Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 6)

Your alarm rang an hour later than your usual 6:15, the morning sun barely peaking out in a shower of pale yellow over a royal blue sky. There was a stark chill in the air that wasn’t there the day before, enough for you to don a nearby shirt laying on a nearby chair before heading towards your master bathroom.

Looking yourself over the mirror you glance at your facial features and get to work. Soon you got yourself done not the handsome model way, not the burly manly way, not the lazy whatever way, and not the effeminate boy way. You got your looks done your way, and no one can stop you.

“(So~ you gonna strip, or what?)” A girl’s voice teased in your thoughts.

“Chloe-what the-when did you get inside me?” You ask as you were half-way out of your shirt.

“(I couldn’t sleep so I decided to snuggle up with you, and it worked!)” Chloe explained.

“You had trouble sleeping?” You ask.

“(Ghosts can’t really sleep you know. But I get a bit of an inkling of sleep if the person I possess sleeps…Katy taught me that)” Chloe said.

“Okay~ I guess I’ll brush up on ghosts things from now on…anyways, I’m gonna go get ready now” you reply.

Chloe fazes through your chest, the same little spirit in her summer dress, and ghostly tail swishing back and forth.

She stares at you with a bit of a grin on her face.

“Don’t stop for my sake” she giggles.

“…What if I help you turn on the TV and watch your shows while I shower?” You ask.

“That’s cool too!” Chloe piped up.

Taking a detour downstairs to your living room, you grab the remote while Chloe not so much as sits but hovers above the couch.

Unfortunately the Gazer show isn’t on, and the cartoons on CN were…sub-par at the moment.

“It’s okay! Since I’m already a ghost there’s no way I’ll become brain dead watching Teen Titan GO-*giggle*” Chloe laughed.

Nice, she’s definitely a keeper, but as you nod your head and head back the stairs you get a nagging thought bugging your mind.

You can’t help but wonder which part is the original Chloe, or the influence of the demonic aura that made her into a spirit.

You mull over the thought as you shower and change. Does it flip-flop from her old self to the demonic aura self? Is she a combination of both? Now that you’ve taken her in as your daughter you wished there was a way to speak to her before the transformation. Still, it’s not like her personality is bad so you decide that it’s best not to dwell on it for now.

You take a second glance at your schedule and sure enough you had the day off. You figured today would be a great day to kill two birds with one stone: spend time with Chloe, and improve yourself for the future.

Wearing your casual best you descend back downstairs only to find Chloe collapsed on the floor, mouth hanging open, eyes blank, wide, and still staring at the television just as the show was ending.

“Oh my god no! Curse you Teen Titan GO!” You shout at the Television.

Your drama class acting stirred Chloe out of her trance before bursting into a fit of giggles and shooting off the floor and back in the air space of your living room.

“I’m going out, want to come with me Chloe?” You ask your newly adopted daughter.

She taps her chin pretending to mull over the thought when you clearly know she wants to go.

“Oh~ what naughty things will you be doing that I can watch? The ghost girl asks.

“Don’t be weird kiddo” you smile at her as she smiles back. “I just want to do some self help to deal with any issues in the future” you assure her.

“Sounds silly, are you gonna get some practice, down there?” She asks pointing at your pants.

“I-uh, well-do you want to come with me or not?” You quickly change the topic.

“Sure, I’ll just snuggle up with your soul for a bit if you don’t mind” Chloe agreed flying through you, and once again you feel that strange, but pleasant feeling deep inside.

“Guess we’ll be going then” you say.

“(By the way I can’t read your mind, but I can hear your thoughts…I know I don’t get it either, but if you want to talk to me, just talk in your head and I’ll listen, that way no one will think you’re crazy!)” Chloe explained in your head.

“Thanks for the heads up” you thank her.

Since you had a day off, but energy to burn you decide that as helpful as your quick wit is, it’ll be useless if you don’t have the strength to resolve certain situations. That’s when you recall a poster advertising a gym in the break room at the Orphanage. You take some gym friendly clothes stuff them in your old college duffle bag, drive toward your destination and find a large public gym just outside of town and away from the main road. Seeing as how it’s walls were mostly strong glass you could already see several of the occupants were mamono, though you can spot human men and women also enjoying the equipment.

“(Oh~ look at all the cool stuff to pull and lift!)” Chloe marveled.

Guess this is her first time at a real gym…

Even though it was your day off you took your I.D card with you, after all, it worked at the shrine so maybe Katy’s influence stretched to more than just that?

You go inside and walk toward the receptionist, a Blue Oni built like an athlete and a porn-star combined. She wore a simple open button up office shirt, and black bike shorts with a navy blue stripe on the sides, and slim glasses. Her long white hair was done in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. She jots down something on her paper before looking back up to you. Her shirt was a size too small in your opinion, but while it did emphasize her bust size, it also showcase what you felt was her true pride and joy. Abs of steel that made you feel just a nudge insecure about your own figure.

You’re almost certain you can cut diamond with her six-pack.

“(Hm~ she’s built to last, and those glasses? So sexy~)” Chloe commented on her

“(Yeah, she’s pretty cute…hey don’t give me those images just as I’m about to talk to her)” You reply as Chloe giggles in your thoughts.

“Um, hey this is my first time and I was wondering if maybe I can get a membership?” You ask feeling a little timid. After all, you haven’t done much in physical fitness after your time playing football which was years ago. You won’t admit right away that you lost your own pecks, and abs.

“Why yes of course, we’re always welcoming new members, we have monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions, and lifetime membership all with respectable prices of course” the Blue Oni explained. Her voice and tone made it very evident she was foreign, perhaps only living in the west for a few years.

“(Oh god~ that voice! Wanna know a secret? I have such a hard case of yellow fever, I want to know how that voice sounds when she’s moaning and screaming. Make it happen!)” Chloe practically commanded.

“(Be more like a little girl, and not a perverted old man Chloe)” you reply in your thoughts.

“This is gonna sound odd but I just got hired by the Little Monster Miracle Orphanage, and perhaps that would influence any um…discounts?” You meekly ask.

“Oh? Why yes, we do have discounts for employees of that establishment, did Katy’s sister recommend this place to you too?” The Blue Oni asked.

This job just keeps getting better and better.

“N-no but I saw a poster and I was interested” I explain. “(Wait…did she say sister?)” You thought in your head.

“(I’m just as confused as you are…though I didn’t really…connect with others in the Orphanage)” Chloe added her two cents.

“Well would you like a lifetime subscription with our special discount?” The Blue Oni asked.

You nod my head, and after signing a few things you were an official member of the gym.

“Help yourself to any of our equipment, we also have a steam room, and shower room. We have male only rooms, female only rooms, and for those of us who are interested, we have co-ed rooms though we recommend you proceed with caution entering those rooms as we can’t be entirely responsible for whatever happens there. Be assure that inflicting injuries, or harassing other members will not be tolerated and we will issue a warning followed by an immediate termination of your membership, but anything else is in a sense okay. They are lusty creatures after all, it can’t be helped” the Blue Oni explained the rules.

“We have the same policy more or less back at the Orphanage, I can follow your rules” you assure her.

“(I know where we’re going, butt naked in the co-ed steam room and just waiting for the first girl to show up)” Chloe gave you more ideas.

You ignore her idea and change clothes in the male only locker room to change into something more appropriate for exercising.

“(You have a cute butt)” Chloe compliments.

“(Forgot you were inside me there for a second)” You thought as you just gave her a show.

“(Want me to remind you? *Chu~*)” Chloe gave a kissing noise before you felt an even stronger pleasurable feeling deep inside. “(*Giggle* kissing your soul was so~ cute, it’s so~ ticklish)” Chloe giggled.

Would you look at that? You learned something new about yourself.

“(Just wait for me outside Chloe, I promise I won’t be long)” you reply before stripping any more in front of her.

“(Okay~)” She replied a little reluctantly before phasing out of your body, and through the door.

The other members look at the scene, and back to you.

“…W-what? It’s okay, she’s my daughter” you reply.

Content with the answer they return to their own tasks, and you leave the changing room wearing your navy blue sports tank-top, and black shorts with black and white sneakers. Looking yourself over you notice a bit of a bulge in your stomach.

“(Ugh~ guess I did have too much junk-food after college)” you thought to yourself before leaving, and regrouping with Chloe who quickly phased inside you once more.

You look for something to do and decide some simple weightlifting will do for the time being. You put a number of added weights and go for a few lifts to start off with.

In between reps you glance to the side and notice an Orc staring at you from a distance, she looked rather nervous for some reason. You ignore her and continue pressing on, yet when you glance back moments later she was suddenly a lot closer, and nervously glancing at you and the floor.

You give the dumbbells another ten more lifts and place them back on the rack feeling your body heat rise, and beads of sweat on your arms and face. The Orc now standing beside you.

“…Uh~ hi?” You greet.

“…Are you, new?” The Orc asked.

“Yes?” You reply.

For some strange reason there was a deep air of awkwardness emanating between you two, the Orc was feeling unnaturally shy for some reason.

“That’s good, m-maybe you can do something for me. You see, I’ve been trying to lose weight, and I wanted a spotter, but it doesn’t help that everyone here looks so good, and I’m just…” the Orc explains her situation before looking down at herself.

“(She’s got a lot of junk in the trunk if you know what I mean)” Chloe commented.

“(Don’t be rude Chloe)” you reminded.

“Well you’re not bad looking to me. You still got curves, and nice…assets. So what if you’re a little thicker than most” you try to cheer her up.

You weren’t lying either, her figure was still appealing to your eyes, her tight white tank-top squeezed her D-cup breasts, her cute belly-button exposed, and her black bike shorts clung to her body and showed off her large ass. She had a cute face, with a soft pink skin tone, round cheeks, green eyes and floppy pig ears. Though you will admit her waist, arms, and legs looked a bit chunkier than everyone else.

“T-thanks, but it’s not enough! I want to change, b-but I need help. S-so I was wondering if you could be…m-my training partner!?” The Orc confessed.

It’s as if her self confidence took quite a beating for some time if she can’t even jump you or even attempt to flirt with you. She doesn’t even feel herself good enough to serve anyone superior to her either so naturally you were curious.

“Well, I suppose having a training buddy would make things less boring. Sure we can train together” you invite.

“Really!? T-thank you! Please don’t hold back, I’m really determined to look my best!” The Orc squealed as you glance at her rear and see her squiggly tail wiggle excitedly.

“(Oh yeah, keep staring, I can only see what you see you know. Maybe you can sneak in a quick spank for me?)” Chloe suggested.

“(Yeah, I think I’ll pass on that)” you reply.

You work for a at least two more hours exercising and working up quite a sweat with your new spotter before you decide it’s time to head out. The Orc thanks you again, and again before splitting off to the girl’s only change room and you the men’s only change room to freshen up and plan something else.

“(Oh~ why do I feel sore, and sweaty too~. If I knew I could feel your workout I would have ditched your body a long time ago~)” Chloe whined in your thoughts.

You regroup with the Orc, but before you could even ask her name she’s already rushing outside smiling and waving at you.

“Guess we’ll just have to meet again” you muse to yourself.

“I should say ‘hi’ next time” Chloe figured.

With half the day spent you try to decide on the next course of action. So you suggest to hit the city as there is always something to do there. Though the first thing on your mind was to get something to eat after sweating out all those calories back in the gym. You weren’t picky either hence why you went with the first food truck that caught your eye and settled for a burger and soft drink.

“(I haven’t had those in a long time)” Chloe commented.

“(You can’t eat?)” I ask.

“(Well they told me I could but it would just go through me, I need to be able to touch things before I can think of doing that…but I’m not strong enough yet…)” Chloe explained.

“(You were a ghost for only a little while, I’m sure it’ll happen soon, I’ll even help you as best as I can)” you assure her.

“(Really!? Okay! Please help me out!)” Chloe shouted her plea.

“(You can still technically taste what I eat too though right? So long as you’re inside me like this)” you recall.

“(Something like that, it’s not the same, but it’s close enough for now…)” Chloe added.

“(Well at least for now let’s dig in)” you reply.

“(I’m already drooling~)” Chloe squealed.

You were so distracted by your own mental conversation you couldn’t hear a stranger calling out to you until they were shouting just inches from your face. You give your own shout in response before jumping sideways and landing on the pavement.

“Oh gosh! I’m really sorry, you were kind of zoned out and I thought you couldn’t hear me!” A girl apologized.

“(Wow, you scream just like a girl)” Chloe commented.

“Shut up, no I don’t” you argue out loud.

“I’m sorry-wait what?” The girl asked.

“No-no! Not you, um~ have me met?” You ask shaking off the pain.

The girl had a very short tomboy cut blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes with soft features on her creamy white skinned face. She wore what looked like a school’s uniform with a red vest, white button shirt, red plaid skirt, and thigh high navy blue socks and dark brown shoes.

“You don’t remember me? Wait, I know why, try looking at my face again, and this time pretend I’m a boy. Remember? Back in College?” The woman asked.

As strange of a request as that was you do as she told you and look again. Suddenly a spark in your memory finally ignites.

“Wait, you’re that one boy…that got bullied back then, b-but you’re…” you couldn’t believe it.

“Yes! That’s it! You remember. Yeah, it’s me! I had a bit of an accident on a trip near the demon realm, and long story short I woke up the next day looking like this. I’m hiding my horn, wings, and tail right now” The girl said.

“So wait, you’ve become a…what’s it called, an Alp?” you realize.

“(She’s really cute! I wish I can wear colors like that)” Chloe commented.

“Yup, and I finally get to see you again after all this time” the Alp revealed.

You recall a while back when you noticed a freshmen being harassed by some of the students because of his…feminine look and sexual orientation. As an act of kindness you decided to look out for the guy and the two of you became friends and the bullying stopped. though you suppose you being in the football team had something to do with that. You hung out for a few months but you were graduating, and you had to say goodbye to him as he moved on to his second year. The whole ordeal must have lasted just a few months, but you didn’t think you left such an impact on this person.

“So, were you okay after I was gone?” You ask.

“Yup, I still got harassed but I made enough friends to get everyone to back off. But you did more than protect me, you gave me a great start into college. If it weren’t for you, I would have had a miserable four years. That’s why when I saw you now I realized I just had to repay you!” The Alp said.

“Nah~ that’s okay, I was just trying to help is all” you pass.

“No, that’s not good enough! Here, come with me. I want to show you something” the Alp said grabbing your wrist.

See? There’s always something going on in the city.

She drags you across several blocks turning this way and that, though you’re not feeling lost, you know your way around the city fairly easily.

“Up these stairs, hurry while it’s still slow” She beckons.

“I’m moving, no shoving” you insist.

Up the stairs, and through a door you are stopped by a large hand by a man two feet taller than you and almost three times as big.

“It’s okay, he’s with me!” The Alp assured.

The man nods and moves his hand aside.

You enter a poorly lit hall with the only lights colored anything but white, you didn’t even have to glance at the pole on the center of a stage to know where you were.

“You took me to a strip club!?” You softly hiss at her.

“(She took us to a strip club!?)” Chloe squealed before bursting into more giggles.

“Yeah! Neat huh? I’m pretty much the manager here so I can hook you up with discounts, maybe even a freebie here and there. Plus we can make special exceptions for you if you’re interested” the Alp hinted with a wink.

“(Say yes, say yes!)” Chloe squealed.

“(You’re too young, and we’re leaving)” you quickly reply.

“(But-but I’m a spooky ghost! Doesn’t that count for something!?)” Chloe argued.

“We also have variety! A lot of human and mamono come here though it’s different everyday, but that’s what separates us from all the others. So what do you want to do first?” The Alp asked nudging your arm.

“Leave, I’m happy you’re doing great and all, but I think maybe I should just go and besides I have a minor-” you reply.

“Aw~ don’t give me that!” She interrupts you here I’ll make you a special offer, first lap-dance is free, I’ll see who we have available!” The Alp said before shoving you onto a black leather couch.

You sit there awkwardly as you notice the whole building was empty, but then again it was in the middle of the afternoon so business obviously won’t pick up until late at night. After some time the Alp returns dressed in a skimpy two piece white swimsuit with white thigh high leggings and matching high heel open toe slippers. Her chest barely poking out, perhaps at a small B-cup area. You also notice she’s now exposing her demonic parts as you see her horns curled inward, bat-like wings, and long thick tail all colored a dark purple. Her lips were painted a bright red, and she given herself some fresh eyeliner.

“*Giggle* I’ve brought someone who might interest you” the Alp introduced.

She didn’t walk but rather crawled on all fours behind the Alp and towards you. A Were-cat with soft auburn hair, and coat on her ears, paws, hind legs and tail. She wore a yellow two piece bra and thong with soft brown paw-prints. She had a lithe, and athletic body fit for a gymnast with a similar B-cup size as the Alp.

“She’s a lovely little kitty don’t you think?” The Alp smiled.

The Werecat slowly crawled herself over to you rubbing her chest on your leg all the way up to your own chest before cradling herself on your knee. Her purring was loud as she nuzzled your neck and started grinding herself on your lap, gyrating her hips as you felt the temperature rise all of a sudden.

“Mmm~ give kitty your milk master~*purr*” the Werecat purred in your ear.

“(Yes~ let’s, zoom in on her boobs!)” Chloe squealed.

She stretched her body arcing it back and planting her bust right on your face, and rubbing her chest ever so gently. Her nipples erect through her bra poking at your nose. Needless to say all the attention you were getting was really starting to get to you…and Chloe.

“(So~ should I be taking notes?)” Chloe teased.

“(You will do no such thing)” You reply.

“Liking it so far?” the Alp asked lowering her upper half and tilting her head with a curious stare.

“(Are we in heaven)” Chloe swooned.

“Well I-” you begin.

“Oh! I almost forgot! That’s only half of it!” The Alp recalled.

You look back to her and notice a second Were-cat with a dark blue coat and black lingerie crawling towards you as well. When the first Were-cat saw this she scooted herself over to your right side allowing the second Werecat to rub her scent all over your left side. They also paid close attention to themselves, rubbing their chests and even licking themselves every once in a while.

“*Purr~* don’t you want to play with this pussy too?” The second Were-cat suggested.

“We can share him just this once, his lap looks comfy enough for both of us” the Auburn Were-cat whispered.

Their loud purring, moans and soft bodies sent your lustful mind into overdrive and all you can think of was giving them what they desired. Or it could just be Chloe influencing you again…

Fighting the urges you allow the two to continue…

You know…out of politeness…


Near the end of the show the girls finally removed their bras exposing their breasts and pink nipples. They gave your face and body one last good rubdown with their exposed chests. All your senses were going haywire with their scent, and body heat but before anything else can go on, the girls finished their dance and left you blue balled like crazy.

You clumsily lift yourself up much to Chloe’s and the Alp’s amusement and head for the door thanking the Alp for her…generous tour of her establishment.

“Come visit around this time, we don’t get a lot of customers so we can serve you much better the next time. A-and maybe…I can show you what I can do? I-I mean I was a gymnast before I turned” the Alp invited.

“I-I’m good thanks” you sigh as your body felt tingly all over.

“(This is your second conscious speaking…no you’re not)” Chloe whispered inside you.

“(What did I say about being weird?)” you half-joke.

“Okay! You know where we are, just come whenever and we’ll give you endless pleasure, much more than what you went through just now” the Alp promised with a beaming, almost innocent smile for a girl wearing such a lewd outfit.

You nod and leave the strip-club, finding yourself more excited than you once were, but the whole ordeal left you feeling ready for any other lewd acts you may catch yourself in.

Sort of like being vaccinated if only a little bit.

Your drive home was surprisingly pleasant, as if Chloe had already completely forgot she just haunted a strip-club, and started her own karaoke session in your thoughts. By the time you returned home you felt exhausted.

Just a foot inside your house and a bit of spring pollen tickles your nose, and you suddenly sneeze causing Chloe to shoot out of your nose.

“Eww~ don’t sneeze! I can come out that way too! And it’s gross!” Chloe cried out.

“I’ll be sure to make a note of that” you can help but chuckle at the scene.

“Geez~ remind me to not stay inside you when you catch a cold” Chloe said.

“I’ll let you know ahead of time…so~ I just realized my house is now haunted” you make a late discovery.

“Oh yeah! And once I get to touch things again I can make things even spoo~kier” Chloe played along.

“Can you also turn invisible, and do weird things to paintings and stuff?” I ask getting excited.

“I can’t yet, b-but I can learn!” Chloe said.

“We’ll have the best haunted house at Halloween night” you assure her.

“*Giggle* you know, I was ghost for only a little while, and I never did any things ghost usually do. But I think living with you I feel like I should give it a shot” Chloe said.

“Of course, I just want you to be yourself, and if that means wanting to go through walls and posses stuff, well…I guess in moderation that’s okay” you say.

“That’s all I ever wanted” Chloe said.

“And once we get you touching things again we’ll send you back to school and hopefully things will go back to sort of normal for you” you assure her.

“Thanks, y-you know…for everything! I never thought I’d ever get to do things like this again” Chloe thanked.

She flies to your chest and wraps her arms around you, but they simply go right through you and give you the shivers. She looked so glum being unable to hold you or even touch you. You want to help her but you know it involves giving her your spirit energy, and at the moment you don’t feel comfortable in doing that just yet.

Taking her to strip-clubs even if it was just by accident sure, but not offering your spirit energy.

“Hey, it’s all going to work out, I promise” you assure her.

“…Yeah, well it’s getting late, I guess I’ll go to bed, um~ c-can I sleep inside you again?” Chloe asked.

Oh? this time she’s asking for permission, maybe she’s not such a rambunctious kid after all.

“Sure, I’m not exactly tired yet, but we can watch TV in my bed until I sleep” you offer.

“Thanks…Dad…” she murmurs as she bashfully turns away from you after calling you ‘dad’.

She called you daddy plenty of times, but you felt this time she genuinely felt like you were her true father when she said that.

“Heh…c’mon Chloe, I’ll get us a midnight snack to munch on in bed” you reply to which she quickly nods her head, and possesses you once more.

While you felt Chloe content, and asleep inside, you felt a nagging issue plaguing you.

Chloe can’t become stronger without spirit energy, meaning you would have to find means of sating her hunger or else she may become even weaker.

You have to think of something…

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  1. Cute, but doesn’t he remember his old friends name? Calling her: “the alp” for the entire story seems kind of cold, especially with how it’s hinted that she had a crush on him.

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