Leona the Submissive Manticore

Leona’s vermillion eyes were glued to me as I cinched the last strap tight, securing her tailpussy firmly to a hefty weight I’d set next to her on the bed. As soon as I let go she strained and tested the bonds holding the delicate organ down. When she realized that there was no chance of moving, let alone escaping, the last of the resistance in her eyes faded.

All she could do was plead. Though not with words, of course – I’d given her a nice gag that prevented her from speaking. All she could do was whimper, whine, and make scared-looking faces that detracted from her cuteness.

I trailed my fingertips across her soft fur and pale, milky flesh so very gently. From her cute little foot-paws that were held fast with sturdy leather straps, up across her long, supple legs and thighs. To her pretty, tight little vulva with its tucked in lips to her toned, slim tummy and then up to her shapely, pert, breasts; the smallish mounds were capped by areolas and nipples of a nice, light shade of pink, and were so very suckable. Across her defined collar bones and up her slim neck to her cute face. I gave her cheek a few soft, affectionate rubs..

“Now now, don’t be afraid my dear. If you’re a good girl, everything will be just fine,” I whispered into her pert, fluffy ears. They swiveled about atop her head, focusing on the words I breathed into them.

“There’s no need to be scared. Now, then – are you a good girl?”

She trembled slightly, then nodded her head. When I flashed her my best comforting smile, some of the anxiety seemed to drain from her features.

“Good, let’s begin then, shall we?”

Standing up, I paused to get a good look at her entire form. Tied down and spread eagle, she looked absolutely delicious. Every part of her practically begged to be touched and teased. Her eyes shifted from my face to my erection as I stood – what could I say? I really did enjoy seeing her like that. She made no attempt to hide the desire in her eyes as she fixated on my cock. While I would certainly like to sate both our needs, this was going to be far more entertaining.

I then went about and tested all the straps once more, just to be sure. Once satisfied that her limbs and tail wouldn’t be going anywhere no matter what I did, I turned to the assortment of toys I’d prepared and lines up on the nightstand.

Atop it was a grand assortment of dildos and vibrators of various sizes and shapes. I’d picked out everything very carefully after considering all of Leona’s weak-spots. My favorite thing, and one that I simply couldn’t wait to use, was a little device I put together just for this evening. It was little more than an electric motor, a flywheel, and a double-jointed that would rock back and forth – a little like the setup on a steam locomotive. Currently there was nothing attached to the end, but that was more due to wanting it to be a surprise for her rather than a lack of preparation.

Drumming my fingers on its metal casing, I looked back towards her. Her eyes were locked onto the machine. At first I’d assumed she was afraid from the way she shook, but a closer examination of her body proved otherwise. A blush was rising on her cheeks. Both her pussies were starting to look damp.

Such an honest girl, really. Though I’ll admit that I may have had a hand in pushing her to this point where a lewd-looking device like this turned her on. I’d been starving her of semen for a week; cruel of me, I know. In doing so, I discovered that any phallic-shaped object was enough to get her wet. Just leaving some vibrators around her was enough to send her into a frenzy.

It was difficult to hold myself back from simply ravishing her and giving her all the seed she yearned for. Her body did its best to tempt me with its scents, sights, and sensations. But I held strong. She needed me to be strong, after all.

I turned on the machine for a brief moment, demonstrating the pace at which it’d work. Her eyes went wide and she attempted to look away, but in only seconds she went back to staring at it. Occasionally her sight would turn to my cock or the other toys, but she was so very curious about the machine. So curious, in fact, that her tailpussy began to practically tremble and let loose a glob of her thick, warm lubricant.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun.

Humming exaggeratedly, I danced my fingers around all the toys until I settled on something nice to start with. Two small bullet-style vibrators and a bit of tape. Watching me pick them up, Leona looked a little disappointed, but she quickly became anxious as I approached her. Her limbs tugged involuntarily against her bonds and caused the bedframe to creek.

Such a great reaction.

Sliding down onto the bed next to her, I let my cock rub against the outside of her leathery tailpussy. Oh, I’d removed her all her barbs earlier, so I didn’t have to worry about getting a dose of venom and losing control of myself. I did, however, keep them in a small cup that I hid from her view.

As my cock stroked her lewd fuckhole, the organ’s mouth opened and closed a few times in anticipation, like a hungry chick. I could see her tail muscles tensing as she attempted to turn the tailpussy around and plant it on my cock, to no avail. Leona let out a small whimper and then ceased her efforts to plunge the pulsing thing on me.

Starting at her navel, I slowly made my way up her body with my tongue. I slid one hand down to her labia and began running a finger along its slit, though I was careful not to come too close to her clit or dip too far inside. It didn’t take long at all until I could feel a wave of heat radiate off her pussy along with an increase in the fluids coating her lips and running down her thighs.

Making my way to her nipples with my mouth, I took one of the already-stiff buds into my mouth and sucked and teased with my tongue. Light gasps rolled from her throat and again she strained against her bonds. Her head shook back and forth a few times before her eyes settled down on me, looking at my face as my mouth and lips enveloped the smallish mounds.

Then, to my surprise, she began to rock herself back and forth lightly. Imagine my delight when she was trying to push her hips down and force my finger to insert itself into her as I teased the edges of her lips. We’d barely begun and already she was practically begging for release.

But, as much as I enjoyed her reaction, she had to know her place. Disobedience simply wouldn’t do. I took one of her sensitive nipples between my teeth and gently bit down. A little passion-filled cry echoed in her throat as I steadily increased the pressure. Tension filled her muscles, and she began to pant in between her muffled cries.

After holding her hardened nub in my teeth for a moment, I released her nipple and gave her a stern look.

“That time was gentle, but if you keep acting on your own… well, I’m afraid it won’t be so gentle next time.”

I spoke softly and rubbed her cheek again to let her know I wished her no harm. All I desired from her was obedience. Being the good girl that she was, she forced her body to cease pushing down against my finger and relaxed. Smiling, I gave her cheek another soft caress.

Since she was being so well-behaved, it was time to give her a reward. My hand still lingered on her hot, drooling mound, so I simply pushed one of my fingers deep inside of her. Hot, wet folds grabbed ahold of my pointer finger and began sucking and tugging on it. Poor thing, her body was so desperate for a cock it was willing to attempt to milk anything it could.

I began pumping my digit in and out of her incredible tightness, relishing the sensations of her lewd hole. She let out a happy moan as I finger fucked her, and I resumed sucking on her teat and caressing her other breast. Her whole body was beginning to flush with burning desire. But since she was a good girl, she fought to keep herself relaxed as I worked her body over. I could tell it was so very difficult as she writhed and trembled. Really, her sensitivity is what made it so fun to tease her like this.

After just a short time, maybe 30 seconds, I withdrew my finger and ceased my sucking, much to her dismay. Those eyes of hers were furrowed in frustration and anger. We hadn’t even begun and already she was losing herself. Had she no shame in orgasming from a single finger probing her depths?

Crossing my arms, I shook a finger at her. “Tsk tsk, what’s with that look?”

She suddenly realized the sort of face she was making and tried to wipe her expression.

“That’s better,” I said. “Remember my dear, getting upset won’t help you any.”

Leona nodded and blinked her wet eyes a few times. That’s my girl.

Picking up the small bullet-vibrators I’d placed on the bed, I then affixed one to each of her achingly stiff nipples and taped them down. As soon as I turned them on her eyes closed and she moaned quietly. Very slowly and purposefully I increased the intensity, clicking through each of the speed settings and waiting for her response. At each bump up her moans grow a little louder, her gasps a little heavier. While the vibrators had initially been flush with the surrounding skin, her nipples had managed to stiffen enough to raise the tiny devices into the air.

Her chest was heaving with her pants and gasps, and she was already beginning to twitch. She was straining against her bonds once again as the relentless vibrations teased her sensitive body. Poor girl.

“It must feel so good,” I whispered to her.

Her eyes snapped open and focused on me for a moment. Such utter longing filled her gaze. Both of us knew it wouldn’t be enough to get her off no matter how good it felt. She’d need her pussies for that. Or her ass.

I simply sat and watched her for a while, absolutely adoring the red shade of her skin and the way she trembled. Precum was beginning to leak from my cock, and in no time at all the scent hit her nose, escalating her needy desire even further.

Reaching over to the nightstand, I picked up another two vibrating devices. Rather than a bullet or cock-shape, they were shaped like a curved clothespin. Her eyes followed me, a slight panic causing them to waver as I reached for her fluffy ears. She gave a whine as I snapped the first one into place, then a cry as the second was clipped around the base.

Turning them on, she let out a rather sharp cry as her ears were tormented much as her nipples were. Her cry faded into a long, rolling moan as I ratcheted up the intensity on the ear-vibrators. When her moan ended, a long stream of pants and gasps took its place and she began to tug mightily against the straps. Her breasts heaved along with her chest, and she was fast becoming an endlessly moaning, gasping, writhing beast.

And I hadn’t even gotten to the good parts yet.

Bringing my hand to her cunt again, I began to slide a finger along her slit, but didn’t push in – much as before.

“Leona, my sweet,” I began, drawing her attention. “If you can behave yourself and be a nice, quiet girl for a minute I’ll give you a reward.”

She immediately silenced herself, but I could see her throat was desperate to release her voice. Her stomach was undulating along with her chest as she fought to maintain control. Grinning, I couldn’t help but enjoy her devotion to me. Few people could say they had a pet who listened this well.

Running my fingers up and down her absolutely drenched lips a few more times, I then slid two fingers inside. I gave her a few strong pumps and her eyes closed in happy contentment. Surprisingly she remained quiet.

“It’s okay my pet, you can be as noisy as you want now.”

Much like a bursting dam, all her pent-up vocalizations of pleasure flooded out. Hearing her joy made it all the more worthwhile to me.

Unfortunately, after only a few seconds of working her cunt with my fingers, I could feel her clamping down hard on me. It made me wonder how long she’d already been riding the edge of her orgasm, and with a bit of a heavy heart I withdrew my fingers. My hand was absolutely drenched in her juices, to the point where I had to shake it off and splatter her honey across her chest and tits.

She was most unhappy with being so close to the edge and then let down. A very frustrated cry escaped from her, but even without a word from me she realized she’d only made things worse for herself. Good, she was learning.

I gave her a wink. “That’s my girl. I’ll let that one slide since you realized your mistake so quickly.” I gave her head a few pats for good measure. Despite her gag, she managed to give a cute little smile with her eyes.

Standing up, I got a good luck at just how wet she was. Little pools were forming underneath both of her pussies. Her tailpussy in particular looked in dire need. It was trembling as it opened and closed rapidly, every little ‘gasp’ it gave timed with her shallow breaths. Lubricant was oozing out of it in a steady stream.

I was glad I put some plastic underneath the sheets just for this.

I continued to stand over her, letting my cock wander so very close to the opening of her tail. It held itself open and she gave even more cries. During one particularly wide gape, a massive blob of lubricant poured out. Hooking my brow in thought, I realized that she’s probably lost a lot of water by now.

“I’ll be back in a moment. If you remain nice and quiet, I’ll give you a treat when I return. Okay?”

She nodded and fell mostly silent. Her heavy, short breaths were almost as loud as the buzzing of the vibrators. Biting down hard on the gag, she threw her head back against the bed and closed her eyes.

Chuckling, I went to the kitchen to fetch her some water. I purposefully took my time, walking very slowly. I listened intently for any hints of her cheating, but she stayed true. Perhaps I’d be nice to her very soon. Obedience does deserve reward.

I returned with a glass full of water and a straw. Loosening her gag, she took in a deep breath through her mouth and fought to suppress a moaning growl. I put the straw to her lips. “Go on, drink. You’re probably thirsty.”

She blinked a few times, then took a small sip. Then a long one, and then she sucked down the entire glass in scant seconds. Sighing, I was a bit disappointed in myself for taking this long to realize she might be getting dehydrated.

“Do you want another glass? It’s okay to speak for now.”

“Y-yes…” she squeaked quietly.

Another pool of fluids seeped from her tailpussy and snatch as she shifted slightly.

“Alright, but you need to stay quiet. No one likes a pet that’s noisy when the master isn’t around.”

She nodded and winced as the vibrators pulled against her ears.

As before I took my time, and as before she downed the glass in one gulp. So I made for a third glass.

“Are you fine now?” I asked once she’d downed that one.

“Yes… t-thank y-you.”

“Since you’ve been a good girl, I’ll allow you to make a request of me. Go on, speak.”

Fighting her shuddering body, she composed herself long enough to blurt out her request. “P-please just fuck me! I’ve been so close to cumming forever! Please! Just give me semen…”

I frowned. “Sorry, but I can’t do that. Not yet,” I said as I put her gag back into place.

Those vermillion eyes filled with anguish and despair, but I had to remain strong.

Snaking my hand down to her gushing snatch, I coated my fingertips in her fluids and then made for her pearl. It was as stiff as her nipples, standing proud out of its hood. No sooner did I touch it than her eyes clamped shut and her back arched, accompanied by a long stream of her vocalized pleasure. Such a sensitive thing on an already sensitive girl.

Whimpering, whining, and crying all the while, I began to stroke and rub at her clit. Her back and hips arched up quite a distance despite the straps; she was so very, very close. But not wasn’t yet the time, and I once again I let go of her until she settled down. Then I tormented her again and again for at least ten minutes, stroking, poking, licking, and even nibbling on her proud lovenub.

Lubricant was pumping out of her at a prodigious rate, absolutely coating her thighs and ass in her sweet glaze. She was doing great for her first time, but I didn’t want to overdo things for her. So, I decided to switch things up a little.

Heading over to the nightstand, I picked up short, smooth, tapered vibrator. I shielded what I was doing from her eyes with my back; I felt the surprise would make this much better for her. Carefully approaching her again, I slid the vibe under her legs, just below her ass. She hadn’t seen a thing.

“Here’s your reward for being such a good pet, Leona,” I cooed to her at the same time I lined up the pointed end with her lubricant-slicked backdoor.

Then without any warning, I slammed the device home. She let out a yelp and went very tense as the point spread her star and reached its base in just a second. Then I flipped it on and dialed it up to max speed. It was a little different than a normal vibrator – the weight inside was much larger and heavier than usual, which meant it didn’t buzz quite so much. What it did do, however, was wiggle and roll in her tight asshole, constantly spreading and pulling her pucker in all sorts of directions.

Leona began to nearly scream and her entire body went so utterly rigid it looked painful. It’d only been in her for seconds and she had her first orgasm of the night – not with her pussies, but with her ass. A sort of humiliating orgasm. Gushes of her honey poured from her cunt and tail as both writhed and squeezed, desperate for something to cling onto as her body convulsed and jolted as the intense orgasm simply wouldn’t subside.

“Oh dear, you came with your ass? Well, I guess that means we can ignore your pussy, then…”

A sort of terror filled her eyes. Not from fear of injury or loss, but from such depths of regret. She couldn’t hold her gaze on me for long, however, as the trembling object lodged in her ass brought her to another wailing orgasm barely a minute later.

The bed continued to creek and groan under the strain of her limbs straining pulling. The leather straps were pulled taut as guitar strings, and the small of her back was nearly a foot off the bed. Honestly, I was a bit jealous of her body’s ability to feel such pleasure and continue to climax again and again.

While she spasmed and twitched, I procured a large, solid dildo from the table. Leona was too far lost in the waves of pleasure and pain from her impending third orgasm to spot it. I felt a little mean to keep letting her cum like this, despite her cries. I knew it could start to hurt in a hurry, but I soldiered on.

Pressing the tip of the rubber dick against the tip of her tailpussy, it instantly latched around the fake cock and began sucking on it. Like an animal ripping food from your hand, it managed to take the entire thing inside of it without me doing a thing. Her tailpussy tugged, undulated, sucked, with such ferocity. Watching her organ go to work sent a cascade of precum trailing down my cock and drip off my sac.

Then, aided by the object lodged inside her tail, she reached her third screaming climax. I was amazed she could be so vocal even with the gag. Glancing at her jaw, I was also becoming worried that she would simply bite through the thick cloth. Watching her entire body rock up and down, back and forth, I gave a happy sigh. I did rather enjoy watching my pet have so much fun.

It was time for the final piece, I decided. Capping the rod on the fuck-machine with a mold of my cock, I set up the machine and settled it into position. Her constant motions made it a little tricky, but on the other hand she was entirely oblivious to what I was doing.

At some point she had her fourth orgasm – they were starting to arrive faster and faster. Pure inertia must’ve been carrying her along. Everything was utterly drenched; I’d have to get her more water when this round was over.

Watching her bucking hips to get her timing down, I found the opportune moment and slid the replica of my cock into her snatch. She was so wet that her tightness almost didn’t matter; it slipped inside of her without any resistance whatsoever. The new sensation in her body caused her to look down. Was it horror or desire on her face? I don’t remember, exactly.

Flipping the machine on, it began to piston in and out of her at a blazing pace from the onset. In and out it worked the fake cock – sawing the thing in and then pulling it out at a rate of one cycle a second.

She began screaming endlessly as I stood up. Her fifth orgasm arrived before the fourth had even fully subsidized. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her mouth and jaw went slack – though she continued to scream and moan. Her body twitched and jumped of its own accord as orgasm after orgasm was forced from her.

I decided that it was to reward her with a final treat. Standing up, I approached her tailpussy and yanked the fake cock free from its grip. It was a bit like trying to wrest a toy away from a puppy, but I managed. Lining myself up, I slid into the tailpussy.

It was blazing hot, and the insides were spasming and undulating just like the rest of her. Instantly it clamped around me and began sucking and sucking. I shuddered as it pulled me deeper in until the opened had managed to engulf my ballsac as well as my entire length. The tip of my cock was pressing up against the back of her organ – right where the vacuum was strongest.

The entire interior, coated in all its bumps, ridges, and folds stroked and pressed against me in time with the muscular contractions. Adding to the experience was Leona, right in front of me, going absolutely mad with pleasure and pain. I wasn’t sure she was even aware of what was going on anymore. I’d lost count of her orgasms sometime around the tenth one.

Hot, sticky lubricant slathered every part of me, and the opening of her tailpussy was inadvertently tumbling my testicles in a way I’d not realized was possible. Despite all the times I’d unloaded my seed in her tail, I’d never felt it like this before. I couldn’t even last 30 seconds until it was just too much, and the pleasure drew up a boiling sensation from my loins.

My balls pulled in tight as they discharged their seed, sending a rush of my thick semen down my cock. My cum vein bulged as the sticky ropes charged through before erupting out, splattered the insides of her tailpussy a pearly white. The intense stimulation on my now-hypersensitive glans made every contract more powerful than the last as I belted out load after load until my balls were totally spent.

Apparently Leona was aware to some extent of what was going on. Her eyes were on me, and she looked so happy and content – though certainly not at peace.

“See, good girls get rewards,” I said with a smile.

I don’t think she heard me, though, as she almost immediately began convulsing again.

With great reluctance I withdrew myself from her tail, though it was quite difficult to get free from her grip.

I then loosened the gag from her screaming mouth.

“P-please s-stop! I-I-I can’t t-t-take it anymore!” She howled, her words mingled with her beastial moans and screams.

My smile turned into a deep frown. “I didn’t say you could speak. Seems like you still need to learn your lesson.”

What was left of her ability to form rational thoughts burned out as she began to cry, tears streaming down her face.

I simply sat down on the bed and watched. I watched her reach orgasm after orgasm. I watched her scream and cry, begging me to stop her torture. The machine that was fucking her cunt was spraying her fluids everywhere. The vibe in her ass continued to shake and tumble. The little vibrators on her nipples and ears continued to work their magic.

After another 15 minutes and another few orgasms, she finally passed out. Despite the sudden quiet, her body still reacted to the endless stimulation. Wasn’t aware manticores could orgasm even when unconscious.

Well, I figured she’d learned her lesson and began powering everything down. She collapsed, limp, into a veritable pool of her own fluids. Her hair and fur was soaked through and sticky. The air in the room – indeed, the whole house – was thick with her pleasing aroma.

I left to fetch a few glasses of water for my pet, and cleaned up a bit while I waited for her to wake up. It took roughly half an hour, but eventually she came to.

“Did you learn your lesson?” I asked, once her eyes focused on me. “You may speak.”

“…Yes,” she said quietly.


I then produced a collar that was hidden from her view on the floor, and laid it on her stomach. One by one I began removing the straps that bound her.

“Go on, put it on. That means I won’t have to tie you down anymore.”

Rubbing her wrists and testing her limbs, she carefully undid the large, over-sized buckle and wrapped the fine leather collar around her neck. I helped her buckle it in place. When it was on, I leaned back and looked over the cute manticore. She blushed, looked down at her collar and testing it with her paws.

“Was I a good girl??”

“That you are,” I replied and pat her on the head.

Leona smiled brightly, then looked at me with a little nervousness. “Wh-what should I do? Um… master?”

I smirked at her and rubbed the inside of her thigh a few times. “Get on your paws and knees like a good girl would.”

Wordlessly, she rolled over and hiked her ass in the air. Her tail swung lazily around her and coiled around one of her legs. I gave her ass a few sharp swats, eliciting cute little yelps from her, then stroked and palmed her firm, plush cheeks. She looked up at me with her face pressed into the bed, partially in a puddle of her own nectar.

She had such an adorable face; I just had to do something extra in addition to what I’d already planned.

“Hold there for a moment.” I said as I got up to fetch the one item I’d not used yet; a lengthy, very thick – about as big around as a beer can – double-ended dildo. Her eyes went wide when she spotted it. Considering what she’d just been through, I thought her reaction was a bit strange. Adorable, but strange.

As I came back to the bed she remained still, just as I’d asked her to. She blinked rapidly and bit her lip as I positioned the tip of one end against her engorged, reddened vulva. I rubbed it against her slit, pressing against her just enough to barely part her dripping sex. Was the moisture pouring out of her simply the leftovers from earlier, or was she already getting so turned on already?

“Do you want this thick thing inside of you?” I asked, reaching to rub one of her fuzzy ears with my other hand.

She whimpered softly and began shaking her ass and rolling her hips back and forth. “Y-yes…”

Grinning, I gave her a heavy swat on the ass that sent the cheek rippling and drew another moan from her throat. The thick dildo slid in with surprising ease; her tight cunt stretched wide to accommodate the intruder, but the copious amounts of her nectar served to grease the proceedings. As every inch slid in she gasped and whined, her hips shaking all the while.

Once I felt the end bump against the entrance to her womb, I stopped to admire her pretty pink flesh stretched taut around the massive thing. When I lightly tugged back on it, she let out a slightly different moan as her labia clung tight to the object and pulled out with the dildo.

Releasing my grasp on the thing, it popped back into place fully within her womanhood. She seemed to give a content sigh, no doubt pleased with the filling sensation the large object gave her.

She seemed disappointed that I was not pumping it in and out of her. Until I began unwinding her tail. Looking back at me, she seemed to realize what I was planning.

“M-master? You want me to…?”

Without a word, I slid the other end of the dildo into her tailpussy. She let out a gasp and closed her eyes as her tailpussy struggled to accommodate the thing. Fully inserted, her tail was puffed out considerably and I could see it contracting in random intervals. Every pulse of muscle was accompanied by a moan from Leona; just having both her pussies filled was apparently enough to bring her close to climaxing.

Leaning forward, I whispered into the back of her ear. “Now fuck yourself and don’t stop until I tell you to.”

My hot breath against her ear caused it to twitch, and other than her eyes flicking to me she gave no reaction for a moment.

“I-if that’s what you want, master…” She finally said.

I smiled and gave her some scritches behind the ear. “That’s very much what I want, my dear Leona. Now, won’t you indulge me?”

Her face flushed an even deeper shade of red. It was amusing to think that she could be embarrassed about something when her ass was already hiked into the air, her pussy on full display as it was stretched wide by the massive fake cock buried inside.


As I leaned back and sat down on the bed, she began working the thing in and out of her. Her tailpussy would clamp down hard and tug the thing in and out of her pussy a few times. Then her muscular snatch would grip hard on the thing, and push it in and out of her tailpussy. Back and forth this went; it only took maybe a minute before she began to pant and moan in short, loud bursts. Seconds later her first climax arrived in screaming fashion, sending her entire body into convulsions.

Biting her lip her, she looked at me for the signal to stop. I didn’t give it.

So she continued fucking herself relentlessly as I watched with a painfully throbbing erection. I’d have to do something about that – it was time to have some fun of my own.

Standing up, I reached down to pick up one of her barbs that I kept hidden from her view beside the bed on the floor, I pricked my thigh with the thing. Like a hypodermic needle, it automatically discharged its venom into my blood. My balls began to practically pulse as they swelled with seed.

“Leona, lay on your back,” I commanded.

She looked over at me, then down to my swollen cock and testicles. Desire arced through her eyes. Kneeling upright, vigoursly fucking herself all the while, she then let herself flop down onto her back. It wasn’t quite the ideal position, so I had to take hold of her hips and position her so that her head was barely hanging off the edge of the bed.

Leona looked at me curiously – as best as she could manage admist the throes of ectascy, at any rate – as I maneuvered her. Fortunately her thin build made her easy to handle as I wished, though when her second hard orgasm hit her shuddering made it a little more difficult.

Watching her impale her cunt and tailpussy over and over with the thick dildo made me throb with desire – especially considering how I was amped up on her venom.

Grabbing hold of her head, I tilted it backwards so that my cock was lined up with her lips. As I pressed my glans against her lips, she opened her mouth and took me inside. Her tongue wrapped and squeezed against my length. Sealing her lips against my cock, she began to suck as I slid deeper and deeper towards the ultimate prize.

When I felt the tip of my spear press against the soft flesh of her throat she let out a startled cry. I then thrust forward quickly and parted her neck with my length. From this position I could see her throat bulge out slightly as I forced myself in.

“Keep fucking yourself,” I commanded again in a low growl when she’d stopped moving her tail.

With something of a pleading whine, she began pumping her pussies again. I could feel snorts of hot air from her nose blowing out against my balls with every gasp and cry she gave. Despite her protests, another orgasm rocked her body once I fully entered her throat. She sure was a cute little slut, cumming from having her throat fucked as well as her other holes.

I’d have to buy a triple-ended dildo so she could fill her asshole as well.

Her hot, tight, slick throat vibrated around me with all her vocalized pleasure. Almost heedless of the girl that I was throat fucking, I began lunging my hips in great strides. I’d nearly completely pull myself free of her lips, then ram myself back down her throat. She began to writhe and squirm underneath me, but I held her head firm. And, true to my command, she never stopped masturbating herself either.

Leona’s cries continued to build, but they only served to spur me on further as I recklessly sawed in and out of her neck. All the while her tongue would lash around my shaft and tease at my glans during the moments it wasn’t halfway to her stomach. She gulped and gagged, but never once did her paws come up to stop me.

Moving my hands from my head to her neck, I squeezed lightly and hooked my fingers inside the collar. I could feel my cock through her soft skin, and squeezing made things tighter. Though she also began to gag and cough to a point where I began to worry about her, so sadly I h ad to give that up.

I shifted my roaming fingers to her nipples, tweaking and pinching the stiff buds. Having all but one of her holes stuffed and her nipples played with was enough to send her into another wild orgasm; her back and hips arched and lifted off the bed. And it was enough to make the line of her neck a bit straight, making it even easier to shove inside.

Finally I felt myself about to dump all my seed. Watching her lewd display, combined with the venom, was simply too much to handle as I impaled her throat over and over.

Grabbing onto her breasts tightly and squeezing down, I slammed my hips against her face one final time as my boiling seed sought to burst free. Heat welled up from with my balls and loins, being directed up and out in liquid pleasure. My cum vein distended as the thick, hot love pushed through with powerful contractions. I could feel the tip of my urethra flare out with every alabaster jet. Groaning with pleasure, I shot one massive load after another into her neck.

As I turned my eyes down, I could see the muscles in her throat work as she swallowed it all in noisy, hungry gulps. Every sticky load splattered into her throat, followed quickly by a gulp and accompanied by a undulating motion as she took it all into her body. Her muscular movements served to milk my cock of every drop, and not a single ounce was wasted.

After ten or dozen pearly loads of mirth were deposited into her, I began to withdraw from Leona’s mouth. Surprisingly she kept sucking and toying on me, and only when I pulled completely out and looked down did I see the very happy smile on her face.

“I drank it all master! It was so thick and creamy… Are you happy? Can I have more?”

Her begging for more of my cum while she continued to fuck herself was enough to send my cock into a series of twitches as it began to harden. “Of course Leona, but not right now. Oh, and you’ve been such a good girl, you can stop masturbating now.”

She looks slightly dejected, but slowed her tempo down until she stopped. Removing the dildo from herself and depositing it into the sheets with her tail, she simply looked at me with a faint smile.

I began to rub her belly, much to her delight. “You’re such a good girl,” I chimed happily, bending down to scoop her up into a hug. Her tail began to wag, or at least I assumed that’s what such a tail would look like it if wagged, and she returned the hug.

We then took a shower to clean up, and replaced the sheets with ones that weren’t utterly soaked with sexual fluids. Leona kept touching her collar and smiling at me, and every time I’d give her ear scratches or a little hug.

As we laid down in bed, she nuzzled up against me, rubbing her head against my hand. “Master,” she began, then hesitated for a moment. “I love you…”

“I love you too, Leona,” I replied as I continued to scratch and pet her.


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