Lewd Ink 1 – Girls Night Out

“Please lift your skirt and remove your panties.”
“Mmmh. I adore straightforward men.”

More hollering from the front room. I’m painfully aware that the inebriated flock of girls flopping over my couch and recliners will be able to hear almost everything.

“Should have installed proper doors instead of curtains maybe.”

The kitsune was having a hard time stifling her giggles as she hooks her thumbs in her thong and twirls around, wiggling her perky bum at me. She bends over and removes the offending piece of cloth.

“Like what you see?”

The tips of her tails slowly drag along her thighs. She gives me a playful wink over her shoulder when one brushes over my hand. I will freely admit, that ass was an eyeful. God, I love my job.

“The view is not bad from where I’m sitting. Please get in the seat and relax.”

I nod towards the big leather chair in the middle of the room and turn around to prepare my tools.

“Did you decide which type you want?”
“You’re the expert. I’m sure you can recommend something…” Her voice almost a silky purr.
“Well, yes. Hold on.”

I glance over my shoulder and let my eyes roam across her body. Her face is slightly flushed, and she cups her breasts in her hands while her tails modestly cover her legs. She smells like gin and tonic mixed with a sweet feminine scent. The way her tails shine, she probably spends a lot of money and time on them.

“Would you mind spreading your legs for me?”

I hear a crash from the front room. Her drunken friends apparently feel left out.

“Oi! I can spread my legs for ya!”
“You go girl!”

Yeah… that had an effect on her. She immediately begins blushing furiously.

“Shut the hell up!”

More catcalls from beyond the curtain.


The kitsune just clicks her tongue and parts her legs.


Counting down from 10.

No she isn’t moving.

“You know, it would help if you move your tails.”
“Fiiiiine! Sheesh.”

She flicks her tails out of the way, giving me a full spread eagle view of her fur. Fur? Jesus, she is packing some serious hair down there. Carpet matching the drapes. Her cheeks are still glowing and I think she is glaring a little bit. Is she ashamed? Possibly.


No, not ashamed. She is playing with me. And giggling. I think her tails are slightly wagging.

“Feel free to stare all you want. You may stare aaaaall night.”
“Oh… it’s just… do you have a problem shaving?”

I swear I can see steam coming off her eartips.

“I mean, I recommend a shave before we proceed. It will be easier for me to see what I’m piercing and it will be easier for you to care and clean afterwards.”
“Oh. OH. I knew that.”
“I have a proper shaving set right here. Would you…?”

I shoot her a questioning look and hand her a razor. Her eyes narrow and she gives me a predatory glint. She pushes my hand back and hikes up her skirt with the other. And she looks extremely smug. Can’t say I didn’t expect something like this.

“No. I’m sure that you can do a much better job at this. And the customer is always right.”

I shrug and grab the shaving gel, turn around and apply a generous amount on her blonde mound. The fox squeaks a little bit.

“That’s cold!”
“Just keep your legs open and your tails to yourself. You don’t want to distract me.”
“You’re the first guy who doesn’t want to get distracted while he almost has his face up my crotch!”

I start frothing up the gel and spread the foam around her lips. She just hums and pulls her knees back with her hands. I can see her tail shivering as she closes her eyes. Time to get to work. I start to shave with careful downward motions, removing most of the hair from the front before I continue on to the vulva. After rinsing the blade, I rest one hand on her inner thigh and I’m rewarded with a shudder.

“Everything okay?”

She is blinking at me. The blush is still there. I know exactly how much she is enjoying this situation. But it doesn’t look like she wants to admit it.

“If you nick me with that razor, I’m going to kill you!”
“Then please don’t move until I’m finished.”

I use my hand on her thigh to pull the skin taut and start shaving her lips. Her pink folds open slightly, I can see that she’s getting awfully wet. There is a thread of moisture trailing from one side to another and a slightly sweet and sour smelling cloud of pheromones assault my nose. Maybe I should have worn a facemask. Nah. Masks are for pussies. And there we go.

“Done. Please stay like this a while longer, I will clean you up.”

She doesn’t reply this time. Shes busy breathing heavily. As far as monstergirls go, she is actually quite patient. No forced advances yet despite her obvious intoxication. I grab a washcloth that I go drench in the sink and wring out. I start patting softly on her crotch, washing her gently and getting rid of the rest of the shaving gel. She’s drenched. There are now small drops running down her crack, soaking her tails. I place the washcloth directly over her pussy and use my thumb to drag it upwards between her lips. The kitsune convulses, her fingers digging into her legs and her knuckles go white under the tension.

“Gah! Oh god… ah… wait! Hah…”
“All done. Smooth as silk. Now please relax while I prepare the rest.”

She is still panting. Nice reaction. That will make the next part easier. I grab my sterile gloves. Gotta focus a bit more on my work. God, my pants are tight.

“You’ve got about three options here. I can pierce the hood of the clitoris – horizontally and vertically. And then I can of course pierce the clit directly. For each I can use rings or barbells… well, generally the barbells work better on the hood and the ring is perfect for the clit. Rings may catch on something, so you want to be a bit more careful with those. It also depends if you’re looking for something fashionable or for pleasure.”

I emphasize the last word and hold up some examples. Good quality stuff. Stainless steel imbued with a blessing to prevent inflammation and complications. Heh… it pays having good relations to your local shrine. Just another perk of working with monstergirls.

“I… I want a ring.”
“Excellent choice. Where?”
“…you know.”

Laughter from the front room. It had been so quiet before, I almost forgot they were there. They start chanting in unison.

“The clit! The clit! The clit!”

What the hell? Nothing quite like peer pressure I suppose. The kitsune just looks at me hungrily and spreads her legs like a gymnast. Oh boy. She smells so delicious… oh hi penis. I need a drink after this. And I need to open a window real soon. Please go down before she notices.

“I advise stimulating yourself a bit more. It will help you relax and it will help me with the piercing.”

She switches from horny to innocent. Damn.

“How? You’re asking me how to fondle yourself?”

Hook line and sinker. I ran right into this one. She is grinning like a cheshire. Goddamn.

“Silly. How is it going to help you pierce me?”
“The clitoris should be erect. The bigger, the better. It’s about precision. Easier to work with.”
“Mhmmm. Now… how?”

God have mercy. One of her tails starts brushing over the inside of my leg.

“You can… rub your clit.”
“Mhmmmmmm. But you’re the professional here?”

She moves her fingers to her pussy and spreads it wide open. The scent is overpowering. Professional or not, I’m hard enough to plough a field. I mean I see girl bits in my line of work all the time, don’t get me wrong. But it’s right there. And it’s glistening. And it looks so tasty. I need to open a window…

She gently dips a fingertip into her womanhood and lifts her hand towards her mouth. It leaves a trail like honey. She flicks her tongue over her finger and shoots me an inquisitive look. Slowly, she points her drenched finger at me. Screw reason. Reason is currently busy getting murdered with a nailgun and a sledgehammer. There is a drop forming on her fingertip in slow motion. This is just plain evil.

“Don’t be shy now. It’s delicious.”

I lean forward and touch her fingers with my lips. The drop practically melts into my mouth. The taste explodes on my tongue and shreds the last bit of dignity that was still left. I grab her ass and stick my face between her legs like an addict going down on a line of cocaine. She makes a cooing sound as she spreads her pink folds again. A gentleman shouldn’t leave a lady hanging like that. I start sucking on her clit and feel her bucking slightly on the chair. A tiny squirt wets my chin. I just want to fuck her senseless right here, right now.

“You BEAST!”
“Oh god, this makes me so wet.”

Fuck! I almost choke on the clit. The moronic trio apparently stuck their collective heads through the curtain and are now watching me intently, girlcum running down my chin and drenching my shirt. The lizardgirl is giving me a thumbs up, the ogre is making kissy faces and the kobold seems to be groping the ogres tits. This scene is just one step away from…


…some kind of sitcom. Heaven hath no fury like a monstergirl interrupted mid-cunnilingus. The kitsune was bristling and her tails kind of went *floof*. Hehehe… hold on. Oh shit. Smells like ozone. She is conjuring something. I need to distract her before she burns down my fucking studio.

“Wait! I’m not finished yet!”

She gives me a blank stare. Nothing is on fire yet. So far so good.

“…you mean you want to continue like this? But…”
“Woooo! Yes! MORE!”

I grab the towel I used earlier and curveball it right into the kobolds face. The trio ducks back into cover. Babe Ruth would have been proud.

“The piercing!”

She looks disappointed.

“I thought you meant the other thing.”
“Yes. No! Business first! And no magic in here!”
“Aw. But I can do that again. You didn’t like it?”

Hold on. I… what? My dick is still throbbing. Something isn’t quite right. If I would get a boner with every girl that comes though here, I would have gone out of business within the first week. My ears are tingling ever so lightly. I wipe my face on my arm. She must be attempting to charm me. Serves me right for letting my guard down. I groan inside.

“Please- if you use any magic on me again, there’ll be severe consequences. Now for gods sake STOP distracting me and let me finish this.”
“No buts. Either you comply or I will have you and your buddies removed and barred from this shop.”

Kitsunes can make such whiny puppy faces. Ears down and all. Jeez.

“The chair has stirrups. Please use them.”
“…I’m sorry really…”
“Look. No hard feelings. Just let me do my job and we’re good. Keep your hands to yourself, enjoy the ride and we’ll be done in no time. If you want to catch a drink when I close shop, why not. But inside here, I’m off-limits. No exceptions.”

Her ears perk up instantly. The prospect of a date is dangling in front of her nose like a juicy piece of meat. She puts up her feet, legs spread wide. I gently expose her clit and mark the spot I need to hit. The smell she emits still makes my mouth water. Probably lingering effects from her charm. I place the receiving tube over the marked area and feed the piercing needle into the tube. A quick push and her ears flatten down. The tails grab my ankles and tighten like a vice. A hiss escapes through her clenched teeth. I place the ring and wipe down her clit with a bit of saline to remove the speck of blood the needle left behind and to cool off her nerves.

The good thing about piercings like that is the pain is very brief. Maybe a bit intense. But the blessed steel will reduce any discomfort almost immediately. Some customers may faint for a short time afterwards so I usually leave them in the chair until they feel comfortable again.

“So how are you feeling?”

She just shoots me a slightly bewildered look.

“That’s it?”

She reaches out and daintily flicks her new accessory. I can see goosebumps forming on her skin.

“Ooooooh. That feels odd. It’s so intense!”

I just smile and nod. Another happy customer.

“Mmmmh. I kinda feel like trying it out, right here. You’re finished with work right?”

Her tails are still wrapped around my legs. Maybe a too happy customer. Uh oh. She is still playing with her ring. Each touch leaves her pussy quivering and more wet. I grab the edge of the chair and try to pull my legs away but I cannot move my feet even one inch. The kitsune sits straight up and places her hands on my shoulders. She bites her lower lip and pulls the cutest pouty face I have ever seen.

A murderous crash comes from my front door. I wince internally. I know exactly who that is.


The three stooges pipe up again.

“Hey! Who are you?”
“Oi, wait your turn missy!”

The room behind the curtain explodes into a violent soundscape. I hear muffled screams and several impacts. Something big hits the wall and a bit of dust falls from the ceiling above my head. The kitsune stares like a deer caught in headlights.

“What is that?”
“That’s Svenja.”
“Who’s Svenja?”

A sick thud echoes out and the big ogregirl rips through the curtain. There is an impressive footprint on her face.

“Don’t even try to stand up again!”

A thin girl stands where the curtain used to be. Thick strands of black hair hanging loose from a massive braid frame her pale face. Her long and muscular reverse jointed legs end in wide black fluffy paws. Long floppy ears trail behind her with several large rings through them. Red eyes emphasized with too much eyeliner glare at the kitsune cowering in my chair.

A greenish jet of flame shoots toward Svenja but fades out just a short distance from her chest. She grins and winks at me. The kitsune gasps in shock at her failure.

“How?! What are you?”
“I’m the bouncer. And you…”

She stops in the middle of her sentence to sniff the air. A thin line of smoke curls upward from her fishnet shirt.

“You set me on fire!”
“Yes! No! What did you do to my friends?!”
“I told them a love story. Foot meets ass.”

The rabbit takes a quick step forward and clenches her fist. A punch strikes the surprised fox right in her face. She crumples back into the chair and her tails finally release me.

“And magic doesn’t work on me. Bitch.”

Svenja lights up with a grin like a toddler on its first christmas. She steps right over the ogre and plops down on the table next to me.

“You should stop beating up customers. I hear that’s bad for business.”
“And you should finally put down some money for some proper magic protection in here. I could smell her charm through the walls. You’re not gonna last long in a city like this if you’re not a bit more cautious.”
“Not going to happen. That’s too fucking expensive. Also, you’re the cutest antimagic on two legs.”

One of her long ears perks up halfway and she blows me a kiss.

“You just want to see me beat up girls. You’re a bad and naughty man.”

I shrug and give her butt a slap.

“That’s what I pay you for and I intend to get my moneys worth. Now, would you like some help dragging them out on the street?”
“Sure boss.”

As she grabs the unconscious ogre by her feet, she winks at me.

Svenja - Art by .less
Svenja – Art by .less

“Since your schedule seems to be free now, how about some beers next door afterwards?”
“Hell yes. I could use a beer or two.”
“Looks like it. And if you’re a good boy, I might even let you spank me later. All that action got me excited!”

She wiggles her butt at me for emphasis.

…one day, that girl is going to send me to an early grave.

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