Leona and Electro’cute’

Why did I agree to this?

I knew better. Yet I still agreed.

The leather straps are too tight. I asked him, told him they weren’t needed. Lovers trusted each other, after all. Did he not trust me? No – he had to. He *has* to.

But I listened, like a good girl. He liked well-behaved, obedient girls. I liked letting go. I liked *him*, he let me shed all my worries and go with the flow. His flow.

The knives were scary, but I listened. They hurt, but I listened. They even left scars. My unnaturally white skin, mottled by him. Why did he scar me, if he liked my skin so much? I hate these scars. I have too many already.

Scarier still were the needles. He knew I hated them. I hate them even more. They prick and stab and sting and prod and poke and he wouldn’t stop! No matter how much I asked! No, he just, just… This was going to be like then, wasn’t it? No, of course not. He wouldn’t. Would he?

He’s fiddling with the knobs. I told him it had to be a specific unit, the sort made for this. It could still hurt, but it was safe. I wouldn’t have to worry. Too much. But he said it was too expensive. The thing on the bench would be fine, he said. It began to hum its electrical tune as it powered up.

It was something… else. Something very cheap, very dangerous.

He’s smiling, but it’s different. So very different. He used to be kind – strict, but kind. He never hurt me before. Why did he want to hurt me now? That *thing* would certainly hurt. I knew it would. Every part of me knew. But maybe it wouldn’t.

I gasp and tense as his fingers dance across my chest and breasts and spread an icy gel.

“Oh, your heart is beating rather fast. What’re you so nervous about? Don’t you trust me?”

All I can do is bite my lip and nod. A forced nod. I trust him. I want to trust him. But I can’t keep my eyes off that machine. I can hear the current running through it – it sets my ears on edge. I have to trust him.

“That’s my girl,” he says coolly.

There’s that smile again. It’s like the face of someone experimenting. Experimenting on me, figuring out what I can take. How much it hurts. I trust him. He loves me. He doesn’t want to hurt me.

The first electrode finds itself on my left breast, right over the nipple. No, he wouldn’t. I told him, his friend told him. I heard them talk. Nipples were too dangerous. Nothing far apart. *Especially* not around the chest, the heart. My heart is beating so hard I can feel it everywhere. Instincts telling me to fight, to flee, to do *something*. No, I trust him. He loves me. He wouldn’t.

“What are you getting so anxious for?” He says with a note of mild surprise. “We haven’t even started and already you’re pulling those straps taut.”

What? He’s right; all my limbs are pulling hard.

“Is something… wrong?”

I shake my head. But his voice, his tone – it sends a chill through me. Why did I shake my head? I did it without thinking.

“Good,” he says calmly. Calculatingly.

Did he know I’d shake my head or say no? No, no, he wouldn’t want to harm me. The scars were an accident. He just got carried away. I hate those scars.

Why did he get carried away?

He loved me – he fed me, and cared for me, and sometimes I felt really good. But I didn’t always feel good. Sometimes I felt unwanted. Sometimes he didn’t care for me. Sometimes I, I felt like a… *thing*. No! No, he wouldn’t! He loves me!

He sets the other electrode on my right breast. Again, atop my nipple. He should know better. Maybe he forgot. That’s all, he just forgot. A simple mistake.

“H-hey, y-you shouldn’t… over the heart…” I stammer, noticing for the first time how shallow my breaths are as I try to speak.

“Hush,” he says, placing a finger on my lips. “Just leave everything to me. It’ll be fun!”

“You can’t!”

There went his smile. Why is he looking at me like that? I’m not misbehaving. I’m not!

“Leona. We’ve talked about this. I know what I’m doing.”

All the fur along the back of my neck stiffens. He’s – he’s not threatening me. He wouldn’t! He’d hug me, tell me it’s okay and I can relax and he just wants us to feel good together! But, but my body thinks otherwise.

He’s satisfied by my response, or lack of. I was obedient. I was good. So why, why is he still–



I can’t see, can’t see! I scream and scream at least I think I scream because my throat hurts and it hurts and everything hurts and it all burns and the straps bite and it stings and shocks and burns and hurts and hurts and hurts I can’t take it anymore just kill me–

It all ends. I-I can see again. The fire is gone, but everything, everything hurts so bad. A dull ache that needles all the same. My heart, it’s – it’s… My heart skips a beat. Two beats. I cough and gasp breathlessly. A whump. I can breathe again. My pulse – I feel my pulse.

“Oops, looks like that was too much,” he says like someone who made a tiny, inconsequential mistake. “Sorry, Leona.”

He’s smiling. He’s apologizing with a smile. That smile. He’s mocking me. He is!

 “Now how about down here…”

*That’s* what he says? Nothing about how I must’ve looked? My whole body aches and *that’s* what he says?

He grabs something off the table. It’s a big metal tube, like a dildo. Every single fiber of my being screams danger. He’s going to kill me. I’m going to die. But he loves me. Why? Why why why?

“You’re looking kind of stressed,” he says as he slides his hand near my pussy. “Just relax, this is supposed to be fun!”

I gasp as my pussy spreads from the metal dildo, greedily squeezing and sucking the metal object. He doesn’t even have to push it in; my pussy gladly draws it inside and I shudder from the cold.

“Hah, I should’ve warmed it up first.”

He’s reaching for the dial again.

White, pure white. Pain. That. Asshole. Why?

I glare despite the pain. Jaw clamped hard. Teeth grinding. All my muscles pull taut. Tense. Pain. It hurts, I hate it hate I hate hate hate hate I hate it why doesn’t he just kill me?!  Why isn’t he stopping? It hurts and anger hate angry but he loves me but I hate him but I love him does he hate me WHY WON’T HE STOP?!

I find myself staring down. I can… move. The burn is gone, I can move. But something like fire still lingers in my mind. It makes me feel… strange.

Did he? No, he’s looking confused and tapping the machine.  “What the hell?” He says like a child who just had his toy break.

Which toy broke? I’m a toy? No!

“What’s that look for? I thought this’d be fun. I guess you just don’t appreciate what I do for you. And now it’s broken…”

He shakes his head and glowers. “Shame, if you weren’t glaring at me like that, if you were a good-“

That’s. It.

I let go. He doesn’t love me. But I’ll make him. Yes, yes yes yes I will!

His face shifts from false disappointment to fear. The straps are strong. I’m stronger – was I always this strong? I’ll make him love me!

The second strap pops free from the table. He’s backing up, away from me. Why would he back away if he loved me? Hahahaha, what a fool I was!

“Leona, calm down—“

He doesn’t get a chance to say much once I free my tail. I love my tail, it’s very pretty and soft, and so effective at silencing someone. I never knew that! Just as good as holding onto a face as a cock. What a nice tail.

His screams are nice. They make my tail vibrate. No matter how hard he tries he can’t remove it, though—oops! Silly man, he tried to use his hands. Those spines’ll getchya!

Snap and crack go the next two straps. To think they ever held me down. Where they always so flimsy?

It feels good to stand on my own legs. He doesn’t love me, doesn’t trust me, doesn’t care about me. But I can fix that. I’m a very, *very*, good girl. Everyone likes good girls. Loves good girls. He’ll love me, yes he will!

The metal tube and little electrodes need to make themselves scarce. They, along with the black box of horrors find themselves in little bitty pieces against the far wall. Some find themselves *through* the wall. Good riddance.

Suddenly I realized something.

“Leona!” He gasps, taking in long, labored breaths.

Silly me, people *do* need to breathe, don’t they?

“W-why are you giggling like that?”

“Because I love you! I’m looking forward to making you love me. Just like it was always meant to be!” I say happily.

He doesn’t look very convinced. “O-of course I love you,” he says nervously.

It’s not very convincing when he’s scrambling away from me, pressed up against the wall. He’s afraid, like I was. Being afraid and scared isn’t fun, not at all. Not. at. all.

He eyes my tail, so very close to his face.

“You don’t,” I say cheerfully. “Not yet. But you will!”

I’m not in the mood for his excuses. I know what’s *really* going on. This is a test, isn’t it? Yes, a test of love! I’ll gladly accept!

Oh, how I love my tail. It feels so nice when he screams into it. His hot breath and the vibrations are putting me in a rather *different* kind of mood.

He mumbles and protests, but like a good boy his feet shuffle along. I never knew how effective a tail on the face could be. Or maybe he just wants my tail on his cock and figures obeying is a good way to get what he wants. Could also be the venom giving him that painful looking erection. Maybe it’s love? Kyaa, not so soon!

Have to wipe a bit of drool from my chin. It looks delicious! And those balls, practically trembling with need, so full of creamy goodness. My cunt, my tail are both throbbing – oh how they yearn to be filled. But they’ll have to wait. I’m a good girl – very patient. A girl worth loving.

Why is he struggling so much? Oh, right.

“What are you doing?!”

I ought to make an air hole in my tail. He’s gasping, waiting for my response. Such shaky eyes, such a trembling body. Such a nice, pre-cum dripping cock.

“Sorry, was it too much?”

For some reason he doesn’t get my joke. *I*  thought it was funny. Hmph.

He just keeps staring at me wild-eyed. Why does he look at me like that?

“I love you, you know,” I say to calm him.

He doesn’t seem convinced. But that’s okay. That’s fine. I’ll just have to show him, convince him, prove to him my feelings.

“Then why are you doing this? Leona! Stop this instant!”

How cute, how boring. I learned my lesson – it just took a while. I’m not a *thing*. I have lots of love, love for him! *Things* can’t love! I know he adores me, but I just need to prove myself first. You can’t love a *thing*. *Things* just, just take whatever you throw at them. *Things* don’t fight for love.  

“Stop? Why, I haven’t even started!”

He struggles and screams a little, or maybe a lot. Was he always this weak in my paws?

I didn’t mean to sink my claws into his shoulders quite so far. I’ll just need to be more careful in the future!

A bit of maneuvering, shuffling of feet – there, on the table I found myself on so often. He looks nice on there. So very helpless, very receptive to my love. Oh why is he trying to get up?

“Just lay back and relax, this is supposed to be fun!”

Another joke. He doesn’t get it.

”Let me u–Mmmph!”

Haha, who knew my tail was such a good gag? Now where are those other straps… Ah, there they are. Good thing he kept extras around. A bit difficult to fasten with my clumsy paws, but not impossible.

There, all good and strapped in. No need for the gag. Mmm, a ring of tailpussy juice on his face.

“Please,” he says like a child begging for forgiveness.

“There there,” I say kindly, patting his chest with my lovely, fluffy paws. “I’m just going to show you how much love I have for you~”

He swallows. I can see the fear. I’m almost offended. I would *never* hurt someone I love.

“And you,” I say with a most gentle smile, “would *love* to show me how much you love me, yes?”

He’s so eager to prove his love that he’s trembling with anticipating! I knew it!

First, I want my pretty little tail to be happy. I know how much he loves it – almost as much as me! And I think my tail loves his mouth… Ah! It feels so good to suck on his lips!

“Go on, lick,” I say gently, whispering in his ear.

Hoho, that’s it. He’s very good, just like me. Just needs a bit of motivation from my delicate claws. I can’t help but let out a little gasp as his big, manly tongue pushes inside my tailpussy. All my sensitive folds are pushed apart; instinctively my tail clamps around his tongue.


He’s never eaten my tailpussy before! And it feels so good! Lapping up all my juices like a thirsty dog, drinking down my sweet tail nectar. My tail is more than happy to produce all he wants! Squeeze, squeeze, my tailpussy is so cute when it tries to milk anything it can get its mouth around.

Such a good boy! He’s even humming now; such delightful vibrations…


Feels so good I’m moaning. Haha, my body is honest, isn’t it? But oh dear, I always forget…

He gasps in a breath or two, but I’m quick to give him my tail again. I know he couldn’t bear to be without it for long. And he’s so good he goes right back to licking even without being told. Just a few pricks from my claws is all it takes.

He’s so good, I need to do something for him. His cock. It’s jumping and twitching on its own. Looks so lonely. So painful and aching, dribbling pre-cum all over itself.

His cock trembles in my paw, I can feel his pulse through my pads. It’s so hot, and these balls – I can feel their weight when I pick them up! And yet, they’re still so tender.

My tail fills with more vibrations and moans; he must like it when I squeeze his succulent balls. Squeeze squeeze – oh yes, that’s the *spot*. His tongue is probing and darting in all the right places, spreading my tail apart even as it clamps on his face. Right there, my tail! Oh, I can feel it – yes, yes, yessss!

So good! He deserves a reward, yes he does.

— http://i.imgur.com/5jgErvh.jpg —

Up and down, up and down, such a simple motion. His cock trembles and quakes in my paw, and I find myself giggling and smiling. Maybe if I flick my wrist like this – oh… Or squeeze like *this* – nice reaction! Haha, his back is arching!

Sticky pre-cum, all in my fur. Up and down, a little back and forth. A flick here, twist there. It’s hard to focus with my tail feeling so good, and I think he’s thinking much the same. Now that I think about it, he’s never had my venom directly before. Always diluted. No wonder he’s so happy! My venom must be so good!

Faster and faster!

“Mmmmahhnnn!” I moan.

It’s coming! I’m coming! His tongue, so fast, pushing everything apart! His moaning is so *loud* and his balls are starting to… is he.. but I’m about to!

All my muscles tense and I shudder and I moan and moan and yell his name and giggle and laugh and quake. Both my pussies shiver and twist and clamp and squeeze and everything feels so good and yes yes yes yes oh gods yes!

So much hot sticky pussy juice sprays out from both my pussies in a cascade of relief that makes me moan and sigh and relax all at once. So much, I’ve never released this much! All this hot, sticky liquid, filling his mouth so much he’s swallowing and gulping over and over.

He doesn’t say anything when I let his face go, just gasps like a fish. And moans and gasps, he’s so cute – especially when he’s drenched in my tail’s drool. I can’t believe I came so fast just from a little tail tonguing…

I should return the favor, shouldn’t I? Yes, why, I let go when I came. I’ll need to fix that! He looks so painfully close, ready to *burst* at any moment.

Oh, I’ll never get tired of that reaction. Are my paws really that soft and fluffy? Such a cute little moan and he’s so… eager! His cock throbs and bucks in my grasp, twitching and spewing clear pre-cum like a faucet.

Pump pump pump! Ho oh, his balls are drawing up tight – Ah!

He groans pathetically and his hips buck up, but I don’t stop! Faster! One big pearly streamer sails through the air and splats on his chest. Then another, and another. But I don’t stop! And when I do this – oh, look at him lurch when I flick the ridge of his glans, he cums even harder! With every pulse his balls quiver and his body shivers.

All from my paw. He’s still cumming! I can’t help but lick his chest and stomach, even as he spurts and shoots all over my face, covering me in all his hot, sticky love. I try to catch the ropes out of the air, catching his hot seed with my tongue. Delicious! I love it, I love being covered in his semen, showered in his affection! So much, dripping from my cheeks and tongue, what a waste…

Oh, it’s over already? But I wanted more…

“Leona,” he says weakly. “You’re a g-good girl, yes you are…”

What’s he going on about now?

“…and I love you…”

…What? What? Be still my heart!

“….very….” he says awkwardly.

What’s he afraid of? No, wait, I let myself get carried away there. Haha, that word *does* do things to me, doesn’t it?


He glances down at my paw, sealing his lips.

“Not yet, you don’t – but I’ll fix that…” I say with glee, even giving him a wink. Guys like that sort of thing. So why does he look so… perturbed?

I need to make him love me. He’s just trying to be nice. But why would be he nice now? Is he? No, he wouldn’t… lie to me, would he?

Would he?

He yelps for some reason. My claws are covered in blood. His chest is… cut. So’s his cheek. How did that happen? I mean, he was right here with me the whole time. No, no, I would never harm him. Not like he harmed me. Two wrongs don’t make a right! I just need to make him see the error of his ways, that’s all. Just let him know how much I love him. That’s all. Yes.

But to do that…

His eyes tremble as I scoop up his balls with a paw. They’re woefully empty now. This won’t do at all.

Oh dear, I swear he acts like someone just stabbed him. There, now he isn’t so loud with my big, soft paw covering his mouth.

He cries out again. This is nothing, what’s he so upset about? It’s just two – hah, three – barbs in his leg. Oh, good, on the fourth he’s calmed down. Well, everything except his cock and his balls are getting rather weighty.

I’ve always wanted to do this. His eyes are glued to my pussy as I swing one leg over him, spreading myself wide. Such a good table, this. Wide enough for my legs and my big fluffy feet to grip onto his waist while kneeling. Looking down at him, he’s so very… weak. I *tower* over him.

One paw to guide him in, and settle down…

Both of us let out a little moan – I knew it! We *are* a match! – as his big, throbbing dick spreads my pussy open. Such a good feeling, another bit of heat in my snatch, the way it feels so relaxing yet satisfying with every inch.

Gods it feels so good, the way his shaft drags along my stiff clit when I lean forward like this. Inch by inch I get more and more full, then the wonderful feeling of his cockhead pressed up against my womb – and keeps going.

“Leona…” he moans gently as he bottoms out in me

I love this, this feeling of connectedness. I love how my puffy pussy lips squish out when I’m settled down like this. I love the feeling of his cock throbbing in me, the way my pussy squirms around him so happily. It almost makes me sad when I lift up and he slides out and I lose this comfortable fullness. So sad I want to slam him back in.

So I do! Over and over and over! White bliss, electricity through my body, full and empty, over and over again! I’m riding him, bouncing up and down and moaning like a cheap slut and rubbing my clit and fingering my own tail and oh gods this is so good when he’s *beneath* me!

“Gods, you’re so good!” I cry out without thought, my pussy juice squirting and squelching all over his crotch.

I’ve been so wet, so hot before! Every time his cock spears me through and slams into my womb I cry out in pleasure and my cunt wraps around him as tightly as it can. I love him so much! Every part of me loves him! I can practically feel every bump and ridge on his cock in my pussy, but I *want* more – I *need* more! His lips… yes!

His little lewd noises are silenced when our mouths meet. I churn my hips over and over, faster and faster, filling the room with our wet, sloppy sounds of passion. Every time his cock impales me, every time my pussy is split apart and battered, every time my sopping fuck hole takes his entire length, I force my tongue into his mouth as deep as I can.

I can taste his tongue, his cheeks. His throat. So deep, so cute the way he gags a little. Silly boy, he’ll have to learn like I did.

Just like this – yes! That’s it, dragging my stiff clit across his skin with every wet slap of my tight pussy and roll of my hips. He’s powerless, and I feel *charged*. His lewd face! Haha, he’s a bigger slut than I am!

His cock jumps in me. Then again. Almost there already? Such a *fast* shot, but I suppose I only have myself to blame. Too much venom, too tight of a pussy.

His fingers feel good in my paws, and he even locks them around me in turn! Ahh, how romantic! Then all at once he groans and just goes absolutely *stiff*.

So full! Need to slam my hips down as hard as I can – I want every bit of his cock in me, to plug me up!

“Yes, fill me up! Cum in me!” I command him.

Pointless, but it gives me such a *thrill*. A rush of power lighting me up from the tips of my toes to the end of my tail.

There’s the first hot pulse, splattering into my womb like hot water. A second, already making me feel so, so hot. I can’t move, no matter how I try – my body is frozen by bliss, by instinct. My pussy is the only thing that listens to me, squeezing and undulating and milking his thick cock dry.


His body listens, firing a third and fourth and fifth jet in me, each hotter and thicker and heavier than the last. My womb is already swelling with his seed and he’s moaning non-stop and I can’t shut up and oh fuck—

Gasping and moaning and not in control my body spasms and everything ever is amazing and fuck fuck fuck fuck it’s sooo good!

Seven, eight, nine, ten pulses, my pussy counts. It, it can’t hold anymore.

Spurts of jizz squirt out from our bond, mixing with my floods of pussy juice.

Eleven. Twelve.

He’s still shuddering.

But that’s the limit. I can’t think, can’t hold myself up. His breathing fills my ears and the world is sideways. I’m wet, hot, and his cock is still trembling with aftershocks in my pussy. It’s still trying to spurt, but there’s nothing to spurt.

Haha, I got him to love me.

But my eyes are so heavy. His breathing is so comforting. He’s warm.

I feel better.


The world is blurry. What happened? I feel great. I feel a little sloshy. So much in my womb.


Why is he yelling? There, a kiss to quiet him. He mumbles something. His cock is still in me, what’s he complaining about?

My legs kind of hurt. I haul off, and so much semen pours out of me, running down my thighs and onto the floor. What a gusher! My pussy, I wish my pussy could hold it all… I feel so empty now.

“Leona, please let me go!”

I start to think of getting full again. I still have many spines left. I want to be full again. So much semen, I want to be covered in it, filled with it in all my holes. My pussy, my tail, my ass, my mouth, I want it all! All his love!

Oh, but I *do* feel amazing now. It’s as if something’s burning within me. What *is* this feeling?

“Let you go? Why would I do that? We’ll always be together, my sweet!” I say lovingly.

Why is he looking so scared? I’m being very nice. My paws are very gentle, and my claws are out only a little.

“Leona, what’s come over you?!”

“Huh? Whatever do you mean?” I say with the best smile I can manage.

Why is he grimacing?

“This isn’t you,” he says like an intimidated man. What’s he intimidated by?

“Of course it is, you silly! I feel, like… well, very good! I love you so much, and I finally got to show it!”

He’s staring up at me. His eyes are a nice color, but why are they shaking? I stare back down, holding his head in my paws. I smile gently to let him know everything will be okay. But for some reason he goes a little white.

“Do you love me?” I ask calmly.

After all that, what man wouldn’t?

“Yes,” he says uncomfortably.

“You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

He shakes his head quickly. What a good boy.

“I love you very much, Leona,” he says in a rush.

Almost like he’s not quite sure he’s telling the truth. But I just smile.

He blanches.

“So you’ll always stay with me, right?”

“Y-yes, of course!”


While I don’t think he’s lying – why would he lie? – I just need to make sure of something. I mean, if he wasn’t planning on escaping then he shouldn’t mind. He loves me. He wouldn’t lie. No no, loves me! No lies.

His eyes look very worried when I return with my old collar and length of chain. The training collar, he called it. A little memento of when we first met. I always kept it, but he didn’t know.

“What are you…?”

“Shhh,” I say while stroking his cheek affectionately. “This is just a symbol of our love.”

“Please d—“

“Please do? I knew you’d see things my way,” I say. For some reason I sounded pretty angry. He’d never reject me. Never ever. Because we loved each other so much.

Fumbling with the collar and clasp is a bit of work. Damn thing, just, why won’t it buckle? Fucking shit damn fuck piece of SHIT!

Why is he so scared?

“Oh, did I say that aloud?” I say with a giggle.

Guess I got a little angry! And it’s just a simple clasp. So simple. Stupid paws. Haha, wait, wait, I’m getting a bit *hot* again.

“Here, let me,” he says with a swallow.

“Oh, darling! You do want to be with me!” I swoon, an very quickly release his hands from the straps.

His wrists are a bit red and swollen. I’ll need to use more padding.

Carefully he fastens the collar around his neck and even snaps the chain on.

“Me too!”

And around my collar.

“Now we’re always linked!”

He smiles. He really smiled! A little… odd, but a smile! Hahaha!

I’m so happy I can’t resist and hop up onto the table. I want to taste him, and I want him to taste me.

I take his flaccid thing into my paw and start pumping and licking, damn thing. Why isn’t he hard?

My voice drops into a growl. “I *thought* you loved me?”

“I-I do,” he says quietly, quickly inserting his fingers into both my pussies.

Ah, he’s so good at that!

Our chain jingles.

Proof of our love!

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