Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 2)

“(Another day another dollar)” you muse to yourself as you reach your place of work.

While your first day didn’t start as out as well as you had hoped, you take this time to consider how many times you had a great first day at a new job.

No memories of a great first day at work were found…

Still though you feel today will be better. Upon exiting your vehicle, and looking back at the three story high Orphanage nestled snugly in the forest you have a sudden growing curiosity.

You decide to take one of the back doors like a real employee. You notice that there is more than one back entrance, a single door, and a few double doors on the right hand side of the building. You assume it’s possibly for shipping food and other necessities. You recall your recent time with the Ryu and decide to test your luck…granted it wasn’t a lot but maybe something good can come of this?

You slide your card into the slot and the thing beeps followed by a clicking noise on the double doors. You turn the handle and the door is open to you. Swinging it wide open your body freezes in place as your view is nothing short of glorious. Several of the staff-(most of which you haven’t met)-were in the middle of dressing themselves for the day. Glancing at most of the women still in their lingerie you make out a good portion were Giant Ants with a few Inari, Holstaurus, Lamia, as well as a few that stood out you couldn’t quite make out before loud gasps can be heard.

One of them senses your lingering eyes, and the rest soon follow; spotting you eyeing them while still outside the building.

“Sorry-my bad!” You quickly exclaim shutting the door.

“Anon?” was the last thing you heard, the voice faintly familiar, and one last peek told you it came from Nirvana herself.

You suppose it was sort of lucky that you discovered the staff’s locker/changing room, but perhaps it was unlucky that you gave an easily misunderstood first impression. You head for Katy’s main office going around and through the front door this time, and find her enjoying a hard boiled egg. You catch her in the middle of putting it in her mouth and watch her swallow the thing whole. You swear you could see the egg traveling down her throat with relative ease.

“*Gulp* ah~ that’s the spot…oh! Anon, good morning to you! I heard a lot of noise all of a sudden. Care to explain what that was all about?” Katy asked.

“J-just wanted to say hello” you reply nervous and embarrassed.

“I see…Hm~ something tells me I’ll find out sooner or later, but good news! Nirvana has just finished editing your new uniform. I hope you’ll like them” Katy said.

Already seeing them colored navy blue is improvement enough. A long-sleeve jacket and work pants with a noticeable symbol on the left side of the pant’s leg and shoulder patch on the jacket: a web with a bold letter N in the center.

“This is much better Katy! I’m really liking it!” You finally feel like you’re a part of this place.

“I knew you’d like it. You should thank Nirvana the next time you see her” Katy suggested.

You gulp inaudibly as you recall what just happened moments ago, and you recall Nirvana turning around and seeing you before you shut the door. Just to be on the safe side you consider giving her a ‘thank you’ gift basket.

Arachni like those right?

“Did you just gulp? Well~ never mind, I have a task for you to do if you’re up to it” Katy said.

“Whatever you want” you assure her.

“Excellent, I need you to go to the kitchen and count our inventory of food. I need precise numbers so I can order and restock what we’re low or missing” Katy explained.

“I can do that much” You assure her.

“Great! here’s the paperwork, go to the kitchen beside the cafeteria and look for a woman named Betsy, she’s our kitchen manager and she’ll help you through the process” Katy explained.

You nod and go straight to work, leaving her office with paper in tow. Taking advice from a passing Fairy and she points you in the right direction seeing as how you still haven’t exactly memorized the map by heart.

Finally reaching the kitchen you see a few of the employees getting ready for the rush of breakfast meals they’ll be receiving soon. The staff here had the usual pink nurse getup but you notice the only exception being the Giant Ants; staff with the lower half of an ant insect, and upper half resembling attractive dark haired women. They were roughly the same height as you, and they stuck to simple pink shirts and aprons.

Once again when the staff see’s you they stare confused and a little intrigue, but they take interest in you for only a moment before going back to work. The simple act alone was surprising, but you welcome the professionalism this Orphanage holds.

“U-um is there anything I can help you with?” A woman spoke out through staff.

It’s amazing…you thought you saw the biggest in terms of breasts size when you met Katy, and Nirvana but now here comes this woman who trumps them entirely. Her hair was stripped black and white with creamy white, pointy horns and floppy white cow ears. She had wide gentle eyes glowing green like fresh grass. Her legs were also of a bovine nature, coated in thin fur of white with black splotches and black hooves.

Her heaving breasts jutted outwards and you could suspect that no bra in the world can hold them which shocks you as they showed no sign of sag; in fact being unnaturally perky. She wore a short sleeve chef’s uniform opened in the front though you suspect not because she wanted to as you can see she was missing several buttons on her shirt.

Height wise, you were a head taller than her, she looked up at you with wide curious eyes, and a gentle smile. Right away you felt a strong urge to be friends with her on the spot.

“Are you Betsy?” You ask.

“Yes, that’s me sugar! I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself properly. My name is Betsy and I manage the kitchen in this orphanage. Y’all wouldn’t happen to be employed here by any chance are ya?” Betsy asked.

She had a soft, southern tone that seemed fitting of someone who spent most of her life in the farmlands.

“I am actually, full time. Katy has asked me to take stock of what we have here and she said you would be able to help” You explain.

“Right! I was just about to visit Katy to retrieve the lists, are those papers in your hand what I think it is?” Betsy asks.

“Yes, whenever you’re ready we can get started” you stay.

“Okay, please follow me. This shouldn’t take too long with both of us, but I’m worried you might slip, those shoes weren’t meant for this type of slippery floor” Betsy warned.

“I’ll be careful until I buy the right shoes, but what about you?” You ask noticing her hooves may not be any better.

“Oh? I’ll be okay, this may surprise you but I have soft falls” Betsy assured you with a grin.

You take a glance at her large bosom and rear end and mentally agree with her.

The two of you spend a lot of time counting many of the food items, checking them off one by one. The sheer variety of food products made you instantly realize why Katy would want someone to help her out. Numerous fruits lined the shelves, even exotic fruit like Star fruit, Durian, Dragon fruit, and even counting three Jack fruits of all things as well as fruits native only in the demon realm. They also carried quite a selection of vegetables, fresh and ready to prep.

“I sure hope the kids will eat their greens more often, I want them to grow up big and strong some day” Betsy commented.

“Yeah, I wasn’t easy to convince veggies were delicious and healthy for me when I was little either” you reply.

  You also counted meat products, Betsy feeling particularly squeamish during the process toughed it out, and you admired what little bravery she mustered up to help you count the meat.

Often than not you find yourself crouched closely beside her. in Some instances feeling her chest pressed against your arm. Though Betsy was very polite about it, apologizing whenever she gets too close to your personal bubble and making things awkward. You also note that she is quite enjoyable to chat with, even mundane things about your life fascinated her.

“So what’s it like living in the city? I heard the smog can be very thick in some places” Betsy asked.

“That might be the case in most cities, I find this one to be relatively better cared for, I think the worst we get is the odd smell from the food stands, and the sewers” You comment.

“Really? Golly! I must be one lucky gal to pick out a real winner of a town then!” Betsy giggled.

You’re never going to get tired of her cute southern drawl.

“How are the lights then? Most I’ve seen are the stars in the sky, but looking out at the city from my window, it looks so bright, and lively; how can anyone get any shut-eye there?” Betsy asked.

“You…never took a trip to the city before?” You asked.

“Me? Not really, I love the little community we have here, so nice and quiet, and the folks around here are so gentle and happy! I just…well the thought of going to such a big, and loud place will make me all kinds of nervous. I’m just a simple farm-girl after all” Betsy confessed.

“There’s lots of sights to see out there though…I’m sure we can plan something one day” you suggest.

“Yeah…I might like that sugar-plum” Betsy smiled.

You finally jot down the last of the items in the walk in refrigerator.

“This was the most fun I had taking stock, thank you kindly for your help Anon. I really appreciate it” Betsy thanked you.

You can’t help but smile back, her grin was contagious, but uut of nowhere Betsy gave a loud gasp as one of her hooves steps on some spilled oil and she falls forward in your direction. You react quickly and get ready to catch her but you end up slipping on a second splotch of oil on the floor. The two of you crash with Betsy on top of you and all you can feel on your hands are soft, warm squishy goodness.

“O-oh~ Mr. Anon, m-my chest-” Betsy moaned.

You quickly pull yourself up along with her and let go. You apologize profusely for your sudden grope.

“*Phew~* n-no that’s okay, I know it was an accident. I guess we should be more careful from now on. But I must say Mr. Anon…that was the softest fall I’ve ever had. I-I um wouldn’t mind if we could meet again-if you want of course!” Betsy blushed.

“Yeah of course! I-I mean next time we should find someplace better than a refrigerator to chat in” you half joke

You can’t help but laugh along side her as you help her with the rest of the inventory and take your leave to deliver the complete list to Katy.

You reach her office and hear a loud contented sigh. Katy arching herself back, her arms squeezing her chest before slumping back, and looking down with a deep look of satisfaction.

“Paper work is finally~ done for the day! Oh!? Anon, I didn’t see you there, how did it go?” Katy asked as she stretched her arms, and tail.

“I have the inventory all counted and taken care of for you right here” You reply handing over your paperwork to Katy.

“Excellent! I’ll have our shipments taken care of in a jiffy with this, thank you very much. By the way, how are you liking it so far?” Katy asked.

“The people seem nice…or maybe I’m still a little cautious, I don’t know” you reply.

“Understandable; you know, this may come off as a surprise but while I do expect a level of professionalism in my staff, I also don’t mind a little tomfoolery here, and there. We can be a little slack to help make the little ones here feel more comfortable around us. I heard from Nirvana that your first interaction with our children…could have been better” Katy said.

“Yeah, but I understand completely, kids will be kids, and I’m sure a lot of them are starving for attention, I mean I assume they outnumber the staff by a wide margin, and it’s not like parents offering to adopt show up on a regular basis” you reply.

“Thank you for understanding, and yes it’s true…if I had it my way I would be playing and raising each, and everyone one of them from day to night, and between you and me, I hate doing the paperwork, but it must be done” Katy said.

“Right, I guess it’s just first day jitters is all, but I’m getting comfortable and a little more time, and I’m sure I’ll fit in with everyone just fine” you assure.

“That’s great to hear, because for your next shift you will be actively watching over the little ones as a genuine caretaker. A simple day shift when the kids are most active so they can grow accustom to you as well. I can assure you that they are all very well behave…with a few rambunctious trouble-makers here, and there” Katy said.

“I’m sure we’ll get along fairly well too” you reply.

“Good, because I have a little surprise for you, I know your shift is over, and I’m glad you finished on time-a great first impression on your part” Katy commended you. ” Thus I was able to call in a few of the girls you met yesterday outside my door, and they all have something to say” Katy smiled as she motioned to her door.

You pause for a moment before turning around and opening the door, and was met with another small crowd of mamono children though they didn’t look nearly as giddy, and ecstatic as before, in fact they look rather sulken, and guilt ridden.

One of the Were-sheep was the first to speak up.

“We’re really sorry about yesterday mister…” she meekly stated, rubbing her arm.

“Yeah we got super happy, and stuff, but we didn’t mean to hurt you” a fluffy little Youko added.

“You’re not gonna quit are you mister?” A Harpy with soft feathery wings of gold and orange asked.

Oh~ be still your heart these children were just melting you like hot butter.

“What me? No of course not, don’t be silly. I’m still gonna stick around, and Katy even promised that I’ll be with you girls for sure next time around, and we can play then” you assure them before they feel even more sad and guilty.

“So that means you’re staying! And we can play together!? A young gray coated Werewolf girl in a simple white shirt, and denim shorts asked. The other girls starting to perk up hearing the question.

“Yup, I’m staying!” you declare.

The girls go back to cheering, and a few of them despite the apology are already jumping on you, but not out of any lewd, or provocative intentions. The girls simply hug at your waist, and legs happily stating all the fun things they want to do all at once. It was quite a commotion for sure, but nothing short of precious, and you try to jot down all their little requests and favors as you can to make them come true in the following days.

“That was very good girls, but Anon has to go home now, if you’re good though I’ll have him show up an hour early so he can have more time to play with you though” Katy said giving you a knowing wink.

Well…if it’s for the kids right? Why not?

After your shift you decide to take a breather at a nearby park. You grab a cup of iced coffee at a nearby independent coffee stand, and find a bench close to a large fountain to take in your experiences for the day. You see a few joggers; one catching your eye the most being a couple consisting of a well fit man and an attractive dark green furred Werewolf jogging closely together. You can’t help but worry that she’s only staring at him and not what’s in front of her, but you’re certain that problem will solve itself eventually.

“Anon? Anon is that really you?” A woman spoke out.

You turn to the voice and see a blast from your past.

A Youko notorious for being the biggest party girl in college was coming towards you. Even as someone constantly studying you knew of her exploits and even experienced a quick moment with her at one point, but you’re surprised she even remembered you.

“It is, hey! It’s been a while hasn’t it, must have been-what? Two years” the Youko permits herself to the bench and sits next to you.

Her sandy blonde hair was done in a wavy pony-tail, and sticking out of her hair were two gold colored, and pointy fox ears.

She was dressed rather casually, sporting a white short-sleeve top with an unbuttoned V-neck, and exposed tummy, while wearing tight fitting denin jeans that accentuated the curves of her legs, and butt rather well. She was sporting some black high heels. Lastly waving like the wind were four fluffy gold tails with white tips.

“Y-yeah, it was uh~ Barry’s party right? That was some night” you recall.

“Oh yeah, I bet it was for you, tell the truth? Was I the best you ever had or what?” She teases.

“Well you had two tails fewer back then but yeah~ you were pretty good” you reluctantly confess.

She smiled and wiggled her tails in response, but that wasn’t the only thing wiggling as you notice she was holding something in her arms.

“Hey, what’s that in your arms?” You ask pointing at the bundle of blankets.

“*Giggle* I was hoping you’d ask that, Anon, I want to introduce you to…my baby daughter” The Youko squealed with delight.

Unraveling the blankets slightly you see a little baby Youko girl with a single tail and tiny pointy fox ears, she looked almost exactly like her mother…only in baby size.

“No way, the party girl of the year, three years in a row is a mom? How-w-who!?” You can’t contain your surprise.

“W-well, to be honest, I didn’t know at first until just recently, and then I fell in love with him when he not only took us in, but took responsibility. Don’t worry, I make sure to thank him every night, and even mornings if this little tyke doesn’t wake up first” the Youko said.

“Anyone I know?” You ask.

“I think so, he was in your class, and he was also a member of the Mathletes” the Youko revealed.

“No way, the one with the curly hair? A-and braces?” You gasp.

“He just got them removed and I must say he made himself into quite the handsome man, after I came into his life. I just love how hard he tries for us. So what have you been doing? Hope you’re not still studying for something” the Youko asked.

“Well congratulations, I’m really happy for you, I just happen to have a job working at an orphanage so I’ll be seeing a lot of kids myself, though not mine to be exact” you start talking about your exploits

“Wow! I think I’ve heard of it, so how are things working for you?” She asks.

“Not too well, I never had much experience with…well your kind as children besides my sisters, and I was hoping what I learned watching my family is enough, but I might need a little help” you explain.

“Well not to worry, I can help with that. I’ve been busy teaching myself on raising my little girl, and my big sister taught me even more so, I can give you a few pointers from a mother’s perspective if you like” the Youko reveals.

“Really? That will be amazing, please, tell me anything you know” you ask.

“Well for starters, it’s always important to keep yourself fit and healthy. I dropped the sake the moment this little bundle came into my life, and started working out to try and keep up with her. Staying fit will make you feel less exhausted, and therefore less frustrated in your child’s shenanigans as the time comes” she hints.

“Right, guess it has been a while since I trained my body…” you recall.

“Oh? Weren’t you part of the foot-ball team at one point, my you just did it all didn’t you? I’m already envious of the lucky lady who snags your heart someday…or has it already happened?” The Youko grew curious.

“…Well I’m meeting a lot of new people…so there’s some possibility it can happen sooner than even I would have expected” you reply.

“Well just keep working hard, and remember; no matter how great you are now you should strive to be better…for your sake, and for your family’s sake as well. That’s why I strive to reward my lover each, and every night” she reminded you.

“I’m already envious of your husband then if you’re that grateful” you half-joke.

“Such a charmer you are, keep it up, and you might end up wooing more than one woman in your life…I wonder what will you do then?” She teased.

“Whatever comes naturally in my heart I guess” you shrug, taking a quick sip of your coffee.

“Hm~ I wonder what my sister would think of such an answer…” the Youko mumbled to herself.

“Hm? Did you say something?” You ask.

“Oh~ nothing important, not yet at least, now then how about I teach you some tricks into changing a diaper?” The Youko offered.

You chat with the Youko for over an hour taking in her hints and advice through her times as a mother and you take in her words to heart. She then assures you that she’ll be here on most days if you wish to have another session.

It didn’t take long for the sun to begin to fall after such a long chat, and she takes her leave. You retreat home as well and get ready for bed yourself. After some dinner, and a bit of a workout you are ready to hit the sack until you notice something you haven’t even thought of before.

You notice the house suddenly felt a bit…quiet. Perhaps some company would be nice, and so far you met a lot of great people who can fill that role. You go to sleep wondering who you will meet next.

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