Let’s Adopt A…(Kikimora)

“Master~ I have come to serve you again!” a young girl spoke as she opened the door and leaving her bedroom.

She wore a long black dress modestly covering her body top to bottom. Her white apron over her her dress was frilled on all sides with a clip on gold ribbon, and gold amulet. Her dress while intricate was hand made by the wearer herself a first task she accomplished all on her own. Her soft brown hair was short, clean and sporting floppy furry brown ears, her long furry tail wagged in anticipation, the only tail in existence with a feathery start ending in a fur tip. Poking out of her wrists were tall feathers with very light brown tips. On her head she wore her maid cap with pride having just left her nest and already found a mature man to serve under at her young age of ten.

It was a rough journey, but seeing as how her mother had…moved on to serve the afterlife. The little Kikimora was ready to honor her mother, and please the master she has welcomed into her heart.

She looked around her master’s bedroom and found his bed had been messy. Knowing her first duty now she practically skipped towards the unkempt bed and began straightening it out.

“Master’s smell~ it’s heavenly, I hope master gives me special orders this time” the Kikimora sighed.

As she finished the bed she spotted a rouge white shirt on the floor.

“Master’s shirt, what are you doing here you silly thing” the Kikimora giggled.

She picked up the shirt and skipped towards the walk in closet in his room only to make a shocking discovery.

“W-what is this!?” She exclaimed.

Gone, everything was gone, the cupboards were open and empty, the shoe drawers were all pulled and not even a shoelace to be seen. Hangers strewn all over the floor.

“Thief-thief! Oh my goodness! Master! Master where are you, there’s an emergency!” The Kikimora cried out.

She dashed out of the room scared and worried. There was no sign of her master on the second floor so she rushed downstairs where many of her chores still needed to be done, but she had more important things to worry about.

“Master! Master where are you!? I-I can’t find you” The Kikimora cried out growing more and more scared.

The Kitchen wasn’t ignored either, many of the wine bottles on the rack were gone. As she closed the refrigerator door she noticed a note stuck on the fridge door.

‘[If you won’t leave, I will]” the note simply read.

The Kikimora recognized the handwriting to belong to her master.

“Master is gone…b-but master-*hic*-your note doesn’t say when you will come back…” the Kikimora was on the verge of tears.

There was once a house clean and beautiful, but one day it’s residents suddenly left and in a year it wasn’t even worth half it’s original price.

“And I still think it’s not worth it” A man mutter to himself.

The tag on his uniform he was willing to stain beyond comprehension read: Dan

Some of his colleagues, and some flirtatious, and often drunk women would call him; ‘Dan The Repair Man’

…Even though he was more of a carpenter than a mechanic.

If he thought the outside looked bad he was in for a real shock once he entered the building. Everything was coated in dust, the floor’s carpet had blotches of stains and crawling with tiny insects. The paint on the wall was nearly all wiped out. The lights worked but were dim, flickering and the whole house had a bad smell to it. He bought the property from the bank as it was the only thing he can afford with his savings, but Dan felt it would take two savings, and a life-time to get this place into working order.

He took his first few steps and quickly heard the walls knock. He jumped, shocked but quickly recollected himself.

“P-probably just a mouse, gotta remember it’s an old house” you mutter.

Said mouse stared curiously at the guest, the first one in a long time for her.

While most of his belongings were in a rented storage space he did bring everything else he would need considering his skills as a carpenter, and after he just recently got hired to a new location. Dan grabbed several tools and cleaning supplies from his truck. While his contract work won’t be for another week he figured he could use his free time to get straight to work to make his new home look remotely livable. He found a closet and opened it expecting it to be empty, but to his surprise he found one odd object.

“Well now, what do we have here” you say.

A broom with a small handle resting on the wall. The thing only reached up to his waist and looked more like a plaything than anything. Dan picked it up and once again he heard a soft tapping in the walls. He flinched but passed it off as more mice. Looking at it more closely he couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship. Sure it was covered in dust, and a littly grimy, but the wood still felt smooth, no loose splinters whatsoever and the brush still looked new.

“Whoever made you sure gave you a lot of attention, I think you’ll be my first clean” Dan murmured to himself.

Grabbing some wood polish and a towel he gave the cleaning tool a good wipe-down. In no time at all it was clean of all debris and he placed it back leaning against the wall. After putting everything else he won’t be needing inside the closet he grabbed everything else and headed up the stairs to inspect the rest of the damage. Inside the closet a hand from a large crack in the wall grabs the broom. A Kikimora, a dirty last remnant of the previous owner looks at her only and favorite broom.

“Clean…it’s been so long” she smiles hugging her broom tightly.

His first target was the bedroom which he will be staying for the night. He worked for hours dusting, vacuuming sanding, polishing and dusting the entire room. All the while he felt an unnatural feeling that he was being watched. Still convinced there was an infestation of mice he makes a note to call an exterminator to deal with it as soon as possible. Dan came inside the home early in the afternoon and had only just finished cleaning collapsing on the sleeping bag he tossed on the floor much later that day.

His body was sore and there was muck all over his jumpsuit now tossed to the corner, but the room was now fit for life. While the sleeping bag wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world; sleep comes almost immediately to him.

Hours later the Kikimora conquers her fears of the new guest after having been watching him work for hours on end cleaning her former master’s room. Clutching her broom for comfort, and bravery she walks out of her hiding place and sneaks close to the young man. Her dress was ragged, torn, and coated in dust in several areas, her apron no longer white but a dull gray. Her maid’s cap was torn on the side, and barely able to stay on her head.

She pokes him once with the broom as if to make sure he wasn’t a ghost or anything, but once she got close she notice a speck of dirt on his cheek. Grabbing her apron she licked the tip of itcrouched close to his face and wiped away the speck of grime off his cheek. For a moment nothing happened, but suddenly the Kikimora felt a spark she hasn’t felt in a year, the same spark that drove her to clean and satisfy her master. She looked at his sleeping face and her smile grew more and more.

“Master~*hic*-I’ll work hard for you from now on” she whispered as she wiped tears of joy off her face.

Dan wakes up early morning, and without the reassuring smell of hot coffee ready for him since his coffee maker was still in storage, he felt groggy, sore, and drowsy. He wandered about the house tired, and a little dizzy; Dan wasn’t much of a morning person. Exiting his room he made a left turn, and spotted a black blob thing jumping up and down. Rubbing his eyes to hone in on the object he quickly realizes it is in fact not a blob but a little girl with a wagging tail jumping up and down trying to reach a lamp on the wall with a cloth on her hand.

Being in the tired mental state that he was in Dan didn’t even consider reacting, but he did notice she could use some help. He walked over to her and her ears perk up as she turns around to face you.

“O-oh! Master, good morning! Did you sleep well” She cheered.

“Mhmhph~” was the best Dan could respond with.

He pick her up by her waist much to her surprise to bring her closer to the lamp.

“M-Master? T-thank you very much! Scrub, scrub, scrub” the Kikimora began wiping the lamp clean.

Her tail wagging excitedly was tickling his nose so much that he felt a sneeze coming. He quickly covered his nose with the closest thing he had on; which was the little Kikimora. Dan pressed his face on her back to suppress a sneeze.

“A-ah! Master are you okay?” The Kikimora asked.

“Just had to sneeze” he muttered as he began to actually feel like he’s waking up.

It was then that he realized what was going on. He turn the girl over and see her bright, albeit dirty face smile up at him with glistening hazel eyes.

“I’m happy to hear that master. Do you wish to eat breakfast, or take a bath, o-or me?” The Kikimora blushed.


“…Who are you?” Dan ignored her statement.

“I-I’m your loyal maid Kiki! And I’ll do anything you wish!” The Kikimora Kiki cheered.

“No-no you’re not, how did you sneak in here? Why are you cleaning?” Dan asked putting her down on the floor.

“I-I always lived here, I never left. You were the one who was sneaking in here, and I was scared, but you were cleaning and working hard so you couldn’t be a bad person. So I want you to be my new master!” Kiki explained.

“You’re a mess” he points out.

“O-Oh no, the bath doesn’t work so I can’t-I-I’m sorry! Please punish me as you see fit master” Kiki was on the verge of tears as she hid her face with her dirty rag.

“I’m not gonna punish you, but you can’t stay here, it’s full of asbestos, and mold; you can get really sick if you stay here too long” he explained.

“Master…thank you so much for worrying about me, but I’m okay, and ready to serve you master” Kiki assured.

“Where are your parents?” Dan ask.

“My parents are…” Kiki began, but couldn’t finish her statement. “But my master…” she started over, but once more couldn’t find the heart to say anything else. “…Well you’re my master now so it’s okay! Where do you want me to clean first?” She changes subjects.

“I think that can wait, I should really take you somewhere. I actually have to work there anyways so we’d be killing two birds with one stone” murmur to yourself.

“Right away! I shall bring you a stone” the Kikimora assured.

Guiding her outside and to his car, Dan placed her on the passenger seat of his truck making sure the seat belt was securely fastened.

“I have a kind master!” Kiki thanked.

“I have a name you know” Dan explained.

“That’s wonderful master!” Kiki said.

The drive to your destination was rather odd, the little Kikimora would often lean all over her seat wiping away any spot she could reach. Moments later they reached their destination, a large orphanage outside of town. He noticed Kiki struggling with her seat belt and he was quick to assist her.

“Do you want me to clean the rest of the inside?” Kiki asked.

“No, you’re following me this time” he told her.

“Right away, I won’t leave your side” Kiki said.

Dan leaves the car watching Kiki hop out of the seat and close the door behind her. Walking side by side he opens the door with the Kikimora smiling beside him, and immediately turn to the office door to his left and knocked.

Moments later the door opened revealing a monster, a lower body of a snake, a voluptuous upper body but her face…her face was lime green, slimy and covered in bumps. Dan screams and jumps back scaring the Kikimora as well as she cuddled close behind him to hide from the beast.

“D-do you have any idea what time it is!?” The beast cried out making them scream more.

“Oh, stop overreacting!” The thing that should not live exclaimed.

Turning around and grabbing a towel she wiped at her face, and turned to face you looking much, much better.

“I-I just heard that a lot of girls put on a mud-mask to look younger, I wanted to try it out myself for once” the Orphanage Founder Katy explained.

“K-Katy right? Remember me? You hired me to do some work around here for a while?” Dan collects Himself as Kiki attempts to fan some air onto him with her tail.

“Yes, yes I remember, but that isn’t until a week from now so why are you here and why so early?” Katy asked.

“Well, I found this girl in my home, and I think she’s been there for a while” Dan turns to the Kikimora.

“Oh goodness! Little one you’re covered in dirt! Did you lose a fight with a bunch of dust bunnies” Katy asked.

“I found her like this, I think she’s been abandoned” Dan explains.

“I-I’m not abandoned, I have you now master” Kiki assured.

“Um~ little one, why don’t we get you a change of clothes, and give you a bath. We’ll show you the way. The grown-ups have to talk for a bit” Katy said.

“Master, let us take a bath together! I’ll scrub your back” Kiki sounded excited.

“Actually, I want you to take a bath by yourself, and get changed” Dan says.

“B-but master, if I don’t see you…you’ll go away! I’ll be alone again. Please master I’ll do anything!” The Kikimora cried.

“Hey-hey, I’m not leaving, I’ll be right here when you come back, I promise” he quickly assured.

“Master…please don’t leave me” Kiki pleaded.

“…I’ll be right here” he repeated.

This didn’t cheer her up, but she would not refuse an order given. She nodded her head and Katy lead her to the bathrooms where the large outdoors bath can be found.

“I’ll have one of my workers lead her back to my office when she’s done changing. Let’s talk there” Katy said.

He nods, and the two of them return to her office.

“She’s taken a liking to you, it would break her little heart if you just left her here” Katy says.

“But I can’t just make a choice to keep her all of a sudden either, plus I don’t want people getting the wrong idea when she keeps calling me ‘master’ in public” Dan explains.

“I understand your concerns, but it looks like she’s already trusts you to take her in, her kind have a deep bond with whoever they wish to serve. It might be a guess but I feel like she’s already lost a bond with one person, losing a second might be…detrimental” Katy said.

“I don’t want to do that to her but…” he was unsure of what to do.

“What we do know is she seems very happy to be with you, would it really be so much trouble just to keep her? We can do something about the whole ‘master’ thing if you want” Katy said.

Dan was silent for a bit, frowning and deep in thought. Katy sees his struggle and attempts to change the subject.

“Well while you’re here, would you mind signing some papers. You know, to make it official and to give me a name to write on your contract?” Katy asks.

That he could do. Dan agrees to her favor, and was very quickly given the paperwork. Before he could even start however; the door opens and his little Kikimora runs out of it immediately clinging to his arm. She smells, and looks much cleaner now, strawberry shampoo perhaps? She even got a new maid’s dress that match her old one perfectly. Her face scrubbed clean and her smile at you looks even brighter than before.

“Master! I’m ready to serve you now!” The Kikimora cheered.

“Yeah, about that…Kiki, there’s something I have to tell you, but I have sign these first” you explain.

“O-of course master” the Kikimora replies growing nervous.

While he was guided by Katy as to where to write, Kiki looks around the room, and finds more papers on Katy’s desk.

“Master, I believe you have to sign these too!” Kiki grabs the small pile and places them beside you.

Dan thanks her and continue signing everything given to him.

“Signature here, and there. Initials over here and the date on these lines” Katy continued.

Dan repeats this process several more times including the papers given to him by the Kikimora.

“Oh, it looks like you have to sign here too little one” Katy pointed out.

“Y-yes of course!” Kiki replied signing her name with very poor penmanship.

You weren’t sure why Kiki had to sign his work papers but he was too busy finishing his own signing to care.

“And~ there, I think that’s the last one!” Dan exclaims.

“Excellent! You are officially hired by me for the next 3 months to work on restructuring the Orphanage playground, and…wow you’re also officially this Kikimora’s father!” Katy cheered.

Dan’s eyes widen and he quickly looked down at the mess of papers he signed. Sure enough several of these papers had nothing to do with work, but were in fact adoption documents with his and the Kiki’s signature.

“Isn’t that great little one!? Your master has become your new papa!” Katy congratulated.

The Kikimora squeaked and jumped on your chest tail wagging.

“My master! My papa! I’m so happy! Let’s celebrate by cleaning the living room next!” The Kikimora cheered tail wagging furiously.

“Y-you set me up!” Dan exclaimed pointing a finger at Katy.

“How rude, I didn’t bring you those papers” Katy explained.

Dan looked down at the beaming Kikimora.

“Did I do a good job?” Kiki asked with genuine innocence.

He found himself unable to get mad at her. While things will be different for him from now on. He felt like having an extra pair of hands would make working on his new dream home a tad easier. Dan thanked Katy for the job, and the two of them excused themselves from her office and retreated back to his vehicle to drive back home.

“Papa~, Papa~, gonna clean with Papa~ yay!” The little Kikimora cheered as they drove along back to their fixer-upper of a home.

“I’ve never seen a kid be so happy about cleaning” Dan noticed.

“Because Papa is also my master, so I’m double happy!” Kiki cheered.

With an attitude, and face like that Dan’s poor heart might not be able to sustain such vast amount of cuteness.

Dan was quick to get over the trickery she pulled on him just moments ago playing it off as a simple mistake. He can only assume she was just trying to be helpful, yet Dan couldn’t help but think she had read the papers beforehand and knew what was written on them.

Dan glances back at the Kikimora after stopping for a red light and she glances at you with a big old happy smiley face as her fluffy tail wags and rubs against the seat. Dan smiles back only because it would feel wrong if he didn’t respond in kind, and continue driving once the green light marked.

He reached his home safe and sound, and after everything that’s happened he had almost forgotten about the home’s poor state. Being reminded that there’s still a lot of work to do he takes in the more pressing matter as Kiki stands beside him.

“I don’t even know where to start” you muse.

“Papa, you should rest, let me do the cleaning” Kiki assured.

“I can’t let you do all this work by yourself” He states.

“B-but I must! It’s my fault everything is all messy and I don’t want Papa to live in a messy home” Kiki stated.

“I appreciate your concern but you really shouldn’t push yourself like this. This is a lot of work for you” Dan add.

“I-I don’t care, if it pleases my Papa then I’m happy doing all the work!” The Kikimora continues.

This girl is stubborn, in a good way. But she really can’t do this all by herself.

“Hey, what if I help you clean this house? It could be fun” Dan suggest.

“E-eh!? B-but that doesn’t make sense! Silly Papa you’re not a maid” the Kikimora giggled.

“Yes, but you never know, I might do a good job” He tries to convince her.

“Well it does sound like fun…” Kiki was in thought tapping her bottom lip.

“Hey~ the two of us together, we can make this dump into a real home” Dan insist.

“Really!? Okay! I know we can do it if we work together!” The Kikimora jumped in place with her tail wagging.

While his bedroom was clean enough to stay in he noticed a second door right next to his room. Kiki was quick to answer before he even asks.

“Papa’s room is next to mine, my old master didn’t like me sleeping with him so he had me sleep here” Kiki stated.

He open the door and sees a cute little room though bland in comparison to his master bedroom. The walls were a mucky dark colored wood as if wallpaper was never touched in this place, a single light-bulb and a moldy mattress were the only furniture.

“My god, did everything just rot out of existence?” He asked.

“Nope, that’s how my old master left it for me, I was happy he gave me that bed to sleep in, but then he…” the Kikimora explained before she trailed off and got sad about being abandoned.

“This is…I don’t know your history between you and your old ‘master’ but someone like you deserves a little more than…this” he stated looking at the empty room.

“Oh! I couldn’t! I shouldn’t, I’m the maid! I’m suppose to do as the master wishes, not ask for things. I’m happy I get to be near master, and now I’m happy I get to be near you papa!” The Kikimora assured.

He never expected such an answer, especially coming from a little girl like herself…now he knew she deserved better.

“Listen, I’m gonna have to throw out that mattress, and the bulb doesn’t work. Are you okay with that?” He asks.

“If that’s what Papa wishes, then yes I am!” The Kikimora cheered.

“One more thing, I’m not your master. You shouldn’t mix dad and master together like that. They’re different things” Dan states.

“But a Papa’s kids should do as Papa asks them to don’t they?” Kiki asks.

“Well, yes but it’s different…it’s a little complicated to explain, but when I ask you how you feel about something I want you to answer me truthfully not what you think I want to hear. Do you understand?” He instructs.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Did I do something bad Papa?” Kiki was on the verge of tears.

“No, of course not. You’re learning and I’m just setting the new rules of the house that’s all. Why don’t we start cleaning your room today?” He offers.

“Okay, if that’s what you-” Kiki began until she saw Dan’s stern gaze.

“U-um, y-yes I would like that…Papa…you’re really nice” the Kikimora thanked.

“I’m just doing what’s right for you that’s all. I have a responsibility to keep you safe and healthy now” Dan says.

“But that’s what I’m suppose to do for you Papa” the Kikimora said.

It feels like he’s just going back and forth arguing with her about this. He decides to cut the conversation short and instruct her on what to do.

First the two of them move the old mattress and throw it away to a large green garbage container. Grabbing a bucket, some mops, towels, dusters, and several cleaning chemicals Dan, and Kiki spend the next several hours cleaning her room.

From wiping the windows to lifting the child on his shoulders as she wipes away at the ceiling, and changing the light-bulb. The floor was swept, moped and polished much like your bedroom. The windows were wiped, and gave the room some natural light which did a much better job of lighting the area than a bulb. Dan also noticed a lack of a closet in the room. He might be able to construct something but that will take time as well so he simply focuses on making sure everything is clean. When the two of them are done the room was almost sparkling clean. Kiki even had trouble standing on the well polished floor, but that didn’t stop her from gazing happily at her small room.

“It looks brand new, I’m so happy~!” Kiki squealed.

“Yeah, your room looks great and I haven’t even started adding everything I have planned.

“Papa, why do so much for me, I’m not worth it” Kiki said.

“It’s not about whether you earned it or not. I just want you to be happy in more ways than just being with me all the time” Dan replies.

“But I am happy! Not just because my room is clean, but because we cleaned it together! I never thought cleaning with my master-er Papa could be so fun. I wish this will last forever” Kiki wished.

“Well I can’t promise you that, but we will be doing this for a long time. We have a lot of work to do here” He reminds her.

“Yup!” Kiki agreed tail wagging.

“It’s starting to get a little late, how about some lunch before it gets dark?” Dan suggests.

“Of course! How could I forget to cook Papa’s food. What would you like?” Kiki asked.

“Even a perfect maid can’t work with a kitchen like ours…we might have to order pizza” he explains.

“B-but I want to cook for Papa, please? It’ll only take a second” Kiki pleads.

“Out of the question, I still need to check the wiring in this place. If the electricity is faulty then there’s a good chance the pipes here could use some work, and that includes the gas pipe, and boiler. Crud, now that I think about it, I should take care of that sooner than later in case there really is a gas leak here” he starts talking to himself.

“I can take you to the pipes! It’s down in the basement” Kiki said.

“Hm~ I just need to grab my toolbox then. If it’s not too bad we should have a working kitchen, and hell maybe I can get the hot water in the bath to start working. I’ll just call for pizza real quick, but I’ll be looking forward to anything you can cook for me next time, promise!” He swears.

“Okay…I’m really sorry for ruining this place Papa” Kiki was glum she couldn’t cook for her new father.

“It’s no one’s fault okay? You shouldn’t beat yourself up like that, besides if none of this happened, I would never have been able to buy this house so cheap, and we would never have met…guess that’s a good thing about all this right?” He states.

This lifted her spirits a bit and she nodded in agreement.

He called the local pizza place and order something the two of them can enjoy, though looking at her feathers he decided it would be best to avoid chicken, at least until he figured out what she can, or can’t eat. Then grabbing his tool box, and some spare pipes in case something needed to be replaced he opened the basement door next to the kitchen.

“Y-you’re really going down there!?” Kiki asked.

“Well that is where I can fix the pipe after all” Dan replies.

B-but it’s dark and scary!” Kiki whimpered.

“Wait, so if you weren’t hiding in the basement, how come I couldn’t find you?” Dan asks.

“I was hiding behind the walls, they’re my secret hiding spot” Kiki answered.

“But that must have been dark and scary too” he answers.

“It was, I-I was always scared. But you’re here now Papa so I’m not scared anymore!” Kiki glumly replied but her sad emotions instantly turned around once she talked about you.

“Listen, I won’t be long just wait for me here okay?” Dan said.

“B-but I don’t want to be alone, I-I’m coming with you Papa!” Kiki was adamant.

“Okay fine, but just stay close to me, and don’t worry I have a flashlight so it won’t be so dark” he assures her.

Kiki nods her head but even when she agreed to follow, she was still shaking like a leaf clinging to his shirt.

Making his way down the basement Dan spotted the boiler and gave it a once over. While he wasn’t a plumber he knew enough to know a couple of new pipes, some updated re-wiring and turning it on and off got it working again.

Of course he was also well known for being lucky most things don’t blow up in his face…

The loud noise it made once it was on spooked the child to no end and she was all but attached to his hip. He can only glance at the breaker box before he realized Kiki was at her limits even with the flashlight and so he decides to head back upstairs.

“Thanks for following me down there, you were really brave” he compliments.

“I-I wasn’t Papa, I don’t deserve your nice words” Kiki confessed.

“Aw~ kiddo…well I mean you still decided to try and help, the fact you lasted so long is good enough for now. You’ll get better I’m sure” Dan tries to cheer her up.

“Really!?” Her spirit brightens.

“Really, really” he assured her.

“Papa~ you’re such a nice Papa!” Kiki repeats.

Moments later the pizza guy comes, and after paying for the meal, the two of them share in the delight of a delicious pepperoni and ham pizza at his room. A little break after a long day of cleaning was exactly what the two of them needed. Kiki occasionally trying to help you wipe your face clean whenever a piece of cheese, or sauce hits his cheeks.

“Next we ought to clean the bathroom though I think we can just scrub the bathtub before any of us can use it for now” he suggests.

“Of course, I’ll do my very best Papa” the Kikimora agreed.

The bathroom while not as dirty as the rest of the house it still looked like it could use some time, the medicine cabinet was broken, the windows were grimy as well as the bathtub.

The toilet being the only thing still relatively clean, and usable due to it being a side project he was working on besides his room. While not taking as long Dan was persistent in making sure it was spotless as he had plans on using it today. It would appear as if Kiki shared in his persistence as she worked diligently to scrub every last bit of muck on her side of the bath-tub next to you. Once the cleaning was done he had to test the water. Dan turns the knob, and sees the water rush out from the wide tap, and after some time the water felt warm to the touch.

“It works! The bath-tub’s running hot water again!” Dan declares.

“You’re amazing Papa!” The Kikimora clapped for you

“Alright, I’m gonna get a change of clothes, and I’ll see you after I’ve taken a bath” he said.

“After?” Kiki sounded confused.

Dan picks out some spare clothing he had and went inside the bathroom to soak in a well deserved hot tub of cleanliness.

After a long day the hot water felt like heaven against his tired body. He closes his eyes completely relaxed until he hears the doorknob turn, and the door itself opening. Dan spots the Kikimora dressed in nothing but your spare white towel wrapped around her tiny body. The large towel was enough to make her appear modest as it covered her body from her chest down to her knees like a blouse. She wore a deep blush possibly from both exposing herself and seeing her new father naked for the first time.

“P-Papa, I had thought you might need help scrubbing your back” Kiki asked with practiced grace.

“How did you open the door!?” He tries his best to sink his body into the water to cover yourself.

“The lock doesn’t work Papa, I forgot to tell you that. So, how about that scrub-scrub?” Kiki was delighted to serve.

“That won’t be necessary! Just wait for me outside okay?” Dan refused her invitation.

“I-I understand. Papa doesn’t like me anymore. Nobody likes me…” Kiki started crying.

“Okay! Okay but just my back!” He quickly changed his mind.

“Yes Papa!” The Kiki’s mood once again flipped.

He turned away so his back faces her, but to his surprise he hears the water splash behind him. He turned around to see that Kiki was sitting naked in the tub, her towel she used to cover herself wrapped into a thick ball in her hands which thankfully were already covering her chest.

“P-Papa, when you stare at me like that it’s kind of embarrassing, I-I don’t think I’m ready, I’m sorry If I’m not very good at it” the Kikimora blushed.

“I-I think I’m gonna leave early today!” Dan quickly stands up.

The Kikimora squeaks as she covers her eyes after he had now exposed her to his nudity. He quickly covered himself up with his towel and left the room.

Night settles quickly and Dan returns to his room with his old sleeping bag. As he settles in to go to sleep he noticed Kiki standing over him.

“Have happy dreams Papa” the Kikimora replied.

“Where are you going to sleep?” You ask.

“Well we threw my bed out-b-but that’s okay! I’ve slept on the floor lots of times before my old master gave me that bed so I’ll be fine!” The Kikimora assured.

Once again his heartstrings were being pulled by this girl, and so he unzips his sleeping bag partially and pulls it open.

“Here, you cozy up with me just for tonight, until we buy you a new bed tomorrow” Dan says.

“Papa!? Yes! Thank you so much Papa, I can finally practice those things maids do with their masters at night” Kiki sounded excited.

“For the record we’re not doing anything but sleeping” Dan stated flat out.

“Oh, well okay! I’m feeling sleepy anyways” Kiki agreed

She crawls into the sleeping bag with Dan and he zips himself and Kiki close.

“Papa…you won’t leave me will you papa? I don’t know what I’ll do without you…” Kiki whispers.

“Only if you promise you won’t leave me alone…you did a very good job today Kiki” you answer her.

Giving her the praise she so desperately yearned he put his arms protectively around her, and gave her a hug.

She coos, and nuzzles herself close to your touch, her warm smile show no objection to this. Instantly she hugs him back and the two of them lay sleeping cuddled together.

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Adopt A…(Kikimora)

  1. It was hearthwarming and all but… There is so much things wrong in this story…

    First of all, you switched between second person and third person all the time, I can understand you mistaken if you write your story in several stages, but sometime the 2 different narrator are used really close to one another
    example :

    ” “I don’t even know where to start” you muse.
    “Papa, you should rest, let me do the cleaning” Kiki assured.
    “I can’t let you do all this work by yourself” He states. ”
    It’s the very same dialog, that’s really disturbing…

    Now about the coherence…. Well it’s make no sense at all to be honest.
    The 10 year kikimora survive for 1 year alone in a abandonned house… It just make no sense at all, how did she survive with no food, no heater, no water…(and no toilet)

    There were no squatter all that time (human or not)? No Devil Bug or Large Mouse trying to make this abandonned house their own?

    “Dan wakes up early morning, and without the reassuring smell of hot coffee ready for him since his coffee maker was still in storage”

    How the coffee is supposed to be ready when you wake up? I know it seem like I’m exagerating on the latter, but it’s the accumulation of details like this who make the story full of nonsense.

    It’s the first time I see so much mistake like that in one of your story, it look like you didn’t even reread. O_o

  2. Really heartwarming, I think ya got us where it really hurts with the little Kiki girl. But yeah I gotta agree with Lorialet. There were a lot of second and third person perspective switches right in the middle of the story. I’m not sure if it was an old story you were working on or…? It needs some re-editing and proofreading, Tim. Sorry 🙁

  3. Granted the writing wasn’t as good as your other stuff but I kinda feel like this should be it’s own little side story…. Them getting the house back in working order, getting used to each other and him helping her with her abandonment issues would make a rather compelling read, I feel.

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