Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 4)

You punch yourself in and look at what your assignment for the day is going to be. You notice that you’re once again on patrol, both inside and later in the day keeping an eye on the kids outside after lunch. Walking through the halls you see it’s more livelier than usual as you spot many more kids than you have since you started here. Many of them stop you to ask you questions…

“Mister Anon-Mister Anon! Where are you from huh Mister!?” A Fairy squeaked as she buzzed around your air space. Her creamy white dress fluttering to and fro as her messy green hair swished and swayed like the waves of an ocean.

“Me? Oh I’m a local here…well sort of, I use to live up on the hills with my mother before I left for college and found a place near the suburbs” you answer.

“Your arms are pretty big…you must be super strong!” A pre-teen Blue Oni commented, her silver-blue tinted hair fashioned into a thin ponytail stretching to her waist. A black sweatband on her forehead just inches below her thin, but sharp horns curled just a bit. She was wearing a black sports bra, exposed belly, and thigh length bike shorts and sneakers with loose fitting white socks gave you the impression she was ready for some exercise.

“Use to be in the foot-ball team, but I actually had to study, and keep my grades up or I would have been off the team…never made it to pro obviously, but my grades were top of the class for a few months so there’s that I guess?” You rambled a bit there.

“Smart, and strong~ so cool” the Blue Oni eye’s started to sparkle…or was it your imagination?

“Do you have a girlfriend?” A young adolescent Lamia with sunset orange hair flowing with volume to her shoulder blades asked. She wore a v-neck, sleeveless yellow blouse that stretched a foot under her crotch area. A diamond pattern of yellow, gold, and orange snake’s tail curled on the floor with a length almost matching your own height.

That brought the attention of many of the children as if the small crowd wasn’t curious enough about you.

“Uh~ I’ve been on a few dates before when I was your age…nothing really stuck, but it’s not like I’m…not…trying…” you slowly pause and re-think how much you’re willing to tell them. It seems that despite the age difference you get the distinct notion that some of the older children seem to have other needs besides finding a family.

“…Well anyways, I try not to dwell on that aspect of my life just yet, gotta make sure I’m stable enough to support myself first, and foremost you know?” you reply. “I think for now we’ll have to talk later, I gotta get back to work before Katy spots me slacking off. You kids be good, and let me know if you need anything else okay?” You ask.

“Okay~!” The girls chant and disperse.

That went rather well, it would appear as if Katy’s statements hold true. Despite their dispositions, and nature; these girls are surprisingly well mannered and docile if just a bit clingy, but you suppose they can’t help themselves.

Your patrol turned quiet once lunch-time has been announced, and the children were all rushing to enjoy the tasty meals prepared for them. You take this moment of solitude to explore deeper into the heart of the Orphanage and maybe get a more detailed understanding of the layout. Along the way in a more secluded side of the orphanage you feel a tug at your shirt behind you. You turn around and see a strange sight.

A girl clad in shadows; even her dress looked to have been made by darkness itself. Her hair also black was cut short and spiky on the tips with a red hair band on top.

In your self studies you knew she resembled an unchanged Doppelganger, yet a lot of things felt off. Firstly why she wasn’t already shape-shifting before stopping you when it’s not even close to a new moon. Also you note how she looked up at you, she didn’t look the least bit scared or timid, but rather confident and grinning. Lastly her eyes, they were a very hazy red, not nearly as red as they should be, almost no light to them.

“Mister~ I think I have a fever, my body is so hot right now” the Doppelganger purred.

Well that’s an interesting way for a sick child to sound. Still you were tasked with making sure everyone is healthy and happy, but you’re going to be cautious about this.

“Here let me get a look at you” you reply getting close.

You crouch down and place your palm on her forehead.

“Mmm~ your hand is so warm~” the Doppelganger moaned.

Yet her head was so cold, what’s going on here? You think you have some idea, but you’re not entirely sure yet.

“My heart is beating really fast too, can you feel it and make sure it’s okay?” She pleads motioning to her flat chest.

You nod and place your palm directly above her chest just narrowly touching her tiny bosom.

“Mmm~ a little lower is fine, I won’t tell anyone” the Doppelganger assured.

Cold, her body feels icy cold, this isn’t right, you think it’s time you ended this charade.

“Hey~ I’m feeling really tingling down there, do you want to look at that too?” The Doppelganger purred.

She lifted her skirt and displayed her black panties to you, her legs quivering with anticipation.

“…Get out of there, I’m not playing your game” you respond sternly.

“W-what are you saying? Daddy you’re so silly, just play with your little girl” the Doppelganger flirted.

“Don’t make me bring out the holy water” you warned.

It looked like she fell for the bluff as her face suddenly turned from seductive to frightened. The Doppelganger’s body trembled and her mouth suddenly opened unleashing a wave of white mist which formed the body of a young ghost girl.

“Oh~uh~ huh!? W-where am I!? Why can’t I remember anything? *Eep*!?” The young Doppelganger squealed as she noticed she had somehow lifted her dress and was showing off her panties to a random man. She quickly released her dress, her face redder than her hair band and ran away crying in embarrassment.

The ghost girl hovered several feet in the air, crossing her arms and with an obvious pout on her face. Her long hair was a pristine white with a tint of green that sparkled as if being reflected by the sun…a strange phenomenon considering you were in the center of the building where no UV rays can reach you. Her body was a pale, and nearly transparent. She wore a thinly veiled dress you can almost see through which showed a petite prepubescent figure.

Of course when you say you can see through her outfit, you are being very literal as you can see the rest of the hallway through her…though it appeared as if it was covered by a thick fog. Her ghostly tail was very thick, increasing in transparency as it reached the tip which was near invisible. Her eyes had the only true color to them, deep pools of shiny ruby red.

“That was a mean trick you played, and just for the record, I don’t carry holy water” you revealed.

“Oh~ I just wanted to have some fun! You’re boring mister!” The Ghost girl cried out before vanishing through the walls.

Rambunctious girl, guess that was one of the bad apples Katy warned you about, still you felt like you handled that pretty well. Could have been far worst right?

Another hour or so passes with nothing out of the ordinary happening until you were suddenly called into Katy’s office. As you were informed it wasn’t because you were in trouble so you figure it must be a special task. You reach her office relatively quickly and you see Katy pacing back and forth clearly not at ease.

“Anon! Good you’re here, I need a huge favor from you” Katy said.

“What is it?” You ask.

“One of our children was spotted flying off towards the suburbs, and we need to bring her back, I’d go myself but I know where she’s headed and, well let’s just say…I’m not entirely welcomed around that type of community. So to avoid a hassle I want you to go in my place” Katy said.

“How do you know where the runaway is?” You ask.

“Because it was her old home before we took her in when she was just a weak, wandering spirit. It’s possible she went to see her real parents but…it’s not going to be pretty, I’ll give you the directions and I want you to head there as fast as you can and bring her back” Katy instructed.

You’re not sure what she meant by it not being pretty, but you understand her concerns and rush to your car with your uniform as you were still on the clock. Driving towards the location you find it’s a small neighborhood consisting of a handful of homes and the largest building in the area consisting of a two story church. You drive around the block trying to find the address but hearing a loud commotion nearby tells you it’s where you need to go. You see the runaway, a Ghost girl you just met recently being yelled at by a middle aged couple.

“Stay away from us! Evil spirit begone!” A man cried out in a tone fitting a pastor.

“B-but dad it’s me!” The Ghost girl cried out.

Her dad…so you presume the couple are her family.

“How dare you impersonate our little girl after she passed away! Haven’t we suffered enough!?” The woman replied tears streaming down her eyes.

Suddenly you’re starting to make sense as to why Katy would be worried.

“B-but I came back! Mommy it’s me!” The ghost girl said.

“Don’t you dare call my wife your mother you evil spirit! May our lord cast you away from us!” The father exclaimed.

“Hey! That’s enough!” you call out rushing to the scene.

You don’t know why, but you were clearly not pleased with the way their argument was turning out, at this point you didn’t even care if it was your job or not.

“You! Did you bring this malevolent entity into our peaceful neighborhood!?” The man demanded to know.

Why does he talk with that holier than thou tone? Did he already assume he was morally better than you?

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but is what she’s saying true? Are you two really her parents?” You ask.

“We are no family to some ghastly creature, especially one so cruel as to impersonate our daughter after she was taken from us before her time” The father argued.

“I-I know b-but I came back. I-I missed you” the ghost girl was on the verge of tears herself.

“Your lies won’t work on us demon! We know our little girl was taken toward our lord’s loving hands in heaven, you just wish to exploit our hardship for your own foul game, just as my husband has warned us!” the mother responded.

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing…these people were so deep into their religious beliefs that they chose the words of a book over the words of their actual child, even if she is a ghost.

Something inside you was starting to boil. Deep breathes, let’s try to make sense of all this before jumping to conclusions.

“How…how did she die exactly” you ask controlling your tone as best as you can.

“I was sick, and I couldn’t get any better…” the ghost girl murmured.

“Not even through medicine or vaccines?” You ask.

“We prayed for her health to return, day and night. We thought it was enough to heal her” the mother said.

“Wait…you didn’t take her to a hospital?” You start to feel your anger rising again.

“We took her where she really needed to go, our church for faith healing. We poured our prayers to our child, but god needed another angel” the father answered.

You feel yourself on the verge of snapping at their incompetence, ignorance so strong that it cost them their daughter who couldn’t even help herself.

“I…hate to tell you this, but this is your real daughter. Powerful energy seeped into her soul and she’s here now, just take her in, you can be a family again! Look! Look how much she wants to be with you again!” You cry out desperately trying to talk some sense into them.

“I won’t tell you again! Leave our sight spirit, or by the power of our lord I will expel you myself if I have to!” The father exclaimed.

“Daddy~ why?” The Ghost girl gasped now full on crying.

You can’t even hide your rage anymore, staring angrily at them as the scene unfolds before you.

“You are not our daughter, nor will you ever be. I would rather die than let such a thing like you even come near our home! Leave and never come back!” The mom gave her answer.

“Mommy~*hic* Daddy~” the little girl groaned.

She suddenly flew away at a rapid pace away from the neighborhood.

“No-wait! Come back-shit!” You swear loudly as her form disappears into the distance.

“You’re really with her aren’t you? Get out of this neighborhood and don’t ever come back, this is your only warning” the father warned.

You turn back to them, fists clench and blood boiling, before you can take out your anger on them you remember your position at the orphanage. You realize whatever you do will also reflect the orphanage as well, and you don’t wish to bring bad light to them after they worked so hard to bring their reputation up. You take deep breathes and collect yourself.

“My time is far too important to be wasted on people like you, don’t worry I won’t be coming back to this hell-hole” you muttered returning to the car ignoring whatever they cry out back to you.

You drive off away from the neighborhood, and park your car at a nearby parking lot next to a store. You press your head on the wheel, and squeeze it to the point of turning your knuckles white. How you wish you could have done more, to make them pay for disowning their own daughter over religious practices. You take more deep breathes, you had to stay true to your word, they were of no concern to you, and beyond any help at this point…but that ghost girl, there is still hope for her.

You calm down, and turn your car back on, and head back on the road.

You take a guess as to where the ghost girl headed off, and a quick glance at your navigation system pointed you to the nearest graveyard to her home. You’re happy your guess was right on the money as you drive up to the local graveyard and see her a few yards away.

She is crouched down in front of a stone marker looking down at it as she continues to cry out the last of her tears.

You walk towards her and sit beside her, quietly staring at what you presume is her grave. The marker read: ‘Here lies Chloe Victoria, beloved daughter. While her body was weak, her heart was strong, and god saw promise in her’. The date on the marker told you her passing was just a little less than two months ago.

You swallow a bit, and still the surging anger threatening to rise up again after you finish reading it. You turn to Chloe now sitting quietly in an upright fetal position clutching at her tail. You don’t know what to say to her, and you can’t even give her a comforting hug or pat on the shoulder as your hand just goes through her.

“I’m sorry…” you mutter.

It was all you can say.

“…You think I’m real right?” She suddenly murmurs.

“Of course I do Chloe, that’s why I’m not leaving your side until you feel better” you reply.

She looks up at you upon hearing her name from your lips, as if seeing you for the first time.

“…My body is really cold…” she says.

“I don’t mind it” you answer.

She takes this as a sign and hovers closer to you, granted you still can’t hold her, you simply let her stay as close to you as possible as you wait for her to get ready to head back to the orphanage.

You sit there for who knows how long…you don’t even know what Chloe is doing…you can only guess she’s mourning her own grave…is this why Ghosts are always thinking so lewdly? You can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to remember how painful your death was…and seeing how it was an illness that took her, you can only presume it was a slow, and painful end. Suddenly her little stunt at the Orphanage felt so…lighthearted, and inconsequential if it meant to be just a small escape from the memories of her recent traumas.

“T-thank you…” she whispers.

“Anytime, but when we get back you’ll have to apologize to that Doppelganger” you remind her.

“…Okay, but can I stay like this a little longer?” She pleads.

“Of course” you allow her.

The two of you sit silently together for a good hour before she took a deep breath, and decided to head back with you. Starting the car you glance at Chloe staring up at you with a new light in her eyes, a tiny grin on her cute, youthful face. It wasn’t until you put the car in rear, and pulled back did you realize you were an idiot. Her body stayed in place as your car moved backwards and she fazed through your car, her look of shock when she suddenly found herself on the hood of your car before she returned to the upright fetal position you found her in. You awkwardly move the car forward until she was on the passenger seat again…you were at a loss for words.

She sits on the passenger seat staring down at her tail. She’s looked so dejected too…

You knew you did a lot already, but maybe just a bit more wouldn’t hurt?

“It’s okay…I can just fly there, I know how to get to the Orphanage from here” she murmurs as she was obviously trying to fight back fresh tears.

“Hey why don’t you just possess my body for a bit…but you know, keep me in control of it at the same time” you explain.

That snapped her out of it, she turned to you with stunned eyes.

“Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t want to return you to Katy looking all sad…plus you deserve to be happy, you’ve been through enough as it is” you insist.

“B-but I’ve never been inside of a…boy before” she murmurs.

“Well I read your grave-marker Chloe…If it’s true, I know for a fact that I can trust a heart as big as yours. I know it’s still there, I know you’re still Chloe, even if you’re different on the outside” you reply.

“…R-really?” She murmurs.

“Really” you reply.

“…Really-really?” She asked one more time.

“Tell you what, I’ll even let you pick out a song to listen to along the way…I have blue-tooth, and unlimited data on my phone, I can play any song you like” you hint.

Yup, there’s that spark in her eyes, she nodded her head rapidly, and zoomed inside you. A rushing feeling of cold envelops your body for just a moment before it settles down. You felt oddly full…as if you had just finished eating, but even that feeling faded after some time.

“…Chloe? Are you ready?” You ask.

“Yup!” You heard a voice in your thoughts.

You return to the Orphanage, the ghost child in tow, the music blazing at high volume with Chloe singing along to the latest in her playlist.

“I stay out too late! Got nothing in my brain! That’s what people say~ mmm-mmm~!” Chloe sang like a hyperactive school girl.

You were pleasantly surprised by the complete one eighty of her mood. Suddenly she seemed like she was her old, true self.

“But I keep cruising~! Can’t stop-won’t stop moving~” Chloe kept going.

Her voice rang in your thoughts like a second subconscious thought, but true to her word that was all she did. Your mind was clear, your body was yours…it was like she was hitching a ride and nothing else.

‘Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play~! And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate~! Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake~! I shake it off! I shake it off!” Chloe cheered.

You return her in much brighter spirits. Katy smiling broadly almost matching the size of Chloe’s smile when she fazed out of her body, and told Katy about her day with you. Katy being especially proud of your efforts gave you the go-ahead to jump on your break seeing as how you have yet to take one.

Taking her up on her offer you head for the break room. A spacious, private room with just about everything an employee needs to relax: comfy seats, a wide table, a coffee machine, a fridge with various food items, blue tooth speakers and so on. You slouch on a cushioned seat and wait out the rest of your break processing the events of the day. You’re rather surprised that you’re the only one in here, but company makes itself known to you.

“I was wondering when I was going to have company, and it’s you of all people” the voice spoke above you.

You glance up and see Nirvana laying face down, relaxing on a structurally sound mattress of web, she lazily rests her body as she glances down at you.

“O-oh! Nirvana, uh~ hey what’s up” You pipe up.

“Not much, just hanging around, bored out of my wits. I really could use a new toy to distract me, a girl can only play with herself for so long you know” Nirvana teased.

“I-I suppose that’s true” you agree.

“Hey do you watch movies by any chance?” Nirvana suddenly asked.

“Not too many these days, kind of sucks going to a theater alone so I stick to whatever I can get on T.V” you answer.

“I watch a lot of movies myself, one of my favorites is called…’I know what you did 2 days ago’” She suddenly declared.

You quickly turn away knowing the gig was up, although to be fair you’re kind of the only male at work so it should have been obvious who the culprit was from the start.

“I-I’m really sorry about that” you apologize in an embarrassed mutter.

“How much did you see?” Nirvana asked.

“You were turned around so I could only see your back side” you reply.

“You saw my spinnerets! You pervert!” Nirvana exclaimed.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t look directly at it!” You cry out.

“W-what!? You didn’t!? What’s wrong with it!? Were you disgusted? You were weren’t you!?” Nirvana continued to shout.

“I-I’m sorry! I really am-wait…” you panic until you realize she’s stifling her laughter.

Soon she burst out laughing, a loud haughty laughed only stifled by her nylon covered hand covering her mouth

“Oh~ boy, seeing you squirm and panic like that, I must be honest it was quite enjoyable. I think I might like you after all” Nirvana said.

You sigh loudly as you recline in your chair.

“Well that kick-started my heart” you reply.

“So~ did you like what you see? What was your favorite part about that moment?” Nirvana pestered you once more.

“I-I um, don’t know” you mutter.

“Oh don’t lie to me, be a man and boldly declare your fantasies. We’re all adults here” Nirvana insisted.

“That’s not really something people just do you know” you respond.

“You forget where we are and who you’re talking to. Am I gonna have to…’interrogate’ you?” Nirvana asked as you see her play around with a few strings of her web.

“Okay-okay so maybe I did like what I saw! I’m not picky about a specific body part either I like all parts of a woman’s body, especially big boobs!” You suddenly confess.

The look on her face gave you a sense of victory, if only for a moment before her smirk returned.

“…Mm~ that was quite confession Anon, Betsy? Did you get all that?” Nirvana asked the sudden visitor in the room.

You turn around and see Betsy growing red in the face carrying her food just outside the break room door.

“O-oh I see you two are busy with…things, I’ll just eat my food somewhere else-sorry to disturb y’all” Betsy bashfully muttered before leaving the room.

“W-wait! This isn’t-aw~ man” you groan as you may have just given Betsy the wrong idea about you.

Nirvana couldn’t stop laughing clutching at her exposed belly as you whack your head against the table repeatedly.

“Wow, I was expecting an answer, but nothing that specific! You really are something, maybe there’s some potential in you just yet.” Nirvana giggled.

“I try my best…” you mutter.

“Aw don’t get all sappy like that, it makes for a really boring time. Here let me make it up to you, can I see your car keys?” Nirvana asked.

You nod and take your keys out, the jingling of your car keys and key-chains dangle in the air as she yanks the keys like a fish on a fishing line using her web.

“Good, now I just need to work my magic…” Nirvana said as she moved her hands close to it. She twiddle her fingers and you see her go to work stringing up a line of thick silk. You notice that in the center of this wide line are a set of numbers. After some time she finishes and looks over her work.

She lowers herself from her hammock on the ceiling, her head inches from yours before she leans in, and whispers on your ear.

“There, that’s my cellphone number, give me a call whenever you want to do something after work. I always take good care of my toys, maybe we can make it into something more? You’d like that wouldn’t you. You saw me naked from behind, but if you do everything right, I’ll let you see so much more…call me” Nirvana whispered.

She clambers from her webbed rope, and leaves the break-room leaving it all to yourself.

You don’t know what just happened, but you think Nirvana actually likes you now…

You left for home just as the sun was beginning to set. Usually you would be doing random, lazy things like browsing the web, or watching online videos, but so much has happened you didn’t know where to start. You decided to turn in early for the night.

Yet you couldn’t quite sleep, you were just too excited. What would tomorrow hold for you?

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6 thoughts on “Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 4)

    1. Yup, and as a former Catholic who also studied Christianity, and a pinch of Mormon I know how they feel about Medical Science, and even Ghosts in general. Of course they don’t all feel this way, but we have plenty of extreme cases in real life I research, in which children did in fact die because of their beliefs. Granted this series won’t have a real, villain…just bad people we can’t avoid, even with Monster Girls.

      1. An interesting choice of song for Chloe to listen to on the radio. Reminds me of the song the Hillywood show played for their Supernatural parody.
        Surely nothing more than Synchronicity.

    2. Here in Oregon, we’ve got the “Followers of Christ”, a faith healing group that is having problems retaining members. (For some strange reason.) It’s bad enough there are folks who go for the Darwin Award for themselves. But it makes my blood boil, when they involve kids.

  1. God gave us biomedical science, cowpox, the steady hands of surgeons, and workers of compassion, but out of pride in their “faith”, some of us chance our children to suffering waiting for signs and wonders we never needed.

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