alright, sounds like a plan” you agree.

“Let me know if you do anything with any of the girls around here. I want to know all~ about it” Katy copied Chloe’s good-bye with a more teasing, and scolding tone.

“D-don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine!” You assure her.

Following her orders you took this time to patrol the area.

So far nothing too strange that is, until you felt a tug on your pants. Turning around, and looking down you spot a little Yeti girl with glistening green eyes, open arms, and a wide smile.

“Huggles?” The Yeti asks.

“Hey~ there, I remember learning about you not too long ago” you reply crouching down and letting her squeeze you a bit.

You pat her back, and let her have her hug until you tell her you gotta keep working.

The little Yeti you previously studied with reluctantly let’s you go a little earlier this time around. It would appear as if she’s gradually learning control.

“Thank you very much!” She pipes up before darting away.

You watch her skip away and take a left turn, and suddenly you felt another tug behind you. Sure enough another Yeti approached you.

She had short, curly, white hair under a soft blue beanie, and matching leotard. Her skin tanned like chocolate. She appeared to be the same age and height as the first Yeti.

“Huggies?” She asks.

“Oh? Sure, of course!” You reply crouching down to her level.

She squeezed your forearms in a tight embrace, giggling all the way through it. She squirms a bit as you try to pull her off, but eventually she releases you.

“Thanks mister Anon~” She sang as she skipped away in a fit of giggles.

Before you can even stand up you felt a poke on your cheek, turning from the second Yeti skipping away you spot two more. The first Yeti being the oldest you’ve seen with a petite figure of a pre-teen, and long, white wavy hair done in two narrow pig-tails. She wore a two-piece neon blue bikini, with eyes of emerald green, and the lightest tanned, skin tone out of the rest. She was also holding the fourth Yeti, a little tyke who couldn’t be more than three years old, and wearing soft blue wool pajamas. Her white hair was done in a tiny little ponytail.

“Hug-hugs?” The tyke asked.

“I-I was wondering if you were willing to…uh~ oh gosh this is embarrassing~! I-I was kind of hoping for a…hug too” the older one wondered.

“(Where are all these Yetis coming from?)” You thought to yourself.

Somewhere in the more…colder side of the building; Fubuki was at play.

“Okay dear, he should be patrolling this side of the building today so you can catch him if you walk about here, through here” Fubuki explained to a young Yeti as she pointed at the map.

“And he’s giving out hugs for free!?” A young Yeti with long, straight hair, long bangs, and wearing a white tank-top and navy blue gym shorts squealed delightfully.

“He sure is! He and I both know how much you girls really wanted hugs, and this is your reward for being so~ patient” Fubuki assured.

“Thank you Miss Fubuki!” She practically hopped in place before rushing towards Anon.

“*Ha~* I am such a good person” Fubuki praised herself before searching for another of her Yetis.

Returning to Anon we find him struggling to maneuver through even half his route as he would often be interrupted by more Yetis all requesting free hugs you were apparently giving out.

You suspect foul play, but looking at the time you realize it was soon time to complete Katy’s request. You fumble through the map as another Yeti clung to your leg until you found the nearest elevator

After sending the Yeti away you make sure your belt is tightly fastened around your waist, and your zipper is zipped shut before you take the plunge. Taking the service elevator you press the bottom signaling the first level basement and feel yourself descending.

When the doors slide opened the only bright light available came from the elevator itself. As the elevator shuts when you exit it; the only lights you can rely on now are from old styled wooden torches, and dim fluorescent bulbs on the bottom edges of the wall. You knew Katy made the whole place feel like a labyrinth but this is the first time it actually looked like one. You hear mumbling coming from the darkness ahead, as well as the occasional scratching of the walls and the occasion cry, and chatter of children.

It had just occurred to you that Katy had not given you a specific location to meet your partner…

On instinct you follow the mumbling voice just on the other side of the dark hallway as it’s the only mature sounding noise in here. You feel like more than anything it’s a friendly associate of this establishment…

…Hopefully not a gang of Ushi-Oni teenagers.

Following the mumbling you come across something truly monster-like since the first time you came here. She even rivaling Nirvana, Katy, and Fubuki in a metaphorical sense.

With her back turned to you all you can manage to make out were a few features. Long slender antennas poking out of her head and through a dark purple see through veil the length of her long wiry black hair. The tips of her hair nearly reaching the ground. What really set you off though was her long millipede body, the length of which could make it longer than Katy’s tail. Just how many legs does she have? Then it dawn on you like a ton of bricks that Katy has sent you to work with an Oomukade.

“Was that the elevator…Katy? A chunk of ceiling fell on my head this morning, is that part of your traps or is my bad luck starting early again?” Her voice was soft, and depressing. There was even a bit of an echo to it, though you assume it’s merely the walls doing that. Just be patient with her right?

You clear your throat, and explain yourself to the Oomukade.

“U-um~ I’m not Katy, I’m the new guy-” you speak.

She gives a very loud gasp and turns around. Her body shaking either out of nervousness or fear you’re not sure, but at least you see her face. Heavy black mascara on her eyes, and already looking a bit runny as if having just cried her eyes out. Her pupils were a dark purple, with a creamy white skin complexion, and a youthful appearance. Though even the heavy eye shadow couldn’t hide a bit of bagginess under her eyes. Her frame was slender, but not entirely petite, and covered in a graceful black kimono. You take notice of the various flowers and petals of different purples peppering the ensemble, and also see the sleeves were detached, and had white frills on the ends.

In fact most of her outfit had white frilly ends, as if someone re-stitched a kimono using a gothic dress. Just a modest, and beautiful outfit she wore, though it looked a little baggy on her, perhaps hinting at an even more…’flat’ body that the outfit was compensating.

“S-s-s-s-wha-uh-um~” she goes in a stuttering wreck as if something inside her had just snapped.

“I-is something wrong?” You ask growing more nervous as you have no idea how she handles these kinds of situations.

“K-Katy s-s-said uh~um~c-c-count-” she continues her nervous stuttering as she looks at everything but you, her face growing redder and redder as mixed emotions brew inside her making for a terrible concoction.

“That’s right! She asked me to take her place while we count up everyone here. She said you’ll be taking the lead for this and I just take the notes” you explain.

She continues her murmuring and mumbles making the rest of her speech impossible to interpret, you see she’s not calming but rather growing even more panicky as her eyes start to water and dart left and right wide open like a scared deer staring at a car’s headlights.

“Deep breaths, calm down~ everything is…fine…” you tell her.

It’s no use she can’t keep herself from either stuttering or mumbling incoherently either to herself or to you.

“…*Sigh* can you at least follow me, keep me company while we do this? It shouldn’t take too long” you ask her.

Her quivering stops and she resorts to meekly nodding her head. Finally feeling some progress coming you take the lead and travel deeper into the basement with your poor excuse of a guide. You weren’t angry at her or anything, but you did pity her…a lot.

“(Katy said to be patient…I’ll just have to trust her words)” you think to yourself.

She follows you just outside your field of vision, any attempt to look back at her eye to eye is met with shock. This was followed by more failed attempts at communicating, followed by her staring at something else in a fit of brief panic. On the occasion you don’t see her you can faintly hear her mumbling to herself as if mental thinking was but a pipe-dream.

As you traverse the underground you take note of the kinds of children that actually prefer the dark, and damp place like this.

One particular scene occurred only moment the two of you started exploring.

A Devil Bug girl crawls along the walls, and jumps at your arm. Reaching up to your knee she hangs in the air as her hands cling to your arm before swinging herself onto your chest. Soon two more approached you as well. The second one only slightly younger than the first, and the third one being taller, and being the oldest as well. If not for their height difference, their similar short-cut brown hair, and eyes they could make them triplets. Even their long white shirts they wore matched each other.

“Girls, y-you know better, we say hello first” your guide corrected them. Her stutter only briefly shown before she collected herself.

All three look up to the Oomukade caretaker, and release you.

“We’re sorry~” they all repeated.

“Good, h-he’s an employee here too, and you must treat him with respect like everyone else” she explained.

“Can we still play with him?” The youngest squeaked.

“I-If you are good, we can arrange something, but for now we have to work” she explained.

“Okay~ bye-bye~” all three waved good-bye, and left the same way you came.

“…Wow, that was quick. Thanks for that” you reply.

“R-R-Re~hi~u-uh~ th-t-*huff-puff*” she reverted back to her old wreck.

Another moment came when ahead of the hall you could hear the rapid tapping of bare-feet getting closer, and closer until from out of the shadows a teen Ghoul sporting a loose-fitting white tank-top, loose black belt, and plaid mini-skirt rushed at you. You also notice that her hands, and legs were coated in red before fading to her tanned skin. Her hair was a pale white, wild, long and free.

She lunged at you with a hungry mouth.

Before contact was made however; your guide moved quickly and blocked the Ghoul with her lower insect body. The hard chitin acted as a shield, and barrier as the Ghoul attempted to push, and climb her way over the Oomukade’s body just to get to you. Her mouth drooling, her tongue occasionally licking the air, her eyes were open wide with large pupils of deep violet staring hungrily at you.

“Did you t-try to beat your record again? I-I told you not to unless I’m supervising” the Oomukade scolded the ravenous girl before reaching inside her kimono.

She pulled out a small wooden cylinder jar that matched her outfit perfectly with a black coating, and violet flowers decorating it. Opening it revealed dozens of soft pink lollipops.

Grabbing, and unwrapping one she then used her lower half to wrap around the Ghoul.  To secure her further, her legs clamped down on her arms and legs immobilizing her.

“Here, eat this, you know how you get when you get hungry” the Oomukade said popping the candy into the Ghoul’s mouth.

Her tongue wrapped around the sweet treat, and her violent thrashing started to cease. Her eyes closed shut and a soft moan escaped her lips before opening her eyes once more. This time her gaze was much more calm, if a little sultry.

“Oh~ I lost myself again didn’t I?” She said.

“You shouldn’t be so reckless, don’t neglect your dose of spirit energy” the Oomukade said.

“I know-I know I just~…well guess I still gotta work on that…it’s okay now, I’m cool” the Ghoul replied.

Your guide released her, and she shook the dust off her clothes before looking back at you.

“Hey sorry for scaring you like that, and junk. Man I get really crazy when I’m hungry. No hard feelings right dude?” She asks.

She had a bit of an edge to her tone, it evokes a sense of self confidence, and coolness.

“Yeah, we’re cool, no worries. It’s Anon by the way, I’m the new guy here” you reply in her same tone.

“Hey~ you sound cool, well alright! Again, sorry you had to see that, maybe next time we can hang, or I don’t know…do whatever you want? I’m cool with it…think you’ll be cool doing whatever I want though?” She asked as she fluttered her eyes, and leaned her head closer to you.

“Manners…” your guide reminded.

“Wha~t? I was just gonna show off my skate-board tricks, honest!” She answered.

“Okay, I’ll let it slide since you’re progressing so well” she replies.

“Thanks coach! Couldn’t have done it without ya, and next time I’ll beat my record…with you keeping an eye on me of course” the Ghoul replied before taking off the way you came.

It was amazing, when she is doing her job, and talking to the kids it’s like she’s a whole different person.

Seeing her act so professionally, and compassionately made you look at her in a whole new light. Now you know why she’s employed here, it’s not everyday a person can calm a Ghoul away from a man they like with just a bit of a soft scolding and a lollipop.

Unfortunately whenever you thanked her…

“That was pretty amazing too, thanks again for that!” you reply.

Once again her head started glowing red, and she returned to her panicked state.

After some time the work was done and you found your way back to the service elevator. You look back at her one more time as she sighs to herself. You didn’t think she’d look even more depressed than she already was, but she seemed to be in an even worst mood. Perhaps she was trying much more harder at this whole talking to you than you realize.

“Uh~ hey my name is Anon. I-it was nice meeting you” you try one last time to talk.

“*Gasp*…M-M-M-Mizari!” The Oomukade at last squeaked out.

“Mizari? Is that your name? Awesome! Finally! Okay so I’m working here now. And I guess we’ll be friends and co-workers from now on. I’ll drop by to visit on my breaks if you want” you gladly declare.

Another wave of stutters, and head-shaking as her legs click, and tap at the floor.

“Uh~ can you tell me what’s in that candy?” You ask.

She flinches and looks down at her candy, then at you.

“C-Candy!? L-lollipops! L-Laced w-with s-spirit energy! M-My family r-recipe! I-I use it t-t-to calm the g-g-girls! A-And f-feed them!” She squeaked and stammered.

“Wow…uh…can I~ have one? It’s for my daughter” you ask.

“E-eh!? I-I-um-o-o-okay! H-here!” She thrusts the jar forward, the lollipops inside jingle from the motion.

You grab one, and peer at it, no matter how you look at it, it looks like regular candy, but if this is laced with spirit energy…maybe, just maybe Chloe can actually enjoy this? Either way you tuck it in your coat pocket

“O-o-okay, so-um~ s-s-see you uh~mm~ l-later!?” She pipes up again.

“Definitely, you were…interesting” you tell her.

As you press the button and the door slowly closes on you, you see Mizari’s eyes wide in shock and staring at you directly for the first time before you ascend back to ground level.

Mizari stands alone in the dark still shocked that a boy found her…interesting.

“I-I did it…I-I talked to a boy normally for the first time working here! I better write all this in my diary! *Kehee~hee-kufuu~fuu~*” she giggles her strange laugh before she tends to her work feeling slightly more chipper than normal…only for another chunk of the ceiling to fall and hit her head.

“Ow~!” Mizari groaned.

What a day you had with that strange morning with Mizari though at least you weren’t molested. Still having some time left before your shift ends you thought it would be nice to check in on Chloe to see how she’s holding up. Though you have no idea where she is, you are still given enough free-reign to explore the orphanage and look for her.

Taking your first turn you begin your quest…only to be immediately interrupted by a familiar tug on your pants’ leg.

One glance down, and you see a Were-sheep with a sleepy, smiling gaze staring up at you.

Hair was a sandy blonde, very curly, and thick in volume with eyes colored a bright green. Appearance wise she looked to have finally hit her double digits in terms of age. She wore a sky-blue pajama top, and shorts with clouds imprinted all over the place.

“*Ya~wn* I found you~ can I get some snuggles?” She asked as you watch her sway side to side, struggling to stay awake.

“Uh~ sure, why not?” You agree knowing you have plenty of spare time.

Doing the usual you crouch down to her level, and she wraps her arms around your neck. Her nose nuzzling your chest, her hair tickling your chin. Seeing as how her species doesn’t speak in hugs you press both arms on her back, and she gives a soft little cooing noise.

The sentiment was not equal. Not that her hug was boring-far from it actually, but you still felt your eyes grow heavy.

“Hey buddy, it’s nice that you want to hold me like this, but I gotta-*yaw~n*-go soon-hm?” You begin until you felt a tug on your shirt.

You turn around and spot two twin sisters, of course both were Were-sheep with long, wavy blonde hair, and wearing pink, and blue pajamas with little sheep heads. Age wise they appeared to be just slightly younger than the clingy Were-sheep still on your neck.

“Snuggies?” They both asked simultaneously.

Oh no…

Elsewhere in building…

“Fubuki are ya’ll sure Anon won’t mind giving these girls some comfort?” Betsy asked.

“What? Anon? Pfft~ nah~ he loves giving these kids hugs, plus we do have a quota to full-fill after all” Fubuki said.

“But I don’t have enough of my sheepies to fill it” Betsy said.

“Not to worry, I had already sent all my Yetis on him, and he’s still yearning for more!” Fubuki said.

“Katy really did find a hard-worker in that Anon! And it was real clever of ya’ll to think ahead with those Yetis” Betsy said.

“What can I say? When you live as long as me you learn a thing or two” Fubuki said with a grin, and shrug.

“What a clever girl you are! No wonder you’re the co-founder boss! Alright pumpkin, Anon’s in this direction, go there before he has to clock out” Betsy said.

Returning to Anon he was quickly being overwhelmed by more, and more Were-sheep. Each of them clinging to a body-part, their soft wool made you feel so comfy, and tired, even as you collapsed on the cold, hard floor you couldn’t feel more relaxed.

“Girls…no more…snuggli~zzz~” you gasp your last unfinished sentence before falling asleep.

The Were-Sheep peer at your sleeping body, they all look at each other, and cheer in a loud whisper.

“Nap time~!” They squeal.

They quickly picked a spot on your body to rest their bodies, and heads, and took a nap.

It took ten minutes for an employee to issue a search party, and another fifteen to find your unconscious body under a dozen snoozing Were-Sheep.

When you came to you find yourself lying down on the couch in the employee break room. Your body felt so refreshed, your mind clear. Sucked that you lost to a bunch of little sheep girls, but you can’t deny that was a great nap.

You glance at your clock and realize roughly half an hour passed which left you only another half-hour before you had to clock out. Trying to find your daughter a second time you decide to give it one more shot. This time with more vigor, and hopefully less interruptions.

Suddenly your reassurance is put into question when you see who opens the door and realize it was just you and her in the room. A Yuki-Onna and your boss as well; Fubuki.

Fubuki practically glides through the room as if the floor was ice under her feet. As beautiful and as elegant as she appeared wearing her long flowing white and sky blue kimono you can’t help but feel a sense of unease around her…

She continues doing her own thing as if not noticing you were in the room with her, and all you do is watch as she gives herself a cup of hot coffee. She picks up a mug with the words ‘#1 Co-owner’ in bright blue letters and pours herself a cup. She stares at the hot coffee with disgust before she does something with her hands you can’t see from your angle and the next minute she turns around holding a cup of slush iced coffee. She takes her seat on a hot pink beanbag chair next to you, takes a sip from her cup and finally acknowledges you.

“How are you dear?” Fubuki asks with a small grin.

“Better, met a few of the workers here” you explain trying to sound normal.

“Hm~ yes, Betsy being one of them if I recall, is she your mark? Such a sweet an innocent thing for someone with such huge knockers” Fubuki replied.

“W-was that a compliment?” You’re not entirely sure.

“You didn’t answer my question~” Fubuki half joked.

“W-well she’s cute and all but is that really all you want to talk about?” You ask.

“I suppose not, do you want to talk about us then? Aren’t I in your list of bachelorettes? I had thought surely when me and the little Yukiwarashi…played Monopoly with you that day. You would have gone after me much sooner. If I didn’t know any better I could have sworn you were avoiding me, but that’s not true is it?” Fubuki asked.

You feel her cold shoulder give you a literal cold shoulder of your own as the room temperature started dropping fast.

“I-I wouldn’t say that, it’s just you’re something else Fubuki, not just my boss. I-I um~ have no idea how to go about talking to you” you try to explain, and you weren’t exactly lying either. She’s become a sort of enigma to you, you don’t know what will set her off or make her smile.

“I suppose that’s understandable, especially for someone who wants something much more from one of us rather than the occasional quick fuck. Well we can be quite complex to say the least, but it’s not like we’re looking for Mr. Perfect or anything…no what we do is make Mr. Perfect to put it simply. We shape him, mold him and turn him into this ideal partner through subtle, and sexual means and by then he’s all ours to do as we please…in return we do whatever our partner pleases” Fubuki hinted.

Why is she saying all this? You’re finding her harder, and harder to figure out.

“T-that’s marriage I guess” you try to joke.

“*Giggle* yes in a way that is kind of like it, for us that is. So~ how’s work?” Fubuki asked.

“It’s going great I think, I mean I know it’s just my first week and all, but I feel like maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this” you explain.

“Good, that’s very good actually. Katy has an eye for talent, but you know I also played a part in hiring you as well. After all Katy gave me the power to allow you to stay. And I must say that so far you’re doing wonderful…don’t blow it and get yourself molested until your brain goes to mush” Fubuki warned.

You try to chuckle that last part off but you still don’t feel entirely secure around her yet.

“I’m just teasing you dear, don’t worry so much~” she waved off her own joke. “Even if you do get violated by one of the staff or even our own children, we won’t fire you for that. You must excuse my sense of humor, it can go so wrong so quickly, guess I’m just a bad, naughty girl” Fubuki whispered.

“T-this might sound a bit personal, but…d-did something happen to you when you were a kid, maybe something terrible that made you feel this way? I mean not that there’s anything wrong with you now! I like the way you are” you quickly asked.

“Hmm~ how bold of you to ask, yes maybe some things here and there have molded me into the luscious, hard working, sexy little tramp that I am now but that’s a story that is not of your concern yet. However…I appreciate you asking, it’s not everyday I get to meet a boy and the first thing he wants to ask is how I am. You’re a weird one” Fubuki confessed.

“You have girls like Nirvana and yourself and I’m the weird one?” You jokingly ask.

“Well you certainly have a quick wit with you. That’s a good sign, I hope this little chat enlightened you” Fubuki giggled.

“Actually, you just left me with more questions than answers” you reply.

“Is that so~ well it can’t be helped then, here give me your phone” Fubuki instructed.

You do as you are told and hand it over. You see her browse through it before finding what she was looking for and started typing something in before handing it you. You notice it’s a phone number.

“That’s my personal number, not my work number. If you’re really curious I suppose I can take time out of my schedule to spend with you. Call me whenever you want to ‘do’ something” she purrs before sipping the last of her coffee and leaving the room, taking the cold with her.

You stay in the room collecting your thoughts, and some warmth before exiting the room.

Walking about as you near the end of your shift you find Chloe in mid chat with another ghostly girl, her hair done in a tall bun, and her frilly long dress made her appear to have come straight out of the Victorian age.

“Chloe! I’m about ready to head out, are you read to go?” You call out.

Oh! Dad! Yeah okay, hey! Thanks for helping me out, talk to you later!” Chloe bids her friend goodbye. The second ghost girl nods her head

“Anytime Chloe, and remember what I taught you. You have to emphasize the O as you finish your wail, like this; ‘WoOoOoOoO~oOoO~” she demonstrated her ghostly wail.

“…You’ve gotta be kidding me…” you mutter in disbelief.

“Aha! See daddy! I told you it was important!” Chloe cheered.

She gives a haughty laugh, and waves farewell to you before she slowly evaporates into thin air.

“W-whoa what the-” you gasp as you never saw a ghost do that before.

“It’s okay! She just warped herself, to someplace else. How cool is that?” Chloe excitedly cheered before shooting herself straight into your chest.

You clock yourself off say good-bye to some of the passing staff, and drive home with your adopted daughter as you ask about her day.

“(It was fun! I didn’t know there was so many things a ghost could do, but she can only teach me so much, I got to get stronger before I can do all those cool things though)” Chloe spoke in your thoughts.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to happen soon, I did promise you we’ll get you to be the best ghost you can be” you assure her.

“(Thanks dad, I feel stronger already with you beside me)” Chloe said.

You notice she’s comfortable with calling you dad now, and you couldn’t help but feel a little happy about that.

“(So-so what did you do and in what position, and how many times, and how many times did she cu-)” Chloe quickly went back to pervy old man mode.

“Nothing like that happened, but I did meet some new people and had a chat with a few of the staff. Other than that nothing else” you explain half of what happened on your day.

Returning home, and eating a meal together you decide after dinner to show her the surprise you had.

“Oh! By the way, I have something for you that might help you be a good ghost” you hint before reaching into your pocket, and pulling out a lollipop.

“Candy? Dad you know I can’t eat those yet” Chloe reminded you.

“I know, but this one is special…I’m hoping it’s special enough even for you” you explain as you unwrap it, and extend it towards her.

She looks at the pink candy curiously before opening her mouth, and clamping down on the candy. Her eyes shot wide open, and a muffled moan escaped her closed lips.

“I can taste it dad! I-I can actually taste it!” Chloe squealed.

Thank you Mizari!

“It’s laced with power that can help you develop your ghostly skills. It’s only a little bit, but ever little bit counts right?” You figured.

“Thank you so much! I love my daddy!” Chloe cheered.

Today was a good day, just hearing her say that made all the struggles worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 7)

    1. So while I was doing my research on Orphanages I found that the more larger buildings on average would have up to 200 children.

      Given the size and variety, and this implies that the building houses all Mamono minus a Lilim. Adding also some are the same race: a litter of Were-kittens, a pack of Werewolves, a flock of Were-Sheep, you get the idea. The Little Monster Miracle Orphanage can house up to, but not limited to: 400 children. We haven’t explored a tenth of the building so far. In a sense it’s a small world in itself withing a world.

  1. That’s quite a large orphanage, considering how many kids they’ve got running, clopping, skittering, or slithering around.

    Spirit Energy lollipops? Hmmm, I’d imagine it’d take Mamono some major self control to avoid ‘going to town’ on an all day sucker. But, it serves two purposes: 1) They get their nutritional supplements, and 2) They get their tongue action practice.
    Lolis and Lollis, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Two minor things: Typo-
    “Chloe! I’m about ready to head out, are you read to go?” You call out.
    read = ready

    And Oomukade are actually centipedes, not millipedes. I know they resemble each other, but they are different.

    1. Crap, I knew I made that mistake somewhere, but I though I fixed it during edit, not the quote, but rather calling Mizari a Millipede. I’ll be fixing that very soon. I’m too proud of this one particular chapter to give it any blemishes like that.

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