Let’s Adopt A…(Manticore, Oomukade, Ushi-Oni)

“Hey squirt! You’re standing in our territory!” A boy grunted. A boy clearly held back a grade for reasons unknown. Or rather not wishing to disclose. His body was build bigger with combinations of fat, and muscle from favoring rough out door activities.

The little fourth grader turns around before he is roughly shoved against the wall. Two more kids block his escape route.

The kid had sandy blonde hair, cut short, and now messy with hazel eyes wearing nothing too particularly interesting. Just some striped white, and blue T-shirt with a button up collar, and khakis shorts with white sneakers, and socks. He looks up, being more than a head shorter than his bullie he saw their tall figures particularly shaded under the light. Figures he recognized all too well looming over him.

“This is our turf now, you gotta pay up if you wanna pass” one the sixth graders declared. A kid with dark brown hair, and a thick gut and arms, though his legs looked a little on the stubby side.

“B-but I was just heading towards the library! I-I don’t have any money!” the fourth grader whimpered

“So you’re useless? Hey why don’t we show ‘im where useless things go?” A third sixth grader added. The lankiest, and tallest of the group. If not for his buck teeth he would be just as normal looking as any other child in the street.

The three kids grabbed the child and no matter how much he fought he couldn’t free himself. Eventually he was thrown onto a full dumpster. The kids laughing hysterically they threatened to close the dumpster on him. The fourth grader fighting valiantly to keep it open, but ultimately had it forced down on him. Only till the kids leave upon seeing an adult approach them did the bullied kid manage to crawl, and tumble onto the rough pavement.

The first couple of times were rather painful…but after some time the most he let out were some loud sobs before rubbing the sores on his body, and limping himself back home.

After school he could hear his parent having a heated argument over the phone about the poor state he had returned home in. Bruised, and filthy he tried to scurry to his room to change, but couldn’t quite make it in time for his parents to spot him along the way.

Same old angry rant, same old response from the school-board. It’s funny how much schools can promote distaste for bullying, but when it came to the matter of acting upon it, well…the teachers are only getting payed so much to really care…

Thus it was decided. Mostly by the mother, and father that it was time for a more…unorthodox solution. One that would solve another problem they were facing as well.

The next day on the weekend they took their child, and drove off into the woods outside the city they lived where the boy saw the building for the first time.

The Little Monster Miracle Orphanage.

Having already planned a meeting, the founder herself; an Echidna going by the name of Katy was there to greet them by her office door. Their conversation started right off the bat with the parents explaining their dilemma to the Founder.

“Bullied you say? Sounds troubling…” Katy murmured.

“Yes and when it’s not the school’s fault for letting it happen, they also catch him after school playing at the park. He’s so afraid he won’t even come out of his room anymore” the concerned father explained.

“Gabriel even sprints from his bus-stop to our home, and even then he doesn’t always come out of it un-harm. We talked to the school, and the bully’s parents, but both sides take this situation with a grain of salt! I recall one time of the parents I spoke to told me that my son shouldn’t be such a wimp!” The worried mother explained.

“I ask you, how can a little boy stand up to three older kids at once!?” The father added growing angry.

“Calm down, I understand your plight and I would love to help, but I run an orphanage, not a counseling office” Katy explained as she took in their words to heart.

“Actually there’s a good reason for us to be here. We want to adopt a big sister for our son; someone to watch over him when he’s out playing, and for him to play with…he’s been having trouble making friends ever since he started getting picked on” the father explained.

Katy looked sternly at the couple, mixed feelings welling up inside her as to whether, or not to trust their words. In the end she decided it would be best to hear them out, but also to explain her morals to protect her own children.

“…While I see you’re heart is in the right place, I simply cannot allow you to adopt one of my children for that reason alone. These girls want a home and family, they are not bodyguards for hire,” Katy was stern.

“No! No-no we wouldn’t think of them like that! Honest! We really do want another child in our home, but…” the mother started, but stopped herself as she struggled to find the words. It was up to her husband to finish what she started.

“My wife…she went through a medical complication shortly after birthing our son one that almost took his life during labor, and while the doctors were successful it left my wife…well you see she, can’t get pregnant, is what I’m trying to say…her body simply won’t let her be lucky a second time” the father reluctantly explained.

“My little boy is my living miracle! I-I just want to make sure he’s safe, and happy! If something were to happen to him! I-If they get too rough, and accidentally, or even purposely-! I-I just want to make sure I get to see my only son coming home, safe, and happy! You can understand that can’t you!?” The mother cried out.

“We promise we would love our adopted daughter just as much as we do our son, we would welcome her into the family no matter who, or what she is” the father assured.

It would appear as if Katy was right in standing firm, but allowing them to explain themselves. Being very familiar to the injustices of the world, and having fought against them almost her entire life she knew words like that were to be taken seriously, but she had to wonder…just how much were they willing to endure?

“…No matter who, or what she is?” Katy repeated raising an eyebrow.

The parents nodded their heads as serious as they ever were since they day they swore their vows on their wedding day.

“…Very well, I believe you, and I will trust what you say. We’ll take a tour of the orphanage, and I’ll let you talk to the girls,” Katy agreed.

“Thank you! Thank you so much for understanding!” The mother was quick to wipe her tears.

“And we will keep our word, we promise!” the father assured.

“That’s good, because I have some girls who have been working very hard, and are desperate to find a chance to prove themselves to the world…I’ll have a member of my staff send you directly to them, if you would be so kind as to let me speak to your son for just a little bit?” Katy asked.

“…Oh? Well sure, of course…Gabriel do you mind staying with Katy for a bit?” the boy’s mother asked.

The boy looked to the Echidna who was all smiles. Granted he didn’t favor the snake part of her, but he couldn’t deny that there was something…safe about her. Ultimately he nodded his head.

After some time, a Holstaurus going by the name of Betsy entered the room, and led the parents to the children Katy had mentioned leaving the two alone.

“Gabriel was it?” Katy asked coiling her tail to sit beside the nervous boy.

Gabriel remained silent, nervously staring at his shoes as he sat in his chair.

“I feel like I never got to hear how you feel about all this, aren’t you excited about having a sister or three?” Katy asked.

“…I don’t know…” Gabriel murmured.

“…I see, I noticed your cute little face has a few scratch marks…I bet there’s some bruises on your body too” Katy figured.

The boy flinched, but didn’t say anything about the matter.

“It’s okay…I know I’m not the most adorable, and safest thing to see…but if you would let me, I would like to help you…is that okay?” Katy asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

Despite being half-snake the boy was surprised to find her hand was warm, and soft like a person, his previous assumptions completely wrong.

“…I guess…” the boy reluctantly agreed.

“Good! I promise you, my children are all well behaved little angels…if a little rambunctious at first…” Katy said as her hand started to glow a soft green.

The boy gave a soft gasp as her hand felt warmer on his shoulder before feeling a wave of relief wash over him. The aches, and cuts on his body disappearing as Katy casts her healing magic.

“I may not be the best doctor in the building, but basic healing spells are more than up my alley don’t you think?” Katy said smiling.

“…T-thanks…” Gabriel mumbled.

“Aw~ you’re welcome, but don’t thank me just yet, we still have the issue of what to do with your little problem…you know, I had similar bullies back when I was your age…they…they took everything from me…” Katy hinted.

“Everything? B-but you have so much now…how?” Gabriel asked now giving her his full attention.

“Well…when I lost everything I found people who were there for me…people who I could trust to bring me back up, and try again. You may be sad, and it may feel like there’s nothing in the world that can help you, but rest assure…when there’s people who want to hurt you, you are certain to find others who want to help you too.” Katy answered.

The boy was confused, he didn’t know of anyone who could help him, but Katy sounded so sure…so hopeful. It sparked a feeling inside him he hadn’t felt before. A pinch of hope that tomorrow won’t be as bad as yesterday.

Eventually the parents returned home with satisfied smiles, and have agreed to adopt the children they were shown, but needed time to set up their rooms at their homes before they can take them in. Katy assuring them it was okay. With so little time to spare Gabriel couldn’t even take a chance to meet his new adopted sisters.

It was late at night, and Gabriel was sound asleep in his bed when his new family members entered his home. They were given a quick tour of the house as everyone was too tired from the trip, and furnishing their new rooms. However; they did have time to sneak a peek at their new little brother still resting in his bed. Unknowing of the three new sisters he has been given.

“He’s adorable~ I can’t wait to wrap him tight~ my body can warm him up better than any blanket” a soft girl’s voice whispered.

“Don’t jump the gun just yet, but I kind of agree with ya…he’ll do, he’ll do just fine…hehehe~” a second girl’s voice muttered.

“I can wait…it’ll all be~ worth it” a third girl’s voice grunted.

The next morning came, and the boy struggled to keep his eyes closed as the morning sun shone on him through his open window.

“Wake up my little angel~” a soft voice cooed.

Such a pleasant sounding voice. While he didn’t recognize it he wasn’t afraid in the least…at least until he opened his eyes. The first thing he was was a pair of dark magenta eyes hiding behind long wiry purple hair just inches from his face, carrying a sick looking smile.

“Good mor~ning!” The girl hissed.

The boy screamed, and jetted out of his bed, falling onto his rug floor. He made a break for the front door, but he tripped on a thick tail that resembled a centipede’s body, and very quickly he was wrapped around it. It’ felt like a hard, smooth surface scraped against his clothing, her legs tapping at his skin. The Oomukade looked roughly his age, wearing a black loose silk dress with very thin straps covering a petite, and flat body still nowhere to the point of developing, her chest barely poking out of her dress. Her hair was very straight, wiry, and colored a dark purple, but nearly black unless reflected by sunlight. Her eyes had a large iris, colored deep pools of violet. They were open wide with a bit of bagginess under them.

Has she been awake all this time?

Her smile was twitching…as if she was holding back a much larger, creepier grin than the tiny, cute one she was expressing now.

“Now-now~ you shouldn’t shout like that to your big sister! Or am I your little sister? We should ask mom, and dad how old you really are…in the meantime! Here~*huff-puff*-let me be a good sister and help you change your clothes~” the Oomukade murmured.

“B-b-but I don’t need h-help!” The boy stammered.

“L-let’s just try it once okay!? It’ll be okay!…Okay!” The Oomukade didn’t seem to be listening, and rather seemed to repeating herself…to assure herself?

It was one of the most awkward experiences he’s been through, her long insect legs felt so awkward on his bare skin, and there were so much of them too. The millisecond he was free from her clutches once his shirt was on, the boy rushed out of his room. Running across the second floor hallway to ask for help from his parents, he was suddenly jumped on from behind by a pair of large furry paws.

“Hey squirt! How’d you like your morning wake up!” The Manticore joked gripping the boy with her paws, and giving him a soft noggie, and ruffling his hair.

The girl looked to be on the brink of entering middle school, her body just starting to develop wearing a tight fitting sports bra over her peach sized breasts, and gym shorts. Whether or not she was genuinely into working out, or just felt comfortable in her outfit was unclear. Her hair was a bright orange-red, long, and spiky to match her tail. Incidentally while parts of her looked painful, other parts felt…soft. Her fur felt warm and fuzzy, and her bare skin was baby soft.

A living oxymoron.

She pulled him close to her body, as uncomfortable as it was to be coddled by the Oomukade, this Manticore was uncomfortable for the opposite reasons. Gabriel was blushing furiously from feeling so much of her, but was still terrified as her spiky looking tail swayed in front of his face, as if she was threatening to strike him with it.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? *Chuckle~*! Go on, get out of here! We’ll do something later today squirt!” the Manticore exclaimed reluctantly letting him go.

Looking back one last time he got a good look at her face. A confident grin with sharp magenta eyes leering at him.

“Sweetie~ breakfast is ready~!” He heard his mother cry out.

The boy turned around and rushed downstairs before she tried anything else, but in his rush for safety he got careless. Tripping on a loose carpet on one of the steps he was on the verge of face-planting on the hard wood floor downstairs. Miraculously he was caught mid-flight by a sticky line of thread tied around his ankle. He dangled mid air upside down, pulled upwards, and twisted right-side up before being hugged by a pair of what looked like large bear paws.

He stared face to face with a wide smile filled with sharp fangs, and piercing yellow eyes. Her tongue sticking out just enough to moisten her lips as she stared at him.

“Stepped right into my trap my little morsel! Mmm~ you’re so cute I can eat you up” the Ushi-Oni whispered in his ear.

“I-I don’t want to be eaten~” the boy cried on the verge of tears.

“Aw~ don’t worry, I didn’t mean it like that. They’ll be plenty of time for ‘that’ some other time. You’re welcomed by the way…didn’t want to see you get bruised like good, delicious fruit” the Ushi-Oni assured with a low purr.

She lowered herself to ground level, with only a thick line of web her spider legs clutched to, and released the boy. he rushed out her arm’s reach, and courageously stopped to get a better look at his savior. The Ushi-Oni looked by far the oldest of the new residents, her body already shaping into a perfect hourglass figure yet still fairly skinny, and growing. Her breasts already slightly bigger than grapefruits were covered only by a torn black t-shirt showing her mid-riff, and tummy. A large animal skull covered her lower half like a pair of serial killer underwear. Her spider body was black, fairly hairy, and big enough for him to sit on; however he had no plans of doing such an act any time soon. Seeing her legs, they were like thick, spikes that could leave quite a large gap into anything they stab at.

He ran to the dining room where his breakfast was waiting for him. He sat on his seat shaking like a leaf. His mother putting the finishing touches plating the meals, and his father already sitting down looking at the news on his phone as if three random intruders didn’t just attack him upstairs. His confusion even more evident when the three monsters soon joined him sitting close to him on the table.

“Oh good, you’ve met you’re new sisters. I hope they were going easy on you,” the boy’s mother said.

“T-that was going easy!?” The boy cried out.

The girls giggled at his response.

“I’m sorry if I was a bit hasty. I was so excited to meet you that’s all; I might have overreacted,” the Oomukade said.

“You’re always so grabby you know, maybe I should wake him up next time,” the Manticore said.

“You’re too over the top, you shouldn’t rush a meal, unless you like it raw of course” the Ushi-Oni said.

“Stop treating our little brother like he’s some sort of food source! He should be treated with tender love, and care. I want to just hug him, and squeeze him lots and lots and never let go, and if anyone ever dares to take him away I’ll-” the Oomukade went on.

“Hey-hey! You’re doing it again creeper!” The Manticore exclaimed.

“A-ah! My apologies,” the Oomukade stuttered blushing.

“Did you introduced yourselves to Gabriel yet?” The father asked.

“Whoops! Forgot that part!” The Ushi-Oni realized.

“Oh! Oh! My name is Lala!” The Oomukade raised her hand, and introduced herself.

“The name is Kate, simple enough for a little squirt like you to remember right?” The Manticore said.

“And I’m Mitsy…yeah~ I know super cutesy, but I’m stuck with it” the Ushi-Oni said sticking her tongue out in a mocking manner to her own name.

“By the way, am I his big sister, or his little sister?” Lala asked.

“It’s close…I think you’re his big sister by just a few months…you said February right?” The father asked to which Lala nodded her head quickly.

“Okay so it’s settled, you’re his big sister by three months” the mother assured.

“*Giggle~* I have a precious baby brother then~” Lala squeaked out leaning her head on Gabriel’s shoulder.

“So~ that skull of yours…did you kill it yourself?” The father asked.

“Nah…it was passed on to me, kind of the last thing I have to remember my mom by…hey I know that look, it’s fine, really…it was. Uh~ I had some help, and time to…deal with it” Mitsy said.

“Oh…right, well you’re made of tough stuff then, I can respect that” the father said.

“We were lucky we got to live there though, but I’m also happy I get to be with all of you like this…I hope we can all get along” Lala said.

“That’s really sweet of you, I want all of us to get along too, we should plan some sort of vacation together as a family soon!” The mother was quite pleased.

“…Can I get some more bacon?” Kate asked.

“Hehe, yeah of course, glad we cooked extra bacon” the father replied handing over more bacon to Kate’s plate.

“Who doesn’t love bacon!” The Father celebrated.

“Here-here!” Kate replied the two of them already forming a bond of bacon.

None of this made the boy feel any better.

After breakfast was served; consisting of sausages, eggs, and hash-browns slathered in country gravy the boy went to the living room to try to enjoy some television. His sisters however; were quick to spoil that.

“Hey!? Why’d you run out so quick. You barely said a thing to us all day squirt” Kate asked.

The boy murmured something as the Manticore crawled herself closer to his personal bubble. The girls squeezing themselves into the sofa to sit with their new sibling.

“You’re making the poor thing nervous looking at him like that! Here, just pay attention to me, my little joy” Lala softly spoke

“You really need to get over that weird fetish of yours ‘sis’,” the Mitsy interrupted.

“Heh! Like you’re one to talk, if we didn’t keep an eye out on him he would already be tied up in your room,” the Manticore commented.

The boy flinched at this.

“Don’t listen to her~ she’s just exaggerating cause I found out she has a crush on-” Mitsy began.

“He’s a Celebrity! Tons of girls have crushes on him!” Kate exclaimed.

Gabriel was certain the fur on her body was on ends for just a moment.

“So squirt whatcha watching?” Kate asked.

“…It’s-” Gabriel began.

“Oh! I remember watching this when I was little, can’t believe it’s still showing huh? So lame” Kate commented.

“I don’t think it’s lame, I think it’s cute, and if my baby brother likes it, then so do I!” Lala added.

“You’re still little now, you’re like a cute little fluff-ball when you dry your fur after a bath” Mitsy teased.

“You wanna start something ‘Itsy-Bitsy-Mitsy’?” Kate teased.

“Oh not that nick-name again~ you better not tell anyone about that, or you and me aren’t gonna get along” Mitsy warned.

“Let’s not be fighting! We’re suppose to be sisters now remember, and besides I always thought it was a cute nick-name, don’t you think you Gabby?” Lala asked, and tested a nick-name for her brother.

“I hate it…” the boy murmured.

“Hm? What was that dear?” The Oomukade asked.

“He hates your nick-name, it did kind of suck” Kate added.

“I hate this! *Sniff* isn’t it bad enough I get picked on outside!? *Hic* now I have to suffer here too!?” The boy cried.

“P-picked on? Hey wait, we weren’t trying to-” the Manticore tried to explain.

The boy had heard enough, and ran out of the house to get away from his new sisters while the three of them simply stood there surprised at his sudden outburst. It was then when the boy’s mother came to check up on them.

“Girls is everything okay?” She asked.

“Gabriel just ran out!” Lala was already beginning to worry.

“Oh no, we need to go after him, he’s not entirely safe out there” the mother said.

“What do you mean?” Kate asked.

“Seems like a normal day outside…” Mitsy

“Well, the thing is…and I’m so sorry to bring this up now after we were getting along so well during breakfast…” the mother began.

Meanwhile, after some time Gabriel had stopped running, sitting alone on a parking bench at a park near his house. At some point sitting alone there he couldn’t quite figure out what to do, the sliver of hope he had felt just the other day felt like another lie. He sat there silently wiping away the tears he just let out when a mocking voice interrupted his peace.

“Aw~ is the widdle baby cwying agin~” a familiar mocking voice was heard.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, he was quickly surrounded by his three tormentors. One of them grabbed at his wrists and pulled him towards the other two. Once again he could not escape.

“Look at that, he’s already crying, and we didn’t do anything yet!” The second bully mocked.

“Guess we oughta show him what happens to crybabies?” The third bully hinted.

“I won’t let you show him anything!” Lala’s voice rang out.

A long strand of web caught the boy quickly wrapping around him and he was yanked far away from his bullies and into the waiting arms of his new sister.

“Guess we made it in time! Now then…” Mitsy negan.

She placed the boy on the wooden bench behind them, and turned around to face the bullies.

“Trying to spoil good meat like that? *Tch-tch-tch* Now I gotta play rough…goody,” the Ushi-Oni cried out.

“I agree ‘sis’! Let’s play re~al rough!” The Manticore cried out.

She flew above the bullies, and landed hard on all fours glaring at the bullies with a cold glare.

“Never forgive~ I will never forgive you for what you’ve done~” the Oomukade growled, her soft voice turning malicious very quickly.

The three kids turned pale, and tried to turn around only for Kate to leap over their heads landing on all fours, and facing them. Her tail standing poised, and aimed at them.

“C’mon tough guy! You’re not afraid of fighting someone your own size are ya?” Kate teased.

“They smell foul too~ it’s making me lose my appetite, guess we’ll just have to settle for wailing on them. I’ll take the big ugly one”” Mitsy said.

“I’m not gonna forgive anyone who hurts my family~ I will see you rot before I let that happen” Lala’s tone turned cold, and toneless, her many legs shaking and scraping the ground beneath her.

“Hey y-you better not or we’re gonna-” one of the boys began.

“Cry? Aw~ look his legs are shaking…alright now let’s make sure these guys learn their lesson the first time around shall we ‘sis’?”

“Yes! An excellent idea ‘sis’” the Manticore growled.

“The sooner, the better I say~ too bad I didn’t bring my scissors with me…” the Oomukade hissed.

It was a lo~ng day for those three, a day they will never forget. When it all ended the girls carried their little brother on Mitsy’s back as they walked home.

“Hey, you alright there squi-uh ‘bro’?” The Manticore asked.

“I once again like to apologize, your mother-our mother explained everything to us,” Lala explained.

“We rushed over to you as quick as we can, and our flying sister here found you at the park, guess we owe you for that one” Mitsy said.

“Oh it’s fine…besides I kind of felt bad for…uh~ this morning I guess…so now we’re even now right?” Kate said.

“…Thank you-*sniff*” the boy thanked and on the verge of tears.

“Aw~ please don’t cry, we’ll never let you be sad ever again. We promise, right everyone?” Lala asked.

“Yeah-yeah, I promise. Don’t worry I got your back bro.” the Kate promised.

“Yeah don’t worry about a thing, we’re family now” Mitsy promised.

The following day the bully’s parents all came to meet the parents of the three mamono demanding an explanation and apology for what happened to their children at the park.

Not seeing the irony, nor the double standard in their statement, the only advice they could reciprocate was to advise their children to stop being such wimps.

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  1. As a teacher I can confirm this is what usually happens with bullying, parents of bullies will ignore everything until someone hits their kids, then they come to play victim

  2. While the premise of the story is really good, I feel like it’s a bit unreasonable that his parents would just go out and adopt not just one, but three girls to “protect” him. And not to mention all of these are of the more aggressive, troublesome sort (and while I’m sure Kate assured them many times they are nice and all, their current actions kind of speak for themselves).

    I get that they wanted more children, but their reactions to their son crying the first day he got woken up by the girls seems to fly a bit under the radar for how worried they were about him the day before.

  3. The parents just adopt 3 girl like that? I mean… Have a new kid at their charge is already alot, but they go with 3 ? They go to take care of one child, to take care of 4 childrens! It’s not anything O_o

    As say ZackBum, those kids are the more troublemakers, wouldn’t the parents be more careful and pick mamono who didn’t look like they going to bully their son?
    Also those said parent didn’t seem to really care about how he feel about the newcomers (but I’m not going to repeat what said Zack ^^”)

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